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BLACK DOG STALKS Workers ignore health issues

THE Black Dog continues to stalk Australian mining workers but almost two-thirds choose not to get help. The startling figure is contained in a groundbreaking report into health of mine workers released at a New South Wales conference last week. The Hunter Institute of Mental Health’s Trevor Hazell, who carried out the research and put together the 43-page report for a conference in Newcastle, says that most workers that saw their GP were successfully diagnosed and treated. But troubling for families and employers only 35 per cent of workers that experience mental and other health issues seek professional assistance. Most of those are women. The report showed that an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 mine industry employees in the state experienced a common mental health illness like anxiety, depression or substance abuse over a 12 month period. An estimated 70,000 workers nationwide have similar issues. No part of the industry was immune with people from across all mining employment categories affected equally, from managers and professionals through to machinery operators and drivers. Estimated costs to the industry including lowered productivity were put at between $320 million to $450 million per year or around $300,000 to $400,000 for an average mine of 170 people.


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136th EDITION. 2012

Gas Commission seeks personnel THE newly formed GasFields Commission is seeking nominations for member commissioners. The commission was established by the Newman Government to better manage tensions between landholders, regional communities and the coal seam gas industry. Now it is seeking six people to sit as commissioners and has asked the public to comment on what the real issues are, who should be on the commission and what powers it should have. Former AgForce boss John Cotter was announced as chairman last month and he will accept and assess submissions from the public. The commission is based in Toowoomba. Last week more than 4000 people staged an anti-CSG protest in New South Wales which highlighted the depth of feeling across the country surrounding the industry.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said the commission would consult closely with industry and community ensure concerns and issues about the industry’s expansion are properly addressed “from the ground up.” Feedback and suggestions about the role and functions of the commission must be made in writing directly to the Chairman and ideally limited to two to three pages with the author’s name and contact details clearly marked. To be a commissioner nominees need to be available at least one day each month, with potential for out-of-session work commitments. Key skills include land management and landholder negotiations; land valuation; CSG industry experience; legal and business experience. More information on the commission and public consultation is available at www.

“Last week more than 4000 people staged an anti-CSG protest in New South Wales which highlighted the depth of feeling across the country surrounding the industry.”

Page 4 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


Workers ignore the black dog

The NSW Minerals Council that commissioned the report says it’s time for an industry wide approach to mental health and the issues covered in the report. Mackay-based Shane Hopkinson, President of the Regional Social Development Centre, said mental health continues to be a big issue for resource workers because of the nature of their work. He said fly-in, fly-out workers, which spent large amounts of time away from family and living in male-dominated camps were particularly at risk of developing mental health problems. “They can be socially isolated living in a camp while they are at work and then when they come home their family can exist without them and they are like a visitor,” he said. His advice to workers that feel they have symptoms of a health or physical illness is to speak to a friend or colleague and visit their GP. There are also workplace programs to assist workers who feel they have mental health issues, though few speak up because of the stigma. “Whether these guys are going to take up these opportunities for help is hard to say,” he said. The RSDC is the key regional body for

social and community issues in the Mackay and Whitsundays region. The findings back work done by rural health specialist Dr Jennifer Bowers. As CEO of the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health in Queensland she has been campaigning to convince mining companies that prevention is the key. “People work in tough climatic conditions, there can be high levels of stress, as well as isolation and working away from family and friends,” she told last year’s health and safety conference in Townsville. “We are talking to engineers and businessmen so we talk in numbers and productivity because the feel good stuff doesn’t cut the mustard,” she said. Her figures showed that based on a 12-hour shift, a person with a mental illness will average two hours and 42 minutes of unproductive time. If it is assumed on the 1:3 ratio that 1000 employees out of 3000 have a mental illness during a year, that means every day there are 2700 hours of unproductive time. “That equates to 225 people not showing up to work at all, or in the big scheme about 7.5 per cent lost productivity,” Dr Bowers said.


136th EDITION. 2012

Sapphire miners cropped HUSBAND-and-wife gem miners are still trying to get their heads around how Queensland’s strategic cropping laws will impact their industry. The laws came into effect late last year, and are aimed at safeguarding the state’s best cropping land from mining and development. But the President of the Queensland Sapphire Producers Association Cliff Mortley says for his members it has become a case of the small players being caught up in the rules and regulations aimed at big coal and gas companies. “We’re going through the legislation now to work out exactly how it impacts us,” he told Shift Miner Magazine.

“We are so small but we still have to know what’s in the legislation.” The strategic cropping laws were the first of their kind in Australia, and came as large scale farming properties were being impacted by the spread of gas and coal exploration. It’s a world away from the impact of the sapphire and gem industry that is centred west of Emerald, Mr Mortley says, and is made up of about 900 mainly husband-andwife operations. Many of these have more than one permit so there are about 1800 claims in the gemfields area outside of Emerald and the town of Sapphire.

Sacked for smoking underground

A miner has been sacked after being caught smoking underground at a central Queensland coal mine. The inspectorate is now investigating the incident that happened at Peabody’s North Goonyella mine, near Moranbah, last week. It’s alleged the contractor had lit up, and was found with cigarettes and a lighter in his possession.

The man was taken to the surface and immediately sacked. The contractor could be prosecuted for breaches under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act. Maximum penalties for breaching the Act include a $50,000 fine or six months in jail. Mine operator Peabody Energy is assisting with the investigation.

Mr Mortley said gem miners might be small, but they had an obligation to know the law as it applied to them. He said, while it doesn’t do them any favours to be “lumped in” with larger miners when it comes to policy and government decisions, they have learnt to live with the situation - and the association does regularly discuss its concerns with the government. Curious to know what is the going rate for sapphires at the moment? Well, it all depends on colour, size, carats and clarity. “That’s like asking how long is a piece of string or what is a car worth,” said Mr Mortley. “There are just so many variables.”

FIRB gives sale the OK THE Foreign Investment Review Board has approved the sale of a major stake in a central Queensland coal mine. Aquila Resources and South American company Vale jointly own the Isaac Plains Mine near Moranbah. In April Aquila signed a binding $430 million agreement to sell its 50 per cent stake in the mine to Ocean Coal Mining - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Sumintomo Corporation. Aquila has said in a statement to the ASX that FIRB has indicated it does not object to the acquisition. Aquila and Vale have a number of Queensland coal operations but the relationship is believed to have been tested in recent months after disagreements over the Belvedere and Eagle Downs projects. “Aquila and Vale have a number of Queensland coal operations but the relationship is believed to have been tested in recent months.”

FAST NEWS Security takes off THOUGHT you could smuggle a pair of nail scissors on board when flying out of Emerald? Well, not anymore. Emerald Airport is now one of the first regional airports in Queensland to start security screening. Passengers will need to arrive at the airport with enough time to go through the new procedures and to ensure their flights depart on time. .....................................................................

Comment sought

PUBLIC comment has opened on the draft terms of reference for the proposed $10 billion Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals project near Mackay. The North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation and a consortium including Adani Mining and Dudgeon Point Project Management are proposing to build the terminals near the Hay Point port, 25 kilometres south of Mackay. Draft terms of reference for the EIS can be viewed on-line at .....................................................................

Production closer

QUEENSLAND Mining Corporation (QMC) has taken a step closer towards copper production, after awarding Calder Maloney to project manage the feasibility study for its flagship White Range Project. QMC acquired the White Range project, south of Cloncurry in north-west Queensland, when it took over Matrix Metals in 2010. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange four years ago. Consulting engineers Calder Maloney are expected to deliver the final feasibility study in June 2013. .....................................................................

Cockatoo info out

DRAFT terms of reference are to be released for Cockatoo Coal’s Taroom and Collingwood projects are out. Public submissions are being accepted on each draft terms of reference for an EIS until Monday, 28 May 2012. Each project has the potential to export 13 million tonnes of thermal coal a year for two decades. If approved they will ship coal through the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal at Gladstone.

Page 5 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


‘Bringing Safety Back to Earth’

Breaking down the sciences underpinning safe earth techniques FACILITATED BY-

Malcolm Davies, principal engineer, AECOM


Friday 18th May 2012, 8.30am - 12.00pm

Followed by BBMC Luncheon with guest speakers BMA and John Holland 12.00pm - 2.30pm


Moranbah Community Centre, Town Square, Moranbah


$150pp (includes luncheon entry)


Book online at

For more information please call 0412 998 501


136th EDITION. 2012

Miners without borders: US skills in wanted Qld AS Queensland resource companies struggle to find skilled workers, the US is experiencing the exact opposite - with advertised jobs being met with 20 to 30 applicants. US recruitment company, Global Job Hunt, was in Mackay last week talking to industry leaders about how to match America’s labour surplus with Australia’s skills shortage. “When I have conversations with employers in Australia, they are shocked at how workers are being turned away in the US,” said Global Job Hunt’s chief executive, April Chepovskygold. Last month’s federal government decision to make it easier for specific trades from the United States to work here will also make the employment trade easier. “It’s a huge step forward that we had not anticipated, so the visa process will be much easier.” From mid-April, qualified electricians and plumbers can be assessed for work visas before they leave for Australia. Currently they have to arrive in Australia and then apply, which can take months for approval. Many mining professionals who are highly qualified and highly experienced in America are out of work and willing to relocate to Australia, which is culturally similar and economically stable, Ms Chepovskygold said. “Having the skills shortage in Australia and the US having the labour pool that is willing to relocate, makes a very good puzzle where the pieces fit together. It’s a good match.” Unemployment in the United States currently sits at 8.3 per cent after peaking at 10 per cent in October 2009. In Australia,

unemployment is currently 5.2 per cent. Ms Chepovskygold conceived the idea after the town in which she lived saw one in four households made redundant. “Here in corporate America, people had never been out of work and now they were in a position where they could lose their jobs, their houses,” she said. Ms Chepovskygold had contacts and friends in Australia, and met former the Commissioner to the Americas for Victoria. She put forward the idea of matching American skills to the Australian labour shortage and Global Job Hunt was soon established. “We want to get into the areas of construction, mining and engineering,” she said. Through the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN), Global Job Hunt held a free educational session last Friday to discuss how skilled workers from the United States can help the region meet its labour demands. “We are unique in that we offer a turn key solution. Not only do we have the highly educated candidates, but we have service partners so we can get the candidate to you. “For example, we have partnered with global relocation business Graebel Movers, who have been in the business in Australia and New Zealand for 30 years.” Ms Chepovskygold said the fact the United States mining industry has just gone through a bust cycle is an added benefit. “We have the road maps and with what our country has been through is an asset with it come to bringing intellectual property to the table.” For more on the international jobs arena, have a look at the Ladder on page 12.

