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Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2015-2016

For it’s by God’s grace that you have been saved. Ephesians 2:8

This report is presented in praise and thanksgiving to God for His goodness and guiding hand in establishing and sustaining Shenandoah Valley Academy for 109 years. May it bring honor and glory to His marvelous works. It is dedicated with gratitude to those who have provided the vision and leadership to place Shenandoah on a pathway to becoming a sustainable Adventist academy: Dr. Dale Twomley, principal and business manager during the year covered in this report; and to our loyal and generous Alumni and Friends whose financial gifts sustain the students and educational ministry of this school.

There is nothing better than young people choosing Jesus! 22 young people have been baptized at SVA since May 2016. Currently 27 are requesting to study for baptism. Pictured: Christian Sanchez ‘17, Maddy Ndahayo ‘17, Jason Khargie ‘17, Chaplain Tim Harley, Laura Westberg ‘19

Administration Donald Short, Principal Dorenda Dodge, Vice Principal Wendy Dean, Registrar

Annual Giving Report 2015-2016 2

Notes from Our Principal: The Business of Shenandoah Valley Academy

Board of Trustees Shane Anderson Robin Banks Dennis Campbell Gamaliel Feliciano Don Feltman Linda French Keith Hallam Richard Hevener ‘76 Janine Hudson Ryan Knight Joseph Lowe ‘86 Donna Mashburn ’74, Alumni Association President William Miller, Chairman Gary Patterson Louise Phanstiel ‘76 Jorge Ramirez, Vice Chairman Primrose Reinosa Daniel Royo Donald Short, Principal Emely Umana ‘11 David VandeVere Duane White ‘86 Tony Williams ‘82


2016-17 School Profile


Giving to Shenandoah: Your Gifts Make a Difference


From Our Development Director: A Gift is Placed by God’s Own Hand


Acknowledging Our Generous & Loyal Donors


Endowment Scholarship Recipients

Shenandoah Valley


Shenandoah Today is a publication of the Development and Alumni Office of Shenandoah Valley Academy. Please send notice of address changes to: 234 W. Lee Hwy., New Market, VA 22844 or © 2016 Shenandoah Valley Academy COVER: Class president Ming Kim and vice president Amber Lawhorn celebrate with diplomas in hand as they lead the class from commencement to the student center to receive congratulations from family and friends. Photos: Jaclyn Knight, Laura Short, Ashley and Ryan Swartz

Notes from our Principal:

The Business of Shenandoah Valley Academy What a privilege to lead Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA), a school which exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist college preparatory program through experiences to produce disciples of Jesus who are compassionate citizens prepared for college and careers. This is the BUSINESS of Shenandoah Valley Academy. We praise God for His blessings and gifts for debt reduction from a handful of generous Alumni and Friends who together eliminated $1.4 million in debt. On April 7, then principal Dr. Dale Twomley handed a check for $303,000 to the treasurer of the Potomac Conference and our school debts were paid in full! Donald Short, Principal

Our Mission: Shenandoah Valley Academy, established in 1908, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist college preparatory program through experiences to produce disciples of Jesus who are compassionate citizens prepared for college and careers.

Our Vision: Graduating Adventist Christians who will...

Serve Christ Value Knowledge Accept a Life of Service


Today we praise God for His blessings and an operating increase of more than $1 million for FY 2016, more than $1.5 million for FY 2015 and 2016 combined. While we are a “Not-forprofit” business, we must operate profitably. We have been able to do just that as a result of an extraordinary year of giving highlighted by a dramatic increase--primarily in unrestricted and worthy student gifts from individuals—with an amazing 1320 total individual gifts! We are blessed to witness God work through our Alumni and Friends who are pulling together to invest in this special school and its students. In addition to eliminating long-term debt and debt payments, investors enabled SVA to set aside cash reserves to sustain the school during the lean summer months. Because of your generosity, SVA can pledge that “no qualified student will be turned away from SVA because of finances.” Gifts to SVA helped provide nearly $1 million in scholarships and worthy student grants to qualified students last school year! Your gift dollars make it possible for students who otherwise would not be able to attend, to come to SVA. For the 2016-17 school year, enrollment is up and students are thriving. Currently charitable gifts provide 38% of our operating budget. Parents pay tuition and fees, the Potomac Conference gives us nearly $900,000 in operating subsidy each year, but it is our Alumni and Friends who bring it all together to make the business of SVA operate successfully. Shenandoah Valley Academy is a sustainable Adventist academy because so many individuals have pulled together to make this a school where students want to come to grow in their relationship with Jesus, achieve academically, and develop life-long Christian friendships. These are the reasons why the ongoing financial investment of our Alumni and Friends matters so much. You will be encouraged and inspired reading this report. Bask in how God has extended grace and mercy through your financial gifts and the leadership of many individuals to make SVA strong and wonderful today. Please continue to hold up SVA in praise and prayer to God for all He has done and will do. Beautiful Shenandoah, established by a selfless gift, preserved for generations by God’s faithfulness, saved by grace, extending the love of Jesus to young people, preparing them to serve as His disciples and expand His Kingdom. Praise God, there is no better return on investment!

