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April 2014

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Happy Easter!

What Is Procrastination Costing You? Beauty /Fitness Painful To Remember, Impossible To Forget

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Pastor Evelyn Jones Pressing On with God’s Plan

GREETINGS; I pray that all is well with you and your family. If you are reading this, that means God has allowed you another day. If you haven’t told Him thank you, then take a moment and give Him Praise! This is the month we celebrate Easter. We all know it’s not about the Easter bunny or coloring eggs, but it’s all about JESUS being crucified and rising again on the third day. We call it RESSURECTION DAY! We thank God for giving us his only begotten son. (John 3:16) Don’t wait until April 20th to celebrate Him, we should be doing that every day. Had it not been for Jesus we would not be here today. He deserves all our praise! Here we are coming to you with another month of Sarah. Did you enjoy last month’s issue? Wasn’t the cover/feature story beautiful? So many people wrote in and said that it gave them hope. They were so inspired by the cover story, what a beautiful couple! This is why I come to you every month with the words, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! We must realize that God has His own timing, it might not be when you think it’s supposed to happen, but it’s always right on Time. The title WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU IS FOR YOU says it all. Just wait on him and it will happen. We also featured BEYOND THE CHURCH DOORS FASHION SHOW. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. We had the pleasure of being at the show and it was Awesome! Last month was full of great articles, business,…let’s just say, it’s something for everyone in Sarah.

We have a lot of new people that have come on board. We are trying to meet your need in every way. If you need help writing a resume’, we have someone to assist you in that area, trying to start a business, we got that too, are you trying to raise funds for your church or business, it’s in there, need hair care tips or want to lose weight? What more can I say; don’t just flip the pages, READ! We have counselors, teens, ministers, singles, food, and the list goes on. You got all these services, all you got to do is contact these people. When God gave me the vision to create this magazine, it was to help those who didn’t have a lot money to advertise or pay for some the services we offer in here. You have no excuse, for not getting help; it’s all right here for you. OOOPS I hope I didn’t sound like I’m preaching to you, . I just want you to know that we are here for you. Now about this month’s issue. Once again we are full of great stuff! Our featured/cover story is Pastor Evelyn Jones. Her story is so inspiring; she is PRESSING ON with what God has assigned her to do, in spite of the obstacles that got in the way to try to stop the assignment. We know that God takes everything and turns it around for the good. Well friends I encourage you to sit down and relax and enjoy this month’s issue of Sarah. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed! Remember you can now subscribe and get it delivered to you every month or if don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can still order a hard copy of Sarah. We’d like to hear from you, connect with us on face book or email, let us know how we are doing. If it’s something you want to see in here, let us know. From all of us to you, have a HAPPY EASTER, and remember that it’s because God gave us his son JESUS! God bless

Minister Sheree Carradine Creator/Chief Editor-

Contents 66. DSIGNS DIGITAL ART- by Gerald Smith Jr.




By Oma Edoja

8. ENCOURAGEMENT – Antwan Beaden-Leach

68. FEAR- By Labriel Leach 24. HEAVENLY SWEETS- I Am Who I Am- By Helena Price

16. LIVING FEARLESS IN RWANDAPainful To Remember, Impossible To Forget- By Dametreea Carr



70. SISTA GURL- One Act Play- By Sheree Casey



Faithwalker- Pastor Teirrah McNair

34. NUGGETS THAT NURTUREMaintaining Your Saltiness – LaNita Price

40. Cooking With J.C- Jeannette

62. SPEAK LIFE- Spring Season- By

Carradine Crenshaw

Dr. Theresa Buckner



Pastor Chauntell West Continued on next page…….

Contents Continued 10. CHARITY CHANGE- Charles Campbell

60. SEATS 4 SOULS- Pastor Andrea M. Foster


60. GETTING IN SHAPE – By John Williams


64. TEEN TALK- With Leah Alexis

3. Welcome 7. This Could Be You 21. Bible Trivia 23. 41st Anniversary- PastorVaughn Price 32. Business Cards- Who’s Who

53. Coming Next Month! 54. Interviewing 59. Subscribe 79. The Joy And The Pain- By Sheree Carradine




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Encouragement My editor asked me about my topic for April’s encouragement. For me, it was a no-brainer. When I told her what it was, she said she saw the same story and how it affected her when she read it. Here is the story: One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone’s amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off! This story was very profound for me. Why? Because everyone has “dirt” thrown on them.

Dirt is usually the result of a mistakes we made, being in the wrong place, not using our common sense, you know. Things, in hindsight, that we know we would have thought differently. Looking at my own life, I had many times when “dirt” was thrown on me. At the time, I was wondering “why me?” It happened so many times, that I doubted myself with everything I did. Was there something wrong with me? Why did things like this happen to me, but don’t happen to anyone else? My friends would ask me “couldn’t you see that this was going to happen?” Well, obviously I didn’t, hence the self-doubt. When we go through our situations, we don’t realize that the experience is not made to hurt us. It is not made to create self-doubt. It is made for us to learn from the experience and build on it. When that donkey first fell into the well, looking up, realize that he was in deep. He could not just jump and walk out. He probably paced in the well wondering what he was going to do. It wasn’t until the dirt was thrown on him did he know he was in real trouble. Usually our situations, especially the

bad ones, look as though that this is it! So we cry, whine, blame someone or something else. We wait for the eminent doom! Looking back, how did you get through the situation? Better yet, how long did you cry, whine, and blame someone or something else? I would think not long! Something in your situation may have given you a way to fight, or look for an alternative answer. Like the donkey, the dirt thrown on him gave him the step that he needed to get himself out of this situation. What helped you? Okay, now, if the “opportunity” rises again, would you know what to do? How would you avoid the situation from happening again? What if you had a friend that was literally walking down the same road, would you give them advice?

dependent on him, like a child depends on their parent. That dependence awakening usually comes when we have run out of options and have no other ideas or no place to go. Being in communications with God will not eliminate future problems or situations, but it gives you an inner peace while going through it. So, the moral to this story is to fight your way out of your situation with any available opportunity. Let God and that dirt rise you and elevate you out of your situation! You will look at thrown dirt in a different light!

Looking at our situations, once they are over, you see that you survived it! Sometimes is leave marks, bruises, or even breaks, but you survived it. The face that you survived is to tell you that it was not meant to kill you. It was meant to give you more life experience, testimonies that you can share with people you know or don’t know. Your experience is not for you to hold on to, but to impart into others. Where would we be if no one shared their experiences with us? A parent, guardian, person we look up to just play with us and didn’t share their life’s lessons? We would all be in a state of mistakes, a cruel and painful circle. God did not create us to have miserable lives. He created us for a life of abundance and happiness. Our life experiences are meant, not only to learn from them, but to learn from whom our strength and reliance come from. You can only experience God when you are

Deacon Antwan Beaden-Leach

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By Renée Purdie

I’m writing this article as much for myself as anyone as I sit here in a room that I like to call: paper chic. Hey, it’s beats: “Let’s just shred all of it and start all over again!” So, I’m going to go all scientific on you and propose that procrastination is costing you TEMS. What’s that? It’s a combination of:

Time Energy Money And … your Sanity!

Does this sound like you? You’re running late. Very late! You race to the car, speed away from home, speed back home to get the baby, speed away again, get to wherever it is you were going and you realize, just as you turn off the car, that you forgot that ONE piece of paper you need? We’ve all been there, but how often does it happen? If it’s a chronic problem, you need to employ a new strategy.

Here’s another scenario. Your receipts are filed somewhere … in drawers, in your car, in other people’s cars, in coffee cans, in foreign countries (been there, done that), etc. In January, you think: “I should start getting those receipts together.” In February, you think: “I still have plenty of time.”

In March, you think: “Is it tax time next month? Dang!”

On April 14th, when you’ve left it too late to take all of your receipts to your bookkeeper who gave you an ultimatum last year to get it to her in March, OR ELSE, you wonder how on earth you got here, Again. That’s good old TEMS at work. Let’s rearrange that and our thinking and call it STEM! Develop a System. Use better Time management skills.

