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Airport As energy costs increase, airport operations and maintenance costs increase. There is added pressure on management to reduce operational costs while improving facility efficiencies, and balancing complex energy and environmental mandates. The size and complexity of airport facilities provide the opportunity for finding common solutions that reduce environmental impact and operating expenses from unnecessary energy use.

Solutions To Help You Take Off Energy is a very controllable operating expense. Our Lighting Certified team has solutions that can help you manage your bottom line and reduce your operating costs by 10 to 30 percent annually.

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Restroom Areas

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Gate Areas

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Auto Dealership For most businesses, lighting accounts for 18-55% of total overall facility electricity consumption. Auto Dealerships tend to fall at the higher end of that range due to the exterior lighting of the facility. Our Lighting Certified team can determine the correct lighting combination for your facility so that you maintain high visibility and a distinctive appearance while reducing maintenance costs. We find solutions that maximize your return on investment.

Rev Up Sales and Energy Savings Aesthetics are important throughout all areas of a dealership. Lighting your facility correctly is the best way to direct attention to your product while forming a favorable first impression.

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Government | Municipal The Government’s vast inventory of buildings and areas provides an opportunity to reduce energy use and save money. Our team of Lighting Certified and LEED-AP professionals will identify ways for you to reduce your carbon footprint and keep pace with federal and state regulations for energy efficiency. We are partnered with leading manufacturers and technologies, allowing us to be able to support all of your lighting and control needs with special attention to the regulations that are required. Lighting Retrofits

Occupancy Sensors

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Storage | Warehouse Warehouse and storage spaces need to be both functional and efficient. Shealy Energy’s Lighting Certified team focuses on reducing energy consumption while improving the work conditions of your warehouse, production facility, or other large, non-partitioned work facility. We have many lighting and control options available that can replace traditional and older space lighting while dramatically improving lighting conditions. When considering lighting and controls for your facility, we take into account:

Large Spaces Yield Large Savings Lighting is the main contributor to energy costs in a warehouse or storage facility. Efficient lamps, fixtures, and controls save money and improve working conditions.

Type and Use of Space

Layout of Fixtures


Desired Light Levels

Mounting Height

Potential Savings

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Parking Structure Parking structures offer building owners the opportunity to secure significant energy savings with a modest investment. We bring experience and perspective to parking structure lighting projects with solutions geared toward: Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies Minimally Invasive Retrofits Light Quality and Fixture Aesthetics

Quality, Levels, Safety, and Security Energy savings, enhanced lighting atmosphere, and improved safety are major concerns for parking structures. Shealy Energy provides you with energy savings solutions for parking structures of all sizes.

Reduced Maintenance Light Level Maintenance Savings Through Upgrades and Controls Product Obsolescence Liability and Insurance Concerns

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Museum | Gallery Museum and gallery spaces are both an art, and a science ... We get that. Museums, libraries, and other institutional spaces present great challenges. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ages. Until recently energy efficient lighting options for museums and galleries were limited. LED lighting has changed the scene.

Energy Saving Opportunities Cut your energy costs and allow your features to POP! Shealy Energy is partnered with leading manufacturers and technologies that illuminate your space or scene with proper color temperature and accent.

Shealy Energy can help your budget go further with a customized lighting and control audit. We consider the gallery spaces separately from the areas used by visitors and staff, identifying and maximizing your opportunities for energy savings while also focusing on your unique lighting requirements. Art Museums

History Museums


Aquariums | Zoos

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Healthcare The lighting and control demands of healthcare facilities are complex due to their round-the-clock nature and the effects of lighting on patients and staff. Shealy Energy is here to help you find effective, energy-efficient technologies and practices that will reduce energy costs while enhancing your facility’s environment.

The Best Practice for Your Practice We understand that an effective strategy is one that standardizes technologies, applies control measures, and ensures a consistent look and feel throughout your healthcare facility.

LED Exit Signs

Eliminate Incandescents

Daylighting Controls

Occupancy Sensors

LED Technology

Dimming Controls

Switch Timers

Replace T12s and T8s


Hospitality The hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. Lighting and controls are one of the most impactful ways to cut costs. We have a full range of lighting and control solutions that will help you save without compromising quality. Never before have there been so many options on the market for energy-efficient lamps and fixtures. This is great news for those looking for the perfect mix of energy efficiency, quality of light and elegance of lighting fixture.

Save Energy - Maintain Ambience Today’s technology allows facility managers, engineers, business owners and maintenance companies to accomplish both energy efficiency and spectacular ambience. Creating an exciting and memorable experience for customers, while maintaining function, has never been easier.


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Retail | Grocery You wouldn’t tolerate waste in other departments of your store, so why tolerate waste in your lighting system? The lighting in your store is as important for improving sales as any marketing or sales campaign. We help you create an environment that will make customers more inclined to visit your store and put them in the mood to purchase.

Flexible Lighting Solutions Don’t play the guessing game when it comes to lighting your store. Shealy Energy helps you find the right fixture and control combination that will improve your store’s atmosphere and reduce your energy bills.

The best way to accomplish these goals depends on the specific lighting needs of your space. Shealy Energy can help you find the appropriate lighting combination for your store. Help your customers feel more comfortable Display and illuminate products Keep your energy costs low

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Schools | Universities The cost of non-renewable energy is increasing, and education budgets are decreasing. We are here to help you achieve energy savings and reduce operating costs. Choosing sustainable, energy-efficient lighting and control systems is an effective way to improve the learning environment while saving energy, resources, and money. With the broad range of fixed and dimmable lighting systems available today, you’ll find energy-efficient solutions for every area of your facility.

Free Up Resources - Spend Less By being more energy efficient, schools and universities can use the savings from improved efficiency measures to help pay for building improvements and other upgrades that enhance the learning environment.


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Entryways & Exits


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convenience store

Convenience Store We can help you slash operating costs while creating an inviting, safe, and uniform look that flows from your petroleum station into your store area. Shealy Energy understands that you need to place the right amount of light when and where it is needed. Our lighting solutions can help optimize your facility’s bottom line. Lighting typically represents 30% or more of a gas station’s electricity bill. Can you imagine cutting that cost in half? Let’s make it happen!

Light the Way to Savings Shealy Energy offers lighting and control solutions that will significantly increase the lighting performance of your store, reduce your energy usage, and deliver a speedy payback.

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Shealy Energy - Lighting and Controls  

Lighting and control solutions for your business. Reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, incre...

Shealy Energy - Lighting and Controls  

Lighting and control solutions for your business. Reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, incre...