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06 A WORD FROM THE FOUNDER She ROCKS It By Founder Joyce Dawkins

09 PHOTO SUBMISSION SPOTLIGHT Photo Submission Spotlight Winners



A PHOTO TRIBUTE TO GIRLFRIENDS See how women across the US are Living their Best Life with their Girlfriends





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She ROCKS It Written by: My Soul POV


Soul Ties Written by: Tawana Trammell SRI Magazine Contributing Writers


No New Friends Written by: Keisha Roberts-Tabb


I Gave Up So She Could Rise Written by: Alondra Anderson


Her Story by: Raven White



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New Normal Written by: Joyce Dawkins


Getting Crafty With Carriece Written by: Carriece Jefferson




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She ROCKS It Having a platform like She ROCKS It and a

Women who make Friendships and

social media group I AM SHE gives me the

Sisterhood a positive thing to be a part of

opportunity to spotlight, acknowledge and

Like the Sororities in the Greek Devine Nine

honor some powerful sisters. Sisters who turn

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Zeta Phi

triumph into testimony, struggles into success,

Beta Sorority Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha

Sisters who use social media to network and

Sorority Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

build relationships and not tear others down,

Inc. Like the women in my Gurlfriends For

Sisters who value the power of collaboration

Life group: Sheronda, Tonia, Lavonne,

and steer from competition, Sisters who hustle

Monique, Candice, Talonda and Sherice. Like

to build a brand from nothing more than a

the women who create social platforms for

dream and a passion and Sisters who balance

other women to engage socially. Women like

work and life as single mothers making a way

Jayda James, Deana Lewis and Makeda

for their children. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Chandler. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Women like Kisha-Roberts Tabb, who makes it

Women who pour into other women to help

her life mission to stop sex trafficking of young

them be successful in areas of

women by going out in the streets of some of

entrepreneurship, finance,

the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago to

personal/professional growth, home

spread awareness and save lives. Women like

ownership marketing and branding. Women

Tammera L. Holmes who created a name for

like, Caroll Terrell, Nikita Nicci, Serita Love,

herself and building a legacy by creating a

Sheena Baker, Michelle Thames, Jeri Simone

educational platform for youth to be

Toliver, Afenya Pongo Montgomery, Reese

introduced to the world of aviation. Women

Purnell, Que Johnson, Courtney Underwood,

like Keena Barber who created the Legacy

Latoya Moore, Ashley Kirkwood and Andrea

Awards to recognize entrepreneurs in the

Thompson. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Chicagoland area as well as created an amazing publication Voice of the Chi. Women

Women who makes sure She ROCKS it!

like Bridgette Flagg who never had restaurant

Women like Shonal, Ylandus, Tasha, Alta,

experience but she had a vision, a love for

Michelle, Vonetta, Kiyana, Tamara, Ebony,

food and family dinner memories, She took

Aisha, Karen, Tiffany, Courtney along with the

that love and those memories and she now

countless volunteers. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

has one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago; Soule’,. Women like Penny Crockett who

Women who create platforms for young girls

suffered from domestic violence but didn’t

to be mentored and molded into the next

allow it to hunt her but she found healing

generation of Phenomenal women. Women

through creating tea. This healing process

like Dominique Robinson, Jamila Trimuel,

allowed her to develop a delicious drink

La’Keisha Gray-Sewell and Shatina Edwards.

Penny’s Tea and Women like Tiffany Ray who

Women whose mission is to serve the

took the pain of her childhood and turned it

unserved and empower others. Women like

into an amazing book Cycle of Resilience. Yes,

Archana Liggins, Felicia East and Daniella

Sisters we ROCK!

Coffee. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

She ROCKS It Women who stand on the frontlines in the

Women Entrepreneurs who hustle hard daily

medical field during times such as theses,

to build their brands. Brands like Delali

women like Aretha Harris, Rachael Steward,

Robinson Cosmetics, Nzuri Body Essentials,

Naythea Sumter, Lessesa Simmons, Kimberly

Essie Marie’s Salad Dressing, Love Cork Screw

Burnett, Shonal Burnett and Dr. Dawn

Wines, B.O.Essentials, J.Rose Health and

Bounds. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Fitness and Tendaji Body oils. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Women who have a professional listening ear to support her when needed no

Women are some of the most Influential,

questions asked. Women like Barbie Grace,

Important, Intelligent, Intellectual Game

Dr. Tiffany Bellamy, Carla Bradley-Stewart,

Changers and Bosses to walk this earth.

Moniek Richardson, Dr. Tamara Denton and

While the month of March is set aside to

Kiyana Jackson. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

acknowledge all of our greatest we really ROCK 365 days a year.

Women who are the educators that pour

Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

into the minds of our youth. Women like Dr. Shaniqua Jones, LaTasha Dawkins Smith, Madelyn Wiley, Jonnelle Boyd, Stephaine Roberts, Treveda Redmond and Dr. Tiffany Gethers. Yes, Sisters we ROCK! Women who are gifted with photography who uses the lens to capture the very essence of who She is; Women whose creative mind creates events that are extraordinary; Women who have entertainment platforms for other women to rise up on. Women like Alexis Beauford, Sherondra Mcgrew, Amber Green, Madison Elyse Events, Darra Michelle, Felice Kimbrew, Coffe Iman, Keisha Rose, Cassandra Bell, Yonnie Brown, Ashleigh Jackson, Maubra

Photo of The Founder of She ROCKS It, Photo Taken By Coffe Iman.

Foster, Michella Amor, Cabryl Breotti, Nelissa Heath and Genesis Emory. Yes, Sisters we ROCK!

Pose & Flash The Girlfriend Edition photo features

SPOTLIGHT WINNERS 2 Amazing Submissions that caught our attention.


