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a guide to what’s on during May & beyond... • FILM • MUSIC • ART • THEATRE • CAFÉ BAR • EDUCATION •

WELCOME Whether it is Film, Music, Art or Theatre this is your guide to Shetland Arts and its venues.

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Gillian Bridle, Jeanette Nowak Vivian Ross-Smith & Aimee Labourne


Last year’s Shetland Open winners explore lines of impermanence

29 April - 11 June PUBLIC OPENING: Friday 28 April, 6 - 7.30pm Everyone welcome Opening Hours:

LOWER GALLERY: The Bairns’ Open 2017

Mon - Sat: 10:30am - 5pm

Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, ZE2 9LW

Sun: 11am - 5pm

 01595 745750


> Music

Roddy Woomble Band SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER, 7.30pm Mareel  £18 / £12 Having established himself as a leading voice in the thriving British contemporary indie folk music scene, with his anticipated new album, 2017 will see Roddy take a darker more lo-fi direction held together by Woomble’s trademark poetic lyrics, "evocative vocals and consummate gift for a tune.”

> Bonhoga Exhibition

Amy Gear +

300 artists from 5 Shetland Schools

The Future

17 June - 2 July Public Opening: Friday 16 June, 6pm 4

> Film

The Sense of an Ending (15)

Mad Max: Fury Road (15)

A contemplative but compelling adaptation of Julian Barnes' Man Booker Prize-winning novel about regret, remorse and redemption. Tony Webster (Jim Broadbent) leads a reclusive and quiet existence until long buried secrets from his past force him to face the flawed recollections of his younger self, the truth about his first love, and the devastating consequences of decisions made a lifetime ago.

Ditching the vibrant colours of the 2015 cinema release, this new black-and-white version is director George Miller’s preferred vision of his post-apocalyptic world. Max Rockatansky joins a band of renegades fleeing across the wastelands, led by elite Imperator Furiosa, who is hell-bent on crossing the desert to reach sanctuary in her childhood homeland. They’re hotly and viciously pursued by the warlord Immortan Joe and his ruthless followers.

> ScreenPride


Handsome Devil (15)

Jordan Peele’s debut perfectly balances suspense, humour and horror while making a hard-hitting political statement about liberal America. Rose invites her boyfriend Chris to spend the weekend upstate with her parents. At first, Chris reads the family's overly accommodating behaviour as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter's interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could never have imagined.

Monthly screenings of contemporary and classic films with themes of LGBT. Everyone welcome! A teen outcast at an Irish boarding school finds an unlikely ally, in this effortlessly charming coming-of-age tale. Ned would much rather hide away in his room and listen to David Bowie than play rugby with the sports-obsessed lads who surround him. When he is assigned a new roommate, a brooding hunk named Conor, it seems like a match made in hell. But appearances can be deceptive...


> Events

Wellbeing Choir

Let's Circus


4 - 21 MAY

No need to read music, come along & enjoy a fun evening of song with a chat and cup of tea afterwards.

Let’s Circus is a Contemporary British Circus company made up of International Artists from across the globe.

Shetland Young Fiddler of the Year Concert

In the Still of the Night Have We Wept

Mareel & Lerwick Methodist Church  £2

Various venues around Shetland

6, 7 & 9 MAY  £8 / £6

SATURDAY 22 APRIL, 7pm Mareel  £10 / £6

A powerful and moving performance based on WW1 poetry by the Shetland Youth Theatre.

37th Shetland Folk Fest

Shetland ForWirds


TUESDAY 9 MAY, 7.30pm

The UK's most northerly folk festival, it is regarded as a prestigious event for performers, locals and visitors alike.

Variety Concert


The Garrison Theatre

Dunedin Consort


FRIDAY 19 MAY, 7.30pm


Mareel  £16 / £5

29 APRIL - 11 JUNE

Establishing themselves as the leading Scottish Baroque ensemble, they’ve performed in Canada, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Israel and France.

