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A Note of Heartfelt Appreciation from Sherborne’s Governors By the time they leave, boys are articulate and confident... they have a purposeful sense of what they contribute to the world and they are ready to meet its challenges ISI Inspection 2015

When Ralph Barlow was first appointed to the School as a Deputy, Governors knew without doubt that Sherborne had acquired the services of a superbly capable ‘engineer’ who would apply his talents to the many structures and processes within the School that would benefit from his expertise and direction. What Governors did not know at the time was that he would be called upon to exercise an even higher level of leadership required by the role of Headmaster, a role that would resonate not only within the community of Sherborne School but also well beyond it. Ralph rose to this challenge by responding with a mixture of great positivity and humility to what was being asked of him and wasting no time in developing – and articulating to Governors and his senior team – his professional and vocational response to the role. He has maintained this response in detail throughout every day of his time as Headmaster, and the robust health of Sherborne School is a testimony to his devotion as well as incredible levels of energy and unflinching hard work.

continued ...

Ralph very quickly understood what defines Sherborne, namely the pursuit of the education of the whole person that will stand the test of time and be of support to an individual throughout life, whilst fostering a capacity to influence the world for the better. Ralph also understood that a time of rapid change in its leadership could de-stabilise the School. Quite the opposite has, in fact, taken place and it can be said with absolute confidence that the School is an even more assured, purposeful and ambitious community than it was before and that he has built on a unique tradition augmented by so many of his predecessors. Many both within and outside Sherborne will have first-hand experience of Ralph’s utter commitment to his Headmastership – the phone calls and emails made from his office well into the night, his writing of letters, creation of new structures and constant conversations across and beyond the School.

Business Trip Congratulations to the Head of School William Vitali (f)

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 13 NEW PREFECTS WHO HAVE BEEN APPOINTED THIS YEAR: James Allan (m), John Arundell (d), William Ashley Miller (c), Rory Coughlan (e), George Crane (b), James Fenwick (m), Fergus Hamilton (c), Jack Hills (g), Edward Milner (f), Charles Morris (a), Edward Pyman (e), Harry Reynolds (e), Oliver Rose (f)


Sherborne Science Festival


The inaugural science festival at Sherborne School was an unprecedented success; in just two and a half days nearly 2,500 students from five separate schools attended seven lectures from a wide range of high profile scientists. Excellent feedback was received from the boys, with comments such as ‘Their passion for science was infectious and I've got the bug!’; ‘It made me realise that science is limitless, that there are endless possibilities and dreams can be materialised.’


from Mexico, but the majority of the 30,000 parts come from within 20 miles. It was amazing to find out that there are 304 different Henrys alone. We learnt about the efforts they make to increase efficiency and cut costs wherever possible.


Honorary Academic Scholarships Awarded Congratulations to Tom Crinks (L6b), Alan Hughes-Hallett (L6a) and Toby Smith (L6c), who have all been awarded Honorary Academic Scholarships following their excellent public exam results. This also takes into account their consistent performance throughout their time at Sherborne.

Creating a Learning Culture

Thank you Liz for supporting your husband in this intense period of headship and thank you Ralph for all the personal and professional dedication you have invested in the community of Sherborne School.

Twenty-four Lower-Sixth Business students enjoyed a morning at Numatic International, the home of Henry the vacuum cleaner. The town of Chard is not the obvious place for the manufacture of a global phenomenon, but we found out why the owner and founder has kept the 980 employees there. The motors come

Sherborne has launched an ambitious initiative to help their students become better learners with a series of Study Skills Seminars for all year groups. The seminars are steeped in research and their content has an immediate impact on students’ approach to studies, introducing boys to a range of skills that will encourage them to adopt a belief and growth-mind-set. Further seminars later in the year will consider Time Management, Revision and Examination preparation. Many of the Elevate Strategies are also available to students through the Sixth Form Enrichment programme.


Gold certificate winners in the UKMT Maths Challenge: Congratulations to the gold certificate winners Will Shardlow (L6m) (top in school), Michal Fedoronko (U6g), Jacob Hughes-Hallett (U6a), Charles Morris (U6a), Hiroki Ogawa (L6e), Oliver Rose (U6f), Max Vinycomb (U6f) and Archie Wing (U6e), along with 17 Silver and 19 Bronze certificate winners, who took part in the UKMT Maths Challenge.

