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2022-23 AREA GUIDE


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Welcome Hampshire Area to the


n behalf of the Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce, I would like to welcome you to the community! The pages of this Area Guide serve as a resource for shopping, entertainment, business listings and local government connections, gathered in one convenient magazine, designed with you in mind. Within these pages, we highlight our member businesses and the community events that add so much value to our everyday lives. Please share this magazine widely and use it to promote our community, our resources, and our businesses. Our Chamber represents three unique villages- each offering a prosperous lifestyle, strong business partners and good neighbors that contribute to a family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Hampshire, Burlington, and Pingree Grove are among the fastest growing communities in Illinois, and as such, offer a great opportunity for new customers and business growth and development. The Hampshire Area Chamber helps connect local businesses with new customers through our events and sponsorship opportunities. As your partner in business, the Chamber strives to help grow local businesses by providing opportunities to connect with each other and with the community. Sharing links on social media, promoting businesses on our website, through email blasts and sharing informative newsletters are just some of the ways our business is keeping up with yours and serving as a vital link to new and repeat customers. I am honored to be able to help spread the word, publicize business specials and share the concerns of our local businesses – helping them to reach customers and serve as a link to local governing agencies for news and information. As the Executive Director, I regularly attend village meetings to stay informed on issues that matter to the business community and to serve as a voice for our business partners. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our member businesses who have made this publication possible through their support and advertising. By supporting the businesses in this directory, you are making an investment in your own local neighborhood, ensuring its continued success, and contributing to the vibrant community in which we all live. Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support!

Jeanie Mayer Executive Director | Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce 113 W. Oak Knoll Dr. | P.O. Box 157 | Hampshire, IL 60140 (847) 683-1122 | hampshirechamber@gmail.com www.hampshirechamber.org




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The 2022-23 Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce Area Guide is published by Shaw Media with the cooperation of the Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce. PROJECT MANAGER: Lisa Angel | LAYOUT & DESIGN: Julie Barichello WRITER:: Kelley White COVER PHOTO PHOTOGRAPHER:: CJR Productions ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY MEMBER PHOTOGRAPHERS:: Lorraine Matti (pages 3 and 28) Articles are property of Shaw Media. No portion of Hampshire Area Guide may be reproduced without written consent of the publisher.

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Climate Comfort Heating and Cooling Climate Comfort HVAC, Pingree Grove, IL 60140 US (847) 732-3576 • climatecomforthvac.com HAMPSHIRECHAMBER.ORG n


2022 HAMPSHIRE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE B oa r d o f D i r e c to r s

ROBENETTE BURKLOW Board President RE/MAX Deal Makers

NICHOLE REIGER Vice President Century 21 New Heritage

LIZ MAGNUSSEN Treasurer Magnussen Benefit Consultants

MAILING ADDRESS P.O. Box 157 Hampshire, IL 60140

DAVID BERRELES Director Country Financial

OFFICE LOCATION 113 W. Oak Knoll Dr. • Hampshire Phone: (847) 683-1122

CINDY SAMMARCO Director Climate Comfort Heating and Cooling

JEANIE MAYER Executive Director Hampshire Area Chamber of Commerce

hampshirechamber@gmail.com hampshirechamber.org Fax: (847) 683-1146




Betty Ebert-Rylko



Proud Hampshire Community Member

for 80 Years


847-683-2424 SM-CL1970812



James Motors

A Man, a Dealership, and a Pop Machine By: Kelley White


usiness in a small town reflects the familial and homemade spirit woven into its community. James Motors was a serendipitous change for an institution that has stood successfully in Hampshire for nearly eight decades. General Manager Vito Losacco and Sales Manager Rusty Mulvaney talk about the transition from Fenzel Motor Sales, Inc. to James Motors and how the company continues to stand tall with their values and traditions. In 2018, Fenzel Motors was just about to celebrate their 75th Anniversary when current owner Jim walked in while waiting for an antique shop to open. “About a half a block down there’s a place that sells antique pop machines and stuff like that,” says Losacco, “So he and his girlfriend at the time, fiancé now, came down to buy a vintage pop machine and the place wasn’t open yet. They saw there was a Chrysler dealership here and walked down.” Jim started up a conversation with Mr. Fenzel and sparked a connection. “They got to talking, Mr. Fenzel liked him and that’s how we ended up buying the dealership,” says Losacco, “Mr. Fenzel was getting ready to retire and the dealership wasn’t really for sale at that point, but they got along so well he offered to see if Jim wanted to buy the dealership. The whole process happened over the course of six months talking



back and forth and becoming friends. Then, John Fenzel sold the dealership to Jim.” James officially bought the dealership on January 8, 2018, and the company has held strong ever since. James Motors builds their business on the solid foundation that Mr. Fenzel established over the years. “I would say we continue all of the same values that Mr. Fenzel had and then we offer more service,” says Mulvaney, “We have more of a selection of new cars and more stability to loan out cars.” Growth in their business became the main focal point of the company’s evolution. “One of the things we did when we took over was grow the inventory,” says Losacco, “We used to carry about 40 new cars in stock and we increased the new car inventory to around 90-125 cars. We’ve got probably close to 100 used cars in stock now and we carried about 25 back in the day.” For a car dealership that has changed hands, James Motors continues to uphold the strong values Hampshire businesses are known for. “We carry the old friendly values here,” says Losacco, “We have people that stop by just to have coffee.” Both Losacco and Rusty recall the legendary Hampshire Handshake the dealership has been known for throughout its history. “John always did business with a handshake and honesty,” says Mulvaney, “We’ve continued that on.” Fenzel instilled an integrity in his business that brought his

Fulfilling our mission to promote diversity, inspire curiosity and creativity, support inquiry, and build community.

customers back generation after generation, a theme James Motors is steadfast in keeping. When Jim took over, Losacco realized the strength Fenzel’s honesty brought to the business. “When we took over the dealership we couldn’t believe it,” says Losacco, “People would just come in and say ‘fine, I’ll buy the car,’ then they’d shake your hand and come back to pick it up a couple of days later. There are no games, the price we give you is the price you pay and most of our advertising is done by word of mouth. It just continues that way.” When COVID hit, James Motors held steady despite inventory setbacks and stepped up for the community in a big way. “Our biggest problem came from the manufacturer,” says Mulvaney, “But the town was good to us, and Jim and Vito kept operating. The big thing was a lack of product from the manufacturer. We used to have around 100 new cars on the lot and at times, we would be down to only 20 new cars in stock.” When they saw how the rest of the town was also struggling, Losacco led the charge and supported in any way they could. “You go back to those neighborhood values that Mr. Fenzel had here,” says Losacco, “When COVID hit and these restaurants couldn’t open up their doors, we had canopies and we opened up our canopies and set up picnic tables – stuff like that.” To James Motors, the community is a family, and family takes care of each other. “That helped keep them in business too,” says Losacco, “They help us, we help them. It’s a small

community. When I say Mayberry, that’s basically what downtown Hampshire is – Floyd the Barber’s down the street. It’s a small-town community and everyone is friendly. When people drive by, they’ll beep or wave at us. It’s more like family than a business. It’s definitely not your run of the mill car dealership.” After nearly 80 years, the dealership – once Fenzel, now James Motors – is still looking forward to their future as a business and continuing a legacy of welcome and trust in Hampshire. “It goes back to your old neighborhood values,” says Mulvaney, “That’s the pleasure of doing business here, that the whole town works together, and honesty and integrity speak volumes. We have at least three generations of people buying cars here. We have grandpas, fathers, and sons.” Currently, James Motors is rebounding from COVID and reestablishing their inventory with a goal to expand their services at a solid clip. “We carry Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram for the new car franchise, and we sell all basic makes and models for used cars,” says Losacco, “The values that Mr. Fenzal created, we’ve kept and just expanded with more inventory and more services offered but we still do business the old fashioned way.” James Motors welcomes your business and no matter what you are looking for, they’ll help you find it with a smile and a handshake. Stop by and make a friend for life to take care of your automobile needs.

