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Labor Day The Lee County Council on Aging, Whiteside County Senior Center, LOTS and Whiteside Public Transportation will be closed Monday, Sept. 3, for Labor Day. In addition, Lifescape meals will not be served at Lee County Council on Aging.

G olden Echo A publication of Sauk Valley Media in cooperation with Lee County Council on Aging and Whiteside County Senior Center – United Way agencies Volume 10

• September 2018 •

Edition 11

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1701 E 4th St Sterling

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“He Does Stand Behind His Cars” 5/11/18 /1 1 1// 1 8 - J John h & Julie l ie K Koch h *See dealer for details.

Sauk Valley Media • September 2018


2 From the LCCOA

Executive Director By Susan Lawler What a wonderful August! This year’s Luau was a great success; so many new faces amongst our favorite old. We have so many thank you’s; where do we begin. First: Lee County Council on Aging would like to thank our sponsors Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center, The Meadows of Franklin Grove, Oregon Living & Rehabilitation and Maple Crossing at Amboy Rehabilitation & Memory Care for their constant support; without them this event could not be available to our seniors and the community. Not only did Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation sponsor the event, they provided 10 volunteers who worked very hard to make our Luau a fun filled evening. The Key Club; what can I say! These young men and women are marvelous, willing to help in every area; with smiles on their faces and laughter in their hearts. They bring joy to every LCCOA event. We could not manage without them. Let us not forget the wonderful entertainment provided by Heritage Square. When you see other facilities join in to help make LCCOA’s events successful, you truly know we are a community working

together for the common good. We are not in competition, but a unity of fellowship making lives better. Thank you to all the members of the Community Services Committee, the LCCOA Board of Directors, all of our LCCOA volunteers who come in weekly to give a helping hand, Katie, Janine, David, and the list goes on. Last but not least all of our staff who are constantly stepping up to the plate to insure our events are memorable to all who attend. National Senior Citizen’s Day, was a great day to honor all our seniors in Lee County and in our nation. We sometimes forget that our country was built on the backs of these seniors and they should be recognized everyday not just one day a year. We had a nice crowd to share food, a game of bingo, prizes and free books to all who came. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Center each week and throughout the year. When I said I had many thank you’s here goes! LCCOA had a visit from four interesting, very professional young men from the CEO Creative Entrepreneurial Opportunities program. Sam Hildebrand, Nicholas

From the WCSC Executive Director By Tori McDaniel Wall of Honor This year our focus has shifted from operations to our patrons. While brainstorming ideas for fun events, special occasions, and everything in between, Assistant Director Beth Sterk came up with the idea to have a Wall of Honor. I absolutely love her idea and am so happy to have this amazing idea come to life at the center. Many of you that join us for lunch have already been asked to complete a

short survey and provide us with a picture of yourself if you are a veteran. Those of you that have done this already, thank you! Our Wall of Honor will be in the Senior Center and will have a picture of those of you that kindly participated as well as a brief description of your service. The wall will be up and ready to view by Veterans Day. We also have a special speaker that will becoming to discuss the honor flight and

Clemens, Gehreg Koerner and Isaac Blaney stopped by LCCOA’s staff meeting on Tuesday to present Lee County Council on Aging with a generous check for our Building Fund. Each one of these men are a tribute to the youth of our community. Their teachers, professors, parents and of course LCCOA are very proud of the work they have accomplished in a short period of time. We here at LCCOA will clearly watch the future of these men. No matter what the future holds for them, we know these men will be contributing to our community in some shape or form. They already have the drive in them to see that every effort no matter how big, does make the difference to lives. These are numbers men, they have business minds, but they know attached to those numbers are people. My staff and I enjoyed speaking with these men. We could have spent the afternoon conversing about the program and their futures. LCCOA asked how they picked LCCOA to make such a generous donation. The answer from all four men was: “LCCOA provided the opportunity to use their facility and LCCOA was there to provide help”. We here at LCCOA look forward to working with the CEO program in the future. We hope we can share the workings and dynamics of a non for profit with other men and women in future programs. Thank you again for your donation to Lee County Council on Aging’s Building Fund. Talking about our Building Fund;

have you seen what has been taking place at LCCOA? M & M Concrete installed a new sidewalk alongside of our parking lot. Our parking lot side wall has been water proofed and drain tile laid and the same to the Galena side wall of our building. No more water! Our goal here is not to have a swimming pool. Still more! We will also have a new parking lot, alley and second street sidewalk! Long time coming; but it is finally here; through the help of the City of Dixon. Thank you City of Dixon and Matt Heckman. So what else is new! Our stoop entering the Post House Ballroom and the sidewalks in back and stairs have been repaired or replaced. You are probably asking, “How are we paying for these renovations”; for start we have received some funds from donors and promises from others, and we are relying on our community to continue to donate. Every dollar helps. We have some clients who bring in their jars of change and we here at LCCOA love seeing it. We know this is what they can do to help, we know they care about the Center. Please help in whatever way you can; we are always grateful. Please view the photos on page 9 of the renovations; M & M Concrete even found some hidden window wells in their digging. Until next time, “Lee County Council on Aging a Place Where You Belong, a Place Called Home”. – Susan

how you can sign-up. Many of the WCPT drivers have taken part in the honor flight and have sincerely enjoyed it. If you would like to participate, please contact Assistant Director Beth to complete our short survey. I am thankful for the service you provided our country and the freedoms that I have because of that. Most are thankful for the sacrifice you made by putting your life on the line, but some may not realize how great of sacrifice you made in your own personal life. I thank you for that! My brother-in-law is currently stationed overseas. He left behind his wife and two small children to ensure our safety and freedom are protected. I see firsthand how hard that can be and because of

that I thank each and everyone of you that have served and not only scarified your life but your personal life as well. We are raising our girls to value our service men and woman because you make the difference. My girls are small and my 3-yearold refers to her uncle as a ninja, but she is proud of that ninja. She knows her ninja is gone because he’s keeping her safe and making sure she can do all the fun things she enjoys. Her ninja means so much to her and that’s how it should be. In my home, we take patriotism very seriously and I want the center to shine with all of you because you deserve a wall of honor! Sincerely, Tori

Golden Echo published monthly by Sauk Valley Media, 3200 E. Lincolnway, Sterling, IL 61081, in cooperation with the Lee County Council on Aging and Whiteside County Senior Center. Golden Echo disclaims any liability for any advertisements published herein and in no way endorses or guarantees these ads. Press releases of interest to seniors will be accepted at 100 W. Second St., Dixon, IL 61021; or 1207 W. Ninth St., Sterling, IL 61081. Deadline for submission is the 15th of each month. Golden Echo does not discriminate in admission to programs or treatment or employment in programs or activities in compliance with the Illinois Human Rights Act; the U.S. Civil Rights Act; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act; the Age Discrimination Act; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; and the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have a right to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Aging. For information, call 800-252-8966 (Voice & TDD), or contact the director of Lee County Council on Aging, 100 W. Second St., Dixon, IL 61021 or telephone 815-288-9236; or Whiteside County Senior Center, 1207 W. Ninth St., Sterling, IL 61081 or 815-622-9230. The senior centers do not require duration of residency or citizenship as a condition of participation in any services or programs funded by the Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging. Residency or citizenship may be a requirement for other programs that the senior centers may provide assistance with in application or accessing of same. Services are made available, in part, with funds provided under Title III-B of the Older American Act, and the Illinois General Revenue Funds, through the Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging. We are a United Way-funded agency.


