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Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2016-2017

Bring My children—My sons and daughters… who are called by My name; the ones I made, shaped and created for My profound glory. ...I will pour my spirit on your children and grandchildren— and let My blessing flow to your descendants. And they will sprout among the grasses, grow vibrant and tall like willow trees lining a riverbank. Isaiah 43:6-7, 44:3-4

COVER: Class of 2018 Seniors celebrate winning the banner contest at Student Association Fall Picnic

Down by the Riverside: Hadley Hall and Phanstiel Hall resident assistants enjoy pre-session bonding time while paddling the Shenandoah River.

Annual Giving Report 2016-2017 2

Notes from the Principal


2017-2018 School Profile


From the Director of Development & Alumni Relations


Because of You: 2016-2017 Giving Highlights


Acknowledging Generous SVA Alumni & Friends


Endowment Scholarship Recipients

Shenandoah Valley


Shenandoah Today is a publication of the Development and Alumni Office of Shenandoah Valley Academy. Editor: Janel Ware; Photos: Carrie Heilman, Jaclyn Knight, Laura Short, Ashley and Ryan Swartz, Janel Ware Please send address change notice to: 234 W. Lee Hwy., New Market, VA 22844 © 2017 Shenandoah Valley Academy

Administration Donald Short, Principal Dorenda Dodge, Vice Principal Wendy Dean, Registrar Board of Trustees Shane Anderson Dennis Campbell Gamaliel Feliciano Don Feltman Linda French Richard Hevener ‘76 Janine Hudson Joseph Lowe ‘86 Kelli Hanon ’88, Alumni Association President Jacqueline Messenger ‘77 William Miller, Chairman Gary Patterson Louise Phanstiel ‘76 Jorge Ramirez, Vice Chairman David Reile ‘82 Primrose Reinosa Daniel Royo Donald Short, Principal Emely Umana ‘11 David VandeVere Duane White ‘86 Tony Williams ‘82

Notes from the Principal This year Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) celebrates 110 years of God’s shining blessings! The founding charitable gift to SVA was made by Charles Zirkle, a dying young man whose thoughts were not for himself, but for the salvation of young people and establishing a school to educate them for God’s service—the enduring mission of SVA. Zirkle’s selfless gift demonstrates the power of a heart transformed by the love and grace of Jesus, inspired to action for the sake of young people to know and serve Him as Friend and Savior. It’s a gift that has grown far beyond what anyone could have asked or imagined, establishing a school community legendary for its love and loyalty, making an inestimable difference in the education and faith of 5,300 graduates, and in the lives of all they impact for good and God’s Kingdom. Through your selfless gifts, we witness God work mightily through the echoing call of SVA’s founding gift to inspire generations “to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago.” (Eph. 2:10)

Principal Don Short presents Feltman Family Leadership Endowment scholarships to Valery Vergara ’18 and Hannah Sloan ’18 at year-end chapel.

As you will read in this report, donations for operations, tuition assistance and other projects resulted in an operating increase of $285,000 for FY 2017. Updated copy equipment, and quality used minivan and lawnmower replacements have been purchased. Twomley Hall received a new 35-year roof with improved insulation and drainage—good riddance buckets and rags! For a second year, your financial gifts helped provide nearly $1 million in scholarships and tuition assistance to qualified students. Thank you, Lord, for the difference these incredible gifts are making for Your children at SVA! For 2017-18, we are grateful for a generous donation providing the opportunity to develop a comprehensive campus facilities master plan, and another to purchase replacements for aging major cafeteria appliances. Enrollment is holding steady (186) after graduating a large senior class (49) in May. The FY 2018 budget is based on 182 students with a small operating increase. In October, 140 talented potential students and their parents attended a successful Academy Days. Prospective families are enthusiastic about a “super positive atmosphere” at SVA where relationships are established in Christian love, where spiritual growth of students is evident, and quality academics are offered in a setting counter to secular culture. With a small but mighty senior class (38) graduating in May, we are working and planning for an increase in enrollment for the 2018-19 school year. As you read excerpts of thank you notes written by students directly impacted by your generosity, please know your financial investment is making a difference in the lives of young people who deeply value the opportunity to study, work and play at an Adventist Christian boarding school. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to extend mercy and grace to our school and students through your financial gifts. You are making it possible for a new generation of students to learn and thrive at a vibrant, strong SVA today! In three years amazing progress has taken place to reestablish Shenandoah Valley Academy as a sustainable Adventist boarding academy. It is only with your prayers and generosity, the leadership and sacrifice of so many faithful individuals, that the course of this legendary school has been stayed and will continue as a great witness for Jesus and His Kingdom. Please continue to hold Shenandoah and our precious students up in prayer as we seek to reflect the love of Jesus, focused on the enduring mission of SVA—educating the next generation of His Disciples. Sincerely,

Donald R. Short • Principal

Nelda Atuti ‘19, Safiyya Phillip ’19 and Shayla Coronel ’19 celebrate giving their lives to Jesus with Chaplain Tim Harley. Since May 2016 35 students have been baptized at SVA, and 25 more came forward for baptism at Fall Week of Prayer.