109 South State Street Hampshire, IL 60140


www.ellajohnsonlibrary.org M-Th 9-8 | F 9-5 | Sa 9-4 | Su 12-4



Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration™

SERVPRO® of DeKalb County SERVPRO® of Elgin/ Northwest Kane County 815-758-3900 Indepently Owned and Operated



Burlington urlington marked its beginnings with a tavern in 1840, a post office in 1846, a general store in 1847 and was incorporated in 1906. It is a small town with a rural heart and a welcoming spirit where residents know each other and say “hello” when they pass. The area has great schools, abundant natural space, and a friendly atmosphere that makes it a great place to raise a family.


There is almost always something to do in Burlington. Our parks, restaurants, active civic groups, and community events provide an array of activities that include an annual Fireworks display in July and the Fall Fest in September. Throughout its history, Burlington’s leaders have made smart choices that have enabled the Village to provide important public services while keeping financial liabilities low and preserving its small-town character and charm. Our community welcomes opportunities for growth and a future Water Treatment Plant.

Elected Village Officials

President Mary Kay Wlezen Trustees: Jim Daffron, Jean Micklevitz Amanda Stephens, Mike Szydlo Deb Twenhafel, Ryan Wasson

Appointed Officials

Please visit the village website for more information about activities and elected officials.

Director of Public Works

For all inquiries: Contact the Village Hall at 847-683-2283.

Community Events

Village website: www.vil.burlington.il.us, www.vil.electedofficials.il.us

Deputy Clerk Marilyn Diede Mark Wilkison

Fall Fest and Fireworks Show - September



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Celebrating 10 years in Hampshire

• D e liver, ins ta ll a n d s er v ic e e quipm ent

F ro m s m a l l re s i d e n ti a l c o n cre te p l a c i n g to th e b i g g e s t d a m s, a R o te c specialist can help!

• L e ase, re nt a n d s ell eq u ip men t

We love our community in

Hampshire! Come work with us!

Job Opportunities

Lo o k i ng fo r a cha l l e ng i ng, f un e nv i ro n m en t to wo r k ? We a re l o o k i ng fo r p e o p l e w h o a re re l i a b l e, a te a m p l a ye r, a nd ha ve a g rea t a t t i t ud e. We he l p t ra i n p e o p l e i n we l d in g, d r i l l i ng, o ff -l o a d i ng a nd mo re. O t he r p os ition s a va i l a b l e i n: • • • •

Offi ce S ho p E ng i ne e r i ng A cco unt i ng

S e nd yo ur re sume to H R @ ro te c-usa . com

270 Industrial Dr. Hampshire , IL • 630-279-3300 • www.rotec-usa.com SM-CL1975155




rust your instincts and learn to welcome opportunities. Owner Susanne Cass of Snap Fitness in Hampshire knew when she bought the gym nearly two years ago that she wanted to initiate a change for the better. Susanne recounts what led to her and her husband’s decision to purchase Snap Fitness and what they hope for the future of the small-town gym. Cass grew up in Hampshire and watched it grow over the years, eventually coming back to settle in her hometown. “I’m from Hampshire and I went to school here,” says Cass, “Then I came back as an adult with my family. When I heard it was for sale, I told my husband we were buying it and he was so surprised.” It might have seemed like a quick decision, but Cass knew the path she wanted to take for her new gym. “I knew I wanted to have a small business in town, and I wanted to make a difference for the community,” says Cass. “We don’t have any other fitness facilities in town, and I knew that we could make it bigger and better. My gut said that was something we needed to do. I had been a member myself, and in my mind, I had a vision, I knew where we could take this gym and that’s what we did.” Since Cass purchased the gym in September of 2020, the


Snap Fitness

By: Kelley White

A Snap Decision Toward a Fulfilling Dream Snap franchise has rebranded and uniquely set its business model apart from other fitness franchises. “Snap just recently rethought who we are as a company and as a franchise,” says Cass, “Other franchise business models are completely different as far as how they approach memberships and for us, we’re not there to have you just come in, work out and then leave. We want you to have results and we want you to enjoy yourselves. Our new tagline is ‘For the Feeling’ because even if you’re just moving – we want people to move, be healthier, enjoy doing it, have a safe place, and not be intimidated to reach their goals.” COVID also caused ripples in the franchise’s rebrand, creating new opportunities for those wishing to stay home. “We have options to workout on demand at home,” says Cass, “We have a new Snap App that just got launched a couple months ago. It has some workouts, nutrition plans, mindfulness, and mediations – things like that. It’s about the whole package not just coming in, running on a treadmill, and leaving. We want to give them a whole lifestyle as opposed to taking their money and letting them workout. We want to be a part of your family; we call it the Snap Family.” For Cass, this business venture has been a learning experience


for her as both business owner and fitness lover. “I am learning right along with my members most of the time because I’m on a journey as well,” says Cass, “We are getting to know our members, walking through some things with them and giving them suggestions, seeing how it improves their lives as a part of their fitness journey and being someone they trust to ask questions. I also love it when our members help other members.” Aside from healthy living and gym ownership, Cass’s passion lies at the heart of her hometown and the desire to see Hampshire flourish. “My husband and I are very involved in the community, so we are very involved with the small businesses,” says Cass, “We sponsored the Park District’s 5k, my husband is on the Lions Club, we do a lot when it comes to specialty events, and we make sure to go out and support small businesses whenever they have a promotion. We’re involved in the community and it’s a full package as opposed to just being a cold place for people to go and workout.” Under the Cass’s ownership, Snap Fitness has seen a turnaround in business values, customer service, and space, with more exciting improvements on the horizon. “We’ve added an extra 700