“Having the skills shortage in Australia and the US having the labour pool that is willing to relocate, makes a very good puzzle where the pieces fit together. It’s a good match.”

Page 6 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


136th EDITION. 2012

New faces, same challenges for councils LOCAL council elections may have changed some councillors and a mayor here and there but the same challenges remain. That’s the view of two of the most high profile local government figures in the Bowen Basin. Despite taking a drubbing at the polls on Saturday, the outgoing Isaac Regional mayor Cedric Marshall is still working hard for the region for the a few days at least. Moranbah councillor Anne Baker will take over as mayor officially from May 9. Despite the loss, Cr Marshall was circumspect and upbeat. “It’s the first election after the amalgamation and that’s just what happens,” he said. “I think we have achieved a hell of a lot for a newly amalgamated council.” Strengthening of the financial position on a limited rate base was one achievement, Cr Marshall noted, along with getting greater recognition for the region at the state level. Most recently this involved spending more than $200,000 on a report by demographer Bernard Salt to assess the impact of fly-in, fly-out workers on the region. This gained national media coverage and remains a tool for council, and oth-

er “resource councils” to use to lobby for greater support. Central Highlands Mayor Peter Maguire had a very different electoral experience to his Isaac counterpart - he was re-elected unopposed and enjoyed an overseas holiday that ended yesterday. In all, 10 mayors across the state were returned unopposed. Typical of rural mayors across the state, Cr Maguire was back at his desk working last week despite the trip. He said there was plenty for the new council, and he was looking forward to another term in the top job. All councils are in caretaker mode until the election is formally declared on next Wednesday, May 9. There are six new councillors on Central Highlands Council and four at Isaac. Cr Marshall has been on council for 21 years and his advice to any new elected member is to go to the first couple of meetings and listen a lot more than they speak. “You can’t try and change the world overnight as that just won’t happen. You can be there for 20 years and still be learning.” Ron Carige of Goovigen is the new

Cedric Marshall.

Banana Shire mayor while Deidre Comerford of West Mackay takes the new top job at Mackay Regional Council. Former Rockhampton mayor Marga-

Peter Maguire.

ret Strelow is due to return to the role over incumbent mayor Brad Carter. Full results, including all councillors, is available from

“You can’t try and change the world overnight as that just won’t happen. You can be there for 20 years and still be learning.”


Page 7 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


136th EDITION. 2012

Gladstone wildlife moved for WICET

NOT a single tree stands and not a single animal remains on one side of the Gladstone harbour. Construction has began on the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal project (WICET), which will eventually see 80 million tonnes of coal shipped out of Golding Point, within the Gladstone Harbour, from 2014. Steve Rose and his spotter catcher team from Vital Signs Environmental Services are responsible for the lack of fauna.

But don’t be alarmed, all the animals have been relocated to new homes. “We have taken several hundred snakes and let them go in the ranges, and about 30-50 mammals,” said Mr Rose. Spotter catchers are a new breed of professionals who are increasingly found on mine sites and along coal seam gas tracks. Their job is to remove animals from these development areas and then relocate them into a similar habitat.

“The mammals we’ve moved are evenly spread between sugar gliders, greater gliders, brush tailed possums, and smaller mammals species that have a ground habitat,” Mr Rose said of the WICET project. It is a skilled job, where you need a science background and understand different animals and their habitats. “We try not to dump a dozen brush tailed possums into a small area as they will fight and knock each other around and eventually kill each other,” Mr Rose said. On the opposite side of the cleared harbour, animal removal has been far easier. “We are down to six trees here,” he said. “But we are lucky because it backs onto a huge range that stretches to Yarwun and we can move the animals there. “We just let them go and they can speed off.” Part of the contract with the WICET project is marine spotting, so Mr Rose and his team will be checking for dugongs, turtles, dolphins and other marine life. “For me, it’s ugly but these projects are always going to go ahead. The very least they can do is pay for us to come in and relocate the animals, considering the money they are going to make.” The next job is working along the gas pipeline to Roma. There has been an increasing demand for

spotter catchers, since environmental impact assessments now stipulate that any resource development project will require them. When Mr Rose started out 12 years ago as part of a small team that removed koalas from Gold Coast urban development, there were only a handful. Now there are hundreds. But not all spotter catchers are created equal, and not all projects actually spot and remove fauna to a new and suitable location, he said. “Only a handful of projects are on to it as far as looking after fauna. This one [WICET] is a good one.” “These big jobs have strict requirements and there is one spotter catcher per machine.” Part of the problem when it comes to employing reputable spotter catchers is that the developers are not doing the actual clearing. “It is the clearing contractors who are giving a quote for the job, and it doesn’t include the cost of spotter catchers,” Mr Rose said. “Then they have to deal with it and we do slow down the project. It is only with these bigger projects when money is not the issue that we can carry out our job properly. It is the smaller projects that have more of a problem.”

2012 Mackay Marine Festival featuring:


free entry

June 23 - 24, 2012

Page 8 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

This year the Festival expands into Mulherin Park where there’ll be live entertaiment across the weekend. Check out Queensland’s leading boat brands on display - sailing boats, offshore fishing boats, tinnies, fibreglass boats, engines, PWCs, marine electronics and accessories.

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The Mackay Tinnie and Tackle Show and Australian Offshore Superboat Championships are teaming up for a second year at Mackay Marina!

Open 9am - 5pm both days


136th EDITION. 2012

Curragh coal prices drop

NEW contract prices at Wesfarmer’s Curragh mine near Blackwater show the drop in coal prices being felt across the wider Bowen Basin. Curragh’s metallurgical coal - hard coking, semi-hard coking and PCI - will drop by about 11 per cent for the April to June quarter compared with the previous quarter. The managing director of Wesfarmers

Resources, Stewart Butel, said the company was satisfied with the result of its negotiations for Curragh’s hard coking coal, with price settlements for the April 2012 to June 2012 quarter at approximately US$201 per metric tonne FOB Queensland. About 92 per cent of the April 2012 to June 2012 quarter sales tonnage is forecast to be at the new contract prices, with the

balance at carry over prices from the previous quarter. Commissioning of the new coal preparation plant at Curragh continues with project completion expected during the second quarter of this calendar year. Delay in project completion is principally due to processing throughput and yield issues. Due to this delay, metallurgical coal sales for Curragh are forecast to include approximately 0.35 million tonnes of unwashed 12 per cent (high ash) PCI, which is being sold into the spot seaborne PCI market. Sales mix for the 2012 financial year is now forecast to be 39 per cent hard coking coal, 21 per cent semi-hard coking coal and 40 per cent PCI. “Curragh’s metallurgical coal sales are forecast to be in the previously announced range of 6.8 to 7.2 million tonnes for the 2012 financial year, subject to satisfactory commissioning of the new coal preparation plant, no significant wet weather, and satisfactory rail and port operations,” Mr Butel said. Meanwhile, coal production for the last quarter to the end of March was 17.5 per cent higher than the previous quar-

“Commissioning of the new coal preparation plant at Curragh continues with project completion expected during the second quarter of this calendar year.”

Brisbane Dalby Gladstone Moranbah Mackay Townsville Cairns

Drilling spill investigated A spill of drilling fluid into the Condamine River downstream of Chinchilla Weir last Saturday is being investigated. QGC contractors had been building an underground pipeline beneath the river, about 12 kilometres downstream from the weir. A limited amount of the drilling fluid seeped from the drill hole up into the banks of the river and into the river. It was contained within a wall of sandbags and pumped out. QGC is preparing a risk assessment of the likelihood of the problem recurring in future works at the Condamine River site and that will be submitted to the government. The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said QGC contractors notified them immediately after the incident occurred.

For All Your Rental Equipment Needs

1800 45 71 45

ter: 2,594,000 tonnes comprising 1,785,000 tonnes of metallurgical coal and 809,000 tonnes of steaming coal. Metallurgical coal production increased by 13.9 per cent and steaming coal production increased by 26.4 per cent compared to the previous quarter. Overburden removal was 7.1 per cent lower than the previous quarter. During the quarter, commissioning of the new coal handling and preparation plant continued. Coal production increased compared to the previous quarter but was constrained by continued commissioning requirements of the new coal handling and preparation plant and ongoing wet weather in central Queensland. Commissioning works are ongoing for the expansion of the Curragh mine up to 8.5 million tonnes per annum of export metallurgical coal capacity. Project completion is estimated to occur during the second quarter of this calendar year. The Curragh North drilling program continued with 29 holes drilled during the quarter. The primary objectives of the drilling were infill structural definition and coal quality analysis.

“A limited amount of the drilling fluid seeped from the drill hole up into the banks of the river and into the river.”

Page 9 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


136th EDITION. 2012

2000 discussions, $200m in funding

ANOTHER $200 million in community funding will flow through to Gladstone and Surat Basin towns, thanks to Santos’ GLNG project. The project’s $200 million social impact management (SIMP) plan has been approved by the state government, following in the footsteps of QCLNG’s $150 million SIMP plan approved last month. “We have had more than 2000 discussions over three years of developing our project with a wide range of people in the

Maranoa, Western Downs, Banana and Gladstone regions to ensure we prioritise our commitments to align with the community’s needs,” said Santos LNG president Mark Macfarlane. The company will invest the money into six key areas: water and the environment, community safety, social infrastructure and roads, local businesses and skills development, Aboriginal engagement, and community wellbeing and liveability.

