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Sherron Washington marcomm strategist professor/speaker/trainer session guide

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ceo/marcomm strategist Sherron Washington, M.A. is a marketing and communication (marcom) professional who has imparted her wisdom and expertise for over two decades. She has an uncanny ability to develop simple, innovative and results-driven marketing and communication. She is the founder and CEO of The P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communications (marcomm) firm located in the Washington, DC Area, that specializes in providing simplistic marcomm consulting and training. A leading expert and author in the marcomm industry, Sherron specializes in providing manageable solution-driven insight that identifies ideal marcomm results. Coupled with an elite keenness for effectively communicating, she uses strategy, learning theory, and technology, to create a perfect fusion of communication and marketing efforts that assist in creating an impactful presence that leads to expanded growth opportunities. Sherron is a global connector, she has been tremendously skillful at creating and cultivating authentic interactions that generate synergy that flourish into countless opportunities. She has an extraordinary ability to create and cultivate environments that harness authentic interactions to generate synergy that flourishes into great vibes with captivating results. Sherron uses a combination of her marcomm business acumen and expressive personality to create a distinctive and lasting presence that encourages and influences others to be more interactive. She understands the importance of remaining true in your communication efforts to facilitate interest and engagement that amplify results. Sherron’s goal is to instruct professionals on how to develop and execute better inclusive marketing and communication strategies that will have successful outcomes. She has a Masters of Arts in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a double minor in Business and Media Technology. | @ceop3 in

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professor/speaker/trainer Sherron has an energetic style that captivates and educates simultaneously, sharing expert marketing and communication strategies, tactics and trends. She provides her innovative insight in fun interactive sessions and keynotes that engage and enhance the participants’ learning experience. Sherron also conducts trainings and retreats for organizations to provide them with strategies on how to effectively plan, develop and implement communication and marketing functions. Her teaching and facilitation style is engaging and impactful, she encourages participants to openly interact and exchange information, while learning innovative and useful marketing and communications strategies. She trains and facilitates sessions for multi-million dollar corporations such as: Goldman Sachs and Events DC instructing them on everything from generating leads and sales, to managing bias and conflict. Additionally, Sherron is currently a Communication Professor at Trinity Washington and Temple University she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in: Innovative Storytelling, Critical Thinking and Oral Argumentation, Theory and Practice of Marketing, Gender and Communication, Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and Promotion, Social Media Marketing and Public Relations to name a few. She has conducted trainings and spoken at various conferences around the world including: | @ceop3 in

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communication topics Collaborative Teambuilding Happy Employees, Happier Employers: Reimagining Your Company’s Culture for Company Success In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, the challenges can be daunting— navigating toxic environments, managing employee stress, and weathering cultural and organization shifts that have created low morale and disconnection. It’s a delicate balancing act for organizations striving to keep their workforce focused, energized, and motivated. This session is tailored to assist companies revitalize a workplace that fosters positivity, motivation to positively enhance the work/life experience. Learning Objectives • Identify and understand the importance of developing effective team communicatiion that aligns with company goals. • Learn creative incentive strategies to increase employee morale. • Gain best practices on how to engage and create workplace connections that promotes cohesion and employee buy-in.

Strong Teams, Stronger Culture: Elevating Team Cohesion for Organizational Success In this session, participants will learn how to amplify team dynamics, by learning how to leverage influence and effectively align goals that encourage collaboration. The agenda encompasses an exploration of real-world examples, practical techniques and engaging activities to craft tailored action plans for successful teambuilding. Join me for an immersive experience that promises to empower leaders to elevate team cohesion and fortify a culture of success. Learning Objectives: • Identify and understand how leverage influence to fortify team cohesion • Explore how to fuse individual and team goals to align with organizational objectives • Collaboratively develop action plans to elevate team cohesion in alignment with organizational goals.

Crisis and Conflict Management The Art of Difficult Conversations: Communication Tactics to Navigate Challenging Situations Time to elevate your communication skills in difficult interactions. This interactive session will help you to assess and identify how to respond to conflict to help to build connectivity and maintain efficient communication. We’ll utilize role playing exercise to practice various | @ceop3 in

communication topics communication conflict responsive techniques for face-to face, online, and written exchanges. Learning Objectives: • Discuss how bias, perception, and culture influence impact conflict. • Identify and discuss conflict triggers and how to avoid them. • Adopt various conflict response communication strategies.