European Day of Languages On the annual school celebration of the European Day of Languages, the Third Form engaged in a series of language enrichment activities. Members of the Upper Sixth acted as language ambassadors in teaching French, German and Spanish lessons and helping the Third Form with a treasure hunt in three languages. MFL staff showcased their linguistic interests with taster sessions in Arabic, Dutch, Russian and Swahili. The day gave the whole school a chance to celebrate linguistic diversity and reflect on the importance of learning languages in today’s world.


TEN TORS TRAINING The four teams, each of six boys, set off to complete a route that had been selected to test stamina. Three significant climbs (to Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill) would present a stiff challenge. As I watched my group ascend the first hill, I thought to myself, ‘they won’t find the next so easy’. However, as I saw them confidently climb the second, I knew the final ascent to be “a real test”. I was vindicated in part, for half way up the final climb there was much “puffing”, but there was no complaining. That’s what I like about this group, they are ready for a challenge and they are determinedly going to give their all to achieve it. Map work, team work, good organisation and physical strength are all needed for the Ten Tors Challenge, but one ingredient above all is essential ... perseverance; this was most certainly shown on Sunday’s training.

Classics Trip The Classics Departments of Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls organised another highly successful trip to the classical sites of Greece during the first week of the October half-term. Whilst in Athens we visited the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum. We received a guided tour of the Agora and the Acropolis, admiring the sheer size of the Propylaia, the remarkable extravagance of the Parthenon and the beautiful asymmetry of the Erectheum. Other highlights included a souvlaki lunch in an old Greek taverna and watching the changing of the guard outside the Greek Parliament. Over the next week we visited Delphi, home to the ancient Oracle, the ‘hidden’ Temple of Apollo at Bassae and Olympia, with the oldest running track in the world, before arriving at the seaside resort of Tolon, from where we visited Mycenae, the citadel of King Agamemnon, Epidaurus, with its impressive Greek theatre and sanctuary of Asclepios, and the ruins of Corinth. We saw some truly aweinspiring sites, clambered over ruins, deciphered Linear B fragments and relaxed in the luxury of some beautiful hotels.



to Greece

The CCF Pringle Trophy

Visit to the Supreme Court in London Several students from the Law enrichment class, which is now being provided for the Lower Sixth, as well as two members of the Amnesty International Group, visited the Supreme Court in London. On arrival, the students were given a tour before sitting in on proceedings in Court 3 to watch one of the cases. They were privileged to hear a legal exchange between Lord Neuberger and James Eadie QC as well as counsel for the UN Rapporteur on torture. During the lunch break, Martin Chamberlain QC and Emily Hindle for Redress kindly answered questions from the students about the case.


Art & History Trip to Berlin Fifth Formers enjoyed a fulfilling long weekend of History and Art in the extraordinary capital of Berlin. The historians walked their way around the centre of Berlin taking in the remains of Nazi and Cold War sites such as the Topography of Terror and the Berlin Wall. The artists were spoilt for choice, not only with the wealth of architecture to photograph as they explored the city on foot, but also the world class galleries they were able to visit.


Our Royal Marine cadets arrived at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines at Lympstone for the annual inter-schools cadet competition. The group of Fifth and Sixth Form boys with differing CCF experience started the first day with a tenhour marathon, navigating around Woodbury Common, engaging in a wide range of military skill based exercises, all overseen by serving Royal Marine N.C.O’s. The second day was reserved for the shorter, yet no less gruelling, challenges of Drill and the infamous RM Commando endurance course, the latter comprising a two mile scramble through peat bogs, waterlogged tunnels and undulating terrain, which is the same route completed by every serving Royal Marine. Although a tough challenge, this was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend for many of the boys, and it was here that the Sherborne boys showed their true spirit: they were one of the few teams to finish as a team, supporting each other through every step, and even finding time for the Carmen on the final hill. Courage, determination, the will to win, and cheerfulness in adversity are core Commando values, present in every Royal Marine. However from what we saw in this year’s Pringle Trophy, these are ever-growing values in a fine body of young Sherborne men.