Shenandoah Today

2016-17 School Profile School Shenandoah Valley Academy is a comprehensive, college preparatory boarding school enrolling 189 students in grades 9-12: 41 freshmen, 60 sophomores, 35 juniors and 53 seniors. SVA is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, and is a member of the Virginia Council for Private Education. Almost all teaching faculty—94%--as well as the principal and girls’ dean, hold a master’s or higher degree. Academics Shenandoah Valley Academy offers a broad range of academic programs and advanced courses. • Two diplomas: Standard (24 credits) and Advanced Studies (27 credits) • AP® courses: English, Calculus AB & BC • Honors classes: English III, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology • College Credit Dual Enrollment classes: Jesus & the Gospels, Knowing & Sharing Christ, Anatomy & Physiology, Pre-calculus, and Personal Finance. From the 2011-12 to 2015-16 school years, 356 students have graduated. There were 35 Class of 2016 graduates. Class of 2016 Statistics • 43% earned 3.5 GPA or above • 26% earned 3.75 GPA or above • 37% National Honor Society members • 83% attend college (74% 4-year, 9% two-year) • 100% took the ACT, achieving an average Composite score of 22.2, an 8% improvement over last year and 6% above national average

History and Setting Shenandoah Valley Academy was established by a 40-acre bequest from founder Charles Zirkle, opening in the fall of 1908 and graduating the first senior class in 1911. SVA has a total of 5228 graduating alumni. Set in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley on 450 acres of fertile valley land with the Shenandoah River forming its western border, SVA offers a rural environment for Christian education. The academy is located on Route 211 one mile west of New Market, Virginia (population 1,732) and I-81 Exit 264, between Winchester and Harrisonburg. The historic Civil War Battle of New Market was fought two miles away in May 1864.

Our Objectives: Spirituality • Relationships • Academics • Work Ethics Character Development • Health & Wellness • Fun

The SVA family looks on as Principal Don Short and Dr. Dale Twomley release homing pigeons to symbolize releasing our graduates to “fly high” in pursuit of the life God has planned for them, with Jesus and heaven their ultimate destination.

Giving to Shenandoah Shenandoah Valley Academy relies on philanthropy, charitable financial gifts from “outside sources”— Alumni and Friends, foundations, churches, and businesses--to cover approximately 38% of the total operating budget which funds the education of our students. And you responded, helping SVA finish the fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 with an all-time record of 1539 gifts to Shenandoah’s annual fund. Thank you for each treasured gift. To our students and the entire SVA family, they are evidence of God’s grace and mercy extended through you to save and sustain the educational ministry of this legacy school which has blessed generations, and with your generosity and His blessings will continue to prepare disciples of Jesus until the day He comes. Our prayer is one of humble thanksgiving, and a petition for God’s richest blessings to be poured out on each giving individual, family, church, business and foundation.

Alumni 54%


Individual Gifts

Friends 32%

Churches 9%


Community & Corporate Gifts

Thank you.

Businesses 3% Foundations 2%

FY 2016 Giving Highlights: •100% giving by SVA Faculty and Staff •100% giving by SVA Board of Trustees •Remaining pledge payments of $300,000 for debt reduction resulted in elimination of SVA long-term debt and debt payments •$170,000 year-end Matching Grant Challenge by generous alumni wanting to give back to SVA resulted in a total $375,000 in unrestricted and worthy student Match Appeal gifts •Banner year for Alumni and Friends* giving participation, with all-time record of 1320 gifts from individuals accounting for 86% of all gifts, and well over half of total charitable gift income *Bolded names on alumni and individual giving lists indicate three or more years consecutive giving




Corporate and Community $94,986.00








Foundations $444,405.00


FY2016 Giving Total: $1,617,298.00

Your Gifts Make a Difference 4

Shenandoah Today

From Our Director of Development & Alumni Relations: A Gift is Placed by God’s Own Hand

Where shines the Big Virginia Sun! And old Dominion’s streamlets run, From out the Massanutt’s cool shade, And down great Alleghany’s glade, God’s works in nature multiplied, Extol His name on ev’ry side. We’re singing “Where shines the Big Virginia Sun!” with more enthusiasm and confidence than ever before. Shenandoah is a God-ordained school which He sustains. For 109 years and this year, we see Him working; His blessings and sustaining mercy poured out through so many of YOU joining together to financially support SVA and its students. Please know your giving makes all the difference, and it is because of your generosity through regular financial support that our SVA kids and school program are thriving! Thank you!! At 2016 registration, Principal Short asked all new and returning students, “What brought you to SVA?” It’s no surprise the majority responded with mom, dad, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin—or all of them— graduated from Shenandoah. This is a family school – generations have studied, worshiped and played together on this campus. These are our very own SVA kids. Your gift dollars – our combined gifts -- support the young people who are at SVA preparing for college and careers through experiences that produce disciples of Jesus. As soon as a student walks through the SVA door… well, you already know …they become ours and we cannot turn away. They become our very own. In nature’s dooryard neatly planned, A gift is placed God’s own hand The S.V.A. of sacred birth, Our own dear school of sterling worth Whose beacon lit by gospel truth, Sheds holy light on paths of youth.

Graduation 2016: Sarah Ware Shafer ‘84, Susan Stout Ware ‘86, Peyton Ware’16, Madeleine Ware ‘17, Janel Haas Ware ‘86 Director of Development & Alumni Relations

God established our beloved school in the beauty of the Valley— in the center of the palm of His hand. He has blessed generations of graduates not only with an education and life-long abiding love and loyalty to each other and this school, but also with a generous giving spirit. We support our school and our SVA kids in the tradition of the founding bequest which established this school. SVA Adventist boarding school education is still relevant and perhaps more than ever before, creating a place where young people who want to know and love Jesus can prepare to serve and love a hurting world. What blighting frost can chill our zeal, Or evil’s fury ever deal A blow in madness fit to shake, Our faith in thee O S.V.A.? Or cause our strength in future time, To [fail] before thy cause sublime? When it appears mounting challenges pose a threat to the very existence of this Adventist boarding academy, you, loyal Alumni and Friends, have heroically stepped forward to pay debts and financially invest in the SVA educational ministry. Your unrestricted and worthy students gifts are changing lives. Thank you for standing by your school and our SVA kids.