Crafting Clarity Beyond the Chaos: Communicating Effectively Through Crisis This engaging session will take deep dive into exploring the strategic use of multiple communication channels, gaining insights into leveraging various platforms to disseminate messages effectively. Learn vital hacks on how to create messaging that delivers clarity to address the unique needs and concerns of different audiences. In addition, you will uncover the power of transparency, discovering how honesty and openness contribute to building trust in times of turmoil. Learning Objectives • Learn techniques to craft messages that convey information timely and accurately. • Understand the unique needs and concerns of different audiences during a crisis • Learn the value of transparency in crisis communication. • Determine which communication channels are suitable to use for your organization when managing crisis.

Cross Cultural & Inclusive Communication Avoiding Compliance Complacency: Changing Mindsets, Not Just Policies in the Workplace Organizational leaders who implement DEI policies based on societal pressure and/or organizational goals, without an assessment or understanding environmental implications may find themselves in a position of complacency without “real change”. Leaders should avoid compliance complacency efforts that that checks a box without assessing the risks, rewards or environmental implications. This interactive session will address how organizations can use cultural awareness to influence mindset change that provides expanded ways to support, engage and empower people. • Define the core concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, emphasizing their significance beyond regulatory compliance. • Explore and recognize implicit biases and stereotypes that may exist in the workplace, fostering an awareness of how these impact decision-making and interpersonal relationships. • Develop strategies for sustaining the momentum of DEI efforts over the long term, ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion become integral aspects of the organizational culture. • Develop a roadmap for implementing DEI initiatives that extend beyond compliance requirements, considering long-term cultural shifts within the organization.

communication topics Identity Matters: Amplifying Inclusive Communication Skills to Empower Teams Identity influences team dynamics, so it is vital to cultivate a workplace culture of inclusivity during these times of change. This session provides guidance that will equip attendees the ability to gain valuable insights with actionable strategies on how to create an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and contributes to a culture of belonging and collaboration. Participants will: • Identify how the value of identity shapes the organization and impacts team building. • Learn how to promote inclusivity in team interactions through role-play. • Explore best practices and the benefits of engaging in an inclusive workplace culture.

The Power of Cultural Awareness: Unmasking and Managing Bias in the Workplace Unlock the keys to creating a harmonious workplace in this interactive session that is designed to teach the principles involved in understanding and managing diversity and bias within the workplace. Participants will discover how difference can be used as an advantage to facilitate positive intergroup interaction and reduce prejudice and discrimination in the workplace. This session is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a transformative experience designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to create an inclusive, positive, and thriving workplace. Learning objectives include: • Identify and discuss the origin of bias and how it relates to cultural competency in the workplace. • Uncovering how self-awareness can impact communication. • Learning best practices in how to manage our own bias to strengthen workplace relationships.

Digital Communication Creating a Professional Portfolio to Advance Your Brand In today’s competitive professional landscape, standing out requires more than just a resume. This is an interactive course designed to guide professionals through the process of crafting a compelling professional portfolio and developing a strong personal brand presence that WOWs. This handson course has a mix of practical strategies, collaborative exercises and branding principles that are designed to help participants to: • Craft your personal narrative that helps to develop a compelling story that reflects your professional presence. • Understand the significance of having and impactful online presence by leveraging social smedia platforms. • Explore how to enhance the visual aspects of your personal brand to create a consistent visual identity. | @ceop3 in

communication topics In Your A.I. Era: Utilizing Technology to Advance Your Communication Learn how A.I. can s enhance efficiency in email communication, chat interactions, and virtual meetings. Explore cutting-edge A.I. solutions designed to break language barriers, facilitating seamless communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. In addition, participants will uncover the power of A.I. analytics, data-driven insights to shape and optimize the strategic communication approach. In this dynamic session you will gain practical insights into the revolutionary integration of artificial intelligence technologies, propelling your communication efforts into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. Learning Objectives • Explore how A.I. can enhance efficiency in email communication, chat, and virtual meetings. • Explore A.I. solutions for breaking language barriers in communication. • Explore how A.I. analytics can inform strategic communication decisions.

Executive Presence & Leadership Communication Executive Influence: Amplifying Your Communication to Lead Successfully This session is designed to examine how leaders can establish and enhance more vibrant leadership communication to magnify their influence. Participants will identify key techniques that help leaders to show-up and show-off their WOW star power to help to lead confidently to drive change, motivate and inspire engagement, teamwork, cohesive decision-making and communication in the workplace. Learning Objectives • Examine how to elevate your “influential leader” genius. • Uncover how to synergize employees’ workplace interactions. • Learn how to align communication with organizational goals that foster creativity and innovation.