square feet, we changed out a lot of the equipment, so it’s newer, and people say they feel a difference because we’re staffed,” says Cass, “The other owners were hardly ever there. They see a difference when we’re staffed and there’s always someone there working and caring.” Cass is expanding into the space next door, adding another 2,200 square feet to their already established 4,000. “We’re going to offer a bunch of new services that people have been asking for like tanning beds, saunas, and a big classroom so we can have classes,” says Cass, “We’re actually going to be putting in a smoothie/protein shake shop that will be separate from the gym per franchise agreement. We’re just trying to add on some things that a lot of people have been asking for. I’m excited to get that going and just have more offerings so it’s not just a gym, it’s a gym plus the other extra things.” Currently, Cass offers a comprehensive variety of gym equipment and service for her members. “We have your average mix of all your cardio: treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, bikes, and the stair stepper,” says Cass, “We have a full gamut of selector weight equipment, and we have a full line up of free weights, three squat racks, benches, dumbbells, and a

tire flip that we bought when we did the remodel. We also built out a more functional area where you can do box jumps and kettle bells. We offer personal training and nutritional coaching and again, we will soon be offering tanning and saunas with the expansion.” Owning a gym, especially in the COVID recovery period, comes with its challenges and victories and Cass has a positive outlook for her and her husband’s thriving business. Cass recognizes the closeness and strength of her small hometown and how that affects her gym. “Hampshire is a community that when I was growing up was so much smaller, but now it’s much bigger but still a small town. Everybody is there to help everybody,” says Cass. “When something happens in Hampshire — good or bad — the community rallies behind it or helps those who need it. Same thing at my gym. If I have an elderly person who needs help, my gym members will help them. It transfers into the gym and people are friends both inside and outside the gym. It’s definitely a family.” Like every other corner of the world, Hampshire felt the effects of the

pandemic and how its implications changed the landscape of how businesses coexist. “Anytime I ask for any kind of help or if I’m having a challenge, everyone is always so supportive because it goes both ways,” says Cass, “COVID has changed a lot of the ways businesses work with each other and we’re all here trying to keep small businesses alive.” Despite any setbacks, Cass has never looked back. “Being in the fitness business is very fulfilling, not every day is golden, but I can tell you there are a lot of moments where I am personally touched by how people are and what they say. This was something we needed to do for us, and for the community. I knew this was something Hampshire needed, and we could make it better.” The best way to achieve health is to understand and care for every aspect of your physical and mental being, a sentiment highly regarded by the Cass family. Snap Fitness in Hampshire is more than just a franchise, it’s a small business that loves its community and wants to see them reach their healthiest potential.


Petersen Fuels, Inc.

Hampshire-Based Family Owned Business Since 1945

Mill street station 261 Mill Street Hampshire, IL

Authorized Credit Cards 24-Hour Fueling Facility Gasoline & Diesel Open to the Public

BurlIngton oAsIs Corner of Plank Road & Main Street

125 Plank Road • Burlington, IL




sPee-D-MArt “We Got It” Corner of Route 72 & State Street

Hampshire, IL

Hours: Monday - Saturday 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Gasoline • Diesel • K-1 Kerosene • 20# LP Cylinder Exchange • Convenience Store


148 South State Street Hampshire, IL

Open 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 Hour Pumps Pet Food • Bird Seed •Lottery 20# LP Cylinder Exchange Softener Salt • ATM



Hampshire he year 2021 was another year of growth for the Village of Hampshire. The 2020 Census reported that Hampshire grew to 7,667, a 36% increase since 2010 making Hampshire the sixth fastest growing community in Illinois. Growth in population means growth in new homes built, new industrial and commercial development, and growth in Downtown Hampshire. Mayor Reid and the Village Board continue to focus on code enforcement to protect Hampshire property values. The village property maintenance code continues to be updated for residential and commercial properties downtown and throughout the community. The Village Board has committed to further improving technology in 2022 investing in software to manage our water and sewer treatment and distribution facilities, new software to support training and record keeping in the police department, equipment and vehicle maintenance software for public works, and cyber security to protect our data and systems. Big Timber Elementary School will welcome its first students this fall across from the Lakewood Subdivision. The Village worked closely with District 300 and Kane County to accommodate continued growth in the student population of Hampshire. The Village welcomed back Coon Creek Days after a year off due to COVID. Over 5,000



people visited Hampshire along with our local residents, enjoying a great carnival, the popular Corn Roast, fireworks and great family entertainment on the mainstage. The Hampshire Special Events Committee has been formed to enhance the ever-growing number of activities in our community. Hampshire Public Works continues to maintain and upgrade village streets, trees and ponds, and plow and salt to keep our roads safe. A new street sweeper and snow plow will help our public works team keep our roads clean, clear and safe for residents and visitors. Hampshire Public Works continues to provide excellent quality drinking water and manages our sewer treatment plant and the infrastructure required to support residents’ needs. 2022 brings many exciting projects. Lennar Homes returns to Hampshire with the new 182-home Tamm’s Farm subdivision just west of Hampshire High. Silverthorne and Ryan Homes continue to build in Crown’s Prairie Ridge subdivision, and the Village welcomes D.R. Horton Builders who will break ground with two new Townhome Communities in Prairie Ridge. The logistics industry has discovered Hampshire. The Village welcomes Freight Union’s new headquarters in Hampshire Woods where they join BEK Trucking. Vista Trucking will break ground this summer in the Hampshire Logistics Park, which received

development approval this spring along with two other new logistics due to break ground in 2022. The Hampshire Police Department continues to provide the safety and security Hampshire residents have come to expect. The department’s two School Resource Officers provide the same for D300 students, teachers and administrators. Five new Dodge Durango squad cars from James Motors now patrol the streets of Hampshire. 2022 will bring a new look and new businesses to Downtown Hampshire. Three facade improvement grants totaling $75,000 in 2021 have already changed the face of downtown, and three new projects totaling $100,000 will begin soon. Streetscape is under construction, due to be completed in August. The intersection of State Street and Route 72 is being upgraded with new lights and crosswalks to improve pedestrian and motorist safety. A new water main from Big Timber to Route 20 along Gast Road will connect the Village’s north and south water systems, providing important redundancy to our overall system. In 2022, the Village will embark on an exhaustive study evaluating our aging infrastructure as well as projecting the Village’s needs for the coming decade and beyond. Hampshire did not just survive COVID in 2021, but charged ahead, and there is much more to come in 2022.


Mike Reid Jr. – Village President MReid@hampshireil.org

COMMUNITY PROFILE Heather Fodor – Village Trustee HFodor@hampshireil.org

Toby Koth – Village Trustee TKoth@hampshireil.org

Aaron Kelly – Village Trustee AKelly@hampshireil.org

Lionel Mott – Village Trustee LMott@hampshireil.org


Population Median Age Married Male/Female Ratio Speak English Speak Spanish Median Household Income Median Home Price Average People Per Household Unemployment Rate (as of November 2020)


7,667 36.5 56.4% 0.9:1 91,9% 5.9% $100,809 $255,800 3.1 5.1%


$68,428 $202,100 2.5 4.8%


White 96.8% 76.8% Hispanic 6.4% 17.5% Asian 2.7% 5.9% African American 1.0% 14.6% Other 0% 2.8%

HAMPSHIRE SCHOOLS Laura Pollastrini – Village Trustee LPollastrini@hampshireil.org

Erik Robinson – Village Trustee

Student Teacher Ratio




History of Hampshire Originally known as Henpeck, the Village of Hampshire began when Zenas Allen of Vermont became its first settler in 1836. From 1837 to 1845 Henpeck existed along the Chicago – Galena Stagecoach Trial at Old State (Route 20), Big Timber, and Brier Hill Roads. Hampshire Township was organized in 1845, and the village’s name was changed to Hampshire. In 1876, the village relocated so that it could be along the line. Hampshire was officially incorporated that same year with Samuel Rowell as its first village president. In 1893, the farming community grew to become the second largest milk producing and shipping station in Illinois. Residents have served in the Civil War, and during World War II, Hampshire was chosen for a prisoner of war camp for 250 German soldiers who worked at the Inderrieden Canning Company.

