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A RETURN TO AMMONIA IN CHINA The countr y is revising safety standards, focusing on training and considering new technology to overcome concerns stemming from major accidents

― By Devin Yoshimoto


is safe to say that safety is the number one issue that comes up in regard to the future use of ammonia in industrial refrigeration in China. But it’s an issue that the country, under increasing pressure to phase out synthetic refrigerants, needs to address.

This determination was articulated at the ATMOsphere China 2019 conference, held in Shanghai in April. (The conference was organized by shecco, publisher of Accelerate Magazine.)

The situation is not being helped by local governments, which have unilaterally blacklisted ammonia following major accidents involving the gas in recent years.

Leading associations and technology suppliers discussed updating and revising ammonia standards along with adopting cutting-edge low-charge ammonia and CO 2 technologies.

Mayekawa South Polar NH3/CO2 system on display at China Refrigeration 2019 Accelerate Magazine // June 2019

This, however, has only increased the determination of those who intend to lead China back towards a path where ammonia is used safely in industrial refrigeration.

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