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January 28, 2014

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Panthers pull away from Roadrunners in second half


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Supervisors approve comp board’s proposal Union County attorney and sheriff receive 5.5 percent pay increase, all other elected officials earn 5 percent ■


CNA staff reporter

The Union County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the 2014 compensation board’s recommendation for the upcoming fiscal budget. “It is the board of supervisor’s

responsibility to the other elected officials to make sure, within reason, that they are provided with adequate resources to fullfill their responsibilities with the interest of Union County, as a whole, being everyone’s first priority,” said chairman Dennis Brown. The compensation board proposed and supervisors approved a

3.5 percent wage adjustment for Union County Attorney Tim Kenyon and Sheriff Rick Piel, as well as a 3 percent wage adjustment for Brown Auditor Sandy Hysell, Recorder Paula White, Treasurer Kelly Busch and the board of supervisors. Supervisors also approved an additional 2 percent cost-of-living increase. The raises only impact nonunion employees and elected

officials. “A good rule of thumb is that Iowa’s elected county officials’ pay should mirror the population ranking of their county,” Brown said. “Union County does not.” Union County is 61st in Iowa’s population ranking, but ranks 79th in elected official pay. The supervisors, recorder, auditor, sheriff and treasurer all fall below 61st for pay compared to other Iowa counties. Kenyon is ranked 47th. The compensation board is limited by Iowa Code 331.907. It can only review the compensation of

other elected officials across Iowa or similar taxing entities such as high schools, colleges, hospital or city government. “If I have any credibility in regards to this, I will tell anyone that they are getting their money’s worth and then some from these folks,” Brown said. “One doesn’t have to reach back too far in Iowa history to show how important it is to have good, quality people holding elected positions.” Please see RAISES, Page 2

county supervisors

Gopher bounty in full effect By BAILEY POOLMAN

CNA staff reporter


Musical endeavor: Little All State choir tenors, from left, Jeremy Stoll of Creston, Sam Ripley of Clarinda, David Qualseth of Creston, Noah Heckman of Osceola and Noah McBride of Bedford sing “I Have Longed for Thy Saving Health” during the choral festival Monday at Creston High School. The festival, made up of students from Bedford, Mount Ayr, Clarinda, Clarke and Creston high schools, was guest-directed by Allen Chapman, chairperson of Iowa All-State Chorus.

Study shows divorces rise as United States economy recovers (MCT) — Married couples promise to stick together for better or worse. But as the U.S. economy started to rebound, so did the divorce rate. Divorces plunged when the recession struck and slowly started to rise as the recovery began, according to a study to be published in Population Research and

Policy Review. From 2009 to 2011, about 150,000 fewer divorces occurred than would otherwise have been expected, University of Maryland sociologist Philip N. Cohen estimated. Across the country, the divorce rate among married women dropped from 2.09 percent to 1.95 percent from 2008 to 2009, then crept back

up to 1.98 percent in both 2010 and 2011. The National Marriage Project earlier dubbed the drop in divorce “a silver lining” to the Great Recession, arguing that tough times were pulling many husbands and wives closer together. But some couples may have simply put off divorce until they could afford to part, re-

searchers say. The economic uptick may have finally given them the freedom to split. “This is exactly what happened in the 1930s,” said Johns Hopkins University sociologist Andrew Cherlin. “The divorce rate dropped during the Great Depression Please see STUDY, Page 2

New moon makes rare second appearance twice this year OTTUMWA (MCT) — Is there a name for the inverse of the Blue Moon, a month in which there are two new moons? It’s a good question to be asking because it will happen not just once, but twice in 2014. Dr. Steven Spangler, an astronomy professor at the University of Iowa, says no. But it is unusual.

“This year, what’s happening is we had a new moon on the first of January, New Year’s Day, and then on January 30,” he said. “Then again on March 1 and March 30. That’s really rare.” So rare, in fact, that when first asked about it Spangler thought, “this can’t happen at all.” The lunar calendar and the

one we use to mark the year are related, but not precisely. Calendar months have 30 or 31 days most of the time. February is the odd one with 28 or 29 days, depending on the year. The lunar cycle, called the synodic period, takes 29.5 days, so it’s offset just a bit from the monthly calendar. “Pick any one phase of the

moon and the period of time between one phase and the next time is shorter than the calendar month,” Spangler said. The result is that phases of the moon meander through the year. The first full moon of 2014 was Jan. 16. By the Please see MOON, Page 2

Bounty hunters will have a chance at earning money this year with the renewed bounty on gopher feet. “We’ve had this bounty since I’ve been here,” said Sandy Hysell, Union County auditor. “I started in 1989, so it’s even been before me.” The bounty may have some historical significance. Gophers are small tunnelling animals and considered pests in North America. The tunnels disrupt commercial agriculture, garden plots, underground cables and landscaping. “I think it used to be more popular than it actually is now,” said Union County Supervisor Ron Riley. “In alfalfa fields and hay fields in this area, they got to be such a problem that quite a few years ago, they put a bounty on them to alleviate the pest. ... I know there’s not near the issue as there used to be, but we continue to keep the bounty on them for those who continue to trap Hysell them.” The bounty consists of $1 for one pair of front feet per gopher. Hysell counts the pairs brought in, and gives the customer a receipt for the amount of money based on the number of pairs. “We don’t get them hardly ever,” Hysell said. “I mean, when Riley I started, it seemed like at least one or two people would bring in a huge coffee can full.” Hysell said she recommends freezing the feet before taking them to the Union County Auditor’s office to avoid the smell. After counting them, the feet are destroyed. “I get my paper towel out, and we dump them out. I’m counting, trying not to barf on the counter,” Hysell said. “And then, I wad them up and put them back in the can, and I call Paul, our custodian, and say, ‘Do something with this.’ We disinfect the counter and give him (the customer) a receipt, he goes to the treasurer’s office and he gets his money.” Hysell said she hasn’t received gopher feet in several years, and the last receipt she gave to a customer added up to more than $10. She also said there are no other animal bounties in Union County. However, according to Riley, there isn’t much use for the bounty anymore. “Best I can answer is we’ve had one as long as I can remember,” Riley said. “We did discuss that (the use). It’s something we could discuss discontinuing.”

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Wednesday weather High 37 Low 27 Full weather report, 3A


Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Deaths Dennis Cooper Bedford

Dennis Cooper, 65, of Bedford died Jan. 25, 2014, at his home, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Cooper Celebration of life memorial services will be 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, at the United Christian Presbyterian Church in Bedford. Visitation will be 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday with family present 5 to 7 p.m. at Ritchie Funeral Home, 1406 Madison Ave., Bedford. Memorials may be given to pancreatic cancer research or Ronald McDonald House. Online condolences may be left at Dennis Ray Cooper, son of Ann Katherin (Krohmer) and Dale Marion Cooper, was born July 13, 1948, at Clarinda Hospital. After graduating from Clearfield High School, he went to universal trade school in Omaha, Neb., to train in auto mechanics. On July 9, 1967, Dennis married Connie Sue Sobotka.

Randy Tetrick Hartford, Wis.

Randy Tetrick, 53, of Hartford, Wis., formerly of Omaha Neb., died Jan. 24, 2014. Funeral services will be Friday, Jan. 31, in Hartford, Wis. Online condolences may be left at

Dennis served nearly seven years in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, where he spent many hours in flight as crew chief of a KC135 fuel tanker. Upon his honorary discharge, he returned to Iowa with his family. Dennis was manager of a Skelly gas station in Red Oak, a city mail carrier for 27 years in Bedford and farmer in the Clearfield and Bedford areas for more than 35 years. Dennis is survived by his wife Connie Cooper of Bedford; children and grandchildren, Jackie (Peter) CooperBennett, Aidan and Noah, of Milton Keynes, England; Wendy (Matt) Poore, Danielle and Kirsten, of Huntley, Illinois; Darcie (Neil) Cooper, Sadie and Nate, of Cameron, Mo.; and Devan Cooper of Denver, Colo.; parents, Dale and Ann Cooper of Lenox; brother David (Deb) Cooper of Saint Louis, Mo.; sisters, Sandee (Chuck) Dickenson of Saint Charles and Sheryl (Butch) Newton of Skidmore, Mo; motherin-law Venita Schmidt of Hot Springs, Ark.; sister-inlaw Karen (Mike) Schaefer of Maloy, brother-inlaw Duane Sobotka of Hot Springs, Ark.; and a host of cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends. Randy is survived by his wife Veronica (Dunfee) Tetrick and daughters, Tiffany Tetrick and Natalie Tetrick, all of Hartford, Wis.; brothers, Scott, Mike, Tom and Paul; father- and mother-inlaw, Ed and Marvel (Dunfee) Herrmann; sister-in-law Roxanne Dunfee and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

formation regarding the purchase of two new mower tractors. The equipment would be on lease for five years with annual payments of about $11,750 and an interest rate of 4 percent. Supervisors plan to hold a public meeting in regard to the purchase of the new equipment on Feb. 3. Akes said they plan to sell the old tractors at auction. • Union County resident Karon Finn spoke at open forum. She raised concerns about the way she was treated while trying to obtain public information from the auditor’s office. She requested a written apology and promise it will not happen again within 11 days. Brown agreed to respond within the 11 days.

end of the year it will peak earlier in the month, arriving on Dec. 6. If things line up just right, you wind up with two new moons in a month. The same goes for full moons or any other phase. And since the second new moon of January takes place just before February (the only month that closely matches up with the lunar cycle) begins, the same thing will happen in March. The multiple months with multiple new moons isn’t the only thing drawing attention. The sun is also much quieter than usual. While the light we notice doesn’t vary all that much, the sun’s activity does. “The sun has a heartbeat of about 11 years,” Spangler said. “It’s like a human heartbeat. There’s variation to it.” Such variations in activity have been observed in other sun-like stars. Spangler said it appears to be “a basic property of middle-aged stars.” Solar weather, which can produce flares and massive explosions called coronal mass ejections, tends to pick up at the peak of the 11-year cycle. But that’s not happening right now. We’re at or near the peak, and there’s just not much going on. “The present maximum is low. The previous minimum

was really low,” said Spangler. But something else is happening, too. There appears to be a multi-decadal cycle in the sun’s activity. In 1958, the solar maximum was about three-and-a-half times as busy as it is now. The maximums have declined since. Why? Spangler said there really isn’t a good answer. “We don’t know what causes that.” The lack of activity has led to some speculation that this could mirror the start of the Maunder Minimum, a period of extraordinarily low solar activity. If the 11-year cycle is a mood swing from a middleaged star, the Maunder Minimum was a full-blown midlife crisis. The minimum had profound effects on the Earth, where temperatures dropped enough to give the period the nickname, “The Little Ice Age.” But speculation that solar activity could be leading into a similar lull is just that right now: speculation. Spangler puts little faith in it. Predicting solar activity is tricky. The best models from 2006 predicted an unusually active solar maximum, a prediction we now know was way off the mark. —————— ©2014 the Ottumwa Courier (Ottumwa, Iowa) MCT Information Services

had no apparent effect on divorce rates; other research examining earlier periods has found the opposite. Cohen did find that joblessness seemed to cut down divorce for college graduates — but statewide foreclosures pushed up divorce rates for the same group. More research is needed to understand why, he wrote.

“There still is a mystery,” Pew Research Center senior writer D’Vera Cohn wrote in an email to the Los Angeles Times. “It is enormously tempting to say that bad economic times made that happen, but this new paper concludes that the jury is still out.” Cherlin said downturns seemed to affect divorce

timing, not whether couples divorced at all. While economic woes might sway a couple to put off divorce during a recession, spouses might not bother waiting if they don’t see their financial problems as temporary, he said. —————— ©2014 Los Angeles Times MCT Information Services

Alma ‘Mickey’ Downey

93, of Creston died Jan. 27, 2014, at Creston Nursing and Rehab Center. Services are pending at Creston Powers Funeral Home, juncAlma “Mickey” Downey, tion of highways 34 and 25.

Carol Turner

Center. Arrangements are pendCreston ing at Powers Funeral Home, Carol Turner, 74, of Creston died Jan. 25, 2014, at junction of highways 34 and Creston Nursing and Rehab 25.

RAISES: Continued from Page 1

During the review process, Hysell estimated the total impact of the wage increase and cost-of-living would be around $36,000. In other county news: • Union County Engineer Steve Akes presented a five-year secondary roads construction program for the Iowa Department of Transportation. The report breaks down the projects planned for fiscal year 2015 through 2019. Projects in the program can be moved around as other conditions arise, but it helps Akes and supervisors highlight what bridges or roads are in need of attention. Akes also gave more in-

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STUDY: Continued from Page 1

not because people were happier with their marriages, but because they couldn’t afford to get divorced.” Cohen cautioned that the exact reasons behind the economic ebb and flow of divorce were still murky. His study found that unemployment, state by state,

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Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Driver’s license

Schedule of driver’s license examiners: Bedford: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., treasurer’s office, Taylor County Courthouse, 407 Jefferson St. Corning: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., treasurer’s office, Adams County Courthouse. Driving tests on Wednesday mornings by appointment. Creston: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., treasurer’s office, Union County Courthouse, 300 N. Pine St. Driving tests Wednesdays. Call 782-1710 for an appointment. Greenfield: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., treasurer’s office, Adair County Courthouse, 400 Public Square. Mount Ayr: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., treasurer’s office, Ringgold County Courthouse, 109 W. Madison St. Osceola: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., treasurer’s office, Clarke County Courthouse, 100 S. Main St. Winterset: Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Madison County Courthouse, 112 N. John Wayne Drive.