End your Excuses. Make it Mandatory. Here are some specific steps to take while you develop a system that works for you:  Do A Little Bit At A Time. After working for a financial planner for a year, I’ve decided to get my act together. I’m now keeping receipts until I put them into Excel, but just today, I entered receipts for what seemed like the last decade! It was only a couple months, but boy did it feel like I was entering them back to the first Ice Age. I’ve decided to enter them on a daily basis as you can do anything for 15-minutes a day, right? Well, mostly anything!  Make It As Fun As Possible. Now I’m not going to lie and say I had a good time getting up to date (although I’m glowing with self-satisfaction now), but I put on my praise music and it went a lot faster than it would’ve had I been grumbling. For the entire time.  Reward Yourself. I rewarded myself with a nice cup of hot chocolate laced with chili powder. Of course this competes with my other goal of losing 100 pounds in a year, but let’s talk about that one at another time! I’m taking sponsors though (lol).

Please let us know if this article has helped you. I’ll give you a deadline; say by April 9, 2014, so you find it again in time to get those crumpled receipts to your overworked book-keeper. Take her flowers, candy, whatever you need to do to get it done. And next time be better prepared!

Renée Purdie is a writer, editor, graphic designer and strategic marketing advisor with absolutely no professional (or amateur) experience at organizing. In fact, she is a self-confessed pack rat who has no cleaning genes whatsoever (well she may, but she cannot find them). However, she is vowing to do better this year just as soon as she can find that book on “Clearing the Clutter.” To contact her for the things she DOES excel at, such as helping you get your book from idea to finished “hold it in your hand greatness”, e-newsletters and press releases, email her on She ALWAYS knows where her laptop is! You can also find out more information by visiting her very well-organized website: .

Renée Purdie

Painful to Remember, Impossible to Forget

This year marks the 20th anniversary of peace and progress from what had once divided this nation beyond repair. In just 20 years, Rwanda has made Daughters were raped in front of their mothers; impossible strides. There have been active attempts mothers raped in front of their husbands; and at removing ethnic barriers so that no Rwandan will husbands skinned, mutilated, and burned alive in feel inferior to another; various meetings at front of their wives and children. both the national and village levels Couples watched as encouraging forgiveness and reconciliation; their houses burned and even one on one interactions between to the ground just both victims and offenders. In April of every minutes before they year, these reconciliation were chained activities take place, allowing together and thrown the Rwandese people to reflect into holes 40 meters Man and woman tied together and buried alive (man furthest on the nightmare that is their deep--only to have right and woman fourth from the right). When found, they were past as they stride toward the large stones crash still attached to one another with the chain below . (KGM) promising future. down on them, one by one, until their violent screams became Kigali Genocide Memorial synonymous to silence. It was in this manner that upward of Based in the capital city, 1,000,000 Rwandese men, the Kigali Genocide women, and children faced the Memorial Center houses three cruelty and hate that tore their exhibits that take the visitor nation apart person by person, through a descriptive and quite literally, blow by journey of the events blow. leading up to the genocide, the actual April 1994 can arguably be events that occurred called the month and year of one of the world's greatest (KGM) tragedies. Even 20 years later, you can look around and see the struggle that lies in the eyes of those who were there and directly affected. Just by looking up, you may see someone during the who is missing a limb or has violent scarring spread month of Kigali Genocide Memorial, parking entrance. 2012 across the entire left side of their face. And then April, and the when you look a little deeper, you can see the aftermath. The center opened in April 2004 to struggle in their eyes--the struggle with trust, moving celebrate the 10th anniversary of the genocide and forward, and most importantly self-love. The scenes serve as a commemoration of the lives lost and a from this torturous time replay in their minds, burial site for the bodies that have been found over especially during the month of April, refusing to flee the years. Below are a few photos and some so that the affected can live with the peace and information that can be found inside the memorial. assurance that this torturous time will never again have to be relived.

Fountains Three fountains are situated in the garden area of the memorial, connected by a small stream that serves as a link for events in time. The first fountain is a complete circle with water flowing smoothly all

center of this circle is a stone wall pointing toward the sky; representing the reconciliation and restoration that has taken place, as well as the restored unity that cannot be broken. In other words, the only way to proceed from here is to stand strong and move forward-together.

Fountains located in the Kigali Genocide Memorial gardens represent three periods of time: unity, tragedy, and moving forward. 2012.

the way around; representing the unity that existed before the acts of hate and discrimination began. The second fountain takes on a rigid shape with five points going in different directions. This fountain represents the ethnic division that occurred and led to the tragic events of 1994. Much like the first fountain, the third is made up of a steady stream of water flowing around full circle. However at the

Main Center Exhibit 1: A walking tour that takes visitors through the story of the genocide; includes testimonial videos and a photo room where survivors can hang photos of their deceased loved ones as they reflect on the times that have passed. See photos and a bit of the story from this exhibit below:

Tensions initially rose between the two ethnic groups, Hutu and Tutsi, when Belgian colonists came and began to differentiate between the two, showing favoritism for one group over the other.

A Hutu youth militia group (Interhamwe) brainwashed to hate and trained to kill their Tutsi counterparts in the name of Hutu superiority and power. (Photos and information retreived at KGM)

To maintain Hutu power and further suppress Tutsis, the Ten Commandments of the Bahutu were created. Shortly after, genocidaires gained full control of the country, killing hundreds of Tutsis every hour. The RPF and Rwanda army then made an active attempt to control and stop the genocide. The crisis was immediately noted as a 'civil war' or 'ethnic strife.' However, the victims did not consider it an ethnic war. In Rwandese words, "There was no ethnic war. There was a civil war. [Then] the genocide happened and it was something different [altogether]." The 10 commandments (pictured below) define any Hutu associated with any Tutsi (including friends, neighbors, and family) as a traitor. This document was published in 1990. (Photo taken at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, 2012)

Many victims were torn from their families, unsure if they too had survived the tragic series of events. "Children had lost their parents [and] parents separated from their children presumed they were dead...many did not expect to find survivors [and] many did not." As an aid to locating surviving relatives, search boards (below) were posted and perused by survivors. The aftermath of the genocide left hundreds of thousands of children as orphans. As a result "many survivors offered to take orphans into their homes on the grounds that they would have wanted someone to do the same if their child had been orphaned." Other consequences of the genocide including the death of over a million people are detailed below. (Quotes retreived from KGM exhibit).

Photos at left: 1. Victims scanning a search board for surviving relatives. 2. Coffins buried in cement holes 3 meters deep. 3. A name wall dedicated to the lives lost during the genocide. (KGM)

Exhibit 2: Dedicated to the lives lost all over the world due to hate and cruelty. This exhibit touches on the genocidal history of the holocaust, Cambodia, and other genocideaffected societies. Exhibit 3: Dedicated to the story and tragedy of Rwandese children. This room displays large photos of children and states their cause of death, ranging from infants being smashed against walls, to toddlers being hacked by machetes and hit with blunt objects while still in their mothers arms. One quote by a 13 year old survivor reads: "In my search for a hideout, I found Jerome, his legs cut off. I could not leave him in this state. I tried to lift up Jerome so that we could leave together, but the car of the commune stopped near me. It was full of machetes and other instruments of death. I lay Jerome down on the ground and ran because a man got out of the burgomaster's car to kill me. He finished Jerome off. I saw this when I looked back to see if anyone had followed me. I will never forget the way Jerome's face was filled with desperation. Whenever I think about it, I cry all day long."

Outer Exhibit Eleven mass graves are situated near the memorial center gardens and have been placed at the memorial center to serve as a permanent reminder of the cost of ignorance. More than 250,000 people are buried in these mass graves, with 50 plus individuals placed in each casket, and caskets stacked from floor to ceiling in holes 3 meters deep. Bodies are still being found today and are buried at this memorial center since it is not possible to identify their families for a proper burial ceremony. In addition to the mass graves, there is a name wall currently under construction which will include a list (as complete as possible) with the names of the lives that were lost. All photos and information was collected from the Kigali Genocide Memorial (KGM) in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. For more information on the center and the genocide, visit Utinyuka, Keza Dametreea

Test yourself to see how much you know about the bible. The answers are on the next page. Wait! Before you look at the answers, look them up for yourself and see if you came up with the right answers.

