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Mapping Our Area

by First Year BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design Camberwell College of Arts 2020

Mapping Our Area Introduction by Shibboleth Shechter & Laura Wilson This publication brings together 36 maps made by students from first-year BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design at Camberwell College of Arts 2019/20. The maps were produced as part of a project exploring and mapping the area locally to Camberwell College of Arts. The students were introduced to the area through a walk led by artist Laura Wilson who has lived and worked in Southwark since 2004. Meeting at the College the group were taken on a tour exploring the streets just off Peckham Road, taking in sites and places which had either personal or historic interest: Old Southwark Town Hall, Brunswick Park, Sceaux Gardens, Warwick Gardens, Rye Lane, Aylesham Centre and Peckham Library. The students were then invited to explore the area through their own eyes and make their own personal map. The maps produced are wide ranging and provide an insight into this vibrant area of South London and into the diverse cultural backgrounds of the students studying at the college; they invite you consider the different forms a map can take. This publication includes: a week in the life of a local tree, the anatomy of Peckham, the smells of Camberwell; an architectural map of the different windows along Peckham Road; and a short animation mapping a bus journey. Camberwell College of Art is situated at 45-65 Peckham Road, mid-way between Camberwell and Peckham. Its neighbour is the South London Gallery, is a public-funded gallery of contemporary art who has also partnered on this project. This publication will be launched through an event (tbc) hosted by the South London Gallery and be archived on their website.

Students on a walk with Laura Wilson around the area local to Camberwell College of Art, November 2019

AAISHA SHAH/ DAILY JOURNEY Inspired by the project I began to think about my daily personal journey from home to college and the things that interest me along the path. I have been taking the same route for almost two years now. The changing colours of the sky in the evening fascinate me. I haven’t seen such beautiful sunsets anywhere. I started noticing the impact of the changing light on trees. I got drawn to how beautiful their textures look with the changing colours. Being an international student, I always try to find places that are connected to my culture, and the trees along Peckham Road, Lucas Gardens and St. Giles Church’s Park remind me of home as we have similar trees, centuries-old, called chinars. I didn’t grow up in Camberwell, but because of these trees, it feels like I have always been here, somehow.

ALEKSANDRA MUCHA/ CREATIVITY & CAFÉS I enjoy visiting coffee shops to meet friends and enjoy a chat over freshly brewed coffee. But, also to focus on my studies, draw and read. When well designed, cafes are welcoming and comforting places, their atmosphere makes me feel like I am in a snug and warm house and this helps me be creative and adventurous with my own work. For my map, I choose three cafes that I perceived as most ‘creativity boosting’ and produced drawings to illustrate why.

ALEX ROSS/ MY PECKHAM This map depicts the places I spend the most amount of time (circles are scale 1:10 of how many hours I spend there per week) and the routes have varying line weights depending on how long it takes me to move between places. This usually depends on whether I cycle or walk. The thicker the line weight, the faster I travelled between these two places. You can see that i tend to walk leisurely when going to Yoga, or picking up a coffee from The Odds. Whilst I cycle quickly to get to work and cycle even faster back at the end of a shift.


Peckham Levels

Yoga Rise Khans Bargains



The Odds

Bellenden Rd Veg Shop

AYSEN IBRAHIM / URBAN TEXTURES The map shows part of my local daily journey. I wanted to focus on the urban details that we tend to ignore. Recording my journey by measuring its length using my footsteps made me walk slower and notice my surroundings. I photographed the different textures and patterns on which I stepped.

CHULING ZHONG/ WINDOWS Windows are important for communication between indoor and outdoor. Although what we see through a window from the outside is limited, we can still learn a lot about the building, its use, and its inhabitants. Recording all the windows along one street in Camberwell I found a huge range of variation and difference.

CLARISA TURUTA /PERSONAL LANDMARKS I enjoy walking and sketching. I decided to create a map of sketches, recording places and buildings that caught my attention – a map of personal landmarks.

DEFENG LI / GRAFFITI ART Walking around Peckham, I noticed the graffiti. Graffiti is not as popular in China, where I am from, as it is in the West, thus I was fascinated by my discoveries and enjoyed researching the story of this art form. I designed a map to guide others to my favorite graffiti art in the local area.

FAWZIAH HOSSAIN / MAP CHICKEN To start off this project, we went on a tour around Camberwell/Peckham to get a better insight of the area. Walking around, I realised the amount of fast food shops there were on the same road. This gave me the idea to create a personal map based of fast food – specifically Chicken and chips. Growing up in North London where fast food dominates the streets, I thought it would be most personal to me, as fast food outlets provide quick, accessible and affordable food which satisfies the requirements of the environment. Majority of Chicken and chip shops also tend to be halal due to the ethnic minorities running the stores. The final map is presented inside a chicken and chips box with the location of local fried chicken shops marked in red.