Bonhoga Gallery

As part of the prize for last year’s Shetland Open


> Shetland Youth Theatre

A powerful & moving performance based on the poetry of the First World War

© Jenny Leask

di r ect ed by JOHN HASWELL

S AT U R DAY 6 M AY | BA LTA S O U ND HA LL | 3 p m S U N DAY 7 M AY | THE G A R R I SO N THE ATRE | 7.30 p m T U E S DAY 9 M AY | WA LLS PU BLI C HA LL | 7.30 p m  £8 | £6 7

The UK's most northerly folk festival, it is regarded as a prestigious event for performers, locals and visitors alike.

Shetland Showcase Concert

Step Into My Parlour

Peerie Spang

Friday Evening Concert

Mareel Foy

Thursday 27 April, 7:30pm Mareel  £17 / £15 (Members: £12 / £10)

Saturday 29 April, 7:30pm Mareel  £17 / £15 (Members: £12 / £10) Sunday 30 April, 2pm Mareel  £10 / £8 (Members: £8 / £6)

Friday 28 April, 7:30pm Mareel  £17 / £15 (Members: £12 / £10)

Sunday 30 April, 7pm Mareel  £23 / £21 (Members: £18 / £16)

> Music

A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH FRIDAY 30 JUNE, 8pm Mareel  £18 / £12

The UK's number one tribute to Johnny Cash is set to return following previous sell out shows at Clickimin in 2012 and Mareel in 2014.

14+ event. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The five piece band, led by Ben Whelburn as "The Man in Black", are widely regarded as the most authentic tribute to Johnny Cash in the country and play all the famous Cash standards including Fulsome Prison Blues, Walk the Line and Ring of Fire.


> Music





> Music

FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, 7.30pm Mareel  £22 / £20

SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER, 7.30pm Walls Hall  £22 / £20

What more can you say about these two stellar musicians, now embarking on their 31st year of working together. Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham have established themselves as the epitome of excellence in the world of traditional music and have been described by Mike Russell as "probably the best traditional musicians you are ever likely to hear” With their musical magic and quick-witted humour they will pull your emotional strings one moment and have you falling off the seat with laughter the next. Support by great local band Vair who have made their name in Shetland and further afield with music for every occasion influenced by Scottish and Irish folk, American Bluegrass and other genres from around the world.

> Music

SAT 9 DEC, 7.30pm Mareel  £22 / £16

As you might expect for a band as renowned for its brilliant stage performances as recordings, Lau will be taking this retrospective material to concerts and festival stages throughout the summer of 2017 and then touring it in the UK during the November and December 2017. They will perform two sets spanning their first decade together.

 “The U.K’s best live band, Lau are remarkable — the most musically adventurous trio in British folk: exquisite and hypnotic, musicianship at its best” - THE GUARDIAN


> Film

Alien: Covenant (Cert: TBC)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge (Cert: TBC)

Director Ridley Scott returns once more to the universe he created, with a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise. By the time they realise it is actually a dark, unimaginably dangerous world, escape seems impossible.

Depp returns to the big screen as iconic, swashbuckling anti-hero Jack Sparrow in the latest rip-roaring Pirates movie. When a band of deadly ghost sailors, led by the terrifying Captain Salazar, escape from the Devil's Triangle, they are bent on killing every pirate at sea – especially Captain Jack. Jack's only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artefact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas…

> Michael Buble

The Zookeeper's Wife (12A)

Tour Stop 148 (12A) SUNDAY 7 MAY

The real-life story of one working wife and mother who became a hero to hundreds during World War II. In 1939 Poland, Antonina Żabińska and her husband, Dr Jan Żabiński, have the Warsaw Zoo flourishing under his stewardship and her care. When their country is invaded by the Germans, the Żabińskis begin working with the Resistance, and put into action plans to save lives out of what has become the Warsaw Ghetto.

