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Page 2c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 Christmas By Allison Post 5C At Christmas time, I get a lot of gifts because my birthday is four days after Christmas! I love Christmas because you get gifts and you give gives to people. Christmas is also fun because you get to spend family time and you get to eat a lot of food. At my grandma’s house, we open presents, and we visit for a while. All of the kids play with their new stuff. Sometimes after that, we get to go to the store, because we get gift cards from Grandma! Snow Day By Joshua Norris 5C When Henry woke up, there was more than a foot of snow on the ground. Henry chanted, “Snow day! Snow day!” He got up and called his friend, Jacob, shaking with excitement and proclaimed with joy, “You want to come over?” Jacob thundered, “Of course!” At noon, Jacob and Henry met at Henry’s house, smiling with happiness. Jacob asked, “What do you want to do?” Henry decided, “Let’s go sledding.” Jacob answered, “Sure.” So both Jacob and Henry strolled to Henry’s backyard, gliding with excitement. Jacob grabbed the saucer sled, and Henry took the stringed straight sled. They both leaped and hollered, “Snow day!” as they slid extremely fast down Henry’s long, snow-covered hill. After speeding down Henry’s hill time and time again, they eventually went into Henry’s house for hot cocoa, feeling cold and worn out. Henry asked what Jacob wanted to do next. Jacob replied, “How about video games?” Henry remarked, “Genius idea! Brilliant!” So they both scurried to Henry’s “X

Box 360.” Henry questioned Jacob, “What do you want to play?” Jacob responded, How about Super Mario Bros?” Henry told him, “Of course.” They both played and played. After a while, Jacob finally said, “I’m bored.” So after that, they went and drank the rest of their cocoa. At the end of the day, Jacob left. Henry murmured “That was awesome.” Christmas Eve By Jacob Key 5C On Christmas Eve, my family goes to church. We stand and sing happy Christmas songs. My Christmas Story By Emma Janssen 5C One winter night a girl named Emma was making Christmas cookies with her mom. There were only two days left until Christmas. Emma was only nine when she thought she saw Santa, well no one thought she did. The next morning it was Christmas Eve. Emma was so excited, she couldn’t wait. Emma had proof that Santa was real. She was already in fifth grade, and she still believed in Santa. Some people thought she was lying

but she knew she was telling the truth. That evening her grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles came to visit. She opened presents and ate cookies. After that, they left. Emma’s plan was to look out the window all night to see if she would see him, and she did. She almost fell asleep once, so she went to get some milk and cookies. She thought that would wake her up. That night, Emma saw something out the window right when she was about to fall asleep. She jumped up and ran outside. She heard a thump on the roof. She wasn’t’ sure if it was him, but she was freezing, so she wanted to hurry up with it. She went over to get a closer look, and when she saw him, she nearly fainted. It was Santa, they made friends, drank milk and ate cookies. He gave Emma the presents. Then he left. She could have told everyone, but she didn’t want to scare him away.

barking loudly. The next day Mengell went outside. He went to the back where there was a dune. Then he dug a hole in it. About an hour later Mengell was finished. He built his fort. He went inside and grabbed a snow block maker. When he went back out, he made blocks around his fort. Then he gathered snow and made snowballs. Later a guy ran out squealing. Then he teleported out. The Night Before Christmas By Katie Donaldson 5C Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like for cats, dogs, or any other animals? Well, that is what this story is about, but with mice. This story begins at the North Pole. In Santa’s walls, what was going on inside was amazing. Mice

elves, mice reindeer, mice presents, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the mice, were there! Outside a storm was brewing, both the Claus’s were worried. It was time to set out. Fortunately, they made it back safely. Mrs. Claus, the mouse, thanked the real Mr. Claus for letting him go along. Mr. Claus, the mouse’s job is to deliver presents to small rodents like mice.

dad went up later to do the lights. We went back later to see everyone. We gather everything together. Then we visit, play games for a while, and then go to the store to get stuff to celebrate Christmas Eve. They come home and see that Santa has been there! My aunt came to get us. We ran down and saw all of the presents. There was a tin of white popcorn. It was the best Christmas ever!

My Favorite Christmas Ever By Cheyenne Gretillat 5C My favorite Christmas ever was with my dad and all my family. We sang songs and drank hot chocolate, coffee, cold eggnog. We made cookies for Santa My grandma made my sister and me Christmas dresses, one for me, and one for my sister. We went to my other grandma’s house. My

My Christmas Story By Dakota Grow 5C One fine Christmas morning I woke up and said to myself, “It’s Christmas!” It was 7:00 AM, my usual time I get up, and nobody was awake but Coco. My dog followed me downstairs dancing like she had to go the bathroom which she did, have to go to the bathroom every morning. I let Coco out and started on chores.

Christmas By Gage Eggman 5C All night the snow was falling hard. The house was quiet, but outside the wind was strong. The dog was

Wishing you a Merry Christmas... and a joyous New Year.

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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 3c I did the living room first. While I was doing the living room, I thought it was a little dark. Then I turned on the tree and lights. I usually have trouble with the snowflake that controls the lights on the tree. I can turn on the lights on the tree but cannot turn them off. All of a sudden, I heard a “bark, bark, bark.” I said, “Coco must need to be let in.” I let her in. Then I got back to work. Finally I got done with chores in a nick of time because my dad was coming down the stairs. When everyone was up, we started opening presents. I was first and I opened it and said, “Whoa!” It was a transformer figure. The Christmas Miracle By Tristan Howard 5C It was the year 1920, and there was an old man. He didn’t like Christmas very much because he didn’t like the snow. He didn’t believe in Santa. He believed that Santa was a real old rich person that cared for children. Leon, on the other hand, he didn’t like children. He always picked on them until one day, his life changed. A spirit came to see him. The spirit said, “Come with me, Leon.” Then Leon said, “Who are you?” The spirit said, “I am Santa’s helper.” Leon said, “Go away.” But the spirit did not move. So Leon simply said, “Go away now, or I’m getting the

cops.” Still the spirit did not move. Then the spirit said, “Hold my hand.” Leon said, “Why?” Then the spirit moved making his head bob up and down. The spirit said, “I’m taking you to the North Pole.” Leon was frightened, so Leon tried to run out of his room, but that failed. So Leon said, “No, leave me alone.” Still the sprit kept holding out his hand, so Leon held his hand. Then they both were teleported to the North Pole. It is the only place where Santa is every 365 days of the year. When they were walking, they came to this workshop that looked like a little shack. When they walked in, they saw Santa. Santa said, “Who doesn’t believe in me?” Then Santa’s little helper pointed to Leon. Then after a while, Leon was set free to go home. Best Christmas Ever By Jeremiah Morgan 5C Have you ever had a Christmas where every other one can’t compete against the best one? Well, I have. It was last Christmas. Even though I don’t remember what I got, I remember that it was the best Christmas ever. The whole family opening presents, playing games, and sledding. Wow! Was it fun! But the most important thing is that my family was there.

Christmas By Kaylen Alvarado 5C One day near Christmas Eve, a child woke up. An idea popped in his head that he should catch Santa. It might be impossible, but its worth it. He grabbed cameras and sticky glue. He put glue in the chimney and put a camera in the chimney as well. Soon, he had things filled with traps. Even the traps had traps. Then on the night of Christmas Eve, the cameras caught something. It was Santa. He delivered the presents, but then he turned the cameras off and slipped by the traps like butter. Then on Christmas, Santa left a note. A note said not to tell anyone. Yet the cameras caught him. The boy did not tell anyone. My Christmas Story By Emma South 5C It all started when my best friends were going Christmas shopping. A couple hours after, we had to go to bed. The next day, we went up to my grandma’s house. She made delicious pancakes with sausage, bacon and chocolate milk. Then grandma bought a present because I won’t be able to see her on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Grandma told me to open it and she bought me an Xbox One. I was so happy. Then I went to go get her gift out of the car. I brought it inside, and then she opened it. It was a big picture frame that

had Family on it. “There’s more,” I said. I bought her a jewelry box , cooking supplies, comfy slippers, and a new wooden table. After that, it was time for my friends and I to go home. At 3:00 PM I had to make sure all of my Christmas presents were wrapped. Then at 4:00 I baked some cookies, brownies, and a cake. After that, I was really tired. Then at 6:00, I had my family dinner. I ate supper, then did the dishes, took a shower, then went to bed The next morning, I woke up at 5:30 and opened presents. My Christmas Story By Angela Fuller 5C I was asleep when I heard a bump on the roof. I got up and went outside to see what it was. I heard the bump again. I heard heavy breathing. “Could it be?” I whispered to myself.

“Yes,it is Santa and his reindeer! Wait! They could hear me. I should be very quiet.” I wanted to get a closer look. I ran inside faster than a bunny and got my binoculars. “Whoa!” I said when I looked through the binoculars. I saw Santa. “Oops.” I heard the bumping and breathing again. There was a reindeer. It was stomping it’s feet and snorting. That’s what the noises were. I wanted to get up there. I saw a ladder. I was lucky. I would be okay since the roof was not far off the ground. I climbed up it. At first I didn’t see Santa. He must have gone down the chimney. I was glad he didn’t see me, or I would get no presents. I started to pet the reindeer. I recognized all of them. I wished that I had one. They were so cute! I didn’t care if I didn’t get any presents or not. I got see

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Snowbirds By Roi Postier 5C Have you ever gone sledding in a town called Everest? The town was called Everest because there was a never ending amount of snow in the winter. Will, Anthony, and Riley are best friends and the best snowmen makers in the town. Anthony made the top. Will made the middle and Riley made the bottom. They used a pickle for the nose, their dinner veggies for the mouth, coal for the eyes, and sticks for the arms. Will, Anthony, and Riley all entered a snowman building contest. The snowman was to be tall, wide, and have shape. Will named their group, “The Snowbuds.” Riley said, “We all have to work together on each snowball because we only have half an hour.