Santos GLNG had kicked off a number of initiatives detailed in the plan, with $31 million already committed to infrastructure in the Maranoa and Gladstone regions. “The funding has contributed to the development of the new Roma Airport, upgrade of hospital facilities and services in both Gladstone and Roma, establishment of a new aero medical evacuation service in the Surat Basin, and housing support and new infrastructure just to name a few.” The company plans to invest in the upgrade and maintenance of state and local roads, build social and affordable housing for communities of Gladstone and Roma, and invest in beneficial uses of treated water from coal seams and in environmental offsets, Mr Macfarlane said. “In addition to the (social impact management plan), we will spend hundreds of millions of dollars purifying the water we extract from coal seams and will essentially provide a new water source to landholders and to the community of Roma through the reinjection into town water supply.” Santos GLNG was spending more than $50 million on initiatives to beneficially use the purified water, including setting up irrigation programs with landholders and top-

ping up Roma’s town water to provide 50 years supply, he said. Last year, the company launched an online water portal and has been trialling this with a group of landholders, who can tap into data about the activity occurring at their water bore anytime, anywhere. The new water monitoring equipment collects real live-time-data on the water levels of the bore throughout the day. Landholders can obtain this real-time information by logging into a program via the internet. Each landholder has their own individual log-on, which allows them access to their bore information. The trial will continue with a view to rolling out to other landholders in the Roma region in coming months. At the moment, there are just over 100 surface and groundwater monitoring locations. The company is also monitoring water pressures in local aquifers that lie around the areas of planned coal seam gas operations in Roma, Fairview and Arcadia. “It forms part of our commitment to being transparent and open with the landholders and communities in which we operate,” said Mr Macfarlane.

“The project’s $200 million social impact management (SIMP) plan has been approved by the state government, following in the footsteps of QCLNG’s $150 million SIMP plan approved last month.”

Origin agrees on gas sale 17,000 apply for Gladstone gas jobs THE GLNG project participants have signed a binding Heads of Agreement with Origin Energy for the purchase of 365 petajoules (PJ) of gas the GLNG project. The gas will be supplied at Wallumbilla at a rate of 100 terajoules per day over a period of 10 years commencing in 2015 with pricing based on an oil-linked formula. Santos Chief Executive Officer David Knox said the agreement with Origin delivers on the company’s strategy of creating shareholder value by executing the most efficient gas supply plan for GLNG.

“The gas supply portfolio of GLNG coal seam gas, Santos portfolio gas, third party supply and underground storage, combined with GLNG’s quality LNG off-take contracts, delivers significant value to Santos,” he said. “Today’s agreement adds to the previously announced supply of 140 terajoules per day of Santos portfolio gas to GLNG over a 15 year period. Santos has a 30% interest in GLNG. The other participants are PETRONAS (27.5%), Total (27.5%) and KOGAS (15%).

Page 10 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

CONSTRUCTION giant Bechtel has received more than 17,000 job applications from workers wanting to build Gladstone’s new LNG facilities on Curtis Island. The company has been contracted to build processing plants for Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos GLNG and Australia Pacific LNG and has filled 5000 positions so far. “This will peak around 8800 this time next year,” a company spokesperson told Shift Miner Magazine. “We have about 64 per cent local in a

wide range of positions, from office managers through to concreters, 4 per cent are international and the remainder are from around Australia.” “Some of the expats are Bechtel staff from overseas who have the experience we need in this area, and they have worked in LNG in other countries,” he said. In the meantime, accommodation for staff on Curtis Island is being quickly completed and so far there are currently about 600 people from across all LNG projects living there.


MINER ladder


Mining the international market for talent

GLOBAL MOVEMENT: Engineers and other highly skilled workers are used to international travel in the mining game

WHILE the resources industry poaches and plunders the highly skilled from its competitors, a shift in mindset could help ease the skills shortage at the top level. Exploration geologist David Risely, who

now works with US recruitment firm Global Job Hunt, says mining has always been a cyclical business. “As mining becomes more of an international market we need to change our way of

looking at it instead of just trying to get new people,” he said. Mr Risely said there are enough highly skilled people internationally who are prepared to move for work, and in fact it is part of the resources industry culture that you will do several overseas stints during your career. “In one area, you will have a mining boom, like Australia at the moment, and in another area you have a bust.” Mr Risely said highly skilled workers will simply move from one hot spot to the next. However, he concedes universities are lagging behind when it comes to turning out the right candidates. “The mining industry is innovative and the ways of doing things constantly changes, however many universities are teaching techniques that are a decade old,” Mr Risley explained. This is an area currently being addressed by university and resource sector leaders in Queensland, who are looking at ways to train more science and engineering graduates to meet the resource sector’s need. The QRC predicts another 40,000 skilled workers will be needed in the state’s resources sector by 2020, and recently held

a forum to discuss the education hold-ups. “What became obvious out of the university forum is that Queensland just doesn’t have enough young people coming through its high schools into the higher education sector with the key skills and knowledge across science, technology, engineering and maths,” said QRC chief executive Michael Roche. It will take a concerted effort by the government, industry and educators to further science, technology, engineering and maths education in schools so there is a steady stream of young talent who can taken on the opportunities available to them in the resources sector, he said. “There is no simple answer to the skills challenge, and we must be conscious of the timelines and constraints that dominate planning for major resource projects, driven by competition to supply global demand. “If Queensland doesn’t find the right people with the right training to make the most of these opportunities, then they will pass us by.” Mr Roche said it was time to act now to implement short and long-term solutions for the skill shortages.

What do you wanna work? MINERS are being asked to tell potential employers exactly where they want to work - for who - and on what sort of shifts. The national survey is being run by the employment news website The Resource Channel. It wants to uncover miners’ preferences for specific rosters, locations, employers, projects and travel arrangements across Australia. The information will be collected according to region. “More than 100,000 new entrants will be required across the sector in the coming decade so it is timely that current mining employees, or those with relevant skills seeking to enter the industry, have an opportunity to voice their preferences,” said The Resource Channel managing director Jody Elliot. “This is an opportunity for mining employees to be heard, to not only communicate preferences but what barriers they experience in taking up certain opportunities. We are most interested to hear from mining employees working in regional or more remote areas.” Respondents to the survey will go into a draw to win one of five $1,000 travel vouchers with Flight Centre. The survey is open until Sunday 27 May and is available at

Page 12 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012


İnk running in your blood

WHEN Shift Miner Magazine launched the hunt for CQ’s best tattoo - it couldn’t have hoped for a better first entrant to profile than Grahame Godfrey from Blackwater. As you can see from the images, Grahame is a man who loves a tat - and his body displays an array of designs. Everything from a tribute to his dad and his family history to his love of motorbikes and films is proudly inked on his skin. If you think you have a tat to rival Grahame, start

sending them in for your chance to win $500 of custom work at Tattoo Tattoo in Yeppoon. When we’ve compiled the best entrants we will put it to the good readers of Shift Miner Magazine to decide the winner of CQ’s best tattoo. If you want to enter, the easiest way is to find us on Facebook and upload your pics there. We’re at See full entry details below:

What does it all mean? Let’s ask Frank Frank the Tank is Shift Miner Magazine’s love guru (you can read his advice on love and life and everything in between on page 17). When we decided to run this competition, we wanted someone to analysis the “meaning behind the ink” - take the time to explain the psychology of what a tattoo says about its owner. Here’s his take on some of the first entrants in the competition - over to you Frank.

Being that I’m the most worldly member of the Shift Miner Magazine entourage it’s unsurprising that they asked me to interpret the meaning of people’s tattoos. It’s also unsurprising that I originally told them I had better things to do. What is surprising, however, is that Shift Miner Magazine then threatened to subject me to the horrors of child support payments by telling my ex-wife that I wasn’t really killed by a mongrel cassowary at a regional zoo five years ago. So without further ado, here is the first installment of Frank’s mind-bendingly insightful tattoo analysis.

Grahame Godfrey’s tribute to his dad, nicknamed Mouldy, who died of cancer

Grahame says he got this tattoo because Terminator is his favourite movie

Grahame says: Grahame says: This tattoo incorporates elements from my family history, English and Irish.

Frank’s thoughts: For a second there I thought this was a portrait of my first wife, that’s how I like to remember her, screaming with a knife in her hand. That can’t be her though, the beard’s not thick enough.

This tattoo reflects my love of working on motorbikes and cars in my spare time.

Frank’s thoughts: Now here’s a man after my own heart. This tattoo harks back to the days where women who showed any interest in science or machinery were considered apostles of Satan. Generally these she-demons were locked in makeshift prisons containing only utensils for food preparation and garment laundering. God I miss the seventies.

Page 13 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

around town 136th EDITION. 2012


Blackwater locals helped to restock the Mackenzie 5LYHUDW%HGIRUG:HLUZLWKÄ&#x;QJHUOLQJV

The Mackenzie River Fish Stocking Association restocked the Mackenzie River at the Bedford Weir Blackwater

Doug McGibbon, Brett Ryan and Paul Hembrow who won the team event

BMA Blackwater sponsored a Blackwater Triathlon WZRZHHNVDJR





Eilish Fraser

Holley Greaves


Emelia Taylor


Peter Warner

Drew bitcon and Taiha Paul

Easter craft

Teina Paul

Kyla Milburn enjoying her Watermel Lillee and Isabella on on the go

Sarah and Drew Bitcon enjoy Easter 'VONPSOJOHTIBSFECZBMM egg hunt

Holding a social event you want photographed?  Call the Shift Miner office on 4921 4333 to let us know.  You can also give our office a bell if you’d like a copy of any of the photos in this edition.

