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with Tom Shaw CEO Shaw Media

Shaw Media Reporter is the official magazine of Shaw Media, 444 Pine Hill Drive, Dixon, Illinois 61021. Shaw Media publishes the Reporter three times a year to keep employees and friends informed. If you have any questions or suggestions for articles or would like to be put on the mailing list, please contact one of the editors listed below. Gerry Burke, Publisher Crystal Lake, IL 815-526-4400 Greg Wallace, Editor Bureau County Republican Princeton, IL 815-875-4461 Peggy Campbell, Content Coordinator

Shaw Media Corporate Services Dixon, IL 815-284-4000 Contributing Editors

Rita Roberts, Bureau County Republican

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Strategic Acquisitions


n the past 16 months, despite a sluggish economy and a rapidly changing media environment, our company has made several strategic acquisitions. Although requiring investment – in each case – the acquisitions immediately increased our profitability. Our strategy dictates that we focus on adjacent and “bolt-on” media companies. We closely scrutinize each possible acquisition and we only move forward when our analysis proves that the investment will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. Such strategic maneuvers gain market share, enable us to weather economic challenges, and position us for prosperity in recovery cycles. It is not only good business to shore up our operations with new revenue streams, but we are acquiring “oil in the ground,” so to speak, in terms of access to new markets for our developing digital initiatives. The successful execution of our strategy will benefit the company, our customers and our employees. In this issue, we do a deeper dive into our recent acquisitions. The pages herein showcase the enormous amount of work that is required to find, negotiate, finance, implement, and acculturate the newest members of our company. Our operational, financial, digital, technology, and legal teams have worked together like a well-oiled machine to make these milestone events so successful. It is no surprise that because of our excellent brand in the marketplace, our reputation as an employer of choice, and our ability to take on significant projects, we have become an acquirer of choice. As we build our company, we anticipate there will be future opportunities much like Suburban Life, Prairie Advocate, and The Herald-News of Joliet.

Allison McCaleb, Suburban Group

Crystal Lake, IL 815-526-4485

Kris Boggs, Sauk Valley Media

Sterling, IL 815-625-3600

2 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

The First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


UPDATE Performance

Our first two months sales and profit figures show markedly better results than last year, and are encouraging. Additionally, the two most recent acquisitions are contributing nicely to the bottom line. This kind of performance is reflective of the enormous dedication and hard work on everyone's part. Thank you!

Face to Face .................................... pg. 2 Cover Story ................................. pgs. 4-7 Technology ...................................... pg. 8 Graphically Speaking.................... pgs. 8-9 Digital ........................................... pg. 10


Congratulations to the many people of Shaw Media who worked so diligently and under enormous time pressures last fall and right through the Christmas and New Year's holidays on key operational, technological, legal, and financial tactical teams to make these recent additions to our company possible. Read more about these activities in the cover story and various articles in this issue.

Featured Employees ....................... pg. 10 Human Resources/Safety Update 11 In Focus ......................................... pg. 12 Sauk Valley Media ................... pgs. 13-15


The Joliet newspaper acquisition becomes our second largest, paid, daily circulation newspaper, promising to provide solid print and digital opportunities. Early feedback and results are encouraging. Joliet area citizens continue to tell us they are delighted to have Shaw Media now running “their” newspaper.

Suburban Group ...................... pgs. 16-23 Bureau County Republican ........ pgs. 24-26 News Printing Co. .................... pgs. 27-29 Creston Publishing Co. ............. pgs. 30-33

Prairie Advocate

Lanark's small town weekly publication, with a large distribution impact of 15,400, is another acquisition for us that “Bolts-On” perfectly to Sauk Valley Media. Previous owner Tom Kocal has been a dedicated publisher, and is now staying with us to continue the tradition of local, local, local newspapering.


2014 is our time for accelerating the transformation of our publishing platforms & initiatives. Our digital and technology efforts have been re-organized to bring clarity, focus, structure, and growth to our publishing strategies and investments.


“Change is not a threat, it's an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.” – Seth Godin

Service Anniversaries .............. pgs. 33-38 New Faces ..................................... pg. 38 New Responsibilities ............... pgs. 38-39 The Back Page ............................... pg. 40

On The Cover Shaw Media President John Rung holds a giant pair of scissors during a ribbon cutting ceremony Feb. 11 at The Herald-News office in Joliet while The Herald-News Editor Kate Schott looks on. The Joliet Chamber of Commerce and Shorewood Chamber of Commerce participated. Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 3


The art of the acquisition E

ditors note: Acquisitions take hundreds of hours of behind the scenes work by numerous associates who add these hours to their daily workloads. We thought it would be interesting to hear how these key people were involved in the recent Joliet acquisition by Shaw Media.

When did the plans to purchase The Herald-News from the Sun-Times begin and why? JOHN RUNG: In the spring of 2012, shortly after the new owners took control of the Sun-Times, Tom Shaw and I met with them to discuss partnership opportunities. Near the end of the meeting, Tom let them know that we would be John Rung interested in acquiring President, Shaw Media The Herald-News ... if they were ever inclined to part ways with it. In the summer of 2013, I had lunch with Sun Times CEO Tim Knight. During the lunch, Tim indicated that they were ready to discuss Joliet. Game on.

What does the acquisition of The Herald-News mean for Shaw Media? JOHN RUNG: It immediately becomes one of our top publications in terms of circulation and revenue. We believe it has the potential to be very similar in size to the Northwest Herald. Will County is the fourthlargest county in Illinois, so it gives us access to a very large audience and makes us a more significant player in the Chicago market. It will certainly offer us the opportunity to leverage 4 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

our digital assets. We believe the key to digital success is combining local with a reasonable mass.

Summarize your role in helping prepare for Shaw Media's planned purchase of The Herald-News.

BEN SHAW: The way that the purchase of The HeraldNews was structured, we needed to have an office and a vibrant website ready to go on the day that we closed. My role was really in supporting our digital producBen Shaw tion team and IT pro- Chief Technology Officer, Shaw Media fessionals and trainer as we worked ahead to make these things ready to launch on day one. Acquisitions are always exciting and this challenge was no different. This project is one area that our IT and Digital Production team's professionalism and abilities really shined. KEVIN ELDER: Advertising Operations coordinated with the current printer (Tribune) to ensure correct page sizes, press color schemes, page workflow and communication between our layout departKevin Elder ment and Tribune Group Vice President Prepress. For layout Operations, Crystal Lake of the paper, we used the Tribune press color schemes and worked with

the editorial department to determine their page needs and section orders. For classified pagination, we created a template to flow our classified section on that would match the Tribune printing specs. Once it was determined that ad creation would move in-house on day one of the purchase, we coordinated an ad workflow procedure to make that happen, utilizing the current staff in the department. ... In production my responsibility was to oversee the transition of all printing and insertion processes to Shaw from the Sun Times and make sure they were compatible with the Tribune, who was the current printer. In January, I created a task force and oversaw the transition of printing, insertion and trucking to Paddock. STACIA HAHN: I prepared and was involved with the proforma's on this acquisition. We initially approached it in a Worst, Most-Likely, and Best case scenario. This resulted in over 55 drafts indicating what kind of NOI Stacia Hahn Group Vice President of we thought we could produce. This process Finance & Administration, Crystal Lake included extensive work from not only myself, but Kara Hansen, Kevin Elder, Dan McCaleb, and Don Bricker. Each draft included 11 supporting worksheets which made up endless analysis and discussion. These outlined staffing and salaries, every department's expense detail, circulation revenue and expenses, production expenses, lease details, capital, and supporting Sun-Times historical information. The first version started five (5) months before we arrived at the final proforma that was submitted to the board for the formal approval of the purchase. ...

8 See Acquisition on PAGE 5

8 Acquisition from PAGE 4

STEVE SULOUFF: We planned all of the system conversions and suggested parts of the transitional plan. We had to spec out the capital needs for IT and put together the Joliet capital plan.

Steve Sulouff

Group IT Director, Crystal Lake

BOB WALL: I would suggest that the sale and subsequent launch of a daily newspaper is very much like the old saying, “we are building the airplane in the air.” In addition to facilitating many of the day-today details, I needed to be the interim advertising director Bob Wall and the main adverGeneral Manager, The Herald-News, Joliet and tising contact for all The Morris Daily Herald, the clients of The Morris Herald-News. Since we had no ad staff, my job was to recruit, interview and hire the nucleus of a local ad team. Fortunately we hired Steve Vanisko as our advertising director, but he did not start with us until the day we closed, Jan. 3. As a result I had to hire a large part of his team. I interviewed a large number of candidates and we were able to hire three of the current Sun-Times sales team. ... KATE SCHOTT: My role, as the future editor of The HeraldNews, was to ensure we from day one had a local news report that reflected the goingson in the greater Joliet community. I started this by reading daily the existing print prodKate Schott uct and familiarizing Editor, The Herald-News, myself with the cover- Morris Daily Herald and age area. Other efforts Minooka-Channahon Life included working with Group Editor Dan McCaleb on determining what our staff would be, sketching out ideas for beats and working on expectations for the staff.

