LaSalle County Visitor's Guide 2021

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he Prairie State Hike App puts dozens of the best guided hikes in Illinois conveniently on your favorite tablet or smartphone device. Now, that list includes top treks inside Starved Rock State Park! Join us as we take a tour of this app, and learn how you can tour some of Starved Rock’s top attractions on the trails, or from the comfort of your own couch! The Prairie State Hike App, created by the Prairie State Conservation Coalition, was developed to create more public awareness of the wonderful natural resources spread across the state. The app provides you with guided tours from the convenience of your mobile devices. Best of all, it can even be GPS-enabled if you want to use it on the trails! The Hike App leads you through an interpretive hike in a natural area of your choosing, often peppered with videos and informational audio clips. YOU’LL FIND 7 FEATURED ATTRACTIONS THROUGHOUT STARVED ROCK COUNTRY: • Starved Rock Lodge • Starved Rock: St. Louis Canyon • Starved Rock: Wildcat Canyon and Illinois River • Starved Rock: LaSalle, Tonti and Hennepin Canyon • Starved Rock: Council Overhang, Ottawa Canyon and Illinois Canyon • Dayton Bluffs Preserve (North Trail) • Canoe the Lower Fox River



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