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Santa and his reindeer.

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Page 4c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 The next day was the contest. Will, Riley and Anthony all were nervous and didn’t say a word when Riley’s mom drove them uptown. Anthony said, “We have to get our head in the game.” “I just want the $75 prize money,” Will exclaimed. An hour later…3, 2, 1, go! The competitors are off building snowmen. “Hurry, hurry!” Will said. “I want this money.” “Be quiet!” Anthony said. “We have to be focused.” “The top is done. We have 23 minutes left, hurry,” Riley said. 22 minutes later, “Guys, we have 60 seconds left,” said Anthony. “Don’t worry. We have this in the bag,” said Will. 10, 9, 8, “Guys, put them together,” Riley yelled. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. “Yeah, we’re done.” They yelled as the clock said zero. The judges are looking very carefully. Then they put in their vote. Then one of the judges said, “Cool Elves win.” Then the crowd stared booing and chanting, “Snowbuds.” The judges finally gave up and gave the first place trophy and prize money to the “Snowbuds.” Hot Christmas By Noelle Ebert 5D “Mom!” hollered Kirby the lizard. Kirby was only 6 years old. He loved to go sledding in the desert on the dunes. “What?” questioned Avory, who was Kirby’s mother. “Have you seen my sled?” “No I haven’t. Why?” “I want to go sledding on the dunes,” said Kirby. “Well, I guess you will have to go another day,” answered Avory. “But mom…Jake, Curt, Frank, and I set up a sledding day today,” whined Kirby. “I must find my sled!” Kirby looked everywhere. He looked in his

room, his closet, and in his toy box. There it was…..his sled was in his toy box all along. Kirby went sledding with his friends and they saw Santa himself sledding on the dunes. The boys went over to Santa and started to sled with him. The group continued sledding until 6 o’clock. Then they all went home, and Santa jumped back on his sleigh to work on the rest of his deliveries. Kidnapping on Christmas Eve By Lane Cruickshank 5D Scott Murphenburger was a bad little boy. His mother was a billionaire. His father was a zillionaire. So Scott thought, “I don’t need Santa. My parents buy me everything I want.” So he was being mean to all the kids in his school telling them that Santa is not real. On December 24th Scott fell asleep in his bed, but when he woke he wasn’t in his bed. HE WAS AT THE NORTH POLE. The elves put him in a sack. The next thing he knows is he is tied up! “Let me go!” he demanded. “No, not until you stop being mean,” said one of the elves. “And stop telling people that Santa isn’t real,” ordered another elf. “But he isn’t,” Scott demanded. “See for yourself,” said an elf.

Suddenly a man with a big red coat came out. “Santa you are real! Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you,” said Scott. There was a whoosh, and it was the next morning. Scott was back in his own bed. He woke up happy and feeling different. “This must be what it was like to feel the JOY of Christmas,” he thought. Mynah’s Christmas Miracle By Marissa Ellen Utley 5D 13 years ago, my life changed, when I met my best friend Aria. My troubles all started a month before I met her. My name is Mynah, I am five years old, and this is my story. My family and I lost our house, and we were living in various shelters. The days were long, but the nights were longer. Every night I would send a prayer to God to send an angel to help us out. The day I met Aria was awesome! She was very rich when I met her. Her parents worked at the various shelters we went to. She was so beautiful. We talked a lot. I told her what happened and she understood. She said that she might be the angel I had been praying about. She prayed for me and then something happened. It just happened so quickly. I felt like I was being lifted off of the ground and into the air. I thanked Aria so much. I literally squeezed

Friday Insurance wishes all of you a happy holiday season.

her. My wish had come true, and we were being saved. Aria’s dad, Ian, gave my dad a job. Aria’s mom Britney offered my mom a place to work at too. It was at the various shelters that we had stayed. We got a house. Well, not really a house, an apartment, but still it was a place to sleep, cook, and a lot of other stuff. We lived right above their restaurant the place where my dad works now. It was a big apartment, and I loved it. I called it my own. Aria was my true best friend. When it was Christmas, we invited Aria and her family. We basically did everything together. Well that’s my story, my miracle. The Grinch By Rebecca VanBuran 5D On a mountain there was a house where the Grinch lived. A long ways down the

mountain there was a village .The village was called Who’s Villa. There lived a little girl named Molly Villa, who was only two. Her dad was a postal worker. One day Molly’s dad was delivering the mail when he discovered a package for the Grinch. He climbed the mountain. When he got to the house where the Grinch lived he decided to ask him why he was so grouchy. He rang the doorbell. The bell rang with an unusual sound that was supposed to scare people away. The Grinch was an immature person, and he didn’t know how to act around people. Molly’s dad found out that when the Grinch was a baby he was raised by two kind old women. They loved Christmas, but one day at school the teacher announced an assignment to make a special gift for someone. He made one for the

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girl that was licking a lollipop. He made an angel with beautiful jewels. The next day he had the gift in a paper bag instead of wrapped in fancy paper. So when the teacher asked him to give his gift he was embarrassed. The teacher said again to give his gift, and he did. Then the students started to laugh at him. The Grinch ran off and never went back to school. That’s why he hated Christmas. After listening to the Grinch, Molly’s dad reached into his mailbag and pulled out a package wrapped in a paper bag. It was an angel made by the girl with the lollipop. The Grinch loved Christmas from then on. The Elf and the Snowman Who Saved Christmas By Omar Aly 5D The Elf and the Snowman were running as fast as they could, but the Bad Santa

Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 5c was too quick. They watched as Bad Santa escaped with the snowmaking machine. The Elf and the Snowman were so disappointed because there wouldn’t be any more snow without the machine. They decided they would follow Bad Santa and take it back. As they tracked him they realized he was going to his house where he would be so happy that there wouldn’t be any snow he wouldn’t see them coming. So the Elf and the Snowman planned how to get up to the Bad Santa house to get the snow machine, but there was one problem. They had to get all the way up to his house on the top of the hill. They had to get past the land of ferocious Gum Drops, and swim the The Really Warm Milk and Cookies River, and climb the Really Cold Ice Cream Chunks. First they had to get past the ferocious Gum Drops, but actually they weren’t that ferocious. They were actually really cute and small. Next was the Really Warm Milk and Cookies River. The one problem was that Frosty couldn’t swim. Elf said, “Wait a second! I see a cookie. Lets jump on

it, and maybe it will float. Maybe it will take us to the Really Cold Ice Cream Chunks.” Surprisingly, they were right. It did take them to the Really Cold Ice Cream Chunks. The problem now was that it was way too cold for Elf. So Frosty stuck elf in his stomach as he climbed over the giant, freezing ice cream chunks. As Frosty slid down the final chunk he saw Bad Santa’s house. He removed Elf from his stomach, and they went up to Bad Santa’s house. They took the snow machine, and before you know it, snow fell from the sky. The Elf that Saved Christmas By Terry Starrett It was Christmas Eve when the elves were working hard to get the last of the presents made and wrapped. Not all of the elves were good at making toys though. There was one elf that wasn’t so good at making toys. His name was, Chippy. Chippy thought that he was different and unlike all of the other elves. He told Santa that he did not want to be an elf any more. But Santa said, “Nonsense, you’re doing just fine.”

Chippy disagreed, but Santa kept on saying to keep trying. Chippy had tried to get Santa to help him or at least retrain him, but Santa never helped him. All he would say is “practice makes perfect.” Chippy tried as hard as he could to keep up with the other elves, but he just couldn’t do it. Until this Christmas Eve, he had just gotten back from his break and all of the elves were gone! Chippy was very frightened. Not because he was alone. He was frightened because he didn’t want to make the rest of the toys himself. He went to Santa’s office to ask where all of the elves were. Santa was gone too! “Oh what shall I do?” Chippy asked himself. “Christmas will be ruined this year!” Chippy exclaimed in his thoughts. He rushed to the Santa tracker and read the address: 1510 Jefferson Street. “Why would Santa be there?” Chippy wondered. He called Santa on his E-phone. The e stands for elf. Santa answered. Chippy could hardly tell if it was Santa’s voice. His voice was really scratchy. “SANTA!” Chippy exclaimed, “What happened to your voice, and where are all of the elves?!”

there’s no place like home for the holidays, and we’re glad to be here among friends and neighbors like you! Merry Christmas and many thanks for all the goodwill you’ve shown us this past year.

