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DONOR REPORT July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

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We aim not just to teach our students the names of the stars but how to read and navigate by them.

continue to be struck by the distinctive philanthropic, volunteer, and strategic engagement that has made Shawnigan the institution that it is today. From Hong Kong and mainland China to London, and from coast to coast in North America, I have enjoyed meeting many of you in my first year as Headmaster.

This Donor Report demonstrates the breadth of Shawnigan support – governors, alumni, current and former parents, current and former staff, and many others – and I thank everyone who has stepped forward to support the development of our School. This year, we have explored new ways of engaging with our wider community through newsletters, surveys, and events which reflect our genuine commitment to coeducation at all levels. We must continue to challenge ourselves to deliver exceptional programming, and we must attract the most motivated and promising students to share in that experience. Your support helps us deliver important progress with our programs, whilst advancing access and socio-economic diversity of our student population. I care deeply about the latter and have been delighted to discover that we offer full bursaries to a Nepalese student and a First Nations scholar, and that we welcomed eight Syrian refugees, relocated to the Cowichan Valley, into our summer program. Each of the aforementioned brings a magic ingredient to our campus and an immeasurable impact on fellow students and staff as they introduce us to their ways and worlds. The world will never be as slow as it is today and we need to consider carefully how best to navigate this unprecedented pace of change. I see it as imperative that we continue to challenge the School to be relevant, purposeful and of service in this changing world. In my Closing Day address, I explained that here at Shawnigan we aim not just to teach our students the names of the stars but how to read and navigate by them. We invite our students to be map makers, to sound the waters, to voyage out away from the trade routes and discover new frontiers – equipped with a moral compass, a logbook of experience and a pioneering sense of adventure. Thank you for your wonderful support and commitment to the School and to the next generation of Shawnigan students. You are contributing to Shawnigan’s future and helping us shape the ethical and dynamic community-builders of tomorrow – and, together, we will set the course for Shawnigan’s journey into the future. In gratitude and with very best wishes,

Richard D. A. Lamont Headmaster 2

Shawnigan Lake School Board of Governors Year ending June 30, 2019 Matthew Brister, Chair

Kelly Gave

Sandra Scott

Past Parent

Current Parent

Fiona Macfarlane, Vice Chair

Janet Griesdale

Zev Shafran '74 (Groves')

Past Parent

Past Parent

Belema Akinyosoye

Lisa Grover '90 (Kaye's)

Current Parent

Michael Kaumeyer '81 (Groves')

Rick Bourne '69 (Copeman's) Current Parent

Suzanne Boyd '96 (School House)

Past Parent

Olli Laurén Past Parent

Carl Bradley '78 (Groves')

Roy McIntosh '59 (Lake's)

Past Parent

Jennifer Mitchell '97 (Groves')

Mark Brown Past Parent

Jack Colbourne '83 (Lonsdale's) Jacqueline Flett '97 (Groves')

Andrew Purdey Past Parent

David Schieldrop '82 (Groves')

Kathryn Shaw Current Parent

Curt Sigfstead '85 (Ripley's) Ed Steidl '91 (Copeman's) Mike Waites, Former Chair Past Parent

Samuel Whiffin Past Parent

Emily Wignes '96 (Groves') Stephen Wong Current Parent

Shawnigan Lake School (the “School”) is registered as a not-for-profit charitable organization and its principal activity is the operation of an independent co-educational boarding school.

Shawnigan Lake School Foundation Board of Directors Mike Waites, Chair

Hamish Angus '72 (Ripley's)

Past Parent

Jacqueline Flett '97 (Groves')

Brian Mitchell '59 (Groves'), Vice Chair Past Parent

Robert Murdoch '60 (Lake's), President

Darrell Oswald '78 (Lonsdale's) Past Parent

Past Parent

Ian Reid '60 (Lake's), Secretary / Treasurer Past Parent

Shawnigan Lake School Foundation (the “Foundation”) is registered as a public foundation and the purposes of the Foundation are to promote, foster and maintain a high quality of education at private schools in Canada which are charitable organizations.

Shawnigan USA Fund Directors & Officers Francois Elmaleh '53 (Ripley's), Chairman

J. Tate Mason '65 (Lake's)

Rudy Massimo, President

Stuart Milbrad '48 (Lake's)

Tom Andrews '65 (Ripley's)

Craig Stewart

Carl Bradley '78 (Groves')

Frank Young '59 (Lake's)

Past Parent

Past Parent

The mission of Shawnigan USA Fund (“SUSA”) is to promote education through grants to educational organizations that have been recognized as tax exempt in the United States. The organization receives contributions primarily to further the purposes of the Shawnigan Lake School Foundation. 3

