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The Shelby Magazine is a digital publication of Shelby American in collaboration with Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby’s Store, The Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby.

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WE’RE ALL ABOUT GETTING BETTER Shelby’s portfolio of vehicles may have – at one point – seemed traditional. But there was little about Carroll Shelby, either in the ‘50s when he started racing or decades later when he renewed his relationship with Ford, that was “old” school. Instead, Carroll Shelby took what were essentially proven formulas (such as big horsepower in a relatively small, light chassis) and made them attractive to new audiences. The rest, as they say, is history. In producing the Shelby Annual (on what was obviously an annual basis), our team highlighted both Shelby’s history and the promising future. But with an annual format, we’ve not been able to do it as often as we’d like. And with print, the information and perspective hasn’t been as accessible to the global community. Our first Shelby eZine is launching into territory that both the young and seasoned Shelby fans will fully approve. With but one or two clicks, you can access the latest Shelby news faster than the first Cobra could get to 100 mph. And as an eZine, we’ll come to you every quarter, charting the changes as Shelby makes them. In this, our inaugural digital issue, we preview the new Shelby GT, take a look at legend Parnelli Jones’ connection to Shelby, and provide a highlight reel of Team Shelby including its 2019 Le Mans VIP experience. Given that this has always been a community-focused publication, we also highlight two Shelby owners, look at some new parts and devote a photo gallery to the mighty Shelby trucks. Going ‘digital’ in an increasingly digital era may seem like a small step. But for those of us at Shelby, it’s an appropriate step in telling our increasingly big story. So tell us what you think of our first issue, because at Shelby, we are all about getting better.



SHELBY AMERICAN TODAY OUR FOOT IS ON THE ACCELERATOR Words by Evan Smith It’s an exciting time at Shelby American. The team has been running wide open to bring fans worldwide the hottest new Shelby products ever produced. The Shelby American brand encompasses a wide range of products including cars and trucks, high-performance suspension pieces, braking kits, and of course go-fast parts like superchargers and exhaust systems. Shelby can also keep enthusiasts looking good with its branded line of apparel, and you can spruce up your home office, garage or man cave with amazing die cast cars, and a host of fun things like classic signs, mugs, posters and artwork. “Our foot is hard on the accelerator, and we have a big focus on expanding the company globally,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “We love cars and it’s amazing to continue what Carroll Shelby started over 50 years ago. In 2019, we’ll be heading around the world, traveling to many events in the United States and abroad, and we’ll support our Team Shelby members along with way.





“We’ve expanded our global reach,” added Patterson, “we’ve gone global with distribution and vehicle launches at the Paris Auto show, we’re in China, Germany and Dubai. We’re there promoting our cars and trucks, along with figuring the most efficient ways to manufacturer parts. The supply chain is how we buy our parts. We design our own components, and in many cases we then have a supplier manufacturer them in mass quantity. We manufacture any time we can in the United States, but it’s good to have more than one source, so we look at all the possibilities,” he added. “The goal of Shelby American is to deliver Shelby Mustangs, Shelby trucks and quality parts on time.” Classic Shelby aficionados have been excited about the continuation Cobras and 1967 Super Snakes, but the ’19 Shelby GT, Super Snake and Truck lineup is smokin’ hot, too. “In fact, trucks are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our business,” said Patterson. “America likes trucks, especially high performance trucks—and we’ve answered the call. Our latest Shelby F-150 features a supercharged 5.0L V8 packing 755 stomping horsepower, and that’s emissions legal on pump gas. These Shelby F-150 trucks are capable of serious off-road driving thanks to our unique Fox suspension and larger wheels and tires. In addition, we add a larger Throttle Body, enhanced fuel system, high-performance exhaust, and a Shelby tune to support the power,” he added. Those who want to stay lower to the ground should take a look at Shelby’s amazingly fun F-150

Super Snake truck. The Shelby F-150 Super Snake carries on the spirit of the 1999-2004 Lightning with a dropped stance and big output. “This model will be powered by the same 755 horsepower 5.0L V8, and it will be available in 2WD or 4WD. It will also wear different fender flairs and have a wild, racy look. “We’ll also continue to offer the popular Shelby Raptor,” said Patterson. “That truck is a big deal, It takes performance beyond that of a stock F-150 Raptor with our upgraded suspension, Shelby hood and grille, appearance enhancements and increase in power. It also sports LED roof, bumper and rear lights that improve visibility for nighttime off-road driving. We also offer the unique Shelby Night Vision package, which is a real cool system. Out back we add a chase rack with two full sized spare tires, plus the upgraded interior and graphics package,” Patterson stated. Most importantly, Shelby Raptor keeps you ahead of the pack with a bigger intercooler, Cold-Air Intake, Shelby Exhaust and Shelby-specific tune that combines to produce 525 hp and 610 lb ft of torque. That’s a 75 hp increase over stock! And every Shelby vehicle comes with unique Shelby serial number, even our Raptors. Shelby is also a strong player in the diesel market, so you can kick up the boost with a stump-pulling Shelby truck based around any F-250, F-350, or F-450 Ford crew cab single rear tire or dually truck. These packages include Shelby-specific wheels and tires, bumpers, LED lights, plus enhancements to the interior, hood and grille. You’ll know it’s a

truck is a big deal, It “ That takes performance beyond that of a stock F-150 Raptor with our upgraded suspension, Shelby hood and grille, appearance enhancements and increase in power.



