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Stuart Hall High School | Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco | Volume VIII, Issue II | December 2012

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editors’ corner As the Stuart Hall Community along with the Schools of the Sacred Heart enter this holiday season, we all begin to feel a sense of wonderment and amazement at the emotions and experiences that are found at no other time during the year. I know for certain that we are all looking forward in anticipation of the Christmas Break just around the corner. But before we can pass out from eggnog overdose, we still have to realize that the first semester is not quite over just yet. The last big hump in the road before we can enjoy our chestnuts roasting on an open fire is the much awaited finals week. Yes, I know it may seem easier and much more enjoyable to shrug off finals as only an obstacle in the way of your vacation, but consider this: is a week of slacking really what you’ve worked for your whole semester? Will the result of five months of work boil down to a single week of nonchalant disregard? While the majority of students will no doubt work dutifully until the semester is completely over, those that start to lose their mental and educational focus may be searching for some sort of guidance to help them through finals week. While I may not be an expert on study habits and education, I do however at least have a small kernel of advice to offer to all those in need of it: try to stay focused. The results of five months of focused hard work will progress you infinitely farther than that of a week of being unfocused. Think in the long term. That being said, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday break and Christmas. There’s nothing better than a whole week of vacation from school. And remember, please drink your eggnog responsibly and in moderation. Go Hall, Liam Lynch ‘13

special features

Macklemore Explained

by Stephen Everest ‘15

Background on Seattle rapper For about 18 months now, I have been a huge Macklemore fan. I was first introduced to him when I heard the song “Wings,” about modern day consumers. From that point on, I have listened to all his music and found that he is an inspirational figure who is exploding upon the rap scene as an unsigned artist. He raps about things that most other rappers would never consider writing songs about, like gay rights, modern media, and consumerism. Also, what separates him from most rappers is his refusal to glorify drugs. In fact, he has written many songs about the dangers of them, and based upon personal

experience as a former addict, he would know. Without a record label, Macklemore has had to use self-promotion through YouTube and SoundCloud. While this may have offered fans free music, it allowed him to rapidly gain fans and grow his brand, all in a preparation for his first official album. In fact, this strategy has worked so well that “Thrift Shop,” a single off his new album, has almost 20-plus million views on YouTube. When his official album, The Heist, debuted on October 9, 2012, it immediately began blowing away expectations not only in music quality, but in sales. At the end of the week,

the album trailed only to a new Mumford & Sons album, and by it’s second week, it was the #1 album on iTunes. Visit the round table online (http://roundtable. )for a review of the show at The Fillmore.

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone || round table

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special features

iPhone 5

by Luke Chan ‘14

Well there goes your savings…

Photo by Lucas Chan || round table

Overview: Many of you are already wondering what are the main differences between this and the last iPhone you bought. Well, you should be happy to know that the new phone has been revamped and turned into a much faster and more efficient device (toy) and is definitely worth the wait. Body: Right off the bat, the most noticeable difference between the new iPhone and the old 4s and 4 is that the iPhone 5 has a new four-inch screen compared to the standard three and a half inch the round table | page 4

screen. Although I did expect the phone to feel much larger in my hand because of this, it actually felt more comfortable in my palm than the other phones because of the lightness of the entire device. Sophomore George Wisniewski stated, “The screen takes a little bit of time to get used to, but it is definitely better than the old screen.” Despite many of the new and exciting features, the new iPhone does have its weaknesses. After getting used to having the headphone jack at the top, many will find that Apple’s placement of the jack at the bottom is quite annoying. The biggest blunder is probably the new “Lightning” adapter at the bottom of the phone. Designed to be faster and less space consuming, it is actually much more of a hassle because of all the accessories that already use the old standard 30-pin dock. IOS 6: The biggest difference that came with the arrival of the newest iPhone cannot be seen on the phone itself, but is actually inside the phone. Fresh with new features such as the Facebook and Twitter integration, IOS 6 is a breeze to use. Faster, simpler, and cleaner, most of the new apps make full use of the bigger screen size of the iPhone 5. The music app has been completely redone; with slick new play/pause buttons and black and gray music lists. The app is much simpler and easier to use. The only