1. What may be the reason for the temptation of Jesus? (Hebrews 4:15) 2. Of what country was Hazael King? (2 kings 8:28) 3. What is the glorious mystery among the Gentiles? (Colossians 1:27) 4. In what city did David first become king? (2 Samuel 2:11) 5. Who advised the Jewish council to leave the apostles alone? (Acts 5:34-39) 6. What do we mean when we say that God is omnipresent? 7. Leaving the first principles of Christ, we are to go on unto what? (Hebrews 6:1) 8. What two chapters in the bible are almost identical? 9. Out of what kind of wood did God tell Noah to build the ark? (Genesis 6:14) 10.What two things were tossed into the sea, according to the song sang by Moses and the children of Israel? (Exodus 15:1)

1. That He might be in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. 2. Syria 3. Christ in them 4. Hebron 5. Gamaliel 6. Everywhere at the same time 7. Perfection 8. 2 Kings 19 and Isaiah 37 9. Gopher wood 10. The horse and the rider

41st Anniversary Congratulations to the saints of the Davis-Monthan AFB Gospel Service on your 41st Anniversary. It is our pleasure to serve you and work with you as we serve Davis-Monthan and the Tucson communities. May the Lord continue to richly bless us as we bless Him. Continue to stand firm in the faith and remember there are no limits to what we can do for the Lord together! We love you and thank God for you!

Pastor Vaughn Price & Minister LaNita Price

Heavenly Sweets With Helena Price Sweets For Your Soul

I may not be popular, but I am Blessed. I may not be a movie star, but I am a child of God. I may not be rich, but I am not poor. It’s good to be popular and even a movie star. It’s even better when you are saved and have Jesus in your life. Because just being popular and a movie star is not going to get you into Heaven. It is good to be rich so you can buy what you want and pay your bills.

We all need money to buy food, a place to live, clothes to wear and a vehicle to get to the places we need to go. But if you are rich and you don't do right by God with your money, it won't last. You can't buy your way into Heaven. In this world we live in, we get caught up trying to be like someone else, trying to act like somebody else and trying to do things like someone else. We need to be who God made us to be. The Bible says in Psalm 139:14, " I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: 'marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. God has truly made us and he didn't make any mistakes. We are who God said that we are. We all have

different gifts, talents and features. But we are still a child of God and we are blessed. How we stay blessed and have the favor of God is that we receive Him in our life and allow Him to save us. We need to put our trust in God and let Him lead and guide us in our everyday life. God is so good and he knows what we need even before we ask or don't ask at all. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! So just put your trust in Him and watch Him work in your behalf. When God blesses you with money and gifts, you can be a blessing to someone else. So don't try to be or act like someone else, just be who God made you to be. JUST BE YOURSELF! Sincerely with God’s Love,

Minister Helena E. Price

Watch This 3 Minute Video Trailor With Pastor Teirrah McNair As She Portrays Dr. Mary Mcleod Bethune. Once you have watched, Leave A Comment, we want your feedback. It is so good that you will forget It is an actress and not the actual person. Pastor McNair is a Excellent Actress! You must watch the Video. Click On The Link.. Watch It Now!!

Is Self-employment for You? Find Out Before You Take the Leap! Why would you like to start a business? Perhaps you dream of being your own boss, having time Oma Edoja freedom, a flexible schedule, a bigger income, more personal time and the freedom to choose who you work with plus what you work on. While all of this can be achieved through self-employment, with some creativity and negotiation skills, you could also achieve this with a new assignment on your current job or a new career move entirely. Self-employment may not be the only way to get what you want. This article aims to help you assess your readiness and make informed decisions about starting and running a business. Many start up with unrealistic expectations and little preparation. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will not be one of them.

Oma’s Self-employment Self-assessment (SESA™) The following assessment is for your reflection. Keep returning to it. It could be interesting to note how your responses may change over time. For each of these statements, score yourself on a scale of 0 – 5, where 0 = Not at all and 5 = Yes, 100%! 1. 2. 3. 4.

I am a self-starter. I enjoy initiating things without being asked. I am generally well organized. I set goals and achieve them most of the time. I plan things in advance, making written plans, with dates in my calendar or diary. 5. I usually make quick, independent decisions on day-to-day issues. 6. I get along well with different personalities and cope well with diversity. 7. I could handle well a demanding client, an unreliable contractor, an insolent customer and a nonchalant receptionist, all in the same day!

8. I have the physical and emotional stamina to work twelve hours a day, seven days a week, along with handling my personal commitments. 9. I have a back up team to help me handle the increased responsibility of running a business; people such as family, friends, a religious or faith-based community, a mentor or a coach. 10. I have the drive to stick with my business through a possible slow start and lean periods. 11. I generally deal well with uncertainty, with not knowing how my plans will work out but trusting that they will. 12. I handle setbacks well or times when things do not go as planned. 13. I usually have a plan B; I am comfortable considering alternatives when my plan A does not work. 14. I am willing to make considerable sacrifices to grow my business, such as giving up my personal time, savings, pleasure and comfort for a year. 15. My family supports my decision to start a business. 16. My family is comfortable with the prospect of my frequent absence as I spend time away on business or working odd hours. 17. My family is ready to deal with possible cuts in the family income, possible relocation or even down-sizing. 18. I learn from my mistakes and do not get bogged down by them. 19. I handle competition well. I am inspired and not threatened by it. 20. I have a good reputation; I consider myself responsible, reliable and trustworthy. 21. I am resourceful! I enjoy researching and exploring new ideas and interests. 22. I am reasonably confident; I can stand my ground when everyone else has a different opinion. 23. I consider myself teachable. I am willing to learn from successful business owners and mentors. 24. I often step outside of my comfort zone to try things I have never done or things I have failed at before. 25. I am not afraid or too embarrassed to make mistakes. 26. I am not afraid to succeed; if my business does better than I expect, I can handle this! 27. I generally handle rejection well; I am not afraid to receive it.

28. I understand that being in business for myself makes me a leader; I am comfortable with being a leader. 29. I understand that running my own business could make me more visible in my community. I am comfortable with increased visibility. 30. I am good at handling several different projects or roles at the same time. 31. I am reasonably comfortable striking up conversations with strangers and forming new relationships. I am willing to work at this. 32. I handle change well. 33. I handle risk well; I am not afraid to take risks and I am also not reckless. 34. I am comfortable with learning new technology and adjusting to new trends. 35. I am able to support myself financially until my business can support me. 36. I have a plan to finance the start up and running of my business for at least the first 6 months.

Unlocking Your Assessment The areas where you have scored yourself a 4 or a 5 are your strengths. These are the factors you have working in your favour, should you decide to take the step into self-employment. Keep working your strengths to improve your chances of success! The areas where you have scored yourself 0 – 3 are your weaknesses, the factors working against you in your quest for self-employment. The more of these you have, the more work you would need to do to prepare for self-employment. This could mean making adjustments or getting support in these areas, so you can concentrate on doing what you do well. Now you have a list of things to think about and possible changes to make. You may feel ready to start your business right away or you may see that you need more time and preparation. Whatever you decide,

speak with people who already run the kind of business you plan to start, for a realistic view of what it entails. Volunteer with such a business or shadow such an entrepreneur to experience the day-to-day running of their business. Keep returning to take this assessment and note if or how your responses change. And whatever you decide, I wish you all the very best! In the next issue of Sarah magazine, Oma Edoja writes on: Is Working at Home for Me? The Pros and Cons of Running your Business from Home Join us for more tips and insights to help make your entrepreneurial dreams come true! CopyrightŠ2014 Oma Edojama Edoja is the founder of Women Thriving in Business International, a global support community for women entrepreneurs. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, author, business columnist, and international women’s business mentor and is a fiery advocate for the empowerment of women. Oma is also the host of her own talk radio show for women entrepreneurs, Your Business, Your Heart! She invites all aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs to find out more and join Women Thriving in Business International, the onestop empowerment shop for women in business, at Oma offers a limited number of complimentary consultations to discuss your Self-employment Self- Assessment and to help you explore starting your business. To find out more and book your consultation, please go to

See You In The Next Issue Of Sarah! Oma Edoja

Who’s Who in Your Community...