COVER STORY What key members of your team helped and what did they do? BEN SHAW: Bob Wendt deserves recognition for not only building the site and working with Kate Schott and Dan McCaleb in editorial, but also working with all of our vendors to set up fresh accounts for the various aspects of Steve Sulouff and Matt Woodstrup, Denis Dungo and Brian Hurley all deserve accolades for the being able to fully outfit a new office with phones, secure internet and access to Shaw systems and training on such tight budgets and turn around times. DON BRICKER: There was a core transition team of 15 managers from across the suburban group. This group developed and executed transition plans for every function of the new operation. Don Bricker KEVIN ELDER: Vice President of Suburban Group Megan Hampton acted Publishing as the key person in the transition, managing the processes of ads as they were received from the Sun Times, along with ads that needed to be built in Crystal Lake. Working with two companies with two different processes, trying to keep things organized and flowing turned out to be extremely difficult and time consuming. Megan managed this entire process error-free. Her responsibilities did not stop there; she also oversaw the classified pagination and ad layout and was constantly communicating with the staff to make sure everyone was maintaining focus so processes were managed effectively. Megan was truly one of the heroes in the transition. Kim Vanderstappen worked on the layout portion of the transition. She was great at being flexible with the needs of editorial/advertising for each edition. Some early editions went through many revisions for late ads or changing editorial space requirements. Rebecca Dienhart, preprint coordinator, did an exceptional job in training LeeAnn Franklin, new hire for The Herald-News in Joliet on the new preprint insertion order process. Diane Washburn also

helped out with the transition of the preprints by helping fill them out. This was a tedious project that needed to be managed carefully and these three coordinators are doing an exceptional job with the new process. STACIA HAHN: I handled all the confidential work. I wasn't able to get accounting members of my team involved. However, after it became public/ announced: 1. Lois Williams worked on Vision set up's and trained the Ad Reps. 2. Phyllis Burnett coordinated on cash receipts and accounts payable organization, flash files, banking, assisting with circulation detail and answering people's questions. 3. Christy Matuszeski assisted with eventual circulation accounting set-up's, roll outs, journal entries. 4. Nancy Zadworny, Elizabeth Brice, Michele Parks worked on the time-sensitive agency set-ups and accounts receivable management. 5. Karla Ahr coordinated all the hiring and making sure all HR bases were covered. 6. Kathy Danielson worked on getting the new associates into payroll and setting up a new operation in Paylocity with Karla's help. 7. Kathy Woods entered all of the Joliet Ads from their extracts and worked on making sure Joliet is handled, bringing any issues to my attention. 8. Kim Leva added Joliet to the Daily Revenue Report. 9. Julie Staszak and Sue Arnold set up procedures for cash receipts and Sue Arnold entered and prepared for Joliet pre-prints. 10. Vicki Foley helped as always by entering insertion orders for Crystal Lake so we could focus on acquisition items that needed attention. Finally, Shelly Bissell was included during the confidential phase of this acquisition and did everything to ensure that classified was ready to take calls from day one: obituaries were covered, and she coordinated the classified portion of the ad extract from the Sun-Times, and all the necessary rate set-up's in Vision and third party vendors for the new operation were set. Our launch went very well and I'd like to personally thank each and every person who helped roll it out so successfully!

8 See Acquisition on PAGE 6 Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 5

8 Acquisition from PAGE 5

STEVE SULOUFF: Matt Woodstrup and me - planning, coordination with Sun-Times and vendors and equipment and office set up. Brian Hurley - equipment and office set up and training. Denis Dungo - equipment and office set up and inter-office connectivity. Ben Shaw - office set up and inter-office connectivity. BOB WALL: Steve Vanisko joined us on Jan. 3 as the advertising director. Since he was not working for Shaw Media at the time leading up to the purchase, he only became engaged very close to the actual sale announcement. At that point, he provided background information on Joliet market advertising accounts, communicated with potential account executive prospects and worked behind the scenes as needed with the transition team. Once the sale took place, there was a core group of multi-media account executives that were hired from the Sun-Times that have managed a smooth as possible transition with The Herald-News customers. Debbie Faulhaber, Ron Matuszewski and Pam Tezak have worked tirelessly to communicate and cover the accounts in the first few weeks of Shaw ownership. ... Additionally, Lee Ann Franklin came over from the Sun-Times as a sales assistant. She has made a huge difference in the Joliet office, handling multiple duties including walk-in traffic, as well as sales support functions. In Major Accounts, Maureen Ringness made sure all major accounts were contacted. She personally contacted all the preprint and ROP advertisers on the major and national desk. We worked with Diane Washburn in the Morris office to “fling” the preprints ordered for January by the Sun-Times. Diane entered the information from the extract into the system so that accounting could correctly bill them and that the Tribune would insert the preprints properly. KATIE SHERMAN: Brent Maring played a key role in designing the "contact us" page, which became the basis of our house ad as well as the marketing piece on the back of our invoices. In addition, Brent laid out a house ad explaining the history of Shaw Media in an effort to introduce us to the readers and rein-

Katie Sherman

Marketing Director, Crystal Lake

6 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014


force that we are a family company dedicated to local reporting. Scott Albertsen created circulation maps to give an outlook on the enhanced footprint Shaw Media would have with the purchase of The Herald-News. KATE SCHOTT: I had no staff until about three weeks prior to the closing day. My initial staff were "borrowed" from other publications. First to come over were Jim Dallke and Lathan Goumas from Northwest Herald, with Dallke on loan and Goumas the first newsroom employee for JHN, as he was to become a staff photographer. The two of them worked on banking stories that could be used for when the purchase went through to ensure we had some content ready to go. Two weeks out, we added other "borrowed" staff from the Daily Chronicle, Kane County Chronicle and Suburban Life Media, who also worked to bank content and plan for stories, as well as begin to attend meetings and sporting events to familiarize ourselves with the coverage area. This work could not have been accomplished without the support from our sister publications and I thank those editors – Kathy Gresey, David Lemery, Eric Olson and Jason Schaumburg – for so generously lending us their staff. Dan McCaleb was of particular help to me, as he assisted in securing contracts with our wire and syndicate services, helped with recruiting and interviewing of candidates, and other aspects or duties I'm sure I am not aware of. Scott Helmchen, managing editor of production, also was a major factor in the production of the first editions, thanks to his creating of templates and helping lay out the pages.

How did you and your team effectively transition The HeraldNews into the Shaw family after the close date? BEN SHAW: It was a treat, in my new role, to co-present on the Shaw digital inventory model and other exciting digital opportunities to The Herald-News staff with my brother and Chief Digital Officer, J.Tom Shaw. Brian Hurley did a great job of working with all the departments and supervisor schedules to tailor important training sessions. DON BRICKER: The members of the transition leadership group and their teams were extremely well prepared, and put in countless hours before (during the holi-

days) and after the sale closed to execute a nearly flawless transition. The preparation was the key. There was a plan in place for every area, and we were able to get help from associates across the suburban group to move The Herald-News into the Shaw family quickly and effectively. KEVIN ELDER: Our team worked many hours and relied on repeated testing of the different pieces of the process to ensure success. Also key in the success was the FLEXIBILITY of the team to change a process (or layout or deadline) once we were up and running. The other factor in our effective transition was the "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" attitude by the department to make sure whenever an obstacle would come up - someone was on it to resolve the situation. STEVE SULOUFF: We're still working on it. We have another round of capital (for the follow up staff) on order right now. We have discontinued printing at the Tribune and will move off of the SunTimes Circulation system, which they are managing for us during the transitional period. BOB WALL: The Joliet sales team was able to effectively transition into the Shaw Media family by keeping our advertising customers top of mind through the process. While a number had jumped ship under previous ownership, those that remained had grown weary. Our first job was to reassure them that the new ownership under the Shaw Family would be one that would lead to positive results for their business and the community. KATIE SHERMAN: As soon as the close date was confirmed, house ads and help wanted ads were ready to go to print. Working collaboratively with each department made this transition as smooth as anyone could have hoped for. SHELLY BISSELL: Classified team members, Norm Fossmeyer, Asma Bhatti and Robin Wojcik spent a Saturday, with Classified Manager, Shelly Bissell, entering new classified ads

Shelly Bissell

Group Manager/Classified, Crystal Lake

8 See Acquisition on PAGE 7

8 Acquisition from PAGE 6

into our system. These were ads that the Sun Times sold into The Herald-News for run dates after the close of the sale. Once the sale closed, Legal Manager, Linda Siebolds, and her team contacted legal notice advertisers; Kathy Blaseck and Shelly Bissell contacted all of the Funeral Homes for obituary notices; the rest of the classified team have been busy contacting past and current advertisers. We have been introducing Shaw Media and passing along our new contact information. KATE SCHOTT: The newsroom hit the ground running upon the Jan. 3 purchase of The Herald-News. Thanks to the staff "borrowed" from other Shaw Media publications, there was content ready to run in the first edition, which was Jan. 5. Content sent from Sun-Times Media helped round out our coverage for the first few days. The first week was spent showing


readers we were serious about providing local content while doing numerous interviews to get a permanent staff installed. The borrowed staff, as well as the three newsroom employees who had been hired by that point, began covering local events and news with enthusiasm. Each of our first editions were filled with local news that was relevant to our readers. The amount of reader feedback to the editorial department has been tremendous. While numerous people expressed frustration over the change in comics (particularly the loss of "Marmaduke" and "Family Circus"), and a few did not like how the newspaper was organized (such as the moving of obituaries or sports sections), feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Readers loved having local news throughout the paper, with many thanking Shaw Media for giving them "their" paper back.

How has the transition to Shaw Media been going? JOHN RUNG: Our employees are the best I've ever seen. Teams in finance, news, IT, circulation, advertising and production have worked so hard to ensure a smooth transition. Our news team, in particular, has worked very long, hard hours and they've accomplished more than seemed possible. Kate Schott and Dan McCaleb started with virtually no staff, so they relied on their transition team to get things off the ground. They've quickly assembled a very talented news staff. We are so happy that we were able to some hire some reporters and editors who had previous experience in Joliet. And the reaction from Will County residents has been unbelievable. We've received a warmer welcome than we could have ever expected. In short, because we are blessed to have so many talented people working for Shaw, the transition has been terrific.

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 7


What happens during an acquisition? By Matt Woodstrup Digital Production Coordinator Shaw Media Corporate


ver the past few years, we have had several acquisitions of publications and locations. Each one has had its own challenges and opportunities for us all, including the folks in IT. Things IT does when acquiring a new publication: 1. Phone systems, fax data and building access 2. Networking. Internet availability and costs 3. Workstations? What comes with purchase and what has to be purchased? 4. Capital. Quote estimates, request forms and purchase 5. Inventory of all assets, asset tags 6. Workstation setup, printers and servers 7. Adding users to systems A big part of any acquisition is working with the previous ownership to establish a smooth transition. Since we can't stop production to "retool", it is crucial that we have good communication at the start. Both parties need to have an open conversation of the current workflow process. This includes

Denis Dungo, Shaw Media IT, working at The Herald-News new office in Joliet, IL print as well as digital. At some point, when systems were new, they may have had formal training for users. Since that time, several new people may have moved into positions with little or no training. Many operations have been doing things the same way for years and users may not have a full understanding of their systems. Questions or concerns we

may have about a legacy system may not arise until the day of the transition simply because information wasn't available to be shared at the start. After everything is installed and training has been done, we can look back and learn from IT. Transitions take time for equipment as well as people. Ready for what’s next?


Software training By Brian Hurley Media Applications Coordinator Shaw Media Corporate


ver the years, I have been involved several times with software training after acquisitions. What I've learned helped me during the recent transition after the Joliet purchase. Training is usually scheduled within the first week, and the Roxen Editorial system and FirstClass training are my main initial focuses. InDesign and Basic Mac training follow close behind. Roxen is generally a new workflow for editorial. Some have never used a web based system and for those that have, there are some differences with our system. I explain and demonstrate the connection between the print side (Roxen Editorial Portal) and the web side (Content 8 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Management System) and how it allows users to post seamlessly to the web from the print side. Reporter training in Roxen is quick and easy. The initial training may take 45 minutes, but is usually shorter. Follow-up training helps the reporters discover new aspects of the system. Pagination is also used with the Roxen system. In addition to the basics, I explain the connection between InDesign and the

Roxen EP Connector, which is how designers place stories and images through Roxen. For all users, our Email system is a new application. FirstClass is a system developed by OpenText. It has it's main uses in educational systems, but is moving toward businesses. Email is only one aspect of the system. I also spend a lot of time going over conferences, using calendars and my favorite, explaining why FirstClass is so “different”.

GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING By Brian Hurley Media Applications Coordinator Shaw Media Corporate

Channel Positions in Responsive Design With the move of websites to a Responsive Design model, it makes it easier to post to specific areas of the Home page from both the CMS and REP. The Channels highlighted are the only ones that are active in the new design. Below is a visual and quick explanation of the new Channel positions.

Channel:Front Lead (Positions 1-4) This is the position of the large images and story. If you do not choose a position, the first image/story in gets pushed to the bottom and once a fifth story is added, the story added first goes out of rotation. Channel:Front Headlines (Position 1-8*) *Total positions vary. This is the position below the large images. This is a headline only area. Again, if you do not choose a position, the first story in gets pushed to the bottom and once a ninth* story is added, the story added first goes out of rotation.

Channel: Front Lead 1-4



Channel: Front Headlines

3 5




Channel:Front Blocks (Position 1-12*) *Total positions vary. This is the position below the headline that displays an image and text. If you do not choose a position, the first story in gets pushed to the bottom and once a twelfth* story is added, the story added first goes out of rotation.

Channel: Front Blocks





Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 9


By J. Tom Shaw Chief Digital Officer

Print is not dead


rint is not dead. But it is dying. Our business, on the other hand, is not. We are in the business of delivering relevant information to our readers. Readers have more options than ever to receive whatever information they want, whenever they want. As technology continues to grow more sophisticated, these options only increase. This year, Shaw Media has reallocated more resources than ever in

order to continue growing our audiences regardless of the shifts in reader platform preference. We are seeking new ways to archive and access relevant content. In many of our markets we have introduced new calendars that automatiJ. Tom Shaw cally feed in local events. We are adding resources to aggregate data, and to solicit more content generated from our readers and communities.

We are introducing more digital marketing solutions for our local business partners. We have the ability to offer display ads online that target consumers based on geography, search activity, and related content. By late spring we will offer an entire suite of agency marketing solutions for our clients ranging from SEO & SEM to sponsored content and social media management. Through staffing, training, and partnerships, we are significantly growing our digital audiences and revenue in 2014.


Board Memberships

Joined a Board

Employee name and position held: Karen Pletsch General Manger, DeKalb Operations

Employee name and position held: Jeff Holschuh Advertising Director, News Printing Company

What Board did you join? Sycamore Chamber - new position on board YMCA Board of Directors Family Service Agency BOD Sycamore Economic Development Committee

What Board did you join? Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau The purpose is to promote the city of Newton to outside the area and draw in visitors to stay overnight and spend money in our businesses.

Karen Pletsch

In what Capacity? Elected President of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce YMCA - Board member Family Service Agency - Board Member SYCEDC - Committee Member

Jeff Holschuh

In what Capacity? Board Member "I'm really excited about it because I get to to work with some great people in the community who really believe in this town."

Board Memberships Employee name and position held: Jim Ringness General Manager Kane County Chronicle What Board(s) did you join? • United Way of Central Kane County - Director • St. Charles Chamber of Commerce - Director & Board Liaison for legislative committee.

10 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Jim Ringness


Don't take your Safety The Importance of Investing in Your 401(k) Committee for granted! By Jordan Scher, Senior Managing Director, Investment Advisory, Mesirow Financial

The value of each accident PREVENTED is PRICELESS, and Safety nvesting in your 401(k) plan plays a Committee Members help critical role in helping to achieve your make this a reality every retirement goals. day. The benefits of investing in your 401(k) During 2013, eliinclude: convenience (through automatic gible Safety Committee payroll deductions), tax advantages (differMembers had the opporent for traditional versus Roth contributions), tunity to participate in four tax-deferred growth (money accumulates drawings, and each drawwithout current taxation), capitalizing on your ing was for four $50 bills. employer's matching contribution, and the In order to be eligible availability of a high-quality and diversified Jordan Scher for the drawings, Safety menu of mutual funds. The menu of mutual Committee Members had funds allows you to customize a portfolio that to attend committee meetis suitable and appropriate for your specific needs, goals, and ings at their location(s). objectives. Members got additional The earlier that you defer money into your 401(k) and the higher your contributions, the greater the benefit that you should opportunities to win if their location reported expect over the long-term. This is because you will have more accidents to the insurance money compounding over a longer period of time. Therefore, carrier in a timely manner if it is feasible to increase the amount that you defer into your or were accident-free, and 401(k), now is better than later! Experts expect that only a portion of retirement needs will be by completing certain safecovered by social security benefits. Therefore, your accumulated ty training requirements. The winners of the 401(k) savings will be an essential source of funds to meet your January 2014 drawing retirement needs. As always, please contact Jordan Scher at Mesirow Financial were Sandy Allison, Creston News Advertiser, (312-595-6215 or 800-453-0600) if you have questions and/or Dorine Peterson, Creston thoughts about your 401(k). News Advertiser, Dona Marsh, Sauk Valley Media, and Kris Boggs, Sauk Valley Media. The winners of the MAGNIFY YOUR RETIREMENT October 2013 drawSAVINGS WITH COMPANY MATCH ing were Mike Mueller, Shaw Media suburban, The company matches 25% of the first 6% of your Pam Pratt, Bureau contributions to the Shaw Media 401(k) plan, thus County Republican, Vic magnifying the value of your contributions. See your Verway, Bureau County HR representative for details on how to take full Republican and Dale advantage of company match. Todd, Sauk Valley Media.


Sandy Allison

Dorine Peterson

Dona Marsh

Kris Boggs

Mike Mueller

Pam Pratt

Vic Verway

Dale Todd

SAFETY AWARNESS FUELS EXCELLENCE During 2013, we challenged safety committees to stay active by covering various safety topics with employees and by helping to assure safety training was completed. Safety committee members on committees that met the contest criteria were eligible for a $100 drawing. The winner of the drawing was Colleen Garza from Sauk Valley Media.

There was one incident company wide requiring medical attention in November, December, January and February at Sauk Valley Media.

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 11

IN FOCUS Every person at Shaw Media plays an important part in the success of this corporation. This segment is designed to introduce you to an employee in the company. It features one of many who makes a difference by striving for excellence. MEET : Joe Sinopoli

Reporter rocks

By Renee Tomell


oe Sinopoli makes the printed word sing in suburban Cook County, where he's a veteran reporter. Away from his computer, that rich invention spills into other keys, namely his longtime band, The Holy Goats, fresh from a performance in Indiana. There's no rhyme or reason to the band's name, the latest in a string of titles for a core group of players who have been friends since Sinopoli attended Bloom High School in Chicago Heights, where he still resides. He credits his older sister, Donna, as a huge musical influence. She bought him his first record – a 45 by The Platters, and introduced him to Motown. "I was always interested in music; I remember as a 5-year-old seeing Fats Domino on TV – I just thought he was so cool," he recalls, adding he soon was smitten with the theatrics of pianist Jerry Lee Lewis. "I used to play coffee table for my uncles, and they'd give me money," he said. "My uncle Dino bought me a little chair, so I could kick it away like Lewis." When piano lessons in grade school didn't motivate Sinopoli to practice, he went to the neighborhood music store looking for a harmonica. When the 9-year-old holding $2 showed up, the owner dissuaded him from the $1.79 blues harp, as too difficult for a beginner. But the other model cost about $2.25. "He reached in his pocket and he put the money in the register, (and) threw in a harmonica book for free," Sinopoli said. "I went home and learned to play." In high school, he added the mandolin to his repertoire after Rod Stewart's "Maggie May." 12 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Suburban Life reporter Joe Sinopoli plays the mandolin with his rock band, The Holy Goats, shining a spotlight on lesser known rock gems and original songs. "I'm not a picker or bluegrass," he said. "I play it more like a rhythm instrument." He sang and played in a high school band, and every weekend the friends would go to concerts in Chicago, including The Beatles in the 1960s.

"We were music obsessed," he said. After a hiatus during college, the friends got the rock band back together in the 1980s, and every Thursday night finds them rehearsing, at times fine-tuning original numbers they co-create for their occasional gigs.


Photo by Alex Paschal Celebrating their Northern Illinois Newspaper Association journalism awards are (from left) Christopher Heimerman, Larry Lough, Jeff Rogers, Jim Dunn, and David Giuliani. Not pictured - Derek Barichello.

SVM scores big at NINA awards

By Larry Lough Sauk Valley Media staff members won six first-place awards among the 10 honors they received in the 2013 Northern Illinois Newspaper Association's annual journalism contest. Winners were: • Executive Editor Larry Lough, firstplace awards for Best Columnist and Best Editorial • Assistant Sports Editor Christopher Heimerman, first-place honors for Best Sports Columnist and Best TechnicalMedical Story • News Editor David Giuliani, first place for Best News Story/Series and second for Best In-Depth News Story • Reporter Derek Barichello, first place for Best Education Reporting • Managing Editor Jeff Rogers, third place for headline writing • Opinion Page Editor Jim Dunn, third place for editorial writing • Sports staff, third place for Best Special Section

Sauk Valley's sports staff took third-place honors for Best Special Section at the NINA annual contest. Pictured are reporters Ty Reynolds and Patrick Petrosky, Sports Editor Dan Woessner, reporters Brian Weidman and Larry Brennan, and Assistant Editor Christopher Heimerman. Heimerman took home first place awards for Best Sports Columnist and also Best Technical-Medical Story for his series on concussions.

Ugly Sweater Day in Dixon On Christmas Eve Day, it turned ugly at the Telegraph office in Dixon. The staff good-naturedly donned "ugly sweaters" supplied by Deb Janssen, customer service rep. Pictured (l-r) are Ed Bushman, Telegraph general manager, Deb Janssen, and Bob Wolfe, circulation customer service. • www.SAUKVALLEY

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 13


Smaller employee celebrates big anniversary By Jenny Young Frosting on the giant cake spelled out “Congratulations Bob.” But Bob ate fruit instead. Co-workers celebrated Bob Jacobs' 20-year service anniversary (and his 125-pound weight loss) Jan. 14. SVM's lead output coordinator remembered what he loves most about work – the people. “It's always been like a family,” he said. Bob was 21 when he started as a customer service/mailroom employee in 1993. He later was lead pressman and handled camera work. For 15 years, he has worked with his passion – computers. “I love what I do,” he said. Ernie Appleyard, production director, said Bob is a great leader and teacher.