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The Naughty Elf By Kaitlyn Richards When Santa asked Benny, the elf, for help getting ready for Christmas he re-

plied, “I don’t care about Christmas!” Santa was so surprised! Benny had been acting naughty since he was ten years old. That was the year he had asked Santa for a reindeer for Christmas. Naturally Santa could not give him one. So Santa said, “Why don’t you be a nice, kind elf like all of the other elves, Benny?” “Because,” whined Benny. “Why?” asked Santa. “Well, I just don’t have the spirit this year Santa. I don’t feel good, and I think I have the elf flu,” complained Benny. Santa sent the elf doctor in, and the doctor gave Benny some medicine. Benny started feeling way better. He even got the courage up to ask Santa if he could help with the sleigh this year. That way he could

be near the reindeer even if he couldn’t have one. Santa hesitated and then exclaimed, “That’s exactly what I wanted you to do! I need a good helping had with my reindeer this year! Ho! Ho! Ho!” The New World By Max Maiden 5D Two days before Christmas I was sledding down a steep hill so fast! I started to see that I was going to hit a stump. Then I flew off my sled and into a dark icy hole. I woke up in snow, but I was in a place I have never been to before. I didn’t know if this was real or if I was dreaming. I was in Mine Craft! I started hitting wood to collect some and make wooden planks to build a house , a pickaxe, and some sticks. I started collecting some coal and stone. I made a furnace out of the stone

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Santa told Chippy he was doing his first round of deliveries when he became sick, and he found a nice couple with no kids who would take care of him. He also said he didn’t know where the elves were. “They might have gone to look for me,” he added. “Don’t worry Santa!” Chippy cried, “I’ll deliver the rest of the presents, and I’ll find the elves!” Chippy found the elves and they went back to the workshop, jumped into the spare sleigh, and turned it to autopilot. He delivered the rest of the presents, found Santa, and took him back to the workshop. Santa and the elves threw a party for Chippy, the elf that saved Christmas.

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Page 6c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 and a torch with the sticks. I made of a house, but was there something I had forgotten? Yes, there was something I forgot. It was sand! I couldn’t go back out there. I needed wool more than sand. There was a bunch of sheep, but a creeper too. I had to risk going outside, so I got the wool as quick as I could. I made a bed and went to sleep. When I woke up I was in the real world and nothing looked like cubes, but I did have a bump on my head from the stump. The Night My Snowman Stole My Mother By Alexis Arnold 5D On a cold dark eerie Christmas Eve, a snowman was sitting in the front lawn of the Michael’s house. When all of a sudden, a peculiar green mist drifted down. It had a horrible pungent stench. Then the bright and happy coal eyes of the snowman turned red and evil. The snowman got up and walked into the innocent mother’s room. He snatched her and marched off to Mount Dead Man’s Point. On Christmas day two young children named Jane and Todd woke up full of pep until they noticed a strange green fog. They headed to their mother’s room to wake her up. When they saw she was gone, they noticed a wet trail on the floor. They immediately

suspected the green mist. This wasn’t their first time running up against the green mist. They had dealt with the little nuisance during their summer vacation. After they did research on where the green mist could have taken their mother, they determined that she was at Mount Dead Man’s Point. Off Jane and Todd went to the mount with a book of magic spells. Hiking up the mountain was no picnic. A monster blizzard had just rolled in. “We’re almost there!” shouted Todd. Even though Todd knew this mountain like the back of his hand, he wasn’t sure. “I can’t even see my hand in front of my face!” Jane shouted back. By the time they finally found the top of the mountain, the storm had cleared. The kids spotted their mother standing in an ice cave surrounded by sharp icicles. “MOM!” the kids shouted in unison. “KIDS!” shouted their mom in return. All of a sudden, the intimidating snowman stood between the kids and their mother. His eyes were glowing red and his face was full of rage. “Don’t you know it’s impolite to keep apart a family?” sassed Jane. Todd began to say the magic words: “From below you have come, and below you will go you evil foe.” The mist came out of the

snowman. It swirled angrily around Todd as he read. Todd kept reading louder and louder. The green mist let out a giant yelp and evaporated into oblivion. After that the family started the long and perilous trip back home to spend the rest of their Christmas together. Winter Wonderland By Allyson Abbas 5D The snow was down and everybody was ready for Christmas. All the lights were hung up, and some children were out sledding on the hills of Iowa. Everybody was jolly, except Curtis. Curtis was not the jolliest person in town. But Molly was a big help at Christmas time. She made people happy about being…well…. she wanted people to have enjoyment in their life. “What’s the matter with the parade,” asked Molly. Molly and her friends always watched the parade, but there was no Santa. “I need to check this out.” “Ha, I’m glad Christmas is ruined,” laughed Curtis. Molly noticed that Curtis was following her, but she didn’t seem to care. She walked to the train stop to look for Santa, and this magic portal appeared. Molly and Curtis landed in a cold snowy place. “Hey how did we get here,” said Molly to Curtis repeatedly. “I don’t know,” said Curtis.

The two of them walked to a very large house that had a sign that said “Santa’s Workshop.” “What is that and what is that noise?” cried Curtis. It was Santa and he was crying on a bench. They walked over to Santa. “What’s wrong?” asked Molly. “My sleigh has broken,” wept Santa. “I need someone to fix it and my elves are already gone on vacation.” “I’m good at fixing stuff,” replied Curtis. “Well let’s get to work!” exclaimed Santa. So they all went to the shop and fixed the sleigh. It didn’t take long for it to be done. “I may not miss Christmas after all.” Santa invited Molly and Curtis to hop up in the sleigh, and they flew to the parade. “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry

Christmas!” bellowed Santa. Now everybody was happy and jolly even Curtis!!! A Winter Story By McCormick Evink Our story begins at a house in southern Iowa. There has just been a snow storm that brought many feet of snow. Two brothers are building a snow fort behind their house in a snow drift. One brother, named Don, decides to raise the top of the fort so he can stand inside. While the other brother, named Jim, makes a tunnel to a lookout point, a few yards away. They had already built a high wall around the fort and they had a large backyard, so they had lots of space to build. Don and Jim put water around the fort wall so there would be ice protecting the fort. They also built

snow cabins inside the fort wall for their friends. The brothers had a secret tunnel leading to their large private cabins in the back corners of the wall surrounding the fort. Near the end of the day Don decided to put old rugs and small heaters in the cabins. Then they invited 16 friends to spend the night at the fort’s cabins. Some friends brought power generators, some brought portable stove burners, and some brought food. At the end of the day they watched a movie in the fort screening room. My Christmas Story By Eisen Barr 5C One Christmas morning…”Wake up, wake up,” my brother shouted. “Okay, okay,” I groaned. “What do you want?” “It’s Christmas,” he shouted. “Just wait a little bit.”

Happy Holidays!

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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 7c “Wait? No,” he replied. “I don’t want to wait.” “Fine,” I said. We went upstairs. There were presents all bunched up around the tree. We ate breakfast and then our mom came out, and we started to open our presents. I opened the smallest one I had knowing what it was. “Yes,” I said. It was the Ipod I wanted so badly! “Merry Christmas, my mom said. I got my ipod and started to play. My mom is the best. And have a great, great Christmas.

He also services trucks. He has two tractors to work on still. One is a Traction King. The other one is a Steiger. He has six farms. Of of them is the hog farm. One is the south farm. He has two across th road from each other on Highway 69. Next, he has a farm down Starline Road that is Beulah’s. Then he has a farm that he lives on. His farm is 160 acres, 40 acres is flatland. All 160 acres is hay ground. Next year it is going to be all beans. The following year is will be corn. For Christmas, we go snowmobiling on his farm.

My Christmas By Dawson Wilkins 5C For Christmas I want farm toys. My grandpa is a farmer. He owns his own company. His company is called Wilkins north Elevator. It has big bins. He also owns a shop too.

Christmas Story By Nick Neer 5C Christmas is about Jesus’s birthday and about giving stuff, not about getting. I love Christmas because it is cold and frosty. I don’t care about presents. I just love the feeling of Christmas.

I love watching Christmas shows with my fireplace on with my family. I might not know the true meaning of Christmas, but I know something about it. Christmas! By Diego Vargas 5C On Christmas Day we’re going to watch Monster, Inc. Then we are going to have a few games on Xbox 360. When the food is ready, we are going to eat: chicken with rice and beans, and corn. When we are done with the food, we’re going to open our presents. When we are done with that, we are going to Des Moines to see a parade. My sister and I are going to go outside and play in the snow. When my big brother comes out, we are going to have a snowball fight, but we have to build a shelter. Whoever wins, gets to destroy their shelter. When we are done,

we are going inside and get hot cocoa. When we are done, we are going to build a snowman, but I am going to the neighbors and get him because we know a place that we can slide down a hill that’s two blocks away from our house. My Christmas Story By Seth Johnson 5C My brother, Cameron, and I have been waiting for it to snow, but he was sick. So I went and began to play by myself. We usually go to our other grandma’s house, but he was still sick so we went anyways. We had a lot of food. After that my dad made a cake. After that my mom and dad went home. We got popcorn, hot chocolate and watched a movie.

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your brothers and sisters and having fun. Christmas is about spending time with your family and friends too. You can have gifts too, but it is really about spending time with your family and friends. Christmas is having a tree with gifts under it too. I love Christmas because you get gifts and a big dinner with family! My Christmas would be ham, mash potatoes, corn. I would have Christmas cake for dessert. The flavor would be chocolate, with chocolate frosting.

The Weekend Freedom Machine By Adam Barnard 5D In 1971 there was this man named Phill. It was a week before Christmas and snow was everywhere. Luckily Phill had a John Deere snow blower from the weekend freedom machine. On Christmas day, guess what Phill got? Stuff from the weekend freedom machine. He got more snow blowers, lawn and garden tractors, walk behind mowers, and more. Phill felt very, very happy.

