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2014 annual exhibition program.

Grace Cossington Smith Landscape with Flowering Peach 1932 oil on canvas board 58.5 x 72.5 cm Shepparton Art Museum, purchased 1976

Pat Brassington No. 8 The Pressings 2011 pigment print 85 x 115 cm Shepparton Art Museum, purchased 2012 image courtesy the artist and Stills Gallery Š the artist

Above: Richard Lewer I Wish I was as Lucky as You 2013

Front cover: Rhys Lee Speaking in Mud, Crawling Through Colour 2013

enamel on found school map 110 x 90 cm Shepparton Art Museum, purchased 2013 image courtesy the artist and Fehily Contemporary Š the artist

Installation view, The Drawing Wall #13 Shepparton Art Museum commission, 2013 acrylic paint on wall 400 x 1000 cm (approx.) photograph: Amina Barolli

director’s foreword.

I remember an artist friend, standing on the banks of the Murray in his blue stubbies, playing trumpet. A beautifully sublime memory of youth, art and the Australian bush – ringing some kind of joyful truth through the decades of life since – keep the dream alive, let the music play, fight the good fight, the lucky country, with boundless plains to share; … In Shepparton, we are of diverse culture, language, countries, living here because we need a home, the climate’s good, the sunset is expansive over the irrigation plains, we are free to ebb and flow, and for some of us we have lived here forever. At SAM, great art seems to seek us out, looking for a hat stand to rest its wondering thoughts upon. To the artists exhibiting with us this year; Nick, Bindi, Mr Perceval amongst many others, we are as ever grateful for letting us loose amongst their pigeons, to ponder the conundrums of the flock. SAM is planning for the future. A big joyful future with grand designs, gigantean significance, unchartered terrain, the firsts of the firsts, and anyone seeking refuge is welcome here, regardless how you travel. We are planning for the important. In the meantime, in SAM 2014 and beyond, there is plenty of rehearsal ahead, noise to be made, banners to be raised, and well deserving art to feast upon. Dig in. Kirsten Paisley Director SAM

Arthur Streeton Granite Boulders, Buffalo 1913-14 oil on canvas 64.4 x 76.6 cm Shepparton Art Museum, purchased 1949

2014 annual exhibition program. 6–7

paradise again.

Australian Art from the SAM Collection 8–9

nick selenitsch. Play 10 – 11

2014 indigenous ceramic art award. 12 – 13

bindi cole. I Am 14 – 15


16 – 17

the drawing wall. 18 – 19

delinquent angel.

John Perceval’s Ceramic Angels 20 – 21

the rennie ellis show.

A Monash Gallery of Art Travelling Exhibition 22

best of friends. community foyer program.

paradise again.

Australian Art from the SAM Collection

As explored in the 1977 pop song recorded by American singer Charlene “I’ve been to Paradise, but I’ve never been to me” concepts of paradise are often rooted in fiction, shaped by a polemic position of loss and the need for a shifting of identity. Australia has been imagined as a kind of paradise – marketed by the British Empire during the colonial era as a legitimate way to escape industrialised London, to an untamed land of abundance and latent possibility.

Opens Saturday 18 January 2014 Curator Kirsten Paisley Event SAM Out Late! Lecturer Art History, Monash University and artist Drew Pettifer presents a floor talk about SAM’s contemporary art collection Thursday 14 August 2014, 6pm

Similarly the Aboriginal people of Australia were depicted in early representations as living in a kind of Eden on earth, while the reality of colonial settlement proved to largely obliterate the life which at first it romanticised. Today the prevailing idiom of the “lucky country” built on the backbone of the dreams of migrants seeking a better life, seems to be giving way to anxiety over Australia’s role in a global era of displaced peoples. As such the idea of the future is often visioned as a better place, technology providing new forms of escapism and ways in which to strive for suspended youth, while the warnings of environment and social catastrophe are ever present. Through the SAM contemporary collection, this exhibition explores the idea of Australia as a kind of imagined paradise and the fractured reality and fears surrounding these ongoing themes.


