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Richard Kent,

I never thought I would be a Head Teacher, but if it was ever going to be anywhere, it had to be at Sherborne Prep!

I could not be prouder of our community over this past year. I have witnessed a community come together, loyal to our lovely school, and there has been so much to celebrate, not least the wonderful outcome of our ISI Inspection that encapsulated who we are: a vibrant, brave and imaginative community that cares about each other. Thank you everyone for being such an important part of this.

Our children have never been busier. The school rings with laughter, with industry, with song, with colour, and perhaps with the odd cricket

ball arriving at my feet in a corridor…! We want our children to experience true breadth in their education, to feel safe to explore and to be brave, to have a voice; to make a positive difference to their own and others’ lives. Everything that we do at SPS has a reason; to enrich learning, providing a standout and unique education. Our new motto seems to be becoming, ‘“What next?” What will we do each year to build our bespoke way of living here? Our children can do whatever they set their minds to, we are all here to support and guide them through their journey - it truly is great fun; what a gift to work with the future disrupters!

Mrs Annie Gent, Head

Our home from home

Another wonderful year in the boarding house. It really has been back in full swing as more and more children start to dabble in a little flexi-boarding and weekly boarding in preparation for their senior schools.

Preparation really is the key, but sometimes it can be hard to explain what we are preparing the children for - not just their secondary schools, not even just living with others - we are aiming to prepare the children for standing on their own two feet. We are building their resilience and giving them the tools and the time to deal with the everyday complications that we all face. After all, isn’t that what boarding school is about? Our aim, in the boarding house, has always been twofold; (1) to provide a safe and happy environment for children to be away from home, and (2) to prepare the children for an exciting future.

We manage this by providing them with opportunities. Weekends are not just about Flip Out and trips to the beach, camping and marshmallows, movie nights and town runs; they are about providing the opportunities to make friends, have arguments, reconcile, build character and resilience, and to have the time to find out who they are as an individual. This is the foundation that we provide in readiness for their next steps, ensuring that they have a chance to enjoy it along the way!


We have truly had a happy and successful year, packed full of exciting events and special occasions in the Pre-Prep.

Pre-Preppers enjoyed a diverse range of experiences, highlighting our belief that children learn best when they are happy, engaged and supported. Throughout the year, we have seen great progress from all of our pupils and it is clear to see that they have been learning without even realising it!

We kick-started the year with our newly launched ‘Book at Breakfast’ and ‘Book at Bedtime’ events, which were a hit with both our children and parents alike. The children loved coming into school early for croissants and cocoa whilst listening to captivating stories.

The Michaelmas Term saw our Year 1 and 2 pupils’ man the battlements of our castle topic. They enjoyed a castle-themed


day where they savoured the most marvellous medieval banquet. The children also loved visiting Sherborne and Corfe Castles, whilst Reception were busy hunting for the ‘Evil Pea,’ from ‘Supertato’ and enjoyed a ‘Supertato’themed day where they made vegetable soup, Supertato veggies and enjoyed ‘Super Jacket Potatoes’ for lunch!

The Christmas season brought joy and happiness, with the Pre-Prep Nativity - Christmas with the Aliens - and the Nursery Nativity, both of which were a delight to watch. Not forgetting the infamous Years 1 and 2 spontaneous class competition ‘Who can make the longest paper chain?’ (Year 1, of course!)

Pre-Preppers enjoyed a diverse range of experiences, highlighting our belief that children learn best when they are happy, engaged and supported.

Pre-Prep pupils performed impressively during the Gymnastics Festival held at Port Regis. This event seems to be becoming a regular fixture in our calendar and one which we all look forward to.

Year 2 also had a fantastic time hosting Port Regis for a football tournament and we are looking forward to more of these events in PrePrep next year.

The Lent Term was just as exciting, as Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a trip to Wookey Hole as part of their Explorer topic, together with a visit from Graham Keene, Everest mountaineer and explorer! Reception pupils relished their trip to the Haynes Motor Museum. Another one of the highlights of this term was listening to our skilled musicians in their music recital, where our children showcased their fantastic talent.