What my Girlfriends mean to me By Tiya Cunningham-Sumter

PHOTO TRIBUTE A look at all the amazing photos submitted for The Girlfriend Edition

Photo Submission Spotlight

When we put the call out for women to share photos of them and their Girlfriends out living their best life. We wanted to shed light on the postive energy amist everything that had been going on in the world around us. We received so many beautiful pictures. Ladies from Texas to Mississippi from Arizona to Chicago sent in photos to show the world how SHE is living her best life! We can't wait for you to turn the pages to see all the beautiful photos that were submitted. Starting with these amazing images submitted by Shaunda Anderson of Rockford IL, The bold, bright, beautiful colors, the decor, the attire, the setting, the women, everything about these photos ROCKED! She ROCKS It Congratulates Shaunda and her Girlfriends on getting the spotlight feature in our Girlfriend Edition: Kennedy, Tiana, Toni, Paris, Cassandra, Denise, Danielle, Timiko, Aisha and Leiaa. Shaunda, pictured

top right photo, 4th person on the left, was a past She ROCKS It Celebrating Women Who ROCKS Awards Honoree. Cassandra pictured in the same photo, first person on the left, was featured in the first Edition of the She ROCKS It Magazine for her amazing art work. We asked Shaunda about these photos and she shared that the pictures were taken in New Orleans while on a girls trip celebrating her new job, a friends 50-ish birthday and celebrating New Beginnings as Friends! In times such as these we all need a strong sister tribe to rock with us. Girlfriends make it all better! These photos showing friends praying is powerful. It exemplifies the strength in their bond, the white can represent their new beginnings, as Shaunda stated.


She ROCKS It is honored to feature such a beautiful group of women who shared with the world how they are living their best lives.


Photo Submission SpotlightWinner

ELCRIC EHT She ROCKS It received photos from across the U.S. This photo submitted by Yolanda Brunson from DC shared this wonderful story behind this photo. Yolanda shared that the picture captures 6 women who really love to celebrate each other! The color scheme “yellow and gray” was the idea of our photographer (Tosha Francis). The sun was blazing in the DC area that day but you couldn’t tell from all that "Radiance and Resilience" we were giving!!! Affectionately known as “The Circle” these women personify the meaning of sisterhood. Though not born of the same blood, we're connected by shared life experiences and the pursuit to make each other better. I tear up just thinking about what each of these women mean to me especially at different stages of my journey. They are the 4 E Women of life that live their truth and allow me to live mine without judgment just LOVE! They have a seat at the table of my life because they dine on positivity and loyalty to Elevate, Empower, Encourage and Esteem one another.


The Circle: Pictured Left-Right Standing: Natalie, Jeanette, Yolanda, Earline, Sitting Left-Right: Carolyn, DurShawn

We genuinely want to see each other “WiN” and BE better today than OUR yesterday! I tell you these women were divinely curated to wear the emblem of friendship through any season or storm! We’ve been tested by life, reassured by God and when life tried us, we just fought back a little harder because we knew better was coming! We wiped each other’s tears and cheered each other on at every level of adversity and triumph because meaningful relationships are birthed out of challenges. However, it's such an amazing feeling to know that as sista-friends we are genuinely rooting for each other to get across that finish line and be all God intended!!! These women truly ROCK! We are super excited to share their story and photo with the She ROCKS It Magazine Community!


Girlfriend A


When we asked Tiya CunninghamSumter of Chicago, who is a Certified Relationship Coach & Blogger and Author of A Conversation Piece: 32 Bold Relationship Lessons for Discussing Marriage, Sex, and Conflict (Amazon) and Hello BOLD! The Confidence Guide for Conquering Shyness and Overcoming Fear (Amazon) what her Girlfriends Tiya Cunningham-Sumter mean to her, she shared the following: "For me, having an amazing circle of friends means that you experience all of life together. That means you celebrate life and all of the exciting moments together, but you are also there to support one another through life’s challenges. I think it is important to have a circle of friends that are spiritually grounded as well, who know how to pray and are supportive, are able to hold you accountable and there to help you to become the very best version of yourself; these are must haves. A great circle of friends also means you can experience every single emotion and your bond just keeps getting stronger as a result. And finally, a great circle of friends must be able to accept correct/admonish with love."

GIRLS-SISTERS-FRIENDS Photo Submissions of Girlfriends Living Their Best Lives

Jasmine pictured far right of Mississippi stepped out on the town to enjoy hanging with her girls while they all live their best lives. Photo submitted by Jasmine

Nakisha of Arizona (3rd from left) celebrated her book signing in Chicago with her Girlfriends who came out to support her. Photo submitted by Nakisha

La Trese of Texas (5th from left) shared this beautiful picture of her and her Girlfriends out enjoying the beautiful weather and living their best lives. Left photo submitted by Norma (center) Celebrating her birthday. Right photo submitted by Aneshia (2nd left) her and her girlfriends did a weekend getaway to celebrate Mother's Day

Surround yourself with Like-Minded Positive, Supportive Loving Girlfriends and Live Your Best Life!

Danielle of Illinois (back center) shared this beautiful photo of a day out celebrating with her girlfriends (l-r) Tiffany, Amria, Latoya and Michelle Dornesa of Illinois, pictured 2nd from right, shared this photo of your Girlfriends who come together to volunteer and give back to others.

SHE SAID THAT! Women Shared Why Their Girlfriends ROCK

My girlfriends Rock, because they are a very diverse group of beautifully talented women. We are authentic, inspiring,

"sisterhood is something that is embedded inside of me, it's a unique knitting between sisters. We can always count on one another, no matter likeminded women who feel compassion, the situation, and show up as our authentic selves, without and love for one another. I grew up with my judgment. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear mom and two aunts so sisterhood was something that was always up close and to vent, a word of encouragement, to laugh about personal. However, the bonds my mother something we did, or to inspire one another, that we can made with women who were not related to do it. Finally, these beautiful diverse women are prayer us, her Sorority sisters (who are not my intercessors who will go to God in prayer. I am truly Sorority sisters) were even more special. thankful for this group of women, they truly Rock! These women always had a mission and Chicago, IL goal of empowerment- to improve not only themselves but also those around them and Rockford, IL the community. The common thread that Germany always remained was the feelings that "YOU ARE NOT ALONE SIS!" We are not alone in It’s important to have a tribe of girlfriends to make it our experiences, our feelings, our triumphs, through this thing called LIFE. With my friends, we know that no matter what happens we can count on and also our pain...the being there part...that's real sisterhood." each other to be there for support. We kick it hard all Myskeshia, Illinois over the world! encouraging and most of all, we truly love each other like

Nicole, IL.

