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Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 1G

Honoring Our

Brave Veterans

2019 A special edition of The Shawnee News-Star



2G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019



For all that you are and all that you’ve given to our country, we salute you, veterans. Thank you for protecting our freedom at home and overseas. Your service and your sacrifice will always be remembered.

With gratitude, we honor America’s veterans and military personnel.


M I L L I N G C O M PA N Y Good Millers Since 1906

Shawnee, Oklahoma Shawnee News-Star

Kelly Bales

K-9 Handler, Explosive Detection 1996-2006 McLoud, OK

Clifton L. Barger, Jr.

MSgt. Krista D. (Whitson) Stroup US Air Force McLoud, OK

Clifton L. Barger

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 3G


Master Chief Donald Waller US Navy 1954-1978 Mechanics Mate

Billie C. Howard

Cpl. Don Harmon

US Army Korea 1952-1954 Tecumseh, OK

Louis J. McDonald

Jesse Johnson

Charlie Company 3rd Bat., 4th Inf., Stationed in Fort Carson, CO

Bob Covel

Corporal Eric Rawls USMC 4 Yrs.

Dean Covel

Sgt. Troy Rawls, Jr. USMC 3 Yrs.

Charles Covel

US Army National Guard Troop Command Aviation & Administration

US Army National Guard MSgt. 32 Yrs.

E-5 Army National Guard 1969-1975

Chief Petty Officer US Navy Pacific Theatre WWII Tecumseh, OK

US Navy SeeBee 1970-1974 Choctaw, OK

Private US Army 1968-1972 Norman, OK

Ensign US Navy Bay of Pigs, Cuba 1960-1966 Tecumseh, OK

Kevin D. Pyle

John H. Meek

Daniel M. Tonubbee

Eskell Frank Roberts

Wesley Jeske

Kyle T. Montgomery

Robert L. Hartley

OK Army National Guard Served 1997-2007 Baghdad, Iraq

US Navy VF-111 PO3 Southeast Asia 1955-1963

US Army 1944-1946 US Air Force 1946-1949 Tech Sgt. Phillippines, Luzon

First Lt. US Army 1939-1945 Distinguished Service Cross & Purple Heart for D-Day action

Corporal Army/Air Force Korean War

US Air Force Dale, OK

Major US Army 1965-1992 2 Tours in Vietnam

Raymond Junior McLaughlin Army


Cecil Covel

US Marine Sergent Vietnam 1966-1972 Golf Co. 27, 2nd Batallion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Squad Leader, Second Squad Vietnam Lindsay, OK

Thank You for Your Service

William Don Bright Jr. BM2 1969-1977 Off Coast of Vietnam

Clyde Topping

US Navy 2nd Class Elect. Tech USS Kenneth Whiting (AV14) Pacific Attachment

Cpl. Richard H. Kolb II USMC 1998-2006 - Aircraft Navigations Systems Tech Miramar Air Station, CA

Adam Chesser

US Air Force Port Hueneme, CA

Zachary T. Keener US Navy, Navy CB E-3 Deployed Afghanistan

US Marine 1964-1968 E4 Corporal De Nang Vietnam

Aaron Mabray

SSG Courtney Blue

Franklin Gray Talley

Franklin Gray Talley

Franklin Gray Talley

PFC Army 1943-1946 Fort Bend, Oregon Germany

US Air Force 1950 Second Lt. Korea

US Army 2009-Present Iraq

Lt. Col. US Air Force 1968-1971 Clark Air Force Base - Philippines

Robert William Lowry

Ralph Hartoon

Ralph D. Biddle

William David Soffel

US Army 2019-Present Specialist Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA

Specialist US Army 1952-1955 Korea

Warrant Officer 13 Years US Navy WWII

US Marine Corp 1991-2000 Desert Storm

Clyde A. Barnard Spec. 5 US Army 1968-1971 Vietnam

4G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Colonel Jerry Shiles

US Army Retired 2011 Bronze Star, 2 Legions of Merit, 3 Army Commandations, Army Intelligance

Colonel Richard Shiles

James Shiles

US Army Retired 29+ Yrs. of Service

US Army Iraq 15+ Yrs. of Service

Fritz Anderson

Charles New

Sgt. Danny Combs

Japan 1946

US Air Force 1968-1971

MSgt. R.B. Burnett

Major Ronald Burnett

Lt. Col. Randel B. Burnett

Japan 1946


Melford J. Fisher Srgt. 1st Class US Army 1952-1954

Wes Blalock US Navy Bethel, OK

US Army 20 Yrs. of Service

Swanson Lee Frye

David A Shiles US Army E-4 Iraq 1999-2006

Glendon Ed Combs

Maj. Donald H. Shiles Vietnam Retired Shawnee, OK

Sgt. Heath L. Shirey

Sgt. Roy F. Briscoe

Sgt. James F. Wear

James Allen Guinn

James P. Kersey

Korea & Bosnia

US Navy 1942-1945 South Pacific 1951-1952 Korea

Jack Butler

US Army 101st Airborne, Korea

Jack Johnson

Captain Sean C. Burnett

Logan M. Burnett

Captain Bryant Burnett


Joshua B. Burnett

Circa 1968 Radarman 3rd Class Navy Vietnam

Jack Hickman

21 Yrs. of Service Retired

Army Corp. of Engineers Afghanistan

Ted Sloan

Troy Alvin Gouker

Wayne Duncan

Sgt. Don Brightwell Korea 1952-1954

Pvt. 1st Class U.S. Army Korean Conflict 1954-1956

Air Force Staff Sargeant 1942-1946

Leo J. Seikel

Joe Seikel

Bernard (Benny) Seikel

Robert E. Seikel

Harold E. Luis

Vietnam War Era US Army Private 1962-1964

Leo V. Seikel

Neal D. Seikel

Cpl, US Army U.S. & Germany 1957-1964


US 3rd Army World War 1 1917-1919

Marine Korean Era

Sergeant Korean War 1953-1960

US Army Reserves 1979-2011

US Navy World War II

US Air Force - Now US Army Staff Automated System Analyst

Sgt. 1st Class US Army Desert Storm Recruiter

US Army Reserves Wounded at Ft. Hood, TX Specialist E-4

USA Paratrooper

45th Division OK National Guard 1926-28 Shawnee News-Star


R.E. “Eddie” Hall

PFC US Army Korean War 1953-1955

3rd Class Petty Officer

H.E. Cole, Jr.