Oh Shenandoah, Dear Shenandoah! In thee to we delight to rest and daily strive to do our best For Shenandoah, Shenandoah!

Gifts from Alumni Total: $606,575.00 1934 Gus Viehman 1938 Jane (Goyne) Bainum Frances (Baumgartner) Clarke 1941 Doris (Smith) Suddarth 1942 Hilton Suddarth 1943 William Blosser Bernice (Parish) Davidson Walter Lacks

1944 Dolly (Stubbs) De Haan Frank De Haan Gordon Osborn 1946 Mabel (Bowman) Good Herbert Lidner 1947 Jean (Quimby) Bakland Alfred Hess 1948 Howard Bankes Robert Bryne Virginia (Bowman) Bryne Carmen (Jones) Downey Estelle (Stigler) Johnson

Esther (Jackson) Johnson Elaine Williams 1949 David Bauer Faye (West) Boyd Corinne (Spangler) Reasner 1950 Patricia (Mulraney) Kovalski 1952 Elaine (Lord) Ellis Neil Palmer 1953 Elvin Hold Richard Schell Bonnie (Bowman) Showalter

1954 Gerald Lillya Eleanor (Jackson) Mueller 1955 Jeanie (Rauch) Broeckel Don Eckenroth Myrna Lou (Hawkins) Gibson Betty (Mace) Hevener Arlene (Cashman) Thompson Kenneth Wagner 1956 Gloria (Howes) Eckenroth Paul Imbraguglio Ina (Fox) Masters John Stant

Shenandoah Today


1957 Norma (Ivins) Canova Patty (Murray) Thompson John Wagner Charles Webster Charles Wilkens 1958 Carl Blackburn Bonnie Jean (Kelchner) Hannah William Hold Donna (Tucker) Read Owen Van Kirk Bonnie (Boyts) Wilkens Rosaleen Wood 1959 Claire (Eckenroth) Blackburn Richard Brown Donald Clark Ardebella (Dean) Fox Sandra (Moore) Juarez Gary Langston Janet (Sorensen) Langston Helen (Newcome) McCarson Jackie (Witt) Yarnell 1960 Carolyn (Devaughn) Adams Dale Adams Maryanne (Lord) Clark Donald Cornforth Joyce (Hicks) Ellington Brenda (Rhodes) Fluharty Walter Hamann William Hooker Blake Rhodes Don Scully Gerald White Reg Woodruff 1961 Jerry Evans Carolyn (Davis) McAndrews Kathryn (Fagal) Prall J. Clayton Read attended Carl Tolas RichardTucker 1962 Nancy (Coleman) DeFluiter Joyce (Pennington) Faehner Eddie Haas Ina (Dunn) McFarland Jacqueline Miller Mary Purdie honorary Carol (Lewis) Woods 1963 Eddie (Cash) Benedict Jim Brodersen


Sandra (Eller) Clatterbuck Marshall Conner Glenn Darr John Donaghue Bonnie (Hevener) Moyers Paul Noblitt Sharon (Engen) Overton Silas Still Caroline (Purdie) White 1964 James Callan W. Carol Good Betty (Davis) Haas Diane (Wilson) Hall Blainette (Ullom) Hanson Carole (Luke) Kilcher Ralph Kurti Teresa (Doudiken) Merritt Patricia (Clothier) Shapert attended 1965 Connie (Sterner) Andrews Linda Gay (Capman) Booth Rick Bullion Cheerie Lou Capman Evelyn (Pester) Cornforth E. Susan (Dickson) Finlaw Ronald Hudson Donald Jackson Daniel Lewis Willis McGhinnis W. Jay Nixon Patricia (Disney) Price Carl Showers attended Kathryn Wennerberg Helen Witt 1966 Jean (Bender) Eckler Donna (Taylor) Evans L. Faye (Holland) Horner Lynne (Benn) Ratz Bill Rudisaile Carol (Rasmussen) Serle Reginald Sherrill Gail Strickland Linda (Shanko) Sutton Carol (Johnson) Tol Bruce Wardlay Judy (Brodersen) Winters 1967 Kenneth Grimes Sharon (France) Masin Gail (Hevener) Melkersen Kathryn (Thornton) Parrish 1968 Michael Carpenter Nancy (Welton) Eaton Gregory Isaacs

Shenandoah Today

William Liers John Lombard

B. Kurt Styron Richard Thompson

1969 Suzanne (Jackson) Harvey James Whipple

1978 Bruce Greenberg Valerie Knobloch Ruth Anne (Mayers) Labate Cindy (Jones) Leach Jeffrey Lingerfelt Laurie (Reinhardt) Salmons Kathy (Bendall) Young

1970 Linda (Wilson) Baker William Dodge George Gainer 1971 Greg Baugher Denise Hussong Patty (Hevener) Lemon Deborah (Donachy) White 1972 Don Correia Delsie (Pack) Knicely Thomas McNeilus Joy (Peters) Ossum Sharon (Shanko) Pelton Marilyn (Miles) Perez James Shanko 1973 Richard Perez Thomas Reiss Karen (Pudleiner) Taylor 1974 John Burton Darlene (Lively) Burton Jan Ekelof Donna (Hoffman) Mashburn Jan (Strickland) Osborne 1975 Marvin Brauer Kenneth Laughlin J. Mark Midkiff Mark Mitchell 1976 Timothy Burton Shellie (Shanko) Campbell A. Rebecca (Cabrera) Feltman Sheri (Showalter) Goins Richard Hevener Murel Hoskins Kathryn (Stevens) Hoskins Sherri (Burrows) Otto Louise (Hart) Phanstiel John Thompson 1977 Jacquelyn (Hume) Mitchell Linda (Sines) Owens Carol (Hare) Pack Mary (Cabrera) Rumford

