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June 2013 Volume 2, Number 2

Welcome to DC Business Theresa Komitas New Director of KishHealth Marketing & Public Relations

Theresa Komitas KishHealth Marketing & Public Relations

Theresa Komitas was named the new director of KishHealth Marketing & Public Relations in March when Sharon Emanuelson retired from the position. Theresa now leads the Marketing team she has been a part of as the senior marketing and public relations specialist for seven years, three of which have been in a supervisory capacity. She started as a writer and expanded her role to include planning marketing initiatives. Theresa has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and public relations and has played an integral role in developing KishHealth’s marketing vision and direction as a healthcare leader in DeKalb County. She said, “I look forward to expanding our use of analytics to inform our marketing priorities and make the greatest use of our resources. The team of professionals in the Marketing & Public Relations Department is so talented, motivated and dedicated; it’s a great group to have the opportunity to lead.”   Beyond her role at KishHealth System, she serves as the Education CoChair for the Illinois Society of Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations, helping to plan the annual conference and other learning opportunities. She is also a member of the national Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development.   “Theresa has been a great asset to the Marketing team and has proven herself to be a prepared and enthusiastic leader,” Mike Kokott, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Planning for KishHealth System. “We welcome her to this new role.” She received a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration from Kaplan University in 2011, and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Promotion, from Northern Illinois University in 2005. She serves on several local and regional boards of community, charitable, and healthcare organizations. Theresa grew up in DeKalb, graduating from DeKalb High School. She now lives in a scenic country setting near Compton, IL with her husband and two children.

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Transition provides opportunity for further NIU and community partnership DC Business

In recent years under Northern Illinois University President John G. Peters, town-gown cooperation has flourished. His leadership has elevated the profile of the university, and in-turn, the community.

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PaUl Palian

Director of Media & Public Relations, Northern Illinois University

Peters has served on the board of directors at several local and regional organizations, including Castle Bank, the East-West Corporate Corridor Association, Illinois Coalition, Illinois Council on Economic Education and most recently, the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation. Under Peters’ leadership, NIU became a member of the prestigious Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) and was recognized among Carnegie Foundation Research Universities for its high research activity and Curricular Engagement and Outreach and Partnerships for collaboration with the community. “It’s a different institution now than when I arrived,” Peters says. “I had just a small part in that. Really, it is a credit to the very good people here at NIU and in the community.” For local businessman and Trustee Robert Boey, there was no doubt that Peters would move the university forward. “I can honestly say that from the first time I met John I knew he would be the one to take us to the next level,” Boey explains. “He elevated the university’s academic and athletic profile, improved and beautified the campus and reached out to alumni and community members to engage with the university. He positioned NIU for success for decades to come.” “As hard as this job was, I would do it all over again in a minute,” says Peters, who will step aside in June. On July 1, a new president, Douglas D. Baker – an award-winning professor of business, proven high-level administrator and scholar of management and leadership in higher education, will take the reins after serving as provost and executive vice president at the University of Idaho since 2005. “Dr. Douglas Baker has been successful across all facets of higher education,” says Boey, who chaired the presidential search advisory committee and has served on the NIU Board of Trustees since its inception in 1996. “He’s a leader who works to create consensus, make decisions and move forward.” Baker sees a tremendous opportunity to better the student experience by further involving alumni and the community with NIU. He believes DeKalb and Sycamore are of critical importance to the university. “I look forward to working closely with the local community, which plays such an important part in not only attracting students but also enriching the college experience,” Baker says. “My sense is the 225,000 NIU alumni can play an even bigger role in student success by helping in recruitment, mentoring, internships and postgraduation networking,” Baker adds. “NIU alumni represent a tremendous resource, and we need their involvement throughout the pipeline.”

Our Cortland Staff and Students would like to thank the employees of the Target Distribution Center who came to our school for a morning and were our Junior Achievement Instructor his past April. They have come to our building for three years in a row. They take time out of their work schedule or their personal time to teach in all 23 classrooms from Kindergarten through Fifth grade. The program includes six sequential themes for Kindergarten through Fifth-grade students and one capstone experience. Students learn the basic concepts of business and economics and how education is relevant to the workplace. The sequential activities build on studies from each preceding grade and prepare students for secondary school and lifelong learning. They were taught about saving, earning, resources, banking, taxes, income, business interdependence, goods, income, expenses, advertising, marketing, and so much more. It is incredible what topics and depth are covered. Ms. McKee, fifth grade teacher, shared, “Our Junior Achievement leader did a wonderful job leading my fifth-graders through the activities. The students really got into the simulation, and were still talking about it later in the day. It’s good to know that there are people out there willing to volunteer their time like this!” A fourth grade student, Jacob, shared, “I really liked developing a business with my friends during class!” They are not teachers but volunteers who took the time to be trained and bring their experiences to our students. We can’t thank all of you enough for touching our Cortland students’ lives year after year!!!!!