We’re hopping in the Ballroom. Seven wedding receptions in September – every Saturday plus one Friday. And The Stage Door dance classes begin with the new school year. That’s a lot of dancing! We also have the annual Senior Fair sponsored by state Rep. Tom Demmer on Sept. 7. As you know, it’s a great time to see many vendors and safety/police officers who have ideas, programs, gadgets, etc., for seniors to make their lives easier and safer. The Grief Support Group meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. AARP also has their Driver Safety Class on Sept. 11 and 12 in the Ballroom and, of course, DCCMS’s Lunch & Learn on Sept. 19. It’s a busy month and that’s the way we like it. By the way, we had a cancellation for Oct. 26, 27 and 28, so if you know anyone who would like any of those dates, we’re available! If you need a beautiful place to have an event, look us up on Facebook. Go to for information about the building, prices and to see our event calendar. Visit posthouseballroom. for pictures of events held here. Then, you can email me at or call me at 815-288-0892, and we’ll talk. All proceeds from the Ballroom go to Lee County Council on Aging for senior services in Lee County.

September events 1 – Sasha Welker and Preston Lumzy wedding reception 2 – Sasha Welker and Preston Lumzy 3 – Labor Day! Yay! Offices closed 4 – Line dancing, 9 a.m. 4 – Grief Support Group, 1:30 p.m. 5 – Lee County Networking Council, 11:30 a.m. Meeting and Lunch 6 – The Stage Door dance classes 7 – Senior Fair sponsored by state Rep. Tom Demmer, 10 a.m.

LCCOA phone numbers Office Hours – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Transportation 815-288-2117 888-239-9228 Post House Ballroom 815-288-0892

General Offices Outreach and free phones for hearing/sight impaired 815-288-9236 Toll-free 855-407-9236

LCCOA can also be reached via e-mail at Or via the Internet at or Check us out on Facebook – Post House Community Center/ Lee County Council on Aging

7 – Maria Lombardo and Justin Trotter decorate 8 – Maria Lombardo and Justin Trotter wedding and reception 9 – Maria Lombardo and Justin Trotter 11 – Line dancing, 9 a.m. 11 & 12 – AARP Driver Safety class 13 – The Stage Door dance classes 15 – Megan Leaf and Beau Schrader wedding reception 18 – Line dancing, 9 a.m.

19 – Lunch & Learn 20 – The Stage Door dance classes 22 – Jamie Waters and Cody Froeter wedding reception 25 – Line dancing, 9 a.m. 27 – The Stage Door dance classes 28 – Holly Grim and Austin Muntean wedding reception 29 – Amber Cooksey and Tyler Carrell wedding and reception

WCSC phone numbers Office Hours – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday Transportation 815-625-7433 Information 815-622-9230 Address 1207 W. Ninth St., Sterling

Outreach and free phones for hearing/sight impaired 815-622-9230 Toll-free 888-622-9230

Email at Go to or follow us on Facebook. The Emporium Thrift Store, 15 W. Third St., Sterling 815-535-0368

• September 2018

The Sassy Steppers of Dixon held a line dancing party in the Ballroom. Participating were the Still Cruisin’ Line Dancers from Sterling, the Boot Scootin’ Seniors from Oregon, and some from Polo as well.

BY CATHY REGLIN Lee County Council on Aging

GOLDEN ECHO | Sauk Valley Media

September a busy month at venue



Medicare coverage for durable medical equipment Dear Marci, I have several health and mobility issues, and I need a lot of equipment and supplies to treat my illness and help me complete activities. What equipment and supplies does Medicare cover? – Norma (Greensville, North Carolina) Dear Norma, Medicare Part B covers some equipment, known as durable medical equipment (DME) that helps you complete your daily activities. Medicare usually covers DME if the equipment: Is durable, meaning it is able to withstand repeated use serves a medical purpose Is appropriate for use in the home, although you can also use it outside the home and, is likely to last for 3 years or more. To be covered by Medicare Part B, DME must be prescribed by your doctor or primary care provider (PCP). If you are in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or are a hospital inpa-

tient, DME is covered by Part A. Whether you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, the types of Medicare-covered equipment should be the same. Examples of DME include Wheelchairs Walkers Hospital beds Power scooters Portable oxygen equipment Orthotics Prosthetics Certain diabetes supplies Medicare also covers certain prescription medication and supplies that you use with your DME, even if they are disposable or can only be used once. For example, Medicare covers medications used with nebulizers. Medicare also covers lancets and test strips used with diabetes self-testing equipment. There are certain kinds of equipment that Medicare does not cover, including the following: Equipment mainly intended to help you outside the home. For example, if you can walk on your own for short distances – enough to get you around inside

Dixon Golden Kiwanis looking for new members

your house – Medicare does not cover a motorized scooter that you only need outside the home. Most items intended only to make things more convenient or comfortable. This includes stairway elevators, grab bars, air conditioners, and bathtub and toilet seats. Items that are thrown away after use or that are not used with equipment. For example, Medicare does not cover incontinence pads, catheters, surgical facemasks, or compression leggings. However, if you receive home health care, Medicare pays for some disposable supplies – including intravenous supplies, gauze, and catheters – as part of your home health care benefit. Note: Catheters may be covered as prosthetics if you have a permanent condition. Modifications to your home, such as ramps or widened doors for improving wheelchair access equipment that is not suitable for use in the home. This includes some types of DME

used in hospitals or skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) like paraffin bath units and oscillating beds. In order to have your DME covered, you will need to get a prescription or order from your doctor or PCP, and you will need to get your DME from the right kind of supplier. To find out if Medicare covers the equipment or supplies that you need, or to find a DME supplier in your area, call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit You can also learn more about the Medicare coverage of DME by contacting your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). If you do not know how to contact your SHIP, you can call 877-839-2675 or visit – Marci Marci’s Medicare Answers is a service of the Medicare Rights Center, the nation’s largest independent source of information and assistance for people with Medicare.