Shawnigan Lake School Students 2018-2019






Graduation Class






rom all of us at Shawnigan, I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the many supporters who collectively donated to our various fundraising initiatives in 2018-2019. In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, the Shawnigan Lake School Foundation received $4.3 Million in donations (cash) to support capital, endowment, scholarships, bursaries, and school activities. As part of this total, the Annual Fund campaign raised in excess of $1 Million again this year. Since 2012 the Foundation has raised over $41 Million (see page 8). We continue to be inspired by the generosity of our supporters. Thank you! An important initiative for Shawnigan this past year was the expansion and renovation of the Read Crewhouse and docks. This revitalization project was in honour of Jim Shaw and was made possible by the generosity of the Rogers family, Rogers Communications, the Shaw family, Shaw Communications, and several Board members. The project included a new wing for training, new docks, and 14 new rowing shells, and was completed in time for the Shawnigan Regatta in May 2019.

“ � Rudy Massimo Director of Advancement & External Relations

In June 2019, Kaye's House had a garden party to welcome guests to their We continue to be inspired new renovation. Kaye's now includes a brand new combined kitchen and common room that opens up to a beautiful new BBQ area. The renovation by the generosity of our was supported by a number of donors and Board members, in conjunction supporters. Thank you! with the Jim & Kathryn Shaw Foundation. The garden party was also an opportunity to recognize two long serving staff members, Erica Dalrymple and Ray Hollings. Erica Dalrymple, or Mrs. D as she is known at the School, served at Shawnigan for 28 years. A new garden in front of Kaye's commemorates Mrs. D's dedication to the House with 19 years as Kaye's House Director. The Hollings' Room, the new common room in Kaye's House, honours Ray Hollings for his incredible 45 years of service to Shawnigan. Ray's daughter Emma Rae '08 (Kaye's) contributed a painting of a dove emblazoned with the house's new motto, Alis Volamus Propriis (Latin for 'With wings we fly'). As I have said many times before, it is all about participation. We hope that the broader Shawnigan community will continue to join us in the coming years in supporting the School's philanthropic goals and objectives. When we reflect on the accomplishments we have achieved so far, it is without question thanks to the generous amount of time, energy and effort of many members of our community. An especially big thank you goes out to our parents, faculty, staff, students, and the Boards of Governors of the School and Foundation for their ongoing commitment and support. Thank you again for your continued generosity and commitment to the School.


Annual Giving – All Campaigns 2018-19 Facilities


Gifts in Kind








Headmaster's Fund


Athletics & Tours



Duxbury House - Capital Project


Crewhouse Renovation


Financial Aid


Other Capital Projects







Other Capital Projects Centennial Campaign Library (Phase I & II) $235,995 Hockey Arena Building Fund $10,900 Kaye's House Renovation 2018-19 $250,750 Centennial Campaign Library (Phase III) $1,271,429

Donors by Geographic Location Breakdown 2018-19 Other $32,877

Asia $701,579

USA $230,072


Canada $3,336,366



T year.

he Annual Fund offers a wonderful way for donors to have an immediate and positive impact at Shawnigan. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the 500 members of our community that contribute in this way each

Donations to the Annual Fund provide the special touches that make each school year a memorable and deeply formative experience for our students. Many Shawnigan alumni recall international sport tours, outdoor adventure expeditions, musical performances, Model UN policy debates in the BC Legislature, service projects in developing countries, and so many other special moments as highlights of their youth. Without philanthropic support, many of these peak experiences would not be possible. The Annual Fund is also critical to our ever-expanding financial aid program, which provides important support to over 40% of our student body. Through donations to The Shawnigan Fund, Founder's Bursaries, and over 50 family scholarships in the Shawnigan Foundation, donors make our School accessible to the most promising applicants, thereby enhancing the Shawnigan experience for all. This allows our student population to better reflect the socioeconomic and cultural diversity that graduates encounter in the world as they, in turn, make their future contributions to society. All of these positive outcomes are only possible through the generous philanthropy of those listed in this Donor Report. We thank you for contributing in your own way to Shawnigan, and we look forward to sharing the impact of those gifts with you on an ongoing basis. With sincere appreciation,

“ � Greg Stevenson Director of Development

Without philanthropic support, many of these peak experiences would not be possible.