Holy Spirit Rectory ReRun Shop, noon to 5 p.m., 107 W. Howard St. Chautauqua Circle (International Outreach), 1:30 p.m., hostesses Carolyn Biere


and Sharon Skarda. Free community meal, 5 to 6 p.m., United Church of Christ (Congregational), 501 W. Montgomery St. I Think I Can Child Care Center Board of Directors, 5:30 p.m., I Think I Can Child Care Center. Eagles Aerie, 7 p.m., Eagles Lodge. Eagles Auxiliary, 7:30 p.m., Eagles Lodge. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 7:30 p.m. closed meeting, St. Malachy Rectory, 407 Clark St.


TOPS 116, 9:30 a.m., United Church of Christ (Congregational), 501 W. Montgomery St. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) brown baggers 12x12 study, noon open meeting, St. Malachy Rectory, 407 W. Clark St. No smoking. Blood pressure clinic by Crest Haven Care Centre nurses, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., Lorimor City Hall. Friends Helping Friends Bereavement Support Group, 3 to 5 p.m., Prairie View Assisted Living room 114, 1709 W. Prairie St.


Creston High School class of 1946 alumni, 12:30 p.m. luncheon, The Windrow. Celebrate Recovery (a Christcentered 12-step program), 6 p.m., Crest Baptist Church, 1211 N. Poplar St. Gambler’s Anonymous, 7 p.m., Assembly of God Church, 801 N. Fillmore St., Osceola. Al-Anon, 7:30 p.m. open meeting, Crossroads Mental Health Center, 1003 Cottonwood Road.


Escort, 2:41 p.m., Monday, New York Avenue. Traffic stop, 6:45 p.m., Monday, West Mills Street. Alarm, 7:49 p.m., Monday, West Taylor Street. Alarm, 9:01 p.m., Monday, West Taylor Street. Alarm, 12:50 a.m., today, Grand Avenue.

Greater Regional Medical Center Jonathan and Deidre Bryan of Creston are parents of a daughter born Jan. 24, 2014. Ayla May Bryan weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches long. Grandparents are Robert Jr. and Mary Lou Witt of Fire Macksburg and David and Miscellaneous Donna Bryan of Madrid. Medical, 5:50 p.m., Monday, Great-grandparents are Bob West Montgomery Street. Witt of Winterset, Don and Sandy Hackbarth of Dows and Afton Police Edna May Bryan of Madrid. James Arthur Franke, 19, Sibling is Lily Joy Bryan, 2. of Afton was charged on an Afton Police warrant for Police second-degree burglary and Miscellaneous possession of a controlled Alarm, 12:22 a.m., Mon- substance, marijuana, 7:31 day, West Taylor Street. p.m. Jan. 18. Talk to officer, 7:42 a.m., According to an Afton Monday, West Townline Police report, Franke broke Street. into Rhonda and ChristoTalk to officer, 9:58 a.m., pher Franke’s home, 302 S. Monday, North Pine Street. Webster St., between 4 and Talk to officer, 2:03 p.m., 6:30 p.m. Jan. 5, and took a Monday, North Pine Street. bong from a fire safe, as well


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Generally sunny de- Windy with a light spite a few afternoon wintry mix. clouds. High 37F.


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Snow showers. Highs in the low 20s and lows in the low teens.

Sunny. Highs in the Partly cloudy. Highs low 20s and lows in in the low 30s and the mid single digits. lows in the low teens.

Sunrise Sunset 7:29 AM 5:33 PM

Sunrise Sunset 7:28 AM 5:35 PM


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Generally sunny de- Windy with a light Snow showers. Sioux City spite a few afternoon wintry mix. in the low 20s CedarHighs Rapids 40/25 clouds. High 37F. and lows in the low 27/23 teens. Des Moines Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunrise Sunset 38/28 Sunset 7:31 AM 5:31 PM 7:30 AM 5:32 PM 7:29 AM 5:33 PM Creston 37/27

Iowa At A Glance Area Cities City Algona Atlantic Aubudon Cedar Rapids Centerville Clarinda Clarion Clinton Council Bluffs Creston

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National Cities City Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas Denver

Hi 35 26 21 48 56

Lo Cond. 17 pt sunny 12 sn shower 14 sunny 30 mst sunny 40 pt sunny

Hi 28 38 23 38 34 35 22 35 23 37

Lo Cond. 21 sunny 28 mst sunny 19 mst sunny 28 sunny 22 mst sunny 27 sunny 19 mst sunny 26 sunny 20 mst sunny 23 mst sunny

City Marshaltown Mason City Onawa Oskaloosa Ottumwa Red Oak Sioux Center Sioux City Spencer Waterloo

Hi 28 25 41 36 37 41 35 40 32 24

Lo Cond. 24 mst sunny 19 mst sunny 28 mst sunny 27 sunny 28 sunny 29 mst sunny 20 mst sunny 25 mst sunny 18 mst sunny 22 mst sunny

City Houston Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New York

Hi 49 73 78 24 25

Lo Cond. 33 mst sunny 52 pt sunny 62 rain 13 pt sunny 16 pt sunny

City Phoenix San Francisco Seattle St. Louis Washington, DC

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Lo Cond. 49 mst sunny 52 cloudy 46 cloudy 28 sunny 18 pt sunny

Sioux City 40/25

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Jan 30

First Feb 6


Feb 14

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Day’s Record From Creston Official Weather Station: high past 24 hours (7), low past 24 hours (-4) and precipitation ending 7 a.m. today (.0)

Cedar Rapids Lottery 27/23

UV Index Wed

Jan 24

Sunrise Sunset 7:28 AM 5:35 PM









2 Low

2 Low

2 Low

2 Low

2 Low

Des Moines 38/28

The UV Index is measured on a 0 11 number scale, with a higher UV Index showing the need for greater skin protection.


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as an unknown amount of Adams Grain prices quoted at 10 coins from various coin cola.m. today: County Sheriff • Farmers Co-op, Creston: lections. Katherine Scrivener, 47, of Franke was released on Corn — $4.27 Corning was charged on an pretrial services. Area Cities Adams County warrant for Miscellaneous City Hi Lo Cond. City Hi Lo Cond. City Hi Lo Cond. Algona 18 mst a.m., sunny domestic Davenport abuse 28 assault 21 sunny8:19 Marshaltown 28 24 mst sunny Information,31 8:30 Monday 38after an sunny inci- Mason City Atlantic 38 28 mst sunny p.m. Des Moines 28 mst 25 19 mst sunny Jan. 20. Aubudon 38 28 mst sunny dent Dubuque 41 28 mst sunny Jan. 16. 23 19 mst sunny Onawa TalkRapids to officer, p.m., Farmington Cedar 27 231:20 sunny 38 28 sunnyheld Oskaloosa 36 27 sunny Scrivener was being Jan. 20. Centerville 38 29 sunny Fort Dodge 34 22 mst sunny Ottumwa 37 28 sunny LENOX — Lenox Medion $500 bond. Clarinda 41 29 mst sunny Ft Madison 35 27 sunny Red Oak 41 29 mst sunny Ongoing criminal investical Clinic an open Clarion 31 21 mst sunny Guttenberg 22 19 mst sunny Sioux Centeris hosting 35 20 mst sunny gation, 12:13 p.m., Tuesday. Lenox Police Clinton 24 19 sunny Keokuk 35 26 sunny Sioux 25 Friday mst sunny houseCity9 to 11 40 a.m. to Information, Michelle Cook, 41,sunny of welcome Council Bluffs 41 9:11 30 mst a.m., sunny Lansing 23 20 mst Spencer 32 Rubenking, 18 mst sunny Darcy Creston 37 27 mst sunny Lenox LeMars was charged 37 23 mst 24 22 mst sunny Wednesday. 5 sunny p.m. Waterloo a physican assistant, to the Talk to officer, 3:08 p.m., Friday on a warrant for alWednesday. lowing an unauthorized perNational Cities Talk to officer, p.m., son City Hi Lo4:07 Cond. City to operateHia vehicle. Lo Cond. City Hi Lo Cond. Atlanta 35 17 pt sunny Houston 33 mstPolice sunny Phoenix 74 49 mst sunny Wednesday. According to49 a Lenox Boston 26 12investigasn shower report, Los Angeles 73 52stem pt sunny FranciscoChamber 64 52 cloudy of ComOngoing criminal the charges from SanCreston Chicago 21 14 sunny Miami 78 62 rain Seattle 47 46 cloudy merce to attion, Wednesday. investigation24 into13anptaccident Dallas7:46 p.m., 48 30 mst sunny an Minneapolis sunny St. Louisinvites the 36 public 28 sunny tend the first coffee Incomplete 56 91140call, 8:18 Jan. Denver pt sunny New 20, Yorkwhen Darold 25 16 Bredberg pt sunny Washington, DClegislative 30 18 pt sunny p.m., Wednesday. was charged with driving while of the 2014 legislative session Information, 4:45 p.m., barred. Bredberg alleges Cook Saturday. The coffee will be Thursday. was responsible for vehicle held at the congregate meal Moon Phases UVtheIndex Welfare check, 7:40 p.m., he was operating and know- site, restored Creston Depot. Sat Sun location Saturday. ingly allowed him toWed drive withThu This isFri a different 1/29 1/30from1/31 2/1 2/2 last session. The coffee Burglary, 12:55 p.m., Sun- a barred driver’s license. 2 2 2 2 2 day. Cook was transported to will start at 8 a.m. and last for Low Low Low Low Low Last call,New First Taylor FullCounty Sheriff’s of- an hour. Rep. Jack Drake, RAnimal 2 p.m., SunJan 30 Feb 6 fice for Feb processing. 14 The UV Index is measured on a 0 - and Sen. Hubert Griswold, day.Jan 24 11 11 number scale, with a higher UV 0

Soybeans — $12.36 • Gavilon Grain: Corn — $4.26 Soybeans — $12.51

Rubenking open house to be held at Lenox Medical Clinic community. The public is invited to attend. Rubenking began taking new patients Monday and may be reached at 641-333-4545.

Legislative coffee planned for Saturday

ule,” said Coffman. “Moving from a single week of events to 58 events over a two-month period provides flexibility to both the families we help and our partnering organizations hosting these events.” Students or parents may attend individually, but it’s best if the student and at least one parent or guardian come together. To complete the FAFSA, families should bring, for both the student and parent, the following: • Social Security number, driver’s license number and date of birth • Most recent federal and

Houser, R-Carson, will be in attendance. U.S. Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, has been invited. The coffees are free to the public, and everyone is invited to attend. Come to ask legislators questions about issues or just come to listen and learn. Additional coffees are scheduled March 1 and April 5.

Index showing the need for greater skin protection.

state tax returns • W-2 forms or other records of income earned last year • Current bank statements and investment records • Records of untaxed income received last year • 2013 business and farm records • Alien registration numbers if not a U.S. citizen Students and parents may also register in advance for federal personal identification numbers (PINs) to electronically sign the forms and make future changes. To request a PIN, visit

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Sunny. Highs in the Partly cloudy. Highs low 20s and lows in in the low 30s and the mid single digits. lows in the low teens.