Shelby by the unique graphics, badges, and you’ll get more power and reliability from the Shelby emission-legal tune. “Trucks are hot and we offer exciting products for those who are showing, going off-road, or towing. I mean what’s cooler than towing a Shelby Mustang with a Shelby truck?” Patterson asked. “We’re able to do so many interesting packages because everyone at Shelby American is passionate and thinking forward. We have a fantastic alliance with Ford Motor Company, and Aaron Shelby and I have regular meetings to discuss upcoming projects including cars and parts. You can look for Shelby to have more to do with the upcoming GT500—we have development underway and that’s exciting,” he stated. “We’re all about cranking it up and when you do, Shelby American is going to make sure all the support systems can handle the enhanced performance. As Carroll Shelby always said, performance is our business—and that rings true today. We’re developing a 2020 Super Snake and it’s going to be awesome.” While Shelby Mustangs and trucks get most of the glory, we encourage you to take a look at the line of Shelby Performance Parts. “Shelby Performance Parts, found at, is your home for our Mustang and F-Series performance and appearance items,” said Patterson. “You’ll see more truck parts like our new specially developed infrared head-up display night vision system. This is a really cool product that makes a lot of sense for off road, fog, or limited visibility driving situations. Part of the systems incorporates a


screen that flips up from the dash to provide a night-vision display. It’s a really good safety feature.” Shelby Performance Parts also offers a complete line of high-performance wheels, bumpers, lights, exhaust, brake kits, supercharger systems, and just about everything build the ultimate Mustang or F-Series Ford truck. Shelby also has a complete line of apparel, luggage, signs, posters and more. Team Shelby Lastly, don’t forget to enhance the ownership experience by becoming a Team Shelby member. Carroll Shelby formed Team Shelby in 2008 as a club for people who truly enjoy cars. His vision was to knit together Shelby enthusiasts and offer fun ways to experience these high performance vehicles. Whether you’re renewing or you’re new to the Shelby “family” of enthusiasts worldwide, you’ll enjoy wide-open enthusiasm and many benefits. Shortly after joining, you’ll receive a Unique Membership Card, Team Shelby Calendar, Team Shelby Hat, Team Shelby T-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby License Plate, and more. You learn about Shelby American’s full calendar of events, including VIP Experiences, track days, national and regional gatherings, cruises, and car shows. Plus, you get exclusive access to Team Shelby Member Forums, discounts at Carroll Shelby’s Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles (present current member card for discount), Special Driving Experiences, invitations to exclusive Team Shelby Member events, and you’ll receive insider news from Shelby American.


You’ll rub shoulders with fellow Shelby fans, owners, and the men and women who design and build the latest Shelby vehicles. We’ll remind you, ownership of a Shelby is not required. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present, including those who own cars built in the 1960s and Shelby Dodges too. Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: “We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars. We’ll have a blast and we’ll do it the Shelby way! “Team Shelby has become very important in the Shelby community,” noted Tracey Smith, International Director of Team Shelby. “It’s huge in the United States, where we meet Team Shelby members wherever we go. And we’ve expanded the club globally, too. Members enjoy a heads-up on news and events, such as our annual Shelby Bash where we offer excellent driving instructions and various track events. If you are not into tracking a car, we have poker runs, car shows and all kinds of other activities. “For instance, at Fords at Carlisle, we’ll have a night of go karting,” added Gary Patterson. “Team Shelby is all about the passion of enjoying the brand and having fun. We like to point out that enthusiasts are running our company. We’re the ones building the cars and demonstrating the products and we’re focused on supporting our customers and building the next great product for returning and new customers. A Global Perspective “And we’re always looking at new products and working with Ford to provide customers with the

best possible vehicles and parts,” said Patterson. “Currently, we offer many vehicles overseas. Globally, the enthusiasm is similar to that in the US. Many remember Carroll Shelby and his racing history, but the younger guys may just love the current cars. They love the performance and the fact that they look sharp and perform great on the street and track. “Ultimately, we encourage people to get out there and drive. I was in Oslo, Norway last year for one of the best car shows honoring America cars. There were over 1,000 cars at a mall and the American flags were flying. People were lined up in the street to see the cars and celebrate. It was just fabulous. When I went to France, the people at Le Mans, I was standing by one couple who had a 1967 Shelby GT500 that they had driven from Finland. They put 4,000 miles on the car and wanted me to drive their car to the track, so I did. The gal sat in the back seat and her husband sat up front. It was a dual-quad big-block FE with a 4-speed. That car was a rock star over there,” he added. “While the classics hold a special place in our hearts, the good old days are now,” said Patterson. “Today, you can own a classic and enjoy the performance of a modern Shelby vehicle, be it a Mustang or F-Series truck. Carroll always preached that the best Shelby is the next one and we’re working on the next one,” Patterson exclaimed. “We’re enjoying the people all over the world and if some come join the Shelby family, you won’t be disappointed.”






Words by Austin Spencer In a lifetime of indelible automotive images, it could be – we’ll hope – your first look at a Shelby Mustang, whether in ’67 when the first redesigned Shelby Mustang hit showrooms or ’07, when the first generation Shelby GT was introduced. And if either memory is indelible, then wrap your eyes and ears around the latest GT, which returned to dealer showrooms late last year. Perhaps no Mustang in the last two decades better represents Carroll Shelby’s original vision than this newest Shelby GT. Combining terrific grip with strong V8 power, the car eschews faddish exterior additions for handsome body modifications. The 2019 Shelby GT is a celebration of the car’s legacy and yet totally compatible with daily driving. “Launched for the 2007 model year, the first-generation Shelby GT is one of the most popular vehicles in our history,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American. “It delivered sizzling performance in a refined car that could be driven every day. The first generation Shelby offered flat out excitement, or – in your drive to work – you could simply have a ball. In 2019 we are very pleased to offer this newest Shelby, updated in every conceivable way, through Ford’s North American showrooms.” 15