Our weekly Outdoor Learning sessions, exploring nature in more detail, continue to be a hit and we learned all about organic farming during our visit to Launceston Farm, making bread from the farm’s flour.

The Trinity Term started off with a bang with Reception pupils visiting The Sealife Centre and producing their sea-themed Assembly. Years 1 and 2 learned all about The Great Fire of London (stop one and ask them a fact; they know it all!) and were visited by The Dorset Fire Safety Department. Years 1 and 2 pupils also enjoyed our Explorer Day where they got a chance to erect tents and try out orienteering; they even got to tuck into a ‘midnight’ feast in their tents.

As I write, we look forward to beach trips, garden centre visits, Sports Day and so much more.

What an action- and learning-packed term PrePrep have enjoyed!


The school opened its doors this year to a wealth of academic events and trips. These included no fewer than 14 outside authors/visitors (including a horse, two snakes, a mountaineer and a giant peach!); seven ‘Book at Breakfast’ events, five Creative Writing evenings, 18 day trips out (including history festivals, farms, castles, and the coast), a Junior STEM morning, and amazing residential trips for all pupils in Years 3-8.

Woven in between all of these were our three wonderful, fully-immersive, off-timetable and cross-curricular days: Pole-to-Pole Day focused on Polar Exploration and Environmental Change; House Music Day included Taiko Japanese Drumming and our hotly-anticipated, House Singing Competition; and, of course, Coronation Day which focused on historic Kings and Queens, Coronations and ceremony, and which included our own recreation

of the Coronation, followed by a Medieval Royal Joust with knights participating from each of the four Houses. Watch this space as our talented and passionate teachers are busy planning for a feast of more immersive, academic, enriching experiences for next year.

Year in Review

Scholarship success with 44% of the Year 8 pupils being awarded scholarships to Sherborne School, Sherborne Girls, King’s Taunton, King’s Bruton, Hampton, Canford, Clayesmore. 8 academic, 6 music, 5 sport, 3 drama and 1 art awards in total.



This year the academic side of the Prep saw the launch of the PSB (Pre-Senior Baccalaureate) which has been positively embraced by staff and pupils alike. The core skills of independence, collaboration, communication, thinking & learning, reviewing & improving and leadership has now become part of the daily vernacular. Notably, the pupils are now developing these vital skills through explicit discussion, teaching and active learning.

One highlight of this year’s academic calendar saw our first Pre-Senior Project Qualification (PSPQ) event, in which the Year 8 cohort presented their self-directed inquiry projects, inspired by the pupils’ interests,

values and quest for acquiring new knowledge. The breadth of chosen topics was extraordinary, reflecting the diverse interests and passions of our pupils; from investigating mythological creatures of the British Isles, to exploring how architecture has adapted to music over time. Through their projects, they have demonstrated their ability to conduct in-depth independent research, think critically, and present their findings confidently. The PSPQ event not only provided a platform for our pupils to present their final pieces, but also served as a space for them to reflect on their individual learning journey throughout the project. They shared the challenges they encountered, the skills they acquired, and the growth they experienced as learners.




It has been a wonderful year in the Art Department, culminating with the Summer Art Exhibition where every pupil at the Prep had the opportunity to share their artistic ability with both their peers and joined by their parents.

We believe that creativity should permeate all areas of the school, allowing our pupils to freely develop their ideas, to both discover their own talents within our community and to celebrate their individuality. I have been

particularly excited about the development of PSB in the Art Department, a new venture that highlights creativity throughout the curriculum.

These pages are just a few examples of the power of our children’s thoughts, skills and imagination.

Artist of the week

Our programme ‘Artist of the Week’ has continued to be a feature during our weekly Assemblies, a public celebration of individual responses to

independent projects. It is wonderful to see our pupils’ art every week, bringing colour and joy to the start of the day.