City Davenport Des Moines Dubuque Farmington Fort Dodge Ft Madison Guttenberg Keokuk Lansing LeMars

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Iowa students and families can get free assistance with forms required for federal financial aid at Iowa College Goal Sunday, which will be held throughout February and March in 38 Iowa locations. Southwestern Community College in Creston will host a College Goal Sunday event 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, in room 119 of the Technical Center. “Iowa College Goal Sunday events provide the opportunity for students and families to receive professional guidance and assistance with the financial aid forms, helping to ensure a student has the best chance at the maximum amount of financial aid available to them,” said Jennifer Coffman, state coordinator of Iowa College Goal Sunday. “For many the

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Creston Schools study learning with technology In recent times many school districts have expanded their provision of technology to students dramatically, even to the level of one digital device for every student. This one-to-one approach has yielded some very positive results in some schools and has flopped in others. Why? In Creston Schools we believe it is important to find the various answers to that and other related questions. Our board of education, staff, parents, community members and students have all shown a strong collective interest in improved learning through technology, but what are the best routes to take toward this goal? Recently our DLC (District

From the desk of Steve McDermott Creston Superintendent

Leadership Council — a group made up of teachers and administrators) has begun a search for the very best instructional practices utilizing technology today. With the help of Stephanie Mikkelsen, technology integration specialist from Green Hills AEA, our DLC members will be visiting high-performing, high-flying teachers and students at other Iowa schools, seeking outstanding examples of learning with tech. Our primary focus will continue

to be improved instruction and learning. Our focus will not be limited to the newest device or digital toy available. We will also watch for ideas we can implement with the technology that already exists in our schools. So far we have learned a few key lessons related to tech and learning. We have learned from others that buying a truckload of electronic devices and dumping them onto a school with no preparation is a recipe for frustration and failure. Staff development on the best ways to teach with digital tools, carefully prepared policies related to the use and care of the new machinery, and parent and student involvement all along the way are key parts of a successful tech ex-

pansion. We also realize that learning targets must be clearly established before determining what tech devices, programs, or applications should be purchased. What do we hope students will learn with the help of technology? What are we shooting for? Wonderful, seemingly limitless learning experiences can be generated with the support of digital devices. But a device is only a tool and is not a teacher. The whole process of student learning general functions best with adult supervision and guidance. This remains the same when technology comes into play both at school and at home. We have also begun to come to terms with the fact that a teacher is

no longer the sole source of all information, knowledge, and learning. When it comes to technology and its effective use, teachers and students are learning, exploring, and growing side by side. We have reached a point where we are often trying to catch up with our students! In order to prepare our kids to succeed in their world in the future, we must “gear up” our instructional methods and respond to the changes created by the explosion of technology and accompanying digital language. We plan to do this as thoughtfully and strategically as possible so our local youngsters will receive the best learning experiences we can provide.

President Obama will give his State of the Union address HOLLYWOOD — God bless America, and how’s everybody? President Obama will give his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress tonight. The wind is strongly at his back. In his first term, Congress gave him a standing ovation for killing bin Laden, and he can expect no less tonight after capturing Justin Bieber. The Tonight Show will move from Burbank to its new NBC studio in New York in three weeks. It’s a far more sophisticated city. If you walk into the nicest restaurant in Burbank and ask them for a table with a view, they sit you down and leave the ladies room door open. Justin Bieber stood somberly before his judge in Miami Thursday at arraignment. He was charged with drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs and racing in a residential neighborhood. If convicted he could get four-to-eight years as mayor of Toronto. Florida prosecutors debated whether Justin Bieber could be de-

Topical humor Argus Hamilton

ported to Canada after his arrest for drunk driving in Miami Beach. That won’t happen. For starters, Canada is denying that he’s Canadian on the grounds that his blood alcohol was barely over the limit. Hawaii’s huge winter waves drew the world’s finest surfers to Maui Friday despite the surge in shark attacks on surfers. When they see sharks approaching on top of the water all they can do is lie still on their board. Surfers are the first to learn that adrenaline is brown. President Obama in his State of the Union will announce new NSA guidelines to guard against unconstitutional snooping. They are strict. The NSA can no longer violate your privacy rights and glean your personal information, that job has been outsourced to Target.

READER POLL RESULTS Studies show only 8 percent of people are successful in achieving their New Year’s resolution. Have you broken your resolution yet?

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Letters to the editor

Thank you Stephani Finley From Marcia Fulton Creston

This city would be remiss if not to extend the most hardy “thank you” to the retiring managing editor of the Creston News Advertiser, Stephani Finley. This woman has been one of the most ethical and fair-minded print media individuals in which I have come into contact. Stephani tried hard to make sure that all

sides were given fair access on controversial issues. This is not always easy in a small town with very strong feelings on local issues. I, for one, will miss her. But in all things, there is a time and a season and her season of change has come. I am encouraged in the promotion of Kyle Wilson to this position. I watched Kyle report on the supervisors meetings during a very trying time in this commu-

nity and found his reporting to be accurate and fair. It is a very big shoe he is stepping into but I am sure he will do his upmost to continue the fair and balanced reputation of his predecessor. I know we all wish him well as he grows in the job, and we wish Stephani “wind at her back and fair skies above” in her new life. Sleep in Monday, Stephani. That is the best thing about retirement.

Food for Life report for 2013 From Ruby Stephens Shannon City

We received 7 1/2 beef donations, bought 500 pounds of ground meat. Matura is so good about sending me reports each month and during 2013 they have served 715 families, which includes 1,712 individuals, with meat. The Creston Christmas basket has paid for most of the meat processing cost. Money donations have paid for

the meat we have bought. Food for Life started in May 1983 by Platte Center Presbyterian Church, a small rural church whose membership consists mostly of farm families. The farms then were most diversified, with both livestock and grain production. What a change has happened in 30 years. Soon after it was started, other churches in Union County wanted to help, and we now have a board of members representing seven churches. The helping hands symbol was

drawn up by one of our members and those helping hands are still helping our friends and neighbors, who for whatever reason, have fallen on hard times, we are here to help. We now supply meat to three food pantries in Union County: Matura food pantry on Elm Street in Creston, Afton Methodist Church and Lorimor Methodist Church. Thank you from Food for Life. Your helping hands are God’s helping hands.

We like to hear from you! The CNA publishes letters to the editor Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or go online anytime at to comment on our stories and read what others are saying.


Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lifestyle guidelines

Royce and Judy Dredge

Dredge open house, Lila Jean McDaniel card shower planned McDaniel baby The family of Royce and Judy Dredge is hosting an shower planned open house and card shower in honor of the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 7. The open house will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Feb. 8 at REC, 1502 W. South St., Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Cards may be sent to them at 1402 W. Madison St., Mount Ayr, IA 50854.

A meet-and-greet baby shower for Lila Jean McDaniel, daughter of Brian and Rachael McDaniel, will be held at 2 p.m. Feb. 2 at Orient United Methodist Church. Lila was born Dec. 19. All friends and relatives are invited to attend.

The CNA publishes club news, congregate meals and other community news on Fridays only. Deadline for Friday publication is Wednesday. Birthday and anniversary card showers, bridal and baby showers, weddings and engagements are published on Tuesdays only. All charges associated with announcements must be paid before they will be published. Anniversary announcements will be published for couples married 25 years and longer. Birthday announcements will be published for those 55 and older. Wedding annoucement

will be published for weddings within six months of the event. Deadline for Tuesday publication of photos and dated information is the preceding Friday. Wedding and engagement forms are available online at or at the Creston News Advertiser office.

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NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S LEVY AND SALE In the Iowa District Court for Union County State of Iowa Union County Court No.: EQCV017158 SPECIAL EXECUTION NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S Plaintiff: Bank of America NA Successor by Merger to BAC Home Loans SerLEVY AND SALE vicing, LP FKA Countrywide Home In the Iowa District Court Loans Servicing LP for Union County vs. State of Iowa $ Defendant: Ibbotson, Ira - In Rem Union County Defendant: Ibbotson, Amanda - In Rem Court No.: EQCV016997 As a result of the judgment rendered in SPECIAL EXECUTION the above referenced court case, an execuPlaintiff: Wells Fargo Financial Iowa 3 tion was issued by the court to the Sheriff Inc. of this county. The execution ordered the vs. sale of defendant(s) rights, title, and interDefendant: Geary, Mary K & Spouse est in Real Estate Property to satisfy the of Mary K Geary - In Rem judgment. The property to be sold is: Defendant: Geary, Wade J & spouse of Lot Numbered One Hundred Fifty- Wade J Geary - In Rem Four (154) and the North Thirty-Seven Defendant: State of Iowa – In Rem (37) Feet of the West Ninety-Seven (97) Defendant: Wells Fargo Financial Bank Feet of Lot Numbered One Hundred Fifty- – In Rem Five (155) in West Creston, Section “A”, Defendant: Southern Iowa Council of In Creston, Union County, Iowa Governments/Southern Iowa Development Street Address: 101 N. Jarvis St., CreGroup – In Rem Tyler Hanson • Owner/Personal Trainer ston, Iowa Defendant: Wells Fargo Financial AcThe described property will be offered ceptance – In Rem for sale at public auction for cash only as Defendant: Creston True Value – In follows: Rem Date of Sale: 02/25/2014 Defendant: City of Creston – In Rem Time of Sale: 10:00 AM Defendant: LDE Inc – In Rem Place of Sale: East Steps Inside the Defendant: ABA Recovery Services – In Rem Union County Courthouse, Creston, Iowa. Defendant: Hauge Associates Inc. - In X This sale not subject to redemption. IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT Property exemption: Certain money Rem FOR UNION COUNTY As a result of the judgment rendered in or property may be exempt. Contact your THE CITY OF CRESTON, Plaintiff attorney promptly to review specific pro- the above referenced court case, an execuVs. JOHN W. MYERS; NANCY A. MYERS; visions of the law and file appropriate no- tion was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the DORIS LEAH SCHOFIELD; CLARKE tice, if applicable. sale of defendant(s) rights, title, and interCOUNTY HOSPITAL; APPLE GROVE Judgment Amount: $75,712.61 INVESTMENTS; UNION COUNTY Costs: $285.00 Plus interest 8.5% per est in Real Estate Property to satisfy the TREASURER; ALL PARTIES IN POS- annum of $65,251.47 from 02/05/2013 judgment. The property to be sold is: Lot Numbered Ten (10) of Block Two SESSION, until satisfied. (2), Second Northern Addition to Creston, Defendants. Attorney: Brian G. Sayer Union County, Iowa CAUSE NO EQCV017501 (319) 234-2530 Street Address: 607 N. Elm St., CreNOTICE Sheriff: Rick L. Piel ston, Iowa TO: DORIS LEAH SCHOFIELD, DEDate: 01/03/2014 CEASED The described property will be offered IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT A Hearing has been set for the 18th for sale at public auction for cash only as FOR UNION COUNTY day of April, 2014 at 1:30 P.M. to deterfollows: mine whether the following real estate is THE CITY OF CRESTON, Plaintiff Date of Sale: 03/04/2014 Vs. abandoned, Time of Sale: 10:00 AM The South Ten (10) feet of Lot Six LEONIDEZ LOPEZ; Place of Sale: East Steps Inside the Hundred Nine (609 and the North ASH GROVE INVESTMENTS; Union County Courthouse, Creston, Iowa. X This sale not subject to redemption. Twenty-Five (25) feet of Lot Six Hun- UNION COUNTY TREASURER dred Ten (610) in the Original Town of ALL PARTIES IN POSSESSION, Property exemption: Certain money Defendants. or property may be exempt. Contact your Creston, Union County, Iowa CAUSE NO EQCV017503 attorney promptly to review specific prolocally known as 302 S. Birch, CreNOTICE visions of the law and file appropriate noston, Iowa 50801 TO: LEONIDEZ LOPEZ, DECEASED tice, if applicable. At said hearing the City of Creston will A Hearing has been set for the 18th Judgment Amount: $60,293.83 obtain title to the above real estate if the Costs: $1,093.94 Plus interest 6.25% court determines that the property is aban- day of April, 2014 at 1:30 P.M. to determine whether the following real estate is per annum of $53,861.82 from 08/29/2012 doned. until satisfied. All persons interested must file written abandoned, Lot Ninety-one (91), West Creston, objections prior to the hearing or appear Attorney: David M Erickson before the court to establish why the prop- Section A, Creston, Union County, Iowa (515) 288-2500 locally known as 610 West Mills, Creerty should not be considered abandoned. Sheriff: Rick L. Piel Arnold O. Kenyon, III ston, Iowa 50801 Date: 01/23/2014 At said hearing the City of Creston will CITY ATTORNEY obtain title to the above real estate if the court determines that the property is abanNOTICE OF SHERIFF'S doned. LEVY AND SALE All persons interested must file written IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT In the Iowa District Court objections prior to the hearing or appear FOR UNION COUNTY for Union County before the court to establish why the propTHE CITY OF CRESTON, Plaintiff State of Iowa erty should not be considered abandoned. Vs. Union County Arnold O. Kenyon, III Court No.: EQCV017158 CITY ATTORNEY WILLIAM JOHN BOWEN; UNION COUNTY; SPECIAL EXECUTION UNION COUNTY TREASURER NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S Plaintiff: Bank of America NA SuccesALL PARTIES IN POSSESSION, sor by Merger to BAC Home Loans SerLEVY AND SALE Defendants. vicing, LP FKA Countrywide Home In the Iowa District Court CAUSE NO EQCVO 17502 Loans Servicing LP for Union County NOTICE vs. State of Iowa TO: WILLIAM JOHN BOWEN, DEDefendant: Ibbotson, Ira - In Rem Union County CEASED Defendant: Ibbotson, Amanda - In Rem Court No.: EQCV016997 A Hearing has been set for the 18th As a result of the judgment rendered in SPECIAL EXECUTION the above referenced court case, an execuPlaintiff: Wells Fargo Financial Iowa 3 day of April, 2014 at 1:30 P.M. to determine whether the following real estate is tion was issued by the court to the Sheriff Inc. abandoned, of this county. The execution ordered the vs. The East One Hundred Twenty-five sale of defendant(s) rights, title, and interDefendant: Geary, Mary K & Spouse (125) feet of the West One Hundred est in Real Estate Property to satisfy the of Mary K Geary - In Rem judgment. The property to be sold is: Defendant: Geary, Wade J & spouse of Fifty-five (155) feet of Lot Three (3) and the West Half of Lot Numbered Four Lot Numbered One Hundred Fifty- Wade J Geary - In Rem Four (154) and the North Thirty-Seven (4) in the original Town of Creston, Defendant: State of Iowa – In Rem (37) Feet of the West Ninety-Seven (97) Defendant: Wells Fargo Financial Bank Union County, Iowa Feet of Lot Numbered One Hundred Fifty- – In Rem locally known as 307 N. Division, CreFive (155) in West Creston, Section “A”, Defendant: Southern Iowa Council of ston, Iowa 50801 In Creston, Union County, Iowa At said hearing the City of Creston will Governments/Southern Iowa Development Street Address: 101 N. Jarvis St., Cre- Group – In Rem obtain title to the above real estate if the ston, Iowa Defendant: Wells Fargo Financial Ac- court determines that the property is abanThe described property will be offered ceptance – In Rem doned. for sale at public auction for cash only as All persons interested must file written Defendant: Creston True Value – In follows: objections prior to the hearing or appear Rem Date of Sale: 02/25/2014 before the court to establish why the propDefendant: City of Creston – In Rem Time of Sale: 10:00 AM erty should not be considered abandoned. Defendant: LDE Inc – In Rem Place of Sale: East Steps Inside the Arnold O. Kenyon, III Defendant: ABA Recovery Services – CITY ATTORNEY In Rem Union County Courthouse, Creston, Iowa.