Page 14 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

around town 136th EDITION. 2012



Peter and Ann Wise

Luke and Ethan Nicholas, enjoy their &NNB-FF(JMFXTLJ .FHBO1SPWPTU bacon and egg burgers and Jaidah Gilewski

Kef Fletcher, Jewel Henry Annita Hollands and Naiyo McKinnon

‘Gorgeous Goodies’ and ‘Pretty Pins’ Meet the lovely local South African MBEJFTXIPIBOEDSBGUBMMUIFJSHPPEJFT5JMBOF+PSEBBO +FBOOF.BSJF/JF haus, Hester Grobler, Mechelle Lew, Nicolette Van

Coco & Lily’s new owner Nadia Beauchamp

Amanda and Demi Wiperi

Coco & Lily merchandise



BUY THIS AND MANY OTHER IMAGES AT Shift Miner magazine – bringing the mining community closer together Page 15 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

stuff to the editor

Damn blowholes!

136th EDITION. 2012

Stuff to the Editor Our front page story on the “skills shortage� rang true with many readers: You are better off applying for jobs with smaller contractors. They are the ones who desperately need start. If you’re new you need to get into the industry any way you can. Small contractors are your best bet. F.R, Mackay This industry is still run entirely on who you know - not what you know. Matt, Rocky

R E N I M T F I SH E nity’s best

ing commu

land min The Queens

w.shiftm rated - ww

People need to stop their whining. Maybe if they could compile a resume with spelling mistakes and typos they might be in with a shot. Young people today assume they have the skills to do anything. They usually don’t. R.D, Mackay

Monday 23rd




to find struggling ES are still e the hype CANDIDAT sector despit resources jobs in the shortage. lesser kins and over the skills are cleans move Hardest hit rs trying to junior worke been out experienced e who have peopl or now trybetween jobs, ime and are ry for somet of the indust expeer. ing to re-ent r with 10 years one worke zine in Maga This week, Miner nding out to Shift clarity surrou rience spoke skills getting some e and if the the hope of qualified peopl the need for existed. ularly shortage really been through a partic was a role she She had just for ss tment proce clumsy recrui missed out on. but the skills for are ed qualifi to know where ?� she said. “I just want g about get they are talkin when they shortages ask the same “Others will job.� a for out on tor spoke knocked back ienced opera has since The exper mity. She ion of anony ed by the the condit is still anger procer job but tment anoth recrui found long-winded ting staff. bungled and of key recrui and behaviour was the time ess and the frustration applicaOf particular put into the only she had to operator role, of the energy iew for the se tion and interv ss stutter becau selection proce demands. to see the inconsistent any’s the comp

Âť continued page

st tat? ve CQ’s be our comp Do you0haof ink by joining Win $50

News k Norwich Par e 4 fallout Âť pag News sioner Gas commis Âť page 5 announced News s big in Komatsu goepage 8 Âť Brisbane n Around Tow ns Big questio page 16 Âť answered

caps on Thinkings h. in Moranba page 16 Âť More pictures


Off Shift weekend Time for a e 23 away Âť pag

and All accidents y claims: personal injur


c* Darren Seka

2000u Call 4944 www.m


making enough money. They’ll restart it before the end of the year for sure. T.D, Mackay We had this email from a dedicated reader who is missing her favourite section:

Our story on Norwich Park mine being shut down had a few talking too:

Thanks for the Shift Miner – I do enjoy it – was quite disappointed though to see the crossword and the Sudoku disappear! Kate

People talk about the boom, but every day can be a bust for a contractor. Just look at Norwich Park. T.R, Dysart I don’t believe Norwich Park isn’t

ED’s note: Good news Kate, the puzzles are back! We’ve had very full editions lately jam packed with news, but we have made space again for your beloved crossword!

Got something to share? Send us your text messages or phone photos to 0428 154 653 Or email to

Redmond’s Rants Fact or fiction? Ned. I feel that with last year’s discovery of bushranger Ned Kelly’s remains, the time has come for the truth to be told. I have some info that I must share. Ask any school kid to quote Ned’s last words, and “such is life� will be the reply. It seems a pretty lame quote for an outlaw, social outcast, hero and bushranger and does not suit the passion and energy this fellow had. That is because they are not his last words. This is the true story of Ned’s last words. During Ned’s last week in Melbourne jail, his tormenter and jailer Redmond Barry went to the condemned

Sent in anonymously

ion 2012

h Edit April 135t

ed and Ope Locally Own


Being well-connected will help land you a job. If you know the boss, it’s gunna help. There are plenty of tradies around CQ and we all look the same on paper. T.D, Gladstone

l news

source of loca

SEEN SOMETHING WE HAVEN’T? Prizes for the best mining photos. Take it on your phone or camera and send it in

Text to 0428 154 653

FROM THE EDITOR LOCAL elections have seen a host of changes across the resource council areas. Regardless of where people vote and what they believe in, the elections are a subtle reminder of how dedicated the modern mayor is in the rural electorate. Take Cedric Marshall for instance. A former long haul truck driver and dragline operator he served in local politics for 21 years. The last four as mayor saw him drive about 60,000 to 70,000 kilometres per year around his region. That alone sounds like a full-time job. The reason for the travels? To serve the people he represented and be part of their community. Horse races, community meetings at night, school events, floods, fires and other criss - the list goes on. On May 9 he hands over the car keys and the mayoral robes to Moran-

bah’s Anne Baker who is expected to be equally dedicated. In Central Highlands Peter Maguire was unopposed but is equally as hard working as Cedric Marshall. Western Downs has Ray Brown who is always on the go and represents his people with commonsense, passion and pride. The list goes on. In the office their workload is always increasing with emails, meetings and the ever present pressure of striking the balance between the surge of the resource industry in the their region and ensuring everyone benefits. In a week that sees some familiar faces leave public office for the last time and fresh ones arrive it’s time to pause and thank those that continue to serve their communities and those that have done so with distinction in the past.

Greg Sweetnam

The musings of a CQ miner... man’s cell to gloat and enjoy his victory. The two combatants had a variety of conversations in which they both vowed the other would wander the levels of all hells and purgatories for eternity and beyond. The day of execution. Kelly ordered his final meal. Breakfast. A bowl of curried wombat! And a whole jug of creamy milk. By far the strangest last meal ever requested. Upon the arrival of his meal, the bushranger placed the milk upon the sunny window sill. He wolfed down the wombat curry and downed the warm semi-curdled milk. The Priest arrived and asked the condemned fellow to accompany him to the gallows. The pair arrived at the noose. Jailer Redmond Barry was almost unable to hide his glee awaited them.

Page 16 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

Ned’s handcuffs were removed as the noose was placed around his neck.

With his final mortal act Ned Kelly invented the fart joke. Ned met his maker with a smile on his face.

Barry asked Kelly his final words.... Instead Kelly pointed his index finger at Barry and requested, “Please pull my finger.�

PS Later that week ,while cleaning out Kelly’s former cell, a prisoner found the following graffiti written by Kelly himself. NED KELLY WAS WELL HUNG.

Barry, somewhat confused yet wishing to grant the condemned his final wish, gently tugged on Ned’s finger. At the exact same time Kelly exhausted a loud, long and truly excellent wombatish, off-milky fart. The soldiers on gallow duties were immediately reduced to rolling around on floor clutching their sore stomach muscles from laughter. Even the priest struggled to hide his mirth behind his handkerchief.

Who is Redmond?

Redmond was born in a cross-fire hurricane and now resides in Queensland. Former Golden Glove champ turned champion shearer, his shearing career was cut short when he entered the adult film industry and made 3467 films in three months. He now enjoys semi-retirement and lives happily on his 100,000 acre property with his seven wives. He has received the annual Golden Pen award from the Writer’s Guild four years in a row in the Truth Telling category...


Fair Dinkum! IN GERMANY - it’s a tale not many will believe, but a man was found crying in the street after allegedly being repeatedly forced to make love to a nymphomaniac. “I met her on a bus, and she invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me,” he told local police when they found him outside her apartment. Apparently, the man made his escape while the woman was sleeping off the 36-hour sex session. It’s not the first offence for the 47-year-old nymphomaniac; she was arrested in April after a similar incident with a 43-year-old craftsman. IN THE UK - there’s nothing like a “zombie hamster” to freak out the family. A British family recently came home to find their pet hamster had come back from the dead, and dug his way out of his grave. Rhino the hamster had been buried over the Easter weekend when he’d been found in his cage cold and lifeless. But neighbours soon spotted the rodent, full of life, and running about the family garden. Sure enough, Rhino had dug his way out of the grave and was making the most of his second shot at life. IN AMERICA - one bargain hunter found the ultimate treasure while he was rifling through a charity store in Ohio.

An original Picasso print worth thousands of dollars. Zach Bodish picked up the print for $14, but it has now been valued at $12,000. The print was numbered 6/100 and had “original print, signed proof” written in French on it. Mr Bodish says while he’d like to keep the print, he’ll probably sell it. STILL IN AMERICA - and police have arrested a man after his five-year-old stepson brought 50 packets of heroin to school for show and tell. The boy took his step dad’s jacket into school and pulled out the drugs when it was his turn to talk up the front of the class. The teacher immediately took the drugs, and the police were called. IN SWITZERLAND - what do you call a calf born with two extra legs? Lilli! The seven-week-old, six-legged calf has become a celebrity in her home country of Switzerland. While Lilli won’t be able to produce milk, she is assured a good life because she is already the apple of her owner’s eye. In summer, she will join the rest of the herd in Alpine pastures. Apparently, mutations like this [pictured] are not all that rare.

e h t k n a Fr Tank’s

“Streakin” good love advice

Dear Frank, I’ve been with my girlfriend for just over a year and I really like her. There’s just one problem. For about the last six months she’s been steadily gaining weight. She isn’t exercising anymore and she eats a lot of junk food. I don’t want to sound shallow or anything, but if she keeps stacking it on it will probably be a deal breaker for me. How can I encourage my girlfriend to lose weight without coming off like a jerk? Ben, Yeppoon

Well, I will say initially that I actually prefer my ladies a little on the chunky side. Slimmer women are often opposed to things that a heftier lass will thoroughly enjoy, for example, incorporating fried chicken into love-making, or giving an erotic massage using gravy instead of baby oil. Have you ever French kissed a woman with a mouthful of Mars bars? I have, and I can tell you, life doesn’t get much sweeter. I actually had a research paper published on the benefits of dating the super obese. You’re very unlikely to lose an argument against a morbidly obese woman because her wretched health will cause

WHAT THE? Lilli the six-legged calf should live a long, happy life on Alpine pastures.