Mareel  £12 / £10

We had to cancel our Mother’s Day screening of this dazzling concert movie as the film didn’t arrive in time, but he’s here at last! Michael Bublé – Tour Stop 148 showcases thrilling live performances of many of the Canadian star’s biggest hits, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Team Bublé, showing how their Herculean efforts transport this spectacular show from arena to arena.


> Events

Oscillon Response: Mark Lyken


FRIDAY 26 MAY, 8pm

The Future

Mareel  £15

17 JUNE - 2 JULY

Composer and filmmaker Mark Lyken interprets, Ben F Laposky’s pioneering “Oscillon” Electronic Abstractions.

Bonhoga Gallery

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards General Levy TUESDAY 30 MAY, 7.30pm


Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards are returning to the islands following a hugely successful stint at Shetland Folk Festival in 2016. This is post-folk that seriously rocks!

Abandon North Presents the multi-award winning Artist/MC from London who throws energy into music.

Student Showcase

CASH - Johnny Cash tribute

WEDNESDAY 31 MAY, 7.30pm


Shetland College UHI students demonstrate their talents with a fantastic end of academic year variety concert.

The UK's number one tribute to Johnny Cash is set to return following previous sell out shows at Clickimin.

String Sisters

Scottish Chamber Orchestra

FRIDAY 9 JUNE, 7.30pm


String Sisters are very excited to be playing their only gig in Europe this year at Mareel this June.

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Aith, Burravoe and Mareel

Mareel  £18 / £14

Mareel  £20

Mareel  10 / £6

Mareel  £18 / £12

Mareel  £22 / £20

Various venues around Shetland  £16 (£14, £6, £3 & Free)


> Classical Season

Love's Fire, Love's Ashes FRIDAY 19 MAY, 7.30pm Mareel  £16 / £5

Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigals are a theatre of the senses. The murmur of the waves, an amorous glance, the coolness of water or the heat of the sun are all brought to life through the composer’s unparalleled gift for marrying text and music. Indeed, the music in these eight books stands alongside Schubert’s songs, or Bach’s cantatas, as one of the greatest collections of intimately personal music ever produced. This programme aims to showcase the ravishing beauty of these madrigals, as well as their expressive scope: profound darkness and blinding light; searing grief and amorous rapture. Like Shakespeare or Leonardo, there is a fresh twinkle to Monteverdi’s genius each time you look. This is music to stir the passions and move the soul, and – as the composer explicitly desired – to make us feel and know more vividly both the pain and pleasure of being alive.


> Music

Wellbeing Choir Tuesday Evenings, 7 - 8.30pm, Lerwick Methodist Church & Mareel

£2 per session - includes light refreshments! 16+

No experience required, no audition process and no need to read music, come along & enjoy a fun evening of music with a chat and cup of tea afterwards. Improve your physical and mental health through music and song!

> Summer Dance Intensive BEGINNERS BLOCK:

Monday 10 July – Friday 14 July, 10am – 4pm


Monday 17 July – Friday 21 July, 10am – 4pm Mareel  £60 for the week (£48 for siblings) Explore a range of contemporary dance skills with Shetland-born dancer and choreographer Kathryn Spence. Devise, create and edit a short dance film and choreograph a piece for the Dance Showcase.



> Comedy Films

Whisky Galore (PG)

Mindhorn (15)

The inhabitants of a Scottish island conspire to plunder 50,000 cases of whisky from a nearby stranded ship. A warm and witty remake of the beloved 1949 film, which was based on the novel by Compton Mackenzie, and which itself was based on the real events of 1941, when the S.S. Politician was shipwrecked in the Outer Hebrides. Gregor Fisher and Eddie Izzard star, and our very own Chris Stout plays on the soundtrack!

A washed-up actor has a chance to relive his glory days in this hilarious comedy starring Julian Barratt. Has-been actor Richard Thorncroft’s career peaked with hit 1980s TV show 'Mindhorn', where he played a detective whose eye was replaced by an optical lie detector, meaning he could literally 'see the truth'. When a deranged criminal demands to speak to Detective Mindhorn, Thorncroft agrees to help the police in the hope that the publicity will resuscitate his career.