Top 10 Funds within the Annual Fund


June 2019

June 2018

Shawnigan Fund (Current Aid)



Headmaster's Fund (80% directed to Financial assistance)



C.A.S.E (Communications, Art, Sciences, Entrepreneurship)



SLS Foundation Fund (VF)



General In-Kind Acquisitions



Athletics - Rugby Program



Centennial Campaign - Phase I & II



Rugby Assistance Funds



Scholarship & Bursary Endowment



Duxbury House - Capital Project



Annual Fund Donation Amount by Constituency $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 $0

Board of Governors Current

Alumni - Grad

Parent - Past

Parent - Current 2017-18

Foundations & Friends



Constituent Participation to Date (all campaigns) 100%


100% 87% 91%




60% 40%

26% 24% 27%


6.5% 6% 0%

Board of Governors




Alumni 2017


Current Parents



Past Parents


Cash & Stock Received by Fiscal Year July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2019 $9.75M $8.96M $6M











2019 58



hawnigan has been a big part of my life for the last 28 years. I have worn many hats, and all my roles have been really enjoyable and rewarding. I would like to thank all of you for your generous support and commitment to help make the School the wonderful, caring community it is today. As the Director of Alumni Relations in this final chapter of my service to Shawnigan, I am determined to develop alumni engagement with the School and to be active in connecting alumni with fellow alumni. This year, I have so enjoyed working with the Board's Alumni Engagement Committee – Suzanne Boyd '96 (School House), Lisa Grover '90 (Kaye's), and Ed Steidl '91(Copeman's) – to develop engagement with our alumni. Nurturing strong relationships with our alumni community is extremely important to Shawnigan, and it is an area that we want to strengthen. As part of our work together, we designed and sent out an online survey to gather the opinions, ideas, and impressions from alumni in order to help us better serve the needs of our School's community. We appreciated that so many of you participated in this important survey and we are currently analysing the results.

“ ” Rhodri Samuel Director of Alumni Relations

Nurturing strong relationships with our alumni community is extremely important to Shawnigan

Another goal of mine is to increase the participation of alumni in our Annual Fund campaign and to develop new ways of giving back to the School and the next generation of students – through mentoring, presentations, and much more. For example, we recently had Dr. Vicki Stronge '94 (School House), a biochemist and Associate Director of Product Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific in San Francisco, back on campus to connect with our students and to give a presentation in Chapel on 'Women in Science'. Our Shawnigan Connect networking and mentoring online platform is proving to be a useful tool. It has allowed many classmates to reconnect, expanded professional networks, and kept many of you up to date with on-campus news. It was great seeing so many alumni with their families here on campus these past few months. We had a record attendance at Founder's Day in October with 475 guests on campus. I invite you back to the School anytime to visit! I look forward to sending you the next edition of our 'Community News'. Thank you so much for your incredibly positive feedback about our latest edition of 'Black & Gold' and its theme of 'diversity'. With best wishes from Gaynor and myself to you all,


7 10



he Legacy Society is Shawnigan's donor appreciation program for planned giving. It was established to recognize the generous philanthropy of alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends who support the School through their contribution of a deferred gift. I encourage you to join people listed in this report, leave your own Legacy Gift, and create a powerful philanthropic gesture in support of Shawnigan in your estate plans. A Living Legacy represents a gift made while the donor is still alive. A compelling reason for a donor to create a Living Legacy is the joy and satisfaction one receives learning how their gift helps current students attend Shawnigan Lake School. This past summer the School lost a member of our Living Legacy Society – John B. Burr '49. Along with his wife Katharine, John donated to the School the inheritance he received from his aunt Edie. When I asked several years ago what motivated him and Katharine to leave such a gift to the School, his reply was quintessential John: “It was in memory of my aunt Edie that I donated the inheritance I received from her to help other deserving students, as it was she, a teacher, who graciously paid for my entire six years at Shawnigan.” We are most grateful to the people displayed on this year's Legacy Donor Report and their decision to leave a gift in their estate plans. These individuals have demonstrated a commitment to a lasting legacy for future generations of students, which assists the School in delivering its mission, both today and tomorrow.

“ ” Hilary Abbott Advancement Associate—Legacy Giving

These individuals have demonstrated a commitment to a lasting legacy for future generations of students.

I encourage you to have a discussion with your loved ones to see if a Legacy Gift is something you and your family might consider. If it is, let's meet and discuss how you can help students from diverse backgrounds enjoy the opportunity of a Shawnigan experience.

Hilary Abbott & Patricia Abbott Anonymous Legacy Gift from the Class of 1970 Doug Anderson '72 The Estate of Patrick B. Ballentine '43 † Andrew Bay '88 Dennis Beselt & Patricia Beselt Roland Borsato '72 The Estate of Dorothy-Jane Boyce '33 † Carl Bradley '78 Kaldean D. Brown '89 John Burr '49 † & Katharine Burr The Estate of The Honourable Mr. Justice Gerald R.B. Coultas '48 † Jim Dal Pozzo & Sandy Dal Pozzo John Ll. Davies Thomas Davis '66 The Estate of Murray R. Dawson '69 † Howard Dietrich & Nancy Dietrich Rita M. Dodge John Donaldson & Elaine Donaldson John Gibson '62 Tom Goodenough '52 & Sue Goodenough The Estate of Jens B. Gotthardt † Anonymous † 11 7