Tony Albert We Can Be Heroes (detail) 2013 acrylic and gloss medium on pigment print mounted to aluminium 42 x 30 cm (4) Shepparton Art Museum, purchased through the Robert Salzer Foundation Acquisition Fund, 2013 image courtesy Sullivan Strumpf, Sydney © the artist


nick selenitsch. Play

Duration Friday 7 February to Sunday 27 April 2014 Guest Curator Danny Lacy Event SAM Out Late! In conversation with Danny Lacy and Nick Selenitsch Wednesday 19 March 2014, 6pm

Play presents a selection of key works by Melbourne based artist Nick Selenitsch that can be both looked at and interacted with. Selenitsch’s practice draws upon imagery from modern abstraction as well as games and sport, and transforms the markings, colours and participation in these activities into sculptural works using everyday objects and materials. Installed across the ground floor of SAM, Play presents newly commissioned work alongside specially re-created past works including Wallpiece (2008) and Limbo (2010-). You’re invited to get active and limbo under the pole, throw the squash ball into the wall and enjoy this engaging and hands-on exhibition.

Nick Selenitsch Hitting the Wall (detail) 2006 documentation of a chalk wall drawing at Spensley Street Primary School, Melbourne, 2006 image courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne © the artist 8


Shepparton Art Museum’s 2014 Indigenous Ceramic Art Award (ICAA) is the fourth in the series of this biennale event. Established under the patronage of acclaimed artist Dr Gloria Thanakupi Fletcher, the ICAA celebrates and supports the rich and diverse use of the ceramic medium by Indigenous artists and acknowledges the special industry of ceramic art. In 2014 the exhibition will be curated by filmmaker and curator Nicholas Boseley, who will also produce a documentary on the award and his travels across Australia meeting with Indigenous artists. A further exciting development for the 2014 ICAA is SAM’s partnership with Gallery Kaiela who will deliver the ICAA cultural program. Gallery Kaiela is opening Shepparton’s first ceramic studio for Aboriginal artists in 2014.

Duration Friday 16 May 2014 to Sunday 10 August 2014 Guest Curator Nicholas Boseley Exhibition Opening Saturday 24 May 2014, 2.30pm Cultural Weekend Saturday 24 – Sunday 25 May 2014 2014 ICAA Cultural Program Various workshops will be held throughout this exhibition in partnership with Gallery Kaiela. Please see SAM’s website or the SAM Program Newspaper (Feb – June 2014) for more details. For further information on SAM’s Indigenous Ceramic Art Award or to find out how to apply, please visit

MAJOR PARTNERS Sir Andrew and Lady Fairley Foundation Margaret Lawrence Bequest, Perpetual Trustees Mr Allan Myers AO QC

PARTNER S.J. Rothfield Family Fund / Australian Communities Foundation / Fairer Futures Fund


Maureen Beeron, Sally Murray, Trish Beeron, Eileen Tep Bagu with Jiman (detail) 2011 2 of 6 ceramic pieces with metal stands dimensions variable Courtesy of the artists and Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, Cardwell, QLD © the artists, photograph: Amina Barolli



bindi cole. I Am

Bindi Cole is one of Australia’s most compelling contemporary artists whose photographs, videos and installations fearlessly approach taboo topics with dignity, humour and heart. Cole is based in Melbourne, with Australian and Aboriginal heritage, and her cultural identity, personal life and family history have featured as the subject of her work. While often deeply personal, Cole’s work raises broader questions about the relationship between individual experience and established power structures in contemporary Australian society.

Duration Friday 16 May to Sunday 10 August 2014 Curator Elise Routledge Event SAM Out Late! In conversation with artist Bindi Cole Thursday 19 June 2014, 6pm

Bindi Cole: I Am presents a number of works that are unapologetically political while foregrounded in ideals of love, forgiveness and redemption. The exhibition features EH5452 (2012), an installation exploring Cole’s time in a UK prison, along with selected older work and a new work by the artist.