LCCOA asking for help with supplies Recycle cell phones, iPods, iPads

The Dixon Golden Kiwanis meet every Tuesday at 9 a.m. at Lee County Council on Aging, 100 W. Second St., Dixon. All visitors are welcome at the meetings. There are guest speakers, fresh coffee and always friendly conversations. Come in and enjoy the group, free and open to the public.

Lee County Council on Aging/Post House Community Center is a non-for-profit agency and we are always in the need of bingo prizes for men and women, paper towels, forever postage stamps, Lysol wipes and spray, decaffeinated coffee, cookies and antibacterial liquid hand soap. We appreciate any and all that can be donated to LCCOA.

The Whiteside County Senior Center and the Lee County Council on Aging are collecting used cellphones, iPods, and iPads to be recycled. If anyone has any of these items lying around and wants to dispose of them, drop them off at the WCSC, 1207 W. Ninth St., Sterling, or the LCCOA, 100 W. Second St., Dixon. Thank you for your donation!

Jones Funeral Homes

A Gift of Sympathy That Keeps Growing

Plant a living memorial in honor of your departed loved one.

M C o r m c k ’s c

Ask Us About Our Guaranteed Prearrangement Contracts

TM SM-ST1529442

Sauk Valley Media • September 2018



3602 E. Lincolnway, (IL Rt. 2), Sterling • 626-4422

Lee County Council on Aging Board Executive Committee and Officers Jeff Kuhn, Chair Joe Rudolphi, Treasurer Nina Mardauss Cindy Gabany LaDonna Groshans

Nancy Varga, Vice Chair Teresa Brunick. Secretary

Bonnie O’Connell Cheryl Smith Dave Johnson Diane Blaine

Roberta Lemoine Kristin Carlson Terry Stephenitch



204 S. Ottawa Ave • 288-2241 303 E Main St. • 857-2611

Whiteside County Senior Center Board Members and Officers Lori Cortez, President Joe Bright, Treasurer Janice Bell Robbin Blackert

Michele Miller, Vice President Karla Burn, Secretary

Emily Taylor Cindy Wadsworth

John Espinoza Al Campbell

Thank you to WCSC volunteers

• Sauk Valley Food Bank • Kroger • County Market • Citadel of Sterling • Rock Falls Rehab • CGH Home Nursing • Gaffey Home Nursing

Thank you to LCCOA volunteers

• Dixon Food Pantry • United Way of Lee County • Leydig Center • Lee County Health Department • Dixon Rehabilitation & Health Care Center • Warren Holmes, Sr. • Russell Spratt • Pam Shaffer

Have trouble hearing on the cell phone? Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) has added a program to help those with cellular service that are having trouble hearing on the phone. The program still provides free amplified telephones and captioning telephones to Illinois residents that are hard of hearing. Applicants must be certified as hard of hearing by a doctor, nurse practitioner, or audiologist; live in Illinois; and have a service that remits to the program. Lee County Council on Aging (LCCOA) and Whiteside County Senior Center (WCSC) are selection centers for ITAC. Walk-ins are welcomed from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday at the WCSC. Potential applicants can call the WCSC 815-622-9230, ext. 194, or LCCOA 815-288-9236 in advanced to set up an appointment to see about qualifying for this wonderful program. Cellphones must be Bluetooth capable. Applicants who wish to apply for this program should bring in the cellphone. Please bring a phone bill with all the pages for landline service or cellular service (prepaid cell users that don’t receive a phone bill must bring the cellphone) and proof of address (driver’s license, state ID, or a bill with the applicant’s name and address on it).

Sterling Hearing Aid Center Inc. 603 Freeport Rd., Sterling, IL


• Culver’s of Dixon • Lee-Ogle Transportation System

WCSC welcomes members Sally Fassler Janice Kuepker

Mary McCue Lori Metzler

LCCOA welcomes members Julia O’Farrell

Lois King

Glenn Schmall


by the Center For Medicare & Medicaid Services

You’re entrusting someone to care for your parents, make sure it’s the right place. Choose HERITAGE HEALTH. • RESTORE Therapy Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy • Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care • Respite Care Stays • Hospice Services Call us today to learn how we can help you!

(815) 379-2131

308 S. Second Street • Walnut, Illinois


• September 2018

• Donna Miller • Jean Glessner • Janine Eykamp • Whiteside Area Career Center • Key Club • Franklin Grove Living & Rehabilitation Center • The Meadows of Franklin Grove • Oregon Living & Rehabilitation Center • Maple Crossing at Amboy Rehabilitation & Memory Care • The Insurance Alliance, LLP

Thank you to all our volunteers who donated their time, energy and services and those who gave monetary and non-monetary donations.We also thank everyone who gave anonymous donations.


GOLDEN ECHO | Sauk Valley Media

• Sauk Valley Senior Living and Rehab • United Way • Prophet Manor, Prophetstown • Erie Pubic Library • Odell Public Library, Morrison • Walmart Distribution • Resthave of Morrison • Heritage Woods • Morningside of Sterling • Mitchell Melons • Epic Center, Fulton • Rock Falls Rehab

Thank you to all our volunteers who donated their time, energy and services and those who gave monetary and non-monetary donations. We also thank everyone who gave anonymous donations.

Senior bowling at Plum Hollow




Individual high scores for the month of August:

Sauk Valley Media • September 2018

Game Series Korona Burkitt............................ 150 ........................ 346 Norma Burmeister..................... 171......................... 474 Chico Contreras......................... 223......................... 554 Ray Craney.................................. 149......................... 405 Charlotte Dierdorff.................... 150......................... 434 Anita Dunphy............................. 145......................... 378 Dan Dunphy............................... 234......................... 580 Carole Janes................................ 133......................... 359 Dick Janssen............................... 223......................... 603 Bob Joyce.................................... 203......................... 541 Jan Kuepker................................ 141......................... 380 Ray Maakestad........................... 179......................... 470 Ken Masters................................ 237......................... 622 Ron Odenthal............................. 159......................... 459 Ann Prindaville........................... 145......................... 376 Larry Prindaville......................... 171......................... 462 Larry Reed................................... 200......................... 558 Linda Richards........................... 240......................... 535 Rich Senn.................................... 177......................... 496 Jim Shuman................................ 136......................... 387 Therma Smith............................ 167......................... 479 Glenn Stroh................................. 124......................... 345 Pat Summers.............................. 178......................... 442 Dee Szymanski........................... 157......................... 377 Ed Webb...................................... 192......................... 431 Shirley Webb............................... 155......................... 384 Jay Wolfe...................................... 178......................... 485

Members of the 2018 CEO (Creative Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program presented Lee County Council on Aging with a generous donation for our Building Fund. Pictured are Sam Hildebrand, Nicholas Clemens, Susan Lawler (LCCOA Director), Isaac Blaney, and Gehreg Koerner.