The Estate of Lee W. Hanson † Bruce Housser '60 Steve Housser '67 & Anne Housser Norman C. Howrigan Don Ingledew '65 Phil Jarvis Peter Johnson & Honey Johnson Michael Keller The Estate of A. Douglas Kingsford † Derek Lester Anonymous Tom Lui '88 The Estate of Derek Lukin Johnston '28 † Paul Manning '72 & Jane Manning The Estate of Allan D. Manson '73 † The Estate of James M. Marlow '73 † The Estate of Patsy McAvity † Ian McBean '68 Ian Mellor '67 & Leslie MacKenzie Stuart Milbrad '48 Wendy A. Milne The Estate of James Motherwell '30 † The Estate of Wilbert Murdoch † Robert Murdoch '60

Anonymous † The Estate of Jason Park '05 † Derek Paulson '68 The Estate of W. Thomas Pearce '40 † Anonymous The Estate of Richard Pearson '76 † Maryann Rankin '64 The Estate of John (Jack) Reynolds '32 † The Estate of John (Jack) Roaf '25 † David Robertson & Lynn Robertson The Estate of A. Thane Rogers '35 † Anonymous Matthuw Ronald-Jones '93 & Nicole Ronald-Jones Charles Sauer '62 David Schieldrop '82 Robert Sharman '73 Don and Susie Smith Anonymous John W.F. Tribe '50 Michael Waites Mark Wyatt Frank Young '59 † Deceased

LIFETIME CUMULATIVE GIVING Please take a moment to honour these remarkable individuals and families for their continued support of and meaningful commitment to Shawnigan Lake School. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our reporting. If you feel your name has been omitted in error, please contact our office at or 250-743-6235. Thank you! $1,000,000 & ABOVE Carl Bradley '78 The Bradley Family Foundation The Honourable Mr. Justice Gerald R.B. Coultas '48 † Anonymous Garth Friesen '87 & Jeannie Friesen Anonymous Jemini Foundation Peter R. Johnson & Honey Johnson Lecky Foundation John M.S. Lecky '57 † Ruren Ma & Wenru Han Brian Mitchell '59 & Joan Mitchell & Jennifer Mitchell '97 Bob Murdoch '60 & Nadya Murdoch Andrew Purdey & Lynn Purdey Shaw Communications Inc. Jim Shaw '77 † & Kathryn Shaw Vancouver Foundation Anonymous

$500,000 & ABOVE Matt Brister & Tara Brister Mark Brown & Ellen Brown Jack Colbourne '83 & Sarah Colbourne The Estate of Murray Dawson '69 † Janet Griesdale James M. Marlow '73 † Anonymous † Darrell Oswald '78 & Robin Oswald Rogers Communications Inc. Rogers Family David Schieldrop '82 & Catherine Grant Zev Shafran '74 & Elaine Shafran Mike Waites & Gailann Squires † Deceased

NAMED FUNDS The following named funds with a balance of over $100,000 contribute significantly to Financial Assistance through bursaries and scholarships. John and Katharine Burr Legacy Fund Centennial Scholarship & Bursary Fund The Honourable Mr. Justice Gerald R.B. Coultas '48 Fund Gave Family Scholarship Hyde-Lay Scholarship Fund Jemini Scholarship Fund J.M.S. Lecky Scholarship Fund Manning Family Fund Jim M. Marlow '73 Scholarship Fund Robertson Family Scholarship SJ Shaw Scholarship The Shawnigan Fund Michael T. Waites Family Scholarship


OUR DONORS Please take a moment to review the names of the donors who contributed to the many successes Shawnigan achieved for this fiscal year — July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our reporting. If you feel your name has been omitted in error, please contact our office at or 250-743-6235. Thank you! * Denotes 10 years of giving

† Deceased




Carl Bradley '78 * The Bradley Family Foundation * Jean-Francois Harvey & Vivian Chiu John Heimbecker & Lisa Heimbecker Andrew Purdey & Lynn Purdey Jonathan Robins & Val Robins Rogers Communications Inc. Rogers Family Zev Shafran '74 & Elaine Shafran ** Shaw Communications Inc. * Shaw Family Kathryn Shaw ** Vancouver Foundation Mike Waites & Gailann Squires * Anonymous Peng Wu & Sujuan Zeng

Susan Blakey Matt Brister & Tara Brister * Chris Chan & Cynthia Chan David Connolly & Patricia Connolly Chris Dutcyvich & Kim Dutcyvich Louis Gave & Kelly Gave Jemini Foundation * Kelowna Auto Glass Ltd. Patricia Milne * Jody Shields & Crystal Shields Ryan Willson & Cindy Willson HuanGang Zheng & Nina Zhang

