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narrative play, though we look forward to some upcoming live presentations, ranging from a regular reading/ signing in a bookstore to something in a cabaret, a little more theatrical and with cocktail service, etc. We do think the book, as well as our general dynamic, lends itself well to a television show, and we look forward to developing in that direction.  We did a great podcast as guests of comedian Kira Soltanovich that shows off the energy and chemistry we think we can bring to television:  https:// ep200-daddy-drinks Shelf Unbound: How has fatherhood changed you? Sidney: I’m more compassionate and patient all around, particularly with myself and my partner.  Of course we want the dishes to be done, but not at the expense of peace in our home.  I hope I’m a little better at appreciating incremental progress and enjoying the process, without overly stressing about whether my 4-year-old puts her shoes away neatly or whether her mother remembers to pick up milk or whether I finish reinstalling the curtain holder my kid managed to pull out of the wall even though I used drywall anchors and it was completely secure and I really don’t have time to redo

jobs or I’ll never ... um, sorry ... still working on it! Shelf Unbound: How do you think it has changed your friends? Sidney: On one hand, I find them more determined and focused than ever, on their careers, their relationships, and obviously their children. On the other, they remain the same idiots I knew years ago, just with different schedules and priorities ... and that’s why I love them.

Shelf Unbound August-September 2017  

Special 7th Anniversary Issue