What makes my girlfriends rock is the fact that they are truly the sisters I have never had. We have a no

My girlfriends ROCK because we are each other's cheerleaders, encouragement, reality checks and shoulders to lean/stand/cry on!

judgment zone kinda of relationship. It’s filled with love, trust, accountability & support. Oh & did I mention they are funny as HELL! Life wouldn’t be the same without them!

I love my Sister Circle! Kenya, Washington, DC

What characteristics do you look for in a friend is someone I can be vulnerable with them, no judgment, they are trustworthy and honest and all

Friendships that can stand the test of time are those in which you can be vulnerable, express the good and bad, and not be judged or pass judgement. We all genuinely want each other to be happy and to be the best version of ourselves. The loyalty, support, trust, and love that my friends and I have for one another, is what elevated our friendships into sisterhoods.

around want the best for me. Honest, loyal, like mindedness, godly and just people that I can vibe with. La Trese, Dallas, TX Tamea, Manassas, VA

I have truly been blessed with the most amazing sister/friends and I am honored to have them in my life. Stansha, Illinois

Chanell, Indianapolis, IN Background photo submitted by Kenya of Washington, DC pictured 2nd left

She Travels

We polled members of our social media group I AM SHE and asked the question: When the world opens back up safely and you can travel again where would you go with your Girlfriends? They responded quickly with places like; Paris, Bora Bora, Jamaica, Aruba, Africa, NOLA, Miami, New York, and several stated they were just going to do a Stay-Cation with the girls. We received these amazing photos from women who traveled with their Girlfriends to celebrate and enjoy life. Top Left Photo submitted by Aneshia of Illinois her and her Girlfriends did a quick getaway to spend fun quality time with each other. Bottom Left submitted by Dawn of Illinois who was celebrating her 50th birthday, Right first three photos submitted by Nicole of Illinois her and her Girlfriends went on multiple trips to Celebrate milestones and friendship, Bottom right Dawn of Illinois showing how She ROCKS 50!

The Power of Sisterhood


Members of the Devine Nine Greek Sororities have long been known for their commitment to the Community, Education, Scholarship and Sisterhood. Represented in these phots are members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., top left photo submitted by Pam of Illinois, Top Right right Photo submitted by Nakisha of Arizona, Middle Left Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Photo submitted by Tawana of Illinois, Middle Right Members of Sigma Gamma Rho Philo Affiliates Photo Submitted by Shanta of Illinois and Bottom Left and Right Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Photos submitted by Shandra of Illinois and Joyce of Illinois.

GIRLS-SISTERS-FRIENDS Photo Submissions of Girlfriends Living Their Best Lives

These Girlfriends Posed for a quick photo while Celebrating Juneteenth Pictured L-R Michelle, Shavon and Gabby of Illinois Photo by Coffe Iman

These Girlfriends came together to Shower their Girlfriend Bride To Be Stansha (middle) of Illinois with a beautiful Tea Party! What Girl doesn't Like to dress up and celebrate her friends! Congratulations to the beautiful Bride To Be!

Girlfriends Joyce and Ylandus sneak a quick selfie while the photo was captured by Coffe Iman.

Kenya of D.C. pictured on right, shared this photo of her and her Girlfriends Celebrating their Girls 50th Birthday! Girlfriends came together to Celebrate Latoya's 39th Birthday (pictured center) Happy Birthday!

It was a celebration for these Sorors/Girlfriends who came together to Celebrate Juneteenth Pictured L-R Myskeisha, Yolanda, Ylandus and Juanita Photo by Coffe Iman

What's better than stepping out on the town to live your best life? Stepping out on the town with your Girlfriends! That's exactly what Chelisa (2nd left) of Atlanta did when her and her Girlfriends enjoyed a Girls Night Out! Photo submitted by Chelisa

Being with your Girlfriends and Living Your Best Life, what more can a Girl ask for!

There is nothing like catching up with your high school girlfriends which is what Shonal (left) of Illinois did when she hooked up with long time friends Natalie (middle) and Tiffany (right) for a wonderful girls night out.



Written by: Tawana Trammell Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author and Speaker

Growing up I was surrounded by family. As life would have it, I observed and experienced positive and negative situations within my family but love was always present. During my younger years I believed my family was my only option for close relationships. I was taught that family is EVERYTHING. As a college student , I learned that family is not only blood relatives but those you love, respect, and connect with. I begin to establish friendships with a variety of individuals from different walks of life. Then I was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and a whole new world of sisterhood opened up to me. These women became my unbiological sisters. The sorority brought us together but our hearts joined us together for life! I went from having one biological sister to having an abundance of sisters. These bonds continue to add value to my life. As our hymn states, “We help each other because we know there’s no other like our Sisterhood”.

As I continued to mature, I learned that my relationships with women would continue to evolve. I continued to meet new individuals at church, work, and within the community that would enhance my life. I affectionately refer to them as my sister girlfriends. They are the women that provide me a safe place to land through the storms of life. As humans our lives are complex and our needs change. I have learned that my relationships with the women I consider family far extend beyond my family tree. They are the women God have put in my life for a reason, season, or lifetime. I recognize that I can have a variety of relationships that all have their special place. They are all valuable and I am open to the love each one brings to my life. I know that these relationships enhance my quality of life and would not want to exist without the love and support of my family, Sorors, or sistergirlfriends!

I have heard many women express challenges getting alone with women or not having a desire for relationships with other women for a variety of reasons. I would encourage you to reconsider. If you had a negative experience in the past, know that not all women are the same. I believe every woman need a sister- girlfriend. Friendships are therapeutic! They provide a safe place for us to share life experiences without judgement and receive love, support, and encouragement during challenging times. They also allow us the opportunity to pour into others and enjoy the comradery associated with friendships. Don’t underestimate the POWER of friendships! While no relationship is perfect, the good definitely out weigh the bad. Don’t cheat yourself out of the opportunity to expand the family you can choose!