Shenandoah Today

Graduating Class of 2017

2017-2018 School Profile School Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) is a comprehensive four-year private, co-educational, college preparatory boarding high school enrolling 186 students in grades 9–12: 48 freshmen, 37 sophomores, 63 juniors and 38 seniors. Shenandoah Valley Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools and is a member of the Virginia Council for Private Education. Nearly all teaching faculty, as well as the principal and girls’ dean, hold or are pursuing a master’s or higher degree. SVA is one of only a few high schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a full orchestra program meeting each week day. Academics Shenandoah Valley Academy offers a broad range of academic programs and advanced courses, including: • Two Diplomas: Standard (24 credits) and Advanced Studies (27 credits) • AP® Courses: English, Calculus AB & BC • Honors Classes: English III, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology • College Credit Dual Enrollment Classes: Jesus & the Gospels, Knowing & Sharing Christ, Anatomy & Physiology, Pre-Calculus, Personal Finance. From the 2011-12 to 2016-17 school years, 405 students have graduated. There were 49 Class of 2017 graduates. Class of 2017 Statistics • 32% earned 3.5 GPA or above • 18% earned 3.75 GPA or above • 45% National Honor Society • 100% planned to attend a four-year college • 100% took the ACT, achieving an average Composite score of 22, a point above the 2017 national average score. History and Setting Shenandoah Valley Academy was established by a 40-acre bequest from founder Charles Zirkle, opening in the fall of 1908 and graduating the first senior class in 1911. SVA has a total of 5,277 graduating alumni. Set in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley on 450 acres of fertile valley land with the Shenandoah River forming its western border, SVA offers a rural environment Adventist boarding school education. The academy is located on Route 211, one mile west of New Market, Virginia (population 1,732) and I-81 Exit 264, between Winchester and Harrisonburg. The historic Civil War Battle of New Market was fought two miles away in May 1864.

Mission: Shenandoah Valley Academy, established in 1908, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist college preparatory program through experiences to produce disciples of Jesus who are compassionate citizens prepared for college and careers.

Vision: Graduating Adventist Christians who will...

Serve Christ Value Knowledge Accept a Life of service

Objectives: • Spirituality • Relationships • Academics • Work Ethics • Character Development • Health & Wellness • Fun Shenandoah Today


From the Director of Development & Alumni Relations Because of you and your regular generous financial gifts, Shenandoah Valley Academy finished the fiscal year July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 with an operating increase of $285,000. This is an incredible result which represents an increase over last year in the number and amount of unrestricted and worthy student gifts received from SVA Alumni and Friends.*

Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Janel Haas Ware ‘86 and husband Stuart, ‘79, with niece Madeleine ‘17 on graduation day

This third consecutive year of operating gains is a statistic made even more remarkable considering the loss to SVA of approximately $200,000 last year and this year in foundation tuition assistance grants, primarily for students with the greatest financial need. SVA Alumni and Friends, you are making up the difference! With deepest gratitude, THANK YOU for standing by our school and students. Thank you for helping SVA keep the bold promise that “no qualified student will be turned away from Shenandoah because of finances.” Shenandoah Valley Academy depends on philanthropy, charitable financial gifts from “outside sources” like Alumni and Friends, foundations, churches and businesses for approximately 38% of its operating budget to educate our students. Parents pay tuition and fees; the Potomac Conference provides operating subsidy; however, it is the stalwart commitment of SVA Alumni and Friends coming together to financially support SVA and a new generation of “Our SVA Kids” that has become the great redemption story of our school. YOU have become the primary owner-investors in Shenandoah Valley Academy. Your committed month-to-month, year-to-year investment is the key factor making the difference in solidifying financial, program and enrollment sustainability here at Shenandoah. Because of your loyalty and generosity, in its 110th year of existence Shenandoah Valley Academy is thriving! A new generation of “Our SVA Kids”—bright, eager students are shining—because of YOU! Thank you!! In His Service for His Children & SVA –

Janel Haas Ware ’86 • Director of Development & Alumni Relations

*Year-to-year comparison less mission trip and special debt reduction gifts.

Commencement 2017, graduates lead “Our Shenandoah,” the SVA school song.

Gifts from Alumni Total: $433,270.00


Shenandoah Today

1934 Gus Viehman

1941 Doris (Smith) Suddarth

1937 Esther (Brent) Coffman

1942 Hilton Suddarth

1938 Jane (Goyne) Bainum Catherine (Viehman) Schmidt

1943 Bernice (Parish) Davidson Richard Lesher* Jay Shanko

Your gifts make all the difference.

Because of you… Shenandoah and “Our SVA Kids” are thriving! Thank you.

Foundations 1% Churches 9%

Businesses 3%

Alumni 59%

Friends 27%

1292+ Gifts from Individuals (86%)


Community & Corporate Gifts (14%)





FY 2017 Giving Highlights:



• 100% giving by SVA Faculty and Staff • 100% giving by SVA Board of Trustees


• Dale E. Twomley Hall received a much-needed new roof, a special capital improvement gift of $150,000 courtesy of the Potomac Conference



Corporate and Community $265,660.00


• Gifts from SVA Alumni and Friends—from individuals–account for 86% of all gifts, and nearly half of the total charitable income to SVA this year




• $137,000 year-end dollar-for-dollar Matching Grant Challenge offered by generous SVA supporters, resulted in an unprecedented total of $427,000 in unrestricted and worthy student Match Appeal gifts!

FY2017 Giving Total: $1,380,690.00* *FY 2017 giving total does not include $880,000.00 Patomac Conference operating subsidy

1944 Dolly (Stubbs) De Haan Frank De Haan Della (Sincavage) Heisey Gordon Osborn 1947 Jean (Quimby) Bakland Alfred Hess Victor Leidich 1948 Esther (Jackson) Johnson Elaine Williams Robert Bryne Virginia (Bowman) Bryne

1949 Corinne (Spangler) Reasner David Bauer 1950 Patricia (Mulraney) Kovalski Denny Mitchell Elenaor (Rauch) Mitchell 1951 Gerald Hubbell Carl Miller Betty (Coleman) Wood

1952 Elaine (Lord) Ellis Ruth (Lillya) Gainer Neil E. Palmer Junice Patton Clarence Leister 1953 Elvin Hold Richard Schell Bonnie (Bowman) Showalter 1954 Gerald Lillya