As a daily driver, the Shelby GT can fill as many roles as you, the owner/enthusiast, can envision. And whether ordered as a fastback or convertible, with a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic, when in your driveway the delivered Shelby is Mission: Possible. In naturally aspirated form, the GT supplies an estimated 480 horsepower, while the available Ford Performance supercharger bumps that output to 700+ horsepower. In either variant, you can pack your luggage while it – as you’d know – packs a punch. Of course, just as it was in the late ‘60s, much of what the Shelby team has developed succeeds, in large part, by exploiting the capabilities of the stock Mustang GT. Never before has a new Mustang been so ‘new’, with its re-engineered structure, an all-independent suspension and significantly enhanced performance envelope. With the Shelby build, however, that envelope is expanded even further. The GT’s additional horsepower and torque are delivered via the new exhaust system, while


Shelby – in collaboration with Ford Performance – worked to maximize the suspension without sacrificing its ride quality. The Shelby’s exterior styling is modified with proprietary bodywork, while planted on aggressive new wheels. The menu for this 2019 Shelby GT was first formulated for the Shelby GT-H rental cars, offered in the 2006 and 2007 model years. It’s with that as background that Shelby is offering a GT-H – or ‘Heritage’ – version, in either black or white with gold striping and optional gold wheels. This commemorative trim level is enhanced with additional suspension upgrades and a unique front fascia. As Shelby American president Gary Patterson noted, the 2019 Shelby GT “exudes serious sex appeal. We’ve designed a gorgeous car to make any drive an adventure, enhanced by both thrilling performance and dynamic handling. Plus, this is the only naturally aspirated V8 Shelby that can be optioned as a convertible and with an automatic transmission. And what’s not to like,” Patterson


asks, “about exceptional performance at an accessible – the car will start at under $62K – price point?” Personalization? We’ll leave it to Vince LaViolette, Shelby American’s VP of Operations and Head of Development, to explain: “We wanted to offer a lengthy list of parts that allows – make that encourages – owners to customize their car. With our menu of Shelby mods, they can make the Shelby GT a canyon carver, grand tourer, boulevard cruiser or a track king. This is truly the most versatile car in Shelby’s current lineup.”

Shelby American builds the Shelby GT in its Las Vegas facility for distribution through select Ford dealers in North America, while affiliated mod shops and dealers will offer the car to buyers in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia and Asia. To learn more, visit, or call 702.942.7325 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. MST.

Thanks to YouTube and, of course, the GT’s innate capabilities, Shelby American provides a track demonstration. Notably, this isn’t a grocery store run or movie night; for that, owners can make their own YouTube. This newest Shelby GT embodies the downhome goodness of Carroll’s East Texas beginnings with the dominating performance of Shelby’s championship roots. It’s constructed for a global market, from a menu that remains all-American.






Shelby has always experimented with new technologies. In the 1960’s, Carroll and his team integrated aluminum into the Shelby Cobra as much as possible, tried out a revolutionary electric fuel injection and was always seeking better suspension solutions. Shelby American even investigated a proposal to use volcanic ash for lightweight wheels. When carbon fiber was introduced, Shelby American was among the first to leverage this wild new material. The 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR, built in collaboration with Ford Motor Company, was the first carbon fiber hood offered on a Mustang through Ford dealers. Over the years, carbon fiber has become synonymous with Shelby because it is used so extensively in every modern vehicle they build. The passion for performance, and the materials that drive it, inspired gear in almost every category at Carroll Shelby’s Store. Here are a few of the many items that include carbon fiber or salute this amazing material.












the rescue Words by Steve Statham Brandi and Karl Kozlovsky of Royse City, Texas, are veterans of the car show circuit, but even so, buying a 2007 Super Snake and joining Team Shelby introduced them to a whole new automotive experience. The couple purchased their Super Snake in June of 2016, and in August 2016, Brandi and Karl visited the Shelby facility in Las Vegas. Brandi was immediately struck by “Just the feel that you get when you walk into Shelby,” she said. “We’d only had it a few months, and as soon as you walk through that door, you’re treated like they’ve known you their entire life.” By the time they finished the Shelby tour and signed the famous wall, they were hooked.



They attended their first Team Shelby Bash in 2018. “By the end of the Bash, I was asking ‘When’s the next one, and how do I become a director?” Brandi said. She wasn’t just blowing smoke—she’s now the Dallas-area Chapter Director of the Team Shelby Southern Plains Region. Brandi and Karl have become regulars at Aaron Shelby’s annual car show in North Texas, where they appreciate, “The whole family aspect and feel of it.” Of course, life isn’t all sunny Saturdays at the car show. The Kozlovskys put a lot of work and money into their Shelby to get it to where it is today. For a late-model Shelby, their Super Snake had endured a surprisingly rough life previously. “I feel like I rescued that car,” Brandi said. “Having show cars, and being in the show car world since 1997, when they took that thing off the trailer, I was just like, wow,” she said, and didn’t mean it in a good way. “She looks so much better than she did when we got her, that’s for sure.” Much of the interior was badly worn, the paint had to be buffed out, and the exterior stripes replaced. “Now it’s in the

garage under two car covers,” Brandi said with a laugh. “She’s where she should be now.” Their Super Snake is Tungsten Gray, one of a very few made in that color in 2007. “This is almost like a purpley gray. That’s one thing I really liked about it, the color.” Before acquiring their Shelby, Brandi and Karl were known around the North Texas show circuit for their 1989 Fox body Mustang, and 2008 Eleanor tribute Mustang with Eleanor body kit. “It’s gorgeous. Definitely always a head-turner at the local car shows here in Texas.” Along with her car show background, Brandi has worked at a local food service company for 30 years, supplying produce and foodstuffs of all sorts to restaurants, child care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals. Supplying the Dallas area Team Shelby chapter with some leadership is merely a turn into the fast lane, not a radical detour. But if she ever does need to chase new automotive horizons at a high rate of speed, she’s definitely got the proper rescue Shelby for it.