I must admit high school was hard

For the first few months of school, I

and the students were cruel. I began

went back and forth regarding my

high school with a ready-made crew.

four-year friendship with these girls. At

We had all went to junior high school

some point, I decided that I had

together and believed that we were

enough. I remained friends with Rea

indestructible. We had spent nearly

but decided that the whole “crew”

every weekend together since the 6th

thing was just not for me.I began to

grade and new each other’s deepest

walk alone through the hallways and

secrets. We added a few members to

for the first time since I could

our junior high cohort and the crew

remember I was cool with that.

was formed. I thought that these would be my girls forever, forever lasted all of freshmen year. By the time we made it to the tenth-grade secrets had been told, relationships had been ruined, sides had been picked, and our unbreakable bonds had been shattered. When all the sides had been picked, I felt like an outcast. I had managed to hold on to Rea, who was one of the new members of our crew. She did not attend junior high with us but if you observed us, you would have never known. I knew it was rough on her because she was caught in the middle, still friends with them and still maintained her friendship with me. Although sometimes I wanted her to just pick a side, even at 15 years old I knew that wasn’t fair.

Kenwood had so many activities, I could tell Rea was having a hard time dividing herself between them and me. I decided to go to the basketball pep rally alone.As I approached the bleachers, I asked an unfamiliar face if anyone was sitting next to her. “You are now,” she said and laughed. I had never seen this girl before, but she had such a welcoming spirit. I sat down next to her. We laughed and joked the entire pep rally. I didn’t know it, but I had met one of my best friends that day. From that day forward, we were inseparable. We were in different divisions, shared no classes, no extracurricular activities, yet we were always together. Besides Natia, Neka was the only other person that I shared my secret with. She cut classes to go to the doctor with me and my mother.

My mother had to have a spinal tap, but I had a final exam and Kim also had a school commitment. Best friend to the rescue, she left school lied and told the doctors she was me and, held my mother’s hand during her spinal tap. You often hear people say that you meet your lifelong friends in college. Yes, I did Dekeila, Michelle, Tucora and Ebony, but the unbreakable bonds that were developed in the halls of Kenwood were irreplaceable. The experiences I have shared with Ardi, Kisha, Malinda, Nneka, Rea, and Toni, no one else would ever understand or even believe if we told them. This was “My Crew”, no judgment. We all came from different backgrounds, but no one cared, we had each other’s back. Like any other crew, there were members who were closer to some than others, but for me, these are the six women that got me through all my break-ups, celebrated my accomplishments, laughed at my flaws, held me down through tragedy, and took some of the pressure off Natia.

As life would have it, I would

If you don’t require much

If you don’t have a ride or die

develop some amazing

but need a friend that you

like Niecy, who is down for

friendships, a work family and

don’t have to talk to every

whatever while wearing four-

sister/friends. I always say if

day but know when you

inch heels, and the most

you don’t have friends like

need her, she is right there,

fabulous outfit you’ve ever

mine, I feel sorry for you.

Dekeila is your girl. Now if

seen, then you have no idea

When life has thrown its

you need that girl that is cool

what you are missing. So, we

toughest punches at me, I

with laying in the bed,

all need that what do you need

have had a village of amazing

watching TV with you, and

and will go above and beyond

women to catch me dust me

enjoying it, then you need a

to get it done friend, well I

off and send me on my way.

friend like Trice. If you are

have Jeannie. Then, there’s the

When I look back over my

lacking a prayer worrier who

friend who will walk right up to

accomplishments, I have had

will bring the Bible out while

you and say, “You know you

my very own cheer squad to

the plane seems to be

acting a fool, now what’s going

back me up. The next time

descending mid-flight, I

on with you.” If you don’t have

you hear a woman say that

must introduce you to

that keep it a buck friend, then

women are too messy, let


you need a Tamar. Every girl

them know that they have the wrong friends.

needs big sister/friends that act If you don’t have a group of

as sounding boards, shout out

ladies that you can meet on

to Sherri, Jen-Jen, and Baby

If you are lacking a Natia who

the first day of a new job and

Dee. Now I am not one to brag

will never let you feel sorry for

develop a friendship that will

but these beauties that make

yourself while getting you

take you through 15 years of

up my Squad are the bomb.

right together with a smile,

deaths, graduations,

With girls like this who needs

your best friend needs work. If

birthdays, new relationships

new friends.

you don't have a Neka who

breakups and growing kids

would hold you down a

then you are lacking a Kelly,

thousand miles away and

Marvene, and Tasha. I can’t

crack a joke during your most

forget the "we can do

embarrassing snotty cries, you

anything" friend, who will

have the wrong best friend. If

hype you up to start a

your girl is not available to

business, buy the house,

ride down on anyone and

build a brand and travel the

have never missed one event

world. If she’s not part of

since the ninth grade, then

your circle, you're missing a

you need a Toni.











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e p a C y l r The Cu Desperately trying to find a remedy for this nuisance, I wrapped a towel around my shoulders hoping it would protect

Meet Carlyse (Lady Lyse) Thomas,

my skin and tank top. You would think

The Founder and CEO of The Curly

this would be the solution to my

Cape, LLC. Carlyse shared that as

problem, right? Well, it wasn’t! The towel

an African American woman with

kept falling off as I proceeded to style

natural hair, she (and many others)

my hair. Frustrated at this point, I

have to constantly use water and

blurted out “I NEED A CAPE!” And so, The

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Curly Cape was born!

order to style and maintain natural hair. As a result, She created The

The Curly Cape is a beauty cape made to

Curly Cape to assist women during

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their at-home and salon hair

water, styling products and make-up

maintenance routines.

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Carlyse says; The Curly Cape story

comfortable and most importantly

began during one of my normal

absorbent. #GetCAPEDUp

hair routines. One day, while using a creamy conditioner and tons of

She ROCKS It Magazine is very excited to

water to style my hair, I became

partner with Carlyse and bring this

annoyed with the constant

amazing product to the households of

dripping of product onto my

all of our sisters who have experienced

shoulders and was forced to

this same problem. Order your cape

constantly grab a towel to wipe the

today for a discount of 20% off of one

product and water from my skin.




Ravin (center) Owner of Kravin Aesthetics shared this photo for our special Girlfriend Edition. She hosted a Girls Night Out for a few of her Girlfriends to get pampered at her salon. Kravin Aesthetics located in Steger IL., and specializes in skincare needs from facials, advanced treatment to full body waxing! Ladies, Grab your Girlfriends and make it a Girls Night Out!