1979 Steven Blackburn Roland Caton Kelly (Stebbins) Menhardt Karen (Koliadko) Nash Stuart Ware Robert Wood 1980 Donley Helms Randy Neff James Nestler Michael Price Sandra (Johnson) Rice 1981 Michael Gentry Joanne (Thompson) Gentry Daniel Koliadko Bonita (Joyner) Shields 1982 Randall Beers William Champion attended Mark Griffin Rose (Patton) Lang Debbie (Stone) Messinger V. Colt Peyton David Reile Tony Williams 1983 Cameron Cole Sheila (Bilyard) Grissom Deborah (Stout) Harding Scott Kemmerer Kurt Moon Susan (Sheer) Perkin Elizabeth (Knickerbocker) Pettit Dianna (Harter) Stoffer William Strickland honorary Paul Ware 1984 David Breetzke Jacqueline (Franklin) Carney Paul Griffin Alvin Melendez attended

1985 Kimberly (Hudson) Bennett Barc Upchurch

1986 Robin Banks attended Philip Bennett Aimee Ellington Gabrielle (Geddis) Griffin Joseph Lowe Silvia (Rivas) Rios attended Donald Spady Janel (Haas) Ware Susan (Stout) Ware Duane White Laura (Putnam) Wilkens 1987 Theresa Rinehart 1988 Robert Belleza Dan Belleza DeAnn (Champion) Bell Traci (Clark) Brossfield Robert Fleckenstein Caleb Hartsfield Virginia (Schutte) Manning 1989 Kris Harter

1990 Glenn Bergmann Helen (Lim) Retz Noreen (Tolentino) Drewes 1991 Eric Gang Todd Hollis Sarah Jane Liers honorary Laura (Rulona) Lowe Bjarne Ossum Kelly (Veach) Rebbin Ruth (Halter) Straley 1992 Jonathan Michael Alison (Shyab) Veldekens Kimberly Wilbur 1993 Jason Liu Charles Lyon Jennifer (White) Sonnier Jeremy White Roy Wu 1994 Norman Belleza Anne (Melashenko) Niebch Jennifer (Hoppe) Olmsted

1995 Sylvia Mack Theresa Potter Charles Shyab Shelly (Cothern) Tenali

2001 Stacey Malcomson Rebecca Wurster

1996 Heather (Landry) Hunt Amber (Coe) Lewis Shannon (Wright) Longshore Paul Pelley 1997 Jenny (Lemon) Hocking Edwin Tenali 1998 Tim LaPierre Tara McGee 1999 Stephen Jetter Kristina Zanotti 2000 Kristen Davis Eric Garman Mark Mendizabal

2002 Kimberly (Schneider) Westfall 2003 Michael Harley Kelly Wiedemann 2007 Heather (Blackburn) Richardson 2009 Dale Twomley honorary Connie Twomley honorary 2011 Hyden Bruce Emely Umana 2014 Dorenda Dodge honorary Buz Menhardt honorary 2016 James Little honorary

The Class of 2017 celebrates their first day as seniors at SA Handshake

For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.... Matt. 19:14

Shenandoah Today


Gifts from Individuals Alumni: Carolyn Abbott Cheri Lee Achilles Carolyn (Barron) Adams Dale & Carolyn (Devaughn) Adams Alpha Joy Albeza Hilda Aldunate Charles Allen Walter Alonso Viola & Joanette Alvidrez Fonda Amerin Azariah Anderson A. Scott Anderson Shane & Darlene Anderson Sheri (Bracy) Anderson Connie (Sterner) Andrews Charles & Catherine Angier Rick Armstrong Lauro Arteaga Guirlene Auguste William Bahary Jacqueline Bain Jane (Goyne) Bainum Linda (Wilson) Baker Dennis Baker Jean (Quimby) Bakland Thomas & Linda Ballweg Mitzi Bame Howard Bankes Robin Banks David Bauer Charlotte Bauer Greg Baugher Marilyn Beattie Karen Beck Jay Beck Randall Beers DeAnn (Champion) Bell Norman Belleza Robert Belleza Dan Belleza Juan Carlos Belliard Eddie (Cash) Benedict Philip Bennett Kimberly (Hudson) Bennett Glenn and Emmi Bergmann Steven Blackburn Carl & Claire (Eckenroth) Blackburn William Blosser Donald & Sharla Bogar Jacquelyn Bokow Debora Bollenbeck Stephen Boone Linda Gay Booth John & Rosina Borges Patricia Bowman Faye (West) Boyd Suzanne Boyer Rita Bozeman Marvin Brauer