What I Do For Christmas By Caden Kistler 5D I go to my grandma’s house to open presents. Grandma and I cook scotcheroos together. My grandma is so awesome, she gives me golf clubs for Christmas. My grandpa gets my grandma Barbie dolls. My cousin gets Barbie dolls also!

The Best Elf By Dean Spalding 5D Once upon a time there was an elf named Christmas. Christmas was the nicest elf in Santa’s work shop. Christmas went with Santa to deliver the children’s magnificent presents because he was the elf that worked the hardest. The next year an elf


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Page 8c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 named Eve worked harder than Christmas. So Santa said to Christmas, “You can’t go, you did not work the hardest, Eve did. Eve gets to go with me. I’ll take you this year but promise you will work hard next year.” “Ho, Ho, Ho,” Santa said to all the children. The Boy Who Did Not Have a Mom and Did not Get Christmas By Monica Torres 5D One day there was this little boy he did not have a mom. He could not celebrate Christmas. He was so sad because no one would adopt him. He was only 6 years old. He said,” I wish I could celebrate Christmas if somebody can adopt me before Christmas. The little boy just waited and waited. But he said, “Christmas is not till 5 months.” But he wished sooner they could adopt him. Now months have passed. “Only 3 months to go,” he said, “but no one wants to adopt me.” “Somebody came,” he said, but that person came for a baby not him. He was so happy because he thought they were coming for him, but no, then this woman came and adopted him. The woman took him home. She had a Christmas tree, presents and a puppy. Christmas was not till 3 months but he did not care. The only thing he cared about is to get adopted. The woman was so glad because she was nice and she was rich. They went to the park and did everything together. My Christmas Story By Luis Murillo 5D I want Santa to bring me PS3. That’s a video game set. I want Santa to go to my house and he is going to eat cookies and milk. I hope

the dogs don’t’ eat the cookies with milk. I am going to wake up in the middle of the night. I have a big horse too. I like to ride my horse because I like fast stuff. I will talk to Santa that he can ride my horse. I am going to put a big card that says you can go up to my room and put the presents in my room. I want Santa to bring me a new fish tank for my goldfish. I named my goldfish Luis because that is my name. I want to buy my mom a cooking set. She said that she wants the cooking set that she liked. I am going to work to buy my mom the cooking set. I will make sure that the chimney is not on so you can get in and don’t get burned. My sock is going to be by the chimney. My Christmas tree is by the stairs, I will make sure that the stairs don’t break. The Old Man in the Hospital on Christmas Faith Montgomery 5D Once upon a time there was a guy and he was 99 years old. He had no one at all. He lived in an old house. He was sick on Christmas Eve and then a little girl came and saw him at his house. The old man’s name is Bob, the little girl’s name

is Lily. Lily ran to a store to buy him food, clothes and a present. Then she ran to his house and he was happy a lot. The little girl spent a night. The next morning she cooked him some breakfast. He cried because he didn’t want to be sick. The girl bought him a Christmas tree and an angel for the top of the tree. The girl was taking care of him. Then Lily bought some presents for Christmas for her family and him. Her family cooked him dinner. Her parents put the food on the table. They all gathered at the table and prayed so he won’t be sick. Bob went home and slept because he was very, very tired and he was very, very busy for tomorrow. Because he is going to a tea party with the little girl. The next morning Bob is going to a tea party. Right now the little girl kissed him on the cheek and then he smiled a lot at her. The next morning is Christmas. Bob was sad because he is going a way for a long time. Then he read The Night Before Christmas to the little kids, at Lilly’s house. The next morning he is in the hospital not well. The little girl ran to the hos-

pital. She went in the room and she cried. The old man said to her, ”I am in your heart forever.” Then she smiled. Then he turned over and Lily hugged him. Then the family celebrated at his house. A Christmas problem By Alicia Mendoza 5E Once upon a time there was a elf who did all the presents. Mrs. Claws and Santa Claw saw all the present made and rapped. Mandy was still making the last present. Mrs. Claws said “What are you doing Mandy?” I’m doing the presents for Christmas.” “But why”! asked Santa. “It is going to be Christmas” said Mandy the elf exited. It is New Year, Christmas already past!” said Mrs. Claws. “oh” said Mandy the elf surprised. “So what do with all the presents?” asked Mandy the elf. “I guess we will have

to wait till next Christmas day.” Said Santa. Thank You Rudolph By Alyssa Burkheimer 5E Once upon a time there was a mean elf named Frowny and he hated Christmas. Frowny used to be a nice elf. So Santa’s favorite reindeer Roudolph helped Santa try to make Frowny back into Brownie the elf who makes brownies. But first they did not succeed so they tried about three times, but they gave up, so they agreed to try in the morning. But they remembered that in the morning was Christmas Day and they didn’t deliver the presents. The first The Jolly Christmas Day By Aracely Echeveste It was December 24th when the first fat snowman came to life. Big, round, almost looked like he wanted

to blow up! But this snowman had a name, and his name was Lenny. No one really knew what his REAL name was but they said that Lenny is the most awesome name ever…..NOT! Lenny went on and on worrying about what is he going to do with his life and how he never celebrated Christmas like the others. That’s probably because he doesn’t have anyone to celebrate it with! Lenny asked his master, Winter, to make him a snow family. She said “Alright, who do you want in your family?” Lenny said, “Like, what do you mean?” She said, “Like a wife, a son, a daughter, a friend, or maybe even a dog!” Lenny said, “Just surprise me!” Winter made the snow family really fast! The only thing she needed to do is make them come to live. When the clock struck twelve, she

Happy Holidays At this thi special i l time ti off year, We wish you contentment, joy and cheer; Trimmed with a measure of gratitude, too For good friends and neighbors just like you!

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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 9c sang a Christmas Carol….. “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!” Next thing you know, the snow family has come to live! Winter told Lenny to come to the front yard, she said, “Lenny! Come to the front yard to see your new family!” Lenny said, “Wow! I can’t believe it! Thanks Winter, but what are their names?” Winter said, “Your wife’s name is Sky, your daughter’s name is Skylnn, and your son’s name is Skylar.” Lenny hugged them and smiled, he couldn’t believe what an amazing family he has right now. The very next day was Christmas. Lenny and his family celebrated it like there was no tomorrow! They danced and sang some Christmas songs. That was the best day of Lenny’s life. He will never forget it. The End. The Saddess Christmas By Caden Beem 5E There was once a kid that was going to move a long way away. He was so sad that he was going to move away. The kids name was Marcus Custilos. Marcus said “do we really have to move down south”. He was so scared because he was going to move away from his friends and family. When they were putting up the Christmas tree he was crying because that was going to be there last Christmas together in that house. So for the next few days he would plug in the Christmas tree. He had three thing to wish for that Christmas. The thing he wished for was: 1. Not to move away 2. Not to move away 3. A game for his P.S.P The next morning was Christmas Marcus was so excited to go and open presents. After they opened presents they went down to look at there new house

but Marcus cried because he didn’t want to move away. When they got there Marcus figgurd out they were only moving four blocks away. Marcus was so happy that they weren’t moving that far away. Christmas Story Carlos Castillo 5E Once their was an elf named Rodry who worked at a place where elves worked on things like toys and other stuff they can build for Christmas. Any way Rodry was clever and clumsy, he had built something that could let you see the past in your childhood. The way it worked was by putting it on your head, and push the red button and it opens like a umbrella and a little glow glows around you and it’s like a TV. He had finished it and he took it to the place where elves go to show the stuff they build and he showed the thing he made. The person that owned the workshop named José and the elf Rodry talked to José about what the thing did. Jose the owner wanted to see it work so rodry turned it on and it let him see his past but the thing on his head started shaking and it exploded. Then Rodry learned to be more careful and he became wiser. That Rudolph By Chaley Selsor 5E Once upon a time there was a family and that was the Selsor family. One day they went shopping to buy Christmas decorations. They Couldn’t Find Anything! All of a sudden Chaley says “There….There’s one”! Dad says “What is it?” Chaley see’s a humongous stuffed animal that was Rudolph. Dad see’s what she was pointing at, dad says, “Hey,

we should get that, good eye sweetie.” Next they put Rudolph in the cart. Once they got home mom says, “What did you guys get”?! Chaley says, “WE GOT RUDOLPH”! After that they went to bed. Over night Santa sent them an e-mail on the computer. The next day, dad got on the computer, there was an e-mail from Santa. Dad called Chaley up from downstairs. Dad said “We’ve got an e-mail from Santa!” Chaley asks “Really?, lets watch it.” So they did. It was a letter that said….. Dear Chaley, “You have been a very good girl lately and you should know what that means…your on the nice list! Now I am going to send my elfs tonight to check on you. HO HO HO have a Merry Christmas!” Your Watcher, Santa Clause It was Christmas Eve and the elfs came over night. They checked on Chaley, then went downstairs got Rudolph the stuffed animal brought him upstairs and set him in the room of Chaley’s. It was morning, Chaley woke up and she saw Ru-

dolph, next she took him downstairs there was Rudolph rapping paper every where! She went to go wake up mom and dad. They said, “ Good morning Chaley what do you say?, let’s go open your presents!” Chaley said, “OK LETS GO”! She opened one already and a Rudolph toy was in the rapping paper. Chaley says with excitement, “That Rudolph!!” *Bobby’s Christmas* By Clerida Illescas 5E Ones up on a time there was a family of two girls and one boy, the boys name was Bobby luck the two girls names were Sandra luck, and Lucy luck. Bobby was 10 years old Sandra was 14 years old, and Lucy was 17 years old. At school Bobby always freaks out, cause he didn’t see that the teachers weren’t getting ready for Christmas. The other kids didn’t now why Bobby always freaks out. One Day the Kids heard bobby Freaking out cause the Teachers weren’t getting ready for Christmas, one day a kid heard him scream And asked him what’s wrong he told the kid “I always freak out cause the

teachers aren’t getting ready for Christmas’. The kid told him Bobby Christmas was 5 days ago. A lost Christmas By Dustin Jeter One Christmas morning kids woke up very excited but they looked under there Christmas tree but there were no present from Santa under there Christmas tree. There wasn’t even a present from Santa under little Jeremy’s Christmas tree. So he took a plane up to the North Pole to Santa s work shop. And then he asked Santa why nobody got a present from him. And he said Dasher and Rudolph were sick and couldn’t go anywhere without Rudolph cause we need him for his nose cause we cant get through this blizzard without a light to lead the way. Then Jeremy got an idea to make chicken noodle soup for the two sick reindeer. So he got two cans of chicken noodle soup. And opened the cans and dumped the chicken noodle soup in two clean bowls.