Lili St Christopher Founder of College Bound Village, provides services that assist and educate students and parents along their college and scholarship journeys. Whether you need help choosing a college, writing essays, or especially locating scholarships to pay for higher education, Lili says you can count on us to help lessen the burden.

Dr. Mukaia Mitchom Lockett is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and Wellness Health Consultant and owner of Fix and Transform My Health. Dr. Lockett believes that the body is able to heal itself when all interference is removed. And she has witnessed this many, many times. “One major way to remove interference to the body is to take control of it by being PROactive instead of REactive. When being proactive, the cause of health problems are addressed and not mere symptoms, and this creates a healthy healing environment for the body to thrive and restore. There is nothing like wanting to have a quality life, but not being able to enjoy it due to poor health and the consequences of chronic disease.” Her purpose is help as many people as possible live a healthier, happier, pain free life, their best health, NATURALLY, just as God intended by sharing His love and power to restore health. Dr. Mukaia Mitchom Lockett is transforming lives to better health naturally; back to the basics.



' e l u o S

Chicago is known for it's beautiful skyline, it's amazing

shopping on the Mag Mile, Navy Pier, Lake Shore Drive and for their delicious cuisine. You can't visit Chicago without

getting a Taste of Chicago! That's exactly what our featured Entrepreneur does gives all of her dinning guest a Delicious

EATER Chicago “15 of Chicago’s Best

Taste of Chicago Southern Style! Meet Bridgette Flagg who

Restaurants for Celebrity Sightings"

we have named The Queen of Soule'!

Travel Noire “50 in 50: Best Black

Bridgette is the owner of the chic BYOB Soulfood

Owned Soul Food Spots in Each

Restaurant in Chicago; Soule'. Her unique twist on an


intimate dinning experiences has people lining up to dine

XO Necole - “It Was All a Dream: How

at this fine establishment. The decor is elegant, the staff if friendly and the food is delicious! She ROCKS It Magazine is always looking for entrepreneurs

a Girl From Chicago’s Westside Uses Soul Food to Unify the City”

who are changing the game in their own lane. That's

WGN’s Midday Live LunchBreak

exactly what our featured entrepreneur has done. We met

Hoodline “Top Five Soul Spots in

Bridgette Flagg over 2 years ago when we started hearing


the name Soule' buzz around town. We reached out and invited her to join us for a panel discussion as we hosted

Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune,

filmmaker Renee Bluitt and her film "She Did That" which

The Infatuation, America Loves Food

documents the stories of Boss Female Entrepreneurs. We wanted Bridgette to share her story so everyone could hear

and Sports, AB7Chicago *Crain’s

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Lounge. Our Founder also took a trip to Soule' and dinned on an amazing feast, she she said "I think I tried the entire menu, including the Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese,


Greens, Fish, Shrimp, and Yams, It was so worth the trip". You must make this a stop when you visit Chicago. Bridget has been highly recognized for her restaurant and we are sure there are many more accolades to come! Here are just a few.

I Gave Up So She Could Rise By: Alondra Anderson When you hear the title you may think, how could she give up or is she putting others before herself? My name is Alondra Anderson and I am a young woman born and raised in New York. I’m the oldest of 6 siblings and the leading example to most. I received my associates in Mental Health, my Bachelors in Psychology and pushing to receive my Masters in Social Work. With all of these degrees you think I would know who SHE is. It’s so many things to call myself a Child of God, an entrepreneur, a daughter, sister, leader, protector. Whatever I name myself now I had to give up so SHE can thrive and be the person I am describing today. Although I’ve always been a lover I have a huge heart and tend to care for others before myself( which wasn’t always the best thing), I was always a person full of anger, full of sadness and feeling as if I was nothing in the world, though I projected the opposite to the world. I would feel good one day and then be reminded how I wasn’t enough the next. Weird enough this is what brought me to my job today, the happiness I feel knowing I helped someone. I’m currently working as a counselor at a homeless shelter in the Bronx. Although I love helping people

I knew there was more for me. It was a day I was sitting in a meeting and I thought why am I here. I soon found myself in a depressed state for the following two weeks. It was then I realized I had to give up. I had to give up on those negative thoughts, on the job, on the belief that this is all I am… a worker, I had to give up on the thought that I could do everything on my own .. Yes, I had to remind myself of the faith I have in God. By me giving up I was able to rise, by me depending solely on my creator I was able to push through. I say SHE because I wasn’t the same person I spoke of before. I had to give up on the negative things. SHE used to be angry. SHE used to have a lack of control. SHE used to hurt people because she was hurt. SHE used to think so badly of herself that SHE couldn’t find the light in her that others saw. But I AM NO LONGER SHE. I gained that self control, I feel beautiful in and out, I care and love but won’t allow myself to lose sight of WHO I AM in the sight of someone else’s satisfaction. I am love, light ,

happiness and of course I have my days but how I react, respond and overcome is what matters. I am drowned in faith and I am confident in who and what I am capable of. That’s what is different between me and her( the person I once was). Being who I am today after giving up, I am now the person I always looked up to wanting to be, aside from that I now have my own business, giving up that job has allowed me to create my own legacy. LaLianCosmetics ( is an all vegan cosmetics brand Made for Royalty. We offer beauty products from eyes to lips. We are known for our mask proof lipsticks, state of the art brow pomades and contributions to the Mental Health Foundation. As a psych graduate I wanted to incorporate mental health with beauty. With that we started our What’s your story campaign. This also gave me the desire to do more, where 25% of our Eros collection is donated to the Mental Health Foundation. I want to become a speaker for all those listening. Continued next page.


It’s hard being the first person in your family to do things, having to work to fund your business or research and handle the business from photos, to marketing, to researching on your own, but it’s possible and with God in my life I was able to do so. It wasn’t peaches and cream, it’s a lot easier said but with faith it could be achieved. I’m not sure what you may have to give up but everyone is different, each person knows what they need to “give up” so that the person they strive to be can thrive . So when your time comes, give up so SHE can rise.