“He's become pretty much our expert on imaging for the computer-to-plate process,” Ernie said. Bob's job is easier after his weight-loss – achieved in 6 months thanks to a medical procedure and healthier eating habits. He no longer suffers horrible knee pain. “I feel great,” he said. Bob plans to drop more pounds. “He's just getting better every month when it comes to his personal health and well-being,” Ernie said. "I'm pleased; I'm kind of jealous,” he added with a laugh. Bob and his fiancée, Amy Pohl, will marry on Sept. 26, 2015, and honeymoon in Hawaii. Their family includes her three boys, Coleton, 16, Camryne, 14, and Chanlor, 10.

Photo by Jenny Young l-r: Bob Jacobs and Ernie Appleyard. Bob Jacobs, imaging output coordinator at Sauk Valley Media, recently celebrated his 20-year service anniversary and his much lighter, healthier body. Bob is 125 pounds lighter than six months ago.

News hound Wells has the nose By Earleen Hinton Having a nose for news is much more than a cliché phrase for Ogle County Newspapers Editor Vinde Wells — it is instead, words to live by. For 32 years (25 with Shaw Media) Wells has been making sure customers know what’s going on in this rural county, located 90 miles west of Chicago. Prior to joining Shaw, she was a stringer for the Rockford Register Star and (Byron) Tempo. “It is personal for me,” said Wells, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. “I grew up here. I live here. My kids grew up here. What happens here is important to me and should also be to our readers.”

Wells has a direct hand in the creation of each of the 4 community weeklies created by OCN and printed by Sauk Valley Media. She writes stories, takes photos, edits copy, coordinates news coverage, paginates news pages — all in addition to the many other duties that come with running a newspaper office. “Vinde is very passionate about local news,” said general manager Earleen Hinton. “She really cares about our products and what our products try and provide each week for our readers.” Her passion is even reflected in her personalized license plate “Pagin8”. “It stands for paginate, which nobody except newspaper people get,” she said smiling.

Vinde Wells, editor for Ogle County Newspapers, pauses for a moment at her desk. The passionate journalist will celebrate her 25-year service anniversary with Shaw Media on May 24th.

Safety winner Dale Todd (left), manager for Sauk Valley Printing and member of the SVM Safety Team, was a third quarter winner for the company safety drawing. Production Director Ernie Appleyard presented the $50 award. 14 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 •


Paige Colby, 13, and brother Connor, 11, took advantage of a day off of school, mild temps and the recent snow fall to get some sledding in. Sauk Valley Media photo by Alex T. Paschal

A day better set for snow plows and skis doesn't stop BJ Fenwick from continuing a New Year's Day tradition of taking his bicycle out for a ride. A member of the Rock River Valley Bicycle Club, Fenwick was the only one to make the snowy trek around Dixon. Sauk Valley Media photo by Alex T. Paschal

Photographer's comment: This is a photo that is pleasing to me visually. Not really newsy, nothing really unique happening, but the sled's shock of color and clean background has interest.

Photographer's comment: I really just like the hearty Fenwick riding through the snow and the plow in the background looming. It really is a photo about a guy who loves to ride.

Twas the season

Gunth e at SVM r Rester, a D a include 's annual ho ily Gazette Dec. g re li n d li ( fr ro a o c m by Jennife left) Jo ay luncheon tiree, fills his ay cheer ) Melanie d a r li n o B h n a d e r a a ft Doher . Serving "e plate Telegr tta, ad s spre , rom le e le (f e il y ty, fina e lves" lv v a lo d o p e p lu C c r m h tisin in genera ela circula SVM e e. Singers n, Kelly Null, Ang eyboard, l mana g director; E nce director; ic ff ti o o e n th k a d ger ire d Newsp 18 in l, on herid apers ctor; and Ea ; Sheryl Gulb Bushman, indy Dah , Joann S genera rleen H Brooking Carolyn Smoot, C l mana , inton, Oranson, ger. Jim Dunn er Green. gle Co if unty and Jenn Photos by Phil Marruffo •

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 15


From left, Karla Ahr, group human resources manager, and Shelly Bissell, group classified sales manager, greet the Taste of Home attendees at the entrance to the Expo featuring 15 vendors.

Meredith Schaefer, emcee and community relations manager for Shaw Media Suburban Group, gets coiffed before going on stage to lead the Taste of Home Cooking School.

Paula Dudley, NWH Director of Promotions and Custom Publishing, displays one of the many cookbooks for sale at the Taste of Home event.

Tastes Great Hundreds of home cooks and food aficionados attended the annual Northwest Herald Taste of Home Cooking School in September. Prior to the show, where a Taste chef prepares several dishes in front of the audience, an expo was held which featured 15 vendors including healthcare facilities, food suppliers, gadget sellers, a jewelry store and hair salon. More than 60 raffles prizes were distributed throughout the night. Five of those prizes came from the newly-added Expo Booth Bingo which required attendees to get their Bingo cards stamped by each vendor, forcing interaction between guests and vendors. VIP ticket holders received a deluxe cookbook and reserved seating. All attendees got a totebag filled with magazines, coupons and other goodies. When the dust settled (or in this case, flour) guests, vendors and staff considered this to be another successful cooking show! Photos by Brent Maring

Two join the Daily Chronicle newsroom in January January was eventful in DeKalb County, and two journalists joined our team in helping to cover the local news. News reporter Katie Dahlstrom came to DeKalb after a year and a half as a reporter and editor at the Herald in Clinton, Iowa. Katie covers the city of DeKalb and general assignment reporting for the Daily Chronicle and has already Katie Dahlstrom had a busy start to her tenure, with two major spot news events occurring in her first couple of weeks on the job. Katie is originally from Yorkville. Lawerence Synett joined the Daily Chronicle staff as web producer. Lawerence joins us after a year and a half as the morning reporter at the Northwest Herald. Previous stops in his newspaper career have included TribLocal and The Lombardian. In his new role, Lawerence will take a leading role in keeping the Daily Chronicle and its associLawerence Synett ated desktop and mobile websites fresh and interesting, as well as working with video and social media channels to increase audience interest. Synett is a native of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Photo by H. Rick Bamman

No sweat! Hundreds of people attended the annual Taste of Home Cooking Show at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake sponsored by the Northwest Herald. 16 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Sherman Mechanical installed a new rooftop HVAC unit at the Northwest Herald Friday, Dec. 6, 2013. • •


Quarterly Winners Congratulations to the Northwest Herald Q4 Advertising Award Winners: Revenue Champion: Rich Holevoet; Cash Cow: John Kranz; Digital Revenue Pioneer: Rick Peterson and New Business Warrior: Rich Holevoet Rick Peterson. Each was presented with a plaque to proudly display their honor and will receive a cash bonus.

NINA names new president Kane County Chronicle editor Kathy Gresey has been named president of the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association Board. Kathy has been a member of NINA since December 2009. She will serve as president of the board during 2014. To learn more about NINA, visit

John Kranz

Rick Peterson

Snowball Effect The NWH sales staff recently completed a fun holiday contest for digital called, "$now, $how & Dough". In the process, Renee Herrmann and the team created a festive winter scene in the office and experienced great sales results. A total of 27 packages were sold as follows: Video production (5), Website design (5), Misc. Specials (4), and the Impression Special (13). Congratulations goes out to the winning team of Dave Spindler, John Kranz, Kristin Schwan and Rich Holevoet that sold the most of the packages and will enjoy the grand prize "Day at the Movie" group outing. Great work, Team Northwest Herald! • •

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 17


No green light for crime Lake County Suburban Life (formerly Lake County Journal) was named Media Organization of the Year by the Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association. The award was presented by Lake County Crime Stoppers at the annual award event in Waukegan.

Donkey Update Meet your NWH newsroom donkey, Edward R. Burro! Through generous donations from staff to Catholic Assistance Missions, Chelsea McDougall, reporter and pictured in the center, was able to purchase the donkey on her most recent trip to Haiti. The family who received Mr. Burro were Madame and Monsieur Savola. Chelsea ran into Monsieur Savola on a hike and in Creole he explained (through a translator) that the donkey, which he called a "machine," would allow his children to attend the CAM school where they will receive free education, a uniform and a warm meal — often the only meal they will eat that day. Without the donkey that Monsieur Savola also called "the light of his life," children are needed at home to tend to the fields or make long trips back and forth to the well for water.

Chronicle Pinnacle The Batavia Park District’s nomination of the Kane County Chronicle won a Top Journalist award from the Illinois Association of Park Districts. Editor Kathy Gresey and reporter Eric Schelkopf were named as part of the award. The following was written as part of the park district's nomination form: “Over the years, the Kane County Chronicle has proven to be a major asset to the Batavia Park District. ... With Eric Schelkopf’s fair reporting and unbiased viewpoints, the district can count on him to get accurate, timely information to the public. ... In addition to sponsoring district events and reporting on a wide range of topics, the Chronicle also provides space twice a month for a district column. ... The district is incredibly grateful to the Chronicle for their support and continued coverage and hopes to 18 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Kane County Chronicle promotions coordinator Lisa Glavan (from left) and reporter Eric Schelkopf stand with Batavia Park District director of marketing and public relations Kari Miller and executive director Allison Niemela during the Illinois Association of Park Districts awards gala in Wheeling. Schelkopf is holding the Chronicle's Top Journalist award. have the ability to acknowledge them for their dedication to the parks and recreation initiative.”

Enjoying the revenue following the TOMA seminar given by KCC advertising are, from left, Vince Langman, Tara Reed, Laura Pass, Scott Shafer and Jen Winder.


The Kane County Chronicle advertising team recently held a Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) seminar. Sales following the seminar were more than $69,000 with more on the way. Congratulations to Vince Langman for driving more than $41,000 in revenue for the team.

Big Bucks The DeKalb Big Sale generated more than $95,000 in December — a 12% increase over 2012. Overall sales leader was Rob Dancey (pictured) who sold the most dollars and most new dollars. Shawn Lowe took the prize for most units and Dustin Davis for most accounts. ••


The Suburban Life Media local team celebrating, from left is Nick SteffanSenior Account Executive, Lee Worley-former account executive, Jane Rivelli-former account executive, Bill Korbel-Local Sales Manager, Carol Belschak-Sales Assistant, Mark A. Miller-Account Executive, Deb Alcozer-Account Executive, Diane Swaim-Account Executive, Mark Miller-Senior Account Executive.