• June 2013

Sincerely, Kimberly Lyle • Cortland Elementary School Principal

Broadband Technology and Workforce Summit Events Scheduled Message from Paul Borek Broadband Technology and Workforce Summit Events Scheduled Two notable business development events have been scheduled by the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation. A Broadband and Economic Development Industrial Focus Luncheon was held on Thursday, May 30th from 11:00 – 1:00 pm at the Barsema Alumni Center at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb.

Paul Borek Executive Director, DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation

3 D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s

Target Distribution Center Visits Cortland Elementary Students

A follow-up meeting to the Industrial Workforce Development for Today and Tomorrow Business/Education Summit will be held on Wednesday, June 18th from 8:30 – 10:30 am at the Kishwaukee College Conference Center in Malta. Broadband and Economic Development The DeKalb Advancement of Technology Authority (DATA) Broadband project has made DeKalb County a hub of highspeed fiber optic networks, facilitating affordable broadband access to institutions, consumers and businesses. By installing 130 miles of fiber-optic telecommunications lines across DeKalb County and northern LaSalle County, the DATA network provides direct connections to public institutions while enabling local internet service providers (ISP’s) to interconnect with the fiber network to provide broadband to households and businesses. The purpose of this discussion is to detail the broadband assets available in DeKalb County and to explore how to

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Hauser-Ross now part of DeKalb Eye Consultants DeKalb, IL – In May, Hauser-Ross Eye Institute was acquired by DeKalb Eye Consultants, LLC. Hauser-Ross Eye Institute was founded in 1987 and joined KishHealth System in 1999. “The transition for current Hauser-Ross patients should be seamless and positive for patients,” said KishHealth System President and CEO Kevin Poorten. “All the physicians and surgeons of DeKalb Eye Consultants are fully committed and dedicated to provide Hauser-Ross patients and DeKalb County with the same clinical excellence they’ve always experienced.” With a history of clinical excellence, all DeKalb Eye Consultants’ physicians and surgeons are experienced, board certified and fellowship trained, and have been practicing at Hauser-Ross since 2011. This process was well-thought out and strategically planned, culminating this week in the final sale of the practice. “The transition of Hauser-Ross to DeKalb Eye Consultants allows ophthalmology services in the community to continue to grow, having specialists dedicated to the field at the helm, exploring new technologies and bringing the latest innovation to the practice,” said Joe Dant, vice president of Business Development. DeKalb Eye Consultants will continue to practice and do business under the name Hauser-Ross Eye Institute. For more information about HauserRoss, please visit or call 1.800.CHECKUP

Spine Center Opens

at Kishwaukee Community Hospital DeKALB, IL—Kishwaukee Community Hospital is changing the way patients and their families think about and experience spinal surgery with the introduction of the Spine Center, a comprehensive program, based on a national best practice model for spine surgery, structured around the fundamental concept of wellness. The Spine Center at Kish Hospital helps patients in the DeKalb and Sandwich areas who are candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery for conditions including stenosis of the spine and other common back and neck conditions needing surgery. “While spine surgery has been performed at Kish Hospital for many years, this new program creates a patient-centered spine surgery experience, from the moment a patient decides to have surgery to the day he or she leaves the hospital,” according to Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Raymond Hwang, MD. “This program also allows us to put in place research-driven best practices that lead to better outcomes,” he said. Dr. Hwang, who with board-certified Neurosurgeon Martin E. Gryfinski, MD, and the administrative and clinical team at Kish Hospital, developed this innovative new program. “First and foremost we view our patients along a wellness continuum, with the need for surgery as a step along that continuum to improved health through the treatment and or elimination of disease,” said Dr. Gryfinski. This fundamental concept of wellness is executed throughout the entire program, which incorporates the most appropriate analgesic, minimally invasive, and rapid-recovery surgical techniques with an environment that maximizes patient recovery through education, a culture of early mobility, family involvement, and group interaction. The Spine Center Experience The Spine Center experience actually begins in the physician’s office. Once an individual decides to have spine surgery, the patient is given a comprehensive guidebook that explains the upcoming surgery and a list of activities, including pre-operative strengthening exercises that need to begin prior to surgery. This guidebook also serves as a clinical diary that the patient brings to the pre-operative class, to all appointments, and to the hospital. According to David Smith, Spine Center coordinator at Kish Hospital, “Expectation setting is a key component to our program.”