Your d r a c s s e n i s u b

With Minister LaNita R. Price

MAINTAINING YOUR SALTINESS Every day of our lives we encounter experiences, some good and others not so good. With each experience we have a decision to make as to how we will respond and in the midst of our responding to our own life encounters there are others on the sideline watching our every move and paying attention to the words we say. When I think about this concept I can’t help but think of Matthew 5:13 where we are being reminded that we are the salt of the earth. It says… New International Version "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

New Living Translation "You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless The author is reminding each of us as believers that in order for us to be of any value to the body of Christ, a true representation of a follower of Jesus, and to remain effective in this society we must strive to remain salty in a world that considers its ways the spice of life. On the surface salt it nothing more than a white crystalline substance that to natural eye appears to be plain and of no significance, but salt has many properties that are equivalent to the life of what I call a salty believer. SALT:  Cleanses  Preserves  Makes thirsty

 Wakes up thereby enhancing that it comes in contact with so that it stands out  Proper balance of natural salt in the body helps to maintain proper PH thereby helping to combat against sickness and disease. So when we maintain a healthy connection to the father through our time in the word, prayer, and meditation, our lives shine brightly to those around us whether we say anything or not. Our life brings an enhancement that money, status, clothes, cars and other worldly trappings can only do for a season. ENHANCES LIFE/SHINES LIGHT Job 6:6 says “Can that which is unsavory be eaten without salt or is there any taste in the white of an egg?” Job’s example is a representation of how some view the life of a Christian as bland and not worth getting involved with, but when they encounter a salty life that is vibrant, faith filled and they can really see God and not the hype of some it makes a difference. This savory robust life that is filled with expectation to see God move in them, set them ablaze for his glory,

become a conduit that resembles Christ and not another man and they can see the favor of God to many can be appealing. THIRST John 7:37-38 declares “In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Our life produces a curiosity in those around us, but for many who see and experience our salt filled walk will also begin to thirst for this living water that is evident and flowing out of our life. There is a distinct difference between a walking Bible (meaning someone who knows the word and can quote it) versus someone in relationship with the Father. Not only do they know His word, they know Him, they grasped an understanding of His word, they have declared word back to Him, watched Him respond to His word and they have a relationship with Him. This world has experienced its share of Bible thumping Christians who’s thumping feels more like a condescending thumbing of the nose instead of an open arm of Love.

In Jeremiah 31:3 it says The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying; yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. Our desire as believers is to be salty, empathic and authentic with those we come in contact with. What made Jesus so relatable was His ability to point others to the Father, while loving them from a place of compassion. In the society we live in now, this isn’t an easy task because of all we are bombarded with that desensitizes us and causes us to take on the callousness of the world, but our prayer should constantly be that we have the eyes of Christ when seeing others. CLEANSES 2 Kings 2:21 “And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, thus says the Lord, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land.” Here we see Elisha and the people of God in the city of Jericho it had  RICH HISTORY OF BEING FERTILE  PEOPLE FLOCKED THEIR BECAUSE OF THE WATER SPRINGS

But the water had turned foul and because of Elisha’s relationship with God, he was called on to pray. He took salt and sprinkled it in the water. But sprinkling the water with salt could not affect the underground spring which was the real source of all the water in the city, it was his relationship with the father and his ability to call on Him by faith to purify the water. Our willingness to remain salty by staying in relationship with the Father allows us to be conduit for others to get cleansed, healed and delivered. Sometimes we will have others who will call on us to pray, lay hands or speak the word to them and our covenant relationship with the Father gives us an audience to stand on our faith for their request and ensure that the Glory returns to God for all that He does on the person’s behalf. Sometimes the cares of life, sin, anger, frustration, and even doubt get in the way of others approaching the throne for themselves so our willingness to stand in the gap until they are ready to go in for themselves is important. We are not their healer, deliver, sanctifier or savior but we can petition the Father as a proxy for them.

PRESERVING Proverbs 14:24 Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 11:10 When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy When our lives resonate with the presence of God things around us that would have more than likely died, regain their strength and vigor and flourish instead. EXAMPLE: Abraham, Lot and the city of Gomorrah in Genesis 18: 16-33 God was displeased with the city and the way the people were living so he told Abraham to get himself and his family out immediately. Abraham because of his relationship petitioned for the city and asked God what if you find 50 righteous will you save the city, God said yes. He then went from what if 50 all the way down to what if you find 10? God was willing to save the city if there would have been 10 salty people in it. It is the righteousness of God’s children that preserves a city, nation, church or even a family if we in the body develop our relationship with the father and maintain a lifestyle far

from that of those in the world around us. I wonder how many people are thirsty for what you have on the inside (real peace, joy, contentment, confidence etc.) merely by what they see on the outside. May I always remain salty and inspire someone else to run to the cross because God is...

LANITA R PRICE, Minister, MS Addiction counseling is the Director for Healing Hearts Family Counseling, LLC at Lighthouse Church International. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and Black American Association of Christian Counselors. or

FOLLOW-UP STORY Our November 2013 issue of SARAH Magazine featured Pastor Andrea M. Foster, Founder and Senior Pastor of United By Faith Christian Church (UBFCC) of Laurel, Maryland. During the months following the November publication, Pastor Foster and the UBFCC church family continued the remodeling of their new location. The photos shown below show the progress of their project. Please keep Pastor Foster, her family, and UBFCC in your prayers as they continue to move into their new community. May their presence become a major impact of God’s Glory!

Items/ingredients you will need to prepare this meal… 1 large pot or Dutch oven. 2 tbsp. Butter 1 ½ cups of White Rice 2 medium Yellow onions (chopped) 2 green Bell peppers (chopped) 2 sticks of Celery (chopped) 2 Cloves of Garlic (crushed) 2 large Tomatoes (chopped) 1 ½ cups of Beef broth 1 medium can of Tomato sauce 1tsp. each of Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, and Thyme. 4 Hot Links 1 ½ pounds of medium Shrimp In your large pot add the Butter and Rice, sauté until the rice begins to brown. Add in Onions, Bell peppers, Celery, and Garlic. Sauté until the vegetables get a little soft, but not too soft. (about 3 minutes) You don’t want them to become mushy during the cooking process.

Once the vegetables are at the right consistency, add in all your seasonings, Beef broth, Tomato sauce, Tomatoes and Hot links. Bring mixture to a boil; make sure you are stirring constantly to keep it from sticking. When it comes to a boil, reduce heat to low and cook about 20-25 minutes. Add in your Shrimp and let cook about another 10 minutes. When it is done, serve it on nice big plate and garnish it with some fresh Parsley.

(Pictures shown are not the actual recipe)

Recipes continued on the next page….

How about a nice salad with your dinner! In medium size bowl, add…. 1 Ice berg lettuce (cut up the way you like it). 1 large Cucumber (sliced) 1 large tomato (sliced) Mix together and serve with your favorite salad dressing. Serve this dish with some Hot Rolls and some Ice Tea.

In a large bowl add… 1 large can of Fruit Cocktail (drained) 1 Apple (you chose the kind you like and chop it into bite sized pieces) ½ Lemon (squeeze the juice over your apple pieces to keep them from turning brown). 1 small can of Mandarin Oranges (drained) 2 tbsps. of Marshmallow Cream Mix all ingredients together to form a thick consistency. Top with shredded Coconut and chill in the fridge until ready to eat.

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Jeannette Carradine Crenshaw- J.C. +4

A life of freedom given through the convenience of a single mother to enforce discipline to her child, Evelyn Brooks.

Hello, Iâ€&#x;m Evelyn and this is my story in a nutshell. I remember plainly the repetitive days of doing nothing. At the age of thirteen I was shaped by the culture of my environment to party and follow the brokenness of the people I somehow found myself looking up to. These people were the side line cheerleaders of this dysfunctional culture. They encouraged the frequent reunion to have illegitimate children and depended on the highlights of a welfare check on

the first and the fifteenth of every month. These programmed accommodations were recognized as success in every sense of the word. This meant we would party hardy because the government not only provided the check of bondage, he also dispensed food stamps as a shackle to hold you down never letting you get to the stage of independent freedom. Fortunately, I did not have a child at this time. Nevertheless, my close friends, most of them did. Their future was blind sighted by the few moments of temporary pleasure. They relied on government aid, and every weekend was a repeat of performing fruitful celebrations in nurturing poverty and defeat. So what seems to be the latest label for Baby Mama

Drama And, My Baby’s Daddy isn‟t anything new. As a matter of fact, unmarried women with children is about as old as dirt.