real disappointments with the new software are the disappearance of the old Youtube app and the adoption of Tom Tom for the maps app. Even though there is a Google Youtube app in the app store, the new program is much more fun to play with but has little to no practical use. Removed features of the app include no streeview and public transport times, making it much more useless. Practicality: The iPhone 5’s completely redesigned body and software add up to some really cool new things to do with them. The larger screen definitely adds more value to the things done on its surface as well as space to type and answer Socrative questions in class. Overall: I honestly would recommend having any smartphone, not just the iPhone 5. What the new Apple phone does though, unlike any other smart phone, is excel in its usability and easy to handle structure. Even though the new iPhone has had a lot of great reviews and accolades, everyone should judge for themselves and visit their local Apple store.

special features


by Demetri Sakellaropoulos ‘15

The world’s most efficient computer These graphs display power usage. The graph on the right shows the amount of effective power usage relative to the part of the computer’s power that is useless. The graph on the left is a more complex version of the graph on the right, showing exactly where the power loss occurs. Photos courtesy of || round table

Dutch hardware aficionado Emile Nijssen, nicknamed Mux, has created the world’s most efficient high-end computer. Running at 5.9 watts while idle and at 74.5 watts while at full load, this computer is about five times more efficient than an average PC while idle, and about twice as efficient while not idle. The average PC run at 30 watts while idle. Mux nicknamed his new super efficient computer Fluffy2, after his previously most efficient computer Floppy 2. It has a DQ77KB mini-ITX motherboard, Intel quad-core processor which is a i5-3570K to be exact with 16GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. This means that this computer is high end, very high end. If it had a decent graphics card the windows experience score (7 is the highest

for all computers); the processing and computing power of Fluffy2 would peak in the seven range. To achieve such a low power usage, Mux did something most people never think of, undervolting. This consists of modifying the motherboard to be more efficient. With his very well equipped power lab, Mux spent hours finding out exactly how much power each part needed, and how much power is lost while transferring power between parts (Figure 1). To modify the motherboard, Mux soldered off unneeded parts on his computer. For example in Fluffy2 he soldered off a PCIe slot, a slot for extra computer components, a fan header which connects the motherboard to the fan, SATA ports that are also known as connection hubs, and an LED light. It makes you

wonder how much power could possibly be saved if all computers were as efficient as Fluffy2. Google and other companies that use a large amount of power in their data centers have already started making super efficient computers which are starting to rival Fluffy2. What will we see next?

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Varsity Soccer Players Interview

by Matthew Jung ‘16


Awesome Seniors ar




i at

Photo by Matthew Jung || round table

Our varsity soccer team is always full of great players. This soccer season, unforunately, is the last year our six seniors will play on the SHHS Varsity Soccer team. To commemorate Andrew, Robeil, Simon, Sterling, Dominic, and Devin for their contribution to the soccer team, we asked them questions such as what was your favorite moment playing varsity soccer, who was a mentor to you while playing soccer at Stuart Hall, what was your overall experience playing soccer at stuart hall, and what are you going to miss about soccer at Stuart Hall regarding their career at SHHS. Sterling Kirk: “My favorite moment was beating University in penalty kicks in the semifinal of sophomore year. We went on to play Marin Academy in the finals. Coach Antonio helped me become comfortable being a leader the round table | page 6

all four years even though I was a hesitant freshman year playing with a bunch of older guys. I had a good experience and the team was successful my freshman through my junior year. I’m just really bummed that I am injured this whole year and can’t help the team out. I am going to miss playing with all my friends and competing against other rival schools.” Devin Harvey: “My favorite memory is going to Fort Bragg sophomore year. The bus ride there was something to remember, even though we lost the game, that was an adventure that I will always remember. The most motivating person for me is my dad. He played a lot of soccer and he goes to almost all my games. We talk a lot about soccer. He always motivates me at the games and is my mentor for soccer. It has been an awesome experience playing soccer at Stuart Hall. I like everybody on the team and not seeing them everyday is what I am going to miss.” Robeil Andebrhan: “My favorite moment would have to be playing at Kezar Stadium last year against University. A lot of fans came out to support us. Sterling Kirk is a mentor to me because he