Young Artists Summer Show Royal Academy 2023

This year Sherborne Prep has submitted 20 pieces of art for the Show. The project is an opportunity for young artists aged 4-19 to exhibit their work online and on-site at The Royal Academy in London. We are incredibly proud to present the creative talent of 12 of our pupils, a fine example of just some of


the work created throughout the school. The powerful images submitted talk about character and vision.

Art Scholarships

This year we are particularly pleased about Constance C’s success in achieving an Art Scholarship at Sherborne Girls, an accolade that speaks volumes about Constance’s remarkable talent and determination to achieve her goals. Art Scholarships are a particularly competitive field with a huge number of candidates, highlighting even more Constance’s achievement.

Dragon TV

Dragon TV has been a great success this year. We have encouraged pupils to create video content for our sessions on Saturday using core skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. There were interviews, art, documentaries and images behind the scenes; always a hit with the audience. We feel that media studies are a wonderful way of producing exciting visual content for our community whilst having fun. Well done to all reporters, sound engineers and camera operators!




• Annual Sherborne Preparatory School Art Exhibition 2023

• Printing & Design Enrichment Club

• Ceramic Workshops at Sherborne School

• SATIPS National Prep Schools’ Art Exhibition 2023

• Year 8 visit to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris

• Clay Modelling Enrichment Club

• Young Artists’ Saturday Activity

• Young Artists’ Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy

• Coronation Day art activities

• Year 8 visit to the Art Exhibition at the Merritt Centre Art Gallery, Sherborne Girls

• Fernando Velázquez Art Workshop

‘Art 360’ at the Super Sunday Open Day, Sherborne School


As the academic year comes to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on the captivating scientific journey our pupils have embarked upon. Science lessons at our school have been nothing short of inspiring and eye-opening, equipping our children with knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our planet.

From Year 3’s delightful encounter with a STEM outreach group from the local girls’ school, where they constructed their very own periscopes, to Year 4’s exciting bug hunt adventure, our pupils have been actively engaged in hands-on experiences

that stimulate their curiosity and promote critical thinking.

Year 7 delved into the fascinating world of cells and respiration, unravelling the mysteries of life’s building blocks. Meanwhile, Year 8 pupils explored the intricate web of life with their study of ecology, uncovering the essential role of chemicals in cosmetics and their impact on the environment.

We are proud to announce that our new school pond has become a hub of scientific discovery, providing a window into ecosystems, food webs and habitats. This invaluable resource has allowed pupils to


witness first-hand the delicate balance of nature and the interdependence of species.

Additionally, our recent EcoDay around a central theme of Polar Exploration, served as a powerful reminder of the urgency to address climate change. The pupils were privileged to receive a lecture from a real Arctic explorer, deepening their understanding of the science behind this pressing issue.

These science-focused activities serve a crucial purpose; by engaging in scientific exploration, our pupils develop a heightened awareness of our planet’s challenges. Our children become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions, adopt sustainable practices and become responsible custodians of Earth –our home.

Through science education we empower our pupils to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and agents of positive change. By nurturing their scientific curiosity, we are fostering a generation that will strive to protect and preserve our planet for years to come.

Together, let us celebrate these remarkable scientific achievements and look forward to more exciting discoveries in the years ahead.

We are proud to announce that our new school pond has become a hub of scientific discovery, providing a window into ecosystems, food webs and habitats

The Michaelmas Term showcased the talents of Year 5 as they performed The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman and were also treated to a wonderful Alien Nativity by Pre-Prep.

Since January we have had four year group productions. We started off with Year 7 presenting Wendies and Peters, a multi-cast production of the classic story, complete with two crocodiles! This was followed after the Lent half term with Year 6 presenting two short versions of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Twelfth Night; the pupils grappled with the comedy and the language and definitely came out on top! Then straight afterwards Year 3 entertained us with their Roman Adventure and took us back almost two thousand years to where we met a scary centurion, a slave trader and a friendly senator; or was it just a dream? The first week of Trinity term saw Year 4 present scenes from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; again, with multiple roles we entered the world of Narnia along with two rather frightening wicked witches .. .oops, I mean Queens! Year 8 went to see the London production of Guys and Dolls in May and returned fired up for their own production of the play to round off the term.