$606,575.00 • Friends: $309,196.00 • Total: $917,031.00

David Breetzke Dorothy Brennwald Jim Brodersen Jeanie (Rauch) Broeckel Ginger Bromme Ryan & Traci (Clark) Brossfield Bernett Browbeer Pauline Brown Richard Brown Cory Brown Victor Brown Lisa Bruce Hyden Bruce Robert & Virginia Bryne Rick Bullion Russell Burrill Timothy Burrill John & Darlene Burton Mary Burton Timothy Burton Leslie Callahan James & Jeannie Callan Juan Camaney Dennis & Shellie (Shanko) Campbell Diana Canales Norma (Ivins) Canova Cheerie Lou Capman Jacqueline (Franklin) Carney Michael Carpenter Lisa Carreno Elly Casseria-Edson Roland Caton Danny Chacko William & Cindy Champion Cully Chapman Charlene Chapman Deborah Charles Paulraj Charles Justin & Sonia Childers Emanoil Chirvasuta Merilyn Christenson Donald & Maryanne (Lord) Clark Frances (Baumgartner) Clarke Sandra (Eller) Clatterbuck Mickey & Evelyn Clinedinst Cameron Cole Norman Connell Marshall Conner Peggy Coppiano Evelyn (Pester) Cornforth Donald & Edna Cornforth Don Correia Greg Coryell Jocelyn Cosme Richard Coston Nancy Lou Cross Alex Cuellar Richard Curnutte Anthony & Joan Daniels

Shenandoah Today

Glenn Darr Bernice (Parish) Davidson April Davis R. D. Davis Ryan Davis Katie Davis Kristen Davis Howard Davis Ron Davis Cindy Dawson Frank & Dolly (Stubbs) De Haan Wendy Dean Nancy DeFluiter Jane Dehildago Wanda Deindoerfer Luisa Depaz Dulce Depinho Jean Desmarais Kimberly Dickson Wayne Dickson Lois Dinger Patricia Doane William & Dorenda Dodge John Donaghue R. Dorval Carol Doudiken Adana Douglas Carmen (Jones) Downey Helen Dundon Penny Dunford Robert East Nancy (Welton) Eaton Don & Gloria (Howes) Eckenroth Megan E. Eckhart Jean (Bender) Eckler Clebern Edwards SuAnn Edwards Jan Ekelof Aimee Ellington Doug & Joyce (Hicks) Ellington Elaine (Lord) Ellis Regina Escalante Rebecca Escobar Anthonia Esezobar Jerry Evans Donna (Taylor) Evans Carolyn Evans Jerry Evans Joyce (Pennington) Faehner Svetlanna Farinha Klebert Feitosa Gamaliel Feliciano John Feltman Donald & A. Rebecca (Cabrera) Feltman Miguel Fernandez Dorothy Ferrer Willam & Sandra Field E. Susan (Dickson) Finlaw Lenore Finney

Eunice Fisher Robert Fleckenstein William Fleury Brenda (Rhodes) Fluharty David & Ann Fogg David & Livia Forbes Raymond Ford June Forston Nancy Fourney Ardebella (Dean) Fox Valerie Francois Thomsen Frank Cecil Franklin Lynda French Wallace Frost Glen Fung Gennytza Furne George Gainer Victor Gallardo Shirley Gammon Eric Gang Pearl Gardner Eric Garman Michael & Joanne (Thompson) Gentry Devon and Hillary Genus Gareth & Therisa George Bill & Myrna Lou (Hawkins) Gibson Betty Jo Gillis Kathy Gimbel Twila Gimble Paul Glenn Johnson & Mary Go Sheri (Showalter) Goins Richard Goldin Manny Gonzalez W. Carol Good Mabel (Bowman) Good Jefferson Gordon Noreley Gordon Keshia Graham Bruce Greenberg Betty Greene Paul & Gabrielle Griffin Marvin & Nell Griffin Mark Griffin Kenneth Grimes Sheila Grissom Oliver Guth M. Leroy & Janet Haas Eddie & Betty Haas Richard & Betty Haas Diane (Wilson) Hall Keith Hallam Walter Hamann Cathy Hamann James & Karen Hamlin Gerald & Pamala Hamman Bonnie Jean (Kelchner) Hannah Pramod & Vijaya Hansdak

Blainette (Ullom) Hanson Deborah (Stout) Harding Tim Harley Michael Harley Mark Harris William Harris Virginia Harter Kris Harter Ronald Hartman Caleb Hartsfield Suzanne (Jackson) Harvey William & Valerie Heitchew Donley Helms Joyce Hermann Alfred Hess Richard & Denise Hevener Lacy & Betty Hevener Jenny Hocking Elvin Hold William Hold Todd Hollis William & Marie Hooker Sylvia Hordosch L. Faye (Holland) Horner Shane Horner Murel & Kathryn (Stevens) Hoskins Tomasz Howard Phillip & Audrey Howell Janine Hudson Ronald Hudson Lystra Huggins Heather (Landry) Hunt Denise Hussong Annabelle Ibaibarriaga Paul Imbraguglio Gregory Isaacs Lilian Jabines Consuelo Jackson Donald Jackson Martha Jaffe Lowell & Neria Jenks Stephen Jetter Elsie Joel-Morse Roland John Estelle (Stigler) Johnson Katrina Johnson Esther (Jackson) Johnson Richard Johnson Marie Johnson Richard Jones Jesumani & Sucila Joseph Sandra (Moore) Juarez Gloria Kamana Jonathan Kanagy Gayle Kauffman Patricia Kelly Scott Kemmerer Carole (Luke) Kilcher Robert Kilgore Jenny Kim Samuel Kim Cwilla Kincaid