School is back in session and, all too quickly summer is turning to fall. Add some fun activity to your fall schedule. Come join the Seniors for a morning of bowling. We start at 9 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday.

v a e h I E v s e n r had! o i t a c It’s One of the Best Va Immediately following my discharge from CGH for a total hip replacement, I came to Regency Garden Unit for extended skilled care. A patient in my condition is nearly 100% dependent on others for assistance in all areas of life. When I handed over my care to your staff I did so with the belief that they would take care of me and that they cared about me as a person. The entire staff followed through in every way possible with respect to my beliefs, that they would take care of me and would do so in a manner that demonstrated they cared about me as a person. You have much to be grateful for in the staff you have. I extend my deepest gratitude to all staff at Regency Care for the part they had in my healing.

Paulette Selmi

“We Care For Loved Ones Like Family”

Private Suites Available

Formerly Coventry Living Center

612 W. 23rd Street, Sterling, IL 61081 • 815-626-9020 • Visit to see how we rate.




few others to be announced. Candidate biographies are featured in the Golden Echo. If you are interested in voting in the election and are not currently a paid member, you will need to pay your dues by Sept. 15 to receive a ballot. Membership for 1 year is $20 per person or $30 per household. If you are interested in being on the LCCOA Board of Directors, please call the LCCOA/Post House Community Center at 815-2889236.

ELECTION BIOS FOR LCCOA BOARD Teresa Brunick I am currently an LCCOA Board member and secretary for the board. I have enjoyed the past four years as a board member and would like to continue representing the seniors of our community. My husband, Michael, and I have lived in Dixon for 44 years. We have two sons, Eric (46) and Nick (44) and four grandchildren.Our sons are both graduates of Dixon High School, college, and law school. I am a retired registered/degreed nurse. My work experience spanned forty-plus years in various fields of nursing, including geriatric nursing and administration. Since retiring, I enjoy spending time with my grand-

children, reading, gardening, bike riding, and traveling with my husband.

Ed Roller Originally from the State of Virginia. Moved to Franklin Grove, when I was 12 years old. I graduated from Franklin Center High School and then attended Western Illinois University for four years. I graduated with high honors with a Bachelor of Business degree with a major in accounting. I started my accounting career at General Electric in Morrison. I obtained a wide degree of accounting knowledge in the 9 years there. I held the Director of Finance position at Kreider Services, Inc. for 28 years. While there I was responsible for all aspects of accounting. I was a mem-

! e v r e s e s r io D n e S


You’ll be proud to call Heritage Woods of Sterling your new home. An attractive community that is comfortable, safe, secure and affordable.

Call and schedule a tour at 815-625-7045

ber of the executive team involved in decision making for the agency with board approval. I served as a member of the KSI union negotiating team. I currently serve as a board member on Goodfellows of Lee County. I have previously served on the boards of CASA and Jo Daviess Residential Services. Hobbies include golf, home improvement projects and following the St Louis Cardinals & Indianapolis Colts. Also a big fan of Game of Thrones.

Janine Eykamp My name is Janine Eykamp and I’m running for the Board of Lee County Council on Aging. I have lived in Dixon for 26 years and am married to Mark Eykamp. I’m a PARA Professional at Washington School in Dixon.I’m also a member of St. Vincent DePaul Group and I have been doing volunteer work for LCCOA.I believe I can be an asset to the board and help in many ways. I would appreciate your vote.

Good News Sauk Valley Media would like to offer you a special deal on your next classified ad!

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All for only $14.00



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2205 Oak Grove Ave, Sterling (3 blocks N. of W. LeFevre) 815-625-7045 Managed by Gardant Management Solutions


815-625-3600 or 815-284-2222

Special offer good for seniors age 65 and older, proof of age required. Must be pre-paid. Following restrictions apply: No Rummage Sales, Real Estate, Rental Ads or Business Ads. Items must be owned by senior citizen placing ad.

• September 2018

The Rock River Garden Club places plants and hardware in the planters in front of the Post House Ballroom.

LCCOA annual meeting and election of the Board of Directors will be held on Monday, Oct. 15. This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Steven Carlson, a doctor of chiropractic and acupuncture. This annual event is open to all paid members of LCCOA. Members will receive an invitation, the election ballot and a short biography of each candidate in the mail. Current board member up for re-election is Teresa Brunick. New candidates include Ed Roller and Janine Eykamp, with, hopefully, a

GOLDEN ECHO | Sauk Valley Media

Election for Board of Directors



Sauk Valley Media • September 2018



All had a great time and saw seven fabulous shows. The group did some shopping, of course, and were busy all the time! Join us on our next trip!

Start Your Next Chapter at

Discover exceptional senior living at Morningside of Sterling, where we make every day more exceptional than the last for the amazing people who call us home. ENJOY: • Five Star Dining Experience • Lifestyle360 activities program • Caring, professional staff • Award-winning Memory Care

2705 Avenue E Sterling, IL 61081



Call 815-622-2800 to schedule your tour and start your next chapter today. INDEPENDENT LIVING • ASSISTED LIVING • MEMORY CARE ©2018 Five Star Senior Living

Pet Friendly



GOLDEN ECHO | Sauk Valley Media • September 2018

Construction work being done at Lee County Council on Aging.

We Love Our Residents

Liberty Court

Assisted Senior Living & Memory Care Kelly Shroyer, Executive Administrator 815.285.2000

124 Liberty Court, Dixon, IL 815.285.2000 SM-ST1561795

Sauk Valley Media • September 2018



Emporium Thrift Store Greetings from The Emporium Thrift Store, which supports the Whiteside County Senior Center. All merchandise is donated and all workers are volunteers. We hope that you will come shop with us and donate items that you no longer need or use. We go back to that old saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” We have lots of treasures! While walking around the store, I noticed lots of items in the craft department, things that crafters use. This included buttons, beads, birds, trim, knitting needles, fabric and the list goes on. There were kitchen items of all kind. If you are planning a wedding or bridal shower, we are the place to shop. We have dishes, serving trays, baskets, vases, etc. We have different items on sale every week, just watch our windows for large signs that tell you what is on sale. We really appreciate all donations. This is the time for a lot of garage sales, we would love to have your “leftovers.” Just donate them to us and you will support the Whiteside County Senior Center. Stop in and see us at 115 W. Third St., Sterling. The store is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day except Sunday and Wednesday. Call 815535-0368 for more information. Follow us on Facebook!