1955 Jeanie (Rauch) Broeckel Donald Eckenroth Myrna (Hawkins) Gibson* Betty (Mace) Hevener Patricia (Tucker) Hold Arlene (Cashman) Thompson 1956 Gloria (Howes) Eckenroth Paul Imbraguglio Ina (Fox) Masters John Stant Eolin (Akers) Tripp

Shenandoah Today


1964 James Callan William Coffman W. Carol Good Betty (Davis) Haas Peggy (Charles) Halifax Blainette (Ullom) Hanson Ralph Kurti Rollin Mallernee ¹

SVA’s celebrated tradition of music ministry and education provides opportunities for students to develop their talents to the glory of God. Sabbath Worship - Joseph Lim ‘19, Janice Pakkianathan ‘17

1957 Jeanne (Woodruff) Leister Alice (Mace) Thomas John Wagner ¹ ³ Charles Webster ¹ Charles Wilkens 1958 Carl Blackburn William Hold Ellie (Stant) Scheresky Owen Van Kirk Bonnie (Boyts) Wilkens Rosaleen (Bendall) Wood 1959 Claire (Eckenroth) Blackburn Richard Brown ³ Constance (Davis) Dalton ² ³ Donald Clark 1 Gary Langston Janet (Sorensen) Langston Jackie (Witt) Yarnell

1962 Joyce (Pennington) Faehner ¹ Ann (Thompson) Fisher Daniel Hoag Ina (Dunn) McFarland Mary J. Purdie honorary Eddie Haas Donald Wood Carol (Lewis) Woods 1963 Eddie (Cash) Benedict Jim Brodersen Sandra Clatterbuck Marshall Conner Glenn Darr John Donaghue Tom Evans John Hanson Sue (Harless) Henson David Stewart Silas Still Caroline (Purdie) White

1960 Carolyn (Devaughn) Adams ¹ Dale Adams ¹ Forrest Blood Less Chafen ² ³ Maryanne (Lord) Clark ¹ Donald Cornforth Joyce (Hicks) Ellington ¹ Dennis Norris Blake Rhodes Don Scully Reg Woodruff ¹ 7 Joni (Bennett) Woodruff ¹ 7 Gerald White

1965 Joyce (Anderson) Bartley Brenda (Chambers) Berry Linda Gay (Capman) Booth Timothy Bryant Rick Bullion Cheerie Lou Capman Susan (Drake) Carrington Robert Davis E. Susan (Dickson) Finlaw Beverly (Sickler) Gottfried Arthur Grimes George Jones Gil Lewis Bill & Kitty (Bird) McGhinnis W. Jay Nixon ¹ ² Carl Showers attended Ellen (Witt) Tucker attended Priscilla (Philips) Walters Helen Witt 1966 Jean (Bender) Eckler Donna (Taylor) Evans ¹ Sherry (Soles) Hayes L. Faye (Holland) Horner Lester Marcussen Carol (Rasmussen) Serle Reginald Sherrill Dianne (Knight) Watts Judy (Brodersen) Winters 1967 Daniel Altman Martin Durst Sharon (France) Masin ¹ Gail (Hevener) Melkersen ¹ Kathryn (Thornton) Parrish

Shenandoah Today

1968 Michael Carpenter Nancy (Welton) Eaton Gregory Isaacs William Liers Lynn (Blevins) Liers John Lombard* Diane (Shanko) Mayer Sarah (Myers) Smith 1969 Patti (Mattison) Dalton ¹ Suzanne (Jackson) Harvey Deborah (DeBois) McMillen 1970 George Gainer Jane (Link) Mangano William Dodge 1971 Greg Baugher Lisa (Murphy) Baugher David Ferrell Barbara Jones Steve King Patty (Hevener) Lemon Ken Mattison ¹ Deborah (Donachy) White 1972 Don Correia J. Kenneth Ford* Robert Liers Delsie (Pack) Knicely Thomas McNeilus Joy (Peters) Ossum Sharon (Shanko) Pelton Marilyn (Miles) Perez 1973 Colleen (Harnett) Isbell Rick Perez 1974 John Burton Brenda (Palmer) Chase ¹ Marcia (Harrill) Dunbebin ¹ Jan Ekelof Renee (France) Ford Patricia (Faber) Garey ¹ Sherry Jones ¹ Donna (Hoffman) Mashburn ¹ Jan (Strickland)Osborne ¹ Rosemary Shelton ¹ 1975 Susan (Belote) Altman Marvin Brauer Kenneth G. Laughlin Mark Mitchell J. Mark Midkiff Mark Seeders

1961 Alice (Lagerholm) Field Kathryn (Fagal) Prall Richard Tucker


Richard Rose D’Lorah (Benedict) Rusczyk Theodore Wardle Barbara (Abbott) Wilson ¹

Spring Concert - Michael Iseminger ‘18

1976 Tim Burton Shellie (Shanko) Campbell Kimberly (Carter) Eckenroth A. Rebecca (Cabrera Feltman) Richard Hevener Murel Hoskins Kathryn (Stevens) Hoskins Louise (Hart) Phanstiel ¹ John Thompson 1977 Cheryl (Thompson) Adams David Frye James Gainer Mikki (Hoffman) Garman Melanie Harris David Meyer Jacquelyn (Hume) Mitchell Carol (Hare) Pack Cindy (Charles) Stanaway B. Kurt Styron Mark Thomas Richard Thompson Rebecca (Wolosuk) Woolridge 1978 Valerie Knobloch Cindy (Jones) Leach Jeffrey Lingerfelt Laurie (Reinhardt) Salmons 1979 Dona (Gainer) Allen Steven Blackburn Roland Caton Daryl Hevener Kelly (Stebbins) Menhardt ¹ Stuart Ware ¹ Robert Wood 1980 Robin (Krum) Froelich Leanne (Cross) Gordon Glenn Malin James Nestler Mike Price Andra (Johnson) Rice 1981 Debbie (Hevener) Battle Mark Battle attended Joanne (Thompson) Gentry Michael Gentry Janice Henderson Daniel Koliadko Phillip Pearson Stewart Pepper Bonita (Joyner) Shields Robyn (Pendergrass) Swilling 1982 Randall Beers William Champion attended Mark Griffin Janet (Sanderson) Hesler Rose (Patton) Lang V. Colt Peyton David Reile