US Army U.S. Occupational Forces WWII - Japan Shawnee News-Star

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 5G


Because the memory will live forever. O v e r t h e p a s t y e a r, we have had the privilege of serving the families of many veterans. In recognition of the service these veterans rendered


t o t h e i r c o u n t r y, w e would like to show our appreciation this Ve t e r a n s D a y. Honoring the veterans who we have served.

113 Years

Family Quality

Tradition Integrity

You put your life on the line to serve our country. Now, we’re here to serve you.



2 1 0 We s t Wa l n u t • Te c u m s e h , O K ( 4 0 5 ) 5 9 8 - 2 1 2 4 • w w w. c o o p e r f u n e r a l . c o m

405.275.8830 FNBOKLA.BANK


275-8300 421 North Beard • Shawnee


6G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 Shawnee News-Star


US Army Radar Operator Shawnee, OK

Charles E. Spoon

US Army Helicopter Gunner Shawnee, OK

US Army

Fletcher Gayler

US Army Korea 1952-1954 4th Pitt Signal

Edward Littlehead, Jr.

Louis Cheatwood

SSgt. E-6 Ft. Bliss, TX Seminole, OK

PFC Jimmy Carter

Chance Kinnamon

US Army WWII Chandler, OK

Cpl. Kenneth Nixon

CPO Leo Jones

Thompson Stephenson

Donald L. James

Edward Caraway

William A. Weaver

William W. (Bill) Webb

John Burdick


USAF Bronze Star Recipient

Ted Zydiak

James “Bones” Walker

Johnnie Hershall Anderson

Lt. Col. Dennis Canant

Warren E. Artcliff

Front Line 1952-1954 Christmas Hill, Korea

US Navy 1942-1962 Military Transport Service

Don Madole

Sgt. E-5 Larry E. Kingsley, Sr.

Korea 1950-1951

Vietnam 1967-1969 11th Cavalry Tanker

Merrill Dean McBride, Jr.

US Army Corporal E4 Artillery Germany Served 6 Yrs.

Gordon C. Sovereign Korean Conflict 1st Class Petty Officer Shawnee, OK

Bill Lyon

US Navy Petty Officer US Air Force Served 10 Yrs. Hawaii

LCpl. Rhea Moore

US Marines Vietnam Purple Heart & Bronze Star

Civil Engineer 37th Infantry WWII 1943

Master Sgt. Myler G. (Mike) Crooks 32 Yrs. of Service RetiredJapan, Koirea, Okinawa

US Army Specialist 5 (ES)

Mikel Rushing US Navy McLoud, OK

Pvt. 1st Infantry US Army 45th Division

Timothy Jones US Navy Stroud, OK

Army Air Corp. 1942-1946


Dennis Duvall

Carl James Murphy

Robert Hutchcraft

PFC Wendell R. Sloan

Shawnee, OK

US Army 1965-1967 Vietnam War Era, Korea

Dick Slater

Spc. John Anthony

SSgt. Jake Willis

Sgt. Wallace Gene Hollan

US Army Shawnee, OK

3rd Class Machinist USS Smalley Shawnee, OK

US Army 45th Infantry WWII

2 Yrs. Active Duty Afghanistan

US Army Afghanistan

US Army

US Army Shawnee, OK

USM 1943-1945 Iwo Jima


Thomas W. Leach II

Jerry Haney

Spec. 4 Ronald W. Jones

James Junk

US Army Iraq

US Army Vietnam 1967-1968

Green Beret

Army Shawnee News-Star

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 7G


Thank You for Your Service


Offer valid on November 11, 2019 for all past and present armed service members. Valid for regular fries. Valid at participating locations only. Must show proof of service. Dine in only. One offer per person. Not valid with any other discounts. Other restrictions may apply.


Shawnee Colonial Estates Nursing & Rehab Long Term & Skilled Rehab

535 West Federal

(405) 273-7661





Paul’s Place


120 W. MacArthur • Shawnee • 405-275-5650


8G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Yvette Rolette Hill Oklahoma Army National Guard SPC 1993-2002

Leon Bell

Wilbur Kishketon Sergeant US Army 1956-1965 Korea

Donald E. Meshew

US Army E-5 1962-1965 Austin, TX Vietnam

Navy MM2 1952-1956 Served on USS Cone during Korean War

Roland Butler

Herbert C. Switch

US Army PFC World War II Guam, Philippine Islands

Walter Lee Black US Marine South Pacific WWII

Don Brown Jr.

US Navy Seabee 1943-1945 South Pacific WWII

PFC US Army 1953-1958 Korean War Shawnee News-Star


Antone Rolette

Rudy Rolette

PFC US Army 1960-1962 Ft. Lewis, WA Germany

US Navy 1951-1955 Personnelman 2nd Class San Diego, CA

Herb Sims

Kenneth Peltier Sr.

BT-3 US Navy USS Cassin Young Korea

Herbert C. Switch

Sergeant US Marine Corp. 1958-1973 3 Combat Tours Vietnam

Sergeant 1956-1960 US Marine Air Way El Toro, CA

Tec. 4 Carl Briggs US Army 1943-1946 Served in Germany & Philippines

Dexter Rolette SSgt. US Air Force 1960-1981 Vietnam, Germany

US Army 1945-1951 WWII, Korea

US Army 1945-1947

US Army National Guard Supply 1967-1973

DP1 US Navy - Retired 1961-1983

Warren G. Neal

Gary W. Thomas

Alfred J. Goate

Don Bright Navy - BM2 Vietnam

PFC US Army WWII in Germany

US Army 1941-1945 Bronze Star 3rd Armored Division Europe, Battle of the Bulge

US Army Infantry - Private 1914-1918 - France WWI

John H. Stephens

Daniel A. Mahoney

Evertt E. Burmeister WWI

US Army Spec. 1972-1975 Chaparral Air Defense Systems Specialist, Republic of South Korea

G.C. Blakemore

Spec. Ana Vega Rios

Specialist Adam Wilson

Andrew Columbus Sr.

Andrew Columbus Jr.

Daniel Columbus

US Navy Gunner’s Mate 1944-1946 WWII USS Berrien

US Army 82nd Div. Airborne 2009-2013

US Army, E4 Germany, Iraq & Afghanistan 8 Yrs of Service

US Army World War II

US Army 1952-1954 187-RCT Sergeant Korea, Japan

Spc 4 David Thompson

US Army Specialist Vietnam

Private WWII

Harry Walker, Jr.

Cpl. Kenneth W. Jones

PFC US Army Korea Conflict Killed In Action Sept. 1950

Fred “Chissy” Williams

Leroy Downs Sr.

Army Korean War

Bill E. Slaughter

Cpl. James C. Krick

US Navy USS Franklin WWII

Gilbert Skip Rolette

US Navy Vietnam War

Richard Neal Carter

Army National Guard E5 - Sergeant

Lanny N. Middleswarth

US Navy 1968-1970

Travis Neal Carter

US Army Spec. 2002-2008 Black Hawk Crew Chief Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan

Jerry R. Levi

Army SP-5, E-5 Command Group Support Detachment - 1968-1970 Shawnee News-Star

Jessie Delmer Farnham

Raymond Laughlin

Bill Sims Sr.

SFC Stephanie Scarberry

Travis Sullivan

Travis Sullivan Jr.

US Army Spec 4 Germany 1961-1964

EN 3rd Class Petty Officer USS St. Paul, Heavy Crusier Flagship - 1969-1973

Korea 1951-1955 USS Estes AGC 12

US Army Served in Iraq, Afghanistan Kirkuk, Kuait, Qatar

US Army E-4 Veteran

Air Force Currently Serving in Iraq

John (Cowboy) W. Barnes

Leroy Barnes


Mariah E. Codopony US Army Sgt E 5 2010-Present Afghanistan


Jimmie C. Steele

US Army SP4 1960-1966 Alaska

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 9G


Noel Greenwalt USN

Clifton R. Hines

Tige A. West

Bryan K. Hines

Jesse W. Myers

Verdun C. Myers

Skip R. Myers

Cpl. Victory L. Blackwell

Samuel E. Rodd

US Army 1968-1970 Vietnam

US Navy HMC 1939-1960 South Pacific

US Army Private 1st Class Korea

US Navy - WWII 1942-1946 Yoeman 2nd Class Served in South Pacific

US Army Began Serving in 2004 3 Tours - Iraq & Afghanistan

US Army 1966-1968 Specialist 5 - Pacific Stars & Stripes/Vietnam

James Elbert Campbell

LaRue Guoladdle

Darlene Sankadota-Sanders

Kimberly Tokekoyah

Thomas L. Campbell

Cpl. John Eldon Gentry

Bobby Gene Cook

George Franklin Barclay

US Army - Private First Class WWII - Company K, 311th Infantry Regiment - 1918

Harold K. Steele

US Air Force 1945-1963 Staff Sergeant

T Sgt. US Army WWII Pacific PH-SS

Army Spc.

Cpl. USMC 1971-1973

R.E. Hall

Army Srgt.

Debra K. Steele US Army PFC 986-1988

Hubert Holsapple Technician Gift Grade 343rd Infantry

Nolan W. Roberts

Army Air Core WWII 1942-1945 South Pacific

Clifton D. Neamon

Kansas Air National Guard A1C Electric/Environmental McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS

SSgt. USMC 1993-2001

Army E-4 Specialist Medic Germany

Sgt. Noah J. Hines

Army Spec-4 Supply Clerk Germany

SSgt. Scott Hurley

US Army Infantry 1966-1968 Sergeant Korea

US Army & National Guard Korea, Germany, Iraq, Louisiana 28 Yrs Service - Retired

William D. Askin

Sgt. Jeffery A. Smith

Marine Lance Corporal

US Army Sgt. 1st Class Retired 23 Yrs. Service Vietnam, Kuait

Lance Corporal Tank Commander USMC Corporal 1942-1945 Retrieved Tank Mechanics Guam, Iwo Jima

Air Force E-4 Staff Sgt. Crew Sheif KC 135 McConnell AFB

Gene Renegar Army Stationed Korea 1962-1964

Ray Belford

US Army - WWII Veteran 1943-1945 Stationed in Italy

Glen Sloan

Army 1965-1989 Sfc. Retired

10G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Sgt. Heath L. Shirey

Sfc. Kory Wingo

Duegu (TAEGU), S. Korea Tecumseh, OK

Army National Guard SW Afghanistan Shawnee, OK

Larry Allen Kibbie

CMSgt. Donald R. Anderson

US Marines Staff Sgt. Camp Pendleton Shawnee, OK

US Air Force/OK National Guard Shawnee, OK

Sgt. Robert Allen Neal

Sgt. Ronnie Ritter III

US Army Ft. Benning, GA Harahan, LA

Army National Guard 45th Inf. McLoud, OK Shawnee News-Star


Leslie D. Smith Private 1st Class Chanju, Korea Tribbey, OK

Billy E. Nichols

US Navy A048 Neosho WWII Occupation Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Double Bronze Star

Lyle H. Collins

Air Force Natl. Guard at Will Rogers in OKC for 6 Yrs. Basic Training at Lankland AFB in 1958

Pft. Robert James Neville US Army Ft. Hood, TX Shawnee, OK

Sgt. Aaron Ingmire Army Calvary Scout Recruiter, TN Tecumseh, OK

Corporal Gabe Kehner US Marines Camp Pendleton, CA

Sgt. Tom Barnes

Roman Stephanie US Air Force E-6 Tech Sargeant Vietnam 1958-1978

Major Cecil Johnston

1949-1952 NC and Hawaii Artillery Dept.

PFC Robert Everett Ellis

2nd Lt. Wallace Louis Tyner

2nd Lt. William L. Ford

US Air Force WWII Served 13 Mos. as a POW

4th Missile Command South Korea 1965

Wyatt Messner

John Shelby Shackelford

US Army Germany

SSgt. Charles M. Coffman

Pvt. Corbett Story US Army Korean War

Marines Stationed Pensacola, FL

Iraq and Kuwait Shawnee, OK

US Army Retired WWII

US Army Transport Specialist Iraq 1995-2005

US Navy 1960-1964

US Navy 1957-1961 USS Sirius AF60

Operation Iraq Freedom 1st Class Petty Officer Flight Engineer - Edmond, OK

WWII, South Pacific, Korea Sgt. Crime Scene Investigator Shawnee, OK

Keith Furgason

Russell Furgason Sr.

Kenneth Leone

Frank Kennon

Spc. Kenneth VanDyne

Richard Carter

Robert C. Strong

Roger Lewis Shaw

Vernon Hoskins

Scotty Ray Fleetwood

Raymond Atkinson Jr.

Spc. Jacob Levi Miller

Leonard T. Walker

Loyle Coleman

US Army 1974

William Haley

USMC 1944-1946

Russell Furgason Jr.

US Army Korean War, POW

US Army Infantry Vietnam Era

Vietnam, South East Asia Sgt. Radio Operator Stroud, OK

USMC 1951-1952

Master Sgt. US Army Paratrooper Retired

US Navy WWII Shawnee, OK

Vilseck, Germany

US Army 1953-1956 Stationed in England

WWII Honolulu Shawnee News-Star

SFC Anthony J. Grasso Stationed Ft. Sill, OK

Delbert J. Souders

US Navy Gunners Mate 3rd Class

Sgt. Allen Wingo

Army National Guard

Denver Lee Claytor, Sr.

Dillon Keith Fred Lewis

Howard (Stoney) Piersing

Enlisted Sept. 3, 1968 Stationed in Vietnam 1969-Feb. 1970 Lance Corporal, Received 3 Stars, RVN Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Meritorious Citation, Purple Heart Seminole, OK

Bradley Love Fireman Murrah Building

W.C. Love US Army WWII

Sgt. Don Galyer

USAF 1964-1968 Texas, Alaska, Alabama

Sgt. 1st Class 1947-1970 Bronze Star, Vietnam & Korea

Bruce Love USAF Korea

1Lt. Jim Hansford US Army Korea 1966-1967

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 11G


USAF Current

Sgt. Hanson Brewer US Army Air Corps 1942-1945

Esteline (Sloan) Schulenberg

Sgt. Virginia M. Carroll (Thorton) WAC, WWII

Donald H. Schulenberg

Tech. Sgt. Chad Lefferts US Airforce Hickam AFB, Hawaii Recently returned from Korea

Brian Reed

Army National Guard Ft. Jackson, SC Shawnee, OK

Mark Ballard

Hershall Clark

Major Carl Clark

Lester Love

Timothy Love

Lt. James D. Kersey

USM Okinawa

WWII 1942

Mike Williamson

Kenneth Ollen Gouker

LT Robert F. Thornton

SP4 Vietnam Air Mohl Artillery

US Women’s Army Corp PFC Oct. 1954-Oct. 1956

US Marines Vietnam Era Sharp Shooter

John K. Parrish

PFC Albert M. Ailey

Cameron W. Wells

Earl Redman Reynolds US Army Served during WWII

US Navy Korean Era Store Keeper

Edward Love

Everett Love

Gregory Love

US Army WWII Korea

James Hansford, Sr.

US Navy Chief Petty Officer South Pacific 1941-1944

Germany/France WWII Shawnee, OK


Don Haley Pvt. 1st Class

Airman 1st Class Langly AFB, Virginia Yukon, OK

USM Desert Storm

Lonnie Brightwell Jr. USAF WWII Korea

Chonju, Korea 1946-1946

Ed Reece

Gary Reed

US Army Retired Chief Warrant Officer - Served in Korea & 2 Tours in Vietnam

Fort Richardson, Alaska Shawnee, OK

Leslie D. Smith

USM Okinawa


Vietnam War



12G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Grace Thorpe US Army

Truman V. Kaskuske Shawnee News-Star


Levi F. Coody Marine

Willard Poncho Walker

Arlo Griggs US Army

US Army

Clinton Darneal US Army (Retired) E-8 Vietnam ERA

Corp. Matthew Snyder

Walter Johnson

Marine - Iraq

Julius Max Hudson

Jim Meek US Navy 1950-1954

US Army 29th Infantry Division 175th Infantry Reg. Co. G

Barran Tucker

James F. Shiles Jr.

James F. Shiles Sr.

James P. Thomas Jr.

O.L. Locke

Ray J. Farley

Sgt. Brenden Sheppard

Billy Zuker

Warren Graybeal US Navy World War II

Ernest Steward

US Army SSGT - World War II

Erica Bookout

Haley Davis

Wyatt Messer

Jacky King


US Air Force Korean War

Norman R. Keltner

Johnny P. Johnson

SFC Marion J. Madden

Cpl. James Alderson Army 1950-1952 Korean Conflict

Captain Carl Lightner

Lawrence P. Murray U.S. Army 1943-1945 82nd Airborne

MSgt. Dewey Beene

USAF Retired 36 Yrs Service 507th Tactical Fighter & Refueling Wing

Shianna Kinnett

45th Infantry Korean War 1950-1952

WO John A. Townsend III

Jacob Thayne Little

Christopher Wilson

Cpl. Jack J. Rodgers

Cpl. Ronnie Harbert

Donovan Cain

US Navy 1942-1946

World War I

Staff Sgt. John A. Townsend Sr.

Petty Officer USN

Major (Rtd) John A. Townsend Jr.

US Army 1950-1952 - Co D US Army 1982-2008 - 75 Rangers US Army 2014-Present 180th, 45th - Korea, Japan Desert Shield/Storm, Iraqi Freedom Ft. Sill, Korea, Ft. Rucker, AL

Army Specialist Vilseck, Germany Active Duty

US Navy Future Sailors

Air Force

Petty Officer First Class E6 USS Fitzgerald DDG 62 San Diego, CA

US Navy Future Sailors

Army 1952-1954 Ft. Eustis, VA

US Navy Future Sailors

US Marine Vietnam 1968

Airman 1st Class USAF

Air Force Shawnee News-Star


Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 13G

14G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Mordell Trammell US Army T5 Radio Operator WWII

Brand Setzer

Oklahoma Army National Guard E-4/Specialist Afghanistan 1 Tour


Jay Gunter

SGT E-5 US Army 1963-1966 Germany

Thomas T. Rigg Chief Petty Officer US Navy 1962-1972 Shawnee News-Star

Major Aric Foster

Chaplain 345th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion US Navy 1998-2007 US Army Chaplain Corps 2007-Presnt

ATLANTIC OCEAN (Nov. 2, 2017) – Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 2nd Class Emilee Fundell, from Macomb, Oklahoma, assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) air department, directs Capt. Richard C. McCormack, Ford’s commanding officer, prior to McCormack piloting an F/A-18E Super Hornet for the first time off of Ford’s flight deck. Ford is underway conducting test and evaluation operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ryan Litzenberger)

Jones Family

Brothers and Sister

Emilee is the sister of Frank and Craig Bourlon and daughter of Steve and Dawn Bourlon from Bethel Acres and joined the U.S. Navy upon graduating from Macomb High School in 2012. She has served on the USS Ronald Regan prior to her current assignment on the USS Gerald R. Ford and has seen one deployment to the Persian Gulf since her enlistment.

Major Carl M. Clark, USAAC; 1918-2002 (Top Row Left)

B-17 Pathfinder Pilot, 8th Air Force; 533rd Bomb Squadron; 381 & 93rd Bomb Groups Completed 30 Missions over Germany in WWII

This picture was taken in 1942. These men and women were inducted in the Army that year. Photo by: Houstin Payne

Ronnie Beaver and Justin Beaver Army Shawnee News-Star

Kenneth Pfeil

Air Force 1961-1965 Airman 1st Class Germany 3 Years

Kerri Hernadey

Kevin Johnson

Kimberly Roby (Jones)

Pvt. 1st Class WWII


Pvt. US Army 1990-1993

Lawrence Davis

Lawrence Wahpepah

Lee Edward Dockrey

Lee Oliver

Loren Franklin Washburn

Carl Haley

David Simpson US Navy Meeker

Spc. Sophia Land Gamberi Air Base Afghanistan Shawnee, OK

A1C Jerry Kirkland

Reserve Sgt. 45th Army Inf. Shawnee, OK

US Navy Gunners Mate 3rd Class USS Carney 1943-1945

Marc Clovis US Navy Bethel, OK

SSgt. M. Wayne Ross US Army Korea Shawnee, OK

Donald T. Thomas

US Army Battle of the Bulge Purple Heart, Bronze Star, C/B

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 15G


US Marines

US Army Korea

Mercy Waggoner US Navy Ada, OK

Brenton S. Ross

US Army Korean War

Arthur Mullins US Navy Seminole, OK

Grant W. Ross

US Army Iraq Shawnee, OK

US Army Schofield Barracks Shawnee, OK

Vince McCauley

Spc. Mason Sovereign

Date Processing Tech 1st Class Petty Officer

Army National Guard 1-180th 45th Calvary

14th Army Cavalry 1956-1958 East-West Border

Jeff D. Potter US Navy WWII Shawnee, OK

Russell K. Ross

L.M. Potter USAF 1951-1954

Frank Richard Sauter PVT/SGT Army Special Services

Leon French US Army 1941-1945

John Hambree, Jr.

Joe Martin


US Army Korean Conflict PFC MIA


Leo McNeal

Roger Shaw

Garry Souders

Milton Mallory


SFC Charles Sales

US Army Korea - P.O.W.

Terry Scheuerman

USN 1967-1970

Garth D. Nixon

US Marines Iraq Camp Pendleton, CA Shawnee, OK

Co. B 180th Infantry Regiment 45th Division Korea

Spec. 4 Army 1st Class Stationed in Ft. Polk, PA Shawnee, OK

Army PFC 1946-1947 Military Police WWII

Jim Guinn

Jesse T. Johnson

Julius Max Hudson

Gary Reed

US Navy 1956-1960 Civilian Corp. Bethel, OK

US Army Air Corp. Italy, WWII

US Navy 1942-1946

Vietnam Era

16G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Johnny Jones

US Army 1988-1992 Specialist Germany Iraq

Bill Partain

A.J. Magnino

Albert Wahweah

USAF 1948-1952 Shawnee News-Star


Pvt. US Army 1942

Arlin Knoles

Bill Madole

Joseph Carter

1942-1945 Europe - Wounded Purple Heart Recipient

Verlin Geisler

Korea 1951-1952

Seaman Apprentice WWII


Cpt. Lee A. Bevers

Carl E. Springer, Sr.

Lt. Jonathan Walker

POW for 3½ Yrs.

PFC Bill Price

USAF 16 Yrs. of Service

HMS US Navy 1948-1953 1st Marine Division Korea 1951-1952

Billy D. Donova

Bob Genzer USS St. Paul Heavy Cruiser US Navy

45th Div. 11th Field Artillery Supply Sgt. 1953-1954 Korea

Bobby Winston

Brian Blansett US Army Fort Polk, LA July 1971

Air Medal w/3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Distinguished Flying Silver Star & POW Medal

Charles Blochowiak

William Blochowiak

Richard Blochowiak

Jeffrey Blochowiak

Ed Blochowiak

Scott Blochowiak

AF Res. CMSGT. Ret. 33 Yrs.

SSgt. Rebecca McGee US Army Conroe, TX Houston, TX

Cathy L. Jamison Hume US Air Force

AF Res. CMSGT. Ret. 33 Yrs.

AF Res. CMSGT. Ret. 33 Yrs.

CSM Robert N. McGee

Robert L. McGee

US Army - Retired Conroe, TX Houston, TX

Guy Loftis

US Navy Shawnee, OK

AF Res. MSGT. Active 21 Yrs

Cpt. Pierre “Leon” Alford

US Army MSGT. Korea Shawnee, OK

US Army Air Corps Fighter Pilot WWII Stationed in New Guinea Shawnee, OK

Cpl. Elmer Terrel

John W. McKinney

Korean War 37th AAA Gun Battalion Shawnee, OK

US Navy WWII, Korean, Vietnam

USAF SGT. 4 Yrs. Vietnam

Spc. Jeremy Heath Vanderburg

US Army

Ted Smith

USAF SSGT. Active 13 Yrs. Korea

US Army MSG. Ret. 27 Yrs. Kuwait Iraq Afghanistan

Vanderburg Uncles US Army

Charles Lee Gilpin

Pvt. XL Wilson

Stationed in Hawaii 1943-1945 Okinawa Japan WWII McAlester, OK

SSgt. Francis ‘Dug’ Higdon US Air Force WWII and Korean War

Major Bobby G. Burnett USAF - 1947-1972 Served in Alaska, Pacific Theater, North Africa & U.S.

US Army Ft. Bragg, NC

Specialist Afghanistan Tecumseh/Shawnee area

US Army Active Duty Baghdad, Iraq

Robert Cearley

Military Police, Honor Guard Korean War

Olen O. Sanders Sgt. Army WWII Shawnee News-Star

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 17G


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In the air, on land and at sea, our troops are making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty. Our thoughts are with the troops and their families that they all return safely.

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Bless Our Troops & Veterans. Thank You for Your Service.

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18G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

2019 VETERANS Shawnee News-Star

Ruben Rivers On November 19, 1944, Staff Sergeant Ruben Rivers was a tank commander in the 761st Tank Battalion, the “Black Panthers”, an all-black unit (commanded by white officers) of Third Army. On that day, the 761st was approaching the Siegfried Line near Guebling in eastern France. Rivers had been severely wounded three days earlier in action near Vic-sur-Seille, for which he was later awarded a Silver Star. He refused evacuation, going so far as refusing morphine and disobeying a direct order from his company commander to evacuate. On November 19, near the town of Bougaktroff, the Black Panthers encountered a well-positioned German anti-tank unit, which delivered extremely heavy fire. Rivers ordered the other tanks to withdraw while he remained with his tank to provide covering fire. With his position fully exposed, the Germans directed their fire at him, hitting his tank with two high-explosive shells killing Rivers and wounding the crew. The next day, his company commander, Captain David J. Williams, submitted a recommendation for the Medal of Honor for Rivers. At the time, the Army wasn’t awarding Medals of Honor to black soldiers, and the recommendation went nowhere. Over the years, Captain Williams continued to press for the Medal for SSGT Rivers. It was finally approved, and on January 13, 1997, President Bill Clinton presented SSGT Rivers’ Medal of Honor to Ms. Grace Woodfork, one of his sisters. David Williams was in attendance at the ceremony. SSGT Rivers’ Medal of Honor citation:

“… for extraordinary heroism in action during the period 15-19 November 1944, toward Guebling, France. Though severely wounded in the leg, Sergeant Rivers refused medical treatment and evacuation, took command of another tank, and advanced with his company in Guebling the next day. Repeatedly refusing evacuation, Sergeant Rivers continued to direct his tank's fire at enemy positions through the morning of 19 November 1944. At dawn, Company A's tanks began to advance towards Bougaktroff, but were stopped by enemy fire. Sergeant Rivers, joined by another tank, opened fire on the enemy tanks, covering company A as they withdrew. While doing so, Sergeant River's tank was hit, killing him and wounding the crew. Staff Sergeant Rivers' fighting spirit and daring leadership were an inspiration to his unit and exemplify the highest traditions of military service.” Ruben Rivers was born at Tecumseh, Oklahoma, on October 31, 1918. When the United States entered World War II, Rivers and two of his brothers joined the Army. SSGT Rivers is buried in the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial, located just outside Saint-Avole, Départment de la Moselle, France. Shawnee News-Star

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 19G


Local Brothers from Meeker Remember the Surrender of Japan


Glen is holding an original edition of The Shawnee News-Star announcing the end of WWII. This is the very edition the brothers’ parents read that announced the end of the war.

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Cpl. Glen L.R. Winter

TEC-5 U.S. Army Americanl Division, Anti-Tank Infantry, 11th Airborne, Anti-Tank Co, 187th Glider Infantry, South Pacific (Philippines, Japan) WWII

712 E. HIGHLAND 405-275-3500


Sgt. Arvel R. Winter

U.S. Army 41st Infantry Division 162nd Regiment South Pacific (New Guinea, Philippines, Japan) WWII SMSGT, USAF Reserves


The Michael Cappo Agency Downtown Shawnee, Corner of 9th & Beard

James B. Sloan

(405) 273-0110


Airborne Paratrooper

Thank you for your service! We Salute Our Veterans 1939-2019

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324 E. Main Shawnee


HIGHLAND 16 W. Highland Shawnee, OK 74801

HARRISON 2533 N. Harrison Shawnee, OK 74804





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20G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Daniel D. Wind

Staff Sgt. 2nd Div. 9th Inf. WWII Germany Okemah, OK

Stephen Shortall

Sgt. William (Bill) Rogers

MSgt. George C. Gray

Cpl. Jonathan R. Bull

Quarter Emirl McDonnell AFB, KS Shawnee, OK

Abraham Weins

82 Air Born Ft. Bragg, NC Korea 1959 Berlin, Germany 1962

Pvc. COD 56th Inf. WWI Purple Heart Recipient

Afghanistan 2006-2007 Kuwait/Cavalry Scout Shawnee, OK

Lt. Adam Shepherd

Spc. Jamie Salas

Pfc. James Anderson

Larry Taylor

Name on Vietnam Wall Killed on Combat Mission 1969

US Navy Stationed in NAS Ocean, Virginia Beach, VA Shawnee, OK

Spc. Samuel C. Prather

John Robert Weld

Sgt. Justin Kyle Beaver

Lt. Colonel Kirk Ingold

Army National Guard Kuwait Meeker, OK

Afghanistan - Ft. Bragg, NC Shawnee, OK

Spc. Mark Pritchard Ft. Sill, OK Shawnee, OK Shawnee News-Star


179th Inf. Regt. 45 Div. Camp Polk, LA

18 Yrs. U.S. Army Shawnee, OK

Lt. Col. Paul Milburn USAF Reserves Retired Shawnee, OK

US Army 1956-1958 White Sans Proving Grounds Fort Sill, OK

SSG-6 Sq. Leader/Platoon Sgt. Vietnam Purple Heart

Pvt. Oliver Kelly Weld Sr. Sgt. John Patrick Kelly

Carl Frank Brenner

US Army Fort Hood McLoud, OK

Company “I” 49th Inf. A.E.F.

Claude (Buck) Renfro USA Navy 1950-1954 GM2 Korean Veteran

Geoff D. Bowles US Army 1953-1976 Oklahoma

US Army 1977-1990 Germany Shawnee, OK

Tommy Barton

US Army 1964-1967 E-1 Shawnee, OK

Merle Moses

2nd Div. 2nd Bat. Korean War

Sgt. Mykle D. Bull

Kuwait/Forward Observer 2011-2012 Shawnee, OK

Gary Fisher

Alice Fredericks

Thomas W. Leach II

Spc. Mike Kehner

Steven Blassingame

Wayne B. Lollar

Aaron M. Heck

Marine Private 1st Class Stationed in San Diego, CA Choctaw/Shawnee area

Army Specialist 4 1982-1985 Multi-Channel Communications, Remote Site Germany

US Army Master Sgt. - WWII US Air Force - Korean Was

Bosnia/Calvary Scout 1995-1998 Shawnee, OK

PFC4 1st Air Cavalry Near Da Nang Vietnam Shawnee, OK

Electronic Technician Mate Second Class Shawnee, OK

Iraq Veteran

Spc. James A. Bull

US Navy Rank E-3 Bremerton, WA

O. Bill Hampton

Airman 2nd Class 137th Air National Guard

Rank: E6 Afghanistan Shawnee, OK

2nd St. Kelton Miller

Norman Searcy US Air Force 1942-1946

Cpl. James Krick WWII 1941-1945

Colonel Ron Primmer

Army Air Ranger 1961-1989 Korea, Vietnam, Germany

Charles Woods

Quantico, VA Keller, TX

Army - Air Force Finance 1942-1945 WWII

LTC Shannon G. Pool

Pvt.-Sgt. Frank Sauter

US Army Somalia, Iraq, Taji ROTC, Kansas

Special Services New Guinea, Australia, Luzon, Japan Shawnee News-Star

Theo M. Seikel

Captain US Army Pacific, Korea & Japan World War II 1943-1948

US Army, 11th Airborne Div. Korean War 1953-1957

Corporal US Army Air Corps World War II

Major General, OK Air National Guard 30 Years Service

Rita (Bly) Aragon

James H. Bentley

Raymond Pete Junk

Wilber G. Brazier

Fred Letterman

Edward Allen

Gary Lee Watson

Sgt. JT (Tex) McGee

Sgt. Jess McGee

Served 1942-1945 on the Natchez in the Pacific

Sgt. Merritt Y. Austin

50th Military Police Battalion APO 75

Leon Kruger

Pvt. 1st Class U.S. Army

Paul Donnie Wolf US Army

Cpl. Don Shields

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 21G


USAF 1952-1972 Retired E-6

Lloyd DuBoisel


US Navy 1980-1988

Stanford Sweeden Austin

Eric Dean Warren

US Navy Veteran WWII

Navy 2009 Killed in Action 2012 Afganistan

Army 1989 Schofield Base, Oahu, Hawaii

Bill Hudlow

Delbert Jennings

Dennis Jennings

US Navy U.S.S. Prairie

Ulysses Grant US Navy

A/2C US Air Force 1957-1961

Chester Grant US Navy

Marvin Dean Warren Jr.

US Air Force 1948-1971

Marine 1968-1971 Radio Operator

Charles L. George

USS Severn, Navy Korean War

Sgt. Odis C. Roy

Harvey Carter

71st Infantry Div. 1941-1945 Meat Cutter & Baker

Marvin Warren Sr.

Joseph Warren

Cpl. Edgar L. Freeze

Ross Jennings

Walter E. Johnston

Bill Jones

Navy Vietnam

A/1C US Air Force 1959-1966

Elmer Manatowa

Dewey Butler US Navy

Army World War II


Thomas Franklin US Army

Hershall Clark

Sergeant First Class Active Army

Marine 1962-1965 Paratrooper & Guard

A/2C US Air Force 1962-1966

US Army

E-4 Radarman 3rd Class U.S.S. Hunt 1960-1966

US Army Medic World War II

Merchant Marine WWII

J.C. Everett US AF 28 Years

Odell Morris


Staff Sgt. US Army Korea 1951-1953

Harry Butler Jr.

Aaron Hart


22G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

Major Glen C. Davis Shawnee News-Star


US Army - Retired Korean War

Sworn in to Army by father Glen C. Davis Oklahoma City, OK

Glen R. Davis

PFC Casey Davis

Sgt. Nicholas Coleman Army National Guard Purple Heart Bethel Acres, OK

US Marines Combat Engineer Okinawa, Japan

US Air Force Thailand, New York, Texas

WWII Greek Civil War Tecumseh, OK

Raymond Weeks

Austin Carberry

Nickolus A. Byrd

Samuel Keith Mitchell

James L. Carter

Melvin D. Carter

Cpl. Billy D. Carter

Sgt. Eugene “Bud” Carter

Gerald (Gary) Carter

PFC Thomas Spriggs

Robert B. Lowder

Curtis L. Lowder

Rebecca Gray

Vell Hall

Randy Greer

US Marines Afghanistan, Africa

US Army 1953-1958 Korea Veteran Shawnee, OK

Henry Vines

Brian & Natalie Vines

Pvt. Richard A. Spriggs

Private 1st Class South Korea Shawnee, OK

Darrell Palmer

E7 4 Army “Tunnel Rat” Vietnam 1968-1969

CW4 Kenneth A Keck Rug Master of YTM 771 1970

Cpl. James Hurst US Army Korea

E-4 Specialist Durant, OK Luther, OK

Darryl Fisher US Army 1972-1976

Cpl. Sean Grasso

US Army Iraq Tulsa, OK

US Air Force Airman WWII

W. Bowen Lowder US Army WWII Fort Lee, VA

Don E. Arnald

US Army 1962-1965 Specialist 5th Class Shawnee, OK

Leonard L. Lowder US Army WWII 579th Squadron 392nd Bomber Group

Timmy Gills

USMC Infantry 2009-2013 Afag. SVC. 2013

US Army 24th Infantry Korea and Japan

US Air Force Quatar - Middle East

Cpl. Robert Barnard

Bill Vines

Jack Vines

Army CO.B 9th Ordinance Battalion

1942-1945 NWV Caledonia

1943-1944 State Side

Pfc. Mark Ellis

US Army Korean Was Seminole, OK

W. James Lowder

Sgt. Gary W. Wingo

US Army WWII Deceased - Killed in Italy

US Navy WWII USS Mt. McKinley, USS Harry Lee, USS Wyoming

US Navy WWII Mine Sweeper USS Fitch

Spc. Melissa Wood

Sgt. Jonathan Earl Cheateam

US Army 2-2 SBCT Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA Shawnee, OK

Fred Vines

1944-1946 Korea Philippine Islands

1948-1950 Germany

US Army Specialist E-5 Seminole, OK

US Marines Vietnam Aircraft Electrician

Washington State US Army Selection Board

Air Force


Army Specialist 1990-1998

US Army 1951

Ft. Bragg, NS 1963 82nd Airborne Division Shawnee News-Star

Cpl. James Robinson, Jr.

Terry N. Mosley

Sandra Wahweah

Weston K. Reynolds

US Army 1951-1953

US Navy 1972-1978 Vietnam War

SA, US Navy 1966-1968

SGT. - US Army 2014-Present Ft. Bragg, Germany

Larry E. Kingsley Sr.

Robert Tyler Collier

Vietnam 1967-1969 11th Cav. Tank Commander Shawnee, OK

FC3 Nicholas Hall US Navy Active Duty USS Elrod Shawnee, OK

Bill Langston

US Army 1950-1971 30 Years Federal Service

US Air Force Bethel Acres, OK

Rea Lester Sparks

US Army 1966-1968 Vietnam Purple Heart Recipient

John Aylor

US Army - Spc 4 Signal Core Seoul, Korea 1959-1961 Shawnee, OK

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019 • 23G


John Fanelli

SSG Doug Warden

Michael D. Medley

Cpl. James H. Sullivan

United State Coast Guard

Airborne Infancy & Special Active 1968-1991, USCG Reserve 1972-1991, Forces. Germany, Vietnam Vietnam 1969-1971, Desert Shield 1991 & Okinawa, 1966-1973

A1C 1964-1968 Okinawa, Thailand Fuel Truck Driver

Chester A. Grant US Navy Korea and Vietnam

Homer Floyd Evans Jr.

US Army Infantry WWII 1944-1946 Sulphur/Shawnee, OK

Norwood Masquat Jr. US Army 1965-1969

SFC Ken Crawford

Bill Tefertiller

US Army 1972-1975 Camp Darby, Italy

Joseph Tyner Crossley US Navy ADJ2 (E-5) NAS Patuxent River, MD Shawnee, OK

Thomas Schran

US Navy EM San Diego, CA (INTC) Naval Training Center 1959

J.C. Smith

Navy 1944-1947 Chief Paymaster

Retired - Served in Vietnam Shawnee, OK

US Navy WWII Electrician Mate 1st Class

William Christie

Cecil E. Anderson

Charles Cockrell

US Army 1956-1967 Vietnam Shawnee, OK

US Army 1948-1973 Vietnam

Marine Korean War

Sgt. Arvel R. Winter U.S. Army 41st Inf. Div. 162nd Reg. WWII

Cpl. Glen L.R. Winter

TEC-5 U.S. Army Americanl Division, Anti-Tank Infantry, 11th Airborne, Anti-Tank Co, 187th Glider Infantry, WWII

Corporal James Robinson

Tomas Smith

Jim Walling

Korea 1951-1953

US Marine Shawnee

Col. H.V. McDonald

Kaleigh Tigner Wilson

US Air Force WWII

71st Security Forces Unit

David J. Novey

Charles R. Campbell

2nd Lt. Ellen Fern Tyner Wapp


Nathan Hill Marine Iraq

101 Airborne

Cpl. Allen Esco Hurst

US Army Medical Corps WWII 1942-1944

US Army US Army Reserves Served in Korea Bronze Star Recipient

PFC Amanda McDonald

ES Chosei Fukahara

US Army Active Duty Elite Sharp Shooting Team Seoul, South Korea

Long Bin, Vietnam 259th Replacement Co. Food Service

24G • Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019

2019 VETERANS Shawnee News-Star





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2019 Honoring Our Brave Veterans  

2019 Honoring Our Brave Veterans is a special annual publication of The Shawnee News-Star, Shawnee, Oklahoma. It features veterans, past and...

2019 Honoring Our Brave Veterans  

2019 Honoring Our Brave Veterans is a special annual publication of The Shawnee News-Star, Shawnee, Oklahoma. It features veterans, past and...