Snatched (Cert: TBC)

Their Finest (12A)

A hilarious, outrageous comedy starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her ultra-cautious mother Linda to travel with her to South America. When they suddenly find themselves in a dangerous situation, these polar opposites must put their differences aside and work together if they’re to escape their jungle adventure in one piece!

A witty, romantic and moving portrayal of a young woman finding her way, and her voice, in the mayhem of war… and the movies! 1940, London, the Blitz; with the country’s morale at stake, Catrin (Gemma Arterton), an untried screenwriter, and a makeshift cast and crew including eccentric actor Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy), work under fire to make a film to lift the nation’s flagging spirits, and inspire America to join the war.


> Circus

HALLS SHOW TOUR 4 MAY, 7.30pm | Mid Yell Leisure Centre 6 MAY, 7.30pm | Whalsay Leisure Centre 9 MAY, 7.30pm | Brae Community Hall 10 MAY, 7.30pm | Aith Leisure Centre 12 MAY, 7.30pm | Sandwick School Hall 13 MAY, 7.30pm | Sandwick School Hall

BIG TOP SHOWS 17 MAY, 7.30pm 18 MAY, 7.30pm 19 MAY, 7.30pm 20 MAY, 7.30pm (Guizer Night)

21 MAY, 2pm The Magpie Big Top

LET’S (Guizer Night)  From £12 (£7 / £4)

King George V Park, Lerwick  From £15 (£8 / £5)



> Family Friendly Films

Power Rangers (12A)

Molly Monster (U)

A modern reinvention of the hit 90s TV show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Five ordinary high school kids learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet, but to do so they will have to work together.

A charming animation about a little monster who has to learn to share her parents with a new arrival. Molly is the deeply-loved only-monster of Popo and Etna Monster. When her parents go off to Egg Island, leaving her in the care of her uncles, Molly realises they’ve forgotten something, so she sets off with her best friend Edison on a journey that takes her far away from home and over the Wild Hills.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (12A)

Beauty and the Beast (PG)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill's true parentage. Old foes become new allies and favourite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes' aid as the Marvel cinematic universe continues to expand.

Disney’s animated classic gets a sumptuous live-action reboot, starring Emma Watson as Belle. Belle is a bookish young woman who goes in search of her father when he disappears after visiting a mysterious castle. When she gets there, she is shocked to learn that he is a prisoner of the monstrous Beast, and volunteers to take his place. Initially terrified of her captor, she soon learns he is not the brute he seems...


> Events

Summer Dance Intensive

ScreenPlay 2017

MONDAY 10 – FRIDAY 21 JULY, 10am


Beginners block and an Intermediate block available. Explore a range of contemporary dance skills with choreographer Kathryn Spence.

Shetland’s annual film festival curated by Linda Ruth Williams & Mark Kermode

Phill Jupitus: Juplicity

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham



Watch as this experienced funny-man creates laughs out of the chaos of his own life and the uncertain world that surrounds it.


Creativity Camp

Roddy Woomble Band

Mareel  £60 / £48

Mareel  £16

Mareel  £22 / £20

Walls Hall  £22 / £20



Creativity Camp will allow 7-11 year olds a chance to explore a range of skills in film, drama, dance, music, literature, visual art and crafts,

Frontman of Scottish indie giants, Idlewild, acclaimed songwriter Roddy Woomble is coming back to Shetland.

Fiddle Frenzy 2017

An Evening with LAU



Mareel  £100 / £80

Mareel  £18 / £12

Mareel  £22 / £16

Shetland Arts’ Annual week-long celebration of the Shetland Fiddle Tradition,

Lau is the pioneering contemporary folk trio comprising three of the UK’s finest traditional musicians: Kris Drever, Martin Green and Aidan O’rourke.