team players Words by Steve Statham When Team Shelby members Bill and Shelley Strauch wired funds to an Olympia, Washington, Ford dealer for a down payment on their 2014 GT500, they didn’t just buy a Shelby Mustang, they bought a new lifestyle. The two quickly became regulars at Shelby events, as well as at the Las Vegas headquarters of Shelby 22

American. “We have a good time participating with the group down there at Shelby,” Bill said. “We fly there six or seven times a year. Go down and see the crew in Las Vegas, and we have several times had lunch brought in for the crew. It’s one of those ways of giving back to the group of workers and the team down there that makes these dreams come true, and sees to it that things are done right.”


“Everything about the car has been maintained and taken care of by Shelby down in Las Vegas,” Bill said. “Hugo Jimenez and Randall LaViolette are the people that are on the team that signed off on the car. We’ve got a special plaque that I asked for, that is signed by the two of them. Hugo is the chief mechanic on building the car, and Randall dealt with the tuning and any special issues with the car.” Needless to say, the Strauch’s Super Snake is something special, and they treat it that way. “The car basically is kept in brand-new condition. It’s as clean as it was when we bought it brand-new from Ford.” They trailer it every year to the Shelby Bash, where they typically rack up 300 or 400 miles participating in the various events. Bill described 2017 as “an adventurous year, with us driving the car during the 50th anniversary of the GT500 during the Team Shelby Bash. We put nearly 500 miles on the car throughout Las Vegas. The car won a Class Winner Team Shelby award.” Along the way, Bill has also put his Super Snake through its paces. He once found a suitable stretch of test pavement and reports he’s taken it up to 175 mph. But most of the car’s life is spent at more down-to-earth speeds. The Strauchs are active in the Pacific Northwest Team Shelby region. “I have the Oregon Region area, and we actively work with Brian Bogdon, who’s our Pacific Northwest Director,” Bill said. “We coordinate a couple events that he’s got set up.”

It’s not every company that can build a product that earns that kind of owner loyalty, but Shelby Mustangs have a way of doing that. And the Strauch’s Ruby Red Shelby GT500 is a cut above the usual. Bill turned it over to Shelby American for installation of a Super Snake package, and then followed it up a few months later with the Holeshot upgrade, which delivered 980 horsepower.

The Super Snake gets a lot of exposure on the car show circuit. “We mostly have ours for show events. We’re active with MCA, Mustang Wranglers of Oregon, and SAAC Northwest.” Bill says he’s always working on spreading the word. “We do a lot of promoting when we go to shows. I’ve always got Team Shelby literature on the front of the car, under the hood.” The Strauch’s fire-breathing Shelby GT500 Super Snake may seem unstoppable, but it recently encountered a temporary speedbump—the psychological barrier of 9,996 miles. “I couldn’t face crossing that 10,000 mark this year,” Bill said with a laugh. No doubt the car will overcome that minor obstacle in 2019.










Words by Art Evans Parnelli is one of those legendary drivers from the second half of the twentieth century who learned his craft in Southern California. At the wheels of Midgets, Sprint and Stock Cars, he developed into one of the very best race drivers. And at Indy, he was a standout. He started his career driving jalopies in Southern California during the fifties. In 1974, he retired from behind the wheel. During his driving career, he scored over 100 wins including six in IndyCar’s, 20 in NASCAR, 13 in USAC Stock cars (including the 1964 championship), 25 in Midgets and 25 in Sprint cars, as well as a number in off-roads. On the Move Rufus Parnell Jones was born on August 12, 1933, in Texarkana, Arkansas. His mother named him after a Judge Parnell whom she admired. When he was little more than a year old, the family moved to Fallbrook, California and, when he was seven, to Torrance, a suburb of Los Angeles. He still lives in Southern California and has an office in Torrance. Jones started racing while still in high school. His friend, Billy Calder, later added the “li” to his middle name in order to make a name change when Parnelli wanted to race while he was underage.


His first race was in a jalopy at the old Carrell Speedway in Gardena (near Torrance) in 1950. In 1952 he competed in a stock car event on a dirt oval. He soon became a professional, driving all sorts of cars. His sponsor was local Ford dealer, Vel Miletich. Parnelli and Vel formed a relationship and a partnership that was to last Vel’s lifetime. After winning a large number of West Coast Stock Car events, Jones started racing Sprint cars in 1960 and went on to win two USAC Sprint Car Championships. Parnelli started running Indycars in 1960 at the Milwaukee Mile and then at Phoenix where he finished second. He raced at Indianapolis starting in 1961 where he led 27 laps and was named “Co-Rookie of the Year.” In 1962, he was the first driver to qualify at over 150 mph. After sitting on the pole and leading the race, he fell back due to mechanical problems, letting Rodger Ward pass and win. Afterward, Rodger told him, “Not to worry about what happened today, one day you are going to win this race.” The next year—1963—he was on the pole again with a new record and led the race until the closing laps when Jim Clark in a factory Lotus-Ford was closing on him. The Jones car had developed a crack in the reservoir causing it to lose oil. Lotus chief Colin Chapman urged the starter to black-flag Jones, but the race officials argued otherwise. Parnelli went on to win the race, in the process setting another new record. In 1964, a fuel tank explosion sidelined him during a pit stop while he was leading the race. In 1967 he was leading Indy by more than a lap in Andy Granatelli’s controversial STP Turbine car with only three laps to go. But then a rear-end bearing failed and he was cheated out of another win. Granatelli entered Jones again for the following year in a new STP Turbine. On inspecting the car, Parnelli, an expert in suspension, thought it unsafe, so he didn’t drive. Andy assigned it to Joe Leonard. After the 1968 Indy 500, Jones announced his retirement from open-wheel racing and changed to other forms including road racing. He confided in me that he had come to realize openwheel cars were just too dangerous and he felt a responsibility for his growing family. Sports Car Racing His first taste of a road circuit was in 1958 at Riverside in a three-day event. The first day—running counter-clockwise—he drove Midgets; the second in sprinters and the third (running clockwise) in Stock Cars.







