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Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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He’s a Pistole: Storm coach comes home ... with new BV head coach Mat Pistole Editor’s note: BCR Sports Editor Kevin Hieronymus, who covered Mat Pistole when he played for Bureau Valley, visited with Pistole on the eve of his first fall practices as the Storm’s new head football coach. Here is their conversation:

BCR: What does Bureau Valley Storm football mean to you?

PISTOLE: Not just football, Bureau Valley means an incredible amount to me. I got to grow up during the consolidation and reflecting on that, we were so incredibly lucky to be able to be a part of such a special process. The amount of tremendous leadership, vision, grit and passion that I was able to witness by those that drove the drastic changes we went through despite significant pushback was really inspiring. To witness a bunch of divided towns come together as one community like we did is something that I will never forget. I can’t even describe what Bureau Valley means to me, and I feel like being the head football coach is a great way for me to honor and give back to a place that has done so much for me.

BCR: How long have you wanted to be the head coach at Bureau Valley?

PISTOLE: I always was enamored with the likes of Mike Ditka, Phil Jackson and Jimmy Johnson more so than that of Walter Payton, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen like the rest of my friends. I remember I was 10 years old and they were talking on TV about the Princeton (college) basketball back door offense and they were drawing the offense up on a whiteboard. I started drawing up my own offenses right then and there. This is when I fell in love with X’s and O’s. I thought for a long time that I wanted to be a college football coach; however, once I got into college I realized how truly special high school football was, and that passion has never subsided.

BCR: How long did it take you to inquire about the job when you heard it opened up? PISTOLE: I knew I wanted the

BCR photo/Kevin Hieronymus

Mat Pistole runs over a practice play with some Bureau Valley players during the first practice day. Pistole, a 2003 alum of BV, has always wanted to be the Storm head coach and takes great pride in having his dream come true.

“I can’t even describe what Bureau Valley means to me, and I feel like being the head football coach is a great way for me to honor and give back to a place that has done so much for me.” Mat Pistole • Bureau Valley head coach job immediately when I heard that it was open; however, there were a lot of factors that needed to be considered before I made my intentions official. Mostly dealing with making sure it was the best move for my family and I had developed some pretty special relationships at Newman that I didn’t want to negatively effect. I thought long and hard for about a week, but ultimately it came down to the really positive direction I see the district going and my unwavering pursuit of living life with as few regrets as possible.

BCR: What’s the summer been like since you have taken over? What steps are you taking as not only a new head coach, but a first-time head coach?

PISTOLE: Well, since the last week of June, things have been pretty intense, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m having a blast. I’ve been preparing for this for a really long time so things have went about as expected and there

hasn’t been any earth-shattering surprises. However, there are always those things that you never think about or you take for granted when you are an assistant. I’ve invested a lot of my last few years at developing myself as a leader, regardless of in what realm, so my main focus has been setting the culture, standard, and developing this coaching staff to the best of my ability. My name might be on the program and it may be largely my vision today, but these coaches and players are what are going to make this thing go. Doing whatever I can to make everyone else around me successful is my complete focus.  

BCR: What will the Storm need to do to be successful this year?

PISTOLE: Lay the foundation, set the standard, buy in to the system, focus and control what you can control, and execute the fundamentals of the game brilliantly.  

BCR: Bureau Valley was a state power the past decade, making

the playoffs eight times, including one state championship, a state runner-up finish, a semifinal and quarterfinal appearances over a four-year stretch (2004-08), but only once in the last eight years. What is it going to take to get the program back to that level? PISTOLE: Grit, effort, accountability, relentlessness, excellence and discipline (#GEARED) — our core values. If we develop these, success will come.

BCR: You played for Jason Kirby at Bureau Valley, coached for him there and two other schools. How has he impacted your coaching style?

PISTOLE: I owe the world to coach Kirby. He started a 5-9/180 junior, slow-footed, BB gun-armed kid at QB over a 6-2/190 senior top athlete in the school that happened to also be the principal’s son. Now that is not a decision a lot of coaches would’ve been willing to make, but that is why Kirby had success. He was never afraid to be different. He was never afraid to take chances, and he was purposeful in everything he did. He was a master motivator that knew how to develop and organize a coaching staff to make

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BCR: You also coached with Hall of Famer Mike Papoccia at Newman for two years. What did you learn/gain from him?