LALIAN COSMETICS LaLianCosmetics is an all vegan brand Made For Royalty. LaLian Cosmetics provides vegan beauty products from EYES, LIPS AND FACE. LaLian Cosmetics is a brand who supports and believes in the awareness of Mental Health, and equality for all no matter sex, race, gender, religion or beliefs. LaLian Cosmetics aims to be a leading contribution to the growth and awareness of mental health all around the world. LaLian Cosmetics found a way to intertwine Mental Health and beauty. Finding self care in beauty. Knowing, accepting and taking care of your Mental health is beautiful and just as important.




fter many years of hosting various events individually, in August of 2020, two close friends, Chiquita Jones & Shatesha Boyce decided to join forces and become official event planners. Their likemindedness and common love for creating amazing event experiences drew them close. Art of Creation takes great pride in curating exceptional events and exceeding clients’ expectations. Not like your average event planners, these two go above and beyond for their clients, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to personal details. As the world has eased back into normalcy, Art of Creation has grown quite a following and has caught the eyes of corporate companies such as Amazon. As a small, growing business, they’re now planning everything from small intimate gatherings to weddings and corporate conferences. There’s a lot in store for Art of Creation! Email:


taging Spaces Bio

Staging Spaces was started in 2016 by certified Home Styler, Shatesha Boyce who loves nothing more than making things beautiful. After taking a bit of a hiatus and becoming a mom, 2020 sparked a fire that put things back in motion for Staging Spaces. The business now offers services from eDesigns to fully customized home decor, locally and virtually. Shatesha enjoys having creative control and wowing her clients when they see the transformations of their spaces. Inspired by her favorite TV network, HGTV, Shatesha hopes to one day partner with larger companies and launch her very own product line. Email:

Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the early 90’s I didn't have very much of anything, but one of the very best things that I did have, even while poor, even with a beautiful black mother on drugs and residing in the raggiest house on the block, I had culture & I had community! I had a village and A tribe and that's something that has stuck with me and shaped me into the woman and mother that I am today. It was community that encouraged me go after my dreams and to not get caught up in the negative narrative that I saw daily, it was my Raven White culture that drove me to walk in my queendom and extend grace and Owner, Brown Sugar to be proud of my full lips, wide hips and big ole curly head of jet Cafe' & Books black hair.. Because everywhere I looked, it was a reflection of myself staring right back at me in the eyes of my neighbors. I was proud to be a black woman because my community was just like me, they embraced me and I them, even though my community was plagued with Violence, drugs & even worse murder, it was my community that saved me from that exact life for myself.

H E R Story

For the last 8 years I've been struggling with Οnding that vibe that shaped and nurtured me. Houston is, with all its glory, such a large city and I had yet to Οnd a space here that I could fully immerse myself into as far as culture & community is concerned…After speaking with several others who also felt this way including some natives, I decided to stop complaining about it and actually do something about it. This revelation brought about the birth of My beloved Brown Sugar Cafe’& Books, I remember closing my eyes and thinking Him, what would make this place feel more like home, like Family and community without the compromising of my identity, my culture? And there it was at the center of my frontal lobe, a dream I had envisioned for my hometown of Chicago, but a condensed version for where I was currently in my life. An urban upscale bookstore reminiscent of the old Borders Books. I needed something, I needed a community… so I decided to build one for all of us with the hopes that it would expand and expose myself and others just like me to more of what I desired so deeply as a Black woman living in the South.. I needed Family. Aka Community. My hope is that Brown Sugar will give people like me a space to truly be themselves surrounded by folks who look just like them, talk& walk like them, authors, artist and more who've written just for them, made music for and about them, smell like them, smile like and dance like them, Like ME, like US .. #Forusbyus #FortheCulture


House of Miles East St. Louis (HOME) is a non-profit 501(c)3 providing educational and cultural enrichment opportunities at the restored East St. Louis childhood home of musician extraordinaire, Miles Davis. The Mission of the organization is The mission of HOME is to nurture, empower and embrace the talents of upcoming generations by reclaiming, restoring and revitalizing our values, identity and Cool. HOME is the cultural epicenter impelled and dedicated

to cultivate, connect and celebrate the community through music, heritage and art. The Vision: The future starts every morning. Everyday there is something creative to explore in life. Motto: Cool...All that is happening Next... The House of Miles East St. Louis (HOME) is located in the former home of the late Miles Dewey Davis III. Miles Davis is the most revered jazz trumpeter of all time, not to mention one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.

She ROCKS It Magazine sheds the light on women around the world. We get very excited when we have the honor of putting the spotlight on amazing women like Leah Glover who serves as the Board President for House of Miles ESTL. She is also a fundraising strategist and community volunteer, she is also a commissioner of the City of Danbury's Planning Commission.




Beautiful, sexy, voluptuous Sex Therapist, Dr. Charlye MaShae had worked smart throughout her career. She was ambitious and worked hard and was now up for partner at an elite therapy practice in Washington D.C. Despite her aspiring efforts, her rival, Dr. Marcellus Rome had other plans. His vicious taunts and insulting schemes made it impossible for Charlye to salvage her fragile self-esteem. She was determined to prove her contender wrong and her reputation was on the line. Charlye was more than just her career. She had another life she secretly lived outside of the office. One that could potentially destroy her cushy lifestyle and esteemed career. This book tells the tale of a woman who would stop at nothing nor would she back down to anyone who dared get in her way. Dreams of power and prestige were right in front of her but slipping away fast. But would one man’s ruthless attempts go too far; or would another man’s dominating ways send her over the edge?

Secrets, lies and betrayal are at the root of a brutal unplanned murder. Who would survive this terrible ordeal? For Charlye, there was no limit, and no turning back. Failure was not an option, even if it meant someone had to die. Could she survive the murderous scandal, or would she wickedly get away with murder?


Booked She Wrote That

Lucyʼs Worth is part one of a young woman’s desperate journey to find herself while trying to make it on her own. Faced with her first true relationship, Lucy’s long battle with low self-esteem will cause her to fall down a path with a dangerous man. Will Lucy be able to escape the trap that’s been set for her? She’s going to have to make the most important decision of her life — because her life depends on it!



Sarah: Changing Seasons is a Christian Fiction based on a biblical story but told with a modern day twist. Written by: Latoya Garrett. Sarah Walker is successful, happily married, and a faithfilled woman of God. She has everything she's ever prayed for except that one thing that continues to elude her. One day the opportunity to actually have that one thing drops in her lap. Will this opportunity be a blessing or a lesson?