Parnelli’s first sports car experiences were in a Frank Arciero Lotus 23 at Riverside and Kent, Washington in 1963. Then Jones’ good friend, Carroll Shelby, entered him in the Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside on October 11, 1964. Driving a King Cobra, he won. Parnelli recently told me that he found road racing easy in comparison to other forms. (Easy for him to say!). Regarding Parnelli’s relationship with Shelby, he said, “I knew and respected Carroll Shelby as an iconic figure in the automotive industry and an honorable competitor to my racing tire business. However, when he asked me to drive for him at Riverside, it cemented the relationship.” In 1967, Jones entered a NASCAR event at Riverside. He started last and went to first in 20 laps. As a result, Ford hired Jones and George Follmer to run the SCCA Trans-Am Series starting in 1969. After winning the championship in 1970, Parnelli decided to try off-road racing. Upon winning and breaking the Stock car record at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in a Mercury prepared by Bill Stroppe, Parnelli and Stroppe won the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000, two times each, plus the Mint 400 in a car that looked like a Ford Bronco. Actually, it had a lot of special parts that enabled it to withstand the rough off-road surfaces. All of the steel body parts were replaced with fiberglass and aluminum. He named it “Big Oly” after his sponsor, Olympia Beer. A Team Owner Driving, however, isn’t the end of the story. In 1969, he started his own team with Vel Miletich. The Vel’s Parnelli team ran Indycars, Formula 5000, Formula One and the drags during the seventies. With Mario Andretti, Joe Leonard and Al Unser as drivers, the team won the Indy 500 two times and the U.S. National Championship three times. With Mario at the wheel, the team introduced a U.S. built car powered by a Cosworth engine to Formula One in 1974. With Firestone sponsorship, they ran the full 1975 season and part of 1976. Jones decided to pull out after losing the car sponsorship and failing to find another. Parnelli has appeared as himself in two different TV movies about Indianapolis. And in 1974, he played himself in the original version of the film, Gone in 60 Seconds. It featured Jones and his famous Bronco, stolen in the story. In 1977 he again played himself in another feature film, Checkered Flag or Crash. In 1979, Vel and Parnelli disbanded their race team and devoted themselves to their business interests. As it turned out, Jones is as good a businessman as he was a driver.





They owned and operated a chain of 47 Firestone tire stores, as well as distributing shocks, tires and other auto products wholesale to retail tire dealers. In addition, Parnelli has quite a number of commercial and industrial properties in Torrance. In 2000, his long-time partner and best friend, Vel Miletich died. Since then, Parnelli has carried on the various business interests by himself. He is usually found in his office almost every week day. Parnelli Jones garnered a large number of awards during his career including five halls of fame: Indianapolis, OffRoad Motorsports, International Motorsports, National Motorsports, National Sprint Car, USAC Midget Racing and the San Diego Auto Museum. Among many others, he received a “Special Achievement Recognition from Presidents of the U.S. and Mexico.” The City of Hope has given him its “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He is the recipient of a Doctor of Human Letters degree from the National University. A Miracle Most important for the Jones family is Godspeed, a charity established by Parnelli devoted to the recovery of those with head injuries. In 1994, Parnelli’s son, Page, suffered a near-fatal head injury while racing a sprint car. After two years of therapy, his doctors almost gave up as it is the practice to cease therapy after that length of time. But Parnelli and his wife, Judy, persisted. Jones proved that recovery is possible even after that period. Today, Page is married with children. Godspeed is also involved with injured members of our armed forces. Parnelli and his wife, Judy, have two boys, PJ and Page and four grandchildren. He has participated occasionally in celebrity races at Watkins Glen, Long Beach and the Monterey Historics. Jones is still going strong today. On August 12, 2019, he will be 86 years old. We are the same age and it has been our tradition to have lunch together about every month.




POWERHOUSE Words by Austin Spencer

Shelby American continues to expand globally and that means that Team Shelby, the official club of Shelby fans, is growing with it worldwide. Over the past several years, the membership has exploded with directors organizing events in Europe and China. For 2019, international growth will continue to be one of the great storylines for Team Shelby. “Shelby has always had great appeal worldwide,” said Tracey Smith, International Director of Team Shelby. “Once Carroll Shelby became a champion driver in North America, he took his talents to Europe to compete with the best in the world. He had offers from Ferrari and other racing powerhouses, finally deciding to drive for John Wyer at Aston Martin. That’s when he codrove with Roy Salvadori to victory at Le Mans in 1959, the most important sports car race in the world. That victory was the genesis for Shelby American the carmaker.” After Shelby retired from driving, he formed a race team using the lightweight Cobras that his company manufactured. His team, Shelby American, returned to Europe in 1964 to compete against the blue blood carmakers. “Carroll understood that success required attracting the best and brightest, regardless of their nationality,” noted Aaron Shelby, Carroll’s grandson. “That’s why his group of unorthodox hot rodders included an international cast of characters. They were led by a Brit, Ken Miles, who selected team members from many countries in Europe and even Japan. Their underdog, upstart attitude appealed to people everywhere.” Shelby’s crushing wins in European road racing added to their popularity. They became such a threat that Enzo Ferrari personally pulled some shenanigans to rig the outcome of the FIA sports car championship in 1965, defeating the Shelby team in the backroom because he could not do it on the track. In 1965, Shelby returned with a vengeance and took the championship, as well as a class win at Le Mans. TABLE OF CONTENTS