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Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Coins before bills? Dear Heloise: At work recently, a grumpy gentleman told me that when I return change to customers, I should give them the COIN CHANGE FIRST, then the paper money. Although he could have told me nicely, I could see his point. Coins could slip out of someone’s hand if placed on top of the paper money. — A Reader, via email Ah, yes, the return-change question! Everyone is different, so don’t take offense. Just smile and say, “How would you like your change?” Some want it on the counter; some, coins first, then paper money; others, paper money, then change. I’ve covered this before in the column — let’s do an update! Readers, what do you have to say? — Heloise CHECK ORDER Dear Readers: Many of us (Heloise Central included) place orders for delivery, especially pizza! How often have you placed an order and sensed that the total bill was wrong? Here is a Heloise hint for when in doubt: Go online (if possible) to double-check the order’s accuracy by placing the same order. A total comes up, which allows you to see what you ordered and what the total is. Now you can

FAMILY CIRCUS® by Bill Keane

Hints from Heloise

LOCKHORNS® by Hoest & Reiner

tic bags that fit the compactors can be expensive! I now request paper bags when shopping. I place one inside the compactor, with the clean compactor bag in first. Just pull out the brown paper bag when full and put it into the outside garbage. — Cathy N. in California Cathy, I do the same at our coast house. We may be there only a few days, so why waste a full trash-compacter bag? — Heloise CLEAR PURSE Dear Heloise: Some professional sports stadiums no longer allow purses to be brought inside. They will allow a clear “purse,” which can be expensive. I saved the clear, zippered pouches that linens come in, and even found one with a handle. It was free, BEETLE BAILEY® by Greg & Mort Walker worked great and also was a form of recycling! — Bobbie B., via email Send a money-saving or timesaving hint to Heloise, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279-5000, or you can fax it to 1-210-HELOISE or email it to I can’t answer your letter personally but will use the best hints received in my column.

call the restaurant to make corrections BEFORE the driver arrives. — Heloise WINDOW BLINDS Dear Heloise: Windowblind cords are not only a danger to children, but to animals as well. I had a cat that wore a collar. He liked to sit on the windowsill. One day, when the blinds were completely down, the cat walked along the back of the sofa (next to the window) and tried to get in behind the blinds to see outside. In the process, he got one of the blind slats between his skin and the collar. He tried to turn around to come out, and his collar twisted tighter. If I had not been there, I’m sure he would have been strangled. Now I hang the cord up high and raise the blinds up a foot from the sill. — Patricia in Lake Village, Ind. TRASH COMPACTOR Dear Heloise: We have a built-in trash compactor. It’s just my husband and me now, and it takes so long to fill that the smell necessitated it being (c)2014 by King Features emptied early. Also, the plas- Syndicate Inc. BLONDIE®

by Dean Young

Horoscope Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A friend might surprise you today by saying or doing something unusual. Alternatively, you might meet someone new, especially in a group setting, who is eccentric or mind-blowing. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You can impress authority figures today. They see you as innovative, original and willing to flex and go with the flow. You also might be surprised by a conversation with a parent, boss or teacher. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Exciting travel plans might fall into your lap today. Similarly, exciting plans to get further education or training might materialize. Act fast; this window of opportunity is brief. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Gifts, goodies and favors from others will come your way today. Just say “thank you,” and grab the loot. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Relations with those who are close to you will hold a few surprises today. Someone might do something unusual. Alternatively, a partner might demand more freedom in the relationship. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) The introduction of new technology where you work might stir things up a bit. Something will happen that makes you feel freer, even younger. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Unexpected flirtations might make your day. This is a liberating day for those of you involved in the arts, the entertainment world and the hospitality industry. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Something unusual will take place at home today or within your family. A spontaneous gathering might occur. You also might bring home something high-tech and exciting. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Today you’re full of bright ideas and eager to greet the world. Expect to meet new faces in new places. This is not a boring day. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Write down your moneymaking ideas, because you’re full of bright thoughts today. You see ways to make money on the side or perhaps get a better job. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Your everyday encoun-

ters today will yield unusual, interesting experiences. You are curious and imaginative. You also feel free to do your own thing today. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) Something going on behind the scenes is quite exciting. This makes you feel restless but eager to see the results. This could lead to fun social plans or a vacation. Who knows? YOU BORN TODAY You

have a fine mind. You rely on logic and reason to achieve your objectives, which is why you like to talk things out with others. You are a fun-loving, social person who is openminded and tolerant. You need lots of space in your relationships because your personal freedom is important to you. This year is the beginning of a new cycle for you. Open any door! Birthdate of: Heather Graham, actress; Oprah Winfrey, entertainer.

MUTTS® by Patrick McDonnell

Crossword Puzzle


by Rick Kikman & Jerry Scott


ZITS® by Scott & Borgman

CRANKSHAFT® by Batiuk & Ayers

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Do You Know Your Creston Businesses?

Win $100 “We Sell Homes.”

____________________________________________ Store Name

Contest Rules: This contest will test your knowledge of our Creston businesses. Write the name of the business on the blank line in each box and return to Creston Publishing Co. by Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. The entries with all answers correct will be placed in a drawing for the $100 in New Bucks to be spent at the participating businesses. On Feb. 6, we will publish a completed version along with business name, address, telephone number and the original photo so that you can keep as a Creston business directory.

Entry Form Name: _______________________ Address:______________________ ______________________ Phone: ______________________

“Better Water. Pure and Simple.”

“Our Family Serving the Area for Over 24 Years”

“Variety, Style, Price, Service...We’ve Got It All”

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

“Daily News You Can Use”

“Come In...Be Inspired”

“Helping Celebrate Life”

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

“A Helpful Smile In Every Aisle”

“Your Local Ford Lincoln Dealer”

“We Hand Pick The Best Candidates”

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

“Save Money, Live Better”

“On the Corner of Savings”

“Our Family Serving Yours -Since 1866”

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

“A Great Place to Live, Work, and Call Home”

“Always Fresh, Always Affordable”

“We Go The “Extra Mile”

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name

____________________________________________ Store Name


Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Panthers pull away from Roadrunners in second half By SCOTT VICKER

CNA sports editor •

The Creston girls basketball team scored more points in the third quarter than it did in the first half here at Southwestern Community College on Monday, pulling away from Interstate 35 in the second half of a 4532 win. The Panthers trailed the Roadrunners 17-15 at halftime, but scored 16 points in the third quarter while holding Interstate 35 to just nine points. Creston got big plays out of Jenna Taylor, Chelcee Downing and Taylor Briley in the third quarter. Downing scored seven of her 14 points in the quarter. She converted a layup off a steal, hit a pullup jump- Downing er and knocked down a 3-pointer in the quarter. “That’s what we’ve kind of been needing — someone to step up,” head coach Larry McNutt said. “We don’t have to make a ton of threes, but if we can make one or two, it just loosens everything up inside for us. We don’t have to make threes, we can hit 17, 18-footers. Taylor hit one of them tonight.” Briley’s 17-footer capped off a quick 8-0 run by the Panthers that extended their lead to 29-24. Meanwhile, Taylor hit a jumper and got an offensive rebound and putback in the quarter.

Taylor scored a gamehigh 18 points for the Panthers to go with her nine rebounds — seven of which were of- Taylor fensive rebounds. “She got some nice offensive rebounds,” McNutt said. “We got some penetration and got her the ball around the basket. The other girls did a good job of getting her the ball.” The Panthers outrebounded Interstate 35 by a 32-15 margin. Natalie Mostek led the Panthers with 11 rebounds. It was an impressive feat against a Roadrunner team that features 6-1 freshman Gracey Griglione, who has recorded a pair of tripledoubles this year and averages 8.8 rebounds per game. Fellow Interstate 35 freshman post player Riley Morris averages 8.3 rebounds per game. Morris was held to just five rebounds, while Griglione pulled down just two. Griglione matched her season scoring output with 13 points to lead the Roadrunners, but after scoring seven of Interstate 35’s first nine points, was held to just four points in the second half. Freshman guard Slye Richardson, who averages 11.7 points per game, managed just three points. “I thought we were, after the first quarter, pretty good defensively for the most part,” McNutt said. “I thought the girls played hard and were trying to do the right things. We handled

their fullcourt pressure.” The Panthers forced 14 turnovers for the game, many of which came in the second half when they pulled away from the Roadrunners. “That’s what we need to do,” McNutt said. “We need to be really good defensively and be decent on offense. Then we have a chance. Especially in that second half, Taylor did a good job of getting into passing lanes. Our posts had to go outside and play on the perimeter tonight, and I thought we did a pretty good job.” Creston had a good night from the foul line, as well. The Panthers shot 9-of10 from the charity stripe, holding Interstate 35 off when the Roadrunners tried to extend the game by fouling. The win improved the Panthers to 6-10 for the season, while the Roadrunners drop to 11-5. Creston returns to action tonight at 6 p.m. against Chariton with the boys varsity game against Kuemper Catholic to follow. The freshmen girls play at 4:30 at CNA photo by SCOTT VICKER the high school. The girls JV Creston sophomore guard Taylor Briley (22) shoots from the corner over the top of game with Chariton is can- Interstate 35 junior Caylin Brommel during the first half of Creston’s 45-32 win over the Roadrunners. Briley finished the game with five points. celled.

INTERSTATE 35 (32) — Gracey Griglione 5 1-4 13, Caylin Brommel 3 0-0 6, Taylor Roth 1 2-2 4, Slye Richardson 1 1-2 3, Charlie Rupp 1 0-0 2, Riley Morris 0 2-4 2, Miranda Hahn 1 0-0 2. Totals — 12 6-12 32. FG shooting — 12-34 (35.2 percent). 3-point goals — 2-6 (Griglione 2). Steals — 5. Rebounds — 15. Turnovers — 14. Team fouls — 15. Fouled out — none. CRESTON (45) — Jenna Taylor 8 2-2 18, Chelcee Downing 6 0-0 14, Natalie Mostek 1 4-4 6, Taylor Briley 1 3-4 5, Olivia Nielsen 1 0-0 2. Totals — 17 9-10 45. FG shooting — 17-44 (38.6 percent). 3-point goals — 2-5 (Downing 2). Rebounds — 32 (Mostek 11, Taylor 9, Briley 4, Camryn Somers 4, Downing 3). Assists — 12 (Downing 3, Briley 3, Mostek 3, Somers 2). Steals

Southwestern women avenge loss at Simpson

Contributed photo by ALEX DUFFY

J’myrehea Douglas (23) puts up a shot in the lane for Southwestern Saturday against Marshalltown Community College. Douglas had eight points and seven rebounds in the Spartans’ 84-54 loss.