Big Sale The Northern Illinois University football team poses with the Dacy family (center) for a picture after practice at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb. Zach Dacy is a 5-yearold battling leukemia and was able to tackle NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch.

Zach Attack

Big Sale brought in over $700,000 this year, the company's biggest sale ever! The entire suburban group participated in the sale.


Jason Pfrommer, John Sahly, along with Ross Jacobson and Steve Nitz and Erick 8 ON THE WEB Ward created a video and print story for the DeKalb Daily Chronicle on Zach Dacy, a View the video at: 5-year-old boy battling leukemia. After he For more on the story, go to: visited Lambeau Field to meet his favorite NFL players, Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Dacy quickly found out that he preferred the rush of sacking a quarterback rather than actually being a quarterback. Dacy's parents both graduated from NIU and after a few phone calls, Huskies' head coach, Rod Carey, was able to set up the opportunity for Dacy to tackle NIU quarterback, Jordan Lynch. The video of the sack received nearly 10,000 views ... the largest amount of any video we have done with Shaw Media. It was also shared nationally by several sites including Congrats to everyone involved on this project!

To see a video containing all the operations photos and recap of the event go to:

Bringing in the dough were the advertising staff of the Kane County Chronicle. They are, from left, Vince Langman, Scott Schafer, Jennifer Winder, Laura Pass, Mary Vojtech and Tara Reed.

25 years

Advertising Blitz

Joe Stevenson was presented with a commemorative page celebrating his 25 years with the Northwest Herald on Friday, January 31, 2014.

Photo by H. Rick Bamman •

A big shout out goes to the KCC advertising team for their annual Big Sale Blitz which brought in $126,980! Great job! Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 19


“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

President of Shaw Media John Rung holds oversized scissors for a ribbon-cutting ceremony during The Herald-News' open house event on Feb. 11.


There's no doubt that the purchase of The Herald-News and its transition into Shaw Media has been so successful because dozens of individual Shaw associates committed to working as a team to make it happen. Associates from every department imaginable – Accounting/Finance, Advertising, Ad Ops, Buildings, Circulation, Classified, Digital, Editorial, IT, and so on – spent countless hours 20 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

devoted to a successful transition. That work began months in advance, continued through the holiday season in late December and through the closing date of Jan. 3. The hard work paid off when we were so warmly welcomed by readers of The Herald-News, as well as top leaders in the business and political community. "Readers loved having local news throughout the paper, with many thanking

Shaw Media for giving them 'their' paper back," said Kate Schott, editor of The Herald-News and also the Morris Daily Herald. An Open House held Feb. 11 was attended by more than 100 members of the public. There's plenty of work still to be done, but all indications are that the acquisition of The Herald-News means more great things ahead for Shaw Media. •


Mary Jaworski, Vice President of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry speaks before the ribbon-cutting ceremony during The Herald-News' open house event on Feb. 11.

Tom Thayer talks with guests during The Herald-News' open house and ribboncutting event on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014.

Trish Blacklock, Joliet Chamber of Commerce office manager, right, holds the ribbon while Shaw Media CEO Tom Shaw and The Herald-News Editor Kate Schott look on during the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony. •

Retired Chicago Bears offensive lineman and Joliet native/resident Tom Thayer stands outside The HeraldNews office in Joliet. Thayer is helping to promote The Herald-News throughout the community. Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 21


Protected by his shark mask, Brock Heuberger, 9, of Downers Grove, goes down the sledding hill in Community Park, next to Lisle High School on Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014. Suburban Life Media photo by Bill Ackerman

Photographer's comment: I was sent to take pictures of ice skaters in downtown Lisle, since it was finally cold enough to freeze the rink. However, we'd had so much snow on New Year's Day that it was deeply covered in snow, so I remembered seeing a sledding hill over by the high school and found some other weather shots.

A pedestrian braves the snow crossing the train tracks December 31, 2013 in Fox River Grove. Total snowfall including the previous night was between 3 and 6 inches. Northwest Herald photo by Kyle Grillot

Photographer's comment: I took this photo just for fun and to pass time, and it ended up being one of my favorites from the storms.

22 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Icicles of massive proportions were created from firefighters' hoses following a fire in St. Charles. Kane County Chronicle photo by Sandy Bressner

Photographer's comment: I like the way the sun shines through this very frozen tangle of icicles that were created after firefighters battled a fire in St. Charles.

Glen Ellyn Schools and businesses are closed for the day due to extreme temperatures Monday, January 6, 2013. Suburban Life Media photo by Erica Benson

Photographer's comment: I took this from inside the Glen Ellyn Train Station on one of the below 0 days when schools were closed. I think it helps demonstrate the bitter cold feeling just as one might get when they look outside to see what the day has in store. • •


Despite sub-zero temperatures, Danny Bobrow of Port Barrington takes a walk along the Prairie Trail for exercise in Crystal Lake. Sub-zero temperatures were expected through the following morning with wind chills ranging from 30-50 below zero. "It's really not too bad with the right gear," said Bobrow. Northwest Herald photo by Kyle Grillot

Photographer's comment: I knew I needed to put a face to the deep freeze on Monday Jan. 6, and I didn't see anyone outside. When I finally saw this guy hiking down the bike path, I pulled some quick moves to set up this shot.

A pedestrian bundles up in below zero temperatures at the Geneva Metra station. Kane County Chronicle photo by Sandy Bressner

Photographer's comment: It was about -16 degrees and it took a long time for me to find people out braving the cold. I decided to check out the Geneva Metra Station, and I saw this ONE woman completely covered trying to make it into shelter. I thought it summed up how most people who had to leave their homes felt that day. •

A State of Illinois department of transportation plow is obscured by blowing snow on Rt. 47 north of Huntley. Northwest Herald photo by H. Rick Bamman

Photographer's comment: I thought the blowing snow obscuring the truck summed up the frigid day. Traffic was slow and very light behind me. I was able to safely capture the scene. Photo was picked up by the AP and was used in a winter photo gallery on the Arizona Daily Star website.

Barbara Fleming-Smith of Lombard makes use of the snowfall by cross country skiing along Finley Rd in Lombard Thursday, January 2, 2013. More than a foot of snow had accumulated throughout the suburbs. Suburban Life Media photo by Erica Benson

Photographer's comment: The image was taken just past New Year's when we had several inches of snow. I drove through Lombard looking for people either struggling with, or making use of, the conditions. When I saw this woman, I had to stop because it is a rare location to see someone cross country skiing on the sidewalks. After I took the photograph, she mentioned the gym was closed that day so she decided to choose a different method of exercise. Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 23


BCR photo by Goldie Currie

Women of Distinction There was food and fun and all the makings for a day to remember when Illinois Valley Living Magazine honored its Women of Distinction at a luncheon at Deer Park Country Club in Oglesby on Oct. 17. Pictured are (from left) Women of Distinction Pat Schou of Princeton; Teresa Zearing of Princeton; Loretta Volker of Princeton; Dawn Conerton of

Magnolia; Lisa Clinton of Cherry; Nedda Simon of Princeton; Judith Wilkins Wright of rural Tiskilwa; Kim Abel of Mendota; Mary Ann Cernovich of Sheffield; and Kathy Casstevens of Utica. The event was attended by about 200 people. Each Woman of Distinction spoke to the crowd, many sharing anecdotes and experiences about their roles in their

respective communities. The keynote speaker for the event was Kathy O'Malley, a Princeton resident who is the co-host of WGN's "Kathy and Judy Show." She wowed the crowd with an address mixed with humor, personal experiences and considerable fun, but easily turned her words into statements full of impact that spoke of women, their bonds, their strength.

Potential reporters BCR Editor Terri Simon went to visit the sixth grade class at Dimmick School in LaSalle County. The class was part of a feature in the BCR's winter edition of Illinois Valley Living. Simon talked to the students about the newspaper business, and then the class took a field trip to visit the BCR. Here the sixth-graders are pictured in the BCR's pressroom and listening to BCR pressman Jay Hamer. 24 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 •


Helping tornado victims The BCR partnered with Sullivan's Foods and Servicemaster to collect items for the Washington tornado victims. The local community pulled together, filling a semi trailer of supplies that Sullivan's transported to the area. Pictured are Angie Jones (from left), BCR multimedia consultant, Servicemaster's Frankie Wolsfeld and BCR Sales Development Director Pam Marsh.

Homemade Holiday Winner Mary Lou Sturtewagen of Sheffield was the winner in the Bureau County Republican's "Homemade Holiday" Recipe Contest, where readers were asked to submit a recipe for the BCR's "Homemade Holiday" recipe section. Sturtewagen's name was randomly drawn, and she won the basket filled with $100 of holiday, baking items. Erica Oertel

The show must go on

Bureau County Republican staff members from all departments came together to help insert the Tuesday issue of the BCR on Jan. 13. The cold weather and impassable roads kept mailroom personnel from arriving on time.

Ashley Oliver (at left) and Angie Jones

Book signing events Employee name and position held: Terri Simon Editor, Bureau County Republican. Event: Simon signed her new book, "Grandma's Cookie Jar," at a variety of events in and around Bureau, Henry, Whiteside, Rock Island, Lee and LaSalle counties. Additional comments: I always enjoy these book signing events. Not only do I get to see a lot of folks I haven't seen in a while, but I get to meet new people as well. It's also a good time to hear feedback from those who attend an event who have already bought a book. I am humbled by their comments and kind words. •

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 25


End roll masterpieces The Bureau County Republican donated a couple of end rolls to the Princeton Public Library. The library staff covers a table in the children's department and allows children to express themselves with a variety of drawings. The library staff said it's a favorite activity of the youthful library patrons.

BCR Ad staff participates in Ag Expo

Fisher elected IPA vice president

The Bureau County Republican Advertising Department took part in the Ag Expo held at the Bureau County Fairgrounds on Dec. 20. The staff met with potential advertisers and were able to get additional new leads for the NorthCentral Illinois Ag Mag. Pictured are BCR Sales Development Director Pam Pratt Marsh (from left), and multimedia consultants Angie Jones (center) and Ashley Oliver.

John Galer (center) receives a plaque from IPA Executive Director Dennis DeRossett for Galer's term as president. At left is Sam Fisher, who was elected vice president of the Board. Karen Flax from the Chicago Tribune was elected president, and Galer will continue on the board as immediate past president.