J. Brian King David Klemt Sylvia Klinger Delsie (Pack) Knicely Betti Knickerbocker Ryan Knight Valerie Knobloch Daniel Koliadko Patricia (Mulraney) Kovalski Ralph Kurti Ruth Anne (Mayers) Labate Walter Lacks Dawn Lairson Rose (Patton) Lang Gary & Janet (Sorensen) Langston Yvrose Larios Kenneth Laughlin Cindy (Jones) Leach Alice Lee Patty (Hevener) Lemon Rita Leocal Arevalo Leonor Daniel Lewis Amber (Coe) Lewis Herbert Lidner Sarah Jane Liers William Liers Gerald Lillya Jeffrey Lingerfelt James Little Jason Liu Russ & Peggy Lloyd Diana Locklear John Lombard Shannon (Wright) Longshore John Lorntz Joseph & Laura (Rulona) Lowe Franz Luizaga Charles Lyon Sylvia Mack Stacey Malcomson Elizabeth Malin Virginia (Schutte) Manning Maria Marquez H. L. Marter Andrew Marter Juanita Martin Larry Martin Jacob Martin Mark & Donna (Hoffman) Mashburn Sharon (France) Masin Ina (Fox) Masters Carolyn (Davis) McAndrews Helen (Newcome) McCarson Perry McCart Katherine McCown Angus McDonald Ina (Dunn) McFarland Tara McGee Willis McGhinnis Jack McKee Ellsworth & Sharon McKee

Russell McKee Nerida McKibben Kurt and Gail McKinley Edward McLemore Lee & Patty McLennan Thomas McNeilus Linda McQuilkin John Meditz Tatiana Meharry Alvin & Tommie Melendez Samuel Melendez Gloria Melendez Gail (Hevener) Melkersen Mark Mendizabal Shirley Menhardt Buz & Kelly (Stebbins) Menhardt Teresa (Doudiken) Merritt Debbie (Stone) Messinger Jonathan Michael J. Mark Midkiff Jacqueline Miller Rita Miller Bill Miller James Minty Yolande Miracle-Colburn Mark & Jacquelyn (Hume) Mitchell Elsa Mitchell-Goodman Fidel Modesto Kurt Moon Robert & Annette Moon Wesley Morales Dwight Morgan Bonnie (Hevener) Moyers Eleanor (Jackson) Mueller Andrew Muliokela Jacqueline Murekatete Louise Music John Nafie Karen (Koliadko) Nash Laura Navarro Randy Neff Carol Neff Ann Marie Nelson Rhett Nelson Dusty Nestell James Nestler Enos Ngetich Anne (Melashenko) Niebch David & Anayansi Nino Benny Nix W. Jay Nixon Florence Nkosi Paul Noblitt Maureen Norris Silvia Ochoa Bob Ockenga Michael & Jeanne Odell Olabode & Heather Ogidan Jennifer (Hoppe) Olmsted Steven Olson Janet Olsyne Carolyne Onkoba

Gordon Osborn William & Jan (Strickland) Osborne Bjarne & Joy (Peters) Ossum Sherri (Burrows) Otto Anne Ouellette Sharon (Engen) Overton Richard Owen Linda (Sines) Owens Carol (Hare) Pack Debra Padgett Arul Pakkianathan Joseph Pakkianathan Anna Palmer Neil Palmer Kathy Parke Marc Parker Kathryn (Thornton) Parrish Summer Pate Jane Pathi Rebecca Patrick Gary Patterson Paul Pelley Sharon (Shanko) Pelton Richard & Marilyn (Miles) Perez Ron & Susan (Sheer) Perkin Elizabeth (Knickerbocker) Pettit V. Colt Peyton Samantha Pfeiffer Howard & Louise (Hart) Phanstiel Ray Pichette Marcel & Hilary Pichot George Piel Theresa Potter Kathryn (Fagal) Prall PJ & Esther Prempeh Patricia (Disney) Price Corky Price Michael Price Lenora Pudleiner Irish Faye Pugao Mary Purdie Achamma Purushothaman Martha Quirk Samuel Raj Jorge Ramirez Irma Ramirez Daniel & Lesly Ramirez Jouse Ramirez Elmer & Erlinda Ramiscal Timothy Ranalla Kimberly Rattley Lynne (Benn) Ratz J. Clayton & Donna (Tucker) Read Brenda Reale Corinne (Spangler) Reasner Kelly (Veach) Rebbin David Reile Primrose Reinosa Thomas Reiss Gail Romeo Steve & Helen (Lim) Retz Blake Rhodes

Shenandoah Today


Objective Academics: Class of 2018 juniors Taylor Belleza, Miranda Benton, Allie Magtanong and Valerie Pichot are meeting the challenge of Shenandoah’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Last February they were among the students recognized for academic excellence, leadership and character as inductees of the SVA chapter of the National Honor Society.

Sandra (Johnson) Rice Heather (Blackburn) Richardson Barbara Riddle Theresa Rinehart Carol Ringer Silvia (Rivas) Rios Ruth Rivera Dionico and Norma Rivera Andy Rivera Robert Robinson Gary Rodman Mildred Rodriguez William Romanishin Doralina Romero Yokasta Rosario John Ross Margaret Rotenbury Daniel Royo Bill Rudisaile Mary (Cabrera) Rumford D. J. Ruud Yung Ryeom Faustina Rynda John Sackett Quentin & Melanie Sahly Yolanda Salinas-Marquez Laurie (Reinhardt) Salmons Hiram Sanchez Evin Sandoval Nancy Sandoval-Javier Sameer Sawe Richard Schell Judy Schoen M. F. Schottelkorb Richard & Wendy Schuen Stanley Schurtz Howard Scoggins Don & Elaine Scully Beth Sebro Vesna Selmanovic Carol (Rasmussen) Serle Nicole Servius James Shanko Patricia (Clothier) Shapert Karen Shea Lewis & Penni Shelton