INDIANOLA — Monday was bounce-back night for the Southwestern women’s basketball team. After an 84-54 home conference loss to Marshalltown Communoity College Saturday afternoon, the Spartans traveled to Simpson JV Monday and avenged an earlier defeat, beating the Storm 59-52 to improve to 4-16 for the season. Rebounding from a subpar offensive performance Saturday, Darian Polson led a balanced Southwestern offense Monday with 15 points, including a 3-pointer. Morgan Knorr added 14 points and Jill Vanderhoof and Peyton Russell each tallied 10 to give Southwestern four players in double figures. “We started a little slow, but then we started to play a little more aggressive and got some stops on the defensive end,” coach Addae Please see SWCC, page 10A

Bulldogs gain fourth victory ORIENT — It was played out earlier than scheduled, but nonetheless it was a successful Bluegrass Conference tournament consolation game for the Orient-Macksburg Bulldogs Monday night. Avenging an earlier defeat, O-M beat MelcherDallas, 76-54. The game was played at 6 p.m. rather than 7:30 p.m., because the site of the originally-scheduled early game between Seymour and Moulton-Udell was changed. “Those two teams didn’t want to come clear over here on such a cold night, so they played that game at Seymour,” O-M coach Drew Dornack said. Moulton-

Udell won that contest, 5248. Monday’s victory improved the Bulldogs to 4-8 for the season, after gaining just one victory a year ago. The tables were turned from a 72-47 loss to MelcherDallas in the Bulldogs’ first Bluegrass Conference game after many years in the nowdefunct Rolling Hills Conference. Dornack said circumstances were much different for that early-season game, including limited availability of Chantz Davidson

Davidson, who scored 30 points Monday night. “Jordan Thompson had just come off meniscus surgery and probably played two minutes in that first game,” Dornack said. “Chantz had just come out, so he hadn’t been at many practices and only played a few minutes. Tonight he was scoring inside well and in the back of the press they kind of forgot about him. He uses his body well and works really hard.” Freshman guard Dylan Nichols also sparked the offense with two 3-pointers and a total of 10 points. Jesse Please see BULLDOGS, page 10A

— 12 (Mostek 4, Briley 3, Taylor 3, Downing 2). Turnovers — 15. Team fouls — 15. Fouled out — none. I-35 — 9 17 26 32 Creston — 7 15 31 45

JUNIOR VARSITY Just like in the varsity game, the Creston JV team pulled away from Interstate 35 in the second half on Monday, winning 49-37. The Panthers took a 26-21 lead into halftime, but held a 39-28 lead at the end of the third quarter. “It was a good battle back and forth, but the girls

worked hard together and came together as a team to pull off the win,” Creston JV coach Mendy McCreight said. “We had lots of girls score tonight, which is nice to see. Our defense created a lot of turnovers that we were able to convert into points, which helped us stay ahead.” The Panthers improved to 9-8 for the season with the win. Caitlin McIlravy led a balanced scoring effort with

12 points to go with her team-high five steals. Cammy Rutherford and Sadie Jones both scored in double figures, scoring 10 points apiece.

Creston (49) — Caitlin McIlravy 12, Sadie Jones 10, Cammy Rutherford 10, Maria Mostek 8, Becca Ross 6, Madison Callahan 2, Lexie Little 1. 3-point goals — Mostek 1. Free throws — 2-10. Rebounds — 19 (Little 4, McIlravy 4, Rutherford 4, Mostek 2, Jessica Beatty 2). Steals — 16 (McIlravy 5, Mostek 3). Assists — 9 (McIlravy 4). Team fouls — 20. Halftime score — Creston 26, Interstate 35 21. Interstate 35 (37)

Panther bowlers split with Shenandoah By SCOTT VICKER

CNA sports editor •

It was another mixed day for the Creston/OrientMacksburg bowling teams here Saturday, as the Panthers split with Shenandoah in a Hawkeye 10 Conference matchup. The boys posted a 26052411 victory over the Mustangs thanks in large part to a strong Baker Rotation. Meanwhile, the girls fell 2311-2230 as the Fillies outscored the Panthers by 69 pins in the Baker Rotation. “Today (Saturday) against Shenandoah was once again a mixed bag of excitement, frustration, satisfaction and disappointment,” head coach Ron Pendegraft said. “Scores for the boys were better today. The team total was our highest since early in the season. However, we did have a couple of individual scores in the first game that were uncharacteristically low.” Blake Eddy led the way for the Panther boys, rolling games of 200 and 191 for a two-game total of 391. Brett Cheers nearly matched Eddy with his games of 189 and Cheers 201 for a total score of 390. Chantz Davidson finished with a score of 341, while Reece Kramer bowled a 332 and Darin Hatfield rounded out the team scoring with his two-game score of 327. The Panther boys held an 81-pin lead over the Mustangs after round one, but pulled away in the Baker Rotation. Creston/O-M rolled two Baker games over 200 and outscored

Shenandoah by another 113 pins in the Baker Rotation. “For the boys in the Baker round, I would have thought there were two different teams bowling for us,” Pendegraft said. “In the first, fourth and fifth games, we couldn’t get it going. But in the second and third games, we couldn’t miss. Overall though, it ended well and we came away with a muchwelcomed 194-pin win.” The Panther girls trailed Shenandoah by 12 pins after round one, but lost ground in the Baker Rotation as the Fillies outscored Creston/OM by 69 pins. Devon Eddy led the Panthers once a g a i n with her two-game score of 363, followed by Charley Parcher’s Eddy total of 317. Jenna Hayes bowled a score of 287 and Aly Downey contributed a 281. Madison Hance rounded out the team scoring with a score of 268. “Round one started off very well, but in the second game we cooled off a little bit,” Pendegraft said. “In Bakers, Shenandoah turned it on and we couldn’t keep pace.” Creston/O-M returns to action Saturday against Central Decatur at Pine Valley.

JV The Panther JV teams both bowled with just four bowlers on Saturday, having to take zero scores for their fifth positions. “In spite of that, the kids did well and I was proud of how they stuck with it and gave a very good effort,” Pendegraft said. Sebastian Peterson led the JV boys with a 289 series and Ashley Knipfer led the

way for the girls with a 276.

Varsity Boys Varsity match totals — Creston/O-M: 1781-824—2605; Shenandoah: 1700-711—2411. High game — Darin Hatfield 213. High two game — Blake Eddy 391. Creston/O-M (2605) — Blake Eddy 200-191—391, Brett Cheers 189-201—390, Chantz Davidson 149-192—341, Reece Kramer 176-156—332, Darin Hatfield 114-213—327. Totals — 1781824—2605. Baker Rotation — 112, 230, 204, 147, 131—824. Shenandoah (2411) — Sean Gluck 187-169—356, Chase Hiser 150-197—347, Tyler Hoyt 189157—346, Quentin Charbonneau 175-154—329, Dakota Davis 155167—322, Jacob Orr 120-115— 235. Totals — 1700-711—2411. Baker Rotation — 148, 113, 184, 139, 127—711. Girls Varsity match totals — Creston/O-M: 1516-714—2230; Shenandoah: 1528-783—2311. High game — Devon Eddy 190. High two game — Devon Eddy 363. Creston/O-M (2230) — Devon Eddy 190-173—363, Charley Parcher 178-139—317, Jenna Hayes 140-147—287, Aly Downey 155-126—281, Madison Hance 141-127—268. Totals — 1516-714—2230. Baker Rotation — 101, 165, 157, 172, 119—714. Shenandoah (2311) — Jacee Hogue 202-190—392, Kassie Herron 190-164—354, Justine Marsh 141-144—285, Allie Gluck 112-155—267, Samantha Racine 120-110—230, Destiny Archer 91-75—166. Totals — 1528-783— 2311. Baker Rotation — 120, 201, 174, 169, 119—783. Junior Varsity Boys JV match totals — Creston/O-M: 876-469—1345; Shenandoah: 1274-642—1916. High game — Sebastian Peterson 147. High two game — Sebastian Peterson 289. Creston/O-M (1345) — Sebastian Peterson 142-147— 189, Jacob Geary 114-116—230, Tyler Shepherd 106-89—195, Anthony Walton 97-65—162. Totals — 876-469—1345. Baker Rotation — 107, 70, 93, 77, 122— 469. Shenandoah (1916) Girls JV match totals — Creston/O-M: 685-537—1222; Shenandoah: 1024-477—1501. High game — Ashley Knipfer 158. High two game — Ashley Knipfer 276. Creston/O-M (1222) — Ashley Knipfer 158-118—276, Emily Stults 106-104—210, Michelle Islas 88-107—195, Livi Hartman 96-98—194. Totals — 685-537— 1222. Baker Rotation — 110, 91, 112, 107, 117—537. Shenandoah (1501)

Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spartan men end skid

Area girls basketball

Wayne 43, The Southwestern men well in the second half, and petitive game and it’s good East Union 32

snapped a six-game losing streak with a strong second half at home Friday night against Grand View University JV. After trailing 28-27 at halftime, the Spartans outscored the Vikings 37-27 in the second half for a 64-55 victory. Mataika Koyamainavure and Elliott Hamdeed were Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside, respectively, with 17 points each. Four S p a r t a n s Hamdeed ended up in double figures as Tanner Kellogg dropped in 12 points and Jared Theis added 11. “Our offensive crispness wasn’t real sharp in the first half,” SWCC coach Mike Holmes said. “We were cutting half-speed, not really thinking. We did pretty

defensively we were pretty good throughout the game, taking away what we wanted to take away.” Sophomore guard Larry Mason had a solid overall game with nine rebounds, four assists and three points. Nick Lenhard has stepped in at point guard and provided good defense, Holmes said. He had two steals Friday. Former ADM forward Ben Larson scored seven points for Grand View. A big difference in Friday’s game was at the free throw line. Southwestern was 17-of-19 while the Vikings struggled at 5-of-13. Grand View had defeated the Spartans (8-12) on a buzzer-beater earlier in the season in Des Moines. The Spartans had not won since a Dec. 14 home game against Clinton. “We had been getting smacked around a little bit, so this helps,” Holmes said. “Grand View has some nice athletes. It was a good, com-

to get a win. We improved our scoring, which we need against Iowa Lakes Saturday because they have one of the premier players in the league.” Iowa Lakes guard Deondre Parks is a South Dakota State recruit. Southwestern’s national placewinning volleyball team will be honored at halftime of the 3 p.m. game Saturday.

GRAND VIEW JV (55) — Deion Alston 8 1-3 18, Darian Bostic 5 0-2 10, Kyle Brosamle 3 2-5 9, Ben Larson 3 0-0 7, Justin Schweiner 2 2-2 7, Mason Denholm 2 0-0 4. Totals — 23 5-13 55. FG shooting — 23-49 (46.9 percent).3point goals — 4-17 (Larson 1, Schweiner 1, Brosamle 1, Alston 1). Turnovers — 11. Team fouls — 15. Fouled out — None. SOUTHWESTERN (64) — Mataika Koyamainavure 6 5-7 17, Elliott Hamdeed 4 8-8 17, Tanner Kellogg 5 0-0 12, Jared Theis 5 0-0 11, Larry Mason 1 1-2 3, Dylan Tucker 1 0-0 2, Nick Lenhard 0 2-2 2. Totals — 22 17-19 64. FG shooting — 22-53 (41.5 percent). 3-point goals — 4-13 (Kellogg 2, Theis 1, Hamdeed 1). Rebounds — 29 (Mason 9, Theis 7, Koyamainavure 5). Assists — 11 (Mason 4, Theis 3). Steals — 7 (Theis 2, Lenhard 2). Turnovers — 11. Team fouls — 16. Fouled out — None. Grand View JV — 28 55 SWCC — 27 64

Area boys basketball Lenox 55, Central Decatur 39 LENOX — Caleb Lange had a big game for Lenox, leading the Tigers to a 55-39 win over Central Decatur here on Thursday. Lange finished the game with 21 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and five steals, while shooting 6-of-6 from the free throw line. Spencer Brown added 15 points and nine rebounds for Lenox. Todd Stoaks scored seven points, while Carson Cline chipped in five. Dusting Gordon added four points, while Francisco Martinez scored two and Dawson Tullberg added one. Lenox co-coach Jesse Cox said one of the keys to the game was Lenox making more free throws than Central Decatur shot. The Tigers shot 20-of-26 from the line, while Central Decatur finished just 5-of-15. Wayne 36, East Union 32 AFTON — Wayne picked up a close 36-32 win over East Union here Thursday in Pride of Iowa Conference play. “We need to avoid scoring droughts again, take better care of the ball and rebound,” East Union head coach Thad Tussey said. Cole Campbell and Jesse Akers each scored seven points to lead the Eagles. Mason Gossman added six, as did Sean Schmitz. Dustin Hoyt scored four points and Trevor Barnett pitched in two.

Nodaway Valley 67, Central Decatur 62 LEON — An upset-minded Central Decatur team had Nodaway Valley on the ropes here Friday, but a big third quarter spurred the Wolverines to a 67-62 win. The Cardinals led 19-14 at the end of the first quarter, and held a 32-25 lead at halftime. But Nodaway Valley responded with a 23-8 advantage in the third quarter. “A quality win over a quality opponent on the road,” Nodaway Valley head coach Darrell Burmeister said. “The Wolverines responded at halftime and came out with a big third quarter.” Nodaway Valley shot 20-

of-21 from the free throw line for the game and 11-of11 in the fourth quarter. TJ Bower finished with 30 points to go with five rebounds and four steals. Jackson Lamb added 17 points, four rebounds, four assists and four steals. Delson Grantham recorded 14 points with five rebounds. Mason Clarke scored four points and pulled down a team-high seven rebounds. Nodaway Valley improved to 13-1 for the season and 11-0 in the Pride of Iowa Conference with the win.