Be Part Of The Legend! Winning races in record times was the driving force behind Mickey Thompson’s innovations in tyre design.... STZ




To find out more about the legendary range of Mickey Thompson Tires, call Tyrepower Rockhampton, your local authorised dealer.

Tyrepower, Your Mickey Thompson Tire Specialist

PH: 4926 4364

320 Richardson Rd, Rockhampton

Sensible Susan Ben, You should tread very carefully as you are in a metaphorical minefield here! Women are generally extremely selfconscious about their weight, so if you want to broach the subject with your girl-

her to run out of breath before you do. You don’t have to waste money insulating or heating your house; her ample body will provide you with all the warmth you need. Your own health will improve dramatically, as the portion size of your meals decreases to accommodate the unbelievable appetite of your partner. If I haven’t convinced you of the benefits of letting your girlfriend’s weight blow out completely, then fear not. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. An excellent way to halt your girlfriend’s weight gain is to ensure that she gets regular exercise. A good way to do this is to confiscate her car keys and cancel her credit cards. This will force her to walk most places she needs to go and will see her unable to sneak junk food when you’re not there. The pounds will literally melt away! I would also advise you not to worry about coming off like a jerk. If you cripple your girlfriend emotionally she’ll be yours forever. Criticising a girl’s weight is a surefire way to crush her self-esteem, thereby making them desperate for your approval. For instance I have had no less than eight different women deliver themselves to my house, concealed inside giant cakes with the intention of jumping out naked. Unfortunately, given my penchant for robust women, only one of the cakes arrived uneaten. Frank.

friend I would recommend mustering all the tact you have at your disposal. Before you tackle the problem head on, however, I would try suggesting to your girlfriend some more physical activities (get your mind out of the gutter), for example, go bushwalking every weekend, or join a mixed sports team. If she’s opposed to these suggestions then you could bring up your concerns regarding her decline in fitness, although, as I mentioned earlier, you should tread very, very carefully. Susan.

If you have a question for Frank and Susan Email Us at:

Page 17 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

AIRCRAFT FOR SALE 2 seat aircraft F\OLQGHUUDGLDOKS Aircraft currently in Middlemount after a mishap. Suit someone interested in a project. :LOOFRQVLGHUVHSDUDWLQJ motor from airframe. 5LQJIRUSDUWLFXODUV


Price Negotiable

$85,000 or make an offer

Phone: 0429112396

Phone 0447 988 651 CLASSIC FOR SALE



1976 -1981 Yamaha XT 500


- All parts considered - All locations considered - All prices considered


Phone : 0428 154 653

Phone : 0422 377 385 CAR FOR SALE ;&KHYUROHW 6LOYHUDGR+' /7==&UHZ&DE 3LFNXS/'XUDPD[ 'LHVHO(QJLQH Allison Transmission NOPOHDWKHU LQWHULRUÀDZOHVVRQH owner vehicle loaded with options. $89,700egc. bdunne151@gmail. com CRANE TRUCK FOR SALE

CLASSIC FOR SALE &KHYIDFWRU\ ULJKWKDQGGULYH WZRGRRUZDJRQ9 three speed manual with overdrive,All new upholstery New whitewall tyres,All new JODVVDQGFKURPH1HZ fuel tank,New cd player and speakers, $49,500 Phone 07 5523 0330 or 0409 209 246 PLOUGH FOR SALE

Nissan Atlas Crane Truck






RWC, Only car licence needed to drive

worn located near rocky.


$17000 plus gst ono.

07 4941 7147 or


$449,000 minus

F\OLQGHUVSHHG PDQXDO¿UVWWRVHHZLOO buy $26,950. Phone : 0422 377 385 CAR FOR SALE '2'*(5$0 SLT Lonestar Edition Heavy Duty /&XPPLQV7XUER Diesel Allison auto WUDQV:RRGJUDLQ inserts 5th wheel hitch, tow bar 4 door dual cab Dula Wheels NOPV $79 000 ono Phone: 0432 429 264 CAR FOR SALE )RUG);/7.LQJ &DE;OWUWXUER GLHVHOJDV 9LFUHJR0DUFK $8525$VOLGHRQFDPSHU IULGJHEXUQJDVFRRN +:6'RXEOHEHGH[W shower, water, deep cycle EDWWHULHV:LQYHUWHU ORDGVVWRUDJH67$&(5 ERDWP+3PRWRU $80,000 Phone: 0417 587 425 BOAT FOR SALE &UXLVLQJFDWDPDUDQ VROLG*53%XLOW Well appointed and very comfortable with full DPHQLWLHVIRUOLYLQJDERDUG DQGFUXLVLQJ)RUIXOO particulars see www.catspaw2011. $125,000

HOUSE FOR RENT 9,5*,1,$%5,6%$1( ATTN FIFO workers To rent fully furnished, 4 bedroom house. Train 2 min walk. %ULVEDQHDLUSRUWPLQV %HGURRPVDW %HGURRP %HGURRP Aircon, fans. %RQGPRQWKUHQW in advance. Ph: 0447 033 730




HOUSE FOR SALE GRACEMERE, Immaculate %5KRPH%,5VRODU panels. Fully insulated $&&HLOLQJIDQV bathrooms. 2 Toilets. 'RXEOHORFNXSJDUDJH Stainless steel kitchen appliances. Spacious open SODQNLWFKHQGLQLQJ  ORXQJH3RWHQWLDOUHQWDO UHWXUQDERYHSD $429,000 Ph: 0418 796 074




Phone: 0468 389 300




Phone: 0427 824 880





Brand New impressive


Level, 4bed 2 bath, DLUG,


Room Shed/Van Nth


EntertWalk shops/school

$17,000 government grants if eligible


Ph: 0421 601 710 LAND FOR SALE

Phone: 07 4151 4500



Fantastic Buy Offers NEAR $400,000 Ph. 0409 055 062 UNIT FOR SALE VTPUHQRYDWHGRSHQ plan unit with a HUGE

Interested in Interior Decorating? Curtains/Blinds etc in Airlie Beach 2ZQHUKDVRSHUDWHGWKLVEXVLQHVVIRU\UVDQGZDQWV to retire. /DUJHVWVKRZURRPLQWKHDUHDVTPDLUFRQVKRS Ã&#x20AC;RRUVTPDLUFRQZHOOHTXLSSHGZRUNURRPZRUNYDQ Established clientele /DUJHVWRFNKROGLQJ$VVLVWDQWRI\UVSUHSDUHGWR assist with take over. 32$WRJHQXLQHHQTXLULHV Phone: 0409 898 430 BOAT FOR SALE *HQXLQHKUV Only used in FRESH water. Mercruiser Black Scorpion KS(QJLQHZLWK03, Meticulously serviced and cared for. &UDIWVPDQPDGHH[FHOOHQFH for the serious skier/ boarder. Phone: 0418 794 525. JET SKI FOR SALE +RQGD)*3;7XUER 6HDWHUFF7XUER 5HG*HQXLQH Honda Lifejackets KUV $15,500 ono Phone: 0447 606 727 COMBINE FOR SALE UXQ+RUZDUGEDJVKDZ FRPELQHQHZROG KRVHVUDPUHEXLOWJRRG condition.spare boots. $3000 plus gst. Phone 0429 948 198 HOUSE FOR SALE Fully furnished fully a/c modern home on DFUHVPHWUHV IURP0LGJH3RLQW beach, 2 bedrooms 2 HQVXLWHVODUJHRI¿FH RUUGEHGURRPODUJH FDUSRUWED\VKHGIXOO\ equipped workshop  Phone 0428 476 001 HOUSE FOR SALE +RXVHRQDFUHVQHDU $JQHVZDWHU4/'8QLTXH pavillion style home, 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms ZLWK[VKHGFDUSRUW 3DUWLDOO\FOHDUHGDQG fenced, waterhole and a VPDOOGDP/DUJHGHFN DQGEUHDWKWDNLQJYLHZV NPIURPVXUIEHDFK DQGWRZQRI $510,000 Phone: 0400 797 075 HOUSE AND LAND FOR SALE 6HOODFUHV3URVWRQDUHDTXLHWFRXQWU\JHW





Sunshine Coastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best


and house sites WKHSDLUZLOO

$262,000 ono


Phone: 0411 098 241

Phone: 0447 031 588

Page 18 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

Fenced, Side access


point break!! Austar, J\PPODJRRQSRRO Great investment BETTER lifestyle! More info/ SLFVDYDLO%H4XLFN Phone: 0424 108 784


k.pdf 2010












10 11



1. Wishful thinker 5. Ungainly 9. From the menu (1,2,5) 10. Cuba’s capital 12. Overmuch 13. Savoy or Hilton 14. Very eager 16. Entertainers 19. Arise (from) 21. Had prior knowledge 24. Aggravated 25. Unmodified 27. Goes on all fours 28. Deeply touching 29. Igloo dweller 30. Influenced



Avengers is worth the wait




1. Endorsed 2. Roofing grass 3. ... & groans 4. Taking (exam) 6. Abhorrent 7. Dining hour 8. 12-month-old horse 11. Salesmen 15. Series of tennis comp wins (5,4) 17. Second-rate 18. Listeners’ forum, ... radio 20. Large Australian birds 21. Start of match (4-3) 22. Shocked 23. Revised (text) 26. Quarrel


17 19


21 22













Last editions solutions # 22

1 8 6 5 3

1 2 9 5

2 8 3

4 5 8 6

9 6 4 2 7

3 8 7




4 9 6 7 3 1 5 2 8

7 3 2 5 4 8 9 6 1


5 1 8 6 9 2 3 4 7


3 5 4 8 2 6 7 1 9

1 6 7 9 5 3 2 8 4

2 8 9 1 7 4 6 3 5


9 2 1 3 8 7 4 5 6

8 7 3 4 6 5 1 9 2

6 4 5 2 1 9 8 7 3




If you’re into superhero movies then no doubt you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Avengers. Even casual movie-goers are sure to have heard of recent films Thor, Captain America, and perhaps the most successful of the bunch, the Iron Man franchise. The Avengers brings all these superheroes (and the actors who play them) together for one massive movie event. The film picks up loosely where Thor concluded, a secret government organisation known as S.H.I.E.L.D is attempting to use a mystical power source from another planet to create sustainable energy for Earth. Thor’s brother, Loki, hell-bent on revenge against Thor and the realm of Earth, seeks to use the cube to lead an army of aliens to enslave the human race. S.H.I.E.L.D has no choice but to call on the earth’s greatest heroes, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk to stop Loki and save the planet. With such incredibly high expectations surrounding this movie the pressure on director Joss Whedon to create something exceptional must have been immense.