Fall Concert, Shenandoans - Front: Anna Sanderson ‘18, Trisney Bocala ‘18, Hannah Sloan ‘18, Marissa DeLong ‘19, Krissia Kersey ‘19; Back: Elizabeth Schuen ‘17, Sarah Durichek ‘20, Angie Edwards ‘20, Misha Rosario ‘19

Eric Umali Tony Williams ¹ 1983 Sheri (Bracy) Anderson ¹ Bonnie (Pierson) Breetzke Sue (Crews) Carlson Eldy Chavez Kimberly (Hegstad) Handel Scott Kemmerer Pauline (Prasada-Rao Roberts) Paul Ware Darla (Reese) Stong Kurt Moon Susan (Sheer) Perkin 1984 David Breetzke Anita (Miles) Doss Paul Griffin Anthony Hampton Alvin Melendez attended Sydney (Moon) Romanof 1986 Philip Bennett Jennifer Casavant-Yealy Aimee Ellington Gabrielle (Geddis) Griffin Allen Lind Joseph Lowe David Mayers Dennis Thrall Janel (Haas) Ware ¹ Susan (Stout) Ware Rebecca (Lawrence) Watson Duane White ¹ 1987 Fred Facemire Randall Terry 1988 DeAnn (Champion) Bell Bobby Belleza Traci (Clark) Brossfield Robert M. Fleckenstein ¹ 6 Kelli (Fluharty) Hanon Caleb Hartsfield Ginger (Schutte) Manning Jared Thompson

1990 Amy (Shyab) Broadhurst Noreen Tolentino Drewes Gwendolyn (Gessel) Gainer 1991 Sherri (Vasquez) Andersson Todd Hollis Sarah Jane Liers honorary Laura (Rulona) Lowe Bjarne Ossum Ruth (Halter) Straley 1992 Timothy Arena 8 Justin Scott Coe Alison (Shyab) Veldekens Kimberly (Wilson) Wilbur 1993 Jason Liu Jennifer (White) Sonnier Jeremy White Roy Wu 1994 Jeffrey Lowe

2006 Marissa (Martin) Lorton 2007 Jonathan Bryan Shawn Garman Joshua Minty Sean Smith 2008 Justin Feltman Peter Holler Justin Schurtz Joshua Seeders 2009 Dale Twomley honorary Connie Twomley honorary 2010 Danielle Smith 2011 Jonathan Blackburn Hyden Bruce Emely Umana 2014 Daisy (Magaly) Berrios Dorenda Dodge honorary Buz Menhardt ¹ honorary

1995 Susan (Brighton) Banks Sylvia Mack 1996 Amber (Coe) Lewis ¹ 1997 Jennifer (Lemon) Hocking 1999 Kimberly (Halvorsen) Mayers ¹ Kristina Zanotti

2015 Austin Daniels Ryan Ramirez Joao Pedro Santos 2016 James Little honorary Nigel Msipa

2000 Kristen Davis Eric Garman Mark Mendizabal 2001 Melisa (Rios) Hauth Rebecca Wurster 2003 Kelly Wiedemann

Shenandoah Today


Gifts from Individuals Alumni: Elmo Abbott¹ Cheryl (Thompson) Adams Dale and Carolyn (Devaughn) Adams¹ Tamara Adeyeye Yaw and Mary Adu-Gyambi Imogene Akers³ Hugh Allen Dona (Gainer) Allen Daniel and Susan (Belote) Altman D. Azariah Anderson Shane and Darlene Anderson John and Aleteia Anderson Sheri (Bracy) Anderson¹ Erik and Sherri (Vasquez) Andersson Charles & Catherine Angier Jay and Madhuri Ardron Timothy and Heather Arena 8 Neil Armstrong Elmer Armstrong Jimmy Arnett Shirley Atkins Mario Avalos Robert Bainum Jane (Goyne) Bainum Zita Baker Jean (Quimby) Bakland Thomas & Linda Ballweg Robin Banks Susan (Brighton) Banks Joyce (Anderson) Bartley Mark and Debbie (Hevener) Battle David and Marilyn Bauer Charlotte Bauer Greg and Lisa (Murphy) Baugher Randall Beers DeAnn (Champion) Bell Shari Bellchambers Bobby and Lori Belleza Eddie (Cash) Benedict Philip Bennett John and Mary Bennett 5 Daisy (Magaly)Berrios Brenda (Chambers) Berry Steven Blackburn Carl and Claire (Eckenroth) Blackburn Jonathan Blackburn Moselle Blackwell Faith and Keith Blair Forrest Blood Donald and Sharla Bogar Linda Gay (Capman) Booth Lyle Botimer Patricia Bowman Paul Boyd Suzanne Boyer Jack Boyson Neil and Deborah Brady Alex and Kelli Brady L.B. Branner Marvin Brauer