Nawaf Bitar & Susie Bitar Mark Brown & Ellen Brown * Denny Chan '78 & Winnie Chan ** John Coffeng & Jeannette Wong-Coffeng Jack Colbourne '83 & Sarah Colbourne *** Rene David & Cindy David Angelo Fraser & Susan Fraser Garth Friesen '87 & Jeannie Friesen Janet Griesdale * Norm Howrigan ** Jixin Huang & Wenfang Zheng Jules Foundation Sang Kim & Borah Kim I-Han Liang Rodrigo Liang Robert Lyons & Dana Lyons Roy McIntosh '59 & Maureen McIntosh * Brian Mitchell '59 & Joan Mitchell ** Jennifer Mitchell '97 & Alex Mung * Quentin Nakonechny & Denise Phipps Tim Regan & Stephanie Worts Robert Sharman '73 ** Heather Shaw & Jim Carter Julie Shaw & Terry Berg Shawana Foundation Toursbylocals Canada Inc. Jiangbin Zhao & Yumei Wu

COMMEMORATIVE GIFTS Received July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

10 13 9



Graham L. Anderson '46 Dr. Tucker Battle '55 Chloe Brigden '18 Allan & Peggy Gilmour Peter Hulbert E. Tucker Knight '25 Jim Shaw '77 Kathleen Tribe Peter Yates

Erica Dalrymple

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE STAG $5,000 & ABOVE Ron Anderson '70 & Diane Anderson *** Hamish Angus '72 & Gonda Angus * Don Bendickson & Lynn Bendickson ** Sara Blair Guy d'Auriol Don and Lynn Bendickson Foundation Jacqueline Flett '97 & Christopher Flett * Blane Fowler '88 & Allison Fowler ** Tom Fowler † & Midge Fowler Michael Gottschalk & Jennifer Gottschalk Lisa Grover '90 Andrew Hall & Jennifer Hall Rob Halse & Louise Halse

Patrick Healy '71 & Jana Healy **

Jordan Hokanson '94 & Tracie Hokanson **

Matt Howard & Gabriele Howard Hudson Boat Works Inc. Jazeb Jones & Tracy Harvey Nick Kaiser '63 & Deborah Russell * Andrew Ketch & Elise Ketch Raj Kochhar & Rimi Kochhar Andrew Lees & Patti Maxim Sonja Leverkus '97 Dean Lubarsky & Janell Lubarsky Fiona Macfarlane & Iain Morris James Moore '98 & Karena Selnar

Bob Murdoch '60 & Nadya Murdoch ** Darrell Oswald '78 & Robin Oswald * Laurence Pelosi & Alexis Pelosi Robert Schumacher & Chris Schumacher Curt Sigfstead '85 & Lara Witter ** Anonymous *** David Tait & Carol Tait TOFRA Holdings Ltd. ** Mei Wang & Duansheng You Kevin Wilson & Treena Greenaway

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL $1,000 & ABOVE Barry Allard & Jo-Ann Allard ** Remi Anctil Apex Foundation Alan Au & Kris Li James Baker '83 & Kristen Thomas David Beckingham '83 & Beverly Beckingham Michael Berg '06 Todd Blumel Anonymous * Roland Borsato '72 & Louise Borsato * Rick Bourne '69 & Dana Bourne ** Morag Brown & Gordon Brown Steve Bryan '76 * Shane Carew Ignatius Chong & Elaine Chong Shing Tai Chow & Danielle Wang Beth Clark Ken Cohen & Cheryl Cohen Rick Coleman & Shelley Coleman Jack Connolly '02 Mark Consiglio & Nicola Consiglio Ann Dillon & Ted Cape * Paul Doig & Jessica Doig Janet Donovan Robert Down '02 Fisher Farms Anonymous Ross Gilmour '77 & Andrea Gilmour * Eveline Goodall & Bruce Goodall *** Tom Goodenough '52 & Sue Goodenough ** Lynne Grass & Rolf Grass *** Phil Greenhalgh & Christine Greenhalgh Steve Grover '87 Anonymous Bruce Hall '42 & Jan Hall * Warren Hamm & Karin Hamm Myung-Un Han & Tae Suk Kim Andrew Handley '97 & Kelly Handley * Charles Heard '06