AFTON — A 17-5 second quarter sunk East Union here Thursday in a 43-32 loss to Wayne. Brittany Malone led the Eagles with 18 points to go with her five rebounds. Stacia Bryson scored five points and grabbed a teamhigh eight rebounds. Kali Mertens finished with eight points, four rebounds, three assists and five steals. Mara Weis collected three steals in the loss.

Nodaway Valley 59, Central Decatur 57 LEON — Nodaway Valley played spoiler here Friday in a Pride of Iowa Conference matchup with Central Decatur, beating the Cardinals 59-57. Less than a week after the Cardinals pulled even with Interstate 35 for the lead in the conference, Nodaway Valley gave them their second conference loss of the season at

8-2. Nodaway Valley improved to 9-6 overall and 8-3 in the conference. “The girls took a big step in defining who they are tonight,” head coach Tom Thompson said. “Eleven turnovers against a pressing team was one key. Composure down the stretch under coach MacKinnon’s guidance and showing the desire to win big games.” Christine Gross hit four straight shots during a stretch in the third quarter for the Wolverines, scoring 10 points to go with six assists. Emily Huntington and Josie Carter each hit big 3-pointers in the fourth quarter. Huntington finished with seven points, while Carter scored 12. Paige McElfish led the Wolverines with 18 points and 13 rebounds, while Josie Clarke added eight points and eight boards. “Mercedes Harter and Jess Nelson provided a valuable spark with pres-

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Wayne 45, Mount Ayr 43 MOUNT AYR — Mount Ayr saw a sevenpoint lead evaporate in the final minute in a 45-43 loss to Wayne here on Friday. “We didn’t finish this one out,” head coach Thad Streit said. “We played good basketball for 31 minutes and we let it slip through our fingers. This one hurts as we had it won.” Paige Daughton recorded a double-double with 10 points and 13 rebounds, while also dishing out five assists. Freshman Kelcie Shields added 10 points and five boards off the bench. Tess Shields scored seven points with five rebounds, while Allie Shields Please see GIRLS, page 10A

The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union released girls basketball regional tournament pairings Monday afternoon. First-round matchups are listed below in order of how they appear on the bracket. Dates are listed for each class for the days of scheduled games. Class 4A games will be played Feb. 19, 22 and 25 and Creston opens regional play the same way as last year — traveling to Glenwood. The winner meets Lewis Central, which drew MSM 61, a bye. Class 4A Southwest Valley 39 Feb. 19, 22, 25 MARTENSDALE — A Region 8 Lewis Central (bye); CresPlease see ton at Glenwood; Dallas BOYS, page 10A

Center Grimes (bye); Des Moines Hoover at Winterset. Region 7 Harlan (bye); Carroll at Denison-Schleswig; Boone (bye); Webster City at Saydel. Class 3A Feb. 15, 19, 22 Region 2 OA-BCIG at MOC-Floyd Valley; East Sac County at Sergeant Bluff-Luton; Clarinda at Shenandoah; Atlantic at Red Oak. Class 2A Feb. 15, 18, 21, 24 Region 7 South Central Calhoun (bye), Prairie Valley at Audubon; IKM-Manning (bye); Riverside at AHST; Panorama (bye); Earlham at Nodaway Valley; Central

Decatur (bye); Southwest Valley at Mount Ayr. Class 1A Feb. 13, 18, 21, 24 Region 7 Stanton (bye); Clarinda Academy at Sidney; Nishnabotna at Fremont-Mills; East Mills at Essex; Murray (bye); Diagonal at Lenox; South Page at Bedford; East Union at Lamoni. Region 6 Colo-Nesco (bye); Northeast Hamilton at Southeast Webster-Grand; Iowa Christian at Coon Rapids-Bayard; Glidden-Ralston at PatonChurdan; Ankeny Christian (bye); CAM at Guthrie Center; Orient-Macksburg vs. Grandview Park Baptist at Saydel; Southeast Warren at Martensdale-St. Marys.

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sure defense and strong ballhandling, and Clarke and McElfish continued to grow,” Thompson said. “A complete team effort.”

Creston girls open at Glenwood

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Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SWCC: Continued from page 8A

Houston said. On Saturday, Jasmin Howe’s 24 points led four Marshalltown palyers in double figures as the Tigers beat the Spartans 84-54 in Iowa Community College Athletic Conference Division II play. The Spartans slipped to 1-7 in league play and Marshalltown improved

to 5-3 in fourth place, and 14-5 overall. J’myrehea Douglas finished with 4-of-5 shooting from the field and eight points with seven rebounds for Southwestern. Kristin Klocksiem led Southwestern with 12 points and Vanderhoof tallied 11 points. Southwestern hosts Iowa Lakes at 1 p.m. Saturday prior to the men’s game.

SATURDAY MARSHALLTOWN (84) — Jasmin Howe 24, Ashley Salgado 17, Jamerka Martin 16, Ilsie Calles 10. 3-point goals — 10. SOUTHWESTERN (54) — Kristin Klocksiem 5 0-0 12, Jill Vanderhoof 4 2-2 11, J’myrehea Douglas 4 0-2 8, Darian Polson 2 1-3 6, Morgan Knorr 3 0-0 6, Jordan Williamson 1 2-2 4, Na Keyia Harris 1 2-2 4, Katelynn Sowers 1 0-0 3. Totals — 21 7-11 54. FG shooting — 21-43 (49 percent). 3-point goals — 5-16 (Klocksiem 2, Sowers 1, Vanderhoof 1, Polson 1).

Rebounds — 23 (Douglas 7, Polson 4, Russell 4). Assists — 13 (Knorr 4). Steals — 3 (Russell 1, Douglas 1, Klocksiem 1). Turnovers — 21. Team fouls — 22. Fouled out — None. Marshalltown — 41 84 SWCC — 25 54 MONDAY SIMPSON JV (52). SOUTHWESTERN (59) — Darian Polson 15, Morgan Knorr 14, Jill Vanderhoof 10, Peyton Russell 10, Kristin Klocksiem 5, Na Keyia Harris 4, Jordan Williamson 1. Simpson JV — 23 52 SWCC — 29 59

nior last year, so we brought back four starters, but some younger guys who didn’t get a lot of minutes last year were trying to understand the system. I think they bought in over Christmas break.” Teams on the consolation side of the conference tournament bracket don’t get a third

or fourth game, so to fill a gap in the schedule O-M has scheduled a game Friday at Moravia. The Bulldogs make a return trip there on Feb. 10. “On Friday we’re going over to play a boys game, and then a half of JV after,” Dornack said.

9 2-4 20, Troy Lee 1 3-4 5, Travis Ernst 2 3-4 5, Zach Moore 1 0-0 2, Jacob Marlin 1 0-0 2. Totals — 20 13-18 54. 3-point goals — Wettering 3. Orient-Macksburg (76) — Chantz Davidson 15 0-0 30, Jesse Johnson 5 2-3 12, Dylan Nichols 4 0-0 10, Jordan Thompson 0 7-8 7, James Sullivan 3 0-0 6, Wyatt Hensley 2 0-0 4, Seth White 1 1-2 3, A.J. Kralik 0 2-2 2, Logan Holste 1 0-0 2. Totals — 31 12-16 76. 3-point goals — Nichols 2.

BULLDOGS: Continued from page 8A

Johnson had 12 points and Thompson provided 7-of-8 shooting at the free throw line. The 76 points is a season high for the Bulldogs. “Our guys are maturing,” Dornack said. “We lost Jacob Caviness as our only se-


Melcher-Dallas (57) — Chase Wettering 6 5-6 20, Brock Breese


Continued from page 9A

poor shooting night cost Southwest Valley here Friday in a 61-39 loss to Martensdale-St. Marys. The Timberwolves shot 0-of-11 from behind the 3-point line and shot under 50 percent from the free throw line in the loss. Keegan Longabaugh led the Timberwolves with 10 points to go with seven rebounds. Colten Drake added nine points and nine rebounds. Scott Vanderhoof scored eight points and grabbed nine rebounds. Nick Spring scored six points and finished with four rebounds. Evan Baldwin contributed four points and Lane Peterson scored two points.

Pleasantville 64, East Union 47 AFTON — Pleasantville pulled away from East Union in the second half here on Friday for a 64-47 win over the Eagles. East Union trailed just 32-27 at halftime, but couldn’t keep pace with one of the top teams in the Pride of Iowa Conference. Trevor Barnett and

Jesse Akers each scored 10 points to lead the Eagles. Sean Schmitz added six points, as did Tyler Kelley. Brandon Hulsey scored five points, while Cole Campbell and Mason Gossman each netted four points. Dustin Hoyt scored two points for East Union.

Lenox 71, SE Warren 33

Continued from page 9A

scored six points. Megan Warin scored five points, while Brook Rychnovsky scored three. Ashton Johnston added two points.

MSM 50, Southwest Valley 38 MARTENSDALE — After combining for 46 points in the first quarter, Southwest Valley and Martensdale-St. Marys combined to score just two points in the second quarter. But, Martensdale-St. Marys pulled away in the second half for a 50-38 win over the Timberwolves. “We really struggled breaking their press,” cocoach Sandy Winter said. “In addition to that, we didn’t shoot well.” Sydney Maynes scored nine points with seven rebounds to lead Southwest Valley. Marissa Drake added seven points with seven boards. Mikayla Dolch scored six points, while Kelsie Kinman and Gentry Johannes each netted five points. Lexi Bronner scored four points.

LENOX — Lenox led 44-11 at halftime, and spent much of the second half with a continuous clock in a 71-33 win over Southeast Warren here on Friday. Caleb Lange scored 20 points to lead the Tigers, while Spencer Brown added 19 points. Dawson Tullberg contributed nine points and Frank Martinez scored eight. Carson Cline scored six points, while Todd Stoaks pitched in four. A Dustin Gordon 3-pointer to start the second half started the continuous clock. Kaleb Anderson added two points. “Lenox played good team basketball, having assists account for 20 of Murray 79, the 28 field goals,” co- Moravia 36 coach Jesse Cox said.

MURRAY — Murray improved to 13-2 for the season and 9-1 in the Bluegrass Conference with a 79-36 win over Moravia here on Friday. Megan Oswald had a big game with 20 points and 12 rebounds for the Lady Mustangs. Madison Gonseth also re- Oswald corded a doubledouble with 12 points and 11 boards. Deena Snyder came up one rebound short of a double-double with 10 points and nine boards. Kate Patton scored 16 points with six assists and six steals. Cheyanne Ashby added eight points, while Courtney Siefkas contributed six points and six boards. “Got back on the winning track in a big way Friday,” head coach Jerry Shields said. “Had two girls get double-doubles and a third just missed. Good all-around scoring tonight and we played a lot better defense. Went on a 42-7 run between the first and third quarter.”

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CLARK'S TREE & STUMP Removal. Free Estimates, Insured. Call 641-782-4907 or 641342-1940.


TO OUR READERS Creston Publishing Company does not knowingly accept advertising which is in violation of the law. We do not knowingly accept advertising that is fraudulent or has malicious intent. While we attempt to screen advertising with potential of fraud, it is impossible to screen all potential problems. We strongly encourage readers to exercise caution and common sense, particularly when dealing with unfamiliar companies.

NOW HIRING! Truck Driving School Instructors. Join CRST's brand new training school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Relocation assistance provided. Call: 866-3669247; email: USPS JOB OPPORTUNITIES NON CAREER POSTAL POSITIONS FOR CRESTON AND AFTON Rural Carrier Assistant (RCA) $16.26 Apply at Click on Careers at the bottom of the page Create your profile and apply Select IOWA Will be posted Jan. 24-30th. Inquire at Creston Post Office at 641-7822184.

STEEL BUILDING BARGAINS Allocated Discounts. We do deals 30x40, 50x60, 100x100 and more. Total Construction and Blueprints Available

Help Wanted

Source #18X 800-964-8335

– Wait Staff – Apply in person

Cash, Cows, Corn, Cars- You’ll find them all in Classified Ads. 782-2141.

Creston Family Restaurant Hwy. 34 • Creston


Real Estate

FOR SALE: PUREBRED registered black Angus bulls, freeze branded, semen checked, good disposition. Also purebred open heifers. Bradley Angus Farms, 641-344-3875.

FOR SALE: 2-bedroom remodeled house. $25,000. $4000 down, $21,000 financed by owner, 9% interest, $400.00 monthly payments, 641-344-3201.

Auction Calendar Complete sale information is published in the Wednesday edition of the Creston News Advertiser and/or the Southwest Iowa Advertiser

Sat. Feb. 15- 1:00PM Kellerton, IA. Large Farm Machinery, Caterpillar D76 Dozer, John Deere 7200 8 Row Planter for Brad West Estate. Auctioneers: Jim Smith, Curt Pierschbacher. Advertise your auction in the CNA Classifieds and we will include it in our “Auction Calendar.”

WANTED: CNAs Evening Shift Night Shift

“The People Place... more than just a nursing facility!”