GEORGINA LOMBARDERO/ A WALK TO REMEMBER The map is a compilation of fingerprints taken from people who work at selected sites along my chosen route in Camberwell. I chose a route that passed through sites that have meant the most to me over the years. Camberwell is where I grew up and where I have my family home. Each one of these sites has a deep meaning for me. For example, King’s College Hospital was where my mum was born. But mainly it is the people who work at these places which make them so special, so for that reason, I wanted to celebrate them.

HELENA GUDMUNDSDOTTIR/ MARVELOUS CAFES OF CAMBERWELL I was immediately fixed on doing my map around the marvelous cafes of Camberwell and Peckham, and maybe create a coffee guide for fellow coffee lovers that want to get some work done. Initially, I wanted to create a coffee guide for UAL students, like myself, who enjoy studying or working at cafes. Therefore, I decided that I wanted the cafes to be no more than 10-15-minute walking distance from the University. I ended up choosing The Pigeon Hole Cafe, Lumberjack, Crane’s Kitchen, Anderson and Co. and The Brick House Bakery. I examined what made these cafes special. Are they telling a story or trying to create a special atmosphere? I started to ask myself, why should someone come here? Is it because of the great coffee, friendly staff, comfortable seating? Is the cafe quiet, small or busy? Once I started going to these cafes, I tried to capture distinctive things with each place. I began to notice that all the places I chose were considerably similar - they had hardwood flooring, plants, wooden furniture, and very similar coffee cups. They all feel very homely, which makes you feel relaxed working there.

INDIA LAWRENCE / FACADES I did my foundation last year at the Wilson Road campus of Camberwell College of Arts. I wanted to include the building on my map, as this was my first introduction to the area. As well as having personal importance to me, I like the building architecturally. Inspired by Geoffrey Fletchers ‘London River’, I decided to create a map recording the detailed facades of my favourite buildings in the local area.

IRVIN CHEN / NAMES Peckham’s multiculturalism is evident in the colorful mix of people, lifestyles, food and languages. I choose to represent the range of cultures by drawing the streets as rivers of names I heard when exploring the area.

IVETA HANZENOVA / MAPPING CRIME I am very interested in crime, crime prevention and psychology of crime and enjoy watching crime dramas and documentaries; my favourites are Confession Tapes and Making a Murderer. I decided to map local crimes. Through research, I decided to focus more specifically on sexual assault crimes that happened in the area during November 2019

Year of interest

Area of interest


December 2018 - November 2019

November 2019 LONDON

Violent and sexual offences

PECKHAM Ashmore Close (1) Beaton Close (1) Bibury Close (3) Blake's Road (3) Boathouse Walk (2) Branch Street (1) Burcher Gale Grove (1) Calypso Crescent (1) Chandler Way (2) Chandler Way (2) Commercial Way (1) Crane Street (1) Cronin Street (2) Daniel Gardens (2) Diamond Street (2) East Surrey Grove (2) Ebley Close (5) Fenham Road (1) Finch Mews (3) Furley Road (2) Garnies Close (3) Geldart Road (2) Goldsmith Road (1) Grenard Close (1) Haslam Street (1) Holbeck Row (1) Jocelyn Street 1)

December 2018 - November 2019 map of Peckham with all reported cases of violent and sexual offences from December 2018 - to November

Kincaid Road (4) Lidgate Road (1) Lynbrook Grove (1) Marmont Road (4) Meeting House Lane (4) Melon Road (18) Mission Place (3) Naylor Road (3) Neville Close (2) Nutt Street (1) Peckham High Street (2) Peckham Hill Street (4) Peckham Park Road (1) Peckham Road (6) Pennethorne Road (1) Police Station (1) Rosemary Road (2) Samuel Street (5) Staffordshire Street (4) Sumner Avenue (1) Sumner Road (3) Tilbury Close (1) Tower Mill Road (1) Wentworth Crescent (6) Whistler Mews (2) Wilmot Close (3) Wodehouse Avenue (5)


Solved Unsolved


Under investigation


362 5

Awaiting court outcome

public survaillence 3 streets where a significant number of crime occured

50 43 35





33 28






number of violent and sexual J19











offences according to months

JIAHUI DING/ MEMORY MAP I think the same place or scene can make different people feel differently. People have different personalities, experiences, concerns and interests in things. I am curious as to how people’s memories of the same place differ. I choose a local park and ‘collected’ memories from people. I used abstract drawings to visualise these memories and create a memory map.