Outreach at LCCOA Did you see the front cover of the Golden Echo? If you didn’t, please take note of this topic because everyone who has Part D should be having their prescription coverage checked during this time every year. Contract changes are made between Medicare and the various insurance providers each year and take effect on Jan. 1. This is the purpose for the open enrollment period. If you do not take advantage of this time to check your prescription coverage, your coverage may change. This could potentially end up costing you, and we don’t want that to happen so be sure to join us on Sept. 26 to learn more. There are many other things that we can help seniors with here in the Outreach Department. For those who have trouble hearing on the telephone, we are an ITAC approved testing center. This means that if you are in need of an amplified phone, or cellular amplified device we can help you get one at no charge. We are here if you need help with Benefit Access Application (license plate discount),

the Tax Assessment Freeze (property taxes), also for Medicaid, QMB, Extra Help, SNAP (food stamps) and more. We may also be able to help with discounted transportation cards for Lee-Ogle Transportation System. Caregiver Assistance can be provided for caregivers by getting a homemaker or a CNA into the home when needed, or, there is also care provided in a facility for short stays (usually for no more than 5 days). Other help is given out on a case by case basis and covers a variety of needs and is known as GAP assistance. If there is something you may need help with that isn’t listed here, please feel free to give us a call. We may be able to help get you in touch with someone who can. We will still be coming to see our clients at the usual sites (Paw Paw, Ashton, Amboy, Sublette, and Countryside Manor). However, we will only be there by appointment. If you haven’t called us to make an appointment, we will not be at the site.

Outreach at WCSC Start thinking about Medicare Part D season! Soon enough, starting in October, we will be into Medicare Part D Season. Something to start thinking about is whether or not you’ll want to compare your drug plan to see if there is something cheaper for your medication cost for 2019. You should be receiving your drug plan formulary in the mail soon. Consider giving us a call at 815-622-9230, ext. 194, early in the season to get your appointment scheduled for sometime between Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, the annual enrollment period for Medicare Part D.

‘Medicare Choices’ class Does Medicare have you in a pickle? Come join us for our ‘Medicare Choices’ class! The next class will be held at 12:30 p.m. Thursday,

Sept 27, in the Big Room. We welcome those that are becoming new to Medicare and those who want to learn their options available with Medicare. We also welcome spouses, caregivers, and professionals who want help in understanding Medicare. Please call 815-6229230, ext. 194, in advance to sign up if you are interested in attending, or sign up with our reception desk. There is no fee to attend this class.

Benefits Access Application Do you need to complete your License Plate Discount/Ride Free Transit Card application? We can help with this application on walkin Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Once you are approved for the application, your eligibility is good for 2 years. Please bring in proof of your 2017 yearly income (income

taxes, 1099 forms, W-2s, etc.), driver’s license or state ID, Social Security card (for yourself and your spouse if you are married), and proof of disability, if applicable.

Getting help in Whiteside County The Whiteside County Senior Center (WCSC) Aging and Disabled resource staff help with a variety of programs for older adults and persons with disabilities. Our walk-in day is on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For Medicare counseling or more detailed assistance, please call 815-622-9230, ext. 194, in advance to set up an appointment. For our clients in Erie, Fulton, Morrison, and Prophetstown, we will meet with you by appointment on our site days – just call us in advance. We do appreciate a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Hours for the ADRC Department Our hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Mondays, we take walk-ins from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the License Plate Discount Application, ITAC, and the Senior Tax Assessment Freeze and/ or Senior Homestead Exemption. Please note, if the WCSC is closed on a walk-in Monday due to a holiday, we will observe the walk-in day on the Tuesday following the holiday. Tuesday through Friday are by appointment only for Medicare counseling or for other more detailed appointments. If you would like an appointment, please call our department at 815-6229230, ext. 194. Business hours for the rest of the center remain from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Activities and Meetings


Lee County Council on Aging Fridays Mondays Thursdays Wednesdays Tuesdays 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Open pool 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Open pool 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Open pool 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Open pool 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Open pool table, open cards table, open cards table, open cards table, open cards table, open cards 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: Computer lab 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: Computer lab 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: Computer lab 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: Computer lab 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: Computer lab 11:30 a.m.: LifeScape lunch 9 a.m.: Exercise 9 a.m.: Exercise 11:30 a.m.: LifeScape lunch 9 a.m.: Golden Kiwanis 10 a.m.: Dance exercise class 10 a.m.: Dance exercise class served (reservations) served (reservations) 10-11 a.m.: Line dancing 12:30 p.m.: Duplicate Bridge 11:30 a.m.: LifeScape lunch 11:30 a.m.: LifeScape lunch 1 p.m. Pinochle 11:30 a.m.: LifeScape lunch served (reservations) served (reservations) served (reservations) 1 p.m.: Crocheting and crafting 1 p.m.: Pinochle 1 p.m.: Euchre tournament

Wednesdays Tuesdays Mondays 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Playing pool, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Playing pool, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Playing pool, cards, socializing, computer lab cards, socializing, computer lab cards, socializing, computer lab 10 a.m.: Kings on Corner cards 10 a.m.: Kings on Corner cards 10 a.m.: Kings on Corner cards 10 a.m.: Canasta 10 a.m.-noon: Commodities, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch must meet income guidelines 12:30 p.m.: Pinochle 12:30 p.m.: Pinochle 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch 12:30 p.m.: Crochet/Knitting 1 p.m.: Bingo, bring a canned 12:30 p.m.: Euchre, $3 to Club good or $1 to play play, bring a snack. 12:30 p.m.: Scrabble, bring a snack

Thursdays 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Playing pool, cards, socializing, computer lab 10 a.m.: Kings on Corner cards 10:30 a.m.: Stretch and Move exercise class with Angel from CGH 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch 12:30 p.m.: “Hand and Foot” card game, bring a snack

Fridays 8 a.m.-4 p.m.: Playing pool, cards,socializing, computer lab 10 a.m.: Kings on Corner cards 10 a.m.: Intermediate Line Dancing – check to see where dancing 11 a.m.: Beginning Line Dancing 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch 12:30 p.m.: Mexican Train Dominoes, bring a snack. 12:30 p.m.: Pinochle

Monthly Lee County Council on Aging Sept. 4 1:30 p.m.: Grief Support Group Sept. 5 2 p.m.: Veterans representative Sept. 6 10-11 a.m.: Paw Paw monthly SHIP site (by appointment only)