Please visit the village website for information about activities and elected officials. For all inquiries: Contact the Village Hall at (847) 683-2181. Village Website: www.hampshireil.org



HAMPSHIRE Events Summer


Located in the Hampshire Commons, hosted by the Chamber

Hosted by the Chamber

Farmers and Outdoor Markets

Open every third Saturday of the month from June to October, this market offers the surrounding community a place to pick up local produce, show of one-of-a-kind gifts and engage with other members of the community. The chamber has collaborated with local businesses and organizations to provide additional monthly family fun with food trucks, entertainment and themes such as Community Day, Touch a Truck, Carnival Day, Antique Car Show and so much more!

Summer Street Dance and Festival

Celebrate the summer season with a downtown party featuring DJ, food trucks, business booths and dozens of vendors. Family fun includes hula and watermelon eating contests, line dancing, and fun for the whole family.


Coon Creek Country Days

State Street, near Allen Road in Hampshire Hosted by HCCCD committee

Coon Creek Classic 2K/10K Race

Kicks off from Hampshire Middle School on State Street. The annual race draws hundreds of participants of all ages.




Trunk or Treat

Hosted by the Park District, Ella Johnson Library and the Village of Hampshire

Dress in costume and enjoy the fun in downtown Hampshire.

Service above all the rest!


Holidays on State

Located in Downtown Hampshire

A family-friendly kick-off to the Holiday season! Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and our member businesses, visitors can shop for gift items from over 65 different vendors, enjoy great food, play games, visit Santa and have fun.

December Jingle Bell Fest

Located in Downtown Hampshire, hosted by the Downtown Events Committee

Celebrate Christmas with family fun at Village Hall and a lighted parade through the downtown!



(847) 426-6354


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Betty Ebert-Rylko GRI REALTOR® 630-669-5295 Betty.Rylko@BairdWarner.com BettyRylko.BairdWarner.com

150+ Years Strong. O2 and You. Moving Forward Together.

Member FDIC

OLD SECOND NATIONAL BANK 194 S. Main St., Burlington 847-683-3555 • Multiple area locations




Dreymiller & Kray

Sink Your Teeth into the Flavor of History By: Kelley White


fter nearly 100 years in business, Dreymiller and Kray has seen decades of change come to the town of Hampshire, watching it grow from a dot on the map to a burgeoning smalltown community. Dreymiller and Kray has remained a pillar of Hampshire’s business community since 1929 and owner Ed Reiser talks about the artisan meat market and smokehouse, from its rich history to what it is today.

“My father worked here and growing up, we used to go to Howard Dreymiller’s house, who was one of the owners at the time, and he kind of became a friend of ours,” says Reiser, “I know the business because I grew up here. Back in 1929 when we started the business, the storefronts looked like old homes and wooden structures. There used to be a meat market directly across the street from us, and that’s where we believe Frank

“Happy” Dreymiller got his start. He always had a smile, so they called him Happy.” Eventually, Dreymiller and Kray moved across the street and Happy brought his brother, Howard, into the business. Tragedy struck in October of 1929 with a fire burning through about six different businesses on the west side of State Street. In those days, the buildings were all wooden structures, turning the town into a veritable tinder box. “By January of 1930, the buildings were all rebuilt, and the business got back up and running,” says Reiser, “They proceeded with their business until after WWII which is when Happy said he wanted to sell the business and retire. At that point, he sold to Edward Kray. That is how the name ‘Dreymiller and Kray’ came about.” Those owners ran the Dreymiller and Kray market until 1988 when Reiser and his wife Carol bought out the last two owners, one of them being Reiser’s father. Over the years, the business’s name has changed a handful of times from Dreymiller Brothers Proprietorship to the Hampshire



Cash Market during the war and Depression Era, and then back to Dreymiller and Kray. The meat market is also a part of Illinois meat inspection history, having been the 42nd establishment to go under Illinois Meat Inspection Act after the processes began in the early 1960s. Over the majority of their history, Dreymiller and Kray has evolved from a slaughterhouse and retail market to a smokehouse and meat market with mostly wholesale retail. “In the late forties, early fifties, they did slaughter but then when meat inspection came around in the early sixties, they built a separate slaughtering facility here in town and they would custom slaughter for the most part,” says Reiser, “They stopped doing that in the early seventies and in the early nineties, business changed quite a bit because you had food service companies coming into the marketplace. When we stopped slaughtering, we went to more wholesale and retail. Predominantly today, the business is mostly wholesale.” For Reiser, it’s all about consistency and maintaining

sustainability. “We buy on the market, and we buy a certain size belly,” says Reiser, “98% of the time it’s from the same manufacturer so it keeps things consistent, and our smoking process has not changed since the 1940s.” Dreymiller and Kray smoke their meats the traditional way, cold smoked in a brick smokehouse with real applewood and hickory logs. “Our smoke house has no electric and no gas in it. It is solely run by either hickory or applewood logs,” says Reiser, “I try to explain that when you cold smoke, you’re smoking between 80 and 120 degrees. Once you get over 120 degrees, the meat starts cooking and the smoke flavor will no longer enter into the cells of the belly, ham, or sausage. When you hot smoke, you’re smoking above 120 degrees and most of them start at about 180 degrees on up. The smoke is a short-term smoke, and they’re actually smoke cooking, not cold smoking.” This method of smoking has held steadfast over the decades, and the flavor Dreymiller and Kray is known for continues its legacy. With most smokehouses today using sawdust and hightech machinery to smoke their meats, Dreymiller and Kray’s smokehouse flavors stand a cut above the rest. “We only do cold smoking; it adds more flavor. Ours is a brick smokehouse and we use 100% logs,” says Reiser, “The modern smokehouses are a stainless-steel box and are computer generated. They can smoke, they can add humidity, they have electricity or are gas fired to create the heat, and they can do a whole cycle in eight hours. When we smoke, it goes in around 3:30-4 in the afternoon and the bacon comes out about noon the next day. Hams take about 20 hours to smoke.” Reiser praises modern day smokehouses and the meticulous control they have over their products, but in high production yield, some quality may be relinquished. “Flavor, flavor, and flavor. New smokehouses today do a great job, they have great