Bindi Cole EH5452 (video still) (detail) 2012 digital video duration 10:21 minutes image courtesy the artist and Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne © the artist 13


A Suite of Solo Exhibitions by Emerging Ceramic Artists

Showcase presents four mini solo exhibitions of emerging Australian ceramic artists. Curated by longstanding gallerist Anna Maas, this project aims to provide audiences with an opportunity to purchase their very own collection quality artwork and to provide a platform for solo exhibitions by Australia’s next generation of master ceramic artists.

Showcase #1: Tania Rollond Friday 7 February – Sunday 27 April 2014 Showcase #2: Amy Kennedy Saturday 3 May – Sunday 27 July 2014 Showcase #3: Tim Clarkson Friday 8 August – Sunday 2 November 2014 Showcase #4: Dean Smith Friday 14 November – Sunday 1 February 2015

Tania Rollond Layering the puzzle 2009 porcelain with ceramic pencil and oxides 20 x 14 x 14 cm image courtesy the artist © the artist 14


the drawing wall.

The Drawing Wall project is an on-going series of commissioned, temporary, sitespecific wall drawings or installations that enliven the foyer space of the Eastbank Centre, directly outside SAM. Drawing Wall projects allow members of the public to observe artists at work and often revolve around conversation, collaborations and responses to the unique environment and diverse community of Shepparton.


2014 sees four artists from Sydney, Melbourne and Shepparton produce new works on the 4 x 12 m Drawing Wall; from a sweeping mural by Mitch Cairns, to the investigation of local economics by Shane Haseman, street art by Reko Rennie and exquisite drawing by Linda Botham. A series of artist talks will be presented. Please visit SAM’s website for details.

Drawing Wall #14: Mitch Cairns Friday 7 February – Sunday 27 April 2014

Shane Haseman Recto/Verso 2013

Drawing Wall #15: Reko Rennie Friday 9 May – Sunday 27 July 2014

enamel paint on glass dimensions variable University of Technology Sydney, 2013 © the artist photograph: David Lawrey

Drawing Wall #16: Shane Haseman Friday 8 August – Sunday 2 November 2014 Drawing Wall #17 - Linda Botham Friday 14 November – Sunday 1 February 2015



delinquent angel.

John Perceval’s Ceramic Angels

John Perceval AO is one of Australia’s most celebrated artists renowned for his radicalism, expressiveness and prolific output, along with his complex personal life. As a member of the Angry Penguins avante-garde movement that began in the 1940s, Perceval joined with other Australian art luminaries Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker, Sidney Nolan, Danila Vassilieff and Joy Hester to rail against the insular conservatism of Australian society and push for new voices and modes of expression.

Duration Friday 29 August to Sunday 23 November 2014 Curator Elise Routledge Event SAM Out Late! Elise Routledge presents a floor talk on the exhibition Thursday 16 October 2014, 6pm

Perceval is largely known for his painting practice, however from 1957–1962, during what is considered to be one his most creative periods, Perceval produced a series of ceramic angel sculptures as a result of his involvement with Arthur Merric Boyd’s pottery studio at Murumbeena. Perceval’s ceramic angels are an often overlooked aspect of his oeuvre despite their technical and conceptual sophistication, humour and beguiling charm. Perceval created more than 50 ceramic angels that range from selfportraits, to figures that illustrate allegorical stories and comment on the threat of nuclear weaponry. This historically significant exhibition draws together ceramic angels from major public and private collections across Australia; including the Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery and Shepparton Art Museum.

John Perceval Delinquent Angel 1961 glazed earthenware 25.3 x 20.3 x 19 cm Shepparton Art Museum, purchased 1976 19

the rennie ellis show.