The final result, however, is perhaps the best (Dark Knight die hards may disagree) comic book adaptation ever to hit the silver screen. With wall-to-wall stars including Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson (to name a few), it’s unsurprising that the acting in the film is stupendous. Likewise, with a budget in excess of $200 million you’d be well within your rights to expect some mind-blowing visual effects - and you will not be disappointed. The real success of The Avengers, however, lies in the overall composition of the narrative. Action scenes punctuate the movie but are never overdone or drawn out. Well-placed one liners add some comedy to the film, and there are plenty of ‘superhero-esque’ dramatic monologues. The Avengers is a must-see for superhero and action fans alike, however the stellar composition of the film is sure to make it appealing to people who may usually avoid the genre. My advice - see it while it’s on the big screen.


# 23

Tune into the Michael J. Breakfast show from 7:35 am every Monday for 4RO's CQ Mining Update, with special guest Angus from Shift Miner. SHIFT MINER Handy Cross 1872 - (15A grid) ShiftMinerHandy100s. pdf © Lovatts Publications 27/10/2010

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Weekdays 5am - 9am


Weekdays 12pm - 1pm PHONE: 1300 872 911

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SALES ENQUIRIES: (07) 4920 2000

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Bait shop Banter YEPPOON IF you can get out, then the fishing is great but the wind has been blowing the proverbial dogs off chains along the Capricorn Coast. As soon as it dies down, Adrian from the Secret Spot says there is plenty of fish to be caught - with some big jew fish being landed locally and spotty mackerel starting to turn up. “Just in shore, the spotty mackerel are biting at places like Rita Mada, 40 Acre Paddock and Findlays,” he confides. “There have been some good catches of big Spanish mackerel at Outer Rock and Barren Island too - but the taxman has been taking his fair share.” He’s talking about the taxman of the sea - sharks - and not the other type that you have to start worrying about now that it’s May and your finances are a mess. For those keen to try out further, there have been some excellent catches of mixed reef fish like red emperor and nannagai at the Rubble Ground - due east of Barren Island.

While the wind keeps howling, your best bet might be to find yourself a quiet spot up a creek. “Coorooman Creek is producing quite a few nice grunter and the first of the winter salmon,” says Adrian. “There have also been some early catches of bream.” According to Adrian, the water is starting to clean up nicely - and in another two to three weeks it’ll be perfect for spear fishermen.

GLADSTONE There’s been a spell of good weather in Gladstone recently - and anyone who ever goes fishing has been getting out, according to Greg at Pat’s Tackle World. “I’ve had plenty of reports of really good quality fish in The Shallows - lots of lippers, red throats and glassies,” says Greg. Mackerel are also biting out at Swains Reef, which means it won’t be long before they move closer to the shore as the water clears up.

Tide Times


“From the land, the barra season is firing along beautifully, like it is right along the east coast,” says Greg. The top parts of Curtis Island are fishing nicely for fingermark, for those using live bait around the rock bars. Salmon are in the creeks, and the mud crabs are still on the run - so windy or not, there’s plenty of action.

MACKAY In the waters off Mackay, everyone is looking for mackerel but it’s the queenfish that are starting to turn out. “Blokes are out looking for mackerel, but pulling up queenfish,” says Bruce from Nashy’s Compleat Angler. While the crabs are starting to slow down now with the cooler weather, the Pioneer River is producing fresh feeds of flathead, bream and particularly whiting. Use yabbies on the incoming tide to catch your share, and Cullen Island between the two bridges - is a hot spot.

MACKAY Gladstone

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If you have a good photo or fishing yarn send it through to our resident bait chucker-

With Mike Griffin

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Mon 14 Tue 15 Wed 16 Thu 17 Fri 18 Sat 19 Sun 20 MACKAY Gladstone

Bruce says the next full moon should see some nice jews and fingermark on your table. “You can catch them at the front of the harbour,” he says. “The nannagai are also fishing nicely out in the shipping channel when you can get out wide.”

Your weather forecast

Mon 7 Tue 8 Wed 9 Thu 10 Fri 11 Sat 12 Sun 13 Time Ht Time Ht

You have to go out to the reef to catch one of these beauties.

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COLDEST MAXIMUMS FOR APRIL WEEK 1 Friday the 27th April could be the coldest April afternoon on record for the southern Coalfields. Temperatures sat on 13-14C as the thick cloud and steady rain continued all day. The official maximum was 17.2C for Emerald; which was just after midnight. This was all due to an Upper Cold Pool (UCP) that started over the Mt. Isa area, the day before, and brought record low April maximums for Cloncurry and Julia Creek before heading south. Some rainfalls (mm) of note across the Coalfields for the 27-28th April: Tieri 52, Ducabrook 47, Theodore 45,Green Valley 44, Anakie 40, Emerald 36, Blackdown Tablelands 36, Rolleston 32, Springsure 32, Comet 28, Moranbah 26, Bauhinia Downs 23, Windamere 21, Middlemount 21, Baralaba 15, Thangool 2. The rivers and creeks got a small run. Now the cooler air from the south has arrived. Bringing with it single figure minimums and dry sunny days for the rest of the week. Then late in the week cloud from the north west could develop more of a promise into the weekend. Boaties! This means winter type wind conditions.

Mon: SSW/SSE 3-5 tending SE/E/ENE 5-19 avo CIS and SSE/ SE/ESE 15-10 OFFSHORE Tue: W/SW 2-3 tending SE/NE 4-9 avo CIS SE/E 12-8 less in the south OFFSHORE Wed: SW/SE 3-4 tending SE/E 4-9 avo CIS and SE/ESE 12-8 slightly stronger in the north Thr/Fri: S/SE 3-4 tending E’ly 4-9 avo CIS and SE/ESE 15-10 OFFSHORE Sat: If a trough develops inland then winds will tend E/ENE 15-10 ease and tend NE/NNE by Sunday. And cloud with some rain could approach the coast. WEEK 2 As the SOI stays around -6 (the lowest in 2 years) the La Nina seems to be ending. If the cloud develops some rain early in the week it should clear by mid week as winter like cold air arrives. Marine Lovers! Increased northerly winds with squally showers early in the week could make way for a winter blast. Fresh (15-20 knots gusting 25 knots) SSW winds should hit Tue/Wed. It will look good inshore but very rugged offshore. Trap for young players. The following weekend could be more amicable.


OFFSHIFT Rockhampton hosts SPECIALS 136th EDITION. 2012

Beef Australia 2012 IF there was ever a week to announce you were giving away red meat to become a vegan, this isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it. The whole of central Queensland is literally rejoicing in the regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich grazing history, as the city of Rockhampton hosts Beef Australia 2012. More than 75,000 visitors - thousands from interstate and overseas - will converge on the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s showgrounds for a week of celebrating everything beef. Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cattlemen and women bring their top stock to compete in a staggering display of more than 4000 cattle spanning 30 different breeds. A huge trade fair is open at the showgrounds every day this week, and tours to some of central Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longest running and best known properties are also on offer. The three-year event is a must-do for anyone even remotely associated with the beef industry. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a place to check out all the latest innovation in the industry, as well as new products and marketing strategies. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also the biggest social event on the calendar for many in beef circles and beyond - the Beef Ball sold out almost instantly - but tickets are still on sale for Friday nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kasey Chambers and Busby Marou concert. Another highlight is bound to be the

Man from Snowy River performances on Monday to Wednesday nights. Of course, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty of beer to be drunk at the showgrounds as you catch up with mates from near and far any night of the week. The event is worth a look even if your interest in beef is just to eat it. There are celebrity chefs cooking up a storm in the demonstration kitchen, and top quality restaurants open their doors on site to allow you to sample the wares. For a full program of events jump online at Or you can just turn up to the showgrounds and pay $15 to wander around at your leisure - kids are free.