Randy Heward & Julia Heward Yoshito Hori & Mizue Hori George Hungerford '61 & Jane Hungerford * David Hyde-Lay '81 & Rayna Hyde-Lay '91 ** Ian Hyde-Lay '75 & Lisa Hyde-Lay ** Don Ingledew '65 & Joanne Ingledew ** Brenda Isherwood Kevin Jackman & Deirdre Jackman * Mark James & Alana James * Christopher Justice & Patricia Seymour Willie King & Martha Watson * Larry Lamont & Kathini Cameron Karen Laprade & Kyle Harrison Olli Lauren & Marja Lauren James Lee & Christina Lee Jason Lee '04 & Regina Lee John Lemkuil & Satomi Lemkuil Bill Liaskas '53 & Carol Liaskas * Armstrong Lin & Delphine Wu Anonymous * Chris Liu & Jing Mao Stephen Lo & Brenda Cheung Seton Lor & Karen Wei Alastair Macdonald '61 Heatherann Macintosh & Rod Macintosh * Carter Mann Elaine Mann Rudy Massimo & Patty Forward Eric McAvity '64 & Judith Maxwell * Ian McBean '68 ** Kip McDaniel '00 John McIntyre '60 & Susan McIntyre ** Todd McMullen & Devonna McMullen Adrian Mees & Raquel Ransanz Anonymous Wendy Milne & Jeff Milne ** Oleg Minchenko & Aya Primbetova Cheryl Miranda & Trevor Miranda Arthur Monahan '64 & Angela Monahan * Paul Morris & Alison Dewis *

Jean Baptiste Mortalena & Pascale Mortalena Ertauran Anthony Ostler '87 and Victoria Ostler Erica Plater '95 & Chad Plater '96 James Pollock & Julia Pollock Jim Quinn & Jennifer Maw Jorge Quinzanos & Sammantha Teuscher Anil Ram & Margaret Ram * Jaggi Rao & Namita Rao Chris Redcliffe Briony Reid '66 & Dick Reid Ian Reid '60 & Viviane Reid ** Charles Sauer '62 & Mary Sauer Howard Saunders & Karmen Saunders David Schieldrop '82 & Catherine Grant ** Gibson Scott '98 & Nicole Scott * Jonathan Scott '00 Tony Shepard '68 & Anne Collier *** Nick Shepard '93 & Kari Shepard * Greg Smith & Jewel Swanson * Teri Springer State Street Corporation, State Street Global Advisors, Inc. David Stephen '92 * Greg Stevenson & Corinna Stevenson Rod Taylor & Martha Taylor Gareth Thomas '96 & Leslie Thomas Alejandro Valenzuela Scott Van Vliet & Buffy Ottacher Craig Wallace & Ai Lin Toh Sam Whiffin & Stella Whiffin * Emily Wignes '96 & Chad Wignes Chas Woodyer '96 Nancy Woollven Eric Wright '06 Mark Wyatt & Claire Wyatt ** Chunhong Xu & Wendy Yan Yu Yao & Anna Su Peggy Yelland Xiaoyang Yu & Yu Bai

10 14

HEADMASTER’S CLUB $500 & ABOVE Hilary Abbott & Patty Abbott Ben Allard '99 & Liz Bullen * Associated Fire Safety Group Inc. Darrin Austin & Wendy Austin ** Cem Aydin & Zuhal Aydin Emirhan Aydin '20 Ian Back '65 & Gloria Back Fund through the Victoria Foundation ** Andrew Bay '88 & Kim Bay * Jad Beckett Erik Bergvinson '88 & Mary-Ellen Bergvinson Michael Bird '63 & Carolyn Bird * Suzanne Boyd '96 & Omar Ladak * William Brown '68 and Wendy Brown * Jordan Campbell & Suzanne Campbell Chris Cherry & Claire Cherry Jay Connolly '80 & Maureen Connolly ** Stephen Connolly '05 Peter Cooke '66 and Karen Cooke * Heather Craib & Ian Craib * Per Dahlstrom Erica Dalrymple & George Dalrymple ** Rick Day & Bonnie Dawe Anonymous * Howard Dietrich & Nancy Dietrich Bernie Dinter '69 & Cyndy Dinter ** Anthony Dixon & Claire Dixon Des Docherty & Lori Docherty Bing Dou & Chloe Li Shane Drader & Anastasiya Drader

12 11

Gary Dukelow & Kathy Dukelow * John Emery '61 & Heather Emery ** Simon Fish & Isabelle Fish Mr. Gerald Fuller '52 * Ken Gillam & Kim Gillam * Chris Goodall '89 & Janet Goodall ** Mike Goodall '92 ** Nick Gudewill '66 ** Rajesh Gupta & Jyotsna Gupta Chad Gurski & Tammy Gurski Mark Hall '69 & Beth Hall ** Volker Hasbargen & Sabine Hasbargen David Joly & Katherine Joly Kristjan Joubert Michael Kallal & Carrie Kallal Al Karmali & Eileen Karmali Trevor Lee & Keri Craig-Lee Life Touch Canada Alex Macintosh '09 * Martin MacLachlan '74 Steve Mader Paul Manning '72 & Jane Manning ** Grant Mason Nigel Mayes '89 & Gillian Berry * Kyle McMullin Morrison Windows Robert Nixon '06 Nic Oldfield & Conal Oldfield Charles Pentland '60 & Julia Laidlaw Julie Platt & Mark Platt Helen Purves & Richard Ralf

