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Delhaize goes transcritical in Serbia Delhaize Serbia – the country’s biggest retailer and part of the natural refrigerant-committed Ahold Delhaize group – opened its first CO 2 transcritical store in Serbia in November 2018. — By Margot Goles-Macesic


ast month Delhaize Serbia, part of multinational retail group Ahold Delhaize, ope ne d its f irst C O 2 transcritical store – located in Serbian capital Belgrade.

“From 2016 we banned R404A in our new installations and put in R449A as a temporary solution,” Duško Pantović, exper t associate for refrigerant installations, Delhaize Serbia, told Accelerate Europe.

Danfoss, another Danish multinational, helped with the system design – working together with local installer Frigomax, according to Danfoss Serbia’s website. LU-VE provided the gas coolers.

The wider Ahold Delhaize group to which Delhaize Serbia belongs encompasses 21 local brands across some 6,500 stores around the world. By 2050, the group is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70% compared to 2010 levels.

Delhaize Serbia began improving energy efficiency in 2012, when the company implemented an electronic expansion valve instead of a classic thermo - expansion one, Pantović explains. “Since 2012, we’ve also been putting doors on all our cabinets, replaced classical thermo-expansion valves with electro-expansion valves (AKVs), and we've added ADAP-KOOL software,” he says.

Frigomax, together with Danfoss, installed the CO 2 transcritical system and the Danfoss monitoring system. “Finally seven years after our first step [where we focused on increasing energy efficiency in our stores], we are opening our first CO 2 transcritical store,” says Pantović.

Today 13% of Ahold Delhaize sites already use natural refrigerantbased installations (end 2017), David Schalenbourg, director of department – building projects, format & maintenance at Delhaize Belgium, told the ATMOsphere France conference in July 2018. In Europe the figure is 33%.

STARTER FOR 10 Delhaize Serbia, the country’s leading retailer, is also strongly committed to sustainability. It operates under the brand names Maxi, Shop&Go and Tempo in Serbia.

“Now we are capable of implementing CO 2 transcritical, and we will definitely go that way in the future,” Pantović says. On 7 November 2018, the retailer opened its first CO 2 transcritical store in Serbia, in Belgrade. “This was a very, very long journey,” Pantović says. Da n is h C O 2 tra nsc r i ti c al rac k manufacturer Advansor provided the system.

Delhaize Serbia was supported with know-how, equipment and training by Danfoss. “We’re very grateful to these guys,” Pantović says. “We also owe a debt of gratitude to Professor Franc Kosi at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade, for his support.” For Delhaize Serbia, this is only the beginning. The group plans to open a second CO 2 transcritical store by the end of 2018, and is targeting a minimum of 10 stores with natural refrigerants by the end of 2019.

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