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Appreciate every little moment of your life.

Your everyday life.

Today is Oct. 13, 2007.

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D& L N ews Oct / 2007 issue 08 Des ign & Life

We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.

“ water � image visual PHOTO : Tamotsu Fujii

Got Water Yet? Focused on an environmental issue, the second exhibition that held in 21_21 Design Sight Tokyo is "Water". World famous Japanese graphic designer, Taku Satoh, will be the art director of the show. Mr. Satoh has gathered a team of experts from a wide variety of fields including anthropology, photography, lighting design and design engineering. The project is a result of extensive research and is an attempt to engage the five senses by creating different points of reference between design and water. The exhibition period is from Oct. 5 to Jan. 14, 2008.


Oct / 2007 issue 08

Giorgio Armani x Samsung While PRADA has teamed up with LG, Giorgio Armani has announced their new phone on the fashion week, with another Korean electronics giant Samsung. The ultra slim credit card-sized Giorgio Armani x Samsung phone will be available in Europe from November. Also, they've announced that they are developing an LCD TV together. Fashion industry recently has gradually extended their range to different fields, such as lifestyle products, furniture, boutique hotel, automobiles, and now 3C products. Their next move is always highly expected!

Des ign & Life

In rainbows with Radiohead After their latest release back to June 2003, we haven't heard from the English rock band Radiohead for a long time. Although their lead vocal, Thom Yorke, has released a solo album "The Eraser" on 2006, we still look forward to another Radiohead's platinum album. And now, their latest album "In Rainbows" was released on October 10, 2007 as an MP3 download, and is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2007 as a "discbox" with a second CD of additional material! What are you waiting for? Pre-order it online!


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08

LaCie x Sam Hecht

LaCie is a IT brand with passion to collaborate with designers and develop great products. They have worked with FA Porsche, Ora-誰to, Karim Rashid, and now, they are working with Sam Hecht (Industrial Facility) from UK. The project is called Little Disk Program which includes DVD writer, 2.5 inch hard drive, and also 1.8 inch hard drive. Simple square shape, smart hidden USB or Firewire cable, with sexy, modern dark brown color, this series will definitely be the sexiest products on your desktop.


Desig n & Life

Good Design Award 2007

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization(JIDPO) has announced 1,043 items including the "best 15" that were accredited by the 51st Good Design Award (the "G-Mark"). The best 15 include Eneloop universe products by SANYO, Media Skin by KDDI+Kyocera, HondaJet, Wii, and more; One of them will be chosen by the judges and win the Grand Prize on October 25th this year. Other than the Grand Prize, 14 other items will be the Good Design Gold Prize 2007.

De sign e r s C ircle Oct / 2007 issue 08 Desig n & Life

From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers circle.

MAC premo issue 08

First, we have to congrats on Mac's new born baby

daughter! It is our pleasure to interview him during his happiest moment. He is a collagist, nimator, director,

commercial director, illustrator, a painter & a stuffmaker. Let's take a look of what he is doing!


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Hello MAC! Please introduce yourself!

There seems to be a lot of stories behind your arts. And the color and

Oh, hello. I am Mac Premo. You are

combination of your works make us

reading this.

associate them with old movies. Does movie has a great effect on your works?

You have so many titles: Collagist, Animator, Director, Illustrator, Painter...

Does movie has a great effect on your

etc., which title do you like the most?

works? I’ve never heard that one before. Maybe


movies do influence my work. If so, it’s not a conscious decision, and I wouldn’t

There are a lot of mixed-media

say that I watch a lot of movies. But the

artworks you've done. Most of them

story aspect is pretty important to my

are retrospective, collage style, no

stuff, as is the idea that viewing art should

matter it's 2D or 3D. How was this style

be temporal, not static. I am making stuff


these days that you are supposed to hold,

Oct / 2007 issue 08

so that there’s a process to viewing. I’m Collage seems the most appropriate way

also making animations, which are movies.

to organize the world around me. I’ve

Just short ones, in my case.

never been in a situation where you start with nothing and end up with something.