Reginald Sherrill Bonita (Joyner) Shields Donald & Laura Short James Short Cecelia Short Bonnie (Bowman) Showalter Carl Showers Jimmy Shutt Charles Shyab Jeffrey Sigler Mary Simhachalam-Go Reynald Simmons Barbara Slater Joe & Luci Sloan Marie Sloane Don Slocum Michael Smart Erin Smith Brenda Smith Jeanette Snipes Jennifer (White) Sonnier Donald G. Spady Donald Spady John Spivey Diana St. Louis John Stant Carla Starr Bill & Shirley Stebbins Silas Still Kay Stine Janet Stoehr Dianna (Harter) Stoffer David Stout Ruth (Halter) Straley Gail Strickland William Strickland B. Kurt Styron Hilton & Doris (Smith) Suddarth Rosane Suleiman Linda (Shanko) Sutton Christopher & Beverly Swagerty Paka Syam Karen (Pudleiner) Taylor Edwin & Shelly (Cothern) Tenali Warren Thomas Richard Thompson

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Arlene Thompson John Thompson Patty (Murray) Thompson Bradley Thorp Carol (Johnson) Tol Carl Tolas Noreen (Tolentino) Drewes Corneliu Toma Kenneth & Muriel Toner Krisha Torgerson Eddie Towles Thomas Treichler W. Crismond & S. Rebekah Tremaglio Iwona & Kris Trzcinka Richard Tucker Marcel & Mabel Twahirwa Dale & Connie Twomley Jeff Twomley Emely Umana Barc Upchurch Maria Urquidi Cynthia Vail Marcelo Vallado Sheila Van Dyke Owen Van Kirk Robert Van Ornam Raymond & Debra VandenHoven David VandeVere Jose Vargas S. Varner Rafael Velasquez Alison (Shyab) Veldekens Wendy Veras Gus Viehman Jack Waagen John Wagner Kenneth Wagner Erik & Kari Wangness Bruce Wardlay Stuart & Janel (Haas) Ware Paul & Susan (Stout) Ware Henry Ware John Warren John & Jerilyn Waters Barbara Watts Charles Webster

Christina Wells Kathryn Wennerberg Karen Wenzel Kimberly (Schneider) Westfall Nathan & Antonia Wetzel James Whipple Ronald & Deborah White Gerald & Caroline White Jeremy & Deborah White Duane White Janet Ann White Kelly Wiedemann Kimberly Wilbur Laura (Putnam) Wilkens Gregory Wilkens Marsharee Wilkens Charles & Bonnie (Boyts) Wilkens Tony Williams Elaine Williams Vorris & Deleana Williams Clarence Williams Mary Williamson Ted & Sharon Wilson Theresa Wilson Kathi Wilson Judy (Brodersen) Winters Helen Witt Eloyce Witzel Merna Witzel Carolyn Wolters Robert Wood Rosaleen Wood Reg Woodruff Carol (Lewis) Woods Thaddeus Worth Erika Wright Roy Wu Rebecca Wurster Clifford Yarnell Robert Young Kathy (Bendall) Young Kristina Zanotti Corissa Zimmer Anonymous (20)

Community & Corporate Gifts Total: $701,605.00

Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center AEC Spanish Council Affordable Insurance, Inc. Amazon Smile Foundation Angelo Tile Armstrong Excavations Bainum Family Foundation Big Apple Pediatrics (Cathy Ward) Child Advocacy Foundation, Inc. Columbia Union Conference Columbia Union Revolving Fund Community Foundation Davis Dental Centers LLC Dell - YourCause, LLC Details, Ltd. El Rovia Trailer Village ETC Anesthesia Fanwar Faith Inc. Fort Lee Federal Credit Union General Conference of SDA GHRoW Foundation Greater New York Conf. of SDA Hacienda Mexican Restauants HMR Acquisition Company, Inc Houston Volunteer Fire Co. Auxilliary International Community Center, Inc. JDC Construction LLC JE Building & Renovation, Inc. Kroger School Rewards Loma Linda University Martin’s A+ School Rewards McKee Foods Corporation Mountain Villa at Porter New Dawn Acres New York Life Your Cause Potomac Conference Education Foundation Premium Acceptance Corp Philanthropic Services for Institutions Ramirez Labor Service LLC Sheffer’s Electrical Service Siddique Law Group LLC Silicon Valley Community Foundation Sit Accounting Services LLC South Atlantic Conference Southern Adventist University - ASSIST Target Take Charge of Education TCF Contracting Corp. Texico Conference The Boeing Company Tulip Salon Western Branch Diesl

Alexandria SDA Church Beltsville SDA Church Bladensburg SDA Church Bristow Spanish SDA Church Burnt Mills SDA Church Capital Brazilian SDA Temple Capital Memorial Church Carter Memorial SDA Church Charlottesville SDA Church Church of the Advent Hope Clinton Spanish SDA Church Damascus Grace Fellowship Church Danbury Nuevo Horiz Church Dover SDA Church Dumfries SDA Church Eastwood SDA Church El Paso Central SDA Church Falls Church Spanish SDA Church First Ghana SDA Fayetteville Hispanic SDA Cuhrch Fredericksburg SDA Church Fredericksburg Spanish SDA Church Freeport Spanish SDA Church Hillsboro SDA Church Iglesia Adventista Hispana Kilmarnock SDA Church Manassas SDA Church Meadowbridge SDA Church New Hope SDA Church New Life Community SDA Church New Market SDA Church North Scituate SDA Church North Valley SDA Church Ogden Road SDA Church Queens Spanish SDA Church Re-Creation SDA Church Roanoke SDA Church SDA Church - Kansas South Bend SDA Hispanic Church Spanish Highbridge Church Spanish Weeks SDA Church Springfield Spanish SDA Church Staunton SDA Church University SDA Church VA Beach SDA Church Washington Brazilian SDA Church Waynesboro SDA Church Wilmington SDA Church Winchester SDA Church Windsor SDA Church Woodbridge SDA Church Woodstock Spanish SDA Church Worthington SDA Church Yale SDA Church Yonkers SDA Church Zanesville SDA Church

Educational Subsidy & Special Appropriations Total:

Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Carpet installation completes cafeteria renovation

SVA Cafeteria Transformed!