“Then in 1966, Shelby American helped Ford win its first overall victory at Le Mans with the Ford GT,” explained Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “That cemented Shelby’s international reputation for excellence and created a fan base worldwide. Back to Europe With the Mustang’s introduction to Europe for the 2015 model year, Shelby American began to consider expansion overseas. Given Shelby’s history and link to Europe, it was the logical place to start. “In 2017, Shelby began to work with GU Auto Trade to develop a network of dealers across Europe,” explained Patterson. “For the first time in decades, Shelby vehicles were available in European showrooms. So interest in the Shelby lifestyle and history skyrocketed.” To support their growth, Team Shelby began to accelerate its efforts to champion Shelby in Europe. The Shelby Run Europe II took a group to the 24 hours of Le Mans that year, stoking the fires of enthusiasts from both the United States and Europe. “That amazing summer rekindled the passion for Shelby vehicles,” noted Smith. “It all began when Aaron Shelby presented the latest lineup to the new European dealer network in Germany a few days before the race. Then, Aaron met Henry Ford III in France for the race, along with a large group of fans who watched it with them. That’s when we began to really amp up our activities.” The Shelby Invasion Over the past three years, Team Shelby has been carefully placing directors over specific countries. These people have been attracting new members and producing their own events. From a vintage racing exhibition with watchmaker Baume et Mercier in France to the 14 day Team Shelby Grand Tour last year


and displayed for the first time at the Paris Motor Show, Team Shelby put huge resources and committed countless hours building in Europe. “The result has been exponential membership growth in Europe,” stated Smith. “People want to have fun and everything we do is designed to maximize it.” Team Shelby 2019 Le Mans VIP Experience In 1959, Carroll Shelby’s victory at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans changed the automotive world. Team Shelby has partnered with Ford Motor Company and Michelin to celebrate that milestone sixty years later at the “birthplace” of the Shelby legend. “We’re offering people the opportunity to join me and members of the Ford family during June for a few special days in France,” said Mr. Shelby. “Ford Motor Company has entered


The VIP package (cont): - Lunch at the Hotel De France - Private collection tour in the Le Mans area with lunch - Dinner in Le Mans - Surprise Friday night event - Helicopter ride - Gift bag The five day Team Shelby Le Mans 2019 VIP Experience Schedule is: Wednesday, June 12 - Private dinner at the stunning Le Ciel de Paris Thursday, June 13 - Drive from Paris to Le Mans area - Lunch at the Hotel De France - Scenic drive in the French countryside with refreshment stop

five cars into the race, which will be the final one for the blue oval. Team Shelby will be part of this historic last chapter that also celebrates the 60th anniversary of Carroll’s Le Mans victory as a driver.” The Team Shelby 2019 Le Mans VIP Experience includes a private dinner in a stunning Paris restaurant, track tickets, special trackside hospitality, private tours and some of the most incredible food you’ve ever tasted, along with the greatest sports car endurance race in the world. Memories that last a lifetime will be forged in the fires of competition from June 12-16. The VIP package includes: - Tickets to the 24 hours of Le Mans - Access to the exclusive Michelin Hospitality Pavilion - Meet and greet with Shelby and Ford executives - Dinner in Paris - Scenic drive in the French countryside

Friday, June 14 - Private collection tour with lunch - Private dinner in Le Mans - Special surprise activity Saturday, June 15 - 24 hours of Le Mans starts - Meet and Greet with Shelby and Ford execs - Helicopter ride - Michelin Hospitality Pavilion access beginning at 10 am Sunday, June 16 - 24 hours of Le Mans ends - Michelin Hospitality Pavilion access The number of exclusive packages is very limited but can be customized. Some include hotel rooms while others allow participants to book their own. The Tide Rolls On While the 24 Hours of Le Mans may be the crown jewel European event for the club,



there will many more events across the region for enthusiasts to enjoy. “We were prolific inside Europe during 2018,” noted Lili Gu, principle behind GU Auto Trade. “From our incredible Paris Motor Show display and party to participating in the European Grand Tour and Le Mans Classic, our dealers were part of many of Europe’s most important enthusiast events. For 2019, we have not shifted gears. Instead of concentrating our efforts at one or two huge shows, we will take the fun to many more enthusiasts via events in their area. This grassroots approach will help demonstrate the dominating performance capabilities of our cars and trucks within many more markets.” Shelby Europe has committed to the following activities for 2019: - May 11-18: The team will race in the Cannonball Run 3000 from Amsterdam to Budapest in a black Shelby F-150 - May 30 - June 2: Monaco Auto Show - June 10: Cars and Coffee at the Saxonring - July 13-14: American Car Fest in the Netherlands “We’ll also attend three ‘Cars and Coffee’ events at Bisbingen and the Redbull Ring in Nurburgring later this year.,” added Ms. Gu. “We’re also putting together a road show to visit dealers in Europe with special displays. It will be a fantastic summer.” For more information about Team Shelby and its international activities, check out and

Don’t Miss Out On This Year’s Team Shelby LeMans Experience! - click here to learn more 38