Sept. 9 1 p.m.: Euchre tournament ($) Sept. 11 1-2 p.m.: Ashton monthly SHIP site (by appointment only) Sept. 14 9:30 a.m.: Bingo sponsored

by Lee County Council on Aging Sept. 19 Sept. 17 10-11 a.m.: Amboy SHIP 1:30 p.m.: Community Services monthly site (by appointment only) Committee meeting 11:15-11:45 a.m.: Sublette SHIP 3 p.m.: LCCOA Board meeting monthly site (by appointment only) Sept. 24 10-11 a.m.: Countryside SHIP

monthly site (by appointment only) Sept. 26 1:30 p.m.: LOTS presentation Sept. 28 9:30 a.m.: Bingo sponsored by Lee County Council on Aging 6:30 p.m.: Open Mic Night

Whiteside County Senior Center Sept. 5 8 a.m.-2 p.m.: Foot Clinic, call 815-213-0324 for appointment 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Blood pressure check by CGH Home Nursing 11:20 a.m.: Celebrating September birthdays 1 p.m.: Bingo, prizes by Resthave of Morrison, snacks by WCSC; donate a can of food or $1 to play

Sept. 6 9:30 a.m.: Rules of the Road Class, a refresher class, free Sept. 8 1 p.m.: Sauk Computer User Group Sept. 12 8 a.m.-2 p.m.: Foot Clinic, call 815-213-0324 for appointment 10:30 a.m.: “Making a Meaningful Nursing Home Visit” by Karla of University of Illinois Exten 11 a.m.-noon: Blood pressure

by Gaffey Home Nursing 1 p.m.: Bingo – prizes by Citadel, snacks by WCSC; donate a can of food or $1 to play Sept. 13 10:30 a.m.: Presentation by Paul of Health and Nutrition Plus Store Sept. 19 10:30 a.m.: Price is Right 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Blood pressure check by Sauk Valley Living and Rehab 12:30 p.m.: TRIAD

1 p.m.: Bingo, sponsored by Sauk Valley Living and Rehab, snacks by WCSC; donate a can of food or $1 to play Sept. 23 1 p.m.: Euchre tournament Sept. 24 10 a.m.: TBK Bank will answer any questions about banking or help with your checkbook Sept. 25 12:30 p.m.: Brain Exercise

Class by Karla at University of Illinois Extension Sept. 26 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Blood pressure check by Citadel of Sterling 1 p.m.: Bingo, sponsored by Rock Falls Rehab, snacks by WCSC; donate a can of food or $1 to play Sept. 27 12:30 p.m.: Medicare Choices Class, call 815-622-9230 to register

Robert Fulton Community Center Come in anytime to play pool, cards, board games or corn bag toss. We have a large-screen TV, pianos, books, and puzzles to loan out, four sewing machines, two personal computers and four Macs are also available. Visit us on our website,, and look under the “community and government” heading!

Every Thursday: Sewing Group, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; call 815589-3925 for information Monday through Friday:

KT3 Fitness and Fit Assist Personal Training, Boot Camp, and Light Resistance Training Sept. 11: American Red

Cross blood drive, 1-6 p.m. Sept. 18: Fancy Feet Foot Clinic; call Sharon Krahn at 815-718-5294 for appointment

Sept. 20: Whiteside County Senior Center Outreach meeting at Epic Center (Old Trinity Methodist Church), 514 13th

Ave., Fulton; call 815-622-9230 for appointment Sept. 25: American Red Cross blood drive, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

• September 2018

Whiteside County Senior Center

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Upcoming Trips

Sauk Valley Media • September 2018



Q Casino (Mystique Casino), Dubuque, Iowa Wednesday, Sept. 19 Cost: $30 members, $35 nonmembers

Pickup at Shopko in Dixon at 8 a.m. and pickup at Walmart Supercenter in Sterling at 8:30 a.m. Get ready for an experience that’s anything but ordinary. You’ll be swept a world away when you step through the doors of our French-inspired casino. Behold the splendor and enjoy all the games, restaurants and racing excitement. You get $10 on your card, a free lunch – which is completely new, a deck of cards, a $5 table game match play coupon, a $1 Roulette wager, and a slot cord. Pay for this trip at WCSC.

Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, Canada Sept. 22-29 Cost: $899 members, $949 nonmembers

Eight days and 7 nights lodging including 12 meals, more info to follow. Enjoy a guided tour of Quebec City, see Montreal’s beautiful Notre Dame Basica, visit Parliament Hill, cruise on the St. Lawrence River and much more. Pay for this trip at WCSC.

Cubs vs. Cardinals game Friday, Sept. 28 – 1:20 p.m. game Cost: $105 members, $110 nonmembers

Bus will leave at 7:45 a.m. from Sterling Walmart and 8 from Dixon Shopko. The seats are terrace reserved. Go Cubs Go! Sign up at WCSC.

4-hour Fall Foliage Cruise with live entertainment on the Mississippi River Friday, Oct. 12 Cost: $85 members, $95 nonmembers

We will cruise the Mississippi on the Celebration Belle enjoying the Fall Foliage. The trees should be peaking with beautiful fall colors. Also, on board we will enjoy live entertainment with singing and dancing. Your cruise will start off with hot homemade sticky rolls with assorted fresh fruits followed by a delicious hot lunch buffet. Cost includes cruise on boat, lunch and roundtrip transportation. Stop in the Post House Community Center to sign up. Depart Dixon Walmart at 8:30 a.m. Depart Rock Falls Community Center at 9 a.m.

Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque, Iowa Wednesday, Oct. 24 Cost: $15 members, $20 nonmembers

Cost includes transportation and free buffet lunch. Pickup at Shopko in Dixon at 8 a.m. and pickup at Sterling Walmart (northeast corner) at 8:30. Drop off at Sterling Walmart first and then Dixon Shopko. Pay for this trip at WCSC.

Trips for 2019 • June 23-29: Mount Rushmore (will include Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse Memorial, guided Tour of Deadwood, etc.); $779 double occupancy, $1,019 single occupancy • Aug. 18-24: Colorado (will include Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, Aerial Tram, Royal Gorge, etc.); $839 double occupancy • Oct. 12-20: Maine (will include Historic Portland; Pineland Farms, Lighthouse; Kennebunkport, Boothbay Railway Village; Victoria Mansionetc); $1,099 double occupancy Signup begins Oct. 1 for 2019 trips at WCSC.