The perplexing thing is that at that time my mother worked for the movie star Frank Sinatra. And my conceited thoughts were that, it should have put me in better social status due to our financial income. However, I guess it all has to do with the mentality of the person earning the money. My mother was a very passive person. She never used her My mother full Alma Campbell potential that God blessed her with. She was extremely talented, in singing and interior design. Our home was always clean and beautiful. She settled for less than her best in that category. But she never failed to be the best mother in

the world. Even until this day, she is the best mother ever. There were times when my mother had to live in at Frank Sentra‟s Summer home in Palm Springs California, and wasn‟t able to come home. These were the days my mother had no other choice than to leave me and my 3 siblings in the care of my abusive Aunt, related by marriage. Although this arrangement went against the better judgment of my mother, at this time in our lives she had no other choice. Praise God; it only lasted until I turned fifteen. I was now allowed to stay home and care for my siblings. As the only option, it probably wasn‟t the best choice, but at least no one was being abused. Being able to stay home while my mother worked opened up opportunities for me to do whatever I wanted. Therefore while my mother worked, I had house parties

and I didn‟t know half the people who showed up. Now granted, this wasn‟t the best environment to have my little sisters in, and my baby brother Jerome, but it was the only way I could socialize and feel that I was still a teenager and not a teen mother. Timed passed and now at the age of sixteen I was given consent to marry. I married and moved to El Paso. Chuck was his name; he was in the military and stationed there. Needless to say, our marriage did not work out and we got an annulment. Which is something legalizing as a divorce because the marriage ended prior to six months? He and I both agreed to end this so called marriage.

I left EI Paso and was on my way back to California, when I pulled into a convenient store in Tucson Arizona for some orange juice and cigarettes. As I was searching for some loose change, I was still in

disarray due to the life change that just happened between my exhusband and I. I thought to myself….. I „m sixteen years olds and really don‟t know what I am going to do at this point of my life. I never finished high school; it didn‟t seem to be important at that time. So now what did my future hold? I cried out to a God! I didn‟t really know him, but I knew there must be a God somewhere. At any rate, I got the orange juice and cigarettes and went to pay at the cash register. The clerk was Hattie Richards. We began talking, and at that time she was going through a divorce, she let me live at her home with her and her two small children. Her husband was still living there with plans to move out soon. So I agreed. After several days I finally called my mother and let her know what was going on. She asked me to come home but I really did not want to do that. I told her I was okay and I met a lady and she offered me shelter. Well at this point, Hattie and her husband were still living together, and although he was planning to move out, it didn‟t happen soon enough.

Things were not comfortable for any of us, so I moved in with Hattie‟s mother and father on the south side of Tucson. These people were more than generous. They treated me like one of their own. With this experience came the opportunity for me to meet Doretta Hodges. She is well known today as Evangelist Doretta Elliott. She owned a hair salon back in the 1900‟s. There were no cell phones at this time, it was around 1976. Or if there were cell phones I didn‟t have one and no one I knew had one.

I wasn‟t sure why I was here in such a strange city, Tucson Az. What was a Tucson? Well I wasn‟t sure, but so far it appeared to be a friendly place. After leaving the home of these very nice people, I set out on my own. Only to get caught up in wrong choices once again. I cried out to God and asked him to help me. I

had nowhere to go and I really didn‟t know anyone here. I eventually met people and this one person in particularly. She led me to Christ, and I hung out with her for a while, and then moved on. I longed to find a job, but until then I slept in my car in front of a church in the central part of Tucson. Every day I would look for a job, and every night for moths I would return to my car and sleep in front of a church, where I felt safe. I cried and asked God to please help me, because I was alone in a city that was very strange to me. In my search for God, I followed my passion to help others. The only thing I had at that time was my car. I picked up hitch hikers, and took them where they needed to go. I soon ran out of money and I became despairing. Things got extremely difficult to even survive, I called my mother. She told me to come home, but for some reason I knew God had called me here for a spiritual encounter with Him. My mother sent me money through western Union. It took me a long time to call my mother and tell her I was living in my car and taking sink

baths in various restaurant bathrooms. I weighed probably 95 pounds soak and wet. I didnâ€&#x;t have food, nor did I know how to get food. Of course, this was prior to my mother sending me money to live on. A short time later, things began to look up. After a few months I got a job at a nursing home. And I continued to pray to God to help me. And he did from that day forward I was never without a job. I was and continue to be a diligent worker. I was favored in every field I worked in by the administrators and directors. I never stopped praising or telling people about Jesus. I eventually stopped smoking through the strength of prayer. I soon managed to get an efficiency apartment. I brought in homeless people to live with me for short periods of time. I eventually went back to school. I obtained my GED. A few years went by, and I

eventually got a job at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. I wasnâ€&#x;t happy with my academic progress so I went back to school. It was along this time that I met Gregory Jones. We dated for a while and soon married. We met in 1981 and we married in 1982. He was and continues to be one of the best thing to ever happen to me. I thank God for him. We joined Calvary Chapel in 1990. I was saved a few years prior to joining; it took my husband a while to make the commitment of faith.

After a while we started our family, and later joined Siloam Freewill Church. From there I enrolled in Pima community College and earned an Associate Degree, and continued on to a four year University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. We have been married for 31 years and blessed to have 8 children and one grandbaby.

My family and I continue to be members of Siloam Freewill Church for over 20 years. I love God with every fiber of my being, and the support of people he has put in my life is extreme. However, I will give my appreciation the most

instrumental ones who have played a major role in the person I am today. My husband of 31 years, Gregory Jones, continues to show me what it's like to be married to the perfect soul mate. My mother, Alma Campbell, taught me to be strong and trust God through it all. My mother-inlaw showed me that being a mother-in-law has been one of the most precious gifts from in my life. Brother-in-law is the best, and the best uncle to my children, always going the extra mile to support them in sports. I have never heard his say

an unkind word to any of them. My children and my other immediate family members, I love you unconditionally.

God blessed me to open Precious Souls Day Care in Jan of 200I. I never stopped praying to God. Just communicating with God through prayer brought blessing after blessing into my life.

My father was never a part of my life. He never spent time or made an effort to spend time with me or my two brothers. My other two sisters have different fathers. Nevertheless, my father became ill and ended up in a Texas hospital under the name of John Doe. His family he had been with and supported all his life had abandoned him in his desperate need of support. Yet, I

remember praying to God after I was married and had my first son, Michael. That if my father ever needed me, please allow me to be there for him. In spite of his choices to exclude me and my brothers from his life, he was still my father and somehow that is all it took for me to love him. I made it to Texas in enough time to lead my dad to Christ, and make arrangements for his funeral. My father was always a proud man. He spoke with elegance and poise, in a masculine way. Everything in his path revealed the creative application of his talents. He too was a business man. He owned his own used car lot and garage. I remember one summer coming from a family reunion in Dallas. We, my husband and baby Michael stopped by his shop. He was generous and told me to choose any car on the lot and I could have it. I chose a really nice Monte Carlo. I was so excited, and so was my husband. I never saw my dad again until I received the phone call that he was in the hospital with no one to care or support him.

That weekend my husband made arrangement for me to take the next flight out to get to my father. A prayer granted to me from years prior. “What a mighty God we serve”. When I began my search at the age of 13, and to this very day I continue to seek His face. He has brought me through unbelievable seasons in my life. The most recent, devastating thing that happened to me last year, was my baby sister‟s death. She died suddenly on Jan 8th of 2013 at the tender age of 44. We are a very close family. Holidays are times when we get together and build our relationships with old and new family additions. Sharon, my baby sister was the life of all the family events. She didn‟t have much material wise, but no one could hold a candle to her ability to cause people to have a good time. I miss her so much, and her death almost threw my faith backwards, but I kept praying, and kept praying to God to give me strength. No one could have helped me

through that type of pain and emotional sorrows accept God Himself. All of our children adored her. Auntie Sharon and Uncle Dude‟re is the best Aunt and uncle any children could have. Andre is my brother –inlaw, and well known as Uncle Dude‟re . He is a blessing to our family.

