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BOOK SHELF The Salty Dog by Debbie White


Ambrosia Triangle by Lisa L. Thompson


ibby’s life is thrown into chaos after a tragic accident. As she tries to resume some normalcy to her life, two men enter her life. Marshall is quiet and his aloofness has her intrigued. Jackson pulls her in first with his penetrating eyes followed by his unwavering and ever persistence presence. If you enjoy women’s fiction intertwined with romance, then you’ll enjoy The Salty Dog, now an International Bestseller.

mbrosia Triangle was birthed out of a broken heart and deep self-reflection while holding on to dreams of romance and love. In this collection of poetry, the author pours out her visceral feelings, the ones she can control and those that control her. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Available at Amazon.

Blood Lake By R.L. Herron


Gullible’s Travels Raw & Uncut by J. Lee Webster

ward-winning author R.L. Herron has created a spine-tingling modern horror thriller based on the curse of a Cherokee prophet executed for defying the forced migration of the Cherokee people in 1838 known as “The Trail of Tears.” As John Burnett is about to discover, Tsali’s bitter curse has followed the only sons of the Burnett family for eight generations.

Based on the story of a true 1st Placed USA team that the US media ignored. “Gullible’s Travels: Raw & Uncut” follows the naughty and humorous antics of two friends on a USA ladies sports team and their 1st Place stretch both domestically and internationally. Go USA! Find out what countries were destroyed in their path, on and off the field.

Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner ● ● Foreword INDIE Book-of-the-Year Finalist ● ● Shelf Unbound Notable 100 for 2016 ●

(Full page ad in Dec/Jan Shelf Unbound issue) Available at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

“...This author proves racy reading can be done funny, without the S&M, whips and chains.” @JLeeWebsterAuthor


@ j.leewebster Available at fine bookstores everywhere.

Shelf Unbound August-September 2017  

Special 7th Anniversary Issue

Shelf Unbound August-September 2017  

Special 7th Anniversary Issue