Each patient chooses a coach – usually a friend or family member – who is an active participant and in the patient’s care throughout the process. Both patients and coaches are required to attend a pre-operative class one to two weeks prior to surgery where they meet their Spine Center team in addition to learning about the procedure, what to expect in the hospital, and how to care for oneself after discharge. All staff members at The Spine Center receive special training and are chosen to work on the unit because of their expertise, positive attitudes, and motivational skills. Coaches learn the program alongside their loved one and provide encouragement and support every step of the way. The pivotal concept of wellness is also executed throughout an individual’s stay in the hospital. Spine Center patients do not wear hospital gowns; rather, they are expected to bring comfortable clothing that they wear during the day. Each day patients receive a daily newsletter letting them know the day’s agenda as well as tips on how to care for themselves. Care does not end after discharge or graduation. Graduates receive calls from the hospital staff after going home. Reunions for Spine Center graduates and their coaches occur periodically with surgeons and their entire team. The End Result: Superior Outcomes According to national best practice studies, the result of this new approach to surgery is less pain, quicker recovery, and superior outcomes. “We evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional, and patient satisfaction criteria,” explained Smith. These outcomes are then analyzed during monthly performance improvement team meetings and enable Kish Hospital to become masters of teamwork. “So, when we say we offer superior outcomes, we have the data to prove it,” continued Smith. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gryfinski at DeKalb Clinic call 815.758.8671 or Dr. Hwang at Midwest Orthopedic Institute call 815.758.0000. For more information about the Spine Center, visit www.


D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s

• June 2013

D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s • J u n e 2 0 1 3


Lifelong Learning Institute Following another record-breaking term this spring, the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) prepares for what appears to be a stellar array of offerings for the summer session. As a retiree, I’ve really enjoyed LLI as a way of keeping my mind active, while making new friends and learning new things, “just for the fun of it,” as the expression goes. LLI is totally member-driven and gets administrative support from NIU’s External Programming Office.


On tap this summer are five study groups, promising a wide array of different topics. Each group will run for four weeks, starting on July 9, 10 or 11, with two each on Tuesday and Wednesday, and one on Thursday. Here’s a capsule look… On Tuesday mornings, long-time LLI convener Dick Dowen will host The Meaning of Gettysburg, an examination of how some of the richest farmland in America became a massive killing ground during the Civil War in 1863. This will be another in a number of Civil War groups convened by Dowen, a professor and chair emeritus of NIU’s Department of Finance. Tuesday afternoons will feature The Learning Mystique, hosted as the fifth annual summer film festival by movie aficionado Brad Pietens. The retired former NIU external programs director says the four films “will explore the dynamics of learning through different perspectives, challenging basic ideas about teaching and learning.” The quartet of movies are Dead Poets Society, Stand and Deliver, Finding Forrester, and Half Nelson. Food for Thought: Three Vegetables and Chocolate is the title given the study group convened on Wednesday mornings by retired nurse and relative LLI newcomer Gail Venteau. She will engage four speakers – a trio on ways to cook and enjoy vegetables, a one speaker who will explain “yummy ways to prepare chocolate.” On Wednesday afternoons, a number of local medical professionals will be featured as Venteau and veteran LLI convener Jan Modloff spotlight Medications and Medical Issues. Pharmacists Ann and Tim Lehan will speak about the typical medicinal profile of a person over 55…psychiatrist Tom Kirts will explain how the brain changes with age and the signs, symptoms and medications for dementia…and photochemist James Dillon will be speaking on what aging people can do to slow the deterioration of vision. Summer’s final LLI offering will feature long-time convener Sue Stelling, who will accompany class members on Thursday afternoons for four local tours in a class called Something Old, Something New. Sites to be visited include Kishwaukee College’s new and remodeled buildings, the new addition to the DeKalb County Courthouse, the new residence hall at NIU, and a tour of two facilities with “across the street” locales, the Sycamore Police Department and the DeKalb County Community’s Foundation’s Depot. LLI is open to anyone over 50 years of age, with a sense of curiosity and love of learning. What has attracted many to the program is the fact that there is no homework, no exams, and no attendance requirements. There are four terms within the framework of each year – winter, spring, summer and fall. This past spring, over 125 persons took part. Most classes are held in NIU’s Holmes Student Center. Especially exciting that in addition to being a class “student,” LLI provides the chance for members to become conveners, who often are retired educators, or simply folks like me, who want to share their background or interests with others. Those interested in registering or to get more information can access the Lifelong Learning Institute website at Yes, LLI is on Facebook (Northern Illinois University Lifelong Learning)…and the office can even be reached the old-fashioned way, by calling (815) 753-5200. Come join us…this summer will provide a great way to introduce yourself as a newcomer…or a wonderful opportunity to spend a few mornings or afternoon with LLI friends.