Year 8 also squeezed in a phenomenal Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward – what a way to end the first half of the Trinity term!


They experimented with a variety of wood joints and then, using this knowledge, they selected the ones that they wished to include within their own storage design.


Creativity and innovation

Across the year groups pupils have looked at a range of projects, starting with Pre-Prep children designing and making rockets, a royal carriage, picture frames and wooden puppets, as well as making board games.

During the Pre-Prep Design Technology Enrichment club, Christmas wreaths were made followed by Royal carriages.

Year 3 have looked at wood as a material and made a box by following drawings of the component parts. Through this they have developed their knowledge of tools and equipment as well as developing accuracy within their work. Their puppet project demonstrated their individual thoughts on how they should apply a design.

Year 6 generated a mould for pewter casting. Within this project, the children learnt about the different categories of metals and some of their potential uses. They completed their electric buggy project and produced prototypes for their litter picker project.

Year 7 developed their design skills in the production of a vacuum-forming mould to produce a clock. Through this they learnt about plastics and experienced working with thermoplastics. They experimented with a variety of wood joints and then, using this knowledge, they selected the ones that they wished to include within their own storage design.

Year 8 sought to produce a creative design for a passive amplifier to magnify the sound of a mobile phone. This led to some very creative and functional solutions to the brief. They finished the term working on the individual aspects of their PSPQ projects which were a huge success!


It has been an exciting year in the English Department. We have fully embraced the flexibility and creativity offered by PSB and we have enjoyed teaching new texts to instill a love of literature alongside encouraging debate, discussion and higher-level thinking skills.

We have launched several new events including ‘Book at Breakfast’ where children and parents in Reception to Year 5 enjoyed shared story time in our wonderful Library.

Years 6 and 7 have taken part in Creative Writing evenings showing their ability to craft imaginative pieces; they proudly read their work aloud to their families.

A key event was World Book Day in March. The pupils dressed up for the occasion and - in true Sherborne Prep style - we declared a literary-themed week instead of just one day! We had a number of guest speakers to inspire the children, including illustrators and drama specialists.

This will become an annual event to encourage a love of poetry and a celebration of creativity. The Year 8 production of Blithe Spirit was a fitting end to the year.


We ended the Trinity Term on a high with the launch of a new competition to crown our very own Sherborne Prep Poet Laureates.


Geography aims to connect children to both the natural world and to modern global issues.

A Year 8 field trip to Lulworth Cove allowed pupils to witness the wonders of coastal geography first-hand and gave them a chance to practice fieldwork techniques. They explored the unique features of the area, studying coastal erosion processes and landforms. This hands-on experience deepened their understanding of geological processes

of factors such as birth rates and immigration.

Year 6’s learning journey involved constructing earthquake-proof buildings, armed with marshmallows and sticks; pupils designed and built structures that could withstand simulated seismic activity. This practical exercise helped them grasp the importance of constructing resilient infrastructures in earthquake-prone regions, building on their work in Year 3 where they

and the impact of human activity on coastal environments. The sunshine and an opportunity to demolish some ice cream rounded off a successful trip!

To explore population dynamics in Year 7, the ‘Jelly Baby Game’ has become somewhat notorious throughout school, with the smell of sweets wafting out of the classroom. By assigning different colours of jelly babies to represent various population groups, pupils engaged in games that simulated real-world demographic scenarios; they analysed population distribution, migration patterns and the effects

experimented with creating handmade volcanoes. Sometimes the volcanoes had such powerful eruptions they managed to hit the ceiling!

Through field trips, interactive games, practical projects, and thematic days such as Pole-to-Pole Day which focused on polar exploration, pupils develop a deep understanding of geographical concepts and their relevance to contemporary global issues. Pupils are becoming empowered to be responsible global citizens with a passion for protecting the planet.