JIANGNAN XIANG Ancient Chinese maps typically highlight mountains and trees which are drawn and painted beautifully and delicately, as opposed to buildings, which are kept simple. I decided to use traditional Chinese maps form and technique as an inspiration for my map of Camberwell.

JORDAN MARCHANT WINSOR / CAMBERWELL PUBS I wanted to create a map that had all the information about local pubs on one page (as opposed to google maps, where you have to click and open a new tab to obtain further information). My map has columns to represent each local pub; the height of the columns indicates how busy the pub is. Other information, such as accessibility, food offer, and entertainment is indicated using colour coding on each column. I also added a short description of each pub (taken from Google), so users may select which pub suits their needs the best.

JUNSONG HUA/ LOCAL ARCHITECTURE As I am interested in architecture, I choose my favourite local buildings to depict on my map: Camberwell College of Arts, Camberwell Townhall, Peckham Levels, Peckham Library, St. Giles Tower and Sunshine House. I drew the buildings in section, to highlight my interest in the structure and materiality of the buildings.



KEREN PERMUTTI / WHAT REMAINS? When walking around the local area I noticed buildings from different historical periods. I have always been interested in history and decided to focus my map on the history of Peckham and Camberwell. My layered map highlights how the area has changed since 1828. A final blank layer asks the public – ‘What would you change?’

LAURA LEMOINE- WRIGHT/ MY LOCAL CAFES Initially, when we were given the task to make a personalised map of the local area I thought to myself I don’t have a connection to the local area. Every day I get off the bus, walk down the road to l college and at the end of the day I cross the road and get the bus from the other side. As the project progressed, I realised that I have some connection to the area and decided to map the local cafes and restaurants that I visit, highlighting what made them special for the benefit of other students.

LEA FAKHOURI / GLOCAL FOOD CULTURE When we walked as a class in the local area what caught my eye straight away was the diverse culture, in particular the many different restaurants from all around the world. I wanted to celebrate this in my map, because as a person who comes from a different country, I understand that others would want to share their culture, and specifically their food.

MAYA HAMMOUD/ RELIGION I noticed during my journey to college that many of the bus stops are named after the local church’s- St. Giles Church, St. Anne’s Church and Sacred Heart School. This led to an interest in local religious architecture. I discovered, for instance, that St Mark’s Church was transformed into a Mosque. I choose those buildings that I found personally architecturally inspiring to depict on my map. The design of the map is based on the historic Nolli Map of Rome, in which enclosed public spaces such as churches are drawn as open civic spaces.

MIA BIZARD / PECKHAM SOUNDS Peckham Sounds is a map combining sounds I have discovered throughout my journey wondering from Camberwell College of Arts to Peckham Rye Lane on November 11th, 2019. The map consists of sound codes I have created for each specific sound, which were selected because they are the sounds that make Peckham a warm and welcoming community. With the help of QR codes located on the map, you will find yourself hearing vendors chopping local produce, people talking in different languages, locals greeting and laughing at each other, horses passing by, children getting out of school and more.

MINGQI LI / CAMBERWELL COLOURS The map records local colours. I took photographs at four locations along Peckham Road; I photographed each location on a cloudy and on a sunny day. I analysed the colours, created colour swatches and combined them to form an abstract map of Peckham Road.

NAJMA HAYDARE / ANATOMY of PECKHAM For my map, I wanted to look at community. Peckham is a place I have visited alone and with my mum as a kid for many years and I have always noticed the strong sense of community in the area, everyone seems to know each other. To show this in my map I thought of anatomy - everything in the body is linked by veins and arteries and the whole body works together. The spine is Peckham road as it’s the main joining point for all the roads. The heart is Rye Lane market as I consider it to be the heart of Peckham, it’s where the whole community goes. The brain is Peckham library. The lungs are the Peckham Pulse leisure center. The liver is Kentish Drovers bar as drinking affects the liver. The stomach is Perspolis restaurant as it’s the only Persian restaurant in the area. This is where I am from and so makes the map more personal to me.

QIAO WANG/ DORIS’S TREE PATHWAY As a foreigner, I am very impressed by the trees in London. Ever since I came to London, I have found the profusion of trees distinctly English, especially in a residential area like Peckham. The trees instill in me a sense of quiet, beauty, calm, and comfort. I decided to map all the trees along the road from my flat to college, their species, leaves and Autumn colours.

RE-ANNE J TAN/ EMOTIONS The map is a simple record of the buildings along the route from my flat to university. I coloured the buildings in pastel colours, reflecting my emotion on the day I created the map.