“Moving Forward with a Purpose” Kristie M. Mulso

Executive Director • Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce

Our member businesses are important to our local community as economic generators who employ people. Consider a teenager looking for a summer job, a retiree supplementing their income, or family needing a second source of income. These key contributions make it vital to supporting our local area and your hometown. Our member businesses play an important role in providing growth and potential opportunities for networking, as well as services to support each other in business. As we know many locally owned businesses have a variety of products and services that you may not see anywhere else. Where we shop, dine and have fun helps to maintain a vibrancy and character unique to our demographic. It certainly makes our community our home. Supporting your local businesses and events keeps our community growing strong. You help your neighbors survive and thrive through jobs. Local services are maintained through taxes collected. Community character is maintained through local business that is found nowhere else. This is a winning approach in making your hometown better. So, next time you get into your car and consider going out of town to shop, look to your own hometown first. By using The Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce website directory at ( you can find local and area businesses to serve your needs.

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Lisa Angel at (815) 756-4841 ext. 2236 or at


Brokerage, Inc. Brenda Harriss -Broker/OwnerDeKalb, IL 60115 Phone 815-748-1816 Fax 815-756-8496

For all your freight hauling needs.

• June 2013

The Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce we have recently moved to a new location at 111 N. Sycamore St. Genoa, IL 60135. This new location will allow us to better serve our chamber members, community and visitors. We are excited about our new welcome center to include information about our chamber members businesses, economic development, maps for summer travel, as well as community and area guides to help you find products, services, and information about the Genoa area. We also recently announced a new branch of the Genoa Chamber called Explore Genoa. Explore Genoa’s mission is to encourage visitors and community to “Think Local, Shop Local, First!” throughout our membership.

DC Business

D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s

Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce ,

D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s • J u n e 2 0 1 3


Making Connections Message from - Matt Duffy

If you’ve ever played the board game Connect Four you know that the object of the game is to get four of your color checkers in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. As the game progresses, the board becomes a swirl of mixed colors and missed attempts with each player trying to reach the ultimate goal to win the game. Networking can sometimes work in a similar way. You meet someone and don’t know what benefit you’ll get from making that contact. If you make a good connection then they will often help connect you to someone else and you have a number of those connections in different directions. When you connect at additional levels, you’ll find that your business or organization can benefit even greater. The greater number of levels of connections, the larger your network is. Using LinkedIn works in that same way for social marketing for individuals and businesses or organizations and they label each connection with a first, second or third level connection.


At the DeKalb Chamber, we offer a variety of ways to connect with different people in different ways. That is what makes the Chamber of Commerce so valuable. Working together with other avenues of marketing such as the local newspaper, local radio stations, printed promotional pieces, social media and more, your reach and network can be greatly expanded. Without these connections, you can be viewed as just another option for a potential client. Aligning your efforts to connect with the greatest number of people will help you to maximize your returns and your client base through these links. The Chamber offers a variety of avenues to connect with your target audiences - Business After Hours, Speed Networking, Member Roundtables, Golf Outing, Community Expo, Welcome Bags, Referral Groups, etc. Be sure to take advantage of them if you are a member. If you are not a member yet, be sure to reach out to meet with one of our staff to review the list of benefits. Be sure that your network is the best it can be to connect your business with those that can benefit from what you offer. As you begin to expand your links to others, it might start to look like a Connect Four game board

See Connection, Page 9

Reta il Busin ess Ha pp en in g s in D e K a l b Message from Roger Hopkins Downtown DeKalb is alive again for the summer. Joining the Farmers Market opening in Van Buer Plaza are Alexis Kay Designs, a new bridal shop that has opened in the 100 block of East Lincoln Highway. Across the street, MCR Framing is back! MCR is reopening their store in DeKalb, relocating from the past few years operating as Cattywampus in Genoa. The most exciting downtown development is the renovation of the former DeKalb Clinic Annex by Bill and Joy McMahon to be opened in September or October as Faranda’s banquets! This new banquet hall will hold events of up to 400 persons, and is widely anticipated. Sunday brunch should soon be coming to downtown DeKalb.