$433,270.00 • Friends: $236,510.00 • Total: $669,780.00

David and Bonnie (Pierson) Breetzke Michael and Jodi Brewer Robinson & Mercedes Brigham Amy (Shyab) Broadhurst Jim Brodersen Jeanie (Rauch) Broeckel Jeff and Ginger (Turner) Bromme Ryan and Traci (Clark) Brossfield Micheal Brown Paul and Betty Brown Richard Brown ³ Hyden Bruce Lisa Bruce Jonathan Bryan Barbara Bryant Timothy Bryant Robert and Virginia (Bowman) Bryne Rick Bullion Mike and Kathy Burns John Burton Tim Burton Delicia Calla Jim and Jeannie Callan Shanteny Calvin Dennis and Shellie (Shanko) Campbell Elizabeth Canedo Claudia Cano Cheerie Lou Capman Sue (Crews) Carlson Michael Carpenter Susan (Drake) Carrington Jennifer Casavant-Yealy Roland Caton James Cave Less Chafen ² ³ William and Cindy Champion Paulraj and Maxine Charles Brenda (Palmer) Chase ¹ Eldy Chavez Lester Chavez Emanoil and Delia Chirvasuta Panadda Chumderm Don and Maryanne (Lord) Clark 1 Sandra Clatterbuck Mickey and Evelyn Clinedinst Justin Scott Coe Esther (Brent) Coffman William Coffman

Shenandoah Today

Russell Collins Dennis and Constance Collins Monika Collins Frederick Condacy Norman Connell Marshall Conner Claudine Cooper Florin and Adriana Copaceanu Donald and Edna Cornforth Don Correia Richard and Clarice Coston Bruce Coston Mark and Penny Crace James Crago Nancy Lou Cross-Hall ³ Rebecca and Oseas Cruz Lynden and Juanita Curtis Allison Daley Wilton Daley Lloyd and Suzie Dallas Constance (Davis) Dalton ² ³ Patti (Mattison) Dalton ¹ Anthony & Joan Daniels Travis Daniels Austin Daniels Glenn Darr Bernice (Parish) Davidson Randy and Ruth Davis Howard Davis Kristen Davis Robert Davis Frank and Dolly (Stubbs) De Haan Robert Dealy Wendy Dean Naomi Decano Martha Decker Jeremiah del Rosario Jean Desmarais Wayne Dickson Jeff Didawick William and Dorenda Dodge John Donaghue Anita (Miles) Doss Eileen Dubberstein Marcia (Harrill) Dunbebin ¹ Martin Durst Nancy (Welton) Eaton Donald and Gloria (Howes) Eckenroth Don and Kimberly (Carter) Eckenroth

Jean (Bender) Eckler Jan Ekelof Aimee Ellington Doug and Joyce (Hicks) Ellington ¹ Shelva Elliott Albert and Elaine (Lord) Ellis Dan and Sue Endres Tim and Rebecca Erdelyi Eleanor Escalaw Rebecca Escobar Tom and Shirley Evans Donna (Taylor) Evans¹ Fred Facemire Joyce (Pennington) Faehner ¹ Charles and Karen Fansler Mary Farrow Klebert and Lilian Feitosa Gamaliel Feliciano Justin Feltman Donald and A. Rebecca (Cabrera) Feltman Miguel Fernandez David Ferrell Alice (Lagerholm) Field E. Susan (Dickson) Finlaw Ann (Thompson) Fisher Mignon Palmer Flack Robert J. Fleckenstein Robert M. Fleckenstein ¹ 6 Ingrid Flowers Karen Flowers David and Ann Fogg Mark and Michelle Fogg Raymond Ford Ken* and Renee (France) Ford James and Brenda Fortner Kevin Fox Anthea Francis Erica Franklin Lynda French Robin (Krum) Froelich David and Terry Frye Ruth (Lillya) Gainer George Gainer Robert and Gwendolyn (Gessel) Gainer James Gainer Tom Gammon Jeremy and Cynthia Gammon Clyde and Patricia (Faber) Garey ¹ Eric Garman Mikki (Hoffman) Garman Shawn Garman Greg and Rebecca Garver Michael and Joanne (Thompson) Gentry Devon and Hillary Genus Gareth and Therisa George Bill and Myrna* (Hawkins) Gibson William Giese Hilary Giles Betty Jo Gillis Richard and Miriam Goldin Gil and Kimberly Gontiangco

Shenandoah Valley Academy 2016-17 Baseball Team Back: Coach Alex Brady, Iverson Kester-Calvin ’17, Barry Armstrong ’17, Christian Sanchez ’17, Sammy Aquino ’18, Luke Fogg ’17, Marco Lopez ’18, Coaches Tyler Hamilton and Jin Moon; Front: Chris Reedy ’20, Justin Lee ’17, Darnell Devadass ’17, Trystan Gammon ’17, Ricky Paulino ’17, Manuel Rodriguez ‘19, Henry Ware ‘19

W. Carol Good Tai Mei Chu Gordon Leanne (Cross) Gordon Noreley Gordon Beverly (Sickler) Gottfried Tami Grady Patti Grady Mark Griffin Paul and Gabrielle (Geddis) Griffin Arthur Grimes M. Leroy and Janet Haas Eddie and Betty (Davis) Haas Peggy (Charles) Halifax Keith and Kandyce Hallam James & Karen Hamlin Anthony Hampton Kimberly (Hegstad) Handel Kelli (Fluharty) Hanon John and Blainette (Ullom) Hanson Marcia Harding Tim and Donna Harley Mark F. Harris William D. Harris 4 Melanie Harris Virginia Harter Constance Hartman Caleb Hartsfield Suzanne (Jackson) Harvey Melisa (Rios) Hauth Sherry (Soles) Hayes Ryan and Carrie Heilman Della (Sincavage) Heisey Janice Henderson Sue (Harless) Henson Joyce Hermann Janet (Sanderson) Hesler Alfred Hess Richard and Denise Hevener Daryl and Tammy Hevener Lacy and Betty (Mace) Hevener Daniel Hoag Jennifer (Lemon) Hocking Randal Holcombe William Hold Elvin and Patricia (Tucker) Hold Peter Holler Todd Hollis