PISTOLE: Mike Papoccia is one of the greatest men I have ever been around. He just has an aura about him that is indescribable, and anyone that has spent any significant time with him would tell you the same thing. Some of the largest impacts Mike had on me have literally nothing to do with football (and Mike can coach some football now!). He just put an incredible amount of emphasis on developing the culture and team. You could literally feel the team coming together the later in the year you got because of the team-building exercises and talks that we would have throughout a season. By the time the playoffs rolled around, there wasn’t a person in that program that wasn’t aligned with our goals and wouldn’t run through a brick wall for the person next to them. That is a very large reason why he was so successful. He was a master at developing

Here is the “selfie” taken by BV coach Mat Pistole set up for the cover photo for the BCR’s KickOff 2019 section. the team and the person. I’ll also never forget my interview with him as I thought it was going to be just him and I. However, when I walked into the room, his entire coaching staff was present. Mike didn’t ask me one question. He trusted his staff so much that he wanted them to hire me, not him. I knew right away that was an environment I could learn in and that I wanted to be a part of. And to be clear, he was right to trust his coaches, as his staff is filled with tremendous leaders and men.

BCR: Let’s talk about your coaching staff.

PISTOLE: I am so excited about our entire coaching staff. Getting to coach with my brother Derek is an added bonus as I never really knew he wanted to coach, but he has been awesome. It’s really great to spend

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ly lucky to have them by my side.

BCR: Describe the feeling you will have you take the field for the first time Aug. 30 at Erie.

PISTOLE: Knowing myself, I’m going to be so focused on the task at hand, I probably will not even realize what is happening at the time. But I’m going to try and enjoy the moment as best I can because it will be pretty special for me and my family.

BCR: And how about Sept. 6 for the first time at home against Hall? What’s that going to be like for you to step out under the turbine at BV for Friday Night Lights?

PISTOLE: Again, I’ll probably be so focused on the task at hand, but, I remember going out on that field when it was just dirt while being built and doing Heisman poses while my Grandpa took pictures. I would run around envisioning playing games there. Then I was the starting QB in the first-ever game at that field, I threw the first touchdown (and first interception ha!), played in the first playoff game, won the first conference championship, then got to coach in many more unbelievable games and be a part of some incredible teams on that field. I hope I can get myself to take a minute on that night and just reflect on how lucky I am and how honored I am to be getting to do what I’ve always wanted to do.


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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

the program as successful as possible. These are all things I am relentlessly trying to emulate. He gave me opportunities and led me down a path that has gotten me to this day, and I’m forever grateful to him.

time with him, and he is really eager to learn. Noel Warkins was literally one of my first-ever friends, and I’ve known him my entire life. He is the exact type that we want around our kids and football program, and he works really hard at being a great football coach. Tony Gripp is a future head coach. No doubt in my mind. He is really smart, just a joy to be around, and I look forward to watching him grow as a coach. Matt Wasilewski has a tremendous amount of experience being a head coach for five years; but I think his best attribute to the program is going to be his servant leader mentality that is already been very evident to me. Craig Johnson is one of my favorite people of all time, and there isn’t a person in the world that has been more loyal and committed to Bureau Valley than Craig. Craig literally thinks of everything from an administrative side of things, which is invaluable for a firsttime head coach. He also brings an incredible amount of experience and versatility from a coaching perspective. Philip Przybyla is as genuine and loyal of a guy that I have been around. He is working really hard to make himself into a great defensive coordinator, and I really look forward to watching him grow as a leader and football coach. I couldn’t be happier with my guys that I have around me and consider myself real-

