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The Traveller Collection by Shibori was inspired by cities and countries all over the world and carries with it the feeling and magic of far away places. Pepa Martin nad karen davis from Shibori used ancient hand dying techiniques such as African gara, Indonesian Batik and japanese Shibori to create this collection.


Repeat: Horiz 17.13cm/Vert:17.09cm

Goa Rock Salt

Goa Husk

Goa Indigo

Goa Green Tea

Goa Charcoal

Goa Ash


Repeat: Horiz 19.57cm/Vert:13.84cm

Helsinki Green Tea

Helsinki Husk

Helsinki Charcoal

Helsinki Rock salt

Helsinki Indigo

Helsinki Ash


Repeat: Horiz 17.13cm/Vert:17.07cm

Kyoto Indigo

Kyoto Charcoal

Kyoto Green Tea

Kyoto Husk

Kyoto Rock Salt

Kyoto Ash


Repeat: Horiz 17.13cm/Vert:17.09cm


Repeat: Horiz 45.67cm/Vert:45.52cm

Saturnida Rock Salt

Leiden Husk

Leiden Rock Salt

Leiden Charcoal

Leiden Indigo

Saturnida Indigo

Saturnida Ash

Saturnida Husk

Saturnida Charcoal

Leiden Ash

Leiden Green Tea Saturnida Green Tea


Repeat: Horiz 19.57cm/Vert:17.24cm

Soya Indigo

Soya Charcoal

Soya Rock salt

Soya Husk

Soya Green Tea

Soya Ash


Repeat: Horiz 68.50cm/Vert:46.38cm

Bhutan Ash

Bhutan Charcoal

Bhutan Husk

Bhutan Green Tea

Bhutan Indigo

Bhutan Rock Salt

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Traveller Collection 2016  

Traveller Collection 2016  

Profile for shibori