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Maxie Bain

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Bonhoga Gallery




Lerwick Scalloway

Bonhoga Gallery is owned and run by Shetland Arts Development Agency. A programme of exhibitions is organised each year for the Upper Gallery, featuring local, national and international contemporary visual art and craft.

OPEN Low Season

30 October 2017 - 1 April 2018 Wednesday to Sunday

Downstairs are smaller scale exhibitions by artists and craftmakers from both Shetland and the rest of the UK.

High Season

2 April - 28 October 2018 7 days a week

Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale Mill, Weisdale, Shetland ZE2 9LW, UK

Please check our website for opening hours.

Tel: +44 (0) 1595 745750 Fax: +44 (0) 1595 830444 E:

Admission: Free of charge Accessibility: Disabled parking, wheelchair ramp, disabled toilet 2

Bonhoga Gallery

© Chloe Garrick

Weisdale Mill

Café In the south-facing conservatory overlooking the Weisdale burn the Mill Café is a popular spot all year round for locals and visitors alike.

Bonhoga Gallery is situated in Weisdale Mill, on land cleared for large-scale sheep farming in the 19th Century. It was a meal and barley mill from 1855 until the early 1900s, then used as a butchery and tannery before falling into dereliction in the middle of the 20th century. The building was renovated and opened as Bonhoga Gallery in 1994, and since then has been welcoming large numbers of both Shetland residents and visitors to the isles. Bonhoga means ‘my spiritual home’ in Shetland dialect.

The menu features locally-sourced produce and specialities, all prepared daily on the premises. As well as options for children, the café caters for those with special dietary requirements. Our menu changes daily - check our specials board to see what we have on offer today.



21 October - 12 November


A selling exhibition of contemporary applied art and craft from Shetland and the UK.

There will be a focus on contemporary lighting with lampshades by designers Julie Williamson and Kate Hollowood, as well as a collection of design led contemporary jewellery from Carla Edwards, Amelia Stone and more. This is a unique opportunity to purchase from an exciting collection of handmade contemporary craft.

This themed collection of applied art and craft is inspired by Hairst, the Shetland dialect word for autumn, and will create a seasonal atmosphere in the gallery as the nights draw in. It is a multi discipline selling show offering visitors a chance to shop a carefully curated selection of distinctive homewares, jewellery and contemporary textiles from some of Shetland and the UK’s finest artists and designers. There are over 200 pieces in the show, including ceramic wall pieces from Bill Brown; screenprints by Hilke MacIntyre; luxurious textiles by Joan Fraser; hand crafted wood pieces from Rosie Brewer and beautiful ceramic tableware from Christopher Viviani and Kara Ford.

PUBLIC OPENING: Friday 20 October, 6 - 9pm Everyone welcome 5

Lower Gallery


21 October - 12 November

Gail Kelly

Northern Journey Her linen prints are a combination of contemporary design and classic fabrics. Gail uses a range of different weights and textures of Irish linen to create individual lino cuts then hand stitches each collage together.

Gail Kelly graduated from the University of Ulster in Belfast with a BA Honours in Fine Art Printmaking, and from Louisiana State University, U.S.A. with a Masters in Fine Art. She now lives and works in rural County Down and has been trading as Algan Arts for over 20 years. Gail creates original lithographs, woodcut and linocut prints and each is designed, processed and printed by hand. Her images are inspired by the patterns of the British landscape.



18 November - 24 December

Maxie Bain

Beach Scenes

And Other Obsessions of England Academy in Bristol. [Inevitably this led to further interesting portrait commissions.]

Upon leaving Gray’s School of Art in the mid-seventies, Maxie Bain was already known, in Scotland, as an aspiring portrait painter. Over the next ten years he exhibited regularly in various shows at the Royal Scottish Academy and completed a number of commissioned portraits. One of the most interesting was the Scottish author, Neil Gunn, painted for the Scottish Arts Council.

As the graphic design course grew and developed, Bain found himself in charge of its illustration content, but also worked on packaging design, typography and promotional design. This love of drawing and illustration found its way into his own work, resulting in the kind of detailed imagery for which he is best known in Shetland.

In 1975 Bain moved to England to work on a graphic design course at Salisbury College of Art, but continued to involve himself in portrait painting. He exhibited with the Royal Portrait Society in the Mall Galleries and at the National Portrait Gallery, London, as well as the Royal West

Maxie Bain returned to live in Shetland in 2015 after spending 40 years in the south of England. This exhibition is something of a minor retrospective.

PUBLIC OPENING: Friday 17 November, 6 - 7.30pm Everyone welcome 9

Lower Gallery

Louise Scott All of Louise’s inspiration comes from the natural world and the creatures that inhabit earth, air and water. She works on Copper plate using traditional age-old techniques, which uses an acid resistant wax, blackened with soot from a taper, and then the imagery drawn on with a fine needlepoint and a magnifying glass.