helped me better understand my position, and he convinced me to play varsity soccer. I had a great experience playing soccer, but I did get a lot of injuries that sidelined me for part of the season. I am going to miss my teammates.” Simon Goldsmith: “My favorite moment playing varsity soccer would be our game against University under the lights of Kimball Field. Seeing as I am a goalie, I’d say Nick Berardi ‘12 was a mentor for me because he was also a goalie and he helped me prepare for this season. It was a very interesting experience for me. I started playing my sophomore year and didn’t expect to be playing goalie, but that was what I was asked to do so I did it. Doing so helped me learn to adapt. I’m going to miss the adrenaline that I got from playing in big games.” Dominic LaCounte: “I’m not sure what my favorite experience is because there have been some pretty great moments. Definitely one of the most memorable moments was the antifreeze spill on our way back from MA, but my favorite moments would have to be the practices where everyone is working hard together, having fun and laughing with Coach Antonio. Sterling Kirk has been a mentor to me. I really enjoyed being on the soccer team each year. It was a great way to focus my energy and hang out with friends. What I will miss most about soccer at SHHS is being on a team with some of my best friends and working with them to get better.”

special features

Zae - A Novel Chapter 1

Illustration by Jean-Luc Seltenrich || round table

I sat on the rotting stump, my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of silence. I focused on my breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth. The forest seemed so serene, it was like the world itself had stopped to listen to itself think. All my troubles just seemed to drift away, until they were lost in the sea of tranquility. Then, they all seemed to crash back to shore as my mother yelled at me from the back porch, “William! You’re going to be late for your retreat! Get your stuff packed and your butt out the door before you miss the bus!” I sighed. “Yes, mother,” I called back, “One more-” But before I could finish my sentence, her screams cut through the air, “No, NOW!” I climbed off of my perch, and slowly walked back to our house, my mother standing on the porch, her foot tapping and arms crossed, that look on her face that only mother’s can pull. I was dreading this trip. Every year, our school takes the ninth grade on a backpacking trip in the mountains, which ordinarily I would have loved. I rather enjoy being around nature, I often get up

early, before sunrise, while everyone still dwells in the land of their dreams, and I just sit outside and breathe. No, I mean really breathe. In fact, I spend all the time I can out there when I’m not at school or eating with my family. I don’t have one of those treehouse-forts, I just enjoy sitting outside, with no walls to keep me in, and enjoy nature in its pure, natural form. The real reason I am dreading this trip is the people. We have to do these cheesy team-building games, which I passionately hate, and I have to spend nearly 72 hours in continuous contact with other people. I am not anything remotely close to a people person, in fact, I am about at close to a people person as I am to being some sort of all-powerful deity. I raced up our seemingly 800-year-old staircase that creaked and wobbled as though it were ready to implode at any second. Our house was old, so old it seemed to make my grandmother look like a newborn child. It lay on the outskirts of town, right on the edge of the forest, where I spent most of my waking hours. That seemed to be the only upside of living in this glorified shoebox, though. I was small, our dining room, living room, and kitchen combined were about the size of the smallest boys bathroom at my 1500 student high school. I stepped into my closetsized bedroom, threw a bunch of

by Zack Hammer ‘16

clothes and socks into my opened suitcase, zipped it up, and rushed back downstairs, grabbed my handme-down coat that must’ve been in my family for 8 generations and probably belonged to my great, great, grandmother or something, and was three steps out the door when my mom called from somewhere inside the house, “Will, did you remember to brush your teeth?” “Yea Mom whatever...” Of course I hadn’t. I could see the bus pulling up and I began to walk towards it when my mother appeared at the door, demanding a goodbye kiss. “Mom, I’m fourteen, almost fifteen, I don’t need a goodbye kiss...” I hissed through my clenched teeth. “No boy is too old to love his mother.” God . . .I pecked her on the cheek and dashed towards the bus. I stepped up onto the old, rubbercovered steps of the bus, which were covered with dirt, chewing gum, and all kinds of rubbish, as was the rest of the bus. It was like a walking through a minefield trying to walk to the back of the bus. As I made my way towards the back of the bus, a sneering voice called out to me, “Hey mama’s boy, don’t forget your goodbye kiss!” That voice could only belong to one person, and I looked over to see John Roberts, sitting next to the only open seat in the bus, surrounding by his heckling friends. I slowly walked towards the seat, like a prisoner on his way to the headman’s block, and slumped down into the seat. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 . . .