Tawana Trammell children’s books focus on social emotional topics. More information regarding them can be found on my website: They can be purchased on Amazon.


No One To Play With is a book about a girl having challenges making and maintaining friendships due to frequent school transfers. The book addresses her challenges and strategies implemented to assist her with overcoming her difficulties. It’s Not My Fault is a book about divorce. This book explores the challenges a child experience when her parents decide to divorce and the strategies the family implemented to ensure a healthy transition. Kindness Counts is a book about a child that decides to utilize what he has been taught about helping others to assist a peer. He learns that he can make a difference in the community in which he resides

SHE WROTE THAT Kat Lahr wants to ensure you are informed. She ROCKS it readers are invited to read this book and let Kat know your thoughts. She is looking for reviews and she wants to hear from you. She ROCKS It Magazine has a copy for the first person interested in reading this book and emails and let's us know they want to read this book will receive a free copy.


Kat Lahr

is an award-winning writer, educator, health advocate, and supporter of social change. She holds an MBA and is an inductee of Sigma Beta Delta, the National Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration. As an Adjunct Professor, she became very passionate about educating the community about health policy and the current social issues that plague the industry. Her passion for public health has given her appointment by a former Illinois Governor on the State Health Improvement Planning and Healthy Illinois 2021 councils where she hopes to positively influence health policy. She believes that most of us aren't comfortable watching people suffer when help is available, and when we assist each other in surviving, everyone benefits. She advocates for awareness, transparency, and a person’s right to know. She is Founder and Creative Director for Thought Collection Publishing where she enjoys collaborating with other literary and visual artists to collectively bring wisdom, creativity, and expanded perspectives to the world.

By Christie Black-Murrell Emerson Ruth Johnson is a full of life, racially sheltered, six year old African American girl from New York. In this story, Emerson experiences for the first time how different life can be in southern Georgia. Having only been taught that diversity is what makes us all special and what makes friendships so sweet...What new lessons will she learn while meeting and making friends? Will her new friendships allow her to start the conversation when it comes to embracing diversity? Find out as Emerson shares her sweet tale of friendship. https://




l a m Nor Written by: Joyce-AKA My Soul POV My definition of new normal is your current state of being after something life changing has taken place and it encourages you to deal with that current situation (your right now) rather than focus on what once was. I think the phrase “new normal” is the hottest trending phase now in 2020-21. For many of us our daily routine is no longer how it was 30 days ago. Where we were once going into the office for work we are now pulling up a chair to the dinner table with our laptop and working from home, our children’s education is now taught at home rather than going into a school building and we have added the title of teacher to our resume, we’ve had cancellation of events, distant greetings, no hugs, daps or handshakes, no happy hours after work, and no dinner at your favorite restaurant. We have even seen basic necessities like toilet tissue, milk, bread and water ripped from the shelves. Is this really the new normal?

So, how can we adjust to this new normal without being overwhelmed, worried and stressed? Glad you asked. I came up with a few things I am doing personally that I wanted to share with you. 1. Limit what you allow yourself to hear concerning what’s going on in the world. There are so many news channels, so many different reports. Don’t get drowned with information flipping through channels listening to all these messages. Allow your mind to only absorb limited information from a few sources. This will help you process things better and you won’t become anxious and worried because 50 different messages are being taken in and you are trying to process it all. The news and social media are great ways to be in tune with what’s going on around you and it can be a great way to communicate and connect with friends and family. BUT it can lead you to experiencing information overload! We have to learn how to break away so the information we take in isn’t causing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress in our lives.

Photo by Amber Green

2. Log in when necessary and Logging of is needed. Have you noticed that since our new normal of being in the house we have logged in to our social media platforms every hour on the hour. Yes, everyone’s time logged in has increased at some capacity. I know I have logged in more than I have probably log out. What I have decided to do was balance my logged in time and my logged out time because I was beginning to get emotionally overwhelmed with the amount of sadness that has flooded my timeline. I am compassionate and have empathy but I also have to have peace in the midst of the storm. I have decided to focus more on my social platforms (She ROCKS It, My Soul Point of View and the I AM SHE group) why because I manage the content, I can create the atmosphere and control what is put out to the world. I can’t control the timeline and what others put out, but I can control what I allow myself to take in. So if you feel that you are getting overwhelmed and overloaded with social media consider social media time management and log in when necessary and log off because it’s needed.



3. Journal the journey. Now is a great time to express yourself. Start by asking yourself: What am I learning from my new normal? What has this taught me? What will I change as a result of this? What will I start doing as a result of this? 4. Define your own new normal. Most of us have been asked to stay inside which means the amount of time spent in person with family, friends and coworkers is down to zero. So why not level up and put a spin on how you spend time you have together. Try video calling or doing a Zoom girls night out, maybe a handwritten letter, phone calls vs texting, game time with the kids and movie time with your spouse. Creating a new normal doesn’t have to be difficult you just have to get creative, there are no rules! Your new normal can be an opportunity for you to start something over. Did you have a plan that you started writing about but got so busy you put it to the side? Pull it out and finish. Reinvent an old idea. Maybe you had an idea and it didn’t turn out how you planned. Reinvent it! Your new normal is in your hands.

Are you interested in having your article published in She ROCKS It Magazine? If so, let us know. We are always looking for amazing article that are Informative, Educational, Inspirational, Motivational, Encouraging, Empowering and Interesting. We invite you to join our list of contributing writers and share your personal story, a short story, advise or poetry. She would love to hear from you.

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This is our new normal. How you deal with it is totally up to you. Take these moments and these shifts in life as an opportunity to grow, physically, mentally, professionally, and spiritually. It's up to you how you choose to live during these times. My suggestion live life on your own terms; no permission required and no explanation needed!

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up to?

She ROCKS It is definitely not sitting this one out. Although several of your signature events didn't take place we continued to plan for the future on purpose. We understood that pivoting had to be a priority in how we continued to promote our brand. Our supporters still needed to know that we are carrying on our mission to host events/experiences that honor and empower women. We knew that She ROCKS It had to continue to provide a space even if it was virtually for women to network, come together to support one another and share who SHE is with others. We launched our magazine, we opened the virtual She Lounge Experience and we continued to stay engaged and connected with our followers through our social media platforms. As the world begins to open up we will pivot on purpose having smaller intimate events that allow us to get back connected with our network. We will continue to provide engaging conversations and digital media through our magazine. We appreciate the support from everyone and want you to continue to support and follow us to see what SHE has in store.