Bureau Valley Nickname: Storm


No. Player Yr. Ht./Wt. 1 Logan Hardy* Sr. 6-1/140 2 Devan Batten* Sr. 6-2/190 3 Dalton Dean* Sr. 6-0/170 4 Tucker Hartz* Sr. 6-0/170 6 Egan Schiedel* Jr. 5-8/160 7 Layton Britt So. 5-9/140 9 Evan Eckberg* Jr. 6-1/175 12 Adam Johnson So. 6-0/155 13 Levi Hardy So. 6-0/170 16 Drew Spencer* Jr. 5-6/150 22 Jared Sterzinger* Sr. 5-7/170 24 Mac Nugent* Sr. 6-0/200 25 James Macklin* Sr. 5-10/190 30 David Dietz So. 5-8/140 32 Justin Kopp So. 5-9/160 33 Colin Kruse* Sr. 5-10/200 42 Jimi Davis So. 5-11/125 44 Nevin Bolin So. 6-1/175 51 Carter Haney So. 5-11/175 52 Austin Longmire So. 5-8/210 55 Trevin Cade Sr. 6-1/215 56 Matt Foster Jr. 5-8/250 58 Isaac Pond Jr. 5-11/230 62 Tom Blanford* Jr. 5-10/195 63 Eli Kruse So. 5-10/175 65 Matt Philhower* Sr. 6-0/240 66 Brady Higgins So. 6-1/180 68 James Krieger* Sr. 6-1/280 72 Hudson Blondin So. 5-8/225 76 Bryce Taylor* Sr. 6-1/230 78 Brodie Hansen So. 5-8/240 80 Logan Johnson So. 6-0/155 82 Noah Harris So. 5-6/135 84 Quintin Scott So. 5-11/125 88 Brock Foster So. 5-10/140 * Returning lettermen



Home field: Storm Stadium. Head coach: Mat Pistole (first year). Staff: Phillip Przbyla, Tony Gripp, Matt Wasilewski, Noel Warkins, Craig Johnson, Derek Pistole. Last year: 3-6 (2-4). School enrollment: 341. Colors: Columbia/navy. Class: 1-2 A. Conference: Three Rivers Rock Division. Last playoff appearMat Pistole ance: 2016, 1A first round. On the radio: WZOE 98.8 FM.

DID YOU KNOW? • Bureau Valley coach Mat Pistole played for the Storm and previously was assistant coach.

Storm getting GEARED Up BY KEVIN HIERONYMUS MANLIUS — New Bureau Valley head coach Mat Pistole has the Storm football team GEARED up this fall in many ways. Geared as in: Grit Effort Accountability Relentlessness Excellence Discipline “Those are our core values. If we develop these, success will come,” Pistole said. Pistole said the Storm will be gearing up every day they are together. “It’s broken down to what it means to be gritty in life, gritty in school, gritty on the field and in the weight room and all down the line,” Pistole said. “It has nothing to do with football really. It’s all about trying to develop these young men into successful people. That’s something that’s crazy important to me.” Pistole’s enthusiasm and passion for Bureau Valley and Storm football are rubbing off on his team. “For him always wanting to be our head coach and for that being his dream and him finally getting it, it’s good. You can see how much it means to him truly when he come out here,” BV senior Dalton Dean said. “He wants us to work hard and he’s working hard for us. There’s nothing more than we can ask for from him. He’s going to lead us to be successful in everything, in football and life.” BV senior Mac Nugent said Pistole is “really all about building the foundation and I think our team is definitely the team to start out with. I think he will take us a long way.” Through the first week of practice, Pistole said he was happy where the Storm stands and getting his new system in place.


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James Macklin

Mac Nugent

Aug. 30 at Erie-P’town (Erie)..........7 p.m. Sept. 6 Hall ..................................7 p.m. Sept. 13 at Fulton* ........................7 p.m. Sept. 20 Newman* .........................7 p.m. Sept. 27 at Monmouth-Roseville ....7 p.m. Oct. 4 at Morrison* .....................7 p.m. Oct. 11 Rockridge*+ ....................7 p.m. Oct. 18 at Orion* ..........................7 p.m. Sept. 25 Riverdale* ........................7 p.m. * TRAC Rock game + Homecoming

“We’re where we want to be install-wise. That was big for us to be able to do that,” he said. “I mean, we’re not going to be crazy-complexed offensively. So to get in all our base run and pass plays the first week was huge. The fact that we progressed enough to be able to do that gives me a lot of confidence to be where we want to be Week 1. “I’m really happy about that and how the kids have responded and are dialed in.”

back at slot and running back, “lining him up all over the place and just to try to give him the ball in many ways.” He will also play their “bolt” on defense, a safety/linebacker hybrid, Pistole said. The Storm’s quarterback position was up for grabs in camp between Dean and junior Evan Eckberg. Whoever is not playing quarterback will play receiver and both will be at defensive back.

