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STREET STYLE This month, the street style team battled some unpredictable weather in Ann Arbor. Between snow, rain, and sleet, November brought some of the biggest challenges that left our hands frozen to our shutters. But surprisingly, this didn’t stop students from bringing out some of the most colorful looks yet. In this issue, we hope that we can capture the bright life and energy that they were able to maintain even during some of the coldest days on campus. — Lucy Carpenter, Street Style Editor


CHRISTIE MOYLE & RODEN MEISNER @christie_moyle @rodenmeisner

BEN D @benj “I found this in my brother’s I don’t know if it’s suppo have holes, but it w



DECKER jdecker s closet. osed to works.�

JACK YU @jackyu714

JAY @fyndy_ “This will really help with my music career. I’m trying to be a famous rapper! What inspires my fashion sense? Making other people smile.”

RACHEL RUSSEL @rayruss81 “My sister’s a fashion major so s always been an inspiration to me

she’s e.”

ELLIOT MELK @elliotelaine “I’m done with all of my responsibilities for today so I’m just heading home. I’m a senior, I do art and design. I’m doing mostly illustration and animation stuff right now, but I’m actually not in any art classes this semester because I finished all of them except for one. I miss it.”

THEO ZANGOULAS @tzangoulas “One thing I don’t compromise on is my shoes. I buy nice shoes. I buy nice shoes – that’s my thing.”


KAILANA FLORA DEJOIE @floradejoie “Thrifting is cheap and they have the most unique styles. I mean, they don’t make 30 copies of the same clothes. It just makes the most sense to thrift.”

TY WOODRUF @ tynmi39 “These are Nik own three of th have the purple have the floure


ke Gatorades. I he four. I don’t e ones, but I escent greens.”

Mand Aylo @devour_elderflower ”A lot of my style is inspired by midwestern cowboys – there was even an entire pop culture movement based on space cowboys which I love. I have a lot of cowboy hats.”

ANNA WHIT ”I’m from London, I’m visiting a at Michigan. I got this coat from T I think it’s called TJMaxx here TKMaxx in th

LISLIE XUE “I’m just on my way to the Trotter Center. I’m studying finance and risk management. I’m from China. Today is cold, but Ann Arbor is pretty nice”

AHMID ALEXANDER @digorbedug “I’m just out to get some lunch, then play some Saxaphone. (I play) every day. It’s not a bad life, and I’m getting to know the community. I love it.”

TMORE a friend TKMaxx. e but it’s he UK.”


“I ac jac I’m

LIZ COLYER @lizcolyer “I’ve grown up in an environment where a unique way to express yourself is through clothing. I’ve always admired people who embrace fashion that strays from the norm, so I live up to that same lifestyle by thrift shopping often and exploring local or less well-known stores. I tend to wear lots of fun fall colors and vintage styles that I personally feel comfortable and confident in. I feel like focusing more on my personal style and less on the current trends or social demands is how I truly express myself to everyone around me without saying a thing!”

SASHA ctually just got this cket yesterday and m in LOVE with it.�


DAVID �This time last year I was in Australia. I was walking down the street and I saw this Cat Patch here literally in the gutter on the ground and I was like YES.�

MAY YANG @may.yangg “I was just trying to be as warm as possible!”

ARIELLE STURR @arielle.sturr “Forever 21 is going bankrupt, and it’s great because everything is 50% off.”

WILL PEDERSON @willpederson

ANNIE POORMAN @atpoorman “I love combining different patterns, textures and styles to create my own mixture of expression.”

ZANE JONES @zaneybou ”I get most of my style inspiration from skateboarding culture.”


JOSHUA KAM @courteousinfractions “I have 10 minutes until a date!” “This is definitely my favorite scarf, and it’s perfect for this weather.”

th a


SUNHAY YOU @szy13 “I got this jacket from a hrift store! I used to thrift lot more than I do now.”

ALLY OWENS @_allyowens “I have class now, my friend’s birthda

MOISES @raindancemoises “For me, it’s always like, I like Kanye West, I like Timbs, I guess I’ll wear these shoes! This hat was free, I guess I’ll wear it too! I don’t know really. I guess hip hop is a big inspiration for me.”

w, but it’s ay later!”

AYLA HSUEH @ayla_hsueh “Fashion inspiration? @best.dressed on Instagram is iconic.”

KRISTIN HAAS “I have two students at U-M. They’ll be MORTIFIED if they see me in this!”

CHIARA CEBELLO, SAMANTHA TOIA, SHANNON BAILEY @cmcebello & @samanthatoia Shannon: “This is my worst outfit of the year.”

WILL @arianagrindr_ “This is a simple outfit for me.”

HANNAH BR @brauhan “Thrifting is so much more s able and good for staple p


MAC MACVAUGH @macmacvaugh

RAUER nphoto sustainpieces.�

RIMA IMAD FADLALLAH @roadtorima “My personal style is usually a collage of the different emotions I’m feeling that day. When I’m feeling more reflective, my fits are usually neutral colors and a lot of black on black. (I’m) leaving a protest in support of my people in Lebanon so that explains me being draped in flags and my Lebanon VS Everybody shirt. The DG logo on my overalls is for my brand and podcast, Dearborn Girl, a space to showcase voices of Arab and muslim women from the Dearborn community.”

TAYLOR JENSEN @tay.lor.jensen


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SHEI Street Style // November 2019  

SHEI Street Style // November 2019