L. Faye (Holland) Horner Murel and Kathryn (Stevens) Hoskins Gerald and Stella Hubbell Larry and Janine Hudson Gladys Hunt Paul Imbraguglio Gregory Isaacs Colleen (Harnett) Isbell D. Menelva Jackson George & Chris Jetter Roland John Esther (Jackson) Johnson Marie Johnson Betty Johnson Allen Johnson ¹ ³ George Jones Sherry Jones ¹ Barbara Jones Gerald and Nancy Kelly Jennifer Kelly Scott Kemmerer Chandra Khargie Robert Kilgore Jerome and Luneal Killilea Samuel Kim Steve King Doris Kirua Delsie (Pack) Knicely Ryan and Jaclyn Knight Valerie Knobloch Daniel Koliadko Patricia (Mulraney) Kovalski Ralph Kurti Sarah Jane Lamiao Rose (Patton) Lang Lester Langford Gary and Janet (Sorensen) Langston Kenneth G. Laughlin EJ and Shirley Laughlin Cindy (Jones) Leach Dennis and Rebecca Leckron Connie Lee Victor and Irene Leidich Clarence and Jeanne (Woodruff) Leister Patty (Hevener) Lemon

Richard Lesher* Betty Lester Gil Lewis Claudette Lewis Amber (Coe) Lewis ¹ Sarah Jane Liers Robert Liers William and Lynn (Blevins) Liers Gerald Lillya Young & InJoo Lim Allen Lind Jeffrey Lingerfelt James Little Jason Liu John Lombard* Armando & Margarita Lopez Marissa (Martin) Lorton Joseph and Laura (Rulona) Lowe Ethan Lowe Jeffrey Lowe Melvin Lund Sharon Mabena-Hanyoolo Sylvia Mack Elaine Magtanong Elizabeth Malin Glenn Malin Rollin Mallernee ¹ Jane (Link) Mangano Ginger (Schutte) Manning Terry Manspeaker Lester Marcussen Maria Bullock Albert and Khlarisse Marinez Charles and Juanita Martin Mary Benton Donna (Hoffman) Mashburn ¹ Sharon (France) Masin¹ Ina (Fox) Masters Ken Mattison¹ Diane (Shanko) Mayer Kimberly (Halvorsen) Mayers ¹ David Mayers William and Virginia McCaffrey Angus McDonald Thomas McDonald Roger McFarland Ina (Dunn) McFarland Bill and Kitty (Bird) McGhinnis

Clarice McGregor Ellsworth and Sharon McKee Kurt and Gail McKinley Vincent and Deborah (DeBois) McMillen Thomas McNeilus Linda McQuilkin Alvin and Tommie Melendez Ole and Gail (Hevener) Melkersen ¹ Mark Mendizabal Loida and Roldan Mendoza Buz and Kelly (Stebbins) Menhardt ¹ David and Heather Meyer James and Erica Michell J. Mark Midkiff Gordon and Rita Miller Carl Miller Bill Miller Joshua Minty Yolande Miracle-Colburn Denny and Eleanor (Rauch) Mitchell Mark and Jacquelyn (Hume) Mitchell Kurt and Jill Moon Richard and Laura Morrison Nigel Msipa Daniel Mundy, Sr William and Lori Nase Claude and Joviah Ndahayo William and Edwina Neely Carol Neff Rosia Nesbitt James Nestler Orlando and Sara Newball Enos Ngetich Tim and Polly Nichols Victoria Nicolaus David and Ana Nino W. Jay Nixon ¹ ² Hellen Njagi Maureen Norris Dennis Norris Bob Ockenga Kareen Odate Michael and Lily Odera Samuel and Mary-Floride Omwenga Marvin and Lillian Opiyo Gordon Osborn Kenneth and Polly Osborne ¹ William and Jan (Strickland) Osborne ¹ Armando and Nerie Osorio Bjarne and Joy (Peters) Ossum Carol (Hare) Pack Joseph Pakkianathan Hopeton Palmer Neil and Anna Palmer Keith and Arlene Palmer Neil E. Palmer F. R. Parker Gregory Parkhurst Arturo and Sonia Parrilla Kathryn (Thornton) Parrish Art Patrey

Shenandoah Today


Mike and Becky Patrick Gary Patterson Junice Patton Bryan Payne John Pe Phillip Pearson Roger Pegram Sharon (Shanko) Pelton Stewart and Kathy Pepper Errol Pereira Rick and Marilyn (Miles) Perez Charles Perez Ronald and Susan (Sheer) Perkin Leroy and Lois Peters V. Colt Peyton Howard and Louise (Hart) Phanstiel 1 Naeemah Phillip George and June Piel Michael and Deborah Porter Syrita Post Donald and Rosie Powell Stephanie Powell Kathryn (Fagal) Prall Mike Price Mary J. Purdie Achamma Purushothaman Decima Quaison-Sackey Acqueetta Ragland Irma Ramirez Josue Ramirez Jorge Ramirez Ryan Ramirez Marc Raymond Corinne (Spangler) Reasner David Reile and Barbara Suddarth Primrose Reinosa Tommy Retz Eloise Rey Glenda Rhodes Blake Rhodes Ruth Rhone Sandra (Johnson) Rice Ellen Ridley Agustin and Marie Rivera Armando and Jacqueline Rivera Dionico and Norma Rivera