The Power of I: Inclusive Leadership Strategies for Organizational Enhancement This interactive session will provide insights on the potential of inclusive leadership in driving positive organizational change. Through a deep dive into inclusive leadership strategies, attendees will gain insights and practical tools to harness the power of “I” to fortify the “WE” for a more productive work environment. This interactive session will provide leaders with the tools to implement inclusivity strategies that strengthen their ability to facilitate open communication, increase efficiency, while still supporting the need for individuals to feel valued and included. Attendees will: • Identify comprehensive inclusive leadership strategies using real-world examples and activities.

communication topics • Learn how to Implement leadership practices that foster a culture of belonging that align with organizational goals. • Lead and mentor using empowerment strategies to develop inclusive leaders that embrace drive positive change within the organization.

Networking & Relationship Building Polished Connections: Decoding Networking Decorum Mastering the art of networking decorum allows you to cultivate a unique presence that sparks a willingness in others to build meaningful relationships. Connection opportunities become a canvas for collaboration, empowering you to optimize every possibility that comes your way. This insightful session allows participants to obtain successful networking tactics designed to demystify the rules of networking, providing practical guidance on how to navigate professional settings with confidence and finesse. Learning Objectives • Learn the art of making a positive and lasting impression during initial networking interactions. • Learn how to create and foster new meaningful interactions that cultivate connection. • Acquire strategies on how to leverage and cultivate existing connections.

Public Speaking Speak-Easy: Strategies for Public Speaking Success Become a confident communicator by enhancing your public speaking skills. This session provides a comprehensive look of essential strategies that help to elevate and magnify your public speaking abilities. Attending this course will teach you how to harness the power to captivate any audience through creating engaging content and building a connection with the audience all while boosting your confidence. This session is designed to help participants to: • Explore public speaking principles including audience analysis and purposeful messaging to structure impactful presentations. • Learn techniques for developing content that resonates with diverse audiences, utilizing edutainment, anecdotes, and data. • Learn strategies to establish a genuine connection with your audience, fostering engagement and resonance. | @ceop3 in

communication topics Strategic Communication Planning Communication Simplified: The One-Page Plan for Strategic Alignment Gain the insights needed to identify key principles and methods crucial for crafting a strategic communication plan. Assess organizational communication landscapes, that address challenges and capitalize on changes to develop communication tactics that foster productive harmony. Through interactive exercises, participants will hone the skills necessary for measuring and analyzing communication outcomes that provide a foundation for continuous improvement and success. Learning Objectives: • Learn how to create a focused and actionable one-page strategic plan. • Assess organizational communication challenges and opportunities to develop a strategic initiatives that encourages connection, engagement and productivity. • Develop skills in measuring and analyzing communication plan outcomes for continuous improvement.

Communication Retreats Immerse your team/company/organization in an enhanced experience designed to edutain (educate and entertain) and facilitate trainings in effective communication that foster collaboration, and ignite a renewed sense of engagement and purpose. Organizational Communication Retreats are unique opportunities for your team to step back, reflect, and realign communication strategies for enhanced efficiency and collective success. (customized to multi-day, 1-day or 1/2 day)

Sample Topics Areas to Choose From: Collaborative Teambuilding • Learn strategies for fostering a culture of collaboration within your team • Exploring best practices on how to balance roles and form teams strategically to their strengths Crisis & Conflict Management • Techniques for resolving conflicts through communication. • Navigating difficult situations effectively. • Strategies for monitoring, responding, and leveraging communication during crises. • Explore the critical role of communication in managing and mitigating crises. Cross Cultural & Inclusive Communication • Identify and discuss bias and how it relates to cultural competency in the workplace. • Core concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging as it relates to its impact in communicating.