What's the differences between making

There’s always preexisting circumstance,

a video & a piece of artwork?

a context, an intended meaning, an interpreted meaning. It’s all kind of messy.

The only difference is process. My artwork

I like to take elements of that mess and

is made of collage stuffs and wood. My

categorize them, box them, organize them.

videos are made of lots and lots of pictures

As for how my style developed, I went to

of collage stuffs and wood, that when put

Mexico as a student. Parts of that country

together, look like they are moving. If I am

are a living, breathing collage. That had a

making the video as a commercial or for a

big influence. Then, after I kind of became

client, the main difference is motivation. I

disillusioned with commercial directing in

would never call a commercial a piece of

my mid-twenties, I became a carpenter.

art. It’s a commercial.

Probably the dumbest financial decision ever, but when I looked back on things and realized that I had been making art the whole time and that was what I really wanted to do, the carpentry skills really came into play. Also, a burning desire to never have an actual job has been a

Desig n & Life

constant motivation for me.


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08

Some of your mixed-media artworks

Using these remnants, we made an onsite

seem to be functional, almost like

multimedia installation honoring the unique

accessories. Have you ever thought to

role played by a building people hardly

make a collection of accessories, even

knew existed, but effected their lives in

to have a brand of it?

such an enormous way. It was exhibited on the ground floor of the actual building. We

I’d love to. I make lots of stuff for my

worked with some really fantastic people

home, and I’ve worked as a designer /

in Belfast to raise funds for the project,

carpenter, so I have experience making

the City Council there, this organization

functional things from dust bin holders

called Arts and Business. For my part,

to walls. The issue is finding places to

I lived in Belfast for 5 weeks and made

carry the stuff or someone to distribute it.

an animated overview of Belfast. I made

You have to choose your battles, I guess.

three-dimensional, time-based graphs

Between making art and trying to eke out

that examine Belfast and Northern Ireland

a living, one can only take on so many

census data collected during the years

venture projects. Having said that, I am

BUIILDING was operational. These graphs

currently making a line of t-shirts with this

were presented as a series of stop-frame

store called the Brooklyn Circus. I built the

animations on monitors in a room made

interior of their current storefront. They are

entirely of found objects from BUILDING.

a clothing store down the street from my

My wife was there as the project manager.

studio, but I’m pretty certain that they are

It was pretty perfect.

going to take over the world. Or at least America and Japan.

Where do you live? Any place in the city you recommend if friends are visiting?

What is the most interesting project you've done?

We live in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn. There are a million places to visit here and all

Wow, that’s a tough one. I would have to

over the city, so I made you a list:

say a project called BUILDING.

1. The Brooklyn Inn: wonderful bar, good

For 40 years, this small brick building

pints, lots of wooden. 2. Yankee Stadium:

located in central Belfast, Northern Ireland

It’s like church, but with baseball instead

housed the switch room that powered

of oppressive monotheistic doctrine.

the entire city. When a team of architects

Well, less of an oppressive monotheistic

purchased the building in 2004, five artists

doctrine, at least. 3. The Staten Island

(myself included) intercepted its renovation

Ferry: it’s a free ride, beautiful views of

and salvaged the original equipment.

the skyline and the Statue of Liberty, and its serves cheap hot dogs and 16 ounce Bud kingers at the most reasonable price in the city. 4. Grimaldi’s Pizza: the best pie in town. 5. The Brooklyn Bridge: after you’re done with lunch at Grimaldi’s, walk the bridge. It kicks ass. 6. Chinatown: Where else can you find frogs in a bucket and fish the size of your leg? 7. My studio: I just built a mini halfpipe in it.


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Do you cook?

What is your dream project?