Picture this The Bureau County Republican's annual calendar project incorporated the creative flair of photographers throughout the county. Readers/photographers were asked to submit a photo, and then readers were allowed to vote on their favorite images on the BCR's website. The Top 12 photos were featured in the calendar, which was distributed in the newspaper. This photo was the winner. 26 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Not As Smart As We Look Staff members and friends of the Bureau County Republican participated in a Trivia Night, sponsored by the Princeton Public Library. While the team didn't win, they weren't last either. The team's name was Not As Smart As We Look. Pictured seated from left are Keith Bolin, Kevin Marsh and BCR Sales Development Director Pam Pratt Marsh. Standing from left are Barb Bolin, BCR Editor Terri Simon, Kath Clark, BCR Staff Writer Goldie Currie and Nick Rapp. •


Kellogg Township firefighter Arnie O'Dell was struck by falling debris when a section of the Janco Industries building collapsed after a fire there Thursday, Jan. 30. O'Dell was not injured. Newton Daily News Sports Editor Jocelyn Sheets, who is more commonly associated with her quality sports photography, captured the scary moment with her camera.

Sports editor captures 'scary moment' for local firefighter

With other members of the Daily News staff spread thin, the scanner squawked around 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, that a major business — Janco Industries in nearby Sully — was on fire. Sports Editor Jocelyn Sheets, well known for her exceptional sports photography, offered to help out. By the time she got there, much of the flames had been knocked down, and firefighters were working on “hot spots” inside the severely damaged structure.

While getting photos to demonstrate the extent of the damage, she was in position to capture a near tragedy involving a local firefighter. Arnie O'Dell, a longtime firefighter with the Kellogg Township volunteer squad, had just stepped inside the structure to survey for flare-ups while other firefighters from Sully continued to spray water inside. A moment later, a portion of the roof of the building came down. •

Sheets captured the photos of O'Dell being struck as he scrambled to get out of the building and other firefighters raced to his aid. Luckily, O'Dell was not injured by the falling debris, and walked away from the incident under his own power. In fact, when calling to get the firefighters' names, Sheets was originally told the structure hadn't collapsed on any firefighters. Sheets' photographs tell “the rest of the story.” Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 27


Newton Main Street Organizing Committee members Steve Long, Jason Lauterbach, Bob Knabel and Jeff Price relax before the Main Street presentation. Everyone in attendance wore an apron to show Newton is ready to go to work. The aprons were provided by Newton Manufacturing.

Main Street Iowa Board commends Daily News for coverage of application process

Newton recently applied for Main Street Community status through the Main Street Iowa Board. The bid to become a Main Street Iowa Community was successful. The designation will make additional grant funding available for historic renovation of the community's downtown courthouse square.

As part of the application, Newton Main Street Committee members included extensive coverage of the application process and editorials written in support of the effort that published in the Newton Daily News. Staff Writer Zach Johnson also attended the

official presentation to the Main Street Iowa Board. During the presentation, one board member noted the newspaper's coverage, saying it was some of the most thorough and extensive he has ever seen by a community newspaper.

Daily News hosts family for St. Nick's Christmas Club As it has for many years, the staff at the Newton Daily News adopted a family through the St. Nick's Christmas Club. The family adopted this year was a young family with 28 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

three children ranging from 10 years of age to an infant. St. Nick's has been serving the youth of Jasper County, Iowa, for more than 20 years. Each year the

organization, led by a group of dedicated individuals, strives to provide Christmas gifts and much-needed food for as many Jasper County children as possible. •


Rushing speaks to students on MLK Jr. Day Newton Daily News Staff Writer Ty Rushing is usually covering events in area schools as the newspaper's education reporter, but on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he was the story. Rushing was the keynote speaker for a special assembly at Aurora Heights Elementary School that day. He challenged the students to know more than just the name behind Dr. King, but to truly know the man and his impact on American history in general, not just black history. He also discussed how Dr. King broke down stereotypes and stigmas with his own education, an aspect of his legacy often overshadowed by his other accomplishments. He also said he thanks “the men who paved the way for me,” including Dr. King and his own grandfather, who grew up in Louisiana during Segregation and went on to become the first black insurance salesman for New York Life. He also noted how the newest generation is “amazingly colorblind.” He also read from an essay written by Woodrow Wilson Elementary fourthgrader Emily Russell, in which she said she was thankful to live in a world without slavery.

Newton Daily News Staff Writer Ty Rushing spoke about Martin Luther King Jr. to a group of students at Aurora Heights Elementary in Newton on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He spoke both about Dr. King's legacy, as well as the impact the man had on his own life. Newton Superintendent Bob Callaghan and several members of the Board of Education attended the speech. “Ty did a great job today and is a

very impressive young man,” Callaghan said. “He showed his passion and intelligence and was a great representative of the Newton Daily News.”

Daily News takes second place in Newton Chamber's social media awards This medallion was the “treasure” Newton Daily News readers were tasked with finding last summer. It was one of several community engagement efforts that resulted in the newspaper receiving the secondplace Social Media award from the Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce.

At the 2013 Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce's awards night, the Newton Daily News was recognized with second place in the social media category. During the year, the newspaper used Facebook and Twitter as a means of sharing some of the clues for its summer Great Treasure Hunt, which has a grand prize of $1,000 for finding a medallion hidden somewhere in town. The treasure hunt also afforded an opportunity for the Daily News to help build social media audience for its partners, Park Centre, •

Skiff Medical Center and the Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce. The newspaper's own Facebook page has grown over the course of the past year to nearly 5,000 “likes.” The Daily News has leveraged its social media audience, both as a means of advertising for its customers, but also as a means of rallying the community for local causes. Those include the Newton Main Street initiative, as well as efforts to get online votes to win a digital projection system for the local drive-in theater. Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 29


CNA photo by Sarah Brown

Retiring CNA Managing Editor Stephani Finley, second from right, shares a laugh with co-workers and community members during an open house Jan. 30.

Stephani Finley retires after 16 years

By Sarah Brown CNA staff reporter After 16 years, Creston News Advertiser Managing Editor Stephani Finley is saying goodbye. "I've seen a lot of changes over the past 16 years and have really enjoyed watching

the progress of the newspapers (CNA and OST) and the community," said Finley. Finley started her tenure with the CNA as a general reporter in 1997 before working her way up to managing editor in 2007. Finley said the best part of her time with the CNA was meeting so many dif-

ferent people and hearing their stories. She said she will miss the staff the most. As of Feb. 1, Finley joined her husband Dick Finley in retirement. Finley is looking forward to prepping and putting her former home up for sale and adding the finishing touches on her newly-renovated brick schoolhouse turned residence.

Pet supply drive After a holiday pet supply drive sponsored by Creston News Advertiser, Amber Hayes helps load donations from the community with Dog Gone Rescue volunteer Janel McLain. CNA photo by Sarah Brown

30 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 •


Peterson retires after 12 years By Amy Hansen OST news editor After working at the Osceola SentinelTribune for 12 years, office manager Mary Peterson decided to retire. "I miss seeing all of the people and keeping up on what was going on," Peterson said. Peterson decided to retire in November to spend more time helping to care for her elderly mother. "I'm enjoying it — being able to be with mom every day of the week instead of just off and on," Peterson said.

While Peterson said she misses seeing her coworkers and people passing by the office, she said she also enjoys being able to fit more things into her schedule. As for any future plans, Peterson said she is thinking about planning a trip to celebrate Mary Peterson her husband Mike's 65th birthday. "Somewhere warm," Peterson said with a laugh.

CNA photo by Stephani Finley

And the winner is ... The CNA hosted an ugly sweater contest Dec. 19. First place went to CNA Advertising Representative Mary Jo Borcherding (right). Second place went to CNA Reporter Bailey Poolman.

Contributed photo

Pep talk CNA photo by Sarah Brown

Employee of the Year Clarke County and Creston Publishing companies Publisher Rich Paulsen congratulates CNA Managing Editor Kyle Wilson after naming him employee of the year.

Pictured is Amy Hansen, news editor of Osceola Sentinel-Tribune, with Dan Gable, gold-medal Olympic wrestler and former University of Iowa wrestling coach. Gable visited Osceola, Iowa, for a Southwest Iowa Workforce Summit Dec. 17 at Lakeside Casino. He was the event's keynote speaker. Gable also spoke to Clarke Community High School students and made time to pose for pictures and autographs. •

CNA photo by Kyle Wilson

Safety winner Courtney Dake, right, chairman of the safety committee at the Creston News Advertiser, presents a $50 check in January to CNA Systems Administrator Dorine Peterson — winner of the safety drawing. Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 31


CNA photos by Stephani Finley

All dressed up CNA employees compete for "best" costume during a Halloween costume contest. Pictured from left, Jake Waddingham as Ron Burgundy, Brooke

McIntosh as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, Jeff Levine as a referee, Courtney Dake as a grammy winner, Sarah Brown as Waldo, Kyle Wilson as Zach

Galifianakis' character "Alan" from The Hangover and Bailey Poolman as Lois Lane of The Daily Planet. Winners were Bailey Poolman and Jake Waddingham.

Safety winner CNA photo by Kyle Wilson CNA photo by Kyle Wilson

Band Aid CNA Newsroom Assistant Courtney Dake volunteered to play clarinet in the pit orchestra during Creston High School's musical "Once Upon a Mattress" held Nov. 15-17. 32 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

Courtney Dake, right, chairman of the safety committee at the Creston News Advertiser, presents a $50 check in January to CNA Circulation Manager Sandy Allison — winner of the safety drawing. •


CNA photo by Kyle Wilson

Shovel Brigade CNA Advertising Representative Mary Jo Borcherding marches with other "shovel brigade" members in the lighted Christmas parade held in Creston in December. This is the 10th consecutive year the shovel brigade — coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce — has marched in the parade.

CNA photo by Brooke McIntosh

CNA photo by Brooke McIntosh

Holiday spirit CNA Ad Assistant Dennis Kuyper shows off a wreath he decorated with CNA Multimedia Consultant Teresa Pendegraft and Ad Designer Debbie Linderman for the Holiday to Holiday Extravaganza sponsored by the Creston News Advertiser.