Stay 3 re and r mo s t nigh ocomplimentary a receive 0 restaurant $10 ucher. vo


Accommodation starts from $189 per night (min3nights)

Come and enjoy a private, romantic getaway in one of our tree houses and cabins in either of our two beautiful locations. 7ECANACCOMMODATEJUSTTHETWOOF YOU ORTHEWHOLEFAMILY-AX




â&#x20AC;&#x153;The event is worth a look even if your interest in beef is just to eat it.â&#x20AC;? Page 21 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

What’s happening in sport in your town? Barbarians at the gate

Their mission statement is to conquer all teams, look good while they do it, play running rugby, and refuse to kick for goal. But perhaps they should have added drink Texas out of beer and spread some good old fashioned Central Queensland love across the fields of USA. Because lets’ face it - that’s what I would be doing. I am talking about the 30-man Queensland Outback Barbarians Rugby side who have just commenced their tour of the United States. The team is spending four weeks travelling between New Orleans and San Francisco, playing various games of rugby and terrorising the local publicans. The Outback Barbarians Rugby side has been touring overseas for more than a decade and it draws players from across the coalfields and other parts of regional Queensland. This year four players from the Central Highlands

competition have joined the invitation-only squad, including Moranbah’s Phil Derkson and Emerald’s Sam Thomasson. In the results available at the time of print, the Barbarians have lived up to their ethos of running rugby, beating the Austin Huns 127 - 0 and the Bay Area Rugby Club 83 - 0 in a game where Derkson was named player of the match. As the club heads on its North West trajectory, the standard of Rugby is expected to get higher, culminating in one the USA’s biggest tournaments “maggotfest”. Which makes me suspicious about how high the quality will actually be. Lucky buggers.

Capella triathlon close to confirmed

Capella is likely to be the next official event in the Central Highlands Triathlon Club (CHTC) calendar for 2012. Organisers are just awaiting final approval from the police and council to hold Capella’s first-ever event on the 27 May. Athletes will have the option to compete over a range of courses, including a shortened course for children as young as eight, and an enticer and sprint course in the open categories. As the name suggests, the enticer event is intended to give competitors a taste of triathlon, without asking them to compete in a gruelling full-length event. The enticer will involve a 300 metre swim, 2.5 kilometre run and a 10 kilometre bike ride. The open sprint event will be contested over 600 metres in the water, a 2.5 kilometre run and

If your local club has any news or photos it wants added to this page, you can submit your articles to

a 20 kilometre bike ride. All events will take place from a starting point at the Capella pool and then on to the Ruby Vale Road. The CHTC is looking for communities across the coalfields to host future triathlons. The club has had some very successful events in Tieri, Springsure, Blackwater and Emerald recently but would like to make the sport more mobile in the future. A meeting later this month will look at the possibilities of adding further races at Middlemount, Alpha and Clermont for the 2012/2013 racing calendar Triathletes near Emerald can also get involved in some group training with a running group now meeting on Tuesdays and Sundays at 6pm.

Generosity cements speedway’s future

The Blackwater Speedway event this weekend will be raced on arguably one of the best tracks in regional Queensland and, more importantly, one of the safest. The club has just added the paint to a new concrete barrier fence around its raceway, which brings the course into the new millenium and means all classes of cars can be raced on the track legally. It can now even host motorcycle events. The real miracle, however, is that this huge task has been completed at virtually no financial cost to the club. It has been fully funded by the generosity of a number of miners and mining businesses who have ploughed some of their own resources back into the community. President of the Blackwater Speedway Club Ross Ballard said community spirit is still strong in Blackwater. “The track is looking absolutely beautiful,” he said. “We have all our new concrete walls up and painted to replace the old steel fence. “The old fence has been there for nearly 20 years, it

was no longer legal height and was rusted out.” “The miracle is that it only cost the club a few sheets of mesh.” “Hanson here in Backwater donated all the concrete. “We made 192 moulded concrete blocks over two years, using concrete they had left over from other work.” “Each time there was some available, Hanson would pour it into the mould for us and when it was set, break it open and have it ready for the next load. “The next challenge was putting the blocks in place and LCR Cranes supplied a free crane for us to move all of the blocks into position. “I couldn’t guess how many hours of free crane time we had from LCR. “T & J Whitehouse supplied us with a free machine to do the earthworks and Jim Purcell from Purcell’s gave us a digger for four months to finish the job.” “I don’t know how many people you know who would do that, but I don’t know many.” “As for man hours I couldn’t add up how many free hours people gave us. “Even us three old geriatrics, all over 60 years old, I would hate to guess the man hours we did.” The new track is likely to get a good workout this weekend with more than 50 cars expected to compete in the AMCA, Stocker, Fender Bender, Wingless Sprint and junior classes. Cars are confirmed from Moranbah, Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton. In further good news for the club, they have secured the right to host the final of the CQ series over the June long weekend,. Gate takings from that event will appreciated by the club whose last event was rained out in March. “I think the finals here in June are going to be bigger than Ben Hur,” Mr Ballard added.





Rugby league

Clermont v Middlemount



Rugby League

Moranbah Miners v Sarina (ladies day)



Rugby league

Blackwater v Dysart



Rugby League

Pirates v Emerald



Rugby League

Moranbah Miners v Sarina (ladies Day)



Rugby Union

Peak Downs v Emerald Tigers



Rugby Union

Moranbah v Capella



Rugby Union

Clermont v Rolleston






Capella Pool





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Outback Barbarians on a rugby tour of the US

Rio Tinto Coal Australia is proud to be a part of the Clermont, Emerald, Capella, Nebo, Sarina, Mirani and Mackay communities. The Kestrel Mine Community Development Fund is pleased continue its partnership with Central Highlands Development Corporation to support the Community Grants Officer and Outreach programme for the next two years. This initiative provides the communities of Emerald, Capella and the Gemfields with the support to source, research, apply for and acquit vital community grants for local projects.

Since 2010, more than $1M has been brought back into these communities. One of the projects includes supporting the long term future of the Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative ve (pictured) to help them continue their work in improving natural resource management practices in the community.

We support a range of local projects W through the Clermont Region, Kestrel Mine, and Hail Creek Mine Community Development Funds. For more information contact: • Clermont Region Alissa Gordon on 07 4988 3505 • Kestrel Mine Maureen Tutton on 07 4984 7694 • Hail Creek Mine Marie Cameron on 07 4951 6437

Your Health 136th EDITION. 2012

EXPERT ADVICE For those too busy or embarrassed to ask the important questions about their health How do you measure up? If you think it’s okay to look as though you’re about to give birth – and you’re a bloke – or you have a muffin top (ladies that’s the excess fat that hangs over the top of your jeans), then it’s time you got out the tape measure and the scales and got serious about weight loss. According to Measure Up, a government health initiative, a waist measurement of greater than 94cm for men or 80cm for women is an indicator of internal fat deposits, which can coat the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas, and increase the risk of you developing a chronic disease. But even without a tape measure you will know in yourself if you need to shed a few kilos – or a lot just by the way you look and feel. So start today by measuring your waistline (in line with your belly button using a tape measure) and weighing yourself. Then soak up these facts:

Consequences Some of the health consequences associated with being overweight include: · Cardiovascular disease · Some cancers · Sleep apnoea · Type 2 diabetes · Hypertension.

Excess fat on your body coats your organs and is a risk to your health! So where and how can you start shedding the kilos? With small changes daily or weekly. 1. Overhaul your eating habits. Steer clear of processed foods and get back to basics of eating raw, natural foods. No, you don’t have to live on carrot sticks and lentils but you should get savvy about what you put in your mouth. Fast foods/frozen meals/greasy pasta dishes and fatty fried foods need to go. Lean meats, plenty of fresh fruits and veges and wholemeal grains should be your staple diet. Your body is the only one you have got – give it some respect. Avoid foods that say low fat. They are usually loaded with sodium (salt) and sugar! Ditch the soft drinks and drink water. Add freshly squeezed lemon and mint for a splash of flavour. Get moving. Regular exercise will help you shed those unwanted kilos. Go for low GI foods - they are high in fibre and you will be less likely to overeat. Eat less. Amazingly you will not perish from eating less food!

Tammy Farrell is a registered nurse, nutritionist and author of ‘The Real Man’s Toolbox – A DIY Health Manual for Men’. Tammy grew up in the Hunter Valley with two brothers in the local coal mines. In 2007, she started to give health talks in the Hunter, and that’s when she began compiling the book, helping hundreds of men answer questions about their bodies.

Aussie Beef and Beer Pie over medium heat. Add the Serves 4

onion, garlic and thyme and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until onion is soft. Add the beef and cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until browned. 6WLULQWKHWRPDWRDQGEHHU Bring to a simmer. Reduce INGREDIENTS: heat to low and cook, covered,  DERXWJ EHHIVFRWFK¿OOHW for 55 minutes or until beef is steaks, cut into 2cm pieces WHQGHU6HWDVLGHWRFRRO WEVSODLQÀRXU Preheat oven to 220°C. Cut the shortcrust pastry sheet 2 tbs olive oil into quarters. Line 4 round 1 brown onion, chopped 3cm-deep, 12cm pie tins with 2 garlic cloves, crushed shortcrust pastry, allowing the 2 tsp chopped fresh thyme sides to overhang. Brush the 1 x 400g can chopped tomatoes edges with egg. Cut each puff pastry sheet 250ml (1 cup) beer in half diagonally. Top the 1 sheet (29 x 29cm) frozen pies with puff pastry and trim ready-rolled shortcrust quiche excess. Press the edges to seal. pastry, just thawed Brush the pies with egg. Cut 1 egg, lightly whisked a small cross in the centre of 2 sheets (25 x 25cm) frozen ready-rolled puff pastry, thawed each pie. Place the pies on the baking tray and bake in oven METHOD: for 25 minutes or until golden Place the beef in a large bowl DQGSXIIHG6HUYHZLWKWRPDWR DQGVSULQNOHZLWKÀRXU6HDVRQ sauce. with salt and pepper. Gently toss to evenly coat. Heat the oil in a large saucepan There is nothing better than a meat pie and watching the football. Try this delicious tasting beef and beer pie for a twist on the traditional meat pie.