> ScreenPlay 2017








> Music

FRIDAY 9 JUNE, 7.30pm Mareel  £22 / £20

The band that was started by Shetland’s very own Catriona Macdonald almost 20 years ago will be filling the auditorium on Friday 9 June with their own particular blend of virtuosic joy. Featuring six of the world’s top fiddlers and a peerless quartet of piano, guitar, bass and drums, String Sisters blends Nordic and Celtic traditions into a glorious riot of all-encompassing sound. Alongside Catriona the band combines the very considerable talents of fiddlers Annbjørg Lien (Norway), Emma Härdelin (Sweden), Liz Carrroll (United States), Liz Knowles (United States), Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (Ireland) plus Tore Bruvoll (Norway) on guitar, Dave Milligan (Scotland) on piano, Conrad Molleson (Scotland) on bass and James Mackintosh (Scotland) on percussion. Strings Sisters performances also feature the vocal talents of Emma Härdelin and Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh. String Sisters will be recording their new album at Mareel so will be showcasing some of that new material, and works from their first album, the Grammy-listed ‘Live’. It’s going to be a very special night.


> Music


Plus Q&A with Mark Lyken

"An entirely new world of continual formal flux...visceral sublimity” - The Cusp

FRIDAY 26 MAY, 8pm Mareel  £15 Composer and filmmaker Mark Lyken interprets, Ben F Laposky’s pioneering “Oscillon” Electronic Abstractions. Working in collaboration with Sanford Museum, Iowa this Cryptic commission for Sonica 2015 merges Lyken’s sonic responses and visualisations with Laposky’s groundbreaking 1950s art works. Responding to a selection of six strikingly different photographic works capturing complex, rhythmic waveforms, not only are Laposky’s images an inspiration for Lyken’s compositions but the creative process behind the artworks has also been utilised to generate the accompanying visuals for the performance.


> Exhibition on Screen

The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism SUNDAY 21 MAY Mareel  £9 / £7

Travelling to studios, gardens and iconic locations throughout the United States, UK and France, this mesmerising film is a feast for the eyes. Taking its lead from French artists like Renoir and Monet, the American impressionist movement followed its own path, which reveals as much about America as a nation as it does about its art. It’s a story closely tied to a love of gardens and a desire to preserve nature in a rapidly urbanising nation.

British Museum presents Hokusai SUNDAY 4 JUNE Mareel  £12 / £10

Discover Japan’s greatest artist in a stunning documentary and your own exclusive private view of the British Museum exhibition Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave. Katsushika Hokusai is a groundbreaking artist who influenced Monet, Van Gogh and other Impressionists, is the father of manga and the only painter with his own emoji! Filmed in Japan and the UK, the film focuses on Hokusai’s work, life and times, and uses stunning close-ups and expert insights to illustrate his wide-ranging influence and extraordinary legacy.



SATURDAY 24 JUNE, 9pm Mareel  £20

General Levy is a multi-award winning Artist/MC from London who throws energy into music. Getting signed young by Tim Westwood, he’s since spent multiple weeks in the UK Official Charts Top 40 and Top 10! With his distinctive vocals, that are renowned in multiple music scenes, General Levy has even been voted Best Singer at The Black Music Awards! His career is taking him around the world to perform at festivals and events such as Red Bull Culture Clash, Boomtown, Bestival, Outlook, Glastonbury to name only a few and soon performing at Mareel!

> Student Showcase

1 MAY, 7.30pm


Mareel  £10 /


in courses based Applied Music concert. BA & C HN , NC ty s, tional Pathway end of academic year varie ts on the Voca ge UHI studen their talents with a fantastic lle Co d lan et Sh portunities strate Mareel demon la et h .s w w w y visit: & how to appl on the courses For more info


> Rom-Com Season


Love and laughter are our focus with our latest movie showcase, featuring four great romantic comedies from masters of the genre Frank Capra, Woody Allen, Nora Ephron and Richard Curtis.

