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Today is Dec. 13, 2007.

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D& L N ews Dec / 2007 issue 10

We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.

Des ign & Life

All images Š 2007 The New York Times Company

One of the most authoritative newspaper in the world, New York Times has moved to their new home early Nov. The new New York Times Building was designed by Renzo Piano, an internationally renowned architect and the winner of the 1998 Pritzker Prize for Architecture. Mr Piano has lots of highly acclaimed projects, but this time, he finally put his first major imprint on New York City. This building is the first high rise curtain wall with ceramic sunscreen to be built in the United States. Adjacent to the garden, a 378-seat auditorium provides a significant amenity to the tenants of the building 856 feet in the sky. Don't miss the spot next time visiting the Big Apple!


Des ign & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Desig n & Life

jeff bezos & amazon kindle

Dec / 2007 issue 10

AMAZON.COM, one of the first major companies to sell goods over the internet, has announced the world's first digital book, Amazon Kindle. Newsweek has just interviewed the CEO Jeff Bezos and the article lays down the feature set -- 6-inch E-ink screen, no backlight, EV-DO "Whispernet" on Sprint for over the air book purchases, & $399 each. You can buy the books for $9.99 and even subscribe to newspapers or "selected blogs" for monthly fees. Although we don't think Amazon Kindle is going to change the world of printing books, it is still a big step of the publishing circles.


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

n705i amadana Amadana, the original electrical appliances brand created by REALFLEET Co., Ltd., has just announced their very first cell phone, N705i. Collaborated with NEC & NTT, N705i is designed by AMADANA, art directed by Tycoon Graphics, and sound produced by famous DJ Towa Tei, who is also the brother of AMADANA's co-founder, Shouwa Tei. The cell phone is a fusion of modern and tradition, like AMADANA always does, and is available in 4 different colors: black, white, orange, and a 5000-limited edition, brown color with real wooden skin.


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

paula scher exhibition Paula Scher, one of the greatest contemporary designers and artists, is holding her solo exhi- bition right now at Maya Stendhal Gallery, NY, from November 8, 2007 through January 26, 2008. Paula Scher's work has been exhibited in the world's leading museums including the permanent collections of MoMA & Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NY, the Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich, and so on. This time, she has expended on her highly acclaimed Maps series to create her most engaging work yet, depicting entire continents, countries and cities from all over the world that have been the critical focus of attention in recent headlines. / via Maya Stendhal Gallery /


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


De sign e r s C ircle Dec / 2007 issue 10 Desig n & Life

From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers circle.

Reza Feiz issue 10

Reza Feiz is an award wining self-taught

designer. Let's see how he truned himself from an actor to a designer!


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

Hello Reza! Please introduce yourself! Hello! I am the sole designer and founder of Phase Design in Los Angeles.

How did you start Phase design? I have formal training as an actor, did theater in New York and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television work. Upon arriving in LA I was immediately mesmerized with the mid-century architecture and modernism landscape. While working as a photographer’s assistant, we had a shoot at the famed Pierre Koenig case study house #22 and I was blown away. I started collecting midcentury furniture and educating myself further about the modernism movement. I was somewhat versed on design already due to the fact that my older brother, Khodi Feiz is also designer. So, taking the knowledge I had accumulated through my relationship with my brother and newfound inspiration, I designed my first chair -the Pose chair (which now can boast one of its owners as Tom Ford), a storeowner saw the chair in my house and offered to buy it for her store. And as the saying goes, one thing led to another, and here we are today.

25 Do you think if there is any strength or weakness as a self taught designer when you started the business? I used to hear the saying “Turn your weakness into your strength” and didn’t give it much credence, but uncon-sciously through out the years I found that it is exactly what I have done, and now I really adhere to it. You could see the lack of formal design training as a negative, but I see it as very liberating. It makes it possible to approach a project/design challenge without any limitations. The process of discovery has fewer limitations, and through this process you can potentially create something novel and fresh. It’s easier to break the rules, when you don’t know them, and besides, Mies van der Rohe didn’t have any formal training as an architect and he did OK, huh?

Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

What inspires your works the most? What is your philosophy? I am inspired by the mid-century modern architecture that I am surrounded with here in Los Angeles. The works of Pierre Koening, Charles and Ray Eames, John Lautner, Richard Neutra, to name a few, all reflect design tenants of proportion, clarity, innovation, and purpose that I strive to imbue in my work. Recently quite a few of my pieces were purchased for Lautner’s Wolff house and I had the pleasure of touring the house and marveling at the details and design that is as fresh today as it was fifty years ago. I am also inspired by the work that comes out of the Italian powerhouse design firms such as B&B Italia, Minnoti, Cappellini, Moroso. I try to combine the afore mentioned midcentury tenants with fresh and technologically advanced ideas that come out of Italy. My design philosophy is “strength in simplicity”. I think Leonardo da Vinci said it best by saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophis-tication”, but hey, I am no Leonardo da Vinci! I think it is similar to the cuisine that always amazes me when I travel to Italy: few fresh ingredients, put together in a simple manner, yet it’s heaven on earth.