Changes made in purchasing and food preparation to offer students local fresh produce and whole foods, combined with a newly renovated cafeteria made possible by an alumni estate gift and anonymous donation for carpet, have reinvigorated the food service program. The fresh, nutritious diet is making a difference in the overall health and wellness of students.

Freshman honorees enjoy Principal’s List brunch in the newly renovated cafeteria

Beautiful local produce salad

Whole grain rolls ready to go into the oven

A parent volunteer and students celebrate after making homemade whole grain rolls

$880,131.00 Truckload of fruits and vegetables from the Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction

Food service director Bob Ockenga shows off local raspberries

Endowment Scholarship Recipients 2015-2016 Total: $19,700.00

Samuel Aitchison Worthy Student: Cindy Balcarcel, $200.00 Thoma Suzanne Alderman Worthy Student: Jose VonVogler, $140.00 Jean Hicks Alexander Worthy Student: Bethany Edwards, $275.00 Frank and Emily Banzhaf Worthy Student: Becky Renderos, $910.00 Allan Blackburn – DiAnn Copenhaver Sportsmanship: Carla Navarro, $300.00 Julia Kay Blair Mission: Raisy Sanchez, $270.00 Ellen Quackenbush Carey Music (Voice): Meshach Perez, $140.00 Class of 1974 Worthy Student: Judson Watson, $85.00 Class of 1977 Friendship Worthy Student: Madeleine Ndahayo, $170.00 Class of 2013 Worthy Student: Nelda Atuti, $250.00 Herbert Copenhaver Science: Bethany Edwards, $220.00 Pearl Dieter Worthy Student: Jose VonVogler, $80.00 Excellentia Worthy Student: Daniel Palacios, $1,480.00; Elizabeth Reedy, $2,220.00 Kathleen Wu Facemire Basketball: Carla Navarro, $130.00 Claoma Suhrie Fearing Worthy Student: Daniel Hernandez, $250.00 Don and Becky Feltman Baseball: Jared Gil-Gomez, $1,850.00 Kent Sterling Grimm Memorial: Kimberly Owen, $280.00 W. C. Hannah Worthy Student: Karen Cruz, $170.00 Chuck and Sarah Jane Liers Worthy Student: Jared Gil-Gomez, $130.00 Luray SDA Church Worthy Student: Jackie Letaiugyang ‘19 (not pictured), $135.00 John and Vilas Mansfield Worthy Student: Marco Lopez, $190.00 John Minesinger Worthy Student: Shayla Coronel, $2,045.00 Carolyn Madden Nash Music: Daniel Chirvasuta, $155.00 Lester Patton Worthy Student: Judson Watson, $420.00 Clarence and Elsie Jenkins Pohle Worthy Student: Luke Fogg, $360.00 Paul and Doris Riley Worthy Student: Jonathan Smith, $195.00 Frank E. Shaw Worthy Student: Carla Navarro, $520.00 Walter B. Sheer, MD and Doris A. Sheer: Amber Vance, $215.00 Wallace and Myrtle Smith Worthy Student: Karen Cruz, $95.00 Edward O. Spencer Worthy Student Endowment: Theodore Thomas, $275.00 Josef Spencer Music: Meshach Perez, $65.00 Edna Stoneburner Basketball: Luke Fogg, $40.00 Jean Quackenbush Strickland Worthy Student: Nigel Msipa, $260.00 Earnest and Louise Thompson Worthy Student: Carla Navarro, $580.00


Shenandoah Today

We can never forget what has been done here on this campus for the Kingdom of God.

It is for us to be dedicated to the unfinished task of training disciples of Jesus as fast as we can, to the great task of preaching the Gospel of Jesus. We here highly resolve that those who have gone before us and who still labor in this vineyard shall not have worked in vain. Rather that this school, under God, shall have a new birth of commitment, that Shenandoah Valley Academy, its students, faculty and staff, alumni, and constituents, all shall take on the armor of Salvation and finish the task our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has set before us. Dr. Dale E. Twomley Gettysburg Address paraphrase (excerpt) Twomley Hall Dedication, May 28, 2016


Come home to Shenandoah!



1 4 - 1 6 ,

2 0 1 7

HONOR CLASSES: 1917, 1927, 1937, 1947, 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2007, 2017

NonProfit Org US Postage

Shenandoah Valley


234 W. Lee Hwy. • New Market, VA 22844

I’ll make a list of God’s gracious dealings, all the things God has done that need praising, All the generous bounties of God, His great goodness… --Compassion lavished, love extravagant. He said, “Without question these are my people, children who would never betray me.” So He became their Savior. In all their troubles, He was troubled, too. He didn’t send someone else to help them. He did it himself, in person. Out of His own love and pity He redeemed them. He rescued them and carried them along for a long, long time. Isaiah 63:7


Permit #438 Zanesville, OH

Profile for Shenandoah Valley Academy

Shenandoah Today - FY1516 Annual Giving Report  

Shenandoah Today Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2015-2016

Shenandoah Today - FY1516 Annual Giving Report  

Shenandoah Today Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2015-2016


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