The Storm, who open the season Friday, Aug. 30, will be relying on playing a lot of guys both ways, but Pistole said they will be up for the challenge. They return 15 lettermen in all, with five starters back on both sides of the ball. Nugent, the leading rusher from last year, returns at tailback. Classmate James Macklin, who Pistole describes as their hardest worker, will be plugged in at fullback. Both will also play linebacker. Versatile senior Tucker Hartz will play what Pistole calls their “Y”

Bureau Valley’s most experienced group lies on its line, anchored by seniors Bryce Taylor (C/DT), Matt Philhower (T/DT) and James Krieger (G/DT). Also in the mix are juniors Matt Foster (G/DT) and Tommy Blanford (OL/LB). The biggest surprise in camp has been senior Logan Hardy (WR/DB), Pistole said, who’s “been working really hard and will find his way on the field a lot more than we probably thought he would.”

Two-way starters

Experienced line

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Have A Great Season Storm!

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BCR photo/Kevin Hieronymus

The Bureau Valley Storm football team, under the new direction of alum Mat Pistole, will kick off the season Friday, Aug. 30, at Erie-Prophetstown. Team members are (front row) Tucker Hartz, James Macklin, Eli Kruse, Brock Foster, Isaac Pond, Carter Haney, Jimi Davis, Colin Kruse, Justin Kopp and David Dietz; (second row) coach Philip Przybyla, coach Craig Johnson, coach Mat Pistole, Quinton Scott, Levi Hardy, Matt Philhower, Adam Johnson, Logan Johnson, Mac Nugent, Thomas Blanford and coach Tony Gripp; (third row) coach Matt Wasilewski, Bryce Taylor, Logan Hardy, Trevin Cade, Devan Batten, Brady Higgins, Nevin Bolin, James Krieger and managers Yeli Osorio and Ryanne Balensiefen; and (back row) Dalton Dean, Noah Harris, Matt Foster, Egan Schiedel, Hudson Blondin, Layton Britt, Jared Sterzinger, Drew Spencer, Austin Longmire, Brodie Hansen and Evan Eckberg.


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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pistole said the standard every year is making the playoffs and they will strive for nothing less. “That’s what we we’ll work for and that’s the only goal we will set for every year. That’s the expectation and we’re doing everything in our power to get there,” he said. “I’m not going to guarantee it, but I think this group is capable. We’ve just got to have attitude, effort and focus and our actions are going to tell if we’re going to get there and we’ll know pretty quickly I would say.” Nugent and Dean said the seniors especially want to go out making the playoffs. “I say this very year, but I want to make the playoffs,” he said. “It’s my senior year, I think it’s a 50-50 shot, but I think we have the potential to do it.” “I think we can do a lot. I’m saying watch out for us. Come play time, I think we’re ready, ready for anybody for sure,” Dean said.

Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

| KICKOFF 2019


Princeton Nickname: Tigers


No. Name 1 Noah Atkinson 2 Collyn Walters 3 Daniel Crowe* 4 Ethan Wright 5 Cael Davis 6 Bennett Sierens 7 Jamie Reinhardt* 8 Evan Morse 9 Logan Glancy 10 Branden Haring* 11 Matthew Harris 12 Tyler Gibson* 14 Drew Harp 15 Ean Compton 20 Max Taylor 21 Wyatt Davis 24 Jacob Starr* 28 Ronde Worrels* 30 Darren Scaggs 34 Conner Stopka 36 Cale Wallace 44 Lukas Burger* 50 Pierce Miller 51 Sammy McClure* 55 Grant Foes* 56 Kody Mongan 65 Kaleb Cain 66 Alex May* 68 Matt Peacock 70 Cole Reynolds* 72 Matt Cihocki* 75 Jacob Reed 76 Jacob Aley 77 Isaiah Franklin* 78 Walker Menzel 79 Ben Sousa 80 Ashton Davis 84 Matt Lucas 88 Drew Woolley 89 Caleb Haring * Returning lettermen

Yr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. So. Jr. Jr. So. Sr. So. Jr. So. So. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. So. So. Sr. So. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. So. So. So. So. Jr. Jr.