controls, and the inspector can see all the data,” says Reiser, “We log all of our data, and we certify the thermometers by a calibrated thermometer system that we have here. For every batch, we will make sure that the thermometer is in the range and tolerance that is necessary. We’re apples and oranges to other people’s flavors.” Years ago, after taking a class through UW Madison, Reiser connected with a meat extension adviser which led to Reiser eventually judging meat contests. Tasting hundreds of different meat products at these contests made Reiser realize the difference between his flavors and modernday smokehouse flavors. “I got the chance to taste other people’s products that don’t have smokehouses like ours, and I truly see the difference – it’s not nearly as smoky in flavor,” says Reiser, “When you cook our bacon, it’s a soothing smell. I have done cuttings at grocery stores, and I find it mostly in older people that taste our bacon that they just close their eyes. You can tell they went someplace; they took a trip home and went back in history. When you smoke with sawdust, it does have a different flavor.” Dreymiller and Kray create memorable, one-of-a-kind flavors that bring generations of families back to their doors year after year. “A grandfather used to drive a delivery truck and he would stop here and

grab a slab of bacon, take it home, slice his own bacon and fry it up,” says Reiser, “As his grandchildren grew up, he would give them different gifts, and one of them was bacon. Now that he is deceased, those kids come in here every year at Christmas, and they purchase bacon and one of the guys distributes it to family members. To us it’s the relationship with people, the bacon, the smoked meats, and the sausage – that’s what it’s all about. In between, we do things by science, not a whim.” All of Dreymiller and Kray’s recipes are created and owned by them. They also make their own spice mixes and seasonings, many of which were created by Reiser himself. Tradition has truly been the foundation of Dreymiller and Kray, offering their customers a reliability not many businesses can duplicate. “I see us in the future as it is currently, but just growing even more,” says Reiser, “We don’t change things, we stay the course and people are still excited about it. We do other things than bacon, but that’s our biggest seller.” Currently, the market is offering Goose Island Matilda Beer bacon, cinnamon bacon smoked in applewood, pepper bacon smoked in hickory, the original hickory bacon, and applewood smoked bacon. As for the age-old debate whether bacon should be

crispy or not? Reiser points out that melting the fat will leech the bacon of its robust flavor. Therefore, the verdict is bendy. “Bacon should not be crispy. Fat carries the flavor in meat, and the fat carries the smoke flavor, and when you render that out you lose a tremendous amount of that flavor,” says Reiser, “You need to savor it like a good bourbon. I believe in baking the bacon in the oven on parchment paper or foil for fifteen minutes at 325 degrees – which will vary with everyone’s oven. To me that is the most even way to cook it.” Any way you slice it, meats are at the heart of the Heartland – especially bacon. When searching for succulent tastes and homegrown consistency, Dreymiller and Kray fits the bill. For this meat market and smokehouse, art and science come together to create a symphonic blend of flavors that have stood the test of time.



Pingree Grove he Village of Pingree Grove, formerly known as Deerfield Precinct, was platted by its namesakes Dr. Daniel Pingree, and Mrs. Hannah Pingree, widow of Andrew Pingree Jr., in 1882. On December 12, 1906, a petition was filed to incorporate the Village of Pingree Grove. An election was held on December 29, 1906. When the votes were counted, they were in favor of Pingree Grove becoming an official Village. On February 14, 1907, Frank G. Plain, a Kane County Judge, signed the document making the Village of Pingree Grove official. Today, the Village of Pingree Grove has the fastest growth rate among Illinois communities over 2,000 people. In terms of total number of people moving to Pingree Grove, we compete with the much larger communities of Chicago, Naperville, Champaign, and Elgin. Pingree Grove thrives on a sense of community and offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunites for both active and laid-back lifestyles. The Village provides several parks, and active recreational areas including skate park, baseball and soccer fields, and various playgrounds throughout the community. Over 8 miles of bike and pedestrian trails wind throughout the neighborhoods. An offering of youth activities are also available in coordination with the Hampshire Park District.

Daniel Pingree


Andrew Pingree Jr.


The Village is home to a variety of native and migrating birds, with sightings within our parks, local ponds, or even in your own backyard! Hawks, sand cranes, bald eagles, and a recent migration of Bufflehead ducks as well as some protective turtle species can be seen here.

School District D300 serves the community through Gary D. Wright Elementary, the new Big Timber Elementary (opening August 2022), Hampshire Middle School, and Hampshire High School, all located in Hampshire, and Cambridge Lakes Charter School, located right here in Pingree Grove; in addition to Elgin Community College, in Elgin. Central School District 301 serves residents within the Village’s Heritage District. Annual community events include a villagewide garage sale, Stars and Stripes 4th of July celebration, and holiday tree lighting celebration. The Village depends on the time and talents of generous volunteers who sign up to serve in various community event capacities. The Pingree Grove Police Department’s mission is to provide services with integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in the Village of Pingree Grove. The Public Works Department provides a full range of municipal services including maintaining village roadways, parks, and open spaces. Public Works operates a potable water system sourced from deep wells, which is cleaned and treated for safe consumption within the community. The Village also provides wastewater treatment services, which includes the operation of a unique sustainable irrigation system that uses clean wastewater effluent to keep the community green and beautiful, even during dry conditions.


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The World of Electropolishing and Passivation By: Kelley White

etal takes center stage in our world and industries. The seemingly simple element protects aircraft, forms life-saving equipment in healthcare, and bends to reinforce countless modern-day applications. Jeremy Fawbush runs Electro-Max, Inc, a stainless steel electropolishing and passivation company out of Hampshire taking the metal finishing industry by storm.

coming across a fortuitous windfall. “He kind of bumped into a guy with a bunch of money,” says Fawbush, “They came up with a plan together to make their own shop doing strictly electropolishing and passivation, which is basically another form of a metal treatment to stop corrosion on stainless steel. That’s kind of how the whole thing started and, at the time, there were about six different partners involved in the business.”

It all began over twenty years ago when Kevin Grant, an aviation maintenance veteran of the United States Marine Corps, founded Electro-Max, Inc (EMI). “He was a veteran and he started as a maintenance person at a metal finishing shop,” says Fawbush, “At that metal finishing shop, they had heard of a new up and coming process called electropolishing that wasn’t really being utilized in the industry a lot and they kind of got word that it was going to be a major thing coming up. Kevin put in a line, got it going, and learned all the ins and outs of electropolishing.”

Over time, Grant and one of his business partners bought out the remaining partners and the company has continued to evolve from a ‘mom and pop’ shop to an industry shaker. “It was four suites to begin with in 1999 when they rented that space,” says Fawbush, “We have since bought the entire building.”