Roger Qiu & Hongyi Zhou Russ Quinn '64 & Barb Quinn ** Struan Robertson '06 & Laura Robertson * Chelsea Russell & Ryan Russell Rhod Samuel & Gaynor Samuel ** Glenn Scheske & Debbie Scheske * Brian Sirkia '08 Ed Steidl '91 & Jen Curry-Steidl Yang Sun Taiji Communications Corp John Tribe '50 ** Gavin Watt Mike Wilding '06 * Joanne Yates ** Frank Young '59 & Susan Young *

PATRON $250 & ABOVE Dana Acorn & Dana Duncan Patty Allard '02 & Tricia Allard '02 * Chris Ander '96 Karl Anderson '60 & Christine Anderson ****** Michael Atwood '67 & Vickie Jones Louie Balkovec & Angela Balkovec * Bryan Barr '90 & Tracey-Lee Barr Nate Belch '08 Richard Bird & Gloria Bird * James Blake & Maria Blake Brydon Boyce & Jennifer Boyce Chris Brown '97 & Ronni Brown Kaldean Brown '89 & Hana Brown ** Doug Campbell & Susan Campbell * Stewart Candelaria & Sharon Candelaria ** Tony Cape '01 & Carly Cape '00 * Dave Cape '03 & Katie Cape * Katherine Cape Henry '06 & Dave Henry * Kayla Charest '13 Chimney Lake Contracting Matt Clinton-Baker Concrete Technology Corporation * John Davies & Cerris Davies *** Andrew Deane '85 & Yukiko Tokano * Dasdan Dursun Angela Enright ** Matt Fahey & Robin Lyman Matthew Fawcett Ian Forbes & Anna Forbes Arden Gill '10

Barry Gilliland & Rosy Gilliland ** Michael Greenwood '65 & Cherie Greenwood '67 Dave Grundy & Elaine MacDonald-Grundy * Steve Hall & Jody Hall Dave Hansford '02 Tori Hanson '95 & Mat Hanson Paul Hardy & Janet Hardy Jim Hayhurst & Beth Hayhurst Sterling Hein '01 Brenda Henderson ** Hans Herchen Noni Herchen Alex Housser '08 Steve Housser '67 & Anne Housser ** Koji Ishiguro & Takae Ishiguro Mike Johnson & Chris Johnson Bill Keate '65 & Linda Keate *** Mike Kent '73 & Rose Kent Paul Klassen & Andrea Carballo * Andrew Lamb & Gail Secord Scott Larsen '76 & Maria Larsen ** John Lee & Miki Lee Henri Letient & Trish Letient * Graham Linn & Sharlene Quinn * Jan McAmmond '69 & Dave McAmmond Fred McCaffrey & Patricia McCaffrey ** Tom McPherson '88 Ian Mellor '67 & Leslie MacKenzie ** Stuart Milbrad '48 & Mary Milbrad *

Michael Moore '95 Tim Murdy & Teisha Murdy Dayle Murray '09 Keiichi Nakagawa & Tamayo Nakagawa * June Noble * John Oakley '72 & Carol Oakley * Paul Oxley '89 & Calla Oxley * Gang Pan & Fiona Zeng Feisal Panjwani '86 & Shelli Panjwani * Brian Pascher '76 & Donna Pascher * John Pearkes '49 & Joyce Pearkes * Wes Plater '97 & Marlese Plater * Peter Roaf '67 & Elise Roaf ** Anonymous Steve Southerland '81 & Lucy Southerland Nina Steidl Paul Stevenson '70 & Jackie Stevenson ** Kent Stobart & Christine Andrews Stobart Chloeann Summerfield Craig Thornber & Wendy Norman Michael Trotter & Barbara Trotter Laura Villa & Bogart Balmori Anonymous Patrick Whitley '63 & Sally Cochrane ** Justin Wilke '98 & Heather Wilke '98 David Wooldridge & Christine Wooldridge ** Shawn Wright '85 & Janis Wright * Yuanxin Xiong & Angel Shan Paul Yu '79 & Sidra Yu **

13 12

FRIEND UP TO $250 Vikki Agate Bel Akinyosoye & Muyiwa Akinyosoye Margot Allen * Eric Ander '06 & Christina Disler Gemma Atkinson & Carly Haggard Colleen Austin '95 & John Austin Matt Austin '08 & Kaori Yamada '08 * Jennifer Balme Alan Bampton & Maureen Andrea Paul Baumann '65 & Elaine Baumann *** Anonymous Ian Beardmore '57 & Arliss Beardmore * Cari Bell & Jim Bell * John Billings '48 & Luanne Billings ** Michael Birch & Donna Weir Lisa Blumer & Dave Blumer * Carmen Boudreau & Nick Millar Heidi Brewer & Ken Brewer Bob Brewer Jeannie Brown & Craig Brown George Bryan-Orr '88 & Sarah Hobbs Paul Bryden '86 & Lisa Bryden * Luis Cabana Anonymous Bill Cereske '72 ** David Chant & Christina Chant Devin Chen '05 Jennifer Cheong Tony Clare & Jo Clare *** Tammy Clark