Then put it in the microwave. And pushed the buttons one zero, zero. Then the microwave beeped then he pulled the bowls out of the microwave cause the chicken noodle soup was done. Then he sat the bowls in front of the two reindeer. And then the two reindeer ate the chicken noodle soup and then the reindeer felt better. So then Rudolph and Dasher went to the slay then Santa hooked them up to his slay then he hooked the rest of his reindeer to the slay. Then Santa left so did Jeremy when Jeremy got home he found a present under his Christmas tree. And the tag said To: Jeremy From: Santa. Christmas story By Elena Garcia On December 18 a dinosaur named T-bone went to the forest to find a huge, juicy egg. It was all most Christmas and he wanted to get his mom the Terex a nice big present for Christmas. So he told his mom that he was going with his friends.

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Page 10c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 She said [o.k.]. So he went on and went to find an egg. Few hours later! T-bone has been searching for hours. Well that’s what he thought. So he thought to him self,[Well since its all most 6 o’clock I better get a move on.] So he followed the biggest dinosaur he saw and followed it to its nest. Till he could see how many eggs it has so he can wrap them up in a big, nice leaf present. So he could give it to his mama! So he followed it and told all of its eggs. [Oh, few its 8 o clock and I got a little more time to do anything else.] He said. Next morning [Merry Christmas mom.] Said T-bone and gave his mom his present for her. Then she picked up the box of leafs and said [Wow! This is heave, what you have in there a giant elephant.] So she opened it and gasped. [Oh my, its 200 eggs just for me, oh t-bone thanks you. Then he said [mom can I have some to, share honey.] And so they lived happily ever after. Christmas By Hunter Garrett 5E My family has many traditions for Christmas. First wehave snowball fights. We give gifts to each other. We make snow angles. The gift I want the most is Grand Theft Auto 5.

Christmas story By Jacob Jamison One Christmas there was an elf how wanted to go to the South Pole. He wanted to start a neither work shop. The elf said he would make Christmas world wide. Santa could deliver 1 bag then go south for the next bag. When the elf flue to the south he so that the ice was to thin. When he went back to the North Pole he so the ice was ten feet thick. Then he went back he looked for thick patches but he was not lucky. That’s when he now that the North Pole will be his home. That is why there is no work shop in the South Pole. Christmas Wonder By Lauren Mickle 5E Once upon a time on a snowy day there was a girl named Cranberry. She did not know if Santa was real all the boys and girls talked about Santa and how wonderful he is. Cranberry was in school one day and her teacher said Cranberry “what`s your favorite thing about Santa!” Cranberry said “well I don`t really know Santa.” All the children said “how can you not know Santa?” And then something weird happened. Wend blew into the class room and some guy with a big belly and a white beard came in and said “who is the child named Cranberry?” all the children pointed and

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said “SANTA” Santa said “Cranberry believe I am here.” That Christmas Cranberry got gifts and a note that said “make sure to believe Sincerely, Santa A Happy Christmas By Leo Carrillo 5E Once upon a time, there was a family with 2 boys and girls. The boys were named Josh, Drake, and the girls were Mindy, and Jennifer. Their mother was named Mary. Their father was named Anthony. Anthony, he was in the Army. On Christmas Eve, he called home and Drake answered. Anthony said, “Son, I may not be at home for Christmas, because I am at the hospital.” So, Drake started to cry. His mom asked, “What’s wrong, Drake? So, he told the whole family what was going on. Now, everybody began to cry. After that, everybody got to work on cooking, and getting their clothes washed for the next day. So, he rushed down the stairs to the basement with his clothes, then, everybody put their clothes in the washer. Then, they began to cook the chicken, and make the

mash potatoes. Then, the mom, Mary, took the kids to the store to buy some juice packs, and some pop. Then, they went home. Whenever they got home, they saw a green truck that looked just like their father’s in the drive-way. Then, they went inside the house, their father was there! Then, Mary took out the chicken from the oven, and drake took the mash potatoes and put them on the table. They all sat down on a long table. They started to eat the food. After, they were done eating, then they opened up the presents, and it was a happy Christmas for the Johnsons. Christmas story By Lessie Wilborn There was a girl who love to dream. She believed in any thing, but not Santa. At least for now she didn’t. Alyssa was at her computer playing minecraft, fixing her chicken coop, when her alarm clock went off. 9:30 p.m. which meant bedtime. She saved her progress and shut down the computer. She glanced at her many trophies, than over to the calendar. “ tomorrow is Christmas,” she thought to her self, then laid down in her bed. Thinking of what her

Merry Christmas

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parents got her for Christmas. CRACK! It came from right above her. CRACK! “what the?” she said aloud. “was someone breaking in?!” she thought. WOOSSHH!! A big man in a red suit fell through the ceiling, into her room. “I must have ate to many cookies this year” the cheerful man said. “Mom! Dad! Uncle Bill! ANYONE Help!”she cried , but nobody came. “ now what’s the matter?” the joyful man said. “are you … are you… Santa?’’ Alyssa asked. “ No, I’m old Saint Nick” he said. “I don’t believe you!” she yelled. “Come with me.” He said. He put out his hand and Alyssa held his hand as the went down the stairs. He pulled out a skateboard out of his bag. “ that’s what Sam wanted for Christmas.’’ Alyssa said. The went up the chimney to see Jack frost and a little girl covering the land with snow and ice. And Frostey the snowman having a little party with, snowmen from all around the neighborhood. They both finished the delivery of toy to the children of the world. On the way Alyssa feel in to a deep sleep.

Alyssa woke up to the sound of cars. “it was all a dream!” she exclaimed aloud, but when she looked at the ceiling and there was a giant hole! From that day on she believed in Santa. A Christmas story By Mathew Dudney On a snowy Christmas Eve a boy named Luke Spankenheimer was playing madden 25 on x-box. He was very athletic. He was the Packers against the Seahawks. His mom hollered at him “Luke bedtime or Santa wont com”. Luke hollered back “mom I don’t believe in Santa”. “I’m not a baby”. ”just go to bed”.”OK” . . . 5 hours later CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP.SHIMY SHIMY SHIMY.”haaa” murmured Luke as he woke up.”uh oh” said Santa .SANTA ITS YOU ITS REALLY REALLY YOU .wait show me Rudolph and I will believe its you.”there he is” said Santa. In fact why don’t you ride with me in my sleigh tonight. YES YES YES. ON DIXON ON DASHER ON BLITSEN ON RUDOLPH AND ON ALL THE REST OF THEM.

le BuMoernry ChNrisatmta as All of us at Biggy’s Italian American Restaurant would like to thank you for your patronage and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Call 641-342-1001 & reserve your Holiday Party! Tuesday - Thursday ........... 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday & Saturday ........... 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Sunday ............................... 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Closed Mondays

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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 11c The Christmas Dream By Matthew Stickels 5E Once upon a time my sisters and I made a snow fort and made a snowman I side the snow fort. Over night our snowman came to life and got a job the next day as a doctor. When I went outside in the fort the first thing was that the snowman was gone! I was so confused. Had my sisters destroyed it? I played outside all day and I got the flu. We went to the hospital and my doctor was the snowman! He gave me a shot and told me to rest, so I did. As I was sleeping I had a dream of what I would get for Christmas. Three weeks later I felt better so I went outside and made a snowman. I was suspicious and was up all night. I woke up when I there’d a nose and it was the snowman! I suddenly woke up, it was all a dream. The Christmas To remember By Nick Boles 5E About five years ago it was Christmas and three days before Christmas I predicted that me and my sister would get a Xbox 360 and a laptop for my sister and that’s the Christmas to remember but those were the best present that my sister and me to get but there was more like a bike a flat screen TV and a dog those are mine, my sister got a TV, dog, a futon and that was all like I said it was a Christmas