Finding our place!
This hands-on experience deepened their understanding of geological processes and the impact of human activity on coastal environments

A blast from the Historical past!

Another wonderful year in History has flown past, with so many enriching and exciting learning opportunities for our children. Highlights have been many and pupils have continued to enjoy the investigative nature of a subject that specialises in analysis and evaluation.

Year 3 have been enthusiastic about their topics, which included Dinosaurs, Fossils and Early Man. They shared their

own fossils with their classmates and learned about how people lived in ancient times. They also studied the Celts, the Romans and the Vikings, and compared their lifestyles and achievements. They used various interactive and creative methods to learn about these civilisations.

Year 4 focused on Medieval England, a fascinating and dramatic period in history. They investigated the events of 1066 and the Norman Conquest and made their own versions of

the Bayeux Tapestry. They also learned about the Domesday Book, the Black Death and its remedies, and the lives of people in Medieval England.

Year 5 were captivated by Tudor England, a time of great change and intrigue. They learned about the battles, the monarchs, the religion and the society of the Tudors. They also had a wonderful residential trip to Hooke Court where they experienced Tudor life first-hand. They cooked, studied and slept


in the same historic building that was supposedly visited by Henry VIII himself!

The chronological nature of history here at Sherborne Prep is incredibly important, as it not only secures prior knowledge but also provides our children with a rich contextual understanding. This year saw Year 6 continue chronologically into the Stuart period. As children progress up the school, the study of history becomes more rigorous, in terms of securing techniques and teaching the skills of analysis. Understanding interpretation, recognising bias and propaganda, deciphering a source of evidence, and acknowledging the importance

of provenance all begin in Year 6 and the Stuarts are the perfect monarchs upon which to practice these skills. Children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about James I, Charles I, and the Duke of Buckingham, and painstakingly deliberated over to whom they might pledge their personal allegiance within the English Civil War. Arguments have been written, opinions hotly contested, and battle lines finally drawn – all that is left is for Year 6 to join the English Civil War of 1642!

Year 7 immersed themselves in the Industrial Revolution, a period of transformation and innovation. They presented their research on various aspects of

industry and demonstrated their knowledge and confidence. They also studied the changes in agriculture and transport that shaped Industrial Britain. They enjoyed a wonderful trip to Bristol where they visited the SS Great Britain, a stunning ship that clearly demonstrated the achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. They also walked across the Clifton Suspension Bridge, another masterpiece of engineering, and admired the beautiful views.

Our Year 8 pupils worked harder than ever in History in order to prepare for their senior exams. Many primed for scholarship and analysed the most challenging sources, writing a great many essays concentrating on their quality of evidence, analysis, and evaluation. Others studied the First World War and produced excellent work that showed their understanding and analysis of this period. All of Year 8 then studied ‘Russia in Revolution 1900 to 1917’ and gained some insight into the context and challenges of Russia and its Empire at the turn of the 20th Century.

As you can see, the History Department here at Sherborne Prep is a busy and vibrant one, and we truly believe our children very much enjoy the history in which they learn and engage. The adventure continues next year as the children understand and piece together the past.


Numbering off

Sherborne Prep School had a highly successful year in Mathematics, marked by numerous achievements and engaging activities.

In a notable collaboration, we developed a STEM session in partnership with Leonardo Helicopters. This session provided an extraordinary opportunity for children to delve into the world of aviation and explore the mathematical concepts that underpin helicopter design and flight. The interactive experience left the young mathematicians inspired and motivated to pursue other STEM fields.

Throughout the year, the school ensured that pupils were consistently challenged in their maths lessons. The curriculum not only covered the core mathematical concepts but also encouraged the children to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. This approach fostered a deeper understanding of mathematics and nurtured a growth mindset among the children.

A highlight of the year was the Junior Maths Day event, where children from different year groups came together to participate in stimulating maths challenges and puzzles. The event showcased the incredible talent and passion for mathematics among the children; it also served as a platform for collaborative learning and the development of critical thinking skills.