"Many Women Do Noble Things But She Surpass Them All."

Celebrating Women Who ROCK 2022! Stay Tuned Nominations are open visit connect with us via our website at

Proverbs 31:29


The Space where the conversations take place.

In March of 2021 during Women's History

We were also asked to partner with the

Month She ROCKS It began hosting a virtual

Chicago Auto Show in February of 2020 for

She Lounge Experience. The She Lounge

their Annual Women's Day event where were

Experience is a signature event for She

hosted over a hundred women in the She

ROCKS It. It's an event that takes on the


liking of a talk show. Guest are invited to the She Lounge to share her story in hopes of

Now that we have taken our experience

inspiring empowering and motivating other

virtually we host a monthly series called:


"Celebrating HerStory". We are connecting

Because of the pandemic we had to come

inviting them to join us in our Virtual She

with women from around the globe and

up with creative ways to keep our followers, subscribers, network and supporters engaged. This pivot to a virtual experience has been an amazing platform for She ROCKS It. The support has been overwhelming. In the past our live She Lounge Experience hosted some amazing women from around the states. Our initial Launch featured filmmaker Renee Bluitt creator of the film She Did That.

Lounge and share HerStory. Each story will focus on topics that will be designed to raise awareness, educate, empower and inspire. Our goal for this platform is to continue to use our organization as a place where women can come together and be empowered to live her best life.

If you would like to join us in the She Lounge Virtually and share your story, please email us at:

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The Space where the conversations take place. Our Girlfriends that have joined us in the She Lounge in 2021.

The She Lounge has featured so many powerful brave women who shared their stories with our audience. The women told stories that Informed, Educated, Inspired, Empowered and Motivated others. The women stories focused on areas such as finding Love Again, Loving Yourself, Self Care/Beauty, Mental Health as well as raising awareness on topics such as Domestic Violence, Child Sex Abuse, and Criminal Attacks.

Each story was powerful in it's own way. We encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel and watch each interview. Pictured above are the guest we have featured to date: Top left, our Mental Health Awareness Month Panelist L-R: Dr. Kenya Key, Felicia Houston, Dr. Sharice Bradford and Mena GriceLockhart: She Lounge featured guest: Top Right Antonia Stewart, Bottom L-R; Tania Haigh, Nakisha James, Yanni Brown, and Karli Butler.

Getting Crafty WITH


Crafting connects people from all walks of life. Regardless of differences in age, gender, continents, or education level, crafts tell unique stories. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting, have been around for centuries. Whether done by relatives, friends, in Vacation Bible School, or as a Girl Scout handbook activity, crafts is a fun, relaxing, and bonding recreational activity. Summertime is here. Nice weather means you get to spend more time outdoors. Zoom meets and face times are fine, but nothing beats human interaction. You and your bestie(s) get to share laughs, memorable stories, hugs, and positive energy. Your seasonal agenda may consist of Sunday brunches, yoga sessions, bike rides, and wine tastings. You should try adding a craft activity or two to your calendar. Craft activities are a great way to spend time with others. Plus, you can do them almost anywhere. There’s plenty of DIY projects you can find for under $25, and go from start to finish in under an hour. A Pinterest-inspired craft space isn’t needed in order to create. Neither does every craft project require a Cricut machine.

Here’s 5 cool, fun, inexpensive craft ideas to try: Jewelry Making: Stretch bracelets are ideal for beginners. No pliers are needed and it can be done in no time. A pair of scissors, jewelry glue, beads, and stretchy cord is all you need. Craft stores always have beads on sale. Plus, customization options are endless. T-Shirt Design: There’s always going to be a demand for custom tees as long as there are reunions, tournaments, and other special events. You and your friend(s) can design your own shirts. Choices range from tie-dye -to- heat transfer. If fancy designs aren’t your thing, there’s always affirmations, zodiac signs, poetry , or your favorite quote. Gifts: Handmade gifts give an added touch to gift giving. There’s always a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or graduation. You can go small or big creative wise. Customize gifts by colors, packaging, a person’s affiliation, accomplishment, etc.

Home Decor: Crafts aren't just limited to wearable art. If you like to have nice, pretty things around the house, this is your chance to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank. Projects can be (not limited to) coasters, wall decor, storage, organizers, and accent pillows. Glassware: Take a wine glass, shot glass, martini glass, or a coffee mug and give them some personality. You can hand paint them. Use Modge Podge and glitter to coat them. There’s also vinyl, but a cricuit machine is needed.

Tips for selecting a craft project: 1. Since you are a beginner, do a craft project that has as few steps as possible. The more steps there are, the more confusing it will be. 5 steps or less is ideal. 2. Select a project that has easy-to-follow instructions. That goes for written and video format. If the instructions are difficult, you are less likely to complete the project. 3. Don’t go overboard with supplies and materials. You are trying this for the first time. Start with inexpensive materials until you are comfortable, and then upgrade.

4. Choose a project that’s suitable for your personality, style, and budget. Only you know what you like and can afford. 5. Try a DIY kit. Not only does it save you time and remove the guesswork, but you’ll have everything needed for your craft project.

Benefits of Craft Projects Crafts come with many benefits. First, it’s good for your mental health. You are indulging in self-care while using your mind for something positive. Second, you get a chance to engage with your friends and learn from them. Third, it’s an activity that’s suitable for both extroverts and introverted people. Last, you’re doing something different while learning a new skill with potential to earn additional income. In summary, craft activities are a good way to step away from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. More importantly, you’re making something with your own two hands. Carriece Jefferson is a writer, speaker, teacher, and owner of Crafty Hands Club Magazine. Crafty Hands Club helps crafters connect with other crafters, make their crafts a lifestyle, and help crafters turn their hobbies into a profitable side gig by helping them know and understand business numbers.

Crafty Hands Club Magazine: Podcast: FB/IG: @craftyhandsclubmag