As the years went on, Grant learned his craft and networked in the business, finally

Fawbush started at EMI in 2012 as a process engineer and waste management operator with a mind for loftier aspirations. “We were a job shop for many years,” says Fawbush, “I’ve always been hungry to make this place more than that. I wanted national recognition, and to be recognized as one of the industry leaders in what we do. Our goal over the

Dale P. TegTman WalTer J. leuchT Funeral Directors

284 Park St. Hampshire • (847) 683-2711

fredrickfuneralhome.com SM-CL1658676 SM-CL1658676



last few years has just been growth, growth, growth.” EMI has certainly achieved that goal. “We’ve basically doubled our revenue in the last three years,” says Fawbush, “We’re looking to do the same over the next couple of years. We’ve got a lot of big things in the fire and we’re tending to a specific customer base now, more so than we were before. We’re trying to get away from that small job shop type feel to a bigger type of facility that can handle the bigger projects – more commercial type projects.” Fawbush appreciates the vitality small job customers brought EMI in its infancy, but the time to evolve has come for the company under Fawbush and Grant’s direction. The company values have not changed, but the customer base has moved on. “Our whole culture here is quality and safety, up untill about 2012 we had no quality accreditations or any certifications whatsoever and we were heavily catering to the appliance and automotive industry,” says Fawbush, “Those industries are very high volume with very low margin. We had about 50 employees at the time back in 2008 and 2009 working about six days a week and products stacked floor to

“Do What We Do, Go With the Local Guys”

Cameron & Brendan Waterworth Specializing in Parking Lots and Private Drives


ceiling. We realized that wasn’t going to be our ticket into the future. We basically got rid of 85% of our customer base, told everyone we were no longer taking on all that work, and we really refocused on who we wanted to be as a company and what industries we wanted to cater to. We got away from the appliance and automotive sectors and moved more toward the aerospace, medical, food, and nuclear applications. We started really looking into our processes, getting everything procedurally based and becoming a data driven shop.” EMI has adopted a business model with low volume and high margins, a goal Fawbush worked toward for the company. “We’re working on a high-profile job right now,” says Fawbush, “They’re putting a Golden Gate suicide net up along each side of the Golden Gate Bridge which is a stainless-steel net, cable, and mesh. Every piece of that has come through our facility. I got to go out there a few weeks ago and work on the bridge itself. Those are the types of things we like to get our name on these days.” So, what is electropolishing, and why does it matter? “Electropolishing in itself is a metal finish that increases the oxide layer on stainless steel to prevent corrosion further down the line,” says Fawbush, “Stainless steel, by nature, is self-passivating in the presence of oxygen meaning that when the surface of the stainless steel reacts with

oxygen, it reacts and the reaction creates an oxide layer, making the surface of the metal impervious to any environmental stimuli. So, what we do is we take, and we treat those parts to make that oxide layer come to its fullest potential and with electropolishing, some of the benefits are smoothness on the part (no sticking) and reduction of bacteria harboring sites – for example, we do a lot of electropolishing on implant parts that go into your body.” As a vital business in their industry, EMI seeks to streamline their growth even more and to keep seeking the top spot in the country. “We’re looking to add processes over the next couple of years to become more of a one-stop metal finishing shop versus just offering passivation and electropolishing for stainless steel,” says Fawbush, “We’re looking to get into anodized and chromium conversion and possibly black oxide which are the coatings that support the industries we are catering to at this time.” Fawbush is proud of how far EMI has come and has already made it clear where the company stands with their competitors. “We’re making waves in the industry,” says Fawbush, “There aren’t a huge amount of electropolish companies in the country, but we have the largest electropolish company right here in our backyard in Chicago – they are forty miles away from us.” EMI made that company stand at attention and recognize

they needed to up their game. “We want to be the top dog in America,” says Fawbush. As a company gaining success in Hampshire and beyond, EMI still finds time to nurture their roots. “As a local business we try to donate and be a part of any functions we can and keep our name out there so that the community knows that we care,” says Fawbush, “We also take a lot of green initiatives here to alleviate some of the environmental impact we have on the area.” EMI is carefully considerate of their community and customers with the steps they take to maintain integrity and superiority in their industry. “We keep a pristine shop. Everyone who walks in here comments that they’ve never been to a plating shop that looks as good as us,” says Fawbush, “We don’t discharge any water to the local village due to their limits here. We always donate through opportunities from the chamber, we donate to the schools around here for sporting events, and the Catholic school here to keep their students up with supplies and things of that nature.” It’s clear EMI is here to stay and may just put Hampshire on the map as home to one of the most successful electropolish companies in the country. After more than 20 years and countless hours of experience, EMI has every opportunity to continue their meteoric rise as a premier electropolish and passivation corporation.

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AMBULANCE SERVICE ��������������������������������������������������������� 911 CHILD HELP HOTLINE �������������������������������������� (800) 4-A-Child COMMUNITY CRISIS CENTER ������������������������� (847) 697-2380 FOX VALLEY HOSPICE ������������������������������������� (630) 232-2233 LAZARUS HOUSE HOUSING AND HOMELESS SHELTER ����������� (630) 587-2144 PACE DIAL-A-RIDE �������������������������������������������� (847) 931-6755 SUICIDE PREVENTION SERVICES ������������������ (630) 482-9696


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Electro-Max, Inc. (847) 683-4100 Elgiloy Specialty Metals (847) 683-0500 Elgin Community College (847) 697-1000 Elgin Symphony Orchestra (847) 888-0404 Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District (847) 683-4490 Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (630) 466-6700

Getz’s Auto Body Repair (847) 683-3790

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (GABR) (224) 856-7066


Hampshire Animal Hospital (847) 683-4788 Hampshire Chamber of Commerce (847) 683-1122 Hampshire Fire Protection District (847) 683-2629 Hampshire Fire/EMS Association (847) 683-2629 Hampshire Lions Club (847) 683-2055

Hampshire Park District (847) 683-2690 Hampshire Pharmacy (847) 683-2244 Hampshire West (630) 851-5490 Hampton Inn - Huntley/Chicago (847) 208-4284 Heartland Bank & Trust (847) 683-4444 Heit Construction (847) 815-6136 Hurley & Volk Orthodontics powered by Smile Doctors (847) 289-8800 HyperStitch (815) 568-0590


Northern Kane Educational Corp/ Cambridge Lakes Learning Center (847) 464-5300 Northwestern Medicine (877) 236-8347


O’Reilly Family Dental (847) 683-3464 Old Second Bank (847) 683-3555


Peters Electric & Technology, Inc. (815) 899-1450 Petersen Fuels (847) 683-2188 Pink Zebra (815) 382-9193

Incredible Builders (847) 683-1043

Prairie View Farm Market (847) 683-4970



Jan Nohling Photography (708) 951-2774

REMAX Deal Makers (847) 683-9200

James Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (847) 683-2424

Jimmy’s Sports Bar (847) 707-5176

Red Ox Restaurant & Bar (847) 683-2300

Remke’s Garage, LLC (815) 923-4182


Representative Jeff Keicher (815) 748-3494

Knell Realty Group, LLC (847) 683-1000

RK Quality Services (847) 683-7385

Kiss and Makeup with Melissa Kay (630) 310-6995

Krueger & Associates, Ltd. (847) 683-2500


Lennar-Tamms Farm (224) 293-3173 Love’s Travel Stop (847) 683-7433


Magnussen Benefit Consultants (847) 683-4520 Midwest Companies (847) 426-6354


New Morning Retreat Center (224) 218-0058 Newman’s Corner Pub (847) 980-0546 Nikos Tavern & Neighborhood Grill (847) 683-4980