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school news

New Faculty Add Life to the Hall Students Love New Teachers

Photo by Stephen Everest ‘15|| round table

After the 2011-2012 school year, Stuart Hall said goodbye to many outstanding teachers and leaders. However, with the new teachers bringing their own attitude the school hasn’t missed a beat, as the classrooms are once again vibrant with life. Here is an overview of each new teacher. Ms. Laura Dzida Ms. Dzida might just be the “coolest teacher in the school,” as she calls herself, and those who know her might not disagree. With her laid-back personality and sweet nature, she has become a favorite for many students. After getting her masters at Loyola Marymount, she taught at an all girls school in Los Angeles before coming to San Francisco, in August. Arriving at an all guy’s school proved to be a big change, but she mastered teaching the round table | page 8

guys with a simple yet brilliant idea; have a miniature basketball hoop in class. This made her room a hangout for students as well to make sure kids got to class on time, as students regularly come to class early to play some hoops. As well as teaching sections of 9th and 10th grade English, she coaches JV basketball over on Broadway at Convent of the Sacred Heart. She also helps coach the very successful coed cross-country team featuring members of both high schools. As if this wasn’t enough, she also helps with the Service Learning elective. Mr. Tristan Krautkramer Mr. Krautkramer, or Mr. K for short, is another new faculty member who seems to be involved in pretty much everything around school. An avid Peter Pan fan, his roles in the school include assistant in the admissions department, student teacher in the English Department’s, advisor to the

by Stephen Everest ‘15

yearbook elective, and assistant coach for the swim team in the Spring. Speaking on swimming, he said, “I spend a lot of time swimming – I’ve been into swimming since I was very little. I think I’m actually more comfortable in the water than on land.” He also plays guitar to alleviate stress, but “I’m not very good at it,” he says. Speaking of his experience so far at “The Hall,” he said “So far I’ve had a fantastic experience at Stuart Hall. I’ve found the student body to be very friendly and approachable. The faculty is extremely welcoming, and includes some of the most selfless and thoughtful educators I’ve ever met.” Mr. Krautkramer also boasts an extremely impressive resume, as he has undergraduate degrees in English Lit and in Cinematic Arts from University of Southern California, as well as a Graduate degree in English from University of Chicago. One day he would love to teach a class on both Literature and Cinema. He also believes it would be a blast to be a movie director, but doesn’t think he has “the technical know-how or the patience to ever make that work.” Ms. Lindsay MacGarva Ms. MacGarva is the new math teacher at SHHS. She teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and AP Statistics. Even though she teaches a full load here at Stuart Hall, she is pursuing a dual Masters degree in Fine Arts and Teaching at USF. She is also an advisor for the school’s yearbook. Originally from Seattle, a move to San Francisco wasn’t so difficult weather wise since she “actually enjoy(s) it when it’s raining.” She also likes the feeling at SHHS, saying, “Everyone here has

school news been super welcoming and made me feel a part of the community.” One of her favorite things to do is bake. She even had a food blog for a short period, but says it took up too much time. She is also obsessed with the British TV show Downton Abbey, and she’s gotten a bunch of her friends hooked on the show as well. Ms. Nina Pine When you meet Ms. Pine, it is a life changing experience. She has a plethora of ghetto nicknames, and always brightens the day of every person who walks into the school each morning. Currently, Ms. Pine is an

Administrative Assistant at Stuart Hall, and has just starting helping out with the FACE AIDS club, which she is really excited about. Her professional background and passions are in women’s and global health, and she is happy with the advocacy SHHS has shown in these endeavors. Social justice work is her calling and her professional background is in non-profit work. She also sits on the Advisory Board of an interfaith LGBTQI non-profit called The Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, as well as doing communications work for a Reproductive Justice organization called Forward Together, and marketing consulting for Samahope, a crowd-funding website that funds