Camelot Challenge Eight Sherborne boys took part in the Camelot Challenge as part of their team building / fitness / fundraising, in preparation for their expedition to Bolivia next July. The cross-country halfmarathon from Sherborne to Cadbury Castle and back, over some difficult terrain, was a challenge for the boys most of whom had never run this distance before; however, all the boys ran very good times. The event was also fundraising for the Royal National Children's Foundation.

Lieutenant’s Cadet Congratulations to Rory Coughlan (U6e) who has become Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet for Dorset. The Lord-Lieutenant is the Queen’s county representative and Rory will accompany him at various occasions, including royal visits and civic ceremonies. This investiture marks him out as the leading cadet in the county.

Duke of Edinburgh Canoeing Expedition During three days of canoeing from Ironbridge to Upton, our boys covered a fantastic 80KM of river, experienced some rapids, negotiated canal locks, camped overnight and rose for pre-dawn starts. The teams had kept spot on time over the three days, they supported each other exceptionally well and kept excellent morale on the journey.


Travel Photograph Competition

Government and Politics Trip A-level Government and Politics students from Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls spent a day at Parliament.


An historic tour of the Palace in the morning set the scene for the Lord Speaker’s Procession and questions in the House of Lords. We were privileged to witness the investiture of two new peers before enjoying debates on the size of government, the NHS and much else. An hour with Black Rod in Committee Room Three gave us a fascinating and unique perspective on the day-today life of Parliament and the Lords in particular.


Remembrance Day The Fifth and Sixth Form boys from the CCF marched through Sherborne as part of the Town’s Remembrance Sunday Parade. James Allan (U6m) laid the wreath on behalf of the School. Hugo Houlton (U6d) had the honour of leading the entire Parade as the Standard Bearer and did an excellent job. Rory Coughlan (U6e), the Cadet RSM, attended a service at Wimborne Minster to attend to the Lord-Lieutenant as part of Rory’s duties as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet for Dorset.

BY ROB LE POIDEVIN CONTINGENT COMMANDER CCF On November 11th at 11 o'clock, the Courts fell silent for the Act of Remembrance. The Headmaster reminded all those attending that more than 500 OS were killed in WW1 and that represented almost everyone assembled for the Act of Remembrance today. Following the service, all the boys at the School planted a cross in the Garden of Remembrance in front of Sherborne Abbey. On each cross was written the name of an OS who had died in either the First or Second World Wars. The School can say, with all sincerity, that ‘We will remember them’.

Third Form History Trip to Portsmouth The whole of the Third Form enjoyed a day in Portsmouth linked to their study of Revolutions. We looked at HMS Victory and HMS Warrior to see how the Industrial Revolution had changed shipbuilding, and had the opportunity to see, in the Royal Naval Museum, how Nelson had contributed to preventing the spread of the French Revolution under Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar. Some of our guides explained (with relish) amputation procedures on the Victory, but we all emerged unscathed at the end of a valuable and entertaining day. WINNER - JACK JAMES (4d)




Trans Alpine Charity Run Update I would like to thank everyone who sponsored Matt Woods and I to undertake the 8 day Trans Alpine Run Ultramarathon across the Alps for Macmillan Cancer Support. We were delighted to exceed our target and raise over £9,000. It was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to successfully make it to the finish. Thank you Rob Le Poidevin.



The Lyon House remix of Godber’s play ‘Bouncers’ was a triumph. Staged in-the-round, the production was topped and tailed with improvised content provided by A-level Drama students. The cast themselves, the Lyon boys, were uniformly successful in their representations of the kind of bouncers and punters to be found in a nightclub in the late ‘70s. Always audible, energetic, fastpaced and confident, the two groups of players created a palpably electric mood which was exciting to be part of.