I am so glad that I have a personal relationship with Jesus. There is so much that I could write about how God shaped me through the years, but that would take more time that I have for this article. I hope to write a book and really tell what God has done through me. He gives me answers to problems that would normally devastate me. My journey has not been easy, but my life has and continues to be amazing in his strength. I have had encounters with God that will carry me and keep me on the path of righteousness. When the bible tells us, “Beloved don’t thinks these things

are strange that come to try you, as if something strange is happening. But know that you suffer with Christ, and when he reveals his glory, you will also be rejoicing.� My inner strength surpasses my soulful thoughts, and I press towards the high call in Christ Jesus. Tucson has been a place of growth and development for me, both in the natural and spiritual. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalms 91: 1- 2. "He who dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under shadow of the almighty. And I will say to the lord, the fortress, my refuge, my God. In him will I trust." I have learned to trust God at all cost, because life has a way of making you eat your own words. Moreover, when you have the word of God in you, you know that His words will not return to Him void, but it will accomplish that which He sent it out to do. Therefore, I speak the word of God and fear is not an obstacle to me anymore. According to Luke 10-19, I have the power to overcome and tread over the power of my enemies.

God blessed me recently with Beyond the Church Doors Ministry. It was through a dream that he revealed this vision to me. Executed in 2011, I attended a weekly Bible study at two of my most precious friendâ€&#x;s home, Johnny and Karen Gooden. We did a couple of outreaches together, trying to raise money to take a child on a trip to Disneyland. These children, ages 10 to about 15 years, lived on the Southside of Tucson and had never been there before. I believe that in the near future God will bless Beyond the Church Doors to be able to make this dream come true. Thanks to Karen and Johnny for your support. Beyond the Church Doors Community outreach ministry is a ministry with a vision for those who want to do amazing things with their gifts, talents, and time to bless others. The Bold and The Beautiful fashion Expo for God was the most precious assignment

by far. (Featured in last month’s edition of Sarah magazine)This expo proved to be an inspiration to all who were involved. This was an expo being fashioned after God. Yet, through the fashion of clothing, singing, dance, speech and more, we learned the ways of our Father and had a life changing experience. Beyond the Church Doors is now three and a half years old. And I would like to thank several people for your faith in me by supporting the outreach events and programs of Beyond the Church Doors. If I named all of you I am sure I would unintentionally leave someone out, therefore thank you all so very much for you obedience to the call of God in support of this ministry. As many people have been blessed, saved and encouraged through the ministry of Beyond the Church Doors. And I know that my journey is not over. And where ever the spirit leads me, I will continue to follow. There is nothing like knowing that the Holy Spirit is leading the way. And that I can always depend on my faith as a servant to fulfill my purpose in serving others, and

help other to reach their high call in Christ Jesus. May God get the glory‌God bless you all,

Love Evelyn Jones.

My Brother Jerome And His Beautiful Family My youngest daughter holding the baby, my two sons and my mom holding her great granddaughter.

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CalviniaWilliams “Loving God While Living with Luppus”


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I’ve been called a natural hair Nazi, the natural hair police and a friend’s husband has even humorously accused me of desiring a national natural hair holiday! My influential opinion could be mistaken for all of the above but the truth of the matter is that everyone is not going to find that natural hair works for them. Those nonparticipants of the Natural Hair Movement prefer to chemically alter their hair texture as opposed to training it over time. I’m a Naturalista but I believe that even relaxed hair should be properly taken care of. Here are some things you should know as a relaxed lady. a) RELAXED HAIR IS WEAKER. All hair grows out of the scalp in its strongest form. When you relax your hair you break the natural bonds down and reconstruct them in a straighter position. In order to achieve this, some strength has to be taken from the hair so that it is easily formed into the new straighter position. The loss of integrity during this reconstruction process that we call a relaxer requires that we make up for that loss. If not brittle and broken hair will be the result. b) YOUR HAIR STILL NEEDS MOISTURE. If your hair was curly enough that it required a relaxer ,then chances are you still need moisture in your hair. If you desire your hair to be free flowing and light I recommend using a light weight moisturizer and/or oil. This will prevent your hair from becoming brittle and it slows down the inevitable wear and tear on your ends.

c) PROTECT YOUR HAIR. Overexposure to heat, chemicals, and tension can have a negative effect on your tresses. Wrapping your hair at night with a nonabsorbent material like silk or satin is a great way to protect your hair from breakage. Wetting your hair with clean water before swimming and shampooing immediately after with a neutralizing or swimming shampoo will help protect from chlorine. Avoiding repetitive hair styles that require tension will also keep your hair from becoming damaged. d) TRIM YOU HAIR. Trimming is especially important to relaxed ladies. Every 6-8 weeks you should be having your hair dusted at a minimum. It is inevitable that the ends of your hair will be drier and more prone to brittleness. Stop the madness before it gets started by staying on top of your trims for evenly healthy hair. e) BE GENTLE. Take care not to brush your hair while it is wet and when combing be sure to start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp. Many people lack a gentle hand when it comes to hair. As a result we get a brush or comb full of hair that we have broken ourselves by being too rough. f) KEEP YOUR HAIR CLEAN. As a person possessing a more coarse hair texture you may not wish to wash your hair as often as someone with straight or wavy hair. However you should wash it at least once every 2-3 weeks. If you have ever waited too long to clean your hair while having braids you may have noticed clumps of debris in the hair that when removed may still have some strands of your hair connected to it. This is evidence that dirt and debris are not healthy for your hair and breaks it off! Keeping your hair clean allows proper absorbance of nutrients to your hair and scalp. Having relaxed hair does not mean that you have sold your soul! It also does not mean that you can pay less attention to your hair because it is straight. All people with hair need to understand how, what and why they allow certain procedures and or styles to be done to their hair. I strongly believe that understanding why you do something and then making the

choice to continue is healthier than following blindly. To all my relaxed ladies I still love you and I want you to consciously love your hair choice. Do You Have A Hair Question?? Email Me At: URFAVSTYLIST@YMAIL.COM Your Question Could Be My Next Topic


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QUICK AND EASY WORKOUTS NO TIME?? Well let's do a 10-minute cardio and tone session: Hop on a treadmill holding a three- to five-pound dumbbell in each hand, and set the speed to a brisk walk. Do a one-minute set each of shoulder presses, biceps curls, triceps extensions, side laterals, front laterals and standing triceps kickbacks one after another as you walk. It’s an amazing upper-body challenge that also gets your heart pumping. Do this two or three times each week. As you improve, work up to doing four-minute sets."

Workout 2 20 Squats 25 Jumping Jacks 15 Leg Lifts 10 Push Ups 5 High Knees Repeat 3 Sets 30 Second Breaks In Between

Workout 3 Planks Holding For 30 To 45 Seconds 30 Scissor Kicks 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Crunches 15 Legs Lifts 12 High Knees 30 Second Breaks In Between. Repeat 3 Sets

Ways You Can Improve On Cardio 1. Increase the Incline Instead of running on a flat road or treadmill, head for the hills or bump up the incline. Running uphill will send the heart rate through the roof and increase the calorie burn. Some added benefits include improved leg strength, running form and spring speed.

2. Hands Free When using a piece of cardio equipment, don't hold onto the handrail. Just let go and pump the arms forward and back, not across the body (which will reduce the effectiveness of a workout).

3. Be Consistent The best way to get results from a cardio workout is to create a routine and stick to it. Whether it's first thing in the morning, at lunch or after work, the body will adapt to training any time during the day. Be consistent and exercise on a consistent basis and your fitness goals are within reach. I want all my readers to pay close attention to their water intake. We as a team, make sure that we're drinking a gallon of water each day! Stretching is key, and it plays a big part of the mind body and spirit, make sure you stretch your muscles lightly before each workout session. We have to remember that each day is a new day and we only fight to be better than yesterday, so failing is not an option. It’s either you throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off. 2014 is a New Year for all of us to maintain and achieve a new goal, to strive and be excellent, to be that hero you always wanted to be. I been here and I'm still here for you! Take care and God bless.