Comic Corner

fistula repair surgeries in Sierra Leone. After one quarter, she says she has had a great experience at SHHS so far, commenting on the “wonderful sense of community here,” as well as the impressive students. Ms. Pine grew up internationally, in Hong Kong, London and Kathmandu - which she describes as a “really valuable experience for her, and definitely played a major role in (her) own personal development.” She enjoys hiking, going to farmer’s markets (her family had an organic farm in Nepal, and so farmers markets make her feel at home), and Spoken Word, as well as drinking tea.

by Jean-Luc Seltenrich ‘13

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school news

Staying On Top of Your Grades by Austin Woo ‘15

Consider all of the factors

your homework is done to watch TV or unwind from the day. By doing so, you become more time efficient and you can complete your homework twice as fast. Knowing Your Limits: According to ahsleepcenters. com, the average teenage brain stops functioning at it’s best Illustration by Duncan McDonnell || round table around 10:00-10:30pm. This happens because your brain becomes fatigued causing Do you ever feel like you are you to become sleepy. If the brain is falling behind in school work, can’t too tired, it will not process correctly manage to study all the material meaning that doing homework too you need for the test, or that you late at night is as useful as not doing just can’t stay awake in class? If it at all. Teenagers are recommended you ever feel like this, don’t worry! to go to bed before 11 and to get Every student eventually crosses at least 8-9 nine hours of sleep these dilemmas and there are many minimum. This gives your brain methods to dealing with these the opportunity to not only rest and problems. regain energy, but also to process the information you learned that day. Time Management: According to, 75% Most problems dealing with of students find it easier to memorize being sleepy in class or not being after having a 7-9 hours of sleep. able to finish your work involve time management. Time management is Studying Skills: a common problem most teenagers When it comes to the matter, face. Many students tend to everyone learns differently. One procrastinate. This results in staying student doesn’t learn the exact same up late all night to complete the work way another student does. Some due the next day. Instead of waiting students are visual learners while to do your homework at the last other students are cognitive learners. minute, organize and plan out what Knowing how you learn is important you want to do for the night. Set up to how well you can memorize, a schedule where you can do each understand, and learn new material subject at a certain time; don’t forget in school. If you would like to to add in a couple breaks. If rewards discover the best learning style for work for you, add in some time after the round table | page 10

yourself, visit Ms. Herbert in room 206. Tips for Visual Learners: -taking notes -reading aloud -having hands on ex-making flash cards -using reading tapes -using bright colors to highlight -having quiet surroundings -taking visual notes -using pictures to associate things -talking about what you learned -simulations and role plays Eating Right: Believe it or not, eating certain foods can help you stay awake more and help you process information faster. If you’ve ever had Carousel or Johnny Rockets, you probably have noticed that you become more tired and rather, lethargic. This is because all those fats, sugars, oils, and MSG’s cause you to become sleepy and “tired.” When this happens, the brain doesn’t work well affecting your performance in class. Some natural foods can give you a boost in energy and in brain power. A common food that helps you stay awake is an apple. One apple contains about 13grams of sugar which provides an “energy boost” that is more effective than coffee. Blueberries, wild salmon, nuts, seeds, avocados, and whole grain are good for the brain and can aid you in staying awake in class. Staying awake and completing your homework on time isn’t always an easy task. By following these steps you have a better chance of staying on top of your work which can lead to being more relaxed at the end of the day and having better grades in the long run.

school news

Academics vs. Athletics

Maxwell Phillipps ‘14

Find the balance same as on the field or in the gym. Intensity, dedication and hard work are also needed for life after school. These are all things that are needed to succeed on a sports team. Interestingly enough, they are the same things that are important to academic success. A balance of academics and athletics is the best course to take. Sports should compliment the academic life of a student and make them an all around more productive scholar. Athletics are important, but nowhere near as important in the long run as working hard in school.