to remember. The end. p.s. merry Christmas. How I Celebrate Christmas and Christmas Eve By Pedro Delgado 5E When it’s Christmas Eve we make food and invite our family so we celebrate together. We always have fun in our house and my family is very happy. We make Christmas shaped cookies and we drink hot chocolate and we eat really good food. So now when we are all finished we eat dessert. The first dessert is jello the taste is strawberry. Now the second one is ice cream they really like the ice cream and the third one is cake and everyone likes that one also the flavor is chocolate with vanilla and the finish the whole cake and my mom makes the cake for us she makes it really good. The fourth one is the cookies with fruit on top of it so the dessert is finally finished. So now we stay up all night until midnight all the people pick their gifts that have their name on it and I like the presents. So now everyone leaves to go home with their presents. That’s how I celebrate my Christmas how do you celebrate your Christmas. What Christmas means for me By Ramon Garza 5E Christmas means to me that it’s not all about gifts, it’s

about love and spending a lot of time with your family. So get your family outside. Play snowball. Make some hot cocoa and bring it outside. Then hug your parents. Happy Christmas! My Christmas Story By Ryan Coe 5E Christmas is all about spending time with your family. You can never have enough time with them. My family sits and drinks coffee all day. We play all the PS3 games we get for Christmas. After that we take a holiday nap. Christmas Day By Seth Gray 5E Once upon a time there was a kid by the name of bob and on Christmas Eve he had to go to the store for stuff not really. He had to get out of the house so his mom could go get surgery. Oh sorry forgot to tell you about his mom his mom is paralyzed so a team of surgeons came to help out bobs mom so when he got home that night he got a present and that present was…his mom at the door and that was bobs night to REMEMBER. The Best Christmas Ever By Shayla Sitzman 5E It was about a month before Christmas, and everybody had just got done eating Thanksgiving dinner. A girl about eleven years old went to her room and started making a Christmas list.

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heart was pounding. She was so excited. There was one of her presents that really stood out to her. It was a small box just big enough for a phone. She decided to open that one first. Just as she thought, there was a phone in the box! She was so overwhelmed. She couldn’t believe that her parents got her a phone. Beside it was a neon blue case just like she had asked for. It was the best Christmas ever! One Christmas Eve By Charley Leeps 5E One Christmas Eve when Travis and his mom where setting up there Christmas tree when Travis something an old ornament. Travis asked his mother what it was on the ornament. Mother just said it was a gift from her mom when she was little when she was decorating the tree with her

mother. Mom said “don’t hang that up on the tree cause it might fall and break so go put it in my room on my dresser.” So Travis did as told and put it on her dresser and shut his moms’ door behind him. When Travis went back into the living room Travis noticed his mom setting up the table with food, cookies, and drinks. So Travis asked “What’s all this for”. Mom said,” Were going to watch some movies when dad gets home.” “Ok” Travis said. Then a couple seconds after dad pulled in the drive way and came in. Then when they all got settled down they watched some movies and mom asked Travis to go grab the ornament and bring it to her so Travis went and got and brought it to her. Then his mom said to hold on to it for her and keep it safe so Travis went

May you and your loved ones be blessed with the gift of good health at Christmas and throughout the New Year!

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Her name was Alisha. She was so excited that Christmas would be here in just about a month. She had a very long Christmas list. It was two and a half pages long. Her top five things were: 1. Phone, 2. T.V., 3. Laptop, 4. Camera, 5. Video camera. She had been asking for a phone for a long time. She figured it was since she was eight years old. She had a very good feeling that she was going to get a phone this year. On Christmas morning she woke up way earlier than her parents. She ran to their room to wake them up. They all rushed to the Christmas tree. The tree was surrounded by presents. She couldn’t wait to open her presents. She gathered up all of her presents. Her

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Page 12c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 and put in his room where know one or animal could break it. Then after Travis got done putting up the gift he went back in the room and watched the movie with his mom and dad and had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. Our Christmas Tree By Colton Wright 5A We put decorations on the tree. We strung the popcorn around the branches. The tree touches the ceiling. There are colorful lights all the way from the top to the bottom. We put red shiny garland all the way around the tree. My sister and I plug in the tree lights. For all of us to see! The Night Before Christmas By Landin Kirscher 5A It was a dark night and all of a sudden there was a loud noise. Like somebody had come down the chimney. But he thought it was just his mom or dad downstairs. So he got up and snuck downstairs and seen who it was. It was Santa putting presents

under the tree. So he went to the window and he seen the sleigh and the reindeer. The Morning of Christmas By Gavin Giza 5A The morning of Christmas is the best time of the year. We get presents, everyone loves the presents! It is a time of giving and love! I love cookies and turkey and hot dogs. My favorite activity is to eat!!! See all the stuff we get for Christmas and the family and food. Wish everyone in your family and friends well. Christmas Morning By Destiny Montgomery 5A It was a cold morning day. There were two girls named Destiny and Faith. They are twins. They are in bed and they are sleeping. They woke up and there were lots of presents and Destiny got new shoes. She said, “I love the Mom! Thank you!” And her sister Faith, got new clothes. Well Destiny got new

boots and she loved them. Then the twins went out to eat at Family Table. The whole family ate breakfast there. It was good! Then they went back home and there was a puppy for Faith and Destiny. That’s what they always wanted! “Thank you!” shouted the girls in unison. Mom said, “I never gave it to you.” Then they said at the same time, “Who gave it to us? Dad was at work.” The girls cried,” Santa gave it to us!” They were so happy! Then their friends came by because Faith and Destiny were having a Christmas party. Their friends names are Ayla, Tori, Nicole, and Kiaya and they wished a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to Faith and Destiny! Christmas is Sometimes Fun to Me By Weston Buttz 5A It is a time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. It is a time for happiness. It is a time for lots of presents, which makes me happy. It is a time for giving.

All I Want for Christmas then tried to do a backflip. shoes that were also pointy. is my Two Front Teeth I asked him who he was But instead I did a backBy Dalton Stubbe wards dive into the ground. and why he was in my room. One day I went outside to So that night I asked Santa The little man replied “I go snowboarding on Christ- for my two front teeth. am one of Santa’s elves, I mas Eve. I love snowboardam here to see what you ing. I can do backflips and Elf Magic want for Christmas.” front flips. By Nicole Barnard Sally replied “I want a Well all of my friends Once there was a girl puppy for Christmas.” came over to snowboard named Sally. All she wanted The elf thought and then with me. They all liked was a puppy. She begged decided to give it to her that my tricks. Well one of my and she begged. She wrote night. friends showed me his trick. letter after letter to Santa. It Before the elf left he told It was awesome! was the night before Christ- Sally not to open it. As soon He could do a front flip mas Eve. as the elf left she opened the and a backflip in one jump. Sally was in her bed sound package to find a toy dog. We went back to my house asleep. All of a sudden she She looked out the winand had my mom’s famous heard a loud trumpet and dow for the elf. She comchili. then a thump. It was so loud plained about it was a toy All of my friends loved it. she was surprised it didn’t dog and not a real dog. I was still thinking about my wake up anyone else. She begged the elf to turn friends trick. Very timidly she opened it into a real dog. The elf My friends left and then her eyes to see a very kept refusing. I told my mom I would be strange looking man. After a while the elf got right back. I was going to do He was very small. I was so annoyed he was about to that trick no matter what. I taller then he was by a lot. burst. The elf put magic on went and found the biggest He had pointy ears so sharp the toy dog and instantly it jump I could find. I was afraid to touch them. was a real dog, but the elf I went down and jumped He had a cute little green accidentally put magic on E. McLane West Clay 140 w.hat. Jefferson Delaware in to430 theN.air. I did a front flip house. He also wore 110 a size -10 the whole 425

E home! Monline new BWeehaveHr aO o th e f stoneyoak. c om ! s y a d i l o H

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Merry Christmas from all of us at... Cook Video & Appliance — Financing Available with Qualified Credit — Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Sat. 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.


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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 13c Christmas Eve night they put cookies out. The next morning they went downstairs they found a note that said: The joke you played last night was not funny. You are lucky I did not put you on the naughty list. Putting out dancing cookies that I couldn’t catch not funny and I was starving too. You try not eating for a whole day Love, Santa Clause My Christmas Night By Victoria White One night I went to “bed.” When my mom and dad fell asleep, I went downstairs and opened my gifts while eating Santa’s cookies. Then Santa came and said, “Why you eating my cookies.” I put my presents back under the tree and went back to bed. The next morning I woke up first with a happy smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to see what Santa had brought me. I went and woke everyone else up. We got downstairs and first we always go and see if Santa ate all his cookies. Obviously he did because remember I ate them. We went and opened our gifts and my mom looked at mine and said, “Victoria why are your gifts opened?” An elf came and opened them. That was my Christmas night. Santa is to Fat By Carter McCann The year before, while Santa was delivering presents, he went through people’s refrigerators and ate all of their leftovers. The next year, one week before Christmas, Santa became so fat because he didn’t exercise. Eventually he became so big that he couldn’t go up the stairs. So when Santa got tired of sleeping on the floor for Christmas, Mrs. Claus got him an elevator. When an elf got it

