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Volume 11, Issue 1

August 17, 2016

First dance of the year on Friday


Summer changes come to fruition

Nicholas Hom

Associate Editor-in-Chief

ollowing last year’s successful Carnival, the Student Council executives are planning a similar event this Friday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Little Theater and the Herbert Center gym. “We’re expecting a great event for the Convent & Stuart Hall community,” Student Body president Michael Tellini ’17 said. “It’s always a great time as it provides a way for everyone to get together after summer, meet the new freshmen and enjoy the music and food. We’re looking to continue on our historic run of dance attendance started at this same dance last fall.” This year’s theme is sports, replacing last year’s tiki bar and Hawaiian shirts with tailgating stands and jerseys. The volleyball nets will be back again and attendees will have a variety of activities to fill the evening. Following the graduation of Stuart Hall High School’s inhouse DJ, Jackson Rhodes ’16, Phoenix Aquino Thomas ’18 will be taking over the beats for the first time. The Freshman Class is ambivalent on the subject of the dance. “I might go,” Frances McCorgray ’20 said. Other students did not seem to know that there was a dance. “Students can look forward to trying our tasty tailgating stand and dancing the night away,” Student Director of Activities Alex Mcdonald ’16, who is working behind the scenes to plan out the night, said.

New Staff

Kendall Olsen Mathematics Department

Ben Su English Department

Owen Fahy | The Roundtable

Renovations | Renovations of the physics classroom on the Pine and Octavia campus continued into freshmen orientation on Monday and Tuesday. Workers were on a tight schedule to finish the renovations in time for the start of school today. Christopher Cohen



he Octavia Campus underwent a variety of renovations this summer from the classrooms, to the daily schedule, and the use of personal computers on campus. Lab tables and furniture in science classrooms were completely replaced with movable lab stations that allow more options for mobility of seating and teaching. “The new science labs are designed to have a more open and flexible design and be interdisciplinary,” biology and physiology teacher Brook Weirs said. “Students will be able to collaborate and work in groups. It should be a step forward for us and open up a new era of student science at Stuart Hall High School.” A Bring Your Own Device program allows students to choose a computer they are comfortable using on a day-today basis. “I really enjoy the new BYOD system, because it allows us to use our own selected equipment,” Jorim Powell ’18 said. Desks in the math classrooms have been replaced with larger, sturdier desk allowing students to keep all of their supplies on desks. “I’m very excited for the new furniture because we’ll have the same mobility as the previous chairs, but more desk space for students to work,” math teacher

Lindsay MacGarva said. “It’s critical for students to have enough space to have their notebook and calculator on their desk. Last year they were not able to do that.” The newly designed schedule has been revamped to allow for slightly longer class times, in part to accommodate the introduction of the International Baccalaureate Program, according to Dean Reynolds Marquette. Block period rotation has also been changed, eliminating the same classes two days in a row. Assembly and lunch are now back to back periods on Monday, ColLab has been moved to Tuesday, and Chapel and lunch are back to back on Friday as well. Lunch periods have been reduced from an hour to 40 or 55 minutes, depending on the day. “I think the new schedule is going to be an adjustment for all of us, but I think it’ll work out,” Tyler Makras ’18 said. “I believe the new schedule is more organized and will help me be better prepared for school.” School days go in alphabetical order, starting with A or E period, depending on whether the day is Red or Blue, with the new schedule consistently alternating Red and Blue days. “I’m excited to experience the new changes and believe they will help me and my peers succeed,” Angel Padilla ’18 said.

A|E A|E A|E A|E A|E 8:00-9:20





B|F B|F B|F B|F B|F 9:30-10:50

Assembly 11:00-11:45

Lunch 11:45-12:25

C|G 12:25-1:45

D|H 1:55-3:15












Lunch 12:20-1:00

D|H 1:00-2:20

ColLab 2:30-3:15

Chapel Lunch 11:45-12:25

C|G C|G C|G 12:05-1:35



D|H D|H D|H 1:45-3:15



Nicholas Hom | The Roundtable

Schedule reboot | Red and Blue days are now on a fully rotational schedule, classes are now 5 minutes longer and ColLab is now at the end of the day.

Owen Fahy | The Roundtable

Fabulous floors | Administrative assistant Tal Quetone, reads his newspaper in the newly renovated lobby. Hardwood floors and new couches replaced old carpet and uncomfortable chairs.

Day 1 of a 4-year journey for frosh

Class of 2020 spend their first days at The Hall at Freshman Success

Owen Fahy | The Roundtable

Internet introduction | Rising freshmen hear about how technology will be integrated into their learning, as well as thei role of their personal devices in the classroom. This is the first year that Convent & Stuart Hall will be using a Bring Your Own Device Program instead of leasing iPads to students.


Owen Fahy


he first day of Freshman Success, Convent & Stuart Hall’s freshman orientation program, saw 51 freshman boys experience their first two days at

Stuart Hall on Monday and Tuesday. “[Monday] was fun, it was something knew and an overall good and exciting experience,” said Matthew Howard ’20. It is the first day that each ris-

ing freshman gets to interact with their new classmates in the school environment as well as meet faculty and current students. Admissions Director Shuja Khan and Student Council executives led an icebreaker in the

Owen Fahy | The Roundtable

Fraternizing freshmen | Convent & Stuart Hall freshmen have lunch together on Tuesday. This was the first co-ed activity of the school year for the Class of 2020.




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morning which was followed by a barbeque that was also put on by the Student Council executives. After lunch, the Class of 2020 asked about the homework load during freshmen year, pressures from inside and outside the classroom as well as keys to a successful first year, during a Q&A session with 10 seniors. “The panel answered a lot of questions and gave good advice to help me start my experience off right,” George Albert ’20 said. Presentations addressed opportunities in clubs and athletics, Sacred Heart heritage remarks from Head of School Tony Farrell before heading home with their first day of high school completed. Tuesday heavily focused on getting students prepared for their first day of classes. The Class of 2020 met and had breakfast with the seniors before learning how to connect their devices to the internet. The boys met their advisers and walked to the Broadway cam-

September 10

August 17

Football v Branson 4 p.m.

August 26

Soccer at Lick-Wilmerding 4 p.m.

Classes Resume 8 a.m. Soccer v Redwood Christian 4 p.m.

September 3

Football at Woodside Priory 8 p.m.

September 5 Labor Day No school

September 7 Soccer v Urban 4 p.m.

September 9

Soccer at Head-Royce 4 p.m.

September 12

September 14 Soccer v Drew 4 p.m.

pus, where they had their first lunch with the Convent freshmen. Together they walked back to the Pine and Octavia campus and wrote letters to children in Uganda.

The panel answered a lot of questions and gave good advice to help me start my experience off right. — George Albert ’20 After the girls returned to their campus, a capella director Scott Roos led the boys in the singing of the Coeur de Jesús, the anthem for Network of Sacred Heart schools. “We were really excited to welcome 51 new Knights to The Hall,” Student Body president Michael Tellini ’17 said.

September 23

Football v Fresno Christian 7 p.m. Soccer v Bay 7:30 p.m.

September 28

Soccer at Urban 4 p.m.

September 30

September 16

Soccer v Lick-Wilmerding 4 p.m.

September 19

Football v Woodside Priory 1 p.m.

September 21

Cross Country BCLW Meet 2 3:30 p.m. Soccer at Bay 4 p.m.

Football at Anzar 7 p.m.

Soccer v Pescadero 4 p.m. Cross Country BCLW Meet 1 2:30 p.m. Soccer at Gateway 4 p.m.

October 1

October 5

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