Let’s play bridge! Dixon has hundreds of bridge players and scores of bridge groups, but only one American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned duplicate bridge game. Every Friday afternoon at 12:30, the Lee County Council on Aging, 100 W. Second St., hosts the Dixon Duplicate Club. These are open games, and all bridge players are most welcome to participate. We have players from Dixon, Princeton, Oregon, Mount Carroll, Amboy, Sublette, Sterling, Walnut, and Morrison, as well as occasional drop-in visitors from all over the United States. Duplicate bridge is very much like regular “party bridge.” One difference is that the hands are shuffled and dealt just once for the day and then placed in separate pockets in a “board.” During the play of the hand, the cards are kept in front of the person who played them, not mixed together in the center of the table. When the play of that hand is completed, each hand is returned to its pock-

et and the board goes to another table for different teams to play the same hands. Players’ scores are ultimately determined by how well they played the hand compared to the scores of others who played the same hand. This takes away the luck of the draw and renders obsolete the old complaint, “I never had any good cards.” The fee of $5 for the day of bridge

helps to defray costs of dues and fees to ACBL, supplies and equipment, and treats for the game. No, there is no gambling, and players do not win money. What they do receive for excelling at the game are ACBL points which are reported to the national headquarters monthly and are accumulated toward the various levels of achievement, such as Life Master.

As an incentive to new players, Joyce U. Gibson, a certified ACBL Director, invites all bridge players to come try the game of duplicate at no charge their first time. Additionally, any player who brings a new player will also receive a free game. (You could play for free all year long if you bring a new person each time!) Leaders in the Masterpoint competition for the month of July are as follows: Frank Nester of Mount Carroll, 2.40 points; Barbara Bass of Princeton, 1.80; Dianne Pauser, 1.17; Don Pauser, 1.17; Joyce U Gibson, 1.02; Delight Pitman, 0.73; Carol Youker, 0.73; Barb Hermes, 0.60; Mary Grace Crisham, 0.60; and Peggy Wallace, 0.42 – the last eight all from Dixon; and Elizabeth and Phil Naffziger of Walnut, 0.31 each. This is a warm, friendly group of people and an easy way to break into the joys of duplicate bridge. Bring your own partner or pick one up at the game. Come join us!

Serving at Lee County Council on Aging Sept. 10-14 Monday: Creamy chicken with pasta, broccoli, baked apples, wheat bread (1) Tuesday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, glazed carrots, dinner roll with butter, apricots Wednesday: Italian chicken salad with greens, carrots, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese, dinner roll with butter, fruit juice Thursday: Italian sausage with peppers on bun, red potatoes wedges, Italian blend vegetables, diced peaches Friday: A) Crispy fish sandwich, wheat bun, potato pancakes, peas, pineapple tidbits; B) Turkey, minestrone

Sept. 17-21 Monday: Meatball sub, peas and carrots, seasoned potato wedges, mandarin oranges Tuesday: Sweet and sour chicken, fluffy rice, stir-fry vegetables, dinner roll, apricots Wednesday: Salisbury steak, cheesy potatoes, green beans, dinner roll, sliced peaches Thursday: A) Cheese omelet, turkey sausage, hash brown potatoes, blueberry muffin, fruit juice; B) Tuna salad, chicken rice Friday: Chef salad with greens, turkey and ham, cucumbers, eggs, tomato and cheese, dinner roll with butter, mandarin oranges, fruit juice

Sept. 24-28 Monday: Barbecue riblett, wheat bun, au gratin potatoes, coin carrots, diced pears Tuesday: Pepper steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, wheat bread (2), chilled pineapple Wednesday: Lemon pepper chicken, wild rice, broccoli, dinner roll, applesauce Thursday: A) Cheeseburger, wheat bun, tator tots, baked beans, gelatin with fruit; B) Ham, vegetables Friday: Tropical chicken salad, cucumber slices, croissant, mandarin oranges, pineapple juice

Serving at Whiteside County Senior Center Sept. 3-7 Monday: Closed for Labor Day Tuesday: Green bean and tator-tot casserole, salad, dessert Wednesday: Chicken fajitas, rice and beans, dessert Thursday: Goulash, garlic bread, salad and dessert Friday: Baked salmon or alternative, rice, asparagus, dessert

Sept. 10-14 Monday: Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, salad, dessert Tuesday: Catered by Resthave of Morrison Wednesday: Baked barbecue chicken, cheesy potatoes, salad, dessert Thursday: Hamburger, chips, potato salad, dessert Friday: Liver and onions, vegetable, salad, dessert

Sept. 17-21 Monday: Taco bake, dessert Tuesday: Salisbury steak, potato, vegetable, dessert Wednesday: Roast beef, vegetable, salad, dessert Thursday: Chicken-stuffed bell pepper, rice, dessert Friday: Fried chicken, potato, vegetable, dessert

Sept. 24-28 Monday: Pork tenderloin, potato, vegetable dessert Tuesday: Cook’s Choice Wednesday: Beef tacos, rice and beans, dessert Thursday: Hot ham croissant sandwich, potato, soup, dessert Friday: Breaded pollock or alternative, potato, salad, dessert

Serving at Golden Meals in Whiteside County Sept. 3-7 Monday: Closed for Labor Day Tuesday: Baked cod in lemon butter, parslied potatoes, spinach, fresh fruit Wednesday: Pepper steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, fresh fruit Thursday: Ham loaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit Friday: Hot dogs, potato salad, fresh fruit, whole wheat bun

Sept. 10-14 Monday: Sweet and sour chicken over rice, stir-fry vegetables, fresh fruit Tuesday: Pork chops, cheesy potatoes, broccoli, fresh fruit Wednesday: Brats, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, whole wheat bun, fresh fruit Thursday: Glazed baked ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit Friday: Beef stew with vegetables, applesauce, biscuit

Sept. 17-21 Monday: Sloppy Joes, potato wedges, applesauce, whole wheat bun Tuesday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh fruit Wednesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, lima beans, fresh fruit Thursday: Barbecue chicken, cheesy potatoes, peas, fresh fruit Friday: Ham salad, cottage cheese, pineapple, whole wheat bun

Sept. 24-28 Monday: Beef and noodles, green beans, apricots Tuesday: Cabbage rolls, buttered potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit Wednesday: Spaghetti, mixed vegetables, fresh fruit Thursday: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit Friday: Chili, coleslaw, mixed fruit

• September 2018

Sept. 3-7 Monday: Closed for Labor Day Tuesday: Barbecue chicken breast, cheesy potatoes, seasoned green beans, dinner roll, gelatin with fruit Wednesday: Baked pork chop, baby red potatoes, broccoli, tossed salad with dressing, dinner roll, apple crisp Thursday: Cheese ravioli with meat sauce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic bread, apricots Friday: A) Southwestern salad with black beans, corn, cheese, chicken, tomato and onion, dinner roll with butter, pineapple tidbits; B) Chicken salad, tomato