A CLASSIC KING arises Words by Scott Black

While every Shelby is special, a few have become celebrated icons. One in particular is the 1968 Ford Shelby GT500KR. Only built for one year, the heart of the famed muscle car was a brand-new version of the 428 Police Interceptor engine. It was fitted with improved-breathing heads and larger exhaust manifolds, giving birth to the 428 Cobra Jet. Officially rated at 335 horsepower, it actually cranked out around 400 ponies and 440 pound-feet of torque. Mated to a four-speed manual transmission, the Shelby GT500 KR rocketed from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 140 mph. In 1968, these were amazing figures, and were backed by high-thirteen-second quarter-mile runs with trap speeds in the 101- to 103-mph range. This made the “King” a star almost immediately. Only 933 Shelby GT500KR fastbacks and 318 GT500KR convertibles were built, making them a very limited production car. Today, many of the remaining Ford Shelby GT500 KR’s are prized jewels in private collections, rarely seen or driven. In 2018, Executives with Shelby American, announced that a limited number of 50th Anniversary 1968 Shelby G.T.500KR “King of the Road” continuation muscle cars would be made for the hungry public. Built in cooperation with Legendary GT and launched at BarrettJackson in Scottsdale, the cars were a huge hit. “Carroll Shelby was truly ‘the king of the road’ during the 1960s,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American. “His racing team dominated just about every form of motorsports and his cars ruled the road. As the 1968 Shelby G.T.500KR is often considered the ultimate symbol of that era, Shelby American is offering a handful of continuation KR’s to honor both the man and what many call the golden age of the American muscle car.”



Shelby’s 1968 “King of the Road” G.T.500KR represented the apogee of horsepower and torque in a Ford platform as the muscle car era began to close. The “King of the Road” connected a cast iron version of Ford’s FE big block 428 c.i.d. engine with the choice of a manual or automatic transmission. The Shelby also featured high performance brakes and suspension, as well as a host of special styling touches inside and out. The continuation KRs use 1960s era Mustang donor cars and include a Shelby serial number for documentation in the official Shelby registry. Powered by big block motors, the Shelby’s are available in fastback and convertible body styles. Drivetrains are installed in 1968 Mustang donor cars, with factory VINs intact. Shelby spec suspensions and brakes will be included. Any standard Shelby colors from 1968 can be chosen as the cars will be built to order. Like the 50th anniversary edition Shelby Cobras, anniversary badges will be added to the cars. The 1968 Shelby Continuation G.T.500KR will pack even more punch under the hood. It will be sold with a 427cubic inch engine from Carroll Shelby Engine Co. in either aluminum or cast iron. The Shelby can be equipped with either a manual or automatic transmission. “The 1968 Shelby G.T.500KR was aggressive and visceral,” explained Shelby American President Gary Patterson. “For those who recall when it was introduced, or younger enthusiasts hoping to create

their own memories, this new King of the Road represents a rare second chance to own a special muscle car built just for them. This car represents a celebration of our roots, along with a validation of our future. There’s never been a better time to be a Shelby fan.” The handful of commemorative KRs, limited to 10 fastbacks and 10 convertibles, are available through Shelby American. Each will be documented in the Shelby Registry. The cars will start at US$249,995. Over the last several years, Shelby American has broadened its lineup, adding new vehicles in direct response to customer demand. With the introduction of the 1968 Shelby Continuation G.T.500KR, Shelby American once again took a glance back, while making another historic step forward. According to Shelby American vice president and test driver Vince LaViolette, “Shelby American has the most diverse vehicle lineup of any automaker in the world. You can buy a modern muscle truck, off-road capable pickup or a sports car based on the current generation Ford Mustang. We also offer three versions of the classic Cobra, a GT40 continuation and a genuine Shelby Cobra Daytona fastback.” Several of the cars are in production with only a handful still available for order. Additional information about the 50th Anniversary 1968 Shelby G.T.500KR can be found at or by calling (702) 942-7325.


shelby american COLLECTION

The Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado celebrates the rich heritage of the Cobra, Shelby Mustang, Ford GT and GT40 cars that changed the face of auto racing in the 1960s. Thanks to the generosity of owners and collectors, we have some of the most significant American race cars ever built on display in our museum, along with an extensive collection of race records, period photographs, memorabilia and tributes to the pioneer drivers and visionaries of the era including Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant, Phil Hill, Phil Remington, Allen Grant and other Shelby American Team members. The museum also features vehicles from the Larry H. Miller Family collection. The Shelby American Collection is dedicated to serve as a resource for all enthusiasts, and to memorialize & preserve one of the most important eras in American automotive history for all generations.

According to Bob Bondurant, Shelby American 1965 FIA World Championship driver, “The Shelby American Collection houses the finest collection of Shelby race cars in the world including the FIA Cobra Roadster I raced in Europe in 1964 and 1965, the Cobra Daytona Coupe that Dan Gurney and I won Le Mans in 1964 and the 1963 Cobra Le Mans Roadster that I drove which won the first FIA race for a Cobra and began the Cobra / Ferrari wars. I raced and won 7 of the 10 major races in 1965 and we beat Ferrari and won the 1965 FIA Manufacturers Championship�. Founded in 1996, the Shelby American Collection is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization staffed by volunteers dedicated to preserving Shelby American racing history and teaching the public about the impact Carroll Shelby and the Shelby American Team had on automobile design and racing. Every year, the Shelby American Collection conducts a drawing in which a new Shelby Mustang is given away to a lucky winner. Proceeds are used for the continued operations of the museum.