Stuart Hall High School, so why involve anything in a student’s life that could potentially interfere with this main goal? The answer is that sports must be included because they can play a defining role in the life of a high school student. “Sports help me with studying.” Says freshman Lucius Johnson, “After practices I find I can focus better on homework. I am actually much more productive.” Sports build leadership skills as well, shape a sense of team unity and create an overall well rounded person. “Sports and all physical activity is healthy for the brain.” Says junior Connor Abbott, “And, most importantly it helps you find friends.” Sports assist students academically and socially. You get to hang out with people while having fun doing something you love. The concrete long-term life skills that are acquired from playing sports can be found in very few other places. The competitiveness and camaraderie that are very much present in the workplace are the

Illustration by Jean-Luc Seltenrich || round table

A student of Stuart Hall High School can enjoy life in many different ways. The options range from the rich social options provided by the school to academic support offered by teachers who care about their students’ academic futures. Another great option supplied to students is sports. Our athletic department proposes a wide range of sports and anyone can play and succeed in the sport of their choosing with hard work, dedication and passion. However, depending on the sport, an athlete’s involvement with a team can infringe on their academic success as a student. Thus the following questions are raised. Should sports play such a big part in a student’s life that their academic success could be at stake? Are sports really even that important to the life of a teenage boy? Though these questions may be met with outrage and disgust by a portion of the student body, it raises an important concern of the school. Education is of course, the fundamental mission of

the round table | page 11

specialnews features school

All I Want For My Birthday…

by Connor Abbot ‘14

A new variation of R&B becomes popular in the hip hop scene

Frank Ocean photo courtesy of || round table

The past few months have producted good music. Prolific artists like Rick Ross released albums further cementing their position as some of hip-hop’s greats, while previously little known artists, like Odd Future R&B singer Frank Ocean, opened their solo careers with a bang by releasing highly successful albums. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s music. At the beginning of the summer, Meek Mill released his second Dreamchasers mixtape, “Dreamchasers 2”. After a highly successful mixtape titled “Dreamchasers”, that featured chart-topping songs like “House Party” and “Ima Boss”, Meek Mill’s second mixtape had songs featuring big name artists like Drake, Mac Miller, Wale, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and Rick Ross. The mixtape topped charts with singles like “Amen” and “Burn”, and remixed the already popular “House Party”. Meek Mill’s music can be related to MMG counterpart Rick Ross, with mixtapes usually filled with pumpup and feel-good songs. With his first album, “Dreams and Nightmares”, being released on October 30, Meek the round table | page 12

Mill is ready to take over the hip-hop world. On July 10th, the muchanticipated “Channel Orange” album was finally released. Although Frank’s fame was brought on mostly because of his confession to falling in love with a man, his album did not disappoint those who decided to purchase it. Odd Future fanatics and R&B enthusiasts alike made “Channel Orange” probably the most anticipated album of the summer, while many new fans became obsessed with the heartfelt lyrics and calming beats of Frank’s music. Singles like “Thinkin’ Bout You” (which was finally released as part of an album, having been out as a single for about a year), “Pyramids”, and “Pink Matter” got across the feel of Frank’s music, while guest artists like John Mayer, Andre 3000, and fellow Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt exemplified the style of Frank’s music. Frank Ocean’s sound drifts away from mainstream R&B, showing an underground scene that is slowly becoming more and more popular with music enthusiasts, especially those who follow hiphop. Instead of the standard club songs, Frank’s sound really brings out his emotions, and in a more sad and somber way that allows people to connect to the music. The huge success of “Channel Orange” has given Frank Ocean a fantastic start to his new mainstream career. As the summer winded down to it’s close, Toronto-based artist The Weeknd also emerged from the underground R&B scene. Part of a duo with fellow Torontonian Drake, OVOXO (the OVO refers to Drake, and stands for October’s Very Own, while the XO refers to The Weeknd), The Weeknd was featured on Drake’s highly successful album

“Take Care”. Although still mostly underground, The Weeknd showed his talent in songs “Trust Issues” (a cover of a Drake song) and “The Morning”. Although he hasn’t really taken off, and has no albums to show for his efforts, he came out with three mixtapes in 2011 (The Weeknd recently came out with an album on iTunes, which is simply all the songs from his three mixtapes condensed into one project known as Trilogy). Despite this, songs in which he was a part off have been major hits. “Crew Love”, a radio hit off “Take Care”, got The Weeknd attention in the R&B scene. The Weeknd is actually more prominent in the song than Drake himself, and contributed intense vocals that resonate with the listener. More recently, he was featured on Wiz Khalifa’s single “Remember You”. Despite the fact he has less of a part in the song, he still displays his musical talent to accompany Wiz Khalifa, and satisfy Khalifa’s large fan base, Taylor Gang. These underground artists are slowly topping charts, despite their little-known musical talent that was evident at the beginning of the summer. As displayed in the recent Grammy nominations, these young musical talents are clearly on the road to success. But after successful releases during these past months, they will slowly rise to become stars on the hip-hop and R&B scenes.