A Monash Gallery of Art Travelling Exhibition

The photographer Rennie Ellis (1940– 2003) is a key figure in Australian visual culture. Ellis is best remembered for his effervescent observations of Australian life exemplified in his now iconic book Life is a beach. Although invariably inflected with his own personality and wit, the thousands of social documentary photographs taken by Ellis now form an important historical record. The Rennie Ellis Show highlights some of the defining images of Australian life from the 1970s and ‘80s. This is the period of Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser; Paul Keating and Bob Hawke; AC/DC and punk rock; cheap petrol and coconut oil; Hari Krishnas and Hookers and Deviant balls.

Duration Friday 12 December 2014 to Sunday 23 February 2015


This exhibition of over 100 photographs provides a personal account of what Ellis termed ‘a great period of change’. The photographs explore the cultures and subcultures of the period, and provide a strong sense of a place that now seems a world away; a world free of risk, of affordable inner city housing, of social protest, of disco and pub rock, of youth and exuberance.

Rennie Ellis Mr Muscleman, Albert Park Beach (detail) c. 1986 chromogenic print 26.7 x 40.7 cm courtesy of the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive 20


best of friends. Every year the Friends of Shepparton Art Museum Inc. are celebrated with a special group exhibition of work across all artistic media made by individual members. The exhibition showcases the wealth of talent and commitment by local artists, and is an opportunity for local artists to share ideas, network and celebrate. Best of Friends showcases the strength, diversity and commitment of local artists and supporters of SAM. All members of the Friends of SAM (including children) are invited to submit work to this popular exhibition.

community foyer exhibitions. SAM administers a community exhibition space in the foyer of the Eastbank Centre, next door to the Art Museum. This space provides an opportunity for local artists and community groups to hold exhibitions in a busy café and foyer space. The SAM community foyer exhibition program encourages and promotes local cultural activity and presents a diverse, popular exhibition program. The Eastbank Foyer spans approximately 90 running metres of hanging space on the centre’s ground floor within the Eastbank Café space. It is a high profile, active area. To apply for a community foyer exhibition, please download an application form from the SAM website or phone SAM to discuss your proposal.


Duration Friday 12 December 2014 to Sunday 11 January 2015

The Friends of Shepparton Art Museum Inc. work to support the Shepparton Art Museum; its collection, activities and programs. The Friends of SAM are closely involved with the life of the Art Museum, holding fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds for acquiring new artwork and to conserve artwork in the collection, along with supporting the many activities that are presented at SAM through the year. Members of the Friends committee are also represented on the Shepparton Art Museum Advisory Committee. Becoming a Friend of SAM is the best way to enjoy all the exciting exhibitions and programs with fellow members and friends. A membership form can be found at the SAM shop or downloaded from our website:


sam. kids.

School Holiday Programs

Experienced art educators and artists will take you on a journey of self-discovery and hands-on enjoyment of art in our school holiday workshop programs. We cater for children and teenagers of all ages and offer workshops in a range of mediums that include drawing, clay, printmaking, painting and animation. Visit SAM’s website or collect a copy of the SAM Program Newspaper from the front desk to view upcoming childrens (and adult) workshops.

Rainbow Kids

Rainbow Kids: Art for Small Hands is a program that provides an opportunity for very young children and parents to join in creative activities at SAM. Designed to enhance and build relationships between one adult and one child, this program shows parents how to provide low cost, accessible art-making experiences which can be repeated at home with their children. This program is sponsored by Relationships Australia. In 2014, Rainbow Kids will run in February, so be quick to reserve you and your child’s place.

Art Passport (9 to 12 years)

Venture into art with your family or your friends! The Art Passport is designed to encourage children and families to learn about our exhibitions through self-guided tours. There are great activities to complete and prizes make it a very rewarding experience for all. Pick up your passport or activity at the front desk for $2 per child. For more information on any of our programs, visit, or check out the SAM Program Newspaper available from the SAM front desk. To make a booking, phone on (03) 5832 9861.

sam. education.

Tours and Trails

Each semester education tours and trails focus on key artworks from the collection and new exhibitions at SAM. Activities are designed to explore different approaches to art making and to develop an understanding of Australian ceramics, art history and contemporary art. Suitable for Early Years, VELS, AusVELS and VCE Art, Studio Arts and Media Studies; resources are available online or by contacting SAM education staff.