The Carroll Shelby Foundation finished off 2018 with a flurry of activity, and aims for even greater charitable impact in 2019. In addition to the financial support distributed to several worthy organizations, the CSF shifts into 2019 with a new Managing Director, Rafella Golden, who was named to the position in December. Of course, Golden may be new to the Managing Director’s chair, but she’s not new to the Shelby Community. She started with Carroll Shelby International in 2009, after several stops in public school fundraising, event coordination, and retail design for a variety of organizations. Along the way, Ms. Golden has been involved in many different roles for Shelby American, Team Shelby, Carroll Shelby’s Store, Carroll Shelby International and the Carroll Shelby Foundation. She has managed graphic design projects, coordinated events, been a merchandise buyer, contributed to strategic planning and directed retail locations. “We’ve been impressed with Rafella’s tenacity and drive during her tenure with Shelby,” said Aaron Shelby, Carroll Shelby Foundation Co-President. “She has channeled her talents into executing programs for organizations that we support including the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, The Eli Home, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston and the Carroll Shelby Automotive Technology Program in East Texas. We’re confident that Rafella will do a terrific job as Managing Director of the Carroll Shelby Foundation.” Ms. Golden comes to the Managing Director’s position at the charity with a very personal perspective on the work it does. “Not long after I joined Shelby, my teenage son was diagnosed with brain cancer,” Ms. Golden said. “I’ll never forget how supportive Carroll was during that challenging time for my family. He also gave me the opportunity to be involved with the children’s charity as a way to help other kids in honor of my son’s full recovery. Over the years, my role has evolved and led me to this opportunity to make a difference for families through the Carroll Shelby Foundation.” Ms. Golden will fill a dual role as both Managing Director of the charity while remaining part of the Team Shelby management team. This unique position will allow her to maximize opportunities for the charity to integrate into Shelby American and the international club’s events. “Carroll Shelby believed that any goal could be achieved with a team of dedicated people,” said Mr. Neil Cummings, Co-President of the Carroll Shelby Foundation. “While he was committed to success in every aspect of life, Carroll was especially passionate about helping kids. Ms. Golden earned her promotion through her dedication to the Foundation that Carroll started. The charity’s board of directors looks forward to working with her to continue Carroll’s mission to help kids in the race for life.” 44


Words by Austin Spencer Enthusiasts and collectors dream of owning an HG Wells style time machine to snag the car of their dreams. It’s often topic of wistful, late night conversations. A magical place in Southern California has one - well, kind of… “Most people who enter our doors have wanted a classic Shelby all of their life,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Shelby Legendary Cars and Hillbank Motor Company. “They were either too young or too poor to buy one when the cars were new. When they visit our showroom, it’s a revelation.” Shelby Legendary Cars continues the heritage of Shelby American’s world famous 1960’s Cobras, Coupes and GT40’s. The company is keeping the Shelby flame alive with licensed vehicles that include a documented Shelby serial number, just as though production never ended. The current vehicle lineup includes the nimble small block Shelby Cobra roadster in both street and racing (FIA) configurations, the mighty big block Cobra roadster and the world champion Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. Each one honors the 1960s era cars with authentic chassis, bodies and powertrain options. “The ‘good old days’ are now,” explained Deborah Stander, CFO at Shelby Legendary Cars. “Instead of competing for one of the race cars built 50 years ago, it’s possible to order a brand new Shelby and tailor it to a specific purpose or lifestyle. All of them come with a Shelby serial number and yet cost a fraction of the cars built in the 1960s.” Shelby Legendary Cars even offers special models such as the Sebring and Bondurant edition Cobras. The Bondurant edition Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes are historically-accurate continuations with leaf spring suspensions, tube frames, and thin wooden-rimmed steering wheels. They also feature modernized disc brakes, aluminum bodies, updated and strengthened frames and a racing interior. TABLE OF CONTENTS


“The small block Shelby Cobra roadsters and Daytona Coupes crushed Ferrari to win the FIA sportscar world championship in 1965,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “This history is one of the many reasons that Shelby still offers the iconic Cobra’s and Daytona’s today. Our Cobras are extremely fast, very engaging to drive and retain classic good looks that still turn heads fifty years after winning it all. Given their rarity, the Shelby’s offer instant collectability.” The cars are offered as supplied complete but without engines and transmissions. The selection, purchase and installation of the drivetrain are the responsibility of the purchaser. Customers of Shelby Legendary Cars, can also send their vehicle for completion to the Original Venice Crew. Ted Sutton, one of the OVC founders, helped build the prototype 427 Shelby Cobra for Carroll Shelby in 1964. While the powerful big block Cobras are the most high profile car available from SLC, the company also offers the continuation 1965 Ford Shelby G.T.350 Competition Model built by OVC. These authorized versions of the 1965 Shelby GT350Rs feature a race-focused independent rear suspension originally designed at Ford in 1964. Only 36 of will be built, each incorporating several


experimental enhancements designed by Shelby American designer Peter Brock. One of the most popular cars in the lineup at Shelby Legendary Cars is a line of continuation GT40s, including the Gulf Racing 50th Anniversary Mark I GT40’s™. “While developing the exhilarating GT40 continuation car, engineers went to great lengths to ensure authenticity,” said Mr. Stander. “This car is so authentic that we’re allowed to use the GT40 name. Each carries the GT40/P chassis number and is eligible for the official GT40 registry.” You can also own exact replicas of the legendary Shelbys that took to the track in 1963 and 1964, driven by Ken Miles, Dan Gurney, Allen Grant, and Dave MacDonald. Fifteen Shelby Sebring Cobras will be built with four driver liveries representing each of the original drivers’ cars. So Shelby fans don’t need HG Wells; they can drive a ‘time machine’ from Shelby Legendary Cars. Additional information is available at www. or https://www. or by calling 1-888-743-5298.