installed, Santa went to the top floor. Then right away he went to the cookie factory and ate a cookie. Then the floor cracked and Santa fell through all 176 floors to the basement where the reindeer are held. Then that startled the reindeer which made them fly extremely fast and Santa delivered the presents twice as fast that year. Teddy Bears By Noah Coenen Once upon a time, there was a boy named Billy. All Billy would ever ask for was a giant teddy bear. But every year, all he would get for his birthday and Christmas were tiny teddy bears. They were about the size of a pear. All Billy ever wanted was a giant teddy bear. But what did he get? Tiny ones! Over the years, Billy grew out of wanting a giant teddy bear. After all, he was running out of space to put his little ones; they were under his bed, in almost every drawer in the house, and in his backpack. But one faithful morning, his wish came true. That morning, four years later, Billy was getting ready for school. He checked under his bed for his shoes. His shoes were there, but the teddy bears were not. He checked in his drawer. No teddy bears. Billy rushed to the window. Outside, in the snow, stood a house-sized teddy bear. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Billy opened it and saw that it was his Grandma. “Hi sweetie! Do you like your Christmas present? I sewed all of your teddy bears into a huge, teddy bear house!” Grandma shouted. “It’s a house too!?” Billy asked excitedly. Grandma brought him to the back of the giant teddy bear. There was a door. It was a house! As Grandma led him inside, he noticed

how huge it really was. The only words that escaped his mouth were: “How did you get into my house….” The Day Santa Ate Bacon Not COOKIES By Anthony Mancia One day Santa said to his elves to make more cookies. The elves said told Santa to not be mad but the cookie machine is broken. WHAT said Santa? Is the milk machine broken too? No said the elf. But Santa I made this new invention called bacon. It’s made from this thing called a pig said the elf. Santa I made some juice from this thing called an orange said the elf. So can I get a chance to eat bacon with a cup of juice? Yes Santa you can have 10 pieces of bacon and one cup of juice. So Santa ate the bacon and when he was done he said this is wonderful. We should give all the little kids this to eat they will love it. Yes Santa they will love it. So on Christmas all of the kids went down to open there present when they open it they saw ten packets of bacon and two bottles of orange juice. They loved it and were very happy. Santa came back later and gave the little kids real presents. The Excited boy on Christmas By Ayla George The night before Christmas. There was a boy named Mark he was going

with his mom to the mall. He hoped he would get a lot of toys for the night. When they got home he saw Santa there. He asked his mom if he could open one present for the night. His mom said yes. He opened the biggest one of the bunch. It was a video game. Morning came he woke his parents and wanted to open his presents. His mom got the camera. One of the boxes was moving his way. He opened the box it was grandma’s cat. She wrapped up her cat. In another box there was an elf in the box. In another box there was a Barbie doll. The boy wanted to sell the Barbie doll. That was the last of his presents he was happy with his other gifts. The elf ran out of the house and grabbed a snowball and threw it at Mark. He first fed the cat and played a game of snowballs with the elf outside. Then when he got outside he didn’t see the elf anymore. He saw the little man go across to another house. The first Time I Wrapped a Present By Rainon Terrell It was Christmas Eve. I went to my closet I grabbed wrapping paper and boxes. I rushed down stairs, and I started to wrap the boxes. Then my mom came. She helped me for five minutes and then had to leave. So I got some tape. I tried to wrap, but I got wrapping

paper stuck on my forehead. So I continued wrapping. Ten minutes later I was covered in wrapping paper. I tried to get out, but I was stuck. I started squirming, so I tore it a bit, but there were more layers, but I kept moving around to tear it but it did not work. But I finally got out by tearing my way through. So I continued wrapping then my mother came she saw wrapping paper everywhere. She was so mad but happy at the same time. She saw the wrapped presents then she was proud. When Christmas came I went down the stairs. There were more presents then I wrapped. So I opened them. I got Lego games and that was it. The Naughty Little Pony By Kiaya Dunbar Once upon a time, there was a little pony named Abby. Abby was very curious, and she always had Santa in her mind. She loved when Santa came and gave her a ride on his sleigh. She was best friends with Donner. One day the little pony was trotting along enjoying the snow shine and singing a song. When Santa flew down and said, “What happened to my sleigh, some-

one stole it!” The little pony was playing a trick. Then she said, “I’m not sure old St. Nick,” but Santa knew who stole his sleigh. Santa said, “I’m sure that’s not true, I can see everything everyone can do.” “I think I caught the thief!” The pony was ashamed, then she said, “It wasn’t me don’t blame me.” “It was Donner not me.” Santa looked ashamed and said, ”I know you’re a bad pony, and you just lied to me , so you are officially on the naughty list.” The little pony wanted to make up with Santa. Donner came running up to Abby and angrily shouted, “How dare you say I stole Santa’s sleigh!” The pony felt sad and never spoke a word to Santa, or any of his reindeer again. When Santa attacked By Randell Belden Santa rode in to town on Christmas Eve day. I woke up to the sound of the reindeer. He said if you want your presents you have to come and get them. So he started flying as fast as he could. So I ran as fast as I could but I never got him. I went back inside to go back to sleep so I could forget about the awful day. The next day I woke up

Wishing you a


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Page 14c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 from my weird dream. I went down stairs to get some breakfast. I saw all kinds of presents and then I asked my parents, “Where did all of these presents come from?” She said Santa of course. So he went in to the living room and look at the tag and it said from Santa. Then he found out it was all just a dream then said Santa isn’t bad at all. Then at 6:50 at night, they opened their presents. It was Mariah’s turn. She opened her present and found a letter at the bottom of her present. She read that it was from Santa. So she opened it up and read it. It said, “Dear Mariah you are welcome for all the presents you got from me I hope you like them. Love, Santa Claus p.s. don’t get in trouble. YEAH Santa By Frederick Arman One kid was sleeping and his name is Frederick. His brother was awake and his name is Tommy. Frederick said to his brother go back to sleep. Tommy said I want to see Santa and Frederick said he will come if you go to bed. When they were going to bed they heard something so they got up. They saw Santa they were so happy. So Frederick and Tommy said hi to Santa. So Santa said hi back and at that time he said ho, ho, ho. So Santa said do you want to get on the sled and they said yes. So they went. They went to many houses so they were so happy they saw everything. Santa put them in bed Santa said goodnight at that time Santa said MERRY CHISTMAS. So Santa went up back to his elf. So Frederick and Tommy were happy. They are sad when they can’t see Santa any more. Santa was sad to so he was going back down. Frederick and

Tommy were so happy to see Santa. They partied with Santa and Santa was so happy to be with them. Right now so everyone got there happy ending. Christmas is Not About Presents By Seth Tyler 5B Christmas is not about presents. It is not about food. It is not about feasts. It is about having time with your family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. What I like about Christmas is spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of Christ. Christmas Poem By Emma Bolton 5B Jingle bells in the night sky, sparkling snow below. Nine reindeer flying high and a Santa’s Ho! Ho! Ho! Presents under the Christmas tree, ornaments strung up high. Children waiting for St. Nick to soon come by. Christmas at Clarke Elementary By Selena Uhlman 5B There was a time when all the kids at Clarke had to stay at school on Christmas Eve. They had to sleep there too! On Christmas day the kids woke up to the big Christmas tree upstairs full of gifts from Saint Nicholas for every good kid. All the naughty kids got coal for their present. But, the best kid in the whole school didn’t have a present. She called Santa and said, “Santa, I was the best kid in the whole school and I did not get a present. Not even coal! Why?” Santa said, “You have a special present at home.” After school, she went running home and said, “My present is a…” It was what she wished for! It was a baby brother. “A brother!” she screamed. The perfect Christmas gift!

TREE By Ben Hessler 5B The best season is Christmas. Really it is. Even though it’s my opinion. Everyone who celebrates it is religious. How I Celebrate Christmas By Hector Garza 5B I celebrate Christmas by making apple pie and pumpkin pie. Then I go to play in the snow. I get my snowboard, but sometimes I play snowball fight. I count how many days until Christmas. When I go to the tree farm, I have to walk up a hill, pick a tree, help my brother pick up the tree and run down the hill with the tree. When I get home, I decorate it. When it is the twenty-fifth of December, I help my mom make cookies and serve milk. Then I go to bed. Jesus By Jamie Storholm 5B Jesus – Jesus is an angel Elves – Elves are helpful to Santa Clause Silver – Silver is a color that makes Christmas sparkle Universe – God build the universe Source – Source of all goodness

What My Family does for Christmas By Samantha LeGuerrier 5B Here is how I start my Christmas: I wake up, well actually my brothers wake me up, by at least 8 in the morning. Then they try to wake my parents up. Sometimes they don’t stop until they are woken up! The next thing we do is this: Alex, Connor and I sit somewhere in the living room and Mom hands us or presents. Normally the littlest go first in the family and that’s what we do. Connor goes first to open the presents, then Alex, then, last but not least in my family, I open my presents. After we’ve opened our presents and got them out of the boxes, also played with them for a little bit, we go to our Grandma’s house and open presents that Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins got us. After we all opened our presents, we have some dinner and desserts. We stay and play. Then after a long day of Christmas, we all go home and we go to bed. That is what I do for Christmas.