What made you choose design as your career? Famed American football coach Vice Lombardi was asked how he felt about having to work on Sundays and he said it’s not work when you doing what you love. That is how I feel about designing, I am very fortunate to be doing what I love to be doing. Beyond that, having an

Dec / 2007 issue 10

inspiration, sketching it in my pad, and having it come to fruition is great. The anticipation makes it even more exciting: is the actual piece going communicate what you intended? Will it perform as desired? Does it possess the intangibles that will set it apart? My wife is pregnant now with our first child, and we are brimming with anticipation. I feel like I have mini-design pregnancies and births with

Desig n & Life

every piece I design.


Desig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Design & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Design & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


What is the most exciting project

Do you cook? What is your comfort food?

you've done & why? A few years back, one of my vendors

I am originally from Iran, and we have a

contacted me and informed me that one of

saying “sheekamoo” which translated means

their customers who collected my work was

‘slave to your stomach’. That would exactly

wondering if I would design a one-of desk

pertain to me (and my wife, Sheila!). I love

for her partner who was sick with cancer.

to cook and entertain. Once one meal is

Of course I obliged and was touched to

over, thought and planning is going to next

know that my work could bring happiness to

meal! In terms of comfort food, there is a

someone who was going through trying times.

simple Persian rice and chicken dish called ‘morgh polo’ that hits the spot every time. It is a very simple dish with basmati rice with

Dec / 2007 issue 10

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with & why?

cumin served with a slow cooked chicken with saffron. Every time we come back from traveling, it’s the first meal we make.

I would have loved to collaborate with New York restaurateur, Danny Meyer to create a new restaurant experience. Starting from the moment you enter a restaurant to the asking

Which magazine is your favorite & why?

of the check and everything in between. I love all the Italian design magazines, INTERNI, DOMUS, ITALIAN ELLE DÉCOR. The interiors published in ITALIAN ELLE Where do you live?

DÉCOR are all remarkable. State side,

Any place in the city you recommend?

SURFACE magazine does a great job of

As previously mentioned, I live in Los Angeles

staying ahead of the trends, & besides they

and there are many great things to do and

helped put me on the map!

see here. The Getty Museum designed by Richard Meier is a must! So much to take in

Design & Life

between the architecture, the exhibits, and the breath-taking vista. A drive along the

Could you choose one interesting object

famed Mulholland drive at sunset is great

from your everyday life and tell us

because you will be able to experience the

why you like it?

quintessential LA view. You can also visit

Every morning starts with turning on my

the Eames House where Ray and Charles

Italian espresso maker Anita made by

lived and was part of the case study house

Quick Mill (although the name doesn’t

program ( case study house #8). The interior,

sound too Italian?). It is a sexy beast that

its objects, and collections remain practically

takes 45 minutes to warm up and requires

untouched from the way that Ray and Charles

an experienced hand to pull a perfect cup

had things arranged – frozen in time. You do

of espresso. It is a laborious and detailed

need to make a reservation though.

journey every morning, but is all worth it! Too many things are becoming automatic in our world today.


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

What is your dream project?

Please recommend 3 places that you like the most in the world.

I don’t know when, or how, but I would love

1) Home is where the heart is. 2) Italy – Food,

to be able organize something involving

culture, design (in that order) 3) Visiting with

underprivileged inner city youth. Similar

my nephews Cyrus, and Kiyan in Amsterdam.

to what Jamie Oliver does with his Fifteen restaurants.

What kind of music do you like?

What does Design & Life mean to you?

Any recommend? It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up

They are one in the same.

with new music, so recently I have I have been going back to the music I listed to when I was younger and really digging it. Pixies, old U2 album - War, Joy Division, old Simple

Any word for your friend Hunter?

Minds and Lou Reed. One recent release album I really like is the new Nick Cave

It is a really exciting time for Hunter and his

album “Grinderman” I think it is a rebellion

lovely wife Maria Paz having recently started

from all the soft Thievery Corporation stuff I

ffarq. I think they are talented, make a great

was listening to for a while.

team, and are ready to put their mark on Architecture.

If you have a long vacation, where will you go? Who would you spend with?

Thanks for the interview! This chapter is

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with my

designers circle, and we hope you can

wife Sheila and soon to be born son, Kamran.

introduce one of your friends( designers, photographers, architects...) that will be interviewed in the next issue! Who is in your mind? I think you will have a great time getting to know my brother Khodi Feiz, who runs his design firm Feiz Design Studio out of Amsterdam.


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Th e M om en t Dec / 2007 issue 10 Des ig n & Life

There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.

MERRY XMAS!! Send him or her a "Poster" Card! For the holiday season, we've designed a "Poster Card" for you! The idea is to fold the poster into a postcard (shown below), write what you want to say, paste a stamp and send it by mail! Then your friend will get a custom made Xmas poster with your hand writting words on the lower right hand corner! You can purchase this poster from us with or without the designer's hand writting ! The size is A0, printed on brown paper, with silver plating snowflake.