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Meals for September


Sauk Valley Media • September 2018



Whiteside County Public Transportation Fares: (within county) Ages 5 and under (must be accompanied by an adult): 50 cents one way People age 6 to 59 years: $2 one way Seniors or individuals with a disability: Donation suggested (unless qualified under Medicaid or other program) Out-of-county trips can be arranged, subject to availability: 25 cents per mile Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday

855-625-7433 or 815-625-7433

Lee-Ogle Transportation System Fares: (within zip code) Ages 5 and under (must be accompanied by an adult): $1 one way People age 6 to 59 years: $2 one way Seniors or individuals with a disability: $1 one way (unless qualified under Medicaid or other program) Out-of-town trips can be arranged, subject to availability: 35 cents per mile Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday

888-239-9228 or 815-288-2117 WCSC Nicom, the Whiteside County Sheriff Department’s K-9, and his handler, Rollie Elder, gave a demonstration at the Senior Center on July 18. TRIAD Members present were Kris Schmidt, Dave Dorsey, Jennifer Snow, NICOM, Rollie Elder and Beth Sterk. TRIAD meets every third Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. We invited all senior citizens to join us.


UPCOMING EVENTS | PHCC/LCCOA Sunday, Sept. 9 – 1 p.m. Sign in at 12:30 p.m.; $5 entry; 25 cents a set; 100 percent payback

Grief Support Group

Distinctive Gardens Tuesday, Sept. 25 – 1 p.m. Bud from Distinctive Gardens will lead this class on making a fall wreath. He will inform and educate us on the beautiful fall leaves and trees. Class is $20 per person and includes making a wreath to take home. Sign up and pay for this fun class by stopping in the center by Sept. 13.

Medicare and Open Enrollment Presentation Wednesday, Sept. 26 – 10-11 a.m. Discussing various parts of Medicare with a primary focus of Part D and the upcoming Open Enrollment season. Please bring with you a copy of your Medicare card, a list of current prescription only medications with correct spelling, dosage and quantity (printed on a full sheet of paper) as we will be accepting lists at this time if you wish to have a comparison ran this year, which we always encourage. Please call 815-288-9236 and ask for Outreach with any questions.

Open Mic Night Friday, Sept. 28 – 7 p.m. Come showcase your talent or come and enjoy the entertainment every fourth Friday. Singers, dancers, poets, comedians, guitarist, acoustic instruments – anybody is welcome! Doors open at 6:30.

UPCOMING EVENTS | WCSC Foot Clinic Wednesday, Sept. 5 – 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Presentation by Paul of Health Store Thursday, Sept. 13 – 10:30 a.m.

Foot care will be available for all senior citizens. For appointments, call Fancy Feet at 815-2130324. Cost $25. They will soak your feet, trimyour toenails, and give you a fabulous foot massage.

Paul from the Health and Nutrition Plus Store will be talking about Homeopathic Care. A natural approach to good health. A type of healing with no side effects. Come and listen.

Rules of the Road Thursday, Sept. 6 – 9:30 a.m.

Price Is Right Wednesday, Sept. 19 – 10:30 a.m.

This class is to help you take your drivers license test. We will help you study and go over the important items. Come and listen. Call 815622-9230 to register for this free class.

Come play Price is Right game and guess the price of an item and take that item home. Stay for lunch which will be roast beef, vegetable, salad, and dessert. This is sponsored by Morningside of Sterling.

Brain Exercise Class at WCSC Tuesday, Sept. 25 – 12:30 p.m.

Karla from the University of Illinois Extension will lead us through interactive activities designed to exercise the brain to maintain and enhance cognitive function and memory. You are never too young or old to get started training your brain, so come and join us for a fun class. Call 815-6229230 to reserve your seat.

Medicare Choices Thursday, Sept. 27 – 12:30 p.m.

Group will meet with a question-and-answer time. There will be a short business meeting, followed with a presentation by Howard Paysen on the club website: “What’s Under the Hood!.” Everyone with an interest in computers/technology are invited. Refreshments will be available.

Open to all senior citizens. TRIAD works together with the community to keep older adults safe. Come by and help this free program grow.

New to Medicare & Confused? This is the class for you! Medicare can be a maze, but we’re here to help you! We welcome those that are becoming new to Medicare and those who want to learn their options available with Medicare. Please call the ADRC Department at 888-622-9230, ext. 194, in advance to sign up.

Euchre Tournament Sunday, Sept. 23 – 1 p.m.

Health Fair Thursday, Oct. 4 – 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Foot Clinic Wednesday, Sept. 12 – 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Sign-in is 12:30 p.m. Cost is $5 per entry and 25 cents a set, with a 100 percent payback. There will also be a 50-50 drawing.

Sauk Computer User Group Saturday, Sept. 8 – 1 p.m.

Foot care will be available for all senior citizens. For appointments, call Fancy Feet at 815-2130324. Cost $25. They will soak your feet, trimyour toenails, and give you a fabulous foot massage.

TRIAD Wednesday, Sept. 19 – 12:30 p.m.

TBK Bank Answers Monday, Sept. 24 – 10 a.m.-noon

Shawn Nelson from TBK Bank will be here to help anyone balance checkbook, registering ATM, debit card questions, consumer financial banking, retail banking, and any question about banking or finances. Come and let her help you.

Vendors from the community will be here to give you the opportunity to access local resources.

• September 2018

Tuesday, Sept. 4 – 1:30 p.m. Grief Support Group every first Tuesday of the month at the Post House Community Center. Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Ken Lawson from Unity Hospice can help you look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, determine which losses have affected your life and take actions so that you may become complete with your loss. Whether your grief is from death, divorce of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of a faith or loss of a pet, Ken is here to help you at a safe place. If you have any questions, please call the Post House Community Center at 815-288-9236.

AARP Driver Safety Class Tuesday to Wednesday, Sept. 11-12 – 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. This 2-day class is a refresher course designed for drivers 50 and over. Auto Insurance discounts in most states. $15 for AARP members, $20 for non-members. Call 815-288-9236 to reserve your spot.

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Euchre Tournament

You Have the Control

SIT, STAND OR RECLINE At the Touch of a Button

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Same Day Delivery! Montage UC 542-JPT Fits people 5’3” and under

Montage UC 542ME6 Fits people 5’10� up to 500 lbs

Montage UC 542-L Fits people 5’11� to 6’2�

Montage UC 542-M Fits people 5’3� to 5’10�

"Over 60 on display"



320 Locust, Sterling • 815.625.0487