International Day of Mathematics was celebrated amongst our senior year groups, where pupils were engaged, inspired and challenged by lessons and lectures. The event not only fostered a love for mathematics, but also encouraged children to think critically and problem-solve.

The school’s commitment to providing exceptional mathematical education continues.

A highlight of the year was the Junior Maths Day event, where children from different year groups came together to participate in stimulating maths challenges and puzzles.

At the time of writing, Year 8 are preparing, mirabile dictu, to visit the amazing Roman Villa at The Newt, hard on the heels of their reading parts of The Iliad and The Odyssey in translation. A significant majority will take Latin at their secondary school, with the lion’s share of the others taking Classical Civilisation.

Those who sat scholarship Latin covered most of the GCSE language prescription and have applied themselves superbly, with very impressive results. Many have mastered most of this material at a young age, and I hope that one pupil will not mind my quoting the beginning of the report

on her scholarship paper which began: ‘WOW! What a stellar achievement. She should be exceptionally proud…’ Hear hear!

We embraced with gusto from Year 6 all the joyful introductions to the Ancient World, reminding ourselves about the dinner parties-that-never-end, the gladiators, the baths, the theatres and what it was like to live in the Roman Empire in the first century AD. The fusion of the linguistic benefits of Latin syntax, grammar and vocabulary and the cultural benefits of the grounding in literature, art, architecture and Ancient History continue to draw our pupils in, and to be an important and varied part of our academic curriculum.

Chariots of fire? No, but our passion for Latin burns brightly!

Blithe Spirit

On Friday, 26 May, Year 8 performed Noel Coward’s 1941 comedy, Blithe Spirit.

Although Coward only created seven characters, our performance featured no fewer than twenty- six actors!

The play was opened with confidence and flair by the scene-setter, who introduced the actors for Act one.

The first Ruth and Edith were terrific, Ruth gently chiding Edith for being in such a hurry! Likewise, uplifting was the first Charles, appearing with suitable nonchalance at the start of the evening as he expertly mixed martinis for all his guests! Dr and Mrs Bradman were extremely convincing, Dr Bradman combining kindness and good manners with a degree of scepticism! The well-meaning but socially awkward Mrs Bradman was presented perfectly. The stage was set for Madame Arcati to enter, and she put on a performance we will not forget, silencing the cynics and playing the part of the bonkers mystic to the full, careering around the stage chanting and ranting. As she enters her trance, the first spirit appears in a coup de theatre with Elvira’s famous opening line ‘Leave it where it is!’. She struck a wonderfully other-worldly tone in her conversation with the astonished Charles, whose rudeness to Ruth inspired an indignant response of super acting.

The morning dawns with a tight-lipped Ruth icily reading The Times. Charles, seemingly unaware

of the offence he has given, comes breezily down to breakfast. The tension and suspense between the two were brilliantly captured, both characters being entirely convincing, Ruth in her determination that Charles had been drunk, and Charles in his self-defence that he had had a genuine aberration. Ruth pressed her point memorably: ‘Charles, you behaved abominably last night: you wounded and insulted me…You called me a guttersnipe, you told me to shut up, and when I quietly suggested that we should go up to bed, you said, with the most disgusting leer, that it was an immoral suggestion!’. Ruth delivered these lines with true emotion and anger, and the scene was most impressive. Before it ended, we had a further moment of high emotion as Elvira reappeared, convincingly portrayed again, bemoaning the changes in the ‘border by the sundial’. She rather unkindly winds the situation up until poor Ruth begs Charles to reassure her that it is only hypnotism. Elvira unhesitatingly delivered the harsh truth: ‘Hypnotism, my foot!’ she cried, smashing a pot as she does so. Curtain!