School Workshops

Complementing SAM tours, one hour visual art workshops are designed to inspire students to create their own unique artworks using clay or 2D media. A materials fee applies of $8.50 for clay (glazed) or $3.00 for 2D media per student.

Teacher Previews and Professional Development

Supporting our collection display with innovative and contemporary art exhibitions, SAM Out Late! provides a range of opportunities for teachers in our region to engage in relevant and insightful art talks and seminars. Our professional development programs are in accordance with Australian Standards and National Consistences as advised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. NB: All education tours, trails and resources are free but must be booked in advance with education staff. A small materials fee applies to workshops. Tours and activities can also be tailored to suit your needs. For further information or school bookings please contact our education staff on (03) 5832 9520.

sam. community. The art museum facilitates long- and short-term art projects with diverse communities, groups and individuals and explores specific art forms in the context of one’s cultural expression and connections to time, place and identity. Through our varied program of art workshops and public events we encourage wider participation and enjoyment in artslearning for the young and young at heart. Adult Workshops Led by leading visual artists and educators, SAM’s extensive skills-based visual arts and design workshops provide for all levels of arts learning that include senior students, arts educators, beginners and more experienced adults. Using our well equipped workshop room that includes a kiln and printmaking press we offer a range of visual art programs in clay, textiles, drawing, painting and printmaking. In addition, a partnership between SAM and Gallery Kaiela will continue to generate new and sustained local interest in working with and learning from local Aboriginal artists. All enquiries are welcome as various programs operate throughout the year. Art Talks Complementing our exhibition program, artists and curators present stimulating floor talks, forums and seminar programs for our Friends, educators, VCE students and the general public. Check our website and SAM’s public program newspaper for details of upcoming SAM Out Late! talks and other events. Volunteers If you would like to get to know SAM better, volunteering your time to become a part of our arts community is a rewarding experience. We offer an annual training program and ongoing support for volunteer guides throughout the year. Other opportunities for volunteering are available, so please register your interest with SAM. Cultural Partnerships Partnerships between SAM and other cultural organisations will continue to generate new and sustained local interest in working with and learning from people from the diverse cultures which make up the fabric of the Goulburn Valley Region. SAM and Gallery Kaiela Incorporated will continue to present versatile and varied ways to educate and engage people as participants in workshops and talks with Aboriginal artists, through the Indigenous Ceramic Art Award cultural program in 2014. A productive partnership with Relationships Australia and the GOTAFE Multicultural Unit will also continue to develop opportunities for people of many cultures to come together through the arts in common humanity. All enquiries are welcome as various programs operate throughout the year.

eastbank cafe.

sam. shop.

The Eastbank Café is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat. It serves a wide variety of sandwiches and focaccias, gourmet meals, cakes and slices, and the best coffee in Shepparton.

The SAM shop is a fantastic place to purchase artist-made ceramics and gifts. The shop stocks work by a number of local and interstate artists including Bern Emmerichs, Kaye Poulton, Mary-Lou Pittard, Adriana Christianson, Angie Russi and Lesa Farrant. It features the best of Australian art, craft and design while supporting some of the region’s best artistic talent.

Book your private function at the Eastbank Centre and let Eastbank Food take the hard work out of catering. Contact the Eastbank Café on (03) 5832 9529.

The shop also stocks a range of publications, including SAM exhibition catalogues, books on Australian ceramics and other arts, and a range of art magazines. Friends of SAM are eligible for a 10% discount on all purchases at the SAM shop. Free gift-wrapping is provided and gift vouchers are available.


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Shepparton Art Museum 2014 Annual Exhibition Program  
Shepparton Art Museum 2014 Annual Exhibition Program  

The Shepparton Art Museum, affectionately known as SAM, has developed a reputation as one of regional Australia’s leading cultural instituti...