communication topics • Explore the fundamental principles and importance of inclusive communication. • Learn to identify and eliminate language barriers that may hinder inclusive communication. Digital Communication Skills • Gain best practices for virtual communication • Learn strategies for integrating technology like, Artificial Intelligence to enhance communication efficiency Executive Presence & Leadership Communication • Explore the multifaceted components that contribute to executive presence • Learn how to Implement leadership practices that foster a culture of belonging that align with organizational goals Networking and Relationship Building • Understand the role of elevating your networking in personal and professional growth. • Learn how to optimize your professional brand appeal through networking Public Speaking • Learn techniques for developing content that resonates with different audiences • Techniques for delivering impactful and persuasive speeches Strategic Communication Planning • Prioritizing action through plan development to create alignment • Develop skills in measuring and analyzing communication plan outcomes for continuous improvement

marketing topics Elevating Your Marketing to Advance Your Growth Marketing can be extremely challenging, but creating simple plan to develop tactics that amplify growth is can make it easier to obtain and maintain success. Gaining skills to craft and implement creative and compelling strategies is key to positively impacting your position and bottom line. This interactive session will assist with building simplified marketing, that creates an elevated presence that allows you to show-up and show-off your star power, enhancing your voice and genius authentically. Learning Objectives • Learn how to streamline complex marketing plans into simple yet impactful approaches. • Determine how to use social media to leverage your marketing strategy. • Explore how to authentically activate marketing tactics to and maximize impact.

Harnessing The Power of Inclusive Marketing How is your company remaining nimble and progressive throughout the marketplace? Marketing tactics that have worked in the past might not be currently viable and your organization will need to pivot to better align with the times for increased success. This session will provide simple hacks designed to help you harness inclusive marketing efforts to effectively assist in amplifying your brand and promotion efforts. Learning Objectives • Identify and discuss how inclusive marketing can expand your reach. • Examine how cultural competence and authenticity together can be effective in marketing . • Develop a framework plan to increase marketing effectiveness. It’s Levels to This: Elevating Your Brand to Advance Your Impact Many professionals want to be recognized, respected and accepted as influencers, thought leaders, and significant contributors that help, lead, shape and transform this world. One way to do this is by building an exemplary brand that exemplifies a bold presence to make larger impact in today’s “new” normal. Leveraging your positioning allows you to show up and show-off your star power, providing a space that amplifies your voice and exhibits your genius. This explosive and interactive session will provide attendees with the tools to: • Discover how to create a solid brand foundation that elevates your position. • Explore strategies for crafting a brand that reflects influence, thought leadership, and significant contributions. • Explore methods for aligning your brand with your unique strengths and contributions to amplify your genius.

Market Simple: The One-Page Marketing Plan

marketing topics The age of creating a multi-page, complexed plan that is rarely used or abandoned is over. Marketing should never be that complicated or time-consuming. Developing a simple marketing plan is critical to business success and gaining the skill to craft and implement quick, creative and compelling promotional strategies is the key to positively impacting position and the bottom line. This interactive session teaches you to maximize marketing efforts quickly and effectively using a streamlined, one-page marketing plan. Learning Objectives • Recognize the role of pr, marketing and sales contributes to positioning and growth. • Learn how to create a concise and focused one-page marketing plan. • Develop practical skills to execute marketing strategies swiftly without compromising effectiveness.

Silencing The Myths: Creating Social Media Success with Impactful Content Let’s debunk the myths surrounding social media success by learning the art of crafting content that not only captures attention but also makes a lasting impact. This session is designed to empower businesses with the skills to navigate the complexities of social media marketing, ensuring that your content shines in the digital landscape without causing audience tune-out or turn-off. Learning Objectives: • Learn how to build succinct and compelling effective marketing messaging. • Develop strategies to effectively navigate various platforms in the current digital landscape. • Discover how to activate your audience engagement through creative content that fosters a connection.

The Game Changer: Using A.I. to Advance Your Marketing Efforts This interactive session will focus on the significant impact that artificial intelligence has on today’s marketing strategies and tactics. Participants will identify A.I. marketing methods designed to tailor their marketing efforts using technological advancements that assist you effectively predict consumer needs and improve the customer experience. Learning Objectives • Discuss how artificial intelligence is impacting the marketplace. • Identify creative ways to use A.I. strategies to effectively leverage marketing • Examine the implications that A.I. may have in the future of marketing