The next scene-setter explained beautifully what would follow: Madame Arcati, now played by with gusto by a different actor, arrives to see Ruth, in accomplished guise, desperate to get rid of Elvira. After some early sparring, Ruth tells poor Madame Arcati that she was only invited to dinner so that Charles could gather information for his book. Drawing herself up to her full height, Arcati asks


whether she is to understand that she was invited ‘in a spirit of mockery’ and into this cauldron stroll Charles (now played urbanely by Charles the third!) and Elvira, now played with masterful control by Elvira the third!! Ruth despairingly says she will take the problem to the Archbishop of Canterbury, leaving a mischievous Elvira goading Charles to let her stew. The curtain falls with Elvira waltzing expertly to the Irving Berlin song ‘Always’ before Edith enters and screams. Crockery smashing, the curtain falls again.

Dr Bradman (an authoritative figure) and his helpful assistant, advise Charles to rest after he has strained his arm. Ruth has fallen and hit her head. The first Elvira, transformed into a flustering Mrs Bradman, leaves Ruth to deliver some hard truths

to Charles. She tells him that Elvira is trying to kill him in a ‘bloody battle’ and her prophecy is proven right when Ruth takes the car and is killed in an accident. In a further coup de theatre, Ruth returns and memorably asks ‘Once and for all, Charles, what does this mean?’ Again, the curtain falls.

After another excellent introduction, Charles the fifth plays the twice-widowed writer in two black armbands. A final splendid Madame Arcati owns up to having ‘thrown up the sponge, instead of throwing down the gauntlet’, and they set out to find a way to return the wives from whence they came. Charles, together with a final, highly convincing, and entertaining Elvira, and Ruth, together hold the final act together superbly, leading us inevitably to the denouement when Edith achieves the wives’ eventual departure. Charles goads them to the end, and they respond by smashing a final shelf full of crockery!

Massive thanks are due to those who gave terrific help on the lights and sound, and to the triumphant provider of beautiful flowers. The make-up artists were also all amazing and the musicians superb. It was a triumph by the children, and wonderful enthusiasm from the parents as audience and providers of costumes were the cherries on the cake. Huge thanks to everyone!

It was a triumph by the children, and wonderful enthusiasm from the parents as audience and providers of costumes were the cherries on the cake.

Strings to the bow

Computer Science is a subject that teaches children how to use technology creatively, critically and responsibly. This is going to become more and more important as the children progress through their educational careers.

From Year 3 the children have already started coding, as well as using touch screens to create digital art, exploring different shapes, colours and patterns. They learned how to manipulate images and express their ideas visually. They also had fun sharing their artwork with their classmates and teachers. The children have learned the basics of coding using a visual programming website called Microsoft MakeCode Arcade and created their own animations, games and stories, using loops, variables, and conditional statements.

They also learned how to debug their programs and fix errors. Further up the school the children have been using SketchUp, a 3D modelling software, to draw animal cells and model buildings

and shapes. They have learned about the different parts of a cell and their functions, and how to represent these in three dimensions. They also learned how to use different tools and features in SketchUp, such as scaling, rotating, and grouping.

In Year 8, the children have been using, for the first time, their own devices to create their end of year PSB projects. They chose a topic of interest and researched it using a variety of sources. They also learned how to cite their sources and avoid plagiarism - not an easy skill, as many of you will be aware!

The main focus throughout the year has certainly been to allow the children to begin preparations for classrooms that involve Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have discussed the benefits and challenges of AI, such as its impact on society, ethics, and privacy. We have also introduced them to some examples of AI applications, such as chatbots, facial recognition and voice assistants, and how they can use them.

We have discussed the benefits and challenges of AI, such as its impact on society, ethics, and privacy.

As always, music has played a vital role in the formation of the school year at Sherborne Prep. As you walk through the corridors, you’ll encounter a dozen melodies being whistled away.

This year we have been blessed with our move down past the lawn to the newly named ‘Netherton Performing Arts Centre,’ a space we are fortunate to share with our friends in Drama and Dance. This has

An extravaganza for the ears!

brought individual music lessons, rehearsals and classroom teaching much closer together in such a beautiful space.