Ht./Wt. Pos. 5-10/165 WR/DB WR/DB 5-8/155 5-11/185 RB/LB 5-9/175 RB/DL 6-0/155 WR/DB 6-0/155 WR/DB 5-9/150 WR/DB/K 5-9/160 WR/DB 5-7/160 RB/DB 6-0/210 TE/DL 5-6/135 WR/DB 6-1/195 QB/DB 5-10/195 OL/DL 5-9/150 QB/DB 5-10/165 RB/DB 6-1/200 WR/DB 5-9/166 RB/DB 6-2/215 RB/LB 5-10/175 RB/LB 5-9/160 RB/DB 5-10/165 RB/DB 6-1/190 RB/DL 6-0/200 OL/DL 5-10/220 OL/DL 6-3/240 OL/DL 5-10/200 OL/DL 5-10/155 OL/DL 6-3/220 OL/DL 5-10/210 OL/DL 5-8/225 OL/DL 6-2/200 OL/LB 6-1/165 OL/DL 6-0/240 OL/DL 5-10/220 OL/DL 6-0/200 OL/DL 5-10/240 OL/DL 5-9/170 OL/DL 5-10/165 WR/DB 5-11/185 OL/DL 6-3/200 TE/DL


Home field: Bryant Field. Head coach: Ryan Pearson (third year, 10-10; seventh year overall, 45-30). Staff: Dan Foes, Nate Norman, Tyler Nichols, Patrick Smith, Nick Vujanov. Last year: 7-4 (5-1). Enrollment: 517. Colors: Blue and Ryan Pearson white. Class: 4A. Conference: Three Rivers Mississippi. Last playoff appearance: 2015 3A quarterfinals, lost to Elmhurst IC 37-12. On the radio: WZOE 1490 AM.


Aug. 30 Fulton ...............................7 p.m. Sept. 7 at Newman .......................7 p.m. Sept. 13 St. Bede* .........................7 p.m. Sept. 20 Orion ................................7 p.m. Sept. 27 at Sherrard* .....................7 p.m. Oct. 4 Hall*+...............................7 p.m. Oct. 11 at Kewanee* ....................7 p.m. Oct. 18 Monmouth-Roseville* ......7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Erie-P’town (P’town)* ...7 p.m. * TRAC Mississippi game + Homecoming

Primed for a repeat BY KEVIN HIERONYMUS PRINCETON — The Princeton Tigers are defending Three Rivers Mississippi Conference champions and are favored to repeat again this year. But third-year Tiger coach Ryan Pearson stresses to his team that’s it not as simple as that. They have to earn it, he said. “That’s the message we’re trying to get across,” Pearson said. “Having high expectations is a great thing, but by the same token, we have to take one game at a time. Right now, our focus has been on ourselves, trying to improve each and every day, and not take steps backwards. “Once we get closer to game week, we’ll turn our attention to Fulton.” Pearson likes the approach his players are taking in practice with the focus all on the team. “They’re great kids and work extremely hard,” he said. “We’re doing a very good job staying humble. It’s really refreshing as a coach to see a group come together and work towards one common goal. It’s really not about any individual success. It’s a 100 percent about the team, and that’s a great thing to see.” While only returning four starters on both sides of the ball, 17 lettermen in all, Pearson is pleased being able to start a lot of kids one way, “especially early games when kids are always getting tired and cramping becomes an issue.”

Starts with the line

Pearson said it all “starts with the hogs we have up front. If they don’t protect and do their job, it’s going to be pretty slim pickings.” The offensive line is anchored by senior Cole Reynolds, a two-year starter at center, and junior Grant Foes, a three-year starter at tackle. Juniors Alex May and Jacob Reed and senior Matt Cihocki are vying for playing time at the other tackle position. Guard candidates include seniors Sammy McClure and Isaiah Franklin, junior Cody Mongan and sophomore Drew Harp. Pearson said they will let them continue to battle it out during the rest of camp and figure out the starters closer to week 1. Junior Tyler Gibson, last year’s punter, will make his varsity debut at quarterback. Pearson said Gib-




son had a “phenomenal summer” and had the chance to spend a lot of time with him in the classroom learning. “I really think Tyler’s going to be an extension of me out on the field,” Pearson said. “I know it’s lot of responsibility to throw at somebody who’s never actually started