Zest Eatery Open 4.00pm to 8.00pm daily 1300 622 222 CALLIOPE | COPPABELLA | DYSART | MIDDLEMOUNT | MORANBAH | NEBO Aussie Beef and Beer Pie Shift.indd 1

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Houses, water needed as Wandoan booms WATER and housing availability continue to be major issues for the Surat Basin boom town of Wandoan. With the resources industry in full swing in and around the town and across the Western Downs region, local council services are struggling to cope. In Wandoan, the population has more than doubled from 400 to 800 in the space of a few years. Xstrata has just won a court case aimed at stopping its massive new thermal coal mine on the outskirts of the town, and is now expected to give the project the go ahead. There are also a host of other coal and gas companies with projects in the region. Real estate agent and President of the Wandoan Chamber of Commerce Ray Mortimer said he hoped a delegation would soon meet with new state government ministers to discuss pressure on the town. There is mounting frustration, he said, over how long it takes to release land and water rights for the town to allow for the building of new homes for construction and mine workers. “When in opposition, they agreed with our issues but said they could not do any-

thing about them until they were in power,” he told Shift Miner Magazine. “Now they have won the election we’ll see what they do.” There is the hope of real progress through meetings with ministers or their staff. Key among the issues, said Mr Mortimer, is the need for water to service homes. Water is allocated from the Great Artesian Bore and 400 megalitres is needed for a proposed 300 block subdivision. The water is the stumbling block for subdivisions but resource companies, such as QGC and Xstrata, already have allocations for projects. Each has received 7300 megalitres allocations. A proposed 300 block subdivision has already attracted the interest of companies that want up to 80 blocks for executive and senior staff. Mr Mortimer says this subdivision should be handed over to private developers to ensure it happens as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the pressure builds on those trying to find - and then pay for - accommodation, particularly non-resources workers. “We are trying to keep rents at about $200 a bedroom per week. Some new

Page 24 - Shift Miner Magazine, 7th May 2012

EXPENSIVE LIVING: This three-bedroom house at Wandoan has an asking price of $600/week rent - or $200 per bedroom

homes are getting $1000 a week and the owners push and push and push [for increases]. “As the agent you are still stuck in the middle at that rate. “We have a big problem here with accommodation. We have single girls that work here and at the pub and we are shunting them around into second rate accommo-

dation and they are paying about $250 per week (per room) and that’s a big problem. “We talk about sustainable housing but people can’t afford to live here.” Local businesses are also struggling with increasing demands on wages for non-resource industry workers who are trying to make ends meet as they face the brunt of rising rents. “We are pushing pretty much as well as we can to get some department heads or ministers out here to see what is going on.” Another concern for the town is a loss of a local councillor at the recent elections but Mr Mortimer says residents are confident the village won’t be ignored by the new council headed by returned mayor Ray Brown. Meanwhile, a public update meeting with representatives of the major resource companies operating in the area including Stanmore, QGC and Xstrata, is planned for May 24 at the bowling club starting at 6.30pm.

We have single girls that work here and at the pub and we are shunting them around into second rate accommodation and they are paying about $250 per week (per room) and that’s a big problem.”


Rocky tighter than Gladstone, Mackay ROCKHAMPTON’S rental market has overtaken its neighbours to make it the tightest in the state, with just one per cent of properties sitting vacant. The latest figures, released by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, have surprised even experienced real estate agents. “We’ve always had a tight rental market,

but this is the tightest I’ve ever seen it,” said REIQ Rockhampton representative and long-time local agent Noel Livingston. “I thought Gladstone would’ve been the tightest, and the only thing I can put this down to is that we are more affordable.” The mining boom, and Gladstone’s insatiable demand for skilled workers, is the driving

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force behind the record low vacancy rates. “People are choosing to live in Rockhampton and Gracemere where it is affordable and drive an hour or so to get to work,” said Mr Livingston. In fact, some savvy property owners in Gladstone have relocated to Rockhampton to take advantage of renting out their own homes. “I’ve just come from a property in Gracemere that we manage, and the family who rents it are from Gladstone. “They own their house in Gladstone, but they rent it out for double the money they pay to rent in Gracemere and he commutes to work.” Mr Livingston said it’s great news for the town, and he expects to see a surge in investor interest. “Absolutely, a key selling point for investors in vacancy rates so you have to think this is going to spark interest in the market.” Meanwhile, the rental squeeze in Mackay has eased back from a 0.7 per cent vacancy rate in the December quarter, to 1.7 per cent in the March quarter. Elders principal and owner Sally Richards says a number of leases have expired, freeing up some properties, but on the ground agents

weren’t noticing much of a change. “We are still really busy, and there are about 10 applicants per property listing at the moment, so it’s still tight,” she said. “Some of the higher end properties in the $800-900 per week bracket are taking slightly longer to fill.” Ms Richards said anecdotally people are talking about the resources industry levelling out a bit, but she expects the vacancy rate to fall back to 0.7 per cent or lower in the next 12 months. “It will happen again when the mining work starts to pick up I think.” Further south in Gladstone the vacancy rate has remained stable - easing just slightly from 1.5 per cent to 1.4 per cent. The statewide trend over the March quarter was an increased demand in rental properties. Most notably, the number of vacant rental properties on the Gold Coast has dropped from 5.2 per cent in June last year to 3.9 per cent in March. The Sunshine Coast has improved from 4.9 per cent to 3.1 per cent over the same period. A vacancy rate of three per cent is generally considered to be the equilibrium point of supply and demand.

“I thought Gladstone would’ve been the tightest, and the only thing I can put this down to is that we are more affordable.”

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Getting to know your bank manager

the standard variable interest rate for the first two years

BOQ Yeppoon owner-managers Ian Scott and Dan Lorraway have more than 51 years combined experience in banking and finance. We recently caught up with them to find out how people can build a better relationship with their bank manager to help them achieve their financial goals. Good communication is a vital tool when developing a working relationship with your bank manager for individuals and small business owners alike. If you do have a great banker and a great banking relationship with them it’s likely the process should be pretty smooth sailing when it comes to needing finance. With the anticipated growth for the Central Queensland region, which will likely bring with it an increase in property values and rental returns, when you’re ready to snap up a property it should be a much smoother process when you know your bank manager and they know you and your financial situation. But I know there are people out there who aren’t achieving their financial potential because their bank isn’t coming to the party with funding. This disconnect between the business owner’s perception of a loan application and

the banker’s receptiveness to the deal has most likely occurred due to the number one golden rule of banking – communication – being broken. This is a sad state of affairs because both parties have much in common – the individual or business owner wants the money to expand their investment portfolio or business, and banks’ bread and butter is lending. So here are a few tips for developing a stronger relationship with your bank: 1. Seek early involvement from your bank manager in understanding your individual and/or business goals. 2. Be willing to get help in areas where you don’t have all the skills, ask questions and consider the answers and options presented. If your bank manager has a wealth of experience behind them then chances are they’ve seen similar situations to yours before. 3. Get your accountant involved and encourage a sound working relationship between your bank manager and accountant. Make sure your banking relationship is working for you. And if you’re not happy, shop around. Life’s too short to waste time dealing with bad bank managers!

for the remaining life of the loan (home loans from $250,000 - $1,000,000)



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00 $295,0

Clever investors are already securing their piece of Moko These luxury apartments are located on Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sunshine Coast, located just minutes from the largest medical precinct project in the Southern Hemisphere, with a $2.785b investment commitment in building government and private infrastructure over the next four years. That means this region is growing fast! With the creation of 19,000 jobs in the immediate area by



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completion in 2016, you know Moko will be in high demand from renters, and buyers too if you decide to sell. â&#x20AC;˘ Secure mixed use residential and retail development â&#x20AC;˘ One, two and three bedroom apartments and townhouses â&#x20AC;˘ Investor friendly body corp fees, attractive yields

Lammermoor Conve Centre / Service St Lammermoor Convenience Capricorn Coast Centre Station I N V E S T M E/ N Service T â&#x20AC;˘ Waterfront location, resort style pool and gym â&#x20AC;˘ Close to parks, beach and public transport â&#x20AC;˘ Moko really is the address that has it all



Capricorn Coast

Be the ďŹ rst to secure this prime address at the best possible price. Call Ray White Apartment Sales on 07 5477 7287 | Call Brendan Robins for retail and commercial on 0402 159 588 or visit for more information.

Lammermoor Conven Centre / Service Sta

Capricorn Coast

Lammermoor Convenience Lammermoor Convenience Centre / Service Centre / Service Station Station

Capricorn Capricorn CoastCoast

150 Scenic Hwy, Cooee Bay, QLD

Purchase this perfectly positioned property as an investment for the future, with a great income generated by servicing the residential area and capturing the boaties as they head out for a day fishing Hwy, or relaxing on Great Keppel Island. 150 Scenic Cooee Bay, QLD Purchase this perfectly positioned property as an investment for t 150 Scenic Hwy, Cooee Bay, QLD of highby density island views. r 2,000sqm* income servicing the with residential area and capturing Purchase this perfectly positioned property asgenerated an investment for /R2 theland future, with a great KHDGRXWIRUDGD\Ä&#x17E;VKLQJRUUHOD[LQJRQ*UHDW.HSSHO,VODQG income generated by servicing the residential and capturing the boaties as they 7area convenience store servicing a good r Lucky 150 Scenic Hwy, Cooee Bay, QLD KHDGRXWIRUDGD\Ä&#x17E;VKLQJRUUHOD[LQJRQ*UHDW.HSSHO,VODQG catchment of perfectly local buyers. Purchase this positioned property as an investment for the futu ĂŚ VTP RIKLJKGHQVLW\5ODQGZLWKLVODQGYLHZV income generated servicing residential tothe great margins.area and capturing the bo r Increasing turn-overby adding ĂŚ







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Private Sale

Neale Crow 0418 886 162

150 Scenic Hwy, Cooee Bay, QLD

Purchase this perfectly positioned property as an investment for the future, with a great income generated by servicing the residential area and capturing the boaties as they

Private Sale Price $2,000,000 + Gst

Neale CrowRockhampton 0418 886 162 Private Sale Knight Frank 07 4921 2347 Neale Crow 0418 886 162

Knight Frank Rockhampton 07 4921 2347

Knight Frank Rockhampton 07EXCLUSIVE 4921 2347 * approx

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