What is your comfort food? I am working with these two architects I love to cook. I’m the household cook.

from LA right now called Fleetwood

There isn’t anything I don’t like to make,

Fernandez on a project that we are calling

and there isn’t anything I’ve really made

‘Animachine’. The idea is a portable

the same way twice. Hands down, comfort

studio in which I make a daily animation

food is steak. I know you’re supposed to

based on input from the public. People

like ribeye, but I like filet.

passing by would be able to record 20 to 30 second sound bites. Each day I would

What do you do in your leisure time?

choose my favorite audio clip, create an animation depicting it, and add it to a loop

Worry about why I have leisure time.

of animations that is projected on the side of our studio. The idea is that I want to

Could you choose one interesting object

animate an aggregate of anecdotes that

from your everyday life and tell us why

culminate in a collective common sense. I

you like it?

have to figure out how to pose appropriate questions so that people feel compelled to

Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08

My hat. I have like thirty-seven of them,

share short, quality life lessons.

but I wear one every day. I like hats for the

This is my current dream project. Also, I

same reason people like shoes, except the

want it to start out in the middle of Grand

exact opposite, physically speaking.

Central Station.

What kind of music do you like? Any

If you have 1 month vacation, where

favorite band?

are you going to spend? Who would you spend with?

There isn’t a whole lot of music I don’t like. Recently I have been listening to

I’d go away with my wife and new

The Argument by Fugazi, which came out

daughter. We’d start by returning to

almost 10 years ago, Built To Spill’s latest

Croatia, where we spent our honeymoon.

album You In Reverse, and some Iranian

Then we’d meet each one of our parents in

music. I have no idea who the Iranian

the country that their families herald from

artist is. He has dark hair. As for favorites,

(or where they culturally herald from, in

that’s a lock: a tie between Cash and The

the case of my father-in-law). We’d meet


my mom in the Czech Republic, then we’d meet my wife’s mom in Germany. After that, we’d go to China with my wife’s dad. Then we’d head to Belfast, where we’d meet my dad. When all is said and done, I’d be in the John Hewitt Pub, wife and daughter on one side, Pop on the other, scoop of stout in front of me. Also, I’d take two months.


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Desig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Design & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Design & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Oct / 2007 issue 08

If you have to choose one person to

What does Design & Life mean to you?

have an exhibition with you, but in different fields: like a chef, a

Pretty much the same thing.

musician, or a MLB player. Who will you choose? Why?

Any word for your friend Oliver?

I never thought of mounting an exhibition

This interview is over.

with a professional baseball player. I really like that idea. Actually, I would really loved

Thanks for the interview! we hope

to have worked with Stephen Jay Gould.

you can introduce one of your friends

He was a scientist, a paleontologist who

who will be interviewed in the next

loved baseball. Science and baseball

issue! Who is in your mind?

would go great with art. But he died a couple years ago. This is a pretty bad

I would like to introduce you to the

answer. Let me start over:

architects I will be working with on the

If could choose one person to have an

Animachine project: Fleetwood Fernandez,

exhibition with I would choose Pervez

meet the Design and life readership.

Musharraf, because I bet he knows

Readership, Fleetwood Fernandez.

someone who would hook us up with

Design & Life

some totally radical catering for the event. Also, I think Pakistan is going to give him the boot pretty soon.


Th e M om en t Des ig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08

There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.



2+1= ∞ when you realize there is one more person you need to take care in your life when you realize wake up in 3 A.M. is the happiest moment although tired when you realize time is never enough when you realize money is never enough & when you realize LOVE is never enough when 2+1= ∞


Oct / 2007 issue 08 Des ig n & Life

MUJI / Soap holder + Matsuyama / Soap The simplest design; the most natural material. Gentle to your skin; great to the earth.


Apple of his eye, Apple of her eye / CDs for your babies by Videoarts Music Famous Japanese singers re-interpret Beatles. Very soft, very peaceful.

D& L L ifestyle Oct / 2007 issue 08 Des ig n & Life

We are surrounding by brands. D&L tells you the stories behind your lifestyle.