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SPEAK LIFE with Dr. Theresa Buckner Spring Season! Once again it is the Spring Season within the Northern Hemisphere. March 20, 2014 marked the first day of Spring Season. This particular season is follows right after the Winter Season and comes before the Summer Season. During this time, we experience an increased exposure to the sun, and we see that nature begins to experience flourishing and blooming of new life. All that the winter has frozen, or killed off is thawed out or begins to grow again. It is the time when we see birds chirping and flying in the air, and the aroma of freshness saturates our surroundings. Those that have used or still use the Farmer’s Almanac know that the equinox changes throughout the earth are based upon the moon cycle. Within the Bible, God reveals to us that the moon was appointed for seasons. Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

Psalm 104:19 He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down. Just as there are seasons within the earth, there are also seasons within our lives. The seasons within our lives are not always aligned with the seasons of the earth. Sometimes we can be in a particular season for a long time, while at other times it is short lived. As believers, we are not to practice the art of star gazing or to base our lives upon horoscopes. I believe that God desires for us to know the seasons of the earth, so that we will be able to function properly within the earth. Many of us know that the Spring Season is a good time to plant certain seeds, to wear cooler clothes, and even to do some sort of Spring Cleaning from the former seasons. Spring is a time of refreshing, that seems to revive the earth. This is also the case within a spiritual sense. For those of us that are entering into the Spring Season of our lives, it is time to do some Spring Cleaning, to bloom, and to flourish. In Genesis chapter 18, we see that God visited Abraham and told him that he would visit again during the spring. This visit would be fruitful in that the barren woman would be able to conceive a child. Genesis 18:14 is there any wonder which the Lord is not able

to do? At the time I said, in the spring, I will come back to you, and Sarah will have a child. This particular verse records God’s thoughts and words regarding Sarah’s laughter when she heard the Lord tell Abraham that she we conceive a child at such an old age. During the Spring Season, God visited Abraham and Sarah and manifested a wonder within their lives! God performed only what He can do. Naturally, it was impossible for Abraham and Sarah to procreate. However, as God revealed in verse 14, is there any wonder which the Lord is not able to do? There is nothing too hard for God; after all, He is the Creator of everything that exists! Now as we shift and look at our own lives, are we walking into our Spring Season? Are you walking into your Spring Season? Do you see the Spring Season of your life ahead? If so, expect God to do those things that seem to be impossible for you! Many times within the winter, we can experience loss, trauma, hopelessness, despair, and weariness. However, if we continue to understand that seasons do change and this too shall pass, we can place one foot in front of the other and continue walking. We will continue to walk and endure the hardness of winter until we walk into our Spring Season. During our Spring Season of life, we will begin to see God’s promises manifest. Our lives will bloom, flourish, and be revived. If you are not experiencing your Spring Season at this time, you have a beautiful time to look forward to. Imagine the flowers budding, the birds chirping, the warmth of the day, and the increased sunlight! For those of you that are beginning your Spring Season, remember to do some spring cleaning within your life. Spring cleaning in your life can be making a new commitment to God and sticking to it, severing unhealthy relationships,

getting rid of bad habits, working towards fulfilling your purpose and dreams, and/or submitting to the process of being made into the image and likeness of Christ. Remove the weeds that would hinder you to bloom and flourish within this season. Make sure to get rid of any toxins that could hinder the promises of God within your life. The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it- Proverbs 10:22. If you are walking into your Spring Season, I would like to say Welcome to Spring!

Dr. Theresa Buckner, PhD. Board Certified and Licensed Christian Counselor Divinely Inspired Ministry International Dr. Theresa Buckner Ministries

Hello Teens; This is Leah Alexis coming to you again. How are you? If you want to know how I’m doing…I AM VERY EXCITED! WHY? Because I only have eight more weeks to go and then it’s graduation time! It seems like I have so much to do. Last month I shared with you that I was undecided on what college I was going to. Well guys, I made a decision; the college I chose was Missouri State University. I have already applied for housing and I should have an answer this month. As soon as I graduate, I will be moving to Missouri. It’s sad and yet exciting all at the same time. It’s sad because I will be leaving my grandmother and all my friends in Arizona. Someone asked me why I chose to go to a school so far away? I did it because it gives me a sense of independence and I will also be closer to other family members. I am going to miss my grandmother a lot and she said she is going to miss me. She’s happy for me, but it’s going to be hard

to leave her. The next time I talk to you it will be down to the final weeks before graduation. I am so thankful to God that I made it and that I didn’t give up. It’s hard but it’s worth it. I want to say to you teen friends, don’t give up! Once you finish high school, don’t just stop there, keep going. Don’t settle for less, it’s so much out there for you. I am so excited that I made it through high school and now I’m getting ready for college. Sometimes you might feel like giving up, but don’t do it! If you are a senior or in high school tell me what your feelings right now. Do you know what you are going to do when you graduate? Have you decided on what you want to be? Are you nervous and excited like I am? I want to hear from you. Tell me what you’re feeling. If you have questions for me you can email them to Let’s talk and share our journey of high school. You don’t have to be a senior in high school, let’s just talk about school and the ups and downs you are facing. Well that’s all for now. This is Leah Alexis…

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by Labriel Leach

Throughout my young, but growing track career, I’ve always had this one obstacle. This one nagging rival that has always stood in my way of becoming the star that everyone around knows I can be. That obstacle has robbed me of being a multi-time state champion, school record holder, national titlist and so much more. This obstacle has not only given me a huge headache over the years, but all of my coaches as well. It seems like the more I work to physically improve myself and physically showed in practice that I was ready to overcome this obstacle , the more this road block that has haunted me from my past and would find a way to beat me mentally before I ever step to the starting line. I’ll never be able to reach my all-time goal of going to the 2016 Rio Olympics, of becoming one of the greatest Track and Field Athletes of ALL-TIME until i can break through this barrier that keeps stepping in my way. This is because that obstacle is FEAR. This past season, while competing on the track team at Pima Community College, it truly showed how unbalanced my physical ability is to that of my mental fears. At practice 6 days a week, I was for the first time in my career believing and seeing what everyone around me has been telling me for years, that I can be special. My times I ran in practice clearly showed that not only could I, at that moment, achieve my season goals

(which included breaking the long standing school Record set by Olympian Mark Campbell 30 years ago, and of course Winning the NJCAA National Title), but also my long terms goals. The problem was the first day of the week that I didn’t have that belief was on MEET DAY, and because of this, I never was able to live up to my fullest potential. Now please don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing season, one that i will never forget. Won all but 2 races, finishing first among Community College Runners and 2nd overall at the Prestigious Sun Angel Classic. Winning my first ever invitational in San Diego with a personal best time of 52.31; top 10 at nationals; running one of the fastest 4-by-4 relay split in school history to lead my team to a top 10 finish at nationals; as well as stamping myself as of one the best athletes at Pima Community College. It was a season people could only dream about having. But, even after achieving all of that, I still look back and realize FEAR caused me to have left so much on the table still.... I have never ran a competent 400 Hurdles race before because all of my races are the same. I get so nervous because I let FEAR take over: fear that I wouldn’t be able to get my steps right; fear I finally

wasn’t going to be able to claw my way back for the win; fear that the way I was running in practice was just a fluke; FEAR of this, and FEAR of that. By the time I had calmed down, I was at the halfway point of the race and was able to see just how big of a hole I dug myself into that day. It was then my brain would shut off and my legs would do what they do best. I would run a miracle last half of the race and usually find a way of winning. After the race even though I was happy I was able to pull out another win, my coach and I were left frustrated, because again I left so much on the table, because the real win of that race wasn’t me at all, but FEAR... I was talking to someone very close to me just this past week. He asked me what goes on through my head when I get on the track. What is it that we need to hone in on to get me over this hurdle I keep tripping over? I told him that it was, in fact, nothing more than FEAR. Fear that after all my hard work, after all the endless days of training and weight training that I will get out there and my best won’t be good enough to be this Champion everyone keeps telling me i can be, this Champion that in my heart I know i can be. We had one of the best 1-on-1 conversations I’ve had, but he left me with this burning statement. It has been on my mind all week, and has resulted in some sleepless nights. It’s a statement that I now will share with anyone who is also having the same problem. Yes, FEAR is something that can stand in your way. FEAR is sometimes, like in my case, the only opponent that you haven’t been able to master yet. But is this Fear you have FEAR that you won’t be able to live up to your dreams, to reach your life long goals, or is it really that you FEAR that in the end you actually will?