Christmas By Liberty DeVore 5B Caring for family Having lots of fun Rolling in the snow Icicles hanging Standing in the cold Touching the snow Merry Christmas to all Awesome time with your family Snow forts are cool First Santa Christmas By Riley Jones 5B Once upon a time there was a parent named Santa. He was he one and only parent that gave their kids over 100 presents. So when Barack Obama saw him he said, “You need to go somewhere out far. That is not fair, not fair at all.” Five years later, he was at the North Pole. His wife, Mrs. Clause wanted to make more money or have more responsibility. So Santa started thinking and he came up with an idea of going around the world and giving everyone at least 8 presents. Just one problem would be that he would have to have magic because it is impossible! Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door, so Santa went to go see who it was. All of the sudden, elves showed and wondered if

they could help Santa and Mrs. Clause hand out presents. “No, we can do it ourselves,” Santa said. So when Santa shut the door, Mrs. Clause begged him to let them help. Santa opened the door, they were already gone, so Santa said, “Maybe they will come back tomorrow.” After that they both went to bed. At 9:00 in the morning, they heard a knock at the door. “Ah, come on! I just sat down watching some Duck Dynasty.” So when he went and opened the door, there were 22 elves at the door with magical reindeer. “Meet me at my shop!” Santa said. So off they went to Santa’s shop. “Tomorrow night is Christmas. We will have to go to everyone’s house in the world and give everyone at least 10 presents,” Santa said. The elves came up with an idea of splitting up and each group used only one reindeer so then they went and got some sleep. Bright and early, all of the elves ran to Santa, and they jumped on his belly saying, “Oh we need to get heading out.” So Mr. Fat Santa stared heading out. Finally, when they got on the reindeer, an elf said, “Oh wait! I forgot my coffee!”

Season’s Greetings We’re hoping it all adds up to an outstanding season for all our friends and neighbors!

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Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 — Page 15c “Actually, let’s start heading out,” said Santa. “Yea!”, and off they went. One hour later… “Are we there yet?” and, “I have to go to the bathroom!” the elves complained. “Do you guys want to go to Applebee’s?” Santa said? “Yea!” shouted the elves. “Well, go to sleep and dream about it,” Santa told them. Two hours later, they were finally at their first house. But, when Santa went down the chimney, he got caught on fire, and that was the end of that. Christmas By Custyn Andon 5B Christmas is the best season ever because I was born on that day. I like it because you can make snowmen, have snowball fights, and all those things you can do in the winter. Christmas is the best because you can get presents that you always wanted or things that your parents got. And you can get a sled and ride down the hill. A Poem By Guy Billington 5B Your lights are red, Your lights are blue. I hope someone tells you, “I love you.” Your lights are yellow, Your lights are green, Let’s just say, your house will be seen. LORD By Chris Carson 5B Loving Open hearted Redeemed Divine What My Family Does On Christmas By Garret McKnight 5B First we wake up and get all of the family members in the hallway. Then we sit around the tree. Next, we get all of the presents in front of us, and we open them one by one. First, my youngest sister opens one, then I open one, then my oldest sister

opens one. Then it goes all over again until all the presents are gone. Next we go to Dad’s house. When we get there, we sit around the Christmas tree and open all of our presents. We go one by one at his house too. That is what we do for Christmas! Christmas Trees By Zethann May 5B Christmas Hanging ornaments Ringing Bells Imagining your presents Steaming food Talking to family Melody Antlers Santa Two thousand, fourteen Reindeer Eggnog Elf Sending Christmas Lists Christmas Eve By Jacob Smith 5B Close to New Years Eve Happy Christmas Reindeer like Rudolph Imagining all the presents before bed Something you have been waiting for all year Time to sharpen the saw Merry Christmas Always exciting Santa is coming! Exciting dreams all night Varieties of pie Exciting mornings and afternoons Candy Canes By Cecilia Hadley 5B Candy canes Awesome presents Nice hot cocoa Drinking eggnog Yelling, “Merry Christmas!” at the top of your lungs Cold winter days Awesome Christmas ornaments on the tree Nice winter dresses Eating Christmas dinner Special moments on Christmas Eve

My Christmas By Cheyenne Talley 5B On my Christmas Eve, we always make cookies. We make them very yummy for Santa. One time my sister put too much gel. When everybody goes to sleep, I stay awake because I just can’t wait until the next day. Finally, it is Christmas! We get to open presents and have yummy food. That is what we do for Christmas. Christmas is Here! By Cole Pontier Christmas is here! Happiness and joy! Reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh! In the house everybody is sleeping! Santa is coming to your house! Time to open presents on Christmas! Merry Christmas to everybody! And you’d better be good! Santa brings cheer!

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In your house Santa is leaving presents! Snow is everywhere! Here comes Santa to town! Everybody is joyful and jolly! Ride sleds on Christmas Eve! Everybody leaves treats for Santa! Christmastime By Kennedy Bland 5B Christ, he was born on this day Holly, to be happy and gay Reindeer, to pull his sleigh Icicles, hanging from the roof Santa, the holly, jolly man Tinsel, shining on the tree Milk, to go with his cookies All, happy and together Snow, glistening in the sun Christmas Day By Dylan Lundquist 5B While families are coming and going, Christmas lights are brightly glowing. Snow

Diane Addison

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Page 16c — Osceola Sentinel-Tribune — Thursday, December 19, 2013 falls to the ground. People carol all around. Santa goes to every house, quiet as a little mouse. Cookies and milk, candles and carols, stockings and gifts, Mistletoe, candy canes and cocoa, all complete…Christmas Day. A Reindeer for Me By Kaitlyn Halsband A reindeer for me, sitting under the tree, on Christmas morning to be. Mom may be mad, sister might be sad, Dad things he’s rad. He may be like Prancer or Dancer, No, Vixen! Or maybe he’s Rudolph, Oh, yes! I do love reindeer, Oh yes, I confess, But he ripped mom’s favorite dress. He’s eating Dad’s slippers, Not now, Sister’s flippers, Oh, I mustn’t tell Mom about the dress. But surely I must confess, This reindeer is causing a mess! Oh Santa, I love my reindeer, But my mom and he aren’t quite friends. I need a Christmas miracle! Or maybe we just get this reindeer out of here. Christmas By Bradley Spidle 5B Caring for people Hope people come Reindeer to see Snow to play in Tree for the house Mistletoe for decorations Angels look over us Special holiday What Christmas Means to Me By DeJon Kelly 5B Spending time with my family and my stuff that I get for Christmas. I like to see my family happy. We get excited when we open the presents. My mom takes pictures of us. She is never in the pictures. Christmas is awesome, and we all love the presents.


Christmas By Taylor Henry 5B Christmas Hot chocolate Really awesome presents Igloo Snow Toys Milk and cookies for SanAwesome Christmas ever Santa

SQUIRREL By Chris Garcia Barrera 5D It was three days till Christmas when a little squirrel, which was nestled in a small snug tree, was startled by a deafening “CHOP!!” The squirrel woke up scared by what he heard. He scurried out of his hole and scanned the bottom of the tree. He saw a man with a big axe chopping the big tree. Lots of animals live in the tree. The squirrel looked up at the branches. Animals were already escaping the gigantic tree. Squirrel hurried quickly out, went a little distance, and stared at the tree. Squirrel felt sad. He had wonderful memories. He had been planning to invite his family over for Christmas, but he couldn’t now. The next day squirrel told himself that he needed to

find another home before Christmas. He thought of searching for a new home in the forest. Squirrel sprinted across the road, through a little stream, and then reached the forest. Squirrel wanted a new home that would be even bigger and better than his old one. He searched everywhere. It took him more than a day to find a good tree. Eventually, he stumbled by a huge tree. It had lots of branches and leaves. It even had acorns on it. Squirrel went in a hole and started placing his furniture and other stuff in it. When he finished he went to bed. The next day it was Christmas Eve and his family was there. They ate acorn cake, opened presents, and had a fun time. Penguin Paradise By Riley Smith It was a spectacular day on Penguin Island. All of the penguins were sliding on their bellies and eating fish. I, myself, was trying to solve an ultimate crime. Who stole the sardine bucket from the community? “Assemble the elite elves,” I commanded. The elves gathered around me. “Okay, listen up ladies! Someone stole the com-

munity sardine bucket. The penguins need us now.” I sent out the elves, and I began a search as well. As I was searching two young elves called to me. They had found some suspicious tracks. I discovered a sardine trail that led me to an abandoned mine. A sudden scent hit my nostrils! We had discovered the bucket and other stolen merchandise. There was also a very large evil penguin eating sardines. “You’re under arrest!” I bellowed. “Let’s get him locked up,” I ordered. I instructed the two young elves to gather all of the stolen goods and return it to the good penguins of Penguin Island. I locked the evil penguin in the slammer. Penguin paradise was safe once again. The sweet penguins were rescued from the villainous crimes

of the evil penguin. How Santa Got So Fat By Casey Kindred 5D Once a long time ago Santa used to be skinny, and it was a lot easier for him to go down chimneys. Then one Christmas he gave a creative but ornery boy a toy that would shoot tiny candy. The boy showed the toy to his friends, but they were not impressed. So, the boy started tinkering with it. He made lots of adjustments and then took it to show his friends again. “What did you do?” someone asked from the distance. The boy was showing off the candy shooter when he accidentally shot one of his friends and his friend instantly became fat. All of his other friends ran off yelling that he was a criminal. The boy went back to

his house to tinker with the candy shooter, and by Christmas Eve his dog, his cat, and his pet bird were all fat. The boy was frustrated when he couldn’t fix it. That’s when he had a brilliant idea! He would give the candy shooter back to Santa. When everyone was asleep he went downstairs. Finally, Santa landed at his house, but when the boy went outside to see him he slipped and the candy shooter went off. All Santa saw was a bright light and in that instant he was fat. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” cried the boy. “I was just trying to give the candy shooter back to you.” “Ho! Ho! Ho! I think that is a good idea,” responded Santa. In the morning there was coal in his stocking, but every Christmas since the boy has been on the nice list.


Greetings of the Season There may be a chill in the air, but our hearts are warmed by thoughts of our many good friends and neighbors at this special time of year. Thanks, folks!

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