Donovan Rivera Andy Rivera Pauline (Prasada-Rao) Roberts Robert Robinson Sydney (Moon) Romanof Gail Romeo Richard Rose Donovan Ross Margaret Rotenbury Daniel Royo Marsha Rumsey D’Lorah (Benedict) Rusczyk Erwin and Eva Mae Ruth John Sackett Laurie (Reinhardt) Salmons Mayela Salvador Brandis and Karen Sanchez Willie and Richie Sanders Nancy Sandoval-Javier Joao Pedro Santos Vilma and Octavia Sarino Rosimar Savegnago Richard Schell Ellie (Stant) Scheresky Catherine (Viehman) Schmidt Richard Schoonard Richard and Wendy Schuen Justin Schurtz Howard and Susan Scoggins Mitchell and Amy Scoggins Justin Scott Coe Don Scully Mark Seeders Joshua Seeders Samir and Vesna Selmanovic Carol (Rasmussen) Serle Jay Shanko William and Karen Shea Larry Sheffer Lewis and Penni Shelton Rosemary Shelton ¹ Reginald Sherrill Roy and Bonita (Joyner) Shields Donald and Laura Short Lucille Short Bonnie (Bowman) Showalter Carl Showers Paka Shyam

2017 Guatemala Mission Trip - Danny Palacios ‘20 and many friends learned how to tie rebar.


Shenandoah Today

Gene and Karen Sigler Sergio Silva Steve Silver Reynald Simmons Nathaniel Slaten Arthurlyn Slayman LaMarcia and Melba Smalls Brenda Smith Danielle Smith Ronald Smith Sean Smith Sarah (Myers) Smith Kenny Sobremisana Jennifer (White) Sonnier Stanley and Angela Spencer Marilyn Spencer Cindy (Charles) Stanaway John Stant Bill and Shirley Stebbins David Stewart Silas Still Kay Stine Jeff and Darla (Reese) Stong Ruth (Halter) Straley B. Kurt Styron Hilton and Doris (Smith) Suddarth Robyn (Pendergrass) Swilling Randall Terry Kimberly Terry Mark Thomas Nelson Thomas Alice (Mace) Thomas Kathy Thomasec Richard Thompson Jared and Amanda Thompson John Thompson Arlene (Cashman) Thompson Dennis Thrall C. D. and Amy Thrall Noreen Tolentino Drewes Ana Torres James Townsend Thomas Treichler Don and Eolin (Akers) Tripp Richard and Ellen Tucker Carlos and Gloria Turcios Dale and Connie Twomley Eric Umali Emely Umana Cynthia Vail Owen Van Kirk Robert Van Ornam David VandeVere Jose and Sonia Vazquez Rafael Velasquez Alison (Shyab) Veldekens Jeffry Vergara Gus Viehman Freddy and Melissa Villatoro John Wagner ¹ ³ James Walker Priscilla (Philips) Walters Theodore Wardle Stuart and Janel (Haas) Ware ¹ Paul and Susan (Stout) Ware John and Jerilyn Waters Richard and Rebecca (Lawrence) Watson

Dianne (Knight) Watts Charles Webster ¹ David Weigley Christina Wells Kathryn (Brandau) Wennerberg Laura Westbrook Carl and Elvira Westman Ronald and Deborah (Donachy) White Zoila White Duane and Tammy White 1 Gerald and Caroline White Jeremy and Debbie White Kelly Wiedemann Kimberly (Wilson) Wilbur Charles and Bonnie (Boyts) Wilkens Ronald and Martha Williams Jon and Daris Williams Elaine Williams Tony and Tracey Williams ¹ Clarence Williams Christine Wilson Darren and Monique Wilson Ted and Sharon Wilson Theresa Wilson Kathi Wilson Barbara (Abbott) Wilson ¹ Judy (Brodersen) Winters Helen Witt Karen Wolcott Lisa Wolters Rosaleen (Bendall) Wood Robert Wood Betty (Coleman) Wood Donald Wood Reg and Joni (Bennett) Woodruff ¹ 7 Carol (Lewis) Woods John and Daveen Woods Rebecca (Wolosuk) Woolridge Thaddeus Worth Bruce and Judy Wright Ansell and Lorna Wright Roy Wu Rebecca Wurster Clifford and Jackie (Witt) Yarnell Nancy Young Helenica Yusuf Kristina Zanotti Anonymous (22) Bolded Names: 3 or more years of consecutive giving to SVA Memorial Gifts: 1 William Strickland 2 Richard Harris 3 George Akers 4 Angela Bee Harris 5 Richard Kolb, Sr. 6 Jean Strickland 7 Herb Copenhaver Gifts Honoring: 8 Nancy Lou Cross-Hall *Deceased

Bringing the Children to Jesus - Mission Trip participants Meshach Perez ‘17 and Bethany Edwards ‘18 enjoyed working with teachers and students at the local school.

Community & Corporate Gifts Total: Adventist Healthcare - Shady Grove Medical Center Alexandria SDA Church Amazon Smile Andrews University Ardilas Brothers Construction Armstrong Excavations Assured Care Inc. Bainum Family Foundation Beltsville SDA Church Bladensburg SDA Church Bristow Spanish SDA Church Brooks Business Services LLC Burnt Mills SDA Church Capital Brazilian SDA Temple Capital Memorial SDA Church Carter Memorial SDA Church Cedars of Lebanon SDA Church Charles Dynasty LLC Charlottesville SDA Church Church of the Advent Hope Classics for Kids Foundation Clinton Hispanic SDA Church Columbia Union Conference of SDA Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Culpeper SDA Church Damascus Grace Fellowship SDA Church Danbury Nuevo Horizonte SDA Church Dell Your Cause Dominion Foundation Dover SDA Church Dumfries SDA Church Eastwood SDA Church El Paso Central SDA Church El Rovia Trailer Village Fairfax Spanish SDA Church Falls Church Spanish SDA Church Fayetteville SDA Church Fellowship Deaconry Ministries


First Ghana SDA Fredericksburg SDA Church General Conference of SDA Gentle Shepherd Hospice Inc GHRoW Foundation Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Harrisonburg SDA Church Hevener’s Cars & Trucks Jackson’s Corner Coffee Roastery & Café JE Building and Renovation, Inc. Iglesia Adventista Hispana Norwalk Klemt & Associates, PC Kroger Laurel Maranatha SDA Lularoe Apparel, Jared & Amanda Thompson Manassas SDA Church Martin’s A+ School Rewards McKee Foods Corporation Mejia Maranatha Contractors New Hope SDA Church New Life SDA Church New Market Rotary Club ¹ New Market SDA Church

Educational Subsidy & Special Appropriations Total: $880,000.00

Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Mission Trip participants completed a new church during Spring Break 2017! - Elizabeth Reedy ‘17 cheerfully delivers mortar to block layers on the building site.