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As the year 2014 is quickly passing by, I am reflecting on the goodness and blessings of God. The fact that the Lord afforded me to impact so may young women lives, I am humbled and grateful. But what is really important to me…it is my baby girls and how I impact their lives. First and foremost I want to be the best mom I can be. And this is what I would want to tell them. We should tell them that we were once girls

ourselves, that their fears and challenges are the same fears and challenges they face. That it’s important to us too, how we look how we feel and how friends (peers) are look at us. That we want to be loved and understood by the man of our dreams for the rest of our lives as well. And that the goals in life we set out to do, we want to accomplish them. Even though we might be a little older, we just might want the same thing as you. So we do understand how you feel and what happens to you in life. It is when you can have those simple but intimate conversations with our daughters that make the difference. It is when they can see our vulnerabilities, but yet sees we have the strength to overcome anything that comes our way. It is when they

see us love people, family and friends no matter what. Even if they have hurt us, our love surpasses the mistakes or the pain it has caused, because we love them and only want the best for them. It is when they see us pursue God with every fiber of our being. We trust in the infallible Word of God to put what we see with our natural eyes to align it with the Word of God. It is when they see that side of us, that they can appreciate and love us all the more. We have to show our daughters that we are not that far from them. Often times we feel we must put on best foot forward, (and we should). But sometimes it is with the cost of being “superficial”. I don’t know about you, but I want the real thing. God in his infinite love gave us the ultimate example of unconditional love. God is the Real thing. Nothing we face in life, he has not faced it. And he gave us principles and instructions on what to do. That is what we must do as well, give our daughters examples, and show them what you did. Show them how you accomplished disappointment, failure and loss. Teach them if it didn’t work the first time, it’s ok!!! Try it another

way, next time. Tell them that they are so successful, powerful, wonderful and beautiful. Tell them even if you don’t feel like it….Keep going!!!! And don’t stop until it’s done. While doing that, be there every step of the way. They need our support and love and encouragement. I absolutely love being a mom. I would not trade it for the world. I have been blessed with 2 great moms in my life, my natural mom Meliann Burns and my Mom in Love Irene Chaney. And I want to be as impactful to my daughters as they are to me. Creating the atmosphere to safety is so important. The ability to be honest about how your feelings and yet still accomplish them no matter what. Moms, we have to create that safety for our daughters. Learning to love and understand through all situations is what I believe a very important key to a happy life. Blessings,

Pastor Chauntell West

Last month we introduce the Singles Section Of Sarah. Our first article was called; HOW WOULD YOU RATE ME? We got some great feedback on it. If you missed the article, go back to our March edition and read page 83. I would like to start off this page with some of the responses that came in, and then we will give the question for this month’s issue. We would like your feedback every month. If you are married and would like to respond to these questions, please feel free to do so. Some people chose to be anonymous. The choice is yours; we will post your responses in next month’s issue. Singles continue to send us your questions.

Reponses To HOW WOULD YOU RATE ME: I thought the HOW WOULD YOU RATE ME bit was interesting, but a little dangerous as we are not who people say we are’ we are who GOD says we are! With that said, I have had the distinct impression that some women are holding on to their husbands (“or partners”) like I am going to throw them over my shoulder and take them home. I’m thinking: “Honey. I don’t want your man!” I’ve actually found that I sometimes ignore a guy, even if he’s alone, as I don’t want them to the wrong idea. A while ago, one obviously DID get the wrong idea as he propositioned me; and he was married! Anyway, I find this behavior to be disturbing, but maybe I’m just more aware of it since I’ve taken myself “off the market”. Anonymous  Aint nothing wrong with being single. However I would not want to be single at the age of 55. It sounds like you need to get some new friends that

have the same common interests and problems. I know a lot of single women from age 30 and up. Keep hope Alive sister! I’m single too and I don’t like it. Consider dating out of your race and internationally. If push comes to shove, I know some men that need green cards. Anonymous  That's an interesting story on page 83! To the lady I would say: 1. Now that you are a child of God, your life is in God's hands. Scripture says, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3: 5 - 6 You cannot afford to look to people for an explanation of a life that is directed by God. The carnal mind cannot fathom the things of God and obviously, those unkind reactions and comments are the product of carnal minds. When you are travelling through life in God's will, only He can be your compass. You can't look to man or let man "score" you! She has said that she wants to live her life in God's will. So, she must learn to ignore the voice of men and be guided only by God's spirit. When we walk with God, things don't always go the way we want or the way that man expects. But we can be sure that if God is in control, all things will work together for good! "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8: 28. 2. Spend more time in God's word and less time listening to the opinions of people. When words of doubt and worry come from our lips, it points to what's in our hearts. "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good ... for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh." Luke 6: 45 God's word says we are to guard our hearts "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4: 23 So, we must be careful not to listen to negativity but instead fill our hearts with God's word.

...and allow our minds to be renewed by His word. "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12: 2 3. Keep company with those who appreciate you, inspire you and encourage you to live for God. It may be time to change the company you keep. There are certainly others like you who are making the most of the lives they have and not pining for the lives they want. 4. Scripture says, "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1Thessalonians 5: 18. We are not thanking God FOR adversity but IN it. And we know that gratitude opens the doors to more blessing, happiness and good health. This lady has a lot going for her. How about having a Daily praise time with God, thanking Him for what she does have? Many women are single, childless, SICK AND UNEMPLOYED. Plus outcasts because of their situation. At least, she is not sick and unemployed or driven out of town! I have a lot more to say! But my most important message would be for her to step away from all these negative people and spend time with God. She is clearly in the wrong company. If need be, change churches. When we build up a strong foundation in God's word, we can weather any storm without falling down. Jesus talks about this in the parable of the wise and foolish builders. Another thing is, some people consider adopting a child. She might want to pray about this too! Never ask people to rate how you are living or who you are! The only rating that counts is God's. Go to Him! "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the multitude of their chariots and in the great strength of their horsemen, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel, or seek help from the LORD." Isaiah 31: 1. Jeremiah 17: 5-8 "Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD. 6“For he will be like a bush in the desert And will not see when prosperity

comes, But will live in stony wastes in the wilderness, A land of salt without inhabitant. 7“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. 8“For he will be like a tree planted by the water, That extends its roots by a stream And will not fear when the heat comes; But its leaves will be green, And it will not be anxious in a year of drought Nor cease to yield fruit." There is still hope! God has not finished with you and your case is not closed. When the angel told Sarah she would have a child in her old age, she laughed. But God did it! God is not moved by age or what people are saying. "Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time." Ecclesiastes 3: 11. Wait patiently, in thanks giving, not in grumbling and complaining, for God's time. Oma Edoja

I have been single for the past two years and have made an active effort to keep things that way because I wanted to use this time to grow both mentally and spiritually, without the distraction of a man in the way. I had a boyfriend all through college, and being single now has been tough. I've been away from everyone and everything I have ever known for the past two years and while it would have been nice to have someone here to cling to and talk to, I preferred to cling to and talk to God. I am a very affectionate person though; like any other girl I like hugs, compliments, flowers, and other simple displays of affection. My spiritual journey has been great, however I miss the affection that comes with having someone physically here.

At this point, I am ready for someone special to come into my life, but I know that we are not supposed to go looking. God will send that person to you when you are ready...and because you are READY, not because you are LONELY. With all that being said, my question is this: When that person pops up out of the blue (because of course you weren't looking), how do you know if he was God sent, or if you are just lonely and WANT him to be God sent?


Ladies and gentlemen, we would love your feedback to this question. If you have a question about being single, send it to us. You don’t have to give your name if you are not comfortable with people knowing who you are. Thank you for your feedback on HOW WOULD YOU RATE ME?? You can still send feedback to this question. All the responses will be posted in the next edition of Sarah magazine. We hope you are enjoying the Single Section Of Sarah.

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SARAH MAGAZINE is Christian based magazine with something for everyone. We remind you that, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Enjoy...


SARAH MAGAZINE is Christian based magazine with something for everyone. We remind you that, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! Enjoy...