Manhattan (12A)

Sleepless in Seattle (PG)

Setting the tone and style for many of his later movies, this early masterpiece from Woody Allen celebrates, as ever, his beloved New York. Allen stars as Isaac, a neurotic TV comedy writer who feels uneasy about his relationship with a 17-year-old girl (Mariel Hemingway) and escapes into the arms of his best friend's mistress (Diane Keaton), all the while coping with the unsettling presence of his ex-wife (Meryl Streep).

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in Nora Ephron’s whimsical charmer. Sam Baldwin is a widower living in Seattle with his eight-year-old son Jonah. One night, a desperate Jonah calls a radio psychologist to see if she can help Sam find a new wife. Across the country, Annie Reed, a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, hears the show and becomes obsessed with Sam’s story, even though she’s already engaged…

> Screen Classics

SCREENClassics The Happiest Days of Your Life (U)

Four Weddings and a Funeral (15)

Classic films back on the big screen where they belong. We’ve an absolute treat for you this month, an uproarious comedy starring Alastair Sim and Margaret Rutherford. During World War II, a London girls' school is evacuated to the country, but due to a bureaucratic error they find themselves billeted with a boys' school. While the boys and girls soon hit it off, the headmaster clashes with the headmistress, and chaos ensues when the school inspectors arrive.

A London bachelor's misfortunes in love look set to change when he meets an American beauty at a wedding. However, the prospect of a transatlantic relationship succeeding seems slim, so the pair go their separate ways – only for him to realise he is unable to get her out of his mind.


> Comedy


JUPLICITY SATURDAY 22 JULY, 8pm Mareel  £16 Join stand-up comedian and TV stalwart Phill Jupitus for a show of tales, laughs and diversions. Watch as this experienced funny-man creates laughs out of the chaos of his own life and the uncertain world that surrounds it. Phill became a familiar face as team captain on BBC2's pop quiz Never Mind The Buzzcocks in 1996, which went on to run for 19 years. Aside from that and live stand up shows all over the UK, he also appears as a regular guest on QI (BBC2), and in 2012 returned to television stand-up comedy with an appearance on Live at the Apollo (BBC1), while over on BBC Radio 4 Phill is a regular panellist on the award winning show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

> Creativity Camp

Monday 24 - Friday 28 July Shetland Arts’ Creativity Camp will allow 7-11 year olds a chance to explore a range of skills in film, drama, dance, music, literature, visual art and crafts, while developing confidence, encouraging creativity and having lots of fun! Sessions run from 10am – 4pm starting Monday 24 July, running daily through to Friday 28 July. The block will culminate in a brand new performance for friends and family. Some sessions during the week will be active, so children should wear clothes that they can move comfortably in. There will be a supervised lunch hour, so please bring a packed lunch.

 £100 / £80 24

> ScreenHorizons

Screen Horizons is the new name for Screen Wednesdays. We’ll still be bringing you the best of independent and world cinema, classic films and documentaries, but now the first screening of each film will be at 5pm on Sundays, with the repeat at 8pm the following Wednesdays. We hope you enjoy this month’s selection of great films!

The Olive Tree (15) Spirited young farmer Alma travels from Spain to Germany, determined to retrieve her ailing grandfather’s thousand-year-old olive tree from the energy company that bought it. She is helped in her mission by old and new friends, as the film touches on the economic devastation of Spain’s agricultural industry, and activism in the age of social media.

The Fits (12A)

Graduation (15)

11 year-old Toni is torn between two worlds, the boxing gym where she spars with her brother, and the adjacent space where a female dance troupe practices. Drawn to the dancers, she eventually joins them, but soon afterwards the members of the group begin suffering fainting fits.

Surgeon Romeo Aldea is immensely proud of his 18-year-old daughter Eliza, who has been offered a scholarship to a British university on graduation. After a violent incident leaves Eliza unable to sit her final exams , her seemingly respectable father begins to pursue increasingly desperate measures in a bid to preserve her future prospects.

Elle (18)

Aquarius (18)

Michèle, the ruthless head of a successful video game company, seems indestructible. After she’s assaulted in her home by an unknown assailant, she decides to track the attacker down, and the two are drawn into a curious and thrilling game – a game that may, at any moment, spiral out of control.