sportsnews school

World Series Victory

by John Cannell ‘16

Giants sweep the streets

Photo courtesy of || round table

After their victory in game 7 of the NLCS against the Saint Louis Cardinals, the Giants knew they would be playing the Tigers. They also knew they were up against a team who had been resting for two weeks after shutting out the Yankees. Also, the Giants were aware that they were up against a strong pitcher. “It was great to see Pablo and Barry play such a big part in Game 1 after not playing at all in the 2010 World Series. It was sweet (suede) and it was a cool game because not only did you see your favorite team play, but you got to see history in the making through Pablo Sandoval’s three home runs. In the words of Mr. Luna, “I’m not going to jinx it, but I like our chances.” The most exciting part of the game was definitely when Pablo hit his third home-run. Everyone was joking about it and how he would tie the single World Series game record if he hit it, but no one actually expected him to do it. When he hit it, everyone went insane, but it really didn’t sink in until after the game. “It was cool to be there and witness such a historic moment; not only you favorite team’s history, but baseball history altogether.” said Connor

Abbott ’14. Games 2 and 3 were two great games for the Giants and for San Francisco as well. The fans had hope for winning the series. In Game 2, the Giants won by 2 points. Game 3 was in Detroit, home of the Tigers, where it was only 48 degrees with a wind-chill of 40. The Giants won the game with the same 2 - 0 score, like Game 2. On October 28th, the Giants swept the Tigers in over-time. This game meant a lot to the Giants and the city, but it meant the world to the fans. Interestingly enough, Dan Losak, SHHS security guard informed round table moderator, Mrs. Saltveit that “Mr. Bertken told me before the series began that he felt if the Giants could beat Verlander in the first game that they would sweep.” Pretty astute prediction on Mr. Bertken’s part. The celebrations began immediately after the Giants won. Unfortunately the final game was in Detroit, but that didn’t stop fans from waiting outside AT&T Park for their team to get home. The city hosted the Giants Parade on Market Street, and ended at City Hall. The parade consisted of many distinguished people in baseball history. “The parade was exciting,” said Will Paulsen ‘15. My friends and I weren’t able to find a spot on Market

Street, so we decided to go down to City Hall. We found a spot where you were able to see the players waiting to go up on the stage. “The parade was just as good as two years ago. The atmosphere was crazy.” said Omid Ravanfar ‘16, “People were yelling, screaming, and cheering. My most memorable experience at the parade was meeting Alex Smith, (San Francisco 49ers quarterback). He was just waiting in line to go into the VIP section, and there were many people surrounding him before I realized who it was. So I decided to walk towards the big group of people and eventually got into the middle of the crowd by weaving my way in. When I realized who the man was, I reached my hand out and firmly grasped his hand. It happened so fast, that I still have trouble processing that it happened.”

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Quarterbacks in the NFL Who is number one?

with their teams to achieve another one. Meanwhile, Brees recently broke two alltime records for passing yards in a single season, and for consecutive games with a touchdown pass. Even though all of these quarterbacks could each make a Photo courtesy of Troy Maples of || run to be currently round table the best among all active quarterbacks, there are To be successful as an NFL many new and young quarterback, one must be tough both QB’s that are also turning some mentally and physically, as well heads. From the 2012 draft class, as being able to take responsibility top prospects Andrew Luck and when making a mistake. Usually, Robert Griffin III have a lot to when a football team wins a game, prove their rookie years, but have many will look to the quarterback already shown to have a great future as one of the main reasons why they ahead based on their starts. Luck won. However, this philosophy also is leading a promising Indianapolis works when a team loses, making Colts team, having already 3,000 many believe that one of the reasons passing yards through week 12, why that team lost was because of and still has a legitimate chance of their quarterback. When one looks at making the playoffs with his young the NFL’s premier QBs, like Aaron team. Though, the ride hasn’t been Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, as smooth for Robert Griffin III and the Manning brothers, and Drew the Washington Redskins. Griffin Brees, they look at how successful has about 2,500 passing yards, but they’ve been in their careers, such unfortunately has already sustained as how many super-bowls they’ve major injuries, such as concussions. won, as well as how they helped However, with this being said, many their team rise up to the occasion would argue that RG III is the most and win when the odds were not athletic quarterback in the league, in their favor. From this six man and his struggles will fade away as list of quarterbacks, only one has his career progresses. His team has not won a Super-Bowl, but all have struggled thus far, but still somehow done something remarkable in their they have managed to get five wins careers. For example, Tom Brady through week 12. went from being unrecognized when It is easy to guess the goals of any he entered the league in 2000, being quarterbacks, but let’s look at the drafted 199, to one of the best to main one, which is obviously to win ever play the game and having won the Super-Bowl. There have been a total of three titles in his career. several really good teams, such as Eli and Peyton Manning have three the Falcons, Texans, and 49ers this super-bowl wins between them as year who have been able to execute well, but each look to make a run on both sides of the ball. These the round table | page 14