Welcome to Whoville At Creston's lighted Christmas parade, CNA staff Bailey Poolman, Courtney Dake and Jake Waddingham dress up as the Grinch and the Whos of Whoville with volunteers Luke Gross and Shelbi McIntosh.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Dawn Drake Newspaper: Creston News Advertiser Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 5 Position: Accounting Clerk Job description: Answer phones, put in tickets, measuring the paper, help with month-end statements, get the mail and sort it, and order office supplies. What I like best about my job: When I took this job, I had never really done all the aspects of the position but had done some parts. I have enjoyed learning and doing the different things. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: I am on the Relay for Life Committee. Family: I have been married to my husband Kevin for 15 1/2 yrs. We have a 7 1/2 year old son named Dravin and a cat named Chandler. Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy taking pictures, watching Dravin and my niece play in their sports, reading, & driving in and watching mud drag races. Fun fact: I graduated from Iowa State University. •

Dawn Drake

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 33



Name: Jim Ringness Newspaper: Kane County Chronicle (SSM) Years of Service: 20 Years in the newspaper business: 30 years Position: General Manager Job description: Oversight of all Kane County operations (Chronicle & Weekly Republicans) ensuring that the operation delivers on sales, quality and profit goals. What I like best about my job: There are rarely two days alike. Jim Ringness Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: United Way of Central Kane County, St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, St. Charles Noon Rotary (July 2014). Family: Maureen (SSM Major/National Ad Director), Son - Thomas (25 years old), Daughter - Lauren (11 years old). Hobbies/Interests: My daughter Lauren's athletic activities, golf (hacker), college & pro sports. Fun fact: Recently elected into the Marian Central (Woodstock,IL) High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Kathy Blaseck Newspaper: Northwest Herald, Suburban Life, Morris Daily Herald, The Herald-News Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 10 Position: Classified (Obituaries) Job description: Primary: Obituaries, through funeral homes and private parties. What I like best about my job: My boss. Seriously, she's awesome. The thing I like best about my job, is that I am helping my customers with an important Kathy Blaseck part of a very difficult time for them. I try to do whatever I can to make placing their loved one's obituary be the easiest part of the process. Family: Husband, Jim. Dog, Boomer. The rest of my family lives in Minnesota and Colorado. Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Crocheting, Gardening, Music. Fun fact: Most of my friends from college call me, Spike.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Shawn Lowe Newspaper: Daily Chronicle/MidWeek Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 5 Position: Sales Job description: Multi Media Account Executive What I like best about my job: The group of team in DeKalb that I work with on a daily basis. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: DeKalb Corn Fest Shawn Lowe Family: 0 Kids, 3 Dogs. Hobbies/Interests: Music, Concerts, DJ'ing. Fun fact: I book national music acts for concerts as a side business/ hobby.

34 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014


Name: Rick Peterson Newspaper: Northwest Herald Years of Service: 25 Years in the newspaper business: 27 Position: Senior account executive Job description: Helping our customers achieve their goals as a multi media sales consultant. What I like best about my job: The chase, trying to figure a way to reach my customers and my goals. The people I work with, and the great friends I've made out in the field. Rick Peterson Family: Son, Michael-22; daughter, Madelyn-15; granddaughter, McKenna-6 months. Hobbies/Interests: Still play full court hoops, work out as much as I can. Love watching my daughter in travel soccer. I really like live music, and want to to travel more.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Courtney Dake Newspaper: Creston News Advertiser Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 5 Position: Newsroom assistant Job description: Prepare press releases, church and community news, obituaries and other miscellaneous news items. What I like best about my job: The people I work with are the best, and each day is different. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Courtney Dake Safety Committee and Relay for Life Committee. Family: Parents, Bruce and Sue, and sister Brooke. Hobbies/Interests: Singing, reading, working out at the YMCA. Fun fact: I performed in London's 2008 New Year's Day Parade.

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Dan McCaleb Newspaper: Shaw Media's suburban publications (formerly Northwest Herald) Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 22 Position: Group Editor Job description: Work with journalists from all of our suburban publications to help make sure we are putting out the best publications in print and digitally that we can, plus some other things. What I like best about my job: Collaborating with Dan McCaleb colleagues to produce content that exceeds our readers' expectations. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Member of the Pioneer Center for Human Services Board of Directors. Family: Wife, Allison; Children, Matthew, 13, and Aleah, 10. Hobbies/Interests: Big sports fan (mostly of Cleveland-area teams); soccer; music; movies; family activities. Fun fact: I've seen Neil Young in concert exactly 30 times (can't wait until 31) and possess more bootlegs of his live shows than I can count.




Name: Christina Chapman-Van Yperen Newspaper: Morris Daily Herald Years of Service: 5 years Years in the newspaper business: 8 years, plus college and internship experience. Position: News Editor. Job description: I handle day to day newsroom operations for the MDH including story assignments, editing, writing and being the face of our newsroom. What I like best about my job: I love getting to Christina Chapmanmeet and write about new people all the time. Van Yperen This job is never boring. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Board member for the United Way of Grundy County, Morris Rotarian, member of the Morris Local Illinois Federation of Business Women's Clubs. Family: Married to Paul Van Yperen. Hobbies/Interests: Traveling -- near and far; I love going to new places. Fun fact: My grandmother was an Italian immigrant and when my husband and I took our honeymoon to Italy in the spring, I was the first American relative to return to Italy since my grandmother came over here in the 1940s.

Name: Allison McCaleb Newspaper: Northwest Herald Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 17 Position: Magazine Designer Job description: I design glossy, full-color niche mags for Lake and McHenry counties. What I like best about my job: The wonderful people I work with and the creative freedom that my position allows me. Family: Husband, Dan; Son, Matthew; Daughter, Allison McCaleb Aleah; African Grey Parrot, Buck. Hobbies/Interests: I basically live for Texas Longhorn football. When I'm not yelling at the Horns on the television, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading (Stephen King in particular), doing crossword puzzles and cross-stitching ... oh, and going to any Neil Young concert within driving distance with my husband. Fun fact: At 38, I got my first (and only ... ever) tattoo. It's a Longhorn logo in honor of the team winning the National Championship in 2005 ... but it took me five years to work up the courage to do it.

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Bonnie E. Randles Newspaper: Creston Publishing Company Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 30 Position: Carrier Supervisor Job description: I oversee the delivery of the daily Creston News Advertiser and The weekly Creston Shopper in Mount Ayr, IA. I have 7 routes that I keep filled. I handle complaints from subscribers, and work with the carriers on selling new subscriptions. What I like best about my job: I love working with Bonnie E. Randles the kids and watching them grow. I have had some carriers last as long as 5 years or more. Family: I have 2 Daughters: Abby Miller & Amanda Jackson. Sons-inlaw: Tony Miller and Ben Jackson. Grandchildren: Brooklyn Miller, Vivian Miller, Evan Miller, Mitchell Jackson & Mackenzie Jackson. Parents: Dick & Joann Green. Hobbies/Interests: Horseback Riding, Swimming, Cake Decorating, Raising Swans & Siberian Husky Dogs. Fun facts: • I had a carrier call me up once and forget what he called me for. He asked me if I had time for him to think. So we sat on the phone for a good 10 minutes in total silence and he never did remember why he called me. • When I was first hired for a position with the Creston Publishing Co. in 1983, my daughter was less than 6 months old. I could not find a babysitter for her and I did not want to miss my job interview, so I took her with me. I was one in about 5 people applying for the position and when it was my turn to be interviewed I was just sure I had no chance at all because I had my baby with me and I told them I wanted to take her with me on the job. I was very surprised and thrilled to find out I was hired for the position.

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Charles Henson Newspaper: Sauk Valley Media Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 10 Position: Circulation shorts driver Job description: Deliver papers to customers who are missed. What I like best about my job: Meeting people. Family: Wife Betty and three boys/three girls. Hobbies/Interests: Love golf.

Charles Henson

20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Vickie Scanlon Newspaper: Northwest Herald, Daily Chronicle, Kane County Chronicle Years of Service: 20 Years in the newspaper business: 20 Position: Circulation Coordinator Job description: Customer Service. What I like best about my job: My favorite part of my job is the challenge of retaining a customer with 1 yr payment or signing up for monthly ez pay program to continue subscriptions. Vickie Scanlon Family: Married to husband Tom for 34 yrs. 15 yr old Jack Russell, Carlie. Hobbies/Interests: Most free time spent fishing or spending time with family & friends. Also like to read. Fun fact: Went canoeing with husband on Lake Wisconsin. Caught 18 inch walleye and threw hook with fish into my finger last year. No pliers in boat to take fish off lure. Lucky enough to have nurse with leatherman pocket knife and neosporin antibiotic in canoes behind us to take fish off and remove hook from my finger. Was able to continue fishing with no hospital visit.

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 35



Name: Dan Goetz Newspaper: Jasper County Tribune, Prairie City News, Newton Daily News Years of Service: 20 Years in the newspaper business: 20 Position: Publisher Job description: Leading the operations of the Newton Daily News and Jasper County Weeklies. What I like best about my job: Tough question, but what I like the best is the opportunity I have to work every day with a bunch of great people who really Dan Goetz want to excel at what they do. Please list any Boards or Committee you serve: Newton Developmental Corporation Board, United Way of Jasper County Board, Social Action Commission and Pastoral Council Sacred Heart Church. Family: Married to Lydia; daughters Christin, married to Kelly; and Julia, married to Tim. Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Sports, Spending time with family.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Amy Hansen Newspaper: Osceola Sentinel-Tribune Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 5 Position: News Editor Job description: I do the editorial stories and photos for Osceola's paper. I also do the paper's layout in InDesign, edit press releases and update the website and Osceola's Facebook page. What I like best about my job: Spontaneity. You never know what news story you could be working Amy Hansen on when you come to the office. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Shaw Reporter. Family: Mom: Karla, Dad: John, Brother: Adam. Hobbies/Interests: Acting, traveling. Fun fact: I don't have a half birthday. I was born Aug. 31, and there's no Feb. 31.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Shelly Bissell Newspaper: Suburban Group Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 27 Position: Group Manager / Classified Job description: I lead a great team who sell classified advertising, digital advertising, obituaries, and celebration ads into 33 newspapers and Web sites. What I like best about my job: It is fast-paced and diverse. A new adventure every day! Family: Husband, Kelly. Dog, Pete. Daughter, JenniShelly Bissell fer and son-in-law Eric in Chicago. Parents, siblings and the rest of the gang are in Des Moines, Iowa! Hobbies/Interests: I like to read, watch comic book movies, and play with Pete! Fun fact: I capture and release any bugs that make it into my office.

36 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014


Name: Tom Musick Newspaper: Northwest Herald Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 10 Position: Sports columnist. Job description: Mostly, I write about sweaty millionaires. What I like best about my job: It's challenging and demands creativity. Family: Wife (Kate) Hobbies/Interests: Live music, Swiffering. Fun fact: I've never been injured while using a trampoline.