$30 USD /each (postage included.) send us an email at and we will send you a paypal bill!


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


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Design & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

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design hot



get away with elegance

Design & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Dec / 2007 issue 10

In the past, you travel to a place for historical interests, architecture, natural world, and scenic wonder, etc. Recently, some people travel for design hotels. Design Hotel AG, the first of its kind, is established in 1993 and now they have collected more than 160 hotels

Design & Life

from 40+ countries all over the world.


Member hotels are independently owned but united by a commitment to strong identity, revolutionary architecture, visionary design, and manifest local environment. Design hotel™ actualize an advance idea of hospitality and offer tourists new ways for travel that includes relation, inspiration, experience, even education.

Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Dec / 2007 issue 10

Only you and me at Xmas Eve X2 KUI BURI hotel is situated on the virgin beach-front of the Gulf of Thailand. The resort composed to itself to nature surroundings of white sand, green, and beachscape. Winding pathways are arranged in labyrinth like layout so that to turn a corner is to experience

Des ig n & Life

a surprising and unobvious view. Within, beds are positioned towards to floor-to-ceiling glass door. Most villas have private beach view without disturbing.


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Dec / 2007 issue 10 Design & Life

Marine Style Xmas Sail Hotel J is only 15 minutes by car or by boat from Stockholm, Sweden, inspired by J boats of America’s Cup history. The original 1912 brick building has been decorated in the contemporary marine style revoking the boathouse of New England. White painted wood, strong cotton cloth, and solid oak furniture created a feeling of marine warmth.


Dec / 2007 issue 10 Design & Life

Safari Xmas Dusk The Out Post is set on the hilltop of magnificent landscape of Kruger National Park of South Africa. The hotel is oasis of reserved; currently the first lodge to be built in the Makulele region. The building is constructed by steel, canvas, and aluminum of contemporary elements mixing up with wild nature environment. The nearest town is 120 kilometers far away from it; it is definitely a best place to get away.


Des ig n & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10


Dec / 2007 issue 10 Design & Life

Classic White Xmas Night 101 Hotel is in the land of purity, pure air, and water in Iceland. Classic black and white color combining Nordic and Scandinavia style reflected the spirit of this contemporary hotel. The interior is elegant and comfort so that you can relax your body and soul and look forward to the brand new 2008.


Design & Life

Dec / 2007 issue 10

Still hesitate where to spend with your family on holiday? Or can’t decide where to get away and enjoy being alone? My suggestion is to find a good hotel and then plan how you are going to spend your holiday. Merry Xmas & Happy 2008!


1/ 2 Recipe Dec / 2007 issue 10

Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.

I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. Remember, always put your imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to your vision.

Design & Life

1/2 recipe rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always in a hurry, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play.

1/2 recipe no.010

Xmas Dinner Rehearsal

salmon x mashed pumpkin x broccoli* serve 2

* Hint ! Xmas is coming. This is the most enjoy festival of the year; people get together and enjoy food. There should be something more tasty and healthy. How about salmon for Xmas? Some people might think it’s difficult to remove fishing smell, but try this simple and easy recipe -- “Teriyaki Salmon Light”! You will love to cook it as much as you can. Also try our mashed pumpkin and broccoli! They are healthier, and the colors suggest a touch of Xmas! Enjoy your holiday!

FOR Mashed pumpkin ght

FOR Teriyaki Salmon Li

into 6 pieces

Salmon Steak, cut into cubes

1t butter

1T extra virgin olive oil

1t salt

3T soy sauce


3T white wine 1T sugar Ginger A stem of green onion


1. 2. 3.

Mashed Pumpkin 200g, pilled and cut

Pan fried both side of salmon When salmon turn to light pink color, add the rest of ingredients Cook for 10 minutes

1. Cook pumpkin in broiling water for 20 minutes 2. Drain them and mash up with salt and milk FOR Pan fried broccoli

1 Broccoli sprout, cut into bite size 2 garlic gloves, minced 1T extra olive oil 1t salt


1. Add garlic and oil in a cold pan pan is hot, add broccoli and salt 2. Until cook about 2 minute


D& L See! Dec / 2007 issue 10

What's happening in the world? We will show you around.

Designing Music - W+K Tokyo Lab Almost 2 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me HIFANA, a Japanese Okinawa style DJ group. HIFANA means "South wind" in Okinawan. It is formed by 2 famous Japanese DJ, Keizo Machine! & Juicy. Their music is very original, not like other, and even their MV is unique. The company behind them is W+K Tokyo Lab. W+K Tokyo Lab is a new music label concept launched by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo in 2003. Their mission is to bring new experiences that can only be created in Tokyo through a unique global mix of music, visuals, and other forms of creative expression through a DVD and CD. Tokyo attracts some of the world’s most innovative creative collaborators. They are passionate about the development of new ideas with their creators and connecting them

Design & Life

to a new audience. Simply put, it is about good music, fresh visuals, and new concepts of creative expression.


Design&Life issue 10  

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