New York Life Your Cause Ogden Road SDA Church Paul Davis Restoration Peninsula Hispanic SDA Church Philanthropic Services for Institutions Potomac Conference Education Foundation Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventists R/S Foundation Re-Creation SDA Church Rock Hall SDA Church ³ Sheffer’s Electrical Service Shenandoah Land & Homes, LLC Smithfield Solid Rock SDA Church South Atlantic Conference Southern Adventist University, ASSIST Southern Asian SDA Church Spanish Weeks SDA Church Stillwater SDA Church Tomai, Inc. Town of New Market ¹ Tranquility SDA Church University SDA Church VA Beach SDA Church Washington Adventist University Waynesboro SDA Church Western Branch SDA Church Winchester Spanish SDA Church Woodbridge Ghanian SDA Church Worthington SDA Church Yale SDA Church Yonkers SDA Church Zanesville SDA Church

Endowment Scholarship Recipients 2016-2017 Total: $27,266.00 Allan Blackburn-DiAnn Copenhaver Sportsmanship: $515 Benjamin Adjei William and Jean Quackenbush Strickland Worthy Student: $330 Aaron Amaya Don & Becky Feltman Baseball: $775 Edward O. Spencer Worthy Student: $345 Sammy Aquino Chuck & Sarah Jane Liers Worthy Student: $195 Christopher Armstrong Thoma Suzanne Alderman Worthy Student: $180 Sydni Brown Don & Becky Feltman Baseball: $775 Josiah Castro Dr. In Ju Kim Math Endowment: $95 Emma Clark Claoma Suhrie Fearing Worthy Student: $310 Andrew Cuellar


Second generation, four-year senior, Linsey Smith ’18 (Mom: Heidi Richards Smith ’87) studies in the library with friends.

Wallace & Myrtle Smith Worthy Student: $120 Angie Edwards

John Minesinger Worthy Student: $645 Tia Jones

John Minesinger Worthy Student: $645 David Morel

Herb Copenhaver Science: $290 Kendra Fairbank

Pearl Dieter Worthy Student: $100 Sarita Julca

Lester Patton Worthy Student: $535 Brittany Murillo

Class of 1977 Friendship Worthy Student: $245 Jecanson Francois

Kathleen Wu Facemire Sports: $160 Walter B. Sheer, M.D. & Doris A. Sheer: $335 Jalen Knight

John Minesinger Worthy Student: $645 1977 Worthy Student Special: $1,977 Minna Omwenga

Don & Becky Feltman Baseball: $775 Jared Gil-Gomez

Josef Spencer Music: $85 Marco Lopez

1977 Worthy Student Special Scholarship: $1,977 Salima Omwenga

Carolyn Madden Nash Music: $200 Frank E. Shaw Worthy Student: $650 Andrea Huaytalla

Edna Stoneburner Worthy Student: $645 Eliezer Melendez

W.C. Hannah Worthy Student: $215 Chantel Palmer

Kent Grimm Worthy Student: $645 Michael Iseminger

Frank & Emily Banzhaf Worthy Student: $1,150 Basam Mohomed El Sayed-Gonzales

Class of 1974 Worthy Student: $105 Kelly Ramirez

Shenandoah Today

Clarence & Elsie Pohle Worthy Student: $450 Christopher Reedy

Feltman Family Spiritual Leadership: $250 Hannah Sloan

Feltman Family Spiritual Leadership: $250 Valery Vergara

John & Vilas Mansfield Worthy Student: $245 Olivia Sarmiento

John Minesinger Worthy Student: $645 Rueben Toma

Ellen Quackenbush Carey Music: $175 Jonathan Villatoro

Excellentia Worthy Student: $4,660 Rosanny Serrano

Class of 2013: $315 Natalee Townsend

Paul & Doris Riley Worthy Student: $245 Josselyn Villatoro

Samuel Aitchison Worthy Student: $250 Niyokwizerwa Seti

Jean Hicks Alexander Worthy Student: $345 Diego Vargas

Earnest & Louise Thompson Worthy Student: $855 ShaDiamond Wilson

Freshman Bible Class: Kevin Ruiz, David Ortega, Benjamin Ngetich, Kent Suddarth and Jeremy Bocala are committed to knowing God better through the study of His Word.

Shenandoah Today


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Shenandoah Valley

Permit #438 Zanesville, OH


234 W. Lee Hwy. • New Market, VA 22844

Celebrating 110 years of God’s shining blessings!

Shenandoah Valley Academy Alumni Weekend April 20-22, 2018

Come into His presence with singing!

Alumni Shenandoans and choir members are warmly invited to join Stephen Zork, former SVA Choral and Strings Director, currently Professor of Music and Conductor of University Singers at Andrews University, to practice and perform with the Alumni-Student Choir that will be featured Alumni Weekend Sabbath. RSVP: 540-740-2202

Honor Classes: 1918 1948 1978 1998

1928 1958 1988 2008

1938 1968 1993 2018

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Shenandoah Today - FY1617 Annual Giving Report  

Shenandoah Today Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2016-2017

Shenandoah Today - FY1617 Annual Giving Report  

Shenandoah Today Shenandoah Valley Academy Annual Giving Report 2016-2017


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