Kate Spade, a New York based handbag company, was founded in 1993 by Andy Spade and Katherine Noel Brosnahan. Katherine was working for Mademoiselle Magazine for six years as a senior fashion editor of accessories. While working at the magazine, Kate realized that there is a need of handbags with stylish and functional and innocently started to design handbags. She knew what women wants and the accessories market well so that she created a line of classically shaped bags with colors, patterns, and sophisticated fabric. When she launched her first collection, there are only six simple shaped handbags. The six origin designs continue to be the company’s signature styles.

Images copyright Š Kate Spade


Oct / 2007 issue 08

In 1996, Kate got the award of America’s new fashion talent in accessories from the Council of fashion Designers of America (CFDA), and opened her first shop in New York City’s SOHO. In 1998, Kate Spade opened in Boston and then spread its territory to domestic and international wide. Started as a handbag

Des ig n & Life

company, the company grew continuously to paper, social stationery, personal organizers, journals, shoes, and home accessories. Now, the home collection includes bedding, bath items, vases, wallpaper, textiles, frames, and other vibrant accessories for home. They even have a mini blog called "behind the curtain", providing the hottest news about Kate Spade, the projects the are working, things they love or the events they hold.


Des ig n & Life

Oct / 2007 issue 08


Oct / 2007 issue 08

Design philosophy The first Kate Spade collection was boxy and nylon tote bags with neutral colors. Simple design, but well

Design & Life

constructed shape bags have become a fashion classic of accessories. The handbag collection has grown to a wide selection of leather handbags, evening bags, and luggage collection. In addition, Kate innovates new fabric and patters to incorporate into her classic design. The vision for the company is to create product that combined great style with timeless utility, modern shape, and an element of surprise and remains elegance, and good quality.


Oct / 2007 issue 08

Andy Spade

Design & Life

Andy Spade, Kate’s husband and partner, was president and creative director in this business. In 1999, he launched “Jake Spade”, men’s accessory line. Andy was working in advertising industry, and won numerous awards. His great experience has helped to shape his vision for this company in both the domestic and global marketplace.


After opening up this company for 14 years, Husband-and-wife team Andy and Kate Spade said goodbye to the company they founded in July 2007. They sold it to Liz Claibome Inc for 4.99 billion, because they want to spend more time with her daughter. It is pity that these two talented designers to leave fashion industry. But who knows? I am looking forward to seeing they bring us another surprising brand in the near future.

1/ 2 Recipe Oct / 2007 issue 08

Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.

I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. Remember, always put your imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to your vision.

Design & Life

1/2 recipe rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always in a hurry, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play.

1/2 recipe no.008

Stir fried three kind of mushrooms with garlic and anchovies*

serve 2

* Hint ! Mushrooms are the kind of vegetable you can enjoy all year around. However, autumn is the best season to enjoy them. Italian likes to cook anchovies, salted fish, with garlic oil to make nice sauce and it go well with pasta, vegetable, and seafood. But not to worry! You won’t taste any fishing favor if I don’t say anchovies were in it. Anchovies are usually be packed in the canned with oil or salt. I recommend you buy anchovies in oil that works better for me.

you need...

1 anchovies

3 kinds of mushrooms 1/5 Red and yellow pepper, sliced 3 garlic, minced 1T extra virgin olive oil Red pepper 2t salt

steps... and garlic in the pan of low heat cook 1. Oil for 2 minutes

2. 3.

Put mushrooms and cook for about 5 minutes Add peppers and salt cook for 2 minutes


D& L See! Oct / 2007 issue 08

What's happening in the world? We will show you around.


Des ig n & Life

STYIM is a 55-unit complex of leased condominiums which just won the Good Design award 2007. The building was designed for variety of choices for residents. 18 different floor plans are available. The developers focused closely not only on architectural design but also functional issues such as storages or daily movement of residents. It is an invitation to a new environment where young urbanites can thrive.


Design&Life issue 08  

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