Sweeney Todd... ... is one of the more macabre musicals, and Sherborne Schools have done its grisly sense of humour great justice with their beautiful and highly-moving production. Ed Smith (U6c) and Alice Goodearl star as Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett, providing each other with a wonderfully-contrasting set of polar opposites in terms of characterization. Ed Smith’s Todd, his character imagined in all its complexity of hardship and sorrow, was a steely-eyed obsessive, wielding his razors with a warped love until his necessary demise at the hands of the simple but loveable Tobias, ably played by Edmund Botes (5m). Tobias shines nowhere more than in Act 1, during the public shaving context between Mr Todd and Mr Pirelli, the Italian mountebank barber, played to huge comic effect by Harrison Furber-Smith (U6e), whose sense of timing and connection with the audience is unrivalled both in his performance in this scene and later as the rubbergloved and demented Mr Fogg, the asylum owner. Judge Turpin, played by Jacob Lane (U6d) and assisted by Ed Sprague (U6e) as the wide-boy Beadle, provided a nicely-realised and wonderfully villainous double act, oppressing and bullying the two young, star-crossed lovers Johanna and Anthony, played by Flora Wordie and Bently Creswell (4a) respectively. This was a great performance, with a series of incredibly strong, highly-menacing chorus numbers punctuated by powerful duets and solos which ranged from the frightening to the comic and to the sublime.

This term the Drama department has taken the curriculum drama students to see two plays off-site, and these were ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time’ by Frantic Assembly and ‘Dead Dog In A Suitcase’ by Knee-high Theatre Company, both of which were amazing shows but for very different reasons. The Drama Department also brought in a number of shows including the wonderful ‘Ballad Of Martha Brown’ by Angel Exit Theatre Company and ‘The Odyssey’ by Splendid Productions. The House Drama has comprised of a Grotowskian tricked-up version of ‘Bouncers’ by John Godber, and a more conventional but beautifullypaced and performed ‘The Ladykillers’ by Abbeylands. The final run over events culminated in the production of the Joint Schools Musical ‘Sweeney Todd’.

BY IAN READE - HEAD OF DRAMA For a gallery of photographs go to:


A good old-fashioned house play; there were boys dressed up as women and jokes aplenty. The audience loved every minute of it.

Music Awarded the Best Independent School in the country for Music The judges commented:

The honey-coloured stone of Sherborne School rings with the sound of boys making music - especially after lunch since the School came up with Q Time, an hour dedicated to rehearsals and music practice. The chapel choir sings evensong in Sherborne Abbey twice a week, boys give free lunchtime recitals in a town church and instrumentalists perform jazz, rock and classical in the School's 120-seat music venue. Two magnificent organs, a fleet of pianos and a symphony orchestra perfect the harmony”. The Week Independent Schools’ Guide 2015


A Strings Festival, with coach and adjudicator Abigail Dance, showed the Chamber Orchestra on fine form and the Piano Trio – Ally Collins (L6f), Matthew Cann (L6e) and Finnbar Blakey (L6a) – declared a ‘winner’. The Chamber Choir sang Choral Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral, with five ex-Salisbury choristers in its ranks, and an ‘Unplugged’ revealed the singer/songwriters of the School to be in rude health. The Joint Schools’ Orchestral and Choral Concert in the BSR earlier this month, featured the Symphony Orchestra in Elgar’s Imperial March, Sibelius’ Intermezzo from Karelia Suite and Dvořák’s Symphony no 9 and the Sinfonia, involving younger players, performed in Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro overture and Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance No 1. The Barbershop, ever popular, performed some Christmas numbers, as it also did on AbbeyFM (Sherborne’s local radio station) and in Cheap Street for the ‘Sherborne Festive Shopping Day’. Just days into the new term the Swing Band gave its first concert, complete with new drummer Billy Slim (5m), bassist Hamish Woodland (U6f) and several others, as part of the ‘Sherborne at Work’ day. With the orchestral and choral Prague Tour in July still a very recent memory at that stage, and therefore large numbers of musical leavers still leaving a hole in almost every ensemble, it was good to hear such energetic music-making so early in the new academic year. It was quickly followed by two chamber music concerts in Cheap Street Church and, 21 concerts later, itself now seems a distant memory. As ever, those new to the School stepped up and the Wind Band – which achieved a Gold Award in the National Concert Band Festival in November – numbers some 83 boys, the Choir peaked at 106 singers in the same month, and a plethora of smaller ensembles fill the very busy week in the Music School. There has been a lunchtime recital every week, of course, and the Tindall Recital Series welcomed the Villiers Quartet and Duncan Honeybourne (piano).