Resource Bank (847) 792-8080

Rosati’s Pizza (847) 683-1111 Rotec Industries, Inc. (630) 279-3300 Roy’s Place (224) 218-1210 RR Climate (847) 683-2255


Senator Dave Syverson (815) 987-7555 SERVPRO of Elgin/DeKalb (847) 697-8500 Shaw Media (815) 756-4841 SIGN-A-RAMA (847) 783-4870 Snap Fitness-Hampshire (847) 683-3300

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (847) 683-2391 St. Charles Borromeo School (847) 683-3450 St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (847) 464-5721 Stanley Machining and Tool Corp. (847) 426-4560 Stark & Son Trenching, Inc. (847) 683-2217 Super 8 Motel (847) 683-0888 Susan Zurcher (847) 683-3421 Swing City Baseball (224) 605-8603


The Kave (847) 346-8165 The Vintage Hammer (224) 218-7000 Trees Unlimited, Inc. (847) 683-3802 Trinity Lutheran Church (847) 683-2238 Tuscan Sun Wine & Spirits (847) 683-7691


Van Vlissingen and Co. (847) 634-2300 Village of Burlington (847) 683-2237 Village of Hampshire (847) 683-2181 Village of Pingree Grove (847) 464-5533


W.R. Meadows, Inc. (847) 683-4500 Watcher Security (877) 215-7666 Weston Confections (630) 659-6046 WS Hampshire (847) 683-4400 Zen Home Real Estate Group (224) 772-4086 ZenBusiness (512) 814-6420 Zion United Methodist Church (847) 683-2045





Chamber Members Categorical Directory Accountants

Krueger & Associates, Ltd. (847) 683-2500 www.Kruegertax.com


BonTer Solutions (847) 453-3290 www.bontersolutions.com

Agricultural Equipment AHW LLC (847) 683-4440 www.ahwllc.com


Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Antiques/Estate Sales/Consignments The Vintage Hammer (224) 218-7000 www.thevintagehammer.com


Baird and Warner Fox Valley Betty Rylko (630) 669-5295 bettyrylko.bairdwarner.com

Apple Orchard

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Arts & Crafts

The Vintage Hammer (224) 218-7000 www.thevintagehammer.com

Asphalt Paving

Champion Paving (847) 683-8383


Adams Collision Service Huntley (847) 961-5409 www.adamscollisionservice.com

Old Second Bank (847) 683-3555 www.oldsecond.com Resource Bank (847) 792-8080 www.resourcebank.com


Jimmy’s Sports Bar (847) 707-5176 Newman’s Corner Pub (847) 980-0546

Getz’s Auto Body Repair (847) 683-3790

The Kave (847) 346-8165

James Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (847) 683-2424 www.jamescdjr.com


Remke’s Garage, LLC (815) 923-4182 www.remkesgarage.com

Kiss and Makeup with Melissa Kay (630) 310-6995

Building Developments

Roy’s Place (224) 218-1210

Lennar-Tamms Farm (224) 293-3173 www.lennar.com/new-homes/illinois/ chicago/hampshire/tamms-farm

Bakery/Baked Goods

Butcher/Meat Market

Weston Confections (630) 659-6046 westonconfections.com


First American Bank (847) 683-2282 www.firstambank.com

Dreymiller and Kray, Inc. (847) 683-2271


Hampshire Chamber of Commerce (847) 683-1122 www.hampshirechamber.org

Heartland Bank & Trust (847) 683-4444 www.hbtbank.com





St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (847) 683-2391 www.scbparish.org

Hurley & Volk Orthodontics powered by Smile Doctors (847) 289-8800 www.smiledoctors.com

Faithway Baptist Church (815) 321-9366 www.faithwaybc.org

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (847) 464-5721 www.stpetersnorthplato.org Trinity Lutheran Church (847) 683-2238 Zion United Methodist Church (847) 683-2045 www.zumchampshire.com

Civil Engineer

Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (630) 466-6700 www.eeiweb.com

O’Reilly Family Dental (847) 683-3464 oreillyfamilydental.com


Hampshire West (630) 851-5490 www.crowncommunities.com Van Vlissingen and Co. (847) 634-2300 www.vvco.com

DJ Services

DJ Boom Blakz (847) 217-0065 www.facebook.com/boomblakzdj

Community Organizations


Hampshire Lions Club (847) 683-2055 www.hampshirelions.org

Glo-Bowl Fun Center/Trio Grille (815) 568-2695 www.globowl/funcenter.com

Hampshire Fire/EMS Association (847) 683-2629 www.hampshirefire.org

Construction Management Heit Construction (847) 815-6136

Stark & Son Trenching, Inc. (847) 683-2217 www.starkandson.com


Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (630) 466-6700 www.eeiweb.com ZenBusiness (512) 814-6420 zenbusiness.com/illinois-llc


Alarm Specialties and Protection, Inc. (847) 683-7000

DJ Boom Blakz (847) 217-0065 www.facebook.com/boomblakzdj

Entertainment Venue

Elgin Symphony Orchestra (847) 888-0404 elginsymphony.org

Family Entertainment

Dreymiller and Kray, Inc. (847) 683-2271


Fredrick Funeral Home (847) 683-2711

Gas & Fuel

Casey’s General Store (847) 683-9120 www.caseys.com Petersen Fuels (847) 683-2188


Hampshire Fire Protection District (847) 683-2629 hampshirefire.org Hampshire Park District (847) 683-2690 www.hampshireparkdistrict.org Representative Jeff Keicher (815) 748-3494 www.repkeicher.com Senator Dave Syverson (815) 987-7555 www.senatordavesyverson.com Village of Burlington (847) 683-2237 www.vil.burlington.il.us.com Village of Hampshire (847) 683-2181 www.hampshireil.org

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Village of Pingree Grove (847) 464-5533 www.villageofpingreegrove.org

Farmers Market

Christina Michelle, LLC (847) 565-9133 cmsalon.net

Baeder Acres (847) 207-2236

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Climate Comfort Heating & Cooling (847) 732-3576 climatecomforthvac.com

Prairie View Farm Market (847) 683-4970

Incredible Builders (847) 683-1043 incrediblebuilders.com

Snap Fitness-Hampshire (847) 683-3300 www.snapfitness/hampshire

Peters Electric & Technology, Inc. (815) 899-1450 www.peterselectricil.com

Food & Beverage/Catering



Amanda Kate Designs (847) 308-3024 amandakatedesigns.com

Hair Salon

Heating and Air Conditioning RR Climate (847) 683-2255 rrclimate.com

Holistic Health

New Morning Retreat Center (224) 218-0058 www.newmorningretreat.org

Home Improvement

Heit Construction (847) 815-6136

Incredible Builders (847) 683-1043 incrediblebuilders.com SERVPRO of Elgin/DeKalb (847) 697-8500 www.servproelginnorthwestkanecounty.com