Marketing Retreats Immerse your marketing team/department/organization in an enhanced experience designed to edutain (educate and entertain) and facilitate trainings in effective marketing aimed at connecting teams, fostering creative collaborations, and developing innovative marketings strategies to enhance your marketing. (customized to multi-day, 1-day or 1/2 day) | @ceop3 in

marketing topics

marketing topics

Brand Positioning • Define and articulate the core values, mission, and unique value proposition that contribute to the position the brand. • Identify opportunities to differentiate the brand in the market and develop a unique market position. • Learn how to craft brand messaging and imagery that succinctly communicates your brand’s unique value. Market Trends Analysis and Consumer Behavior • Understand the impact of market trends and consumer behavior shifts on your strategies. • Learn how to conduct scenario planning to prepare for various potential future market scenarios. Creative Ideation and Strategic Planning • Explore various brainstorming techniques to generate creative ideas • Learn how to translate creative ideas into actionable strategic plans • Develop skills in communicating strategic plans to cross-functional teams (PR, Sales, Social Media, Marketing etc..) Goal Alignment and Target Segmentation • Learn how to align marketing goals with overall organizational objectives. • Explore methods for identifying and segmenting target audiences. Content Strategy & Tactical Execution • Understand the role of content in maintaining consistency across various content channels. • Understand how to synchronize content releases with key events, seasons, and marketing campaigns. Emerging Digital Marketing Technologies • Explore different digital marketing channels (e.g., social media, SEO, email marketing) • Develop strategies for adapting digital marketing tactics in response to algorithm updates • Explore real-world examples of A.I. applications in marketing, including personalization, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making Budgeting • Gain skills in creating and allocating budgets for marketing campaigns. • Understand how to prioritize spending based on campaign objectives and expected returns. Metrics and Evaluation • Understand how to define and key marketing metrics • Develop frameworks for evaluating marketing performance against set goals • Gain skills in aligning marketing metrics with broader organizational goals. | @ceop3 in

keynote topics Amplifying Alliances: Forging a Way to Navigate the Future Together

Interconnectedness and collaboration are vital to building and maintaining powerful strategic partnerships and unified efforts that shape collective success. This keynote delves into the art of building meaningful alliances, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, shared vision, and mutual support to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve common goals. Join me for this entertaining and engaging session that will empower you to strengthen your alliances, amplify your impact, and navigate the future with confidence and unity.

We Amplified: Maximizing Influence for Collective Success

What happens when individuals come together with a shared purpose? Transformative power that can be leveraged to amplify influence, foster a sense of unity and accomplish shared goals. Participants will embark on a journey to uncover the collective strength that emerges when professionals effectively collaborate, communicate, and harness the power of WE to drive success. Join me for this entertaining and engaging keynote that will not only empower you but give you practical tips to maximize your influence collectively and achieve greatness as a united force.

Future in Review: Defining and Reshaping Trends in Communication

This session promises an enlightening exploration of the trends and transformative innovations poised to redefine the way we connect and converse. Attendees will receive insights that will guide you through a discussion analyzing cutting-edge technologies, cultural shifts, and strategic approaches that will shape the conversations of tomorrow. Join me for an illuminating experience that goes beyond the present, providing a visionary glimpse into the trends that will reshape the communication landscape. | @ceop3 in

author/contributor featured in: When Keeping it Real Goes Right Associations Now Magazine 5 Qualities Commonly Seen in Strong Brands American Express Open Forum Eliminating Headaches: How to Decrease Marketing Frustrations Black Enterprise Magazine 3 Ways To Get You Employees to Magnify Your Social Media Reach Social Media Today Social Media Campaign Celebrating Women Fox 5 Local entrepreneur creates social media campaign to combat negative images seen in media Fox 5 Your Response Matters: How to Become a More Comptent Communicator Faculty Manager Magazine The Power of I: Inclusive Leadership Strategies During Change Venue Manager Magazine

An author and marcomm talk show host, Sherron has positioned herself as a leading authority in the marcomm industry. She is the author of three books of Market Simple: The Blueprint to a One-Page Marketing Plan, and The Oops Moment: Eliminating Marketing Mistakes, Mishaps and Missteps both, instructional guides on how businesses can create a quick and easily executable marketing solutions. She also just recently published a cookbook, Keep Calm, Cook Simple, that provides simple recipes with a marketing tip included. She has also been a contributor for several publications and blogs including; Social Media Today, Black Enterprise, American Express Open Forum, and LinkedIn Marketing, where she is a leading authority on how to streamline marketing and inclusive communication efforts in order to make a more effective impact. She uses a combination of her marcomm business acumen and expressive personality to create a distinctive and lasting presence that encourages and influences others to be more interactive. She understands the importance of remaining true in your communication efforts to facilitate interest and engagement that amplify results. | @ceop3 in

Sherron Washington

let’s talk marcomm If you are interested in booking Sherron for any marketing or communications events, trainings, and/or retreats, plese call 240-242-9246 or email

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