Greenfield Manor and Assisted Living


615 S. E. Kent, Greenfield, IA 50849 EOE

RETIREMENT OPEN HOUSE Honoring Creston Publishing Company Newsroom Managing Editor

Stephani Finley Thursday, January 30th 1:00 - 3:00 PM at Creston News Advertiser 503 W. Adams, Creston

Help us thank Stephani for 16 years of dedicated service and wish her good luck on her retirement!

Lenox Care Center is taking applications for

Full-time aCtIVItY DIreCtor Generous Wages and Benefits Contact: Gail at 641-333-2226 for more information

WANTED: Part-time Janitor

at the Afton United Methodist Church in Afton, Iowa Please call 641-347-8847 to apply.

Help wanted Assistant Service Manager/Service Advisor

Full Time • Benefit Package Competitive Wage — must have — • Automotive Knowledge • Excellent Customer Service Skills • Valid Driver’s License • Detail Oriented

— Apply in Person or Send Resumè —

Stalker Chevrolet 601 S. Sumner Avenue Creston, Iowa 50801

Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Rent

$50 or Less

New Today 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT, $400/month, plus deposit, no pets, NO SMOKING, references required, 641344-3201. NICE, CLEAN, LARGE 1 bedroom apartment in Afton, water/sewer, garbage, internet & DISH, stove/refrigerator included, washer/dryer on premises, $495/mo., 641-344-5478. 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT, stove and refrigerator furnished, and heat, water, and laundry paid, deposit and references required, 641344-5762. 2 BEDROOM HOUSE in Creston, $400/mo. plus deposit and utilities, 612 S. Division, no pets, 515-401-6616. READY FOR A DEAL ON FO UR WHEELS? Nobody tops the auto listings in the CNA Classifieds! 782-2141.

$50 or Less BEGINNERS WEIGHT BENCH, $20.00; modern style china cabinet, 2 glass doors, 4 legs, 65½ ” tall, 36” wide & 16” deep, $40.00; 641782-7714 leave message.


2 GLASS AND METAL BUSINESS end tables, $10.00 each; OPPORTUNITIES Home Interiors Wine Rack Shelf, $15.00; CONTRACT SALESwooden doll cradle, PERSONS sell aerial $25.00; 641-782-0006. photography of farms, TO GIVE A WAY TO A commission basis, good home a very nice, $1,000-$2,000 weekly affectionate house cat. depending on sales Black tortoise shell with experience. Travel rewhite markings. Neutered, declawed and quired. More info at or litter trained. Owner travels a lot and he's 877/882-3566 (INCN) very lonely. Tigger HELP WANTED- TRUCK would be a great comDRIVER panion for an older person. Good with kids. Best lease purchase Eight years old and cur- in the USA, 99¢/gal. rent on all shots. 641- fuel program, new344-0757. est tractors & trailers available anywhere. Autos Top pay, medical insurance program, good Hirschbach BLACK 2013 CHEVRO- miles. LET Silverado pickup, 888-514-6005 www. V8, tool box, running (INCN) boards, 641-782-8284. OTR Drivers needed for Solo & Team Positions. Statewides Midwest and West Coast Traffic Lanes, Competitive pay, AsADOPTION signed 2013 & 2014 Devoted, affectionate Kenworths. Safety/ professional couple will Productivity Incentives, help you, uncondition- Consistent Miles, Call ally love & be hands on 800-645-3748 (INCN) with your baby; mainTanTara Transportatain contact. Allowed extion is now hiring OTR penses paid. Doug & Liz Company Flatbed Driv800-918-4773. (INCN) ers and Owner Opera-

Union County Land Auction Friday, February 14th @ 10:00 AM Supertel Inn Conference Room - Creston, IA Rare opportunity in strong farming area to bid on 311.89 Acres M/L. Property to be sold in two tracts.







tors. Competitive Pay and Home Time. Call us @ 800-650-0292 or apply online at www. (INCN)

DISH TV Retailer. Starting $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) Broadband Internet starting $14.95/month (where available.) Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800853-0339 (INCN)

or apply online: www. (MCN)

hottest new workfrom-home opportunity sweeping the world today. Let me help you succeed. Watch our no obligation videos: www. 1-616432-9251 (MCN)

TO HELP WOMEN LOSE WEIGHT Fast Where They Need To Most… Learn How To Lose The Weight Fast And Keep It Off For Good!!! Call 1-646-397-6022 Or Go To: (MCN)

Toll Free 1-888-8038733, (IOWA ONLY) (MCN)

“Partners in Excellence” OTR Drivers APU Equipped PrePass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & Newer equipment. 100% NO touch. Butler Transport 1-800-5287825 (INCN) Drivers: CDL-A Train and work for us! Professional, focused CDL training available. Choose Company Driver, Owner Operator, Lease Operator or Lease Trainer. (877) 369-7895 www. (INCN) MISCELLANEOUS Advertise your product or recruit an applicant in over 250 Iowa newspapers! Only $300/ week. That is $1.18 per paper! Call this paper or 800-227-7636 www. (INCN) - Listing #11604


Spring Agronomy Personnel Creston, IA

HORSE SALE: Belle Plaine Western Exchange, Belle Plaine, IA. Next Scheduled Sale: Saturday,February 8, 2014. Tack 10:00 a.m., Horses immediately following. Sale 2nd Saturday of every month. Upcoming Sale: March 8, 2014. Check out our website for details and sale; Info/ To Consign: 319-4442320; email: bpwe@ (MCN) JACOBSON TRANSPORTATION is seeking Class A CDL Drivers for Dedicated Customer Accounts in the Midwest. We offer Excellent Pay, Benefits, and Great Home Time! Call 1-800-397-8132

ADOPTION: LOVING, HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE wishes to adopt infant and give love, laughter, and stability. Please call Mara and Wil at 1-800-983-9095. Expenses paid (MCN) We BUY used Manufactured Homes, Single and Double Wides. Call 641-672-2344 (IOWA ONLY) (MCN) TRAILER SALE: 6’x12’ Cargo $2,249.00; 82”x16’+2’ Car hauler 7k $2,266.00; 82”x18’ tilt 9,990# lift off fenders $3,588.00; Used Mauer 82”x16’ 14,000# Skid load trailer $2,640.00; 16’+4’ Gravity tilt 14,000# $4,819.00; 100”x22’ Aluminum Electric Tilt 14,000#. For more prices & information:; 1-515972-4554 (MCN) MOBILE APPS BUSINESS: Be part of the

Dalton Ag, Inc., located in Lenox, Iowa is a premier manufacturer of fertilizer application equipment. Our products are sold throughout the corn belt and exported to several countries. Dalton Ag became a subsidiary of Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc. in January 2014, allowing us to become 100% employee owned. We are looking for dedicated and career minded people to join our growing and exciting company.


Tract 1: 159.89 acres M/L with 147.72 tillable acres and a tillable CSR of 61.9. Tract 2: 152 acres M/L with 139.16 tillable acres and a tillable CSR of 57.4. Farm is located north of Creston in Section 11 of Spaulding Township. Matt Adams • 515.423.9235 Steve Bruere • 515.240.7500


Welding applicants must be proficient with MIG welding and reading blue prints. Stainless steel welding experience a plus. All positions must have solid work histories and be able to lift a minimum of 75 lbs. We offer competitive wages, benefits, and overtime. Dalton Ag, Inc is an employee owned company.

for work in our agronomy department. Some extended hours and weekends. Competitive Wages Driver’s License and Drug Screening Required We operate a drug free environment. Contact:

Mike Merchant • 641-782-0123

— Helena is an equal opportunity employer —

To apply, stop by 602 E. Van Buren in Lenox between the hours of 7 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. EOE


Tuesday, February 4Th INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE MECHANICS Osceola Foods, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company is seeking an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic for our second shift. Successful maintenance applicants will have welding ability, maintenance experience with processing equipment, working knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and the ability to troubleshoot. Successful candidates will work in our modern food processing facility located in Osceola, Iowa, and enjoy competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefit package. A combination of experience and/or training at an accredited technical school will be given consideration. Industrial Mechanics are given regular performance and salary reviews. Wages based on experience & education. Starting pay ranges from trainee positions at approximately $14/hour up to mechanic & electrician positions starting at approximately $17/hour. Please stop by your nearest Workforce Development Center to fill out an application along with a summary of qualifications and work experience. Applications can also be picked up at Osceola Foods and mailed back to Jared Lee, 1027 Warren Ave. Osceola, IA. 50213.

Osceola Foods, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Interviews being conducted from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Michael Foods, Inc. in Lenox, Iowa, has immediate opportunities for employment on 1st, 2nd & 3rd shifts Michael Foods is a diversified food processor and distributor with businesses in egg products, refrigerated grocery products and refrigerated potato products. Previous experience in food manufacturing is not required.

We will train people with a solid work history! For further information contact Human Resources at (641) 333-4700 or come to the plant (1009 S. Brooks St.) to apply Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Announcing e recent plant wid pay rate increases! Attn: Human Resources 1009 South Brooks St. • Lenox, IA 50851 Fax (641) 333-4800 • Phone (641) 333-4700 EOE/AAP

TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED – Up to $7,500.00 Sign-on Bonus! Top 100 Companies! Great Pay, Home Time and Benefits! Choose the Best Job! Apply at: (MCN) BREAKTHROUGH TIPS

FRUIT TREES Low As $16.00! Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Asparagus, Evergreen & Hardwood Plants. FREE Catalog. WOODSTOCK NURSERY N1831 Hwy 95 Neillsville, WI 54456

MINNEAPOLIS BASED COMPANY EXPANDING ACROSS NATION. We need sales reps with excellent opportunity to move into sales management. Excellent commissions. We train. Ag/construction experience a plus. Call 1-888-3720594 ext405 (MCN) STOP LOOKING - it’s all in the Want Ads.

Accepting applications for

Clubhouse Manager

for Lakeshore Golf & Country Club in Afton, IA.

Please submit resume to Lakeshore Golf Club, P. O. Box 225, Afton, IA 50830 by February 13, 2014

Look at it, Like it, Buy it Unpack and enjoy... all the updates have been done. This 3BR ranch home has a fenced in back yard and is close to Rainbow Park. Kitchen was completely remodeled in 2009 and all new appliances stay. Price Reduced $89,000. Contact me today for your showing... Marie Chapman, REALTOR®

208 N Maple - CrestoN, Iowa • 641-782-8516

Dial-AService homE SERvICES DIRECToRY Find the right people for the job, right here.


Siding & Windows

Ruth R. Long, CPA-CFP. Complete accounting, financial planning, consulting, electronic filing and tax services for business or individuals. Reasonable fees. 620 1/2 New York Ave. 641-782-7CPA (7272)

GAULE EXTERIoRS Steel and vinyl siding, replacement windows and seamless guttering. Quality craftsmanship, over a decade of professional service in Southwest Iowa. 641-782-0905.

Backhoe & Bulldozer KINKADE INDUSTRIES INC. Complete backhoe service with extra reach bucket. Sanitary systems, basements, crawl spaces, dig footings with trencher or hoe. Free estimates. Eb Knuth, 641-782-2290; 641-202-2012.

WESTmAN WINDoWS. Replacement windows tilt for easy cleaning and rebates bays, bows, sliders, etc. Any custom size and shape, 30+ years in Creston. I sell, service and install, for no-pressure estimate call Charlie Westman 641-782-4590 or 641-344-5523.

Computer Repair

BoWmAN SIDING & WINDoWS. All major brands of vinyl and steel siding, Heartland, Traco and Revere thermal replacement windows. Recipient of the Revere Premium Renovator Award. Seamless guttering and Leaf Relief gutter covers. 33 years of continuous reliable service in Southwest Iowa, Glass QUALITY GLASS Co. Automotive, free estimates, 641-322-5160 home, business and farm. or 1-800-245-0337. Commercial lock service and Storage trailer sales. hwy 34 East, in Creston 641-782-5155 ShARP’S SELF-SToRAGE Boats, records, inventory, furniture. Plumber You store it, lock it, take the SChRoEDER PLUmBING and key. Industrial Park, Creston, ELECTRICAL. Central air repair/ 641-782-6227. new installations, new breaker Tree Service boxes, lighting fixtures, softeners, water heaters. Specialize in mINERS TREE SERvICE. Tree manufactured and mobile homes. Removal, Trimming, Stump Free estimates, licensed, insured, Grinding, fully insured. Free 641-202-1048. Accept Visa & estimates. Justin miner, Mastercard. 712-621-4847. SPRoUSE ComPUTER SoLUTIoNS. 120 N. main, Lenox, 641-780-5760 12 years experience. Reasonable & Quality PC repair and tutoring.

Alegent Creighton Clinics Seeks

Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant We have a full time position available for a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant to work primarily in the Corning Clinic. Duties will include rotating hours in a satellite clinic in Taylor County and Saturday morning rotation.

You’ll find Bushels of Bargains in the Creston News Advertiser Classifieds!

• Requirements for Nurse Practitioner: Minimum of a Masters Degree in Nursing with completion of a Nurse Practitioner program, current Iowa RN License, must be licensed as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner ARNP-IA • Requirements for Physician Assistant: Must be a graduate of a Physician Assistant program, have a current license to practice as a Physician Assistant in Iowa and must have current Physician Assistant Certification.