Louise is a Glasgow-based artist, specialising in copper plate etchings and marine life images. After receiving her degree in fine art printmaking from Cheltenham College of Art in the 1980’s she went on to gain a Diploma in Countryside Management, allowing her to combine both her love of the natural world and art. She previously lived in Orkney for 17 years where she ran The Inkstone Gallery in the beautiful village of St Margaret’s Hope. She is a member of the Glasgow Print Studio and the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.



Weds 8, 22, 29 Nov, 6 Dec 7-9pm & Sat 9 Dec 10am-3pm

Shetland Arts’ popular life drawing sessions are back! These informal sessions give artists of all abilities the opportunity to practise using a real life nude model. As well as the usual untutored sessions, there will be two tutored sessions and a full day.

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Paul Riddell

20 January - 18 March 2018

We’re Here Because We’re Here An exhibition telling the story of the contemporary memorial presented by 14-18 NOW and the National Theatre of Great Britain.

Working with National Theatre of Scotland, Shetland was one of only two locations in Scotland to take part in the project. The young men were a reminder of the 19,240 men who were killed on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Each participant represented an individual soldier who was killed on that day.

On 1 July 2016, thousands of volunteers took part in a modern memorial to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. We’re Here Because We’re Here was a UK-wide event commissioned by 14-18 NOW, conceived and created by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller in collaboration with Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre.

To mark the centenary of the year the First World War ended Bonhoga Gallery will show photographs and film documenting the impact of this moving public artwork.

Produced by Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the National Theatre, in collaboration with 26 organisations across the UK, approximately 1400 participants dressed in First World War uniform appeared unexpectedly in a variety of locations between 7am and 7pm.

Lower Gallery and Craft Cabinet: Applied Art & Craft from the UK

PUBLIC OPENING: Friday 19 January, 6 - 7.30pm Everyone welcome 13

20 January - 18 March 2018

Paul Riddell

Bonhoga Craft

In addition to the main gallery at Bonhoga there are dedicated spaces for the exhibition and sale of contemporary art and craft in the Lower Gallery and Shop area. There is always a wide range of work available to buy from over 60 of Shetland and the UK’s finest artists and makers. You will find luxury homewares, ceramics, woodwork, handmade jewellery, contemporary textiles and a large selection of original prints. We change our craft displays on a regular basis to ensure that each visit to Bonhoga offers something new and exciting, and Christmas is no exception with art and craft and gifts to suit every budget. The shop also stocks a large selection of artist cards, design led stationery and art and craft related books. Postage can also be arranged for any purchase made. 16

Bonhoga at Mareel

The retail space in Mareel features an ever-changing collection of design led gifts, stationery, cards and books as well as a small selection of local music CD’s.


Mareel Long Wall

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Shetland Klondykers Award-winning photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert visited the isles in 1994 for two assignments to record this influx of Eastern European factory ships and their crews.

In the early 1990’s, after Communism had collapsed, new economies were struggling in Eastern Europe. Huge processing ships were sent to Scottish waters to buy up the mackerel and herring catches, and take them back frozen or tinned to feed Bulgaria, Romania and the countries of the former Soviet bloc. Shetland’s shores were busy with these floating factories and the influx of workers had a marked impact on the local communities. It was a shortlived enterprise however, which came to an abrupt end after the sinking of three factory ships over a relatively short period.

Jeremy’s black and white images, reproduced on a large scale for this exhibition, are a fascinating insight into this period of time in Shetland. This work will be on show in this space for up to a year. 18

Mareel Feature Space

Liam Henderson


13 October - 18 December Portrait photographer, Liam Henderson, captures honest images of people in Shetland either within the landscape or in the studio. He takes inspiration from the unique people who surround him as well as the incredible landscape when shooting on location. This exhibition is made up of portraits, all taken on film between 2016-2017.


Mareel - Artist Talk

Artist Talk:

Dinh Q. Lê Dormitory and worker kitchen on Chincha Norte Island Production shot of The Colony, 2016 Photo courtesy of the artist

Dinh Q. Lê Tuesday 17 October Mareel, 6.30pm  £5 / £3 Vietnamese born artist and filmmaker Dinh Q. Lê will be in conversation with Artangel curator Phoebe Roberts ahead of the presentation of his work The Colony at Mareel in 2018.

The Colony is a film installation commissioned by Artangel. It immerses the viewer in panoramic scenes of the timeless and desolate Chincha Islands off the coast of Peru, home to an enormous colony of sea birds. It gradually reveals a sublime landscape with a complex history… Artangel is a commissioning body that has produced extraordinary art in unexpected places in London, across the UK and around the world for over 30 years.

Vietnamese Artist and Filmmaker Dinh Q. Lê will exhibit THE COLONY at Mareel in early 2018.

Bonhoga Autumn/Winter 2017/18  

What's on at Bonhoga Gallery in 2017/2018.

Bonhoga Autumn/Winter 2017/18  

What's on at Bonhoga Gallery in 2017/2018.