There has been a number of high Distinctions in grade exams, most notably Cassian Blackburn-Enever (3e) with 136 on the flute, William Thorne (5e) with 136 on the piano and Finnbar Blakey (L6a) with 132 on the cello. Charlie Smith (5g) recently received the news that he has achieved a national Distinction in the ATCL (Associate of Trinity College, London) on the flute – a mighty achievement.

For a gallery of Rugby photographs go to:

Sport The 1st XV had a fantastic start to the term winning every fixture before the October break, securing the team recognition as National School team of the month (October). With over 175 competitive fixtures played again this term, rugby at Sherborne continues to go from strength to strength. The new Third Form have made a statement on the strong Sherborne fixture list losing only one fixture at A XV level and winning the Dorset and Wilts County Cup. Equally satisfying was the number of players emerging from B, C, D, and even E teams whose consistent progression saw a much changed outfit from their first foray at the start of term.

Mini Colts A – County Champions

GEORGE CASE (3M) WON THE BRITISH MODERN TETRATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS (U15) IN SOLIHULL. This four discipline variant of the Modern Pentathlon includes swimming, running, shooting and fencing. 18 competitors from around the UK took part in the Championships, with George beating his closest rival by 110 points.

The Junior Colts have improved considerably over the term with the A XV winning their last 5 fixtures. A trip to the Langley Tournament at the end of the first half of the term brought about a renewed optimism after some good performances were rewarded with victories. The Colts A have also had another good season building on their success in last year’s National Vase. We are proud that four of our boys have represented Bath this season, Zac Smith (U6m), Tom Lewis (U6a), Caspar Bailey (U6m) and Captain Fergus Hamilton (U6c).

MICHAEL TRENEER (5M) REPRESENTED THE GB PONY RACING TEAM AT CO. MEATH, IRELAND. Racing in the International Shergar Cup of Pony Racing. Michael won the race by 6 lengths in what the commentator described as “an inspired ride”.



Thurs 28 & Fri 29 January, 20:00 – Wallace House Play Wed 10 & Thurs 11 February, 20:00 – Digby House Play Fri 12 February, 19:30 – Sherborne School All Stars Wed 2 March, 13:30 – CCF Biennial Inspection Thurs 10 & Fri 11 March, 20:00 – Junior Play, ‘Lord of The Flies’ Sun 13 March, 15:00 – Joint Schools’ Sinfonia Concert Fri 18 March , 19:30 – Harper House Concert Sun 20 March, 17:00 – Joint Schools’ Symphony Orchestra Concert Wed 23 March, 19:30 – Dinner & Jazz (Jazz & Swing Bands)

• Term Dates: Travelling day - Wednesday 6 January 2016 – Return by 17:30 5th Form Parent/Teacher Meeting - Friday 22 January, 14:00 First Exeat - Friday 22 - Sunday 24 January Half Term - Friday 12 - Sunday 21 February Lower Sixth Parent/Teacher Meeting - Friday 4 March, 14:00 Second Exeat - Friday 4 - Sunday 6 March Term Ends - Wednesday 23 March

Will Shardlow (L6m) reached the final of the Fives Colquhoun Trophy Senior Competition, Sherborne’s first finalist in the six years of the tournament.

SHERBORNE SCHOOL ABBEY ROAD SHERBORNE DORSET DT9 3AP T: 01935 812249 E: Photographs: Charlie McMaster (U6m), Noah Chillingworth (U6m), Ollie Dudgeon (L6d), William Hester, Harry Lane, Mark Ollis, Jack James (4d), Sophie Harris, Louise Litchfield, Laurie Phippard, Giles Reynolds, Adrian Ballard, Damian Orton and others. Registered Charity No. 1081228

Sherborne News Michaelmas 2015  
Sherborne News Michaelmas 2015