Northwestern Medicine (877) 236-8347 nm.org


Hampton Inn - Huntley/Chicago (847) 208-4284 Super 8 Motel (847) 683-0888


American Family Insurance Kevin Malooly Agency (847) 888-2222 agent.amfam.com/kein-malooly ClearPath Financial, LLC (847) 852-1420 www.cpathmortgage.com/Eva Country Financial (847) 794-1244 countryfinancial.com/david.berreles Magnussen Benefit Consultants (847) 683-4520 www.magnusseninsurance.com

Landscape Contractor Trees Unlimited, Inc. (847) 683-3802 www.treesunlimited.net


Prairie View Farm Market (847) 683-4970 Evergreen Landscape (847) 683-9933 www.evergreenlandscape.net


Stanley Machining and Tool Corp. (847) 426-4560 www.stanleymachining.com W.R. Meadows, Inc. (847) 683-4500 www.wrmeadows.com WS Hampshire (847) 683-4400 www.wshampshire.com

Medical, Dental & Nursing Care Northwestern Medicine (877) 236-8347 nm.org

Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Elgin/DeKalb (847) 697-8500 www.servproelginnorthwestkanecounty. com

Mortgage Banking

ClearPath Financial, LLC (847) 852-1420 www.cpathmortgage.com/Eva Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (847) 812-3439 efleury.myprmg.net


Shaw Media (815) 756-4841 www.shawmedia.com


Hurley & Volk Orthodontics powered by Smile Doctors (847) 289-8800 www.smiledoctors.com

Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District (847) 683-4490 www.ellajohnsonlibrary.org

Personal Services

Liquor & Spirits


Jimmy’s Sports Bar (847) 707-5176 The Kave (847) 346-8165 Tuscan Sun Wine & Spirits (847) 683-7691


Electro-Max, Inc. (847) 683-4100 www.electromax-inc.com Elgiloy Specialty Metals (847) 683-0500 elgiloy.com Rotec Industries, Inc. (630) 279-3300 www.rotec-usa.com

Christina Michelle, LLC (847) 565-9133 cmsalon.net Animal Care Clinic of Pingree Grove (847) 683-9640 accpingreegrove.com Guardian Angel Basset Rescue (GABR) (224) 856-7066 www.bassetrescue.org Hampshire Animal Hospital (847) 683-4788 www.redbarnpetvet.com


Hampshire Pharmacy (847) 683-2244 www.hampshirepharmacy.com

Photographers & Photo Services CJR Productions (630) 853-9439 www.cjrproduction.com

Jan Nohling Photography (708) 951-2774 www.jannohling.com


Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Pumpkin Patch

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard (847) 464-5952 www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com

Real Estate Services

Baird and Warner Fox Valley Betty Rylko (630) 669-5295 bettyrylko.bairdwarner.com Century 21 New Heritage (847) 683-2000 www.newheritage.com Donahue Home Inspections (773) 908-4362 Donahuehomeinspections.com Knell Realty Group, LLC (847) 683-1000 knellrealtygroup.com REMAX Deal Makers (847) 683-9200 www.ildealmakers.com Zen Home Real Estate Group (224) 772-4086 www.homesnap.com/Jill-VanRiet/gmb


Midwest Companies (847) 426-6354 www.mwcompanies.com


Copper Barrel on State (224) 218-1300 www.barrelonstate.com Niko’s Tavern & Neighborhood Grill (847) 683-4980 www.gottahavenikos.com Red Ox Restaurant & Bar (847) 683-2300 www.redoxhampshire.com Rosati’s Pizza (847) 683-1111 www.myrosatis.com



Restaurants & Specialty Dining

Northern Kane Educational Corp/ Cambridge Lakes Learning Center (847) 464-5300 www.cambridgelakescharterschool.net

Dreymiller and Kray, Inc. (847) 683-2271

St. Charles Borromeo School (847) 683-3450 scbk8.org

Copper Barrel on State (224) 218-1300 www.barrelonstate.com

Retail Stores

Arrow Woods Boutique (224) 535-1222 www.arrowwoodsboutique.com Dreymiller and Kray, Inc. (847) 683-2271 HyperStitch (815) 568-0590 www.hyperstitch.com The Vintage Hammer (224) 218-7000 www.thevintagehammer.com


Community School District 300 (847) 426-1300 www.d300.org Elgin Community College (847) 697-1000 www.elgin.edu

Security Services

Watcher Security (877) 215-7666 www.watchersecurity.com

Signs & Banners

Tax Preparation

ClearPath Financial, LLC (847) 852-1420 www.cpathmortgage.com/Eva

Travel Stop

Love’s Travel Stop (847) 683-7433

Tree Services

Trees Unlimited, Inc. (847) 683-3802 www.treesunlimited.net


SIGN-A-RAMA (847) 783-4870 www.sar847.com

Flood Bros. Disposal Co. (630) 261-0400 www.floodbrothersdisposal.com

Sports & Recreation

Swing City Baseball (224) 605-8603 www.swingcitybaseball.com



Hampshire Animal Hospital (847) 683-4788 www.redbarnpetvet.com

Express Employment Professionals (847) 426-0404 www.expresspros.com

Supplies-Industrial/Construction American Precision Supply, Inc. (847) 683-9700 www.apsupplies.com

Animal Care Clinic of Pingree Grove (847) 683-9640 accpingreegrove.com

Wealth Management

ClearPath Financial, LLC (847) 852-1420 www.cpathmortgage.com/Eva

Advertising Index

Hampshire Pharmacy ��������������������������������������������������������� 27

Adams Collision Service ���������������������������������������������������� 24

Midwest Materials Company ��������������������������������������� 16, 24

Glo-Bowl Fun Center/Trio Grille ���������������������������������������� 30 Ad Index

AHW, LLC ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 30 Arrow Woods Boutique ����������������������������������������������������� 23 Baird & Warner Fox Valley - Betty Rylko ��������������������������� 17 Century 21 New Heritage �������������������������������������������������� 36 Champion Paving ���������������������������������������������������������������� 22 CJR Productions ������������������������������������������������������������������ 23 Climate Comfort Heating & Cooling �����������������������������������5 Copper Barrel on State ������������������������������������������������������ 19 Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District ��������������������9 Fredrick Funeral Home ������������������������������������������������������� 22



Heartland Bank & Trust ������������������������������������������������������� 19 James Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram ���������������������������������������7 Northwestern Medicine ��������������������������������������������������������2 Old Second Bank ���������������������������������������������������������������� 17 Petersen Fuels ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 13 Prairie View Farm Market ��������������������������������������������������� 27 Rotec Industries, Inc. ���������������������������������������������������������� 11 ServPro of Elgin/DeKalb �������������������������������������������������������9 Snap Fitness-Hampshire ���������������������������������������������������� 25 St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church and School �������� 25 Stark & Son Trenching, Inc. ����������������������������������������������� 30 W.R. Meadows, Inc. ������������������������������������������������������������ 35