by Omid Ravanfar ‘16

teams will most likely make the playoffs, with a leading factor being the success of their quarterbacks. Let’s look at Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback, Matt Ryan, who is having an MVP type year, having about 3,600 passing yards a little after the halfway mark of the season, as well as achieving 21 touchdowns thrown. However, now let’s look at the struggling teams, such as the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, and the reasons why the are struggling. One reason that explains why they aren’t doing well is their poor defense, and as many know: defense wins championships. Another reason of this is because their offenses aren’t producing much either, especially at the quarterback position. Let’s look at Cleveland’s QB, Brandon Weeden, who is having a tough rookie year. He has thrown about 2,000 passing yards, but already has 13 interceptions. For most elite QB’s in the NFL, throwing 13 interceptions in a season is considered pretty bad, but to throw thirteen through eleven games is outrageous. Defense may win games, but having a good offense to complement that defense certainly helps your chances of winning. For all teams, the quarterback is the player who tries to motivate both the offensive and defensive players, telling them to play hard no matter the circumstance. Good quarterbacks are hard to find, but finding NFL ready quarterbacks, who can play well under pressure and lead their team to victory every week, is nearly impossible.

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Sea Otter Regatta

by Will Paulsen ‘15

Sail Flat, Sail Fast

pushing other boats out of the way so they could get out. After the chaos, the first race started at eleven o’clock. The wind increased throughout the day. The varsity team started with a third place finish and continued the day with good scores. The junior varsity team also had a good day of sailing, with their best race coming in 8th place. The day ended with the sailing team de-rigging our boats and putting them away for the night. On Sunday we arrived at the beach to rig our boats. We then launched the boats and started sailing. “We had a good run down to the leeward gate and rounded the port mark. We tightly rounded the port mark and Illustration by John Cannell || round table had a good spot going upwind”, said John Cannell ’16 of the sailing team. We sailed eight In early October the Convent races and had a successful day. and Stuart Hall sailing teams In the afternoon, the fog came in traveled to Monterey for the Sea and the visibility was limited. At Otter sailing regatta. Monterey one point we couldn’t even see the has great weather and good wind, windward mark from the starting providing excellent conditions for line. Also, there were piles of sailing. The day we arrived, it was seaweed floating around the course sunny and windy, perfect conditions that slowed multiple boats down. to race. We started the day by Despite all these challenges the rigging our boat and battling for a regatta was successful. spot on the beach. We went off to The first day of the regatta the skipper’s meeting where they we finished in fourth place, and explained the rules and the course of at the end of the second day we the race. placed sixth. Overall, we improved After the starting line, there greatly this regatta considering the was a windward mark and next standings that our team received in there was a leeward gate; which we the past. The teams that we faced at rounded and then went to the finish. this regatta were more experienced, The boat with the lowest score got but in the end we succeeded by first place. Then we went off to getting sixth place out of thirty launch the boats off the beach. It boats. The team that won the whole was very chaotic; there were waves regatta was Marin Academy with a crashing, knocking people off their total of eighty-one points. The Stuart feet. People were yelling and Hall and Convent Varsity teams had

a total of one hundred and thirtythree points.

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