Clara, a 65-year-old widow and retired music critic, is the last resident of the Aquarius, one of the few buildings of its age and character that remains in a rapidly changing seaside neighbourhood. Clara has pledged to leave only upon death, but a development company is piling on the pressure…


> Music

Tuesday 30 May, 7.30pm | Mareel  £18 / £14


Sun - Thu: 10am - 11pm Fri - Sat: 10am - 1am


TUESDAY 23 MAY from 7pm

Enjoy chilled out tunes and a laid-back vibe in Mareel’s Café Bar with Mixology, fortnightly on Friday nights. Try one of our selection of delicious cocktails and get your weekend started with some funk, soul and house from our DJs John Collins and DJ Lyall.

Mareel’s Monthly Film Quiz is for both film buffs and novices alike! Movie themed prizes are awarded to the teams with the highest and lowest scores, but really it’s all about the glory. Max team size: 6 people.


 £10 (team)


> Cinema Ticket Prices Matinees: before 5pm


Monday to Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5.50 / £4.50 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £7 / £5

Evenings: from 5pm onwards Monday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £7 / £5 Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday . . . . . . . £8 / £6 Friday, Saturday, Holidays* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9 / £7

Special Screenings:

Our prices vary depending on the day and time of the performance, and the type of screening. When booking you will be asked to choose between two different ticket types: adult or concession. Concessions include children under the age of 16 years old (those aged 16 and above must buy adult tickets), students (must produce valid ID), seniors (aged 60+), and people with disabilities.

Senior Screening (includes refreshment) . . . . . . . . . . . £6

Mareel Opening Hours: Sun - Thu: 9am - 11pm Fri - Sat:

9am - 1am

* Holidays include Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, & New Year’s Eve. • 3D screenings cost an extra £1 on top of ticket prices. Glasses cost an additional £1 and are reusable.

Mareel  01595 745500

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded once purchased. Customers are responsible for checking that they have booked the correct tickets at time of purchase as mistakes cannot be rectified at a later date. Only in the event of a screening being cancelled will your ticket be refunded.

Shetland Arts Development Agency manages Bonhoga Gallery, The Garrison Theatre & Mareel. We also develop and promote a year round programme of film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, & dance events. We do this because we want to see Shetland celebrated as a place where inspiration & innovation are valued; where people want to live, work & study; and we want the full social & economic potential of the islands to be achieved.

Shetland Arts is supported by Creative Scotland and core funded by the Shetland Charitable Trust. Shetland Arts is a registered charity (SCO37082).


> Shetland Arts: Whats On 28 APRIL - 4 MAY

12 - 18 MAY > Let's Circus

> 37 Shetland Folk Fest

> Traces

> Traces

> Wellbeing Choir

> Let's Circus


> Wellbeing Choir

> Alien: Covenant


> Whisky Galore

> Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

> Mindhorn

> Their Finest

> Beauty and the Beast

> Power Rangers

> Sleepless in Seattle

> Mad Max: Fury Road - Chrome Edition

> The Olive Tree


> Four Weddings and a Funeral > Get Out

19 - 25 MAY > Dunedin Consort

> The Fits

> Mareel Film Quiz 5 - 11 MAY

> Let's Circus

> In the Still of the Night Have We Wept

> Traces

> Shetland ForWirds

> Wellbeing Choir

> Traces


> Let's Circus

> The Zookeeper's Wife

> Wellbeing Choir

> Exhibition on Screen: Artist’s Garden


> Handsome Devil

> The Sense of an Ending

> The Happiest Days of Your Life

> Molly Monster

> Graduation


26 MAY - 1 JUNE > Oscillon Response: Mark Lyken > Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards > Mixology at Mareel > Student Showcase FILM: > Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge > Snatched > Manhattan

films may be added or removed at any time subject to demand.

> Aquarius

Booklet May 2017  

A guide to what's on in Shetland Arts Venues in May & Beyond.

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