Inquiries regarding position may be made to Deb Goldsmith, To apply go to, then search jobs and Enter Req. 1400000644 For application assistance, contact Sandi Lammers, Alegent Creighton Health Mercy Hospital Corning, call: 641-322-6279; Email:



Creston News Advertiser Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As Obama prepares for address, many previous proposals remain unfinished The president’s State of the Union speech is slated for 8 p.m. Tuesday

a hearing on a bill to expand preschool. White House spokesman Jay Carney conceded that progress on last year’s proposals was “modest,” but searched for a favorable benchmark: “It was not modest compared to what we’d seen in previous years.” Obama’s predicament is hardly unique. Nearly all modern presidents have used the State of the Union address to showcase policy goals both real and still somewhat imagined. The proposals have been high-minded. But they have also been small-bore (President Bill Clinton famously endorsed school uniforms and watching less television). They have been dreamy (President George H.W. Bush wanted money “to plant a billion trees a year”). They have been catchy (Obama’s “Buffett rule” would have ensured that billionaires paid a higher tax rate). And they have included fixtures, such as health care reform, that have featured in nearly every address for decades. For Obama, the revolving cast has also included mortgage assistance, infrastructure spending, tax reform and college affordability. Despite the prime-time spotlight, many proposals

WASHINGTON (MCT) — A year ago, when President Barack Obama delivered his State of Union speech before Congress and imagined providing preschool for all 4-year-olds, he followed his expansive vision with a bit of candor. “That’s something we should be able to do,” he said. The president’s tone — more aspirational than expectant — was a nod to the reality of this annual Washington ritual. Little of what the president proposes in his most high-profile speech of the year is likely to get done, at least not any time soon. As Obama polishes a fresh list of ideas to tick off Tuesday night, many of last year’s proposals remain unfinished — stymied by politically divided Washington. His gun-control push has petered out. His immigration overhaul is stuck in the Republican-led House. Congress has not heeded his call to raise the minimum wage. And, in the year since his speech, neither the House nor the Senate, where his party is in control, has even held

seem to fade quickly. The president wants to work with Congress, Pfeiffer wrote over the weekend in an email to supporters, but “will not wait for Congress.” Obama made similar pledges to flex his executive muscle in last year’s speech and spent the last few weeks making good on some. He named five “promise zones,” impoverished areas that received top priority for federal money. He awarded a research project in North Carolina millions of dollars, as part of his goal of creating a network of manufacturing innovation centers. He accepted a report on voting reform from a commission he had touted. On Tuesday, he will announce new initiatives, which the White House has declined to discuss. “He’ll certainly aim high,” Carney said. “Presidents ought to aim high. I don’t think any president has ever gone before Congress and said, ‘I hope to do this, this, this and this with you that year’ and, at the end of the year, discovered that his list was too short, that everything got done.” Still, the status of past proposals offers a glimpse of the prospects for success. Most initiatives Obama can push on his own are incremental,

(Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT)

President Barack Obama speaks at the J.W. Isenhour Tennis Center on the campus of N.C. State University in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014.

while most large-scale proposals move at glacial pace, or not at all. Republicans on Capitol Hill are no more likely this year than last to endorse expensive programs — even in the name of job creation. They have shown little interest in minimum-wage legislation; bills that would raise it to more than $10 per hour have drawn no Republican co-sponsors. The first year in the life of Obama’s preschool plan illustrates the nature of the hurdles ahead. Although

GOP governors have moved to expand public preschool and polls show such efforts are popular, the launch of the federal effort was slow and sputtering. The White House proposed paying to make preschool available to 4-yearolds in nearly all low- and moderate-income families with a 94-cent tobacco tax, an idea spurned by lawmakers from both parties. “I was happy to see they at least had some sort of plan for paying for this. It was in itself a bold statement,” said Lisa Guern-

sey, director of the early education initiative at the New America Foundation. “But in reality the idea of raising a tax to pay for this was met with a lot of silence.” The bill took months to draft and, even then, did not include a way to pay for it. But the budget bill passed earlier this month included $250 million to help states expand preschool programs. —————— ©2014 Tribune Co. Visit Tribune Co. at www. MCT Information Services



Equinox fwD 1lT

• 2012 chevy •

SilvEraDo 1500

• 2011 chevy •

SilvEraDo 2500hD

• 2007 chevy •

SilvEraDo 2500hD


MSRP $28,320

4 Cyl., Chrome Wheels, Crystal Red Crew Cab, LT, Z71, Victory Red • 68K Miles


SALE PRICE 415.43/mo**



• 2011 chevy •

SilvEraDo 1500

Crew Cab, LT, 4x4, 6.0 V8, White • 52K Miles

Crew Cab, LT, 4x4, Duramax Diesel, Silver •112K Miles Stk.#13215A


475. /




• 2008 GMc •

yukon DEnali awD


SALE PRICE 25,500 ***

SavE BiG!


482. /




• 2008 chevy •

SilvEraDo 1500



• 2013 chevy •


TravErSE lS

MSRP $31,595 FWD, Silver Crew Cab, LT, 4x4, Z71, 5.3 V8, Silver • 72K Miles


381. /




Heated Leather, Sunroof, DVD, Nav., Black • 117K Miles


431. /





Crew Cab, LT, 4x4, Maroon • 52K Miles




PRe-OWNeD CaRS 2013 chevy cruze lt, 4 Dr., 4 Cyl., Blue ...................................................................................................17K MILES 2013 chevy impala lt1, Red ....................................................................................................................21K MILES 2013 chevy impala ltz, 3.6 V6, Heated Leather, Sunroof, Black ...............................................................23K MILES 2013 chevy malibu 1lt, 2.5 4 Cyl., Black ................................................................................................14K MILES 2012 chevy cruze eco, 4 Dr., 1.4 4 Cyl., Black ........................................................................................19K MILES 2012 chevy impala lt, 4 Dr. Sedan, 3.6 V6, Sunroof, White ......................................................................16K MILES 2012 nissan versa special edition, Full Power, Auto, Red ....................................................................35K MILES 2011 chevy malibu lt, 2.4 4 Cyl., Mocha...................................................................................................43K MILES 2010 buick lacrosse cxs, 3.6 V6, Heated Leather, Sunroof, White Diamond ...........................................48K MILES 2010 mercury grand marquis ultimate, Leather, Loaded, Silver ........................................................57K MILES 2009 pontiac g6, 4 Dr., V6, Red .................................................................................................................78K MILES 2009 nissan maxima sport, 3.5 V6, Leather, Sunroof, Loaded, Silver .....................................................29K MILES 2009 subaru forester premium wagon, 2.5 4 Cyl., Sunroof, Gray.........................................................50K MILES 2008 chevy malibu lt1, 4 Cyl., Power Seat, Remote Start, Silver .................................................................91K MILES 2008 chevy impala lt, 3.5 V6, Silver .........................................................................................................51K MILES 2008 nissan altima sl, Leather, Navigation, Sunroof, Black ..................................................................104K MILES 2007 ford focus se, 4 Cyl., Automatic, Red ............................................................................................69K MILES 2007 chrysler 300c, 5.7 V8 Hemi, Heated Leather, Loaded, Maroon ............................................................56K MILES 2006 chevy impala ss, 5.3 V8, Heated Leather, Sunroof, Black ................................................................68K MILES 2006 cadillac dts, Sedan, Loaded, Heated Leather, Sunroof, Silver .........................................................67K MILES 2006 cadillac dts, V8, Heated Leather, Loaded, Maroon .........................................................................73K MILES 2006 nissan altima ser, 3.5 V6, Leather, Sunroof, Loaded, Black ...........................................................69K MILES 2004 lincoln town car ultimate, 4.6 V8, White .....................................................................................46K MILES 1978 chevy corvette coupe, T-Tops, White ...........................................................................................37K MILES

PRe-OWNeD VaNS 2012 chrysler town & country touring, Leather, DVD, Loaded, Silver...............................................35K MILES 2010 dodge grand caravan, 3.3 V6, Stow ‘n Go, Gold ..............................................................................41K MILES 2007 dodge grand caravan, 3.8 V6, Blue ...............................................................................................97K MILES

PRe-OWNeD SUVS 2013 chevy captiva lt, FWD, 4 Cyl., White.................................................................................................24K MILES 2013 chevy equinox fwd lt, 4 Cyl., Red ..................................................................................................16K MILES 2013 ford edge limited awd, V6, Leather, Loaded, Black ............................................................................... 38K MILES 2012 chevy traverse lt fwd, 3.6 V6, 8-Passenger, Blue...........................................................................39K MILES 2011 chevy equinox lt fwd, 4 Cyl., Black ................................................................................................33K MILES 2011 chevy traverse lt, All-Star Package, Buckets, 20” Wheels, Red .........................................................53K MILES



SALE PRICE $28,500 ***

SavE BiG!

PRe-OWNeD SUVS, Con’t. 2011 gmc terrain sle fwd, 2.4 4 Cyl., Blue.............................................................................................38K MILES 2010 chevy traverse awd ltz, DVD, Sunroof, Loaded, White Diamond .......................................................88K MILES 2010 chevy traverse awd lt, Heated Leather, 2nd Row Buckets, Black .....................................................56K MILES 2010 chevy traverse awd 2lt, Heated Leather, 2nd Row Buckets, Silver ...................................................46K MILES 2010 chevy equinox fwd lt1, Silver .......................................................................................................43K MILES 2010 chevy equinox lt fwd, 2.4 4 Cyl., Red ............................................................................................47K MILES 2010 cadillac srx awd, Luxury Package, Navigation, Sunroof, Loaded, Silver ..............................................44K MILES 2009 chevy tahoe lt3 4x4, Heated Leather, Sunroof, DVD, Black .................................................................80K MILES 2009 chevy suburban 1500 lt, Leather, 8-Passenger, DVD, Maroon .......................................................96K MILES 2009 chevy suburban 1500 lt 4x4, 5.3 V8, 8 Pass., White.....................................................................97K MILES 2009 chevy traverse 2lt awd, Heated Leather, Sunroof, DVD, Gray .......................................................72K MILES 2008 gmc yukon denali, Heated Leather, DVD, Sunroof, Black ..................................................................117K MILES 2007 hyundai santa fe, 3.3 V6, FWD, Maroon ...........................................................................................58K MILES 2006 chevy trailblazer 4x4, Gray .......................................................................................................103K MILES 2005 jeep grand cherokee 4x4, Silver ..................................................................................................72K MILES 2003 ford escape xlt 4x4, 3.0 V6, Gray...................................................................................................89K MILES

PRe-OWNeD tRUCKS 2012 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4 lt1, Red.............................................................................64K MILES 2012 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4 z71, Red ............................................................................68K MILES 2011 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab lt 4x4, 5.3 V8, Black .................................................................54K MILES 2011 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab lt z71 4x4, Gray............................................................................. 67K MILES 2011 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab ltz 4x4, Leather, Loaded, White Diamond ..................................... 101K MILES 2011 chevy silverado 2500hd crew cab lt, Diesel, Black ....................................................................80K MILES 2011 ford f150 supercrew lariat 4x4, Loaded, Ecoboost V6, White Diamond .........................................31K MILES 2010 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4 lt1 z71, White ...................................................................50K MILES 2010 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab lt z71 4x4, Silver.....................................................................62K MILES 2010 ford f150 ext 4x4 lariat, Leather, White Diamond .......................................................................90K MILES 2008 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab 2lt 4x4, Bucket Seats, Maroon ................................................54K MILES 2008 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab lt z71, 5.3 V8, Silver..................................................................57K MILES NEW ARRIVAL 2008 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab lt 4x4, 5.3 V8, Z71, White ...................................52K MILES 2008 gmc sierra 2500hd ext cab sle 4x4, Duramax Diesel, White ................................141K MILES NEW ARRIVAL 2007 chevy silverado 2500hd crew cab classic 4x4 lt1, Duramax Diesel, Silver ..........................112K MILES 2007 chevy 3500 crew dually 4x4 lt1, Duramax Diesel, Gray ..............................................................76K MILES 2007 dodge ram 2500 reg cab 4x4 slt, Hemi V8, Red ...........................................................................63K MILES 2006 gmc canyon ext cab 2wd, 4 Cyl., Silver ........................................................................................99K MILES NEW ARRIVAL 2005 chevy silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4 z71, Heated Leather, Black ...........................76K MILES

*Financing 4.99% for 60 months plus tax, title & license fees. With approved credit. **Financing 4.99% for 72 months plus tax, title & license fees. With approved credit. ***All rebates to dealer. All customers may not qualify for all rebates. See dealer for details.

Come make your BEST DEal with our Friendly & Knowledgeable sales staff!


601 S. Sumner • Hwy 34/25 Junction • Creston, IA

Scan me with your Smart Phone!

Dick Linderman

Nick Jannings

Ron Higgins




the BeSt DealS at...

Over 20 Lending Institutions Available!





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