Music is a celebration and this was evident in our main concert of the year at Sherborne Girls, where we were fortunate enough to use their beautiful Gransden Hall within the Merritt Centre. We’re incredibly proud that every single member of our school performed in some capacity that evening. Whether they were singing alongside their fellow

House mates or performing with the orchestra, string orchestra, chamber choir ... the list goes on! A precursor to this concert was our House Music Day, a cross-curricular event masterfully planned by Miss Janine Gates. We can still hear the echoes of the Taiko drumming in our ears! The day culminated with our House Music Competition, judged by Mark Cracknell (Director of Music at Sherborne Girls’). It was a vibrant and joyful event, filled with noise and colour. The Normans took the


spoils in the House Song, and the Romans triumphed in the newly-inaugurated House Harmony.

Music plays a very important role in worship and we are blessed to have two very special places, Sherborne Abbey and the Sherborne School Chapel, where we can deepen our relationship with worship. It has been wonderful to share services with both the pupils and the parent body

alike. One of the highlights of the year was the Carol Service at Sherborne Abbey featuring beautiful music from Pre-Prep all the way up to our senior choir, Cantores.

It has been a truly wonderful year of musicmaking at Sherborne Prep and may it continue for years to come!

One of the highlights of the year was the Carol Service at Sherborne Abbey featuring beautiful music from Pre-Prep all the way up to our senior choir, Cantores.


Fostering a love for physical activity, for life

The crack of leather on willow, the flap of sail in wind, the thwack of stick on ball, the rustle of ball in hoop, hearty cheers from the sidelines - there is so much to enjoy about sport here at the Prep, with a reputation for getting the basics right. Playing various sports up to 10 times a week and with a myriad types to try, there is something for everyone here.

We are a school passionate about all children, regardless of ability, loving their sports and leaving us with a foundation to continue this love far beyond us and into their adult lives. True equality - of gender, of ability, even of interest levels - is what matters to us here. We have some of the finest


We are a school passionate about all children, regardless of ability, loving their sports and leaving us with a foundation to continue this love far beyond us and into their adult lives


coaches - homegrown, brought in or ‘poached’ from the senior school (some of the finest facilities) - but, so much more importantly, the finest attitude; revel in the game, revel in the competition, revel in the camaraderie of your teammates, but treat triumph and disaster just the same.

Some of our greatest founding experiences come from a B Team loss, from a capsize, from a fall from the climbing wall. Using the Activate Programme to set the Preppers up for a life of health and fitness, we link sport to PE to nutrition to attitude to mental health to the core skills of PSB -it is all interwoven and they are all important.

Whether you are on a hat trick ball on the Upper with the 1st XI, whether you are nose down in the bottom of an U11B maul, whether you are splashing furiously in a Prep Swimming Gala or poised with ball in hand as a Goal Attack, the motto of the school rings loud: Non Nobis Solum! Not for ourselves alone.



Life is not all about the wonders of algebra or Oxbow lakes; the Prep are so proud to put happy stuff at the forefront of everything we do. So much so, we have an official Minister of Fun! If it is climbing mountains (we have a fantastic indoor one to climb), fighting with swords, creating TV programmes, sailing the oceans (well, our local reservoir), making clothes, building dens or just roistering around the campus, we have most evenings and the whole of Saturday mornings organised for them (with staff enthusiasts)!


It isn’t just mindless mayhem though - there is method in this madness. At the heart of it all are the PSB core skills - while coding they can learn independence, while orienteering they can learn collaboration, while studying zoology (with a former zookeeper) they can review and improve, during the overnight micro-adventures they will develop the resilience and perseverance we all want our children to carry forward. Time spent playing (in an organised way) is time never wasted.


Just a few snaps from our wonderful productions

...a taster of our busy school

The care of our children remains at the forefront of all we do. We work with our children to be kind and compassionate, and every day they impress with their innate ability to look after each other and see beyond themselves.


Nikolay A

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...whilst learning

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