From home

happy sad silence anxious happy, sad and anxious











Peckham Road

To University

SAARA CHOWDHURY/ BUS SEQUENCE The map is in the form of seven video animations. Each animation is one scene that took place, during one bus route, from home to college.

SERENA PATEL / THE PARENTS ARE NOT AROUND I live in student halls locally. The map is a record of memorable experiences I had in the first few weeks of the living away from home, whilst exploring the local area with fellow students.

SHIYUAN LIU / COLOR MY EMOTIONS When I walk around the local area, I feel colourful, energetic, peaceful, quietness but happy and a little bit nervous because of the unknown. My map depicts these emotions. I used colours to express my feelings. I researched the relationship between colour and emotions and I discovered Dr. Robert Plitchik’s Emotion Wheel. I developed my own version of the wheel to depict the emotions that I have felt whilst exploring Camberwell and Peckham.

TOMMASO SCANU/ LOCAL PEOPLE The local area around Camberwell College of Arts is known as one of the most culturally diverse areas in London. It is the people that make this area special. My map is very simple. It shows the local area and the average amount of people in each street. To calculate the average, I recorded the flow of people on weekdays and weekends, morning, mid-day and afternoon

WENHUI PENG / GRAFFITI STORIES When walking in the local area I was attracted to the Graffiti. The exaggerated paintings and writing, bright colours and the wild lines caught my attention. The area has some beautiful pieces. Graffiti culture is unfamiliar to me as it is less popular in China; I wanted to discover more. My map shows my journey in the area, the length of time I spent in each location, based on how much I liked each piece and the amazing stories I discovered about the graffiti artists and their art.

XIAOYAN FAN / EDIABLE MAP My map is about local cafes and the cakes they serve, as I enjoy baking and eating cakes. I recreated and deconstructed the cakes I ate at various cafes and decorated them to reflect the atmosphere of the cafes. One of my favourite cafes is Nadine’s, which means kitchen in Kurdish. It is a family cafÊ run by a family from Qaladze in Kurdistan. I feel lucky coming to study in London and having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and taste their local regional food.

XIQUAN LIU / SMELLS OF CAMBERWELL Smell is very personal. Different people probably smell different smells when they are walking down the same road. The sense of smell is strongly linked with memory, more so than other senses. Different people associate the same smells with different memories. I am very sensitive to smell. When I focus on my sense of smell, I experience the local area in a new way and notice that what I smell changes with the change of weather and time of day. My favourite local smell is the smell of fried chicken.

XIYAN CHEN/ FASHION MAP I am interested in fashion. I mapped my favourite clothing shops in the local area. In the future I would like to find a way to combine my interest in fashion and in interior design. I designed the map to reflect this, showing the shop faรงades, as well as some of the clothes they sell.

XUAN LIU I walk to and from college every day. My emotions change along the way. I recorded my emotional reactions to the journey and how these were different at different times of the day. I recorded how changing smells, sounds and surface textures affected my emotions. I tried to visualise my emotions using colour. Red is energetic. I feel energetic at college. It is like an energy bar for me. Yellow is hope. I fell hope when I turn the final corner on my journey home, as I am tired. Green is relaxed but also dangerous. I enjoy going to Brookmill Park; it is beautiful, but the relaxed atmosphere makes me lazy. Blue is safe. Blue is home.

YAQI LUO /My Camberwell I live in Gardens House in Camberwell. My map is mainly about the places I usually go to or pass by. I go to Sainsbury’s, LIDL and a Chinese shop for food shopping. I go to my college every day and sometimes I will go to South London Gallery with my friends to see exhibitions. I have drawn the plan of my room, the girl who is lying in the bed is me, I often think about what I am planning to do the next day. I might go to Hyde park to lie on the green grass and enjoy the sunshine. I might go to Chinatown to buy bubble tea. That’s why I have shown different bus routes in the top right, these are the places I often go to by bus.

YU CAO/ A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A LOCAL TREE When walking around the local area I noticed that there are many trees. Our mapping project was in the fall and the leaves were falling and changing colour. I choose my favourite tree and recorded how its leaves changed colour throughout one week. Watching these changes made me feel relaxed and peaceful.

Mapping our Area First Year BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design Camberwell College of Arts November 2020 Downloadable pdf (?) available from and print copy available from the South London Gallery Designed and Edited by: Shibboleth shechter and Laura Wilson All images and copyright Š individual artists for their respective contributions. The views expressed in this publication are the personal views on the contributors. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission of the publisher. BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design Camberwell College of Art 45-65 Peckham Rd London SE5 8UF