Roger Hopkins

Other businesses in Downtown that are new include the Citgo in the former BP station at 7th and Lincoln and the newly rebuilt McDonalds. West Lincoln Highway is seeing the most changes this spring and summer. The former Lukulo’s is being remodeled for an August opening of Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, and Jersey Mike’s. By all accounts, the most popular new restaurant in town in the Mikimoto Steakhouse, joining Fushiyami in the Junction Shopping Center. Joining Mikimoto is No Strings Attached and Perfect Silhouette, also recent new businesses in the “Junction.” Molly’s, which successfully relocated from the CVS corner, is planning to open a new kitchen and serve a more complete food menu. North in the “Greek Row” area is the new Fanatico’s, bringing true Italian cuisine to DeKalb to satisfy local tastes. South on Annie Glidden Road, Glidden Crossing, long home of Schunck’s and Goodwill, will be joined by DaVita

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Retail Businesses

best promote increased adoption and utilization of this telecommunications resource to support business development and entrepreneurship.

Dialysis and a new Anytime Fitness workout center. We are also working with the developer on a couple of restaurant possibilities, and will know soon.

Participants in this panel discussion include Matt Parks, Director of Networks & Communications Services/Information Technology Services at NIU; Scot Eberle, President of Fiberutilties Group of Cedar Rapids, IA; and Clayton Black, Regional e-Team Leader of Broadband Illinois/Partnership for a Connected Illinois. The panel discussion will be moderated by John Lewis, Senior Research Scholar, Division of Research and Graduate Studies at NIU.

Sycamore Road will soon be transformed by projects being planned by Pappas Development and First Rockford Group. The Small’s Furniture site has been purchased by Pappas Development, and as soon as appending City incentive package is approved, the building will come down and a new 13,000 sq. foot commercial center will be under construction. Pappas Development is also building the Brookview Terrace, an 11,000 sq. foot commercial and 8-unit apartment building behind advance Auto. All eight apartments are already rented demonstrating demand for high end rental property in DeKalb.

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Industrial Workforce Development for Today and Tomorrow Business/ Education Summit On March 12, DCEDC, the Greater Rochelle Economic Development Corporation and Kishwaukee College convened 135 business professionals and educators to identify business occupation and skill needs. The availability of a qualified labor force to accommodate the requirements of current and new industries is critical to the retention and expansion of local business as well as the attraction of new industries.

First Rockford Group is planning to propose an approximately 16,000 sq. foot commercial project on the former Nelson veterinary clinic sight. Combined with Pappas project these commercial centers will measurably improve the appearance of DeKalb’s main commercial retail area, and add new sales tax payers. Hopefully, new stores and restaurants will be open by the time football fans come to DeKalb for the IHSA championships on Thanksgiving weekend. If you have suggestions for retailers that would fit our local market – please call DeKalb’s economic development staff, or send an email to: Jennifer Diedrich, Economic Development Coordinator, 815-748-2365, jdiedrich@, or Roger Hopkins, Economic Development consultant, 815-748-2363,

Summit sponsors are confident that if we address identified workforce development opportunities, we will distinguish ourselves in preparing skilled workers to support our industries, which will enhance our business expansion and attraction efforts.

Visit for more information or


call the DeKalb Chamber at (815)756-6306.

Continued from page 7 Check out the Genoa Area and remember to Think Local, Shop Local, Attached is the DLA Logo First!

and Golf Outing logo to use Our regular office hours are from 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. We invite you to stop in to learn more about the Genoa Area Chamber in the ad. of Commerce

and Explore Genoa at 111 N. Sycamore St. Genoa, IL 60135. Feel free to visit our new website at or send us an email at

Luau Golf Outing

June 21st

at River Heights

Connection Continued from page 8

with connections going in many different directions. However, it often takes time to build your plan or to find the direction that works best for you. Don’t feel like when momentum slows with a connection that you can’t work with them on something down the road. Networking can be an art but it’s definitely not an exact art.

Now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 DeKalb Leadership Academy through August 2nd. Visit for more information or call the DeKalb Chamber at (815)756-6306.

• June 2013

Business attendees provided extensive input about their requirements as well as their experience in recruiting and hiring. Kishwaukee College compiled the business input into a Summary Report for participants’ review. An Action Plan is being prepared to address the identified needs and issues and to facilitate increased communication and collaboration between industry and educators. This Action Plan will be presented and discussed at the Industrial Workforce Development Follow-Up Summit. Business representatives will be invited to participate in collaborative activities, such as job shadowing or internships, to promote career development in manufacturing and industry.

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D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s


D C B USINESS C ONNE C T IONS • D e K a l b C o u n t y, I l l i n o i s • J u n e 2 0 1 3


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DC Business - June 2013  
DC Business - June 2013