Trevor Cooney Louisa Cooper ** Tim Coy & Gill Coy * Amanda Dalke '10 Trisha Daniell Emily Davidson Darryl de Leeuw Ed de Melo & Melanie Neal Rosemary Dolman ** Whitney Donielson '07 John Dryden & Elizabeth Abercrombie Simone Duffett '07 Russell Edgson & Kim Edgson Henry Ellis '65 & Liz Ellis ** Franรงois Elmaleh '53 & Sharon Elmaleh ** Neil Fedun '66 & Irene Fedun Jeremy Fehr & Liza Fehr Jenny Ferris & Charles Davidson * Lois Flakstad & Nordahl Flakstad Emilie Gahr '17 Michael Gill & Catherine Gill Peter Gordon '69 * Wes Gordon '98 Andrew Graham '83 & Melanie Graham Teresa Halvorsen & Brent Halvorsen Erica Hamilton & Kyle Hamilton Hardy Plant Group Harris & Company LLP Harold Hayes '72 & Denise Hayes * Daffydd Hermann & Triana Newton

Robert Hick & Alexandra Hick Saul Hilchey & Alice Hilchey * Al Hocking '68 & Brenda Hocking Jim Holland & Selinde Krayenhoff Alan Hollen & Amy Schwarz Ray Hollings & Kim Hollings * Noralie Holness & Don Holness ** Avi Horwitz '12 Ann Hulbert * Jen Hutchins & Andrew Shepherd * Ryo Inoue '80 & Yoshiko Inoue * Josh Jackson '98 & Adrienne Jackson Phil Jarvis & Jean Cardno ** Michael Johnson '66 & Kathleen Johnson * Pauline Johnson & Mike La Roy John Kaye '54 & Catherine McAvity ** Vanessa Kiley '12 & Brendan Kiley Natalie King & Matthew King Stephen Knight '55 & Jeri Knight Yoshihisa Komoto & Rieko Komoto Robert Kors & Mary Beth Kors Alice Lavigne '94 & Ken Lavigne John Lewis-Schneider & Teresa Lewis-Schneider Brenda Lockhart Paul Longridge '63 & Darlene Longridge Deborah Lucki Barry Lund & Tricia Lund Tom Lupton & Kirsi Lupton Rob Lyon

Ian Macdonald '01 Douglas Manson-Blair J. Tate Mason '65 & Jane Mason * Colin Mattock Kelly McBride '92 & Scott McBride Kelsey McDaniel '97 & Kelly Josling Pat McGehee '07 Tim McGovern '85 & Erin Miller-McGovern ** Scott McKay & Rebecca McKay Morgan McLeod & Kelli McLeod Molly Middleton '98 & Ed Middleton Anonymous Craig Mitchell-Hermann '21 Meghan Montgomery Patrick Nacinovich Mitsuru Nakagawa Yudai Nakagawa '07 Phil Nasralla & Jolie Nasralla John Neelin Brandon Nick Scott Noble '75 & Sally Noble ** Martine Norris Stephanie Owen & Mark Fulmer Rebecca Page Anna Panton '67 & Bruce Panton ** Mandy Parker & Tim Parker * Vito Pasquale & Cathy Pasquale * Tony Pellett '59 Dale Peniuk & Arlene Peniuk

Jonas Persson & Jennifer Persson Ding's Pro Cleaning Service Jean-Jacques Receveaux & Carola Receveaux * Judy Reimche & Bob Reimche * Darcy Repen '91 * Guy Robertson '72 & Deborah Johnson ** Don Rolston & Lynn Rolston ** Nicole Ronald-Jones & Matthuw Ronald-Jones '93 * Natasha Royer Anonymous Mitch Savage & Melanie Johnson Savage Sarah Scott '98 & Jonathan Burke Darryl Simmons Gordon Smith & Leslie Smith ** Melissa Smith '96 Thomas Spillane & Karen Allen Anonymous * Marc Strongman '83 & Kerry Strongman * Sandy Sun & David Dai * Gary Sutherland & Marilyn Sutherland * Scott Sutherland '05 * Mark Swannell Telus Corporation Gareth Tudor-Jones Jackie Tudor-Jones Kristen Turner Lisa Unger '11 Robbie Unger '09

Maite Urzua '07 Jim Vanstone & Joan Vanstone ** Larry Varlese Eric Venables Ward Wagar Jim Walker & Rhona Walker Mike Welch & Heather Welch Jarrett Wilke & Jen Wilke * Jayson Williams Jeff Williams & Cheryl Williams * Jeff Winslow '73 **