Tom Musick

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Kelsey Rakers Newspaper: Suburban Life Media Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 7 Position: Promotions Manager Job description: I work in partnership with our community groups, like local chambers of commerce, downtown associations, and non-profits so that we are involved and visible in giving back to the communities we serve. I also plan events like Women of Distinction, Taste of Home Cooking Schools, scholKelsey Rakers arship banquets, etc. that help us create connections with people in our communities and also give us the ability to offer new opportunities to our business clients. You can also find me planning and designing house advertising campaigns and working our booth at lots of local festivals! What I like best about my job: Three things: 1. I've had the opportunity to know so many amazing coworkers at Shaw Media. 2. I love being able to help local non-profits increase their visibility and then seeing how that positively affects those organizations, and by extension, our communities. 3. Seeing projects like the Suburban Life rebrand come to life after our team's months of hard work and planning. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: There have been several throughout my years with Shaw Media: Literacy Volunteers Fox Valley, Board of Directors; Geneva Women in Business, Marketing and Public Relations Chair; Batavia Women in Business, Board; CASA of Kane County, Marketing Committee; Pride of the Fox Riverfest, Marketing Committee; St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Committee; Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Committee; Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Committee Chair; Downtown St. Charles Partnership, Marketing Committee. Family: My wonderful boyfriend, Jeff, and the cutest miniature dachshund in the world, Otto. Hobbies/Interests: Trying to be "outdoorsy," collecting mid-century furniture, reading (mostly about politics, design, business, and architecture), running, and vegetarian cooking. Fun fact: I once got a thumbs-up from Bill Clinton at Mi Tierra Restaurant in San Antonio while he was watching Hillary in the presidential primary debate in Austin on TV. I was also scowled at by the Secret Service for jumping around and waving like an idiot outside the window trying to get his attention. It was magical. (Nothing I put here will ever be as cool as Diane Swaim's moray eel story.)



Name: Brent Maring Newspaper: Northwest Herald Years of Service: 15 Years in the newspaper business: 20 Position: Creative Design Manager Job description: Design and promote Shaw Media products and events. What I like best about my job: I enjoy the creative process, and this job allows me to be creative in many ways. One day, I'll be working on a logo, the next, an ad campaign and the day after, I'm helping Brent Maring with an event. I also work with some great people! Family: Wife Stacy; son Luke; and a son due in May. Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, movies, watching my son grow and learn! Fun fact: About 17 years ago while working in Woodstock, I was asked to wear the Groundhog costume as my coworker and I awarded 'Groundhog Day' coloring contest prizes to grade schoolers. Oddly enough, for the next six weeks, I couldn't see my shadow.

25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Vinde Wells Newspaper: Ogle County Newspapers Years of Service: 25 Years in the newspaper business: 32 Position: Editor Job description: A little bit of everything. I write stories, take photos, cover meetings, edit copy, paginate, deliver papers, help customers, and do management activities. What I like best about my job: I like the endless variety - no two days are ever the same. I enjoy Vinde Wells the people I work with, and I like meeting people and finding out about their lives. I like covering and reporting on what impacts the area where I live and have spent most of my life. Family: Four grown-up children, nine grandchildren, two very spoiled cocker spaniels. Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy reading, quilting, gardening, local history, and Victorian houses. Fun fact: I was in the same seventh grade class as Tom Shaw at Madison Grade School, now Ronald Reagan Middle School in Dixon.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Peggy Heslop Newspaper: Creston Publishing Years of Service: 5 years Years in the newspaper business: 5 years Position: Mailroom inserter. Job description: I place inserts in the paper. What I like best about my job: I like my coworkers. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: CNA Safety committee. Family: My husband is Rex Heslop for 30 years. We have 3 full grown girls and 2 grandsons. Hobbies/Interests: I like to crochet.

Peggy Heslop


Name: Carrie Sanders Newspaper: Newton Daily News Years of Service: 10 Years in the newspaper business: 13 Position: Circulation Clerk/District Manager Job description: Jack of all trades! I do everything from making sure that the carriers are taken care of to dealing with all of our circulation operations and also spend time helping in the mailroom. What I like best about my job: The challenges that each day of getting the paper out on the street brings. Carrie Sanders Family: Daughter Tiffany who is expecting my 1st grandchild in August, Son Troy and my puppy Mollie. Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, Hunting and pretty much anything outside. Fun fact: Shot my first deer, an 8 point buck, with my crossbow this winter.

15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Alex T. Paschal Newspaper: Sauk Valley Media Years of Service: 15 Years in the newspaper business: 15 Position: Chief Photographer Job description: Photography, scheduling, editing. What I like best about my job: Taking a really great photograph. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Recorder Dixon Knights of Columbus. Family: Wife Carla, step-daughters Kirby and Taylor. Alex T. Paschal Hobbies/Interests: Homebrewing, biking, skiing, reading, painting and art photography. Fun fact: In this quiet little part of the world, I've photographed Barack Obama (pre-President), Mike Ditka, Jesse Jackson, Bruce Campbell (actor), Ron Santo and Mumford and Sons.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Name: Paula Dudley Newspaper: Northwest Herald Years of Service: 5 Years in the newspaper business: 27 Position: Director of Promotions and Custom Publishing Job description: Responsible for the growth of the McHenry County Magazine and broadening NWH Events and Marketing efforts, as well as pursuing custom publishing opportunities that include many non-news products like brochures and catalogs. What I like best about my job: The excitement that exists when a good idea ignites and revenue is generated Paula Dudley that benefits both the company and the advertiser. Please list any Boards or Committees you serve: Board Director for McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce, Class of 2014 for Leadership of Greater McHenry County. Family: 16 year-old Son - JP and 12 year-old daughter- Grace. Hobbies/Interests: Watching my kids in their sporting endeavors, creative tinkering, ancestry research. Fun fact: I started my advertising career at the NW Herald in the 80's. I was a classified rep.

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 37




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David Giuliani, News Editor-Day, Sauk Valley Media..................................................................................9/29/13 Lucas Pauley, News Page Designer, Sauk Valley Media............................................................................9/29/13 Jeff Levine, Advertising Sales Representative, Creston News Advertiser.................................................10/14/13 Laura Wilson, E-Commerce Director, Shaw Media Suburban Locations.................................................... 11/1/13 Matthew Piechalak, Reporter, Suburban Life Media................................................................................... 11/4/13 JoAnn Smith, Administrative Support Representative, Northwest Herald................................................... 11/4/13 Pam Eggemeier, Reporter, Sauk Valley Media.......................................................................................... 11/10/13 Sarah Minor, Copy Editor/Page Designer, Northwest Herald.................................................................... 11/11/13 Kristina Peters, Night Desk Chief, Northwest Herald................................................................................ 11/11/13 Valerie Katzenstein, Features Editor, Northwest Herald,........................................................................... 11/18/13 8 See RESPONSIBILITIES on PAGE 39 38 • Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014

PEOPLE OF SHAW MEDIA 8 RESPONSIBILITIES from PAGE 38 Juliette Beaulieu, Assistant Night Production Editor, Northwest Herald.................................................... 11/24/13 Christopher Heimerman, Night News Editor, Sauk Valley Media.............................................................. 11/24/13 Scott Helmchen, Managing Editor/Production and Design, Northwest Herald.......................................... 11/25/13 Miranda Munson, Graphic Designer, News Printing Co............................................................................ 11/25/13 Tarah Thorne, Reporter, Northwest Herald..................................................................................................12/2/13 Cassandra Dowell, News Editor, Suburban Life Media...............................................................................12/8/13 Don Bricker, VP of Suburban Group Publishing, Shaw Media..................................................................12/12/13 J. Tom Shaw, Chief Digital Officer.............................................................................................................12/12/13 Ben Shaw, Chief Technology Officer.........................................................................................................12/12/13 Latham Goumas, Photographer, The Herald-News..................................................................................12/30/13 Sandy Allison, Circulation Manager, Creston News Advertising....................................................................1/6/14 Christina Chapman, News Editor, Morris Daily Herald..................................................................................1/6/14 John Kranz, Senior Account Executive Team Lead, Northwest Herald.........................................................1/6/14 Dana McKenna, Sales Assistant, Northwest Herald.....................................................................................1/6/14 Kate Schott, Editor, The Herald-News and Morris Daily Herald....................................................................1/6/14 Lawerence Synett, Web Editor, Daily Chronicle............................................................................................1/6/14 Amie Mock, Circulation Accounting Clerk, Sauk Valley Media....................................................................1/20/14 Kyle Wilson, Managing Editor, Creston News Advertiser............................................................................1/31/14 Jake Waddingham, Assistant Managing Editor, Creston News Advertiser..................................................1/31/14 Laura Pass, General Manager, Suburban Life Media...................................................................................2/1/14

Volume 28 — No. 1 • Spring 2014 • 39


Bolt-on Acquisitions By Trevis Mayfield VP, Shaw Media Shaw Community Media Group Publisher Shaw Media’s footprint in its community markets (non-suburban) expanded in the last two years with four acquisitions in strategic geographies. The new locations are in towns and cities adjacent to existing operations. The properties fit into what we describe as a “bolt-on” acquisition strategy. They will not operate as a singular business that will Trevis Mayfield require dedicated infrastructure. Rather, they are “bolted on” to one of our preexisting bases of operation, which allows them to share resources and gain efficiencies. The acquisitions include: • The 1,000-circulation weekly Jasper County Tribune in Colfax, Iowa • The 1,000-circulation weekly Prairie City News in Prairie City, Iowa • Record Newspapers, which includes the 3,400-circulation, free-distribution weekly Putnam County Record in Illinois, and the Tonica Times. • The 15,000-circulation, free-distribution weekly Prairie Advocate in Lanark, Illinois. These publications were all family operations that were managed and owned by people who cared about their communities. Because of that, they have very strong brands in the rural markets they serve. Properties like these also offer our company geographic diversity, which is one of Shaw Media's strengths. While these recent acquisitions are relatively small, because of their rural nature they are extremely stable businesses, and they are the dominant media in the markets they serve. Dan Goetz, our publisher in Newton, oversaw the acquisition of the Jasper County Tribune and the Prairie City News. “Because of their proximity to Newton, the Jasper County Tribune and the Prairie City News were perfect acquisitions to 40 • Volume 28 – No. 1 • Spring 2014

expand our footprint in Jasper County,'' Goetz said. “As we continue to serve our audience in Colfax and Prairie City, these publications provide us with yet another opportunity for future growth in revenue and profit.” Sam Fisher, our publisher in Princeton, managed the acquisition of Record Newspapers and has assimilated them into the BCR operation. “The Record Newspapers acquisition, specifically the Putnam County Record,

has given us the opportunity to offer advertisers unduplicated reach in Putnam and Bureau County.” Fisher said. At Sauk Valley, we are absorbing the Prairie Advocate, which is based in Lanark but covers a large geographic area primarily in Carroll and Whiteside counties. All these acquisitions have made our community operations – and our company – stronger and have added to the vitality of the community group.


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