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A Q&A with a bride about her Ottawa wedding and Streator reception

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2 Saturday, January 26, 2019


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Things to consider to look your best on the big day


thinking beyond (and beneath) the dress Brides put a lot of thought into their dresses — but they also should devote attention to undergarments as well.


dress fitting 101 This fitting guide lists tips to keep in mind at each of your wedding dress fittings.


a well-groomed groom Weddings may traditionally be the bride’s time to shine, but grooms can brush up on their look with these wedding day shaving tips.

Cover Story 10

Tom and Maggie Pumo at Washington Square in downtown Ottawa on their wedding day. They wed nearby at St. Columba Church. Read about their wedding on page 10.

Brandy Swartz Photography

learning from experience December bride Maggie Pumo dishes details on how she got engaged, buying the dress, choosing the reception venue and more.

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home is where the heart is Strategies and tips to keep in mind when planning a ceremony and/or reception at home.

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dotting i’s and crossing t’s Make sure you know all the details of securing your marriage license.

blooming ideas A florist walks brides-to-be through flower budgets and the many ways a florist can help.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019 3

Invisible Side Bride Of The


What you wear beneath the dress matters, too Stephanie Jaquins For The Times


Bethany Brown 815-257-8817

January Brown 314-974-1044


elieve it or not, your wedding dress should not only look great — it should be comfortable, too. With properly fitting undergarments and the work of a good seamstress, a bride shouldn’t worry about pulling up or tugging down on her special day. Some brides are lucky and can save some money in their budgets by using a bra they already own, but Kathy Glascock, owner of Girlfriends...the bra specialists, said most times the dress requires a new bra.

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4 Saturday, January 26, 2019

According to lingerie brand Freya, 80 percent of women currently are wearing the wrong bra size, including a cup size that is too small and a band strap size that is too big. If breasts are bulging over the top or from the sides or bottom of the cups, there’s a good chance you are wearing the wrong size. If straps are digging into your shoulders, it’s a sign that the straps are doing too much of the work and the band size needs to be smaller to provide a snugger fit. Wedding dress trends in the last few years have required brides to get creative with what they wear underneath their dress, she said. Glascock and her staff have been helping brides find the right undergarments for a decade, and in the last few years have seen backless, strapless wedding dresses with plunge necklines come into fashion. The skin-baring trend creates a challenge for shops like Girlfriends. “There truly is no bra that will work of any kind, so they have to get creative,” Glascock said. For some dresses, a stick-on bra might be the solution, and other

times she suggests a bride ask her seamstress if it’s possible to sew a bra into the dress. “That happens now more often than anything. We have a large bustier collection — up to a European GG cup — and have sold a lot of those even though the sales on those have drastically declined because of the types of styles that are out there.” The newest trend also makes it sometimes impossible to wear shapewear. “You can’t have a garment with compression in the front when you’re wearing an open back dress,” she said. Not all brides want shapewear, she added, it’s a personal preference. Glascock recommends bringing the dress in with you, or if that’s not possible, bring a photograph of the dress. Most commonly, brides shop for undergarments before the first fitting, she said. Brides who are dieting, should shop right before their fitting, because weight loss would effect the fit of a bra or other undergarments.

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Find the right fit

The Times

Undergarments should be brought to all fittings to ensure they fit properly with the dress. Skin-baring wedding dress trends can pose unique challenges for finding the right undergarments.  u

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The Times

Saturday, January 26, 2019 5

Wedding dress fitting guide

n Bring shoes and undergarments. Remember to bring along the exact shoes and undergarments you will wear with your gown. A change in shoes or bra/corset can result in the alterations fitting poorly the next time. n Check the details. The second fitting is designed to check that all issues from the first fitting have been addressed, the gown is comfortable and you can move freely. At the last fitting, ask the maid of honor to come along so that she understands how to bustle or help you handle complicated straps or closures. — Metro Creative Services


Fittings are a part of wedding planning, and here’s how bridesto-be can navigate the process of finding and being fitted for a dress. n Try on sample gowns. The first step is to make your rounds to various gown shops and try on the samples they have available. Most sample sizes will not be the size you wear every day, so expect them to be ill-fitting. Once a gown is chosen, the dress shop will take your measurements and order the gown according to the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Again, this can be shocking, since the size will likely be larger than what you wear in street clothes. Some shops will also order a little larger to allow for adequate tailoring. n Schedule the first fitting. The first fitting should be anywhere from eight to 12 weeks before the wedding date. This is the time it takes to complete most standard alterations. Complex customizations can take even longer. Brides should also budget a minimum of $500 for alterations, which may or may not be included in the price of the dress.

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        

   otss_2019-01-26_5.indd 5

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6 Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Times

Secrets and Strategies to

Having Your Wedding at Home Metro Creative Services Many couples preparing for their trip down the aisle follow the familiar sentiments expressed by Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” Such couples feel “there’s no place like home” when hosting a wedding ceremony or reception. Here are some tips to help couples navigate hosting an at-home wedding. Assess the space. The average home is not equipped to handle hundreds of guests, wait staff, caterers, and parked cars. Concessions in regard to comfort and safety will have to be made when drawing up the guest list. The wedding resource The Knot advises the general rule is six- to 10 square-feet of floor space per guest for row seating. You’ll probably need even more space for buffet tables,

seating and a dance floor. You will likely need to temporarily move furniture to comfortably fit everyone indoors - or rent a large enough tent for a backyard wedding. Hire a cleaning service. It’s important to present a clean,

inviting space when hosting a wedding at home. A cleaning service will conduct a thorough cleaning before and after the festivities, freeing up your time for last-minute tasks. Book an officiant early. Confirm with an officiant that

they can oversee the wedding proceedings at your home. Many religious officials are not able to perform ceremonies outside of a place of worship. Learn if it’s legal. Certain municipalities may require permits for parking on street, noise past a certain hour, closing of streets, and much more. Do your research. You may need to coordinate parking at a nearby lot (like a school closed on the weekend) and shuttle people to your home. Consult with an insurance carrier. Inquire if having such a large party at home is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, particularly if your home is damaged or someone gets injured during the festivities. Supplemental liability insurance or an umbrella policy may offer greater protection.

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Bridal Guide

The Times

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8 Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Times

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Marriage Law Requirements

Illinois Marriage Licenses One of the most important steps in planning a wedding is attaining a marriage license. To receive a license, couples should keep the following in mind: n The legal age to marry in Illinois is 18. People ages 16 to 17 years old may be married with parental consent if both parents sign their consent at the time of the marriage license application. Anyone younger than 16 years old cannot legally marry in Illinois. n Both applicants must appear at the County Clerk’s Office to obtain a Marriage License. n Both applicants must present proper proof of age identification, in the form of either a birth certificate or a valid driver’s license or state I.D. n If an applicant was previously married, he/she must provide the date the marriage ended (month, day, year), the county and state the divorce or death is recorded in and how the marriage ended (death, divorce, etc.) n The marriage license fee in Illinois varies by county and is required at the time

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of application. In La Salle County, marriage licenses are $35. Statewide, the fees range from $15 to $75. The fee must be paid at the time of application. n Couples getting married in Illinois must obtain a marriage license from the county clerk’s office. The marriage license is only valid in the county where it is issued, so couples should apply for the license in the county in which they plan to be married, not necessarily their county of residence. n Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days beginning one day after the date issued. n Often no appointment is necessary to apply for a license, but it’s generally best to call ahead to be sure. n No premarital exam or blood tests are required prior to marriage in Illinois. To be married by a judge in La Salle County, call 815-4340786 at least one week before the ceremony. Judges conduct marriage ceremonies from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. weekdays only. Witnesses are not required. Sources: La Salle County Clerks Office, USMarriageLaws.com

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The Times

Saturday, January 26, 2019 9

Shaving Guide for Grooms Try a non-lathering or natural shave cream that does not contain the potentially Grooms are often content to let their irritating chemicals that create the latherbrides-to-be shine on their wedding day. But ing effect, but will still offer lubrication to weddings are a showcase of the two people help get a closer shave. getting married — and grooms matter! The right razor can make all the differGrooms can take steps to look handsome ence. While an electric shaver can serve in and polished, but may wonder what they a pinch, come the day of the wedding, work can do to put their best feet forward when with a traditional razor, either disposable all eyes and cameras are facing their way. or cartridge style. Start with a fresh, new Addressing skin care and proper shaving and sharp blade so it is effective. Some men techniques is essential. Although shaving is prefer a single blade for a close shave, while a seemingly simple task, some men struggle others like razors with multiple blades. through the process because they haven’t Grooms should use what has worked for mastered the basics for a clean, comfortable them in the past, as now is not the time to shave. Grooms who do not already have experiment. beards should be clean shaven for their While shaving, go with and against the wedding days. grain, or what feels comfortable to take off Brickell Men’s Products advises that the the hair without having to go over areas first step to a good shave is to shower before repeatedly and risk irritating the skin. shaving. The warm water and steam will Gillette advises rinsing blades often during open up pores and follicles, allowing the shaving. However, do not tap the razor hair to protrude as much as possible out of against the sink to dislodge the whiskers, the skin. The more it sticks out, the cleaner as this can damage or dull the razor. the shave will be. Many men fail to prep their skin before Finish up by rinsing with cool water shaving. It is important to rinse the face and applying a moisturizer or specially with a pre-shave soap and warm water to designed aftershave product. It can take up remove excess oil and dead skin that clogs to 48 hours for skin to heal after a shave and razor blades. keeping it hydrated can diminish irritation. Metro Creative Services

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Brandy Swartz Photography

10 Saturday, January 26, 2019

Tom and Maggie Pumo with their wedding party at The Silver Fox in Streator. The Ottawa natives wed Dec. 29.

the celebration starts here


Happily Ever After

Whether it’s a destination wedding or a dream honeymoon, we’ll help you find the perfect place. Let us put our experience to work for you. Call to set up a free consultation.

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The Times

Saturday, January 26, 2019 11

Wedding Profile

Tom and Maggie Pumo T

Stephanie Jaquins For The Times

om and Maggie Pumo were wed at St. Columba Church on Dec. 29. The Ottawa natives live in Springfield with their mini goldendoodle, Brinkley. Tom is in his third year of medical school and Maggie is an oncology nurse in graduate school pursuing a family nurse practitioner degree. Q. How did you meet? A. We have known each other since grade school, but started dating when I was a sophomore and he was a junior at Marquette. Let’s go, Cru! Q. How did he propose? A. I had just graduated from Loyola University Chicago’s nursing school and Tom had just finished his first year of medical school at Southern Illinois University, so we decided


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1/18/19 12:13 PM

12 Saturday, January 26, 2019


The Times

to go on a trip to celebrate our recent achievements in July 2017. We went to Mexico and he proposed on the beach at sunset. I didn’t really know it was happening, he was so calm! He had driven down to Missouri where my parents live to ask for my parents’ blessing and my mom kept telling me to treat myself to a manicure before the trip. You’d think I would have gotten the hint! Q. How did you choose your reception hall? A. We saw many venues in the area and could not find a venue that could accommodate the size of our party and had the elegant décor we wanted. Then, on a whim, we traveled to Streator and the minute we stepped through the doors at The Silver Fox, we were in love. The staff was knowledgeable and kind, and the space is absolutely gorgeous. You feel like you’re stepping back in time upon entering. Because of the space’s character, it almost felt like another guest who played an important role in our celebration. It was exactly what we had envisioned for our special day. Q. How did you find the right dress? A. Finding the right dress was challenging for me because I struggled between choosing the style of dress I had envisioned for the day and the dresses that looked good on me. I think most brides have an idea for what they always “think” they’re going to wear, but it totally changes after you start trying dresses on! I knew I wanted sleeves (more for practical reasons — hello, December weddings are cold!) and delicate embroidery with a little sparkle and shine! After trying on many, many dresses, I finally fell in love with the Hayley gown from the Hayley Paige Collection.

t Maggie Pumo said her wedding dress was a splurge in her budget. It’s from the Hayley Paige Collection. Brandy Swartz Photography

otss_2019-01-26_12.indd 12

1/18/19 10:45 AM

The Times

Bridal Guide

Saturday, January 26, 2019 13

Q. How did you prioritize your budget? What was most important to you? A. The most important element of our wedding was having the wedding Mass at St. Columba Church. This is the church where we both grew up and fell in love. We also had the good fortune of having our sweet friend, Father David Kipfer, perform the wedding Mass, who has known us since grade school. Displaying our history with each other and the community was extremely important to us. Luckily, this was a fairly inexpensive priority. The next priority I had was my dress (which I definitely splurged on)! Having these conversations with your partner so you are both on the same page going into the budget planning makes the whole process so much more streamlined and less stressful. If you know what both of your “must haves” are, it’s easy to weed out the unnecessary extras. 

‘Frequently take moments to remember why you are doing this. I promise this will immediately relieve those moments of stress and chaos.’ Maggie Pumo, advice on wedding planning

Maggie and Tom Pumo were married Dec. 29 in Ottawa.  Brandy Swartz Photography

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The Times

Brandy Swartz Photography

14 Saturday, January 26, 2019

Q. Are there vendors you were especially happy with you’d recommend to other brides? A. Yes! Our two favorite vendors were Brandy Swartz as our photographer, and The Company Band for the reception music. Brandy was a delight to work with and her talent speaks for itself. The Company Band did an absolutely incredible job on our first dance and was able to keep our guests on the dance floor all night. Q. Lastly, what advice would you give to future brides and grooms? A. My advice to future brides and grooms during the plan-

ning process is to frequently take moments to remember why you are doing this. I promise this will immediately relieve those moments of stress and chaos, and help put those challenging situations into perspective. Also, enjoy every minute of it. It goes by so fast, so soak up every ounce of love and support your friends and families shower you with!

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Det ails

All In The

A Florist’s Advice for Wedding Day Flowers Kate reynolds For The Times


onsidering that you and the flowers are what your photographer will be taking the most pictures of during your wedding day, the flower choices you make should fit your style and budget. The average cost of a wedding being $33,391, and flowers often are a big part of that expense, according to The Knot and other wedding sites. If a wedding budget is $30,000, plan on spending anywhere from 8 to 10 percent — or $2,400 to $3,000 — on flowers. So how should you begin making this important decision?

Begin with a wedding florist A wedding florist will give you advice for everything you need to make your big day the one you’ve dreamed about while guiding you toward budget-conscious choices. Emilie Overy knows her flowers; she’s owned Flowers

otss_2019-01-26_15.indd 15

Plus, 216 E. Main St., Streator, for 11 years. “A wedding florist should be able to work with you along the way to help you make decisions that will make the most of your budget,” Overy said. It’s always a great idea if there are pieces that can transition from one event site to the next, such as reusing items from the church at your reception site.” “There is a lot to consider when you’re choosing flowers and we love to help,” Emilie continued. “With so many shades, textures and designs, choosing flowers can be a big job for the bride. So, we’re here to make sure every floral decision has been thought of, nothing is missed. We can design flowers with multiple uses in mind. And while we are a florist, we can also help guide the bride with other wedding decisions.” A wedding florist can guide more floral needs than bouquets and boutonniere — they can help with those floral needs you haven’t thought

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1/18/19 12:16 PM

16 Saturday, January 26, 2019


The Times

about, like the church and reception arrangements. The right florist can help you save time and money when it comes to the flower decisions you make.

Figuring out a budget Overy said that while the national average for flower budgets may be 8 to 10 percent, her wedding clients typically spend a lot less. “Is 8 to 10 percent really the average? If I were a bride, this would scare me!” Overy said. “I would say our average wedding is $1,000 to $2,000, which is a little more realistic average.” While one of the best things you can do is make sure to have a wedding budget before meeting with your florist for the first time, Overy said most people are not really aware of what their budget is until they start getting quotes. It’s easier to compile a budget once you have some pricing to work with. “It’s good to have a budget in mind,” Overy said, “but sometimes it’s best to first get

The Times | file Emilie Overy, of Flowers Plus in Streator, arranges valentine orders at the shop in February 2015. Overy, who has operated the floral shop for 12 years, said on average her clients pay $1,000 to $2,000 for wedding arrangements. A florist can work with couples to ensure a wedding’s floral needs are met within the desired budget.

Photo credit: Kristen Kaiser

otss_2019-01-26_16.indd 16

1/18/19 10:47 AM


The Times

an idea of what the client is looking for before we can talk budget. I would hate to not suggest something that they might love, but afraid to suggest because I felt it wouldn’t work in their budget.”

Choosing the right flowers “Flower choices depend on the month the bride’s chosen for her wedding day,” Overy said. “Flowers vary from different times of year, such as color choice. Certain times of the year it’s harder to acquire certain colors. There are a lot of flowers available yearround, but they may vary in price depending on the time of year.” While many people think June is the most popular month for weddings, surprisingly, October is the big wedding month, followed by September, June, May and August. “Regardless of the wedding’s month, we can provide the bride with any type of flower she wants,” Overy said. “For example, hybrid flowers are

‘We love being part of the process to creating a perfect wedding day.’ available all year long and the choice includes roses. We try our best to accommodate every bride with the flowers that she’s looking for, but for those times of year where that flower or color may not be available, we’ll do our best to source the closest thing possible.” Hybrid flowers (cross-bred plants within the same species but from different varieties) include roses, carnations, tulips, pansies and violets. Overy provided flower suggestions for each month: n January through April: Muscari n March through July: Sweet peas n August through December: Viburnum n December through March: Wax flowers. “Corn flowers and astilbes are great summer choices,” Overy said. “A popular choice

Saturday, January 26, 2019 17

for November through March weddings is lilacs. Again, this all depends on what the bride’s color choice is, the month and her budget.”

Other services a wedding florist can help with “Besides offering consultation on flower types and how best to use them, we can help with the venue setup and coordinate with the vendors who work with us,” Overy said. “We can help with choosing tables, chairs, linens, silverware and even tents. Instead of the bride dealing with all of this, we can be her one-contact person if she needs it.” Overy said one of the reasons she loves designing wedding flowers is the joy her clients experience once the floral designs are complete. “It’s absolutely joyful to watch the excitement on the bride’s face when she sees how everything has come together. We love being part of the process to creating a perfect wedding day.”

Ideas for using flowers n Wreaths and garlands: Ask the florist to weave small flower buds, berries and vines to a headband, wreath or piece of twine so that the bride and groom can wear these flowers in the way they were worn by ancient Greeks and Romans. Coupled with Grecian-styled wedding gowns, brides look like goddesses. n Fragrant favors: Tuck dried rose petals and other fragrant flowers into sachets that are embroidered with the wedding date and couple’s names. Guests can use these sachets to keep clothings smelling fresh in drawers or as subtle air fresheners around the house. n Raining petals: In lieu of bubbles or birdseed, guests can shower the newlyweds with rose petals after the ceremony. n Memorial: Some couples like to honor departed family members. Floral arrangements with small placards can make for fitting memorials. Source: Metro Creative Services

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18 Saturday, January 26, 2019

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The Times


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20 Saturday, January 26, 2019


The Times

Comfort Meets Style. Quality Meets Value.

4 PC. SECTIONAL BY ALEXVALE COLLECTION This casually-styled sectional sofa will bring luxurious comfort to your living space. The soft seat cushions offer a relaxed place to sit with family and friends, while the design provides a clean and tailored look. This sectional is complete with exposed wood feet and rounded arms, and the customizable fabric upholstery allows you to pick a look that will best fit your home.

966 ANTIQUE 6 PC QUEEN BEDROOM SET BY INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE DIRECT The 966 Antique 6 pc Queen Bedroom Set from International Furniture Direct is made with solid wood frames featuring soft-multicolored finish. Cases feature metal knobs, while the rest of the collection features solid hand forged iron bases, metal trimming and hand applied nail-heads. This set includes: A headboard, footboard, rails, dresser mirror, dresser and a nightstand.


Rt. 23 (N. LaSalle St.) & Jefferson St.

815-433-8875 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


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