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Shelf Unbound: What do you want readers to take away from your book? Spicer: I want people to think. I want them to contemplate themselves and reflect on what is uncovered or confirmed. Motivation and inspiration will come. But first I really need people to stop and think. Shelf Unbound: What is the most important lesson life has taught you that you share in the book? Spicer: Life is a one-way trip without returns and costs the same fee to merely exist as it does to live vibrantly. The fact is either way we are all priceless. Our divine purpose is to embody our truths which is why we are given a unique trail in the first place; we simply need to embrace the journey and weed out the lies along the way in order to travel freely. Shelf Unbound: Who are your literary influences? Spicer: Boldly speaking, I’d say the Holy Spirit is my absolute greatest character/behavior influence of all time; the influencer for all the authors of the book dearest to my heart—the Bible. Yet, if influence is also the ability to have an affect on artistic or personal development I have a plethora of inspirations.



Below is a list of some lifetime favorites. Maya Angelou Cupcake Brown Les Brown Lee Child Stephen Covey Robert Green Nikki Giovanni Donald Goines Clifford Harris (T.I.P) Victor Hugo Zora Neal Hurston James Patterson April Sinclair Ntozake Shange Tupac Shakur

Shelf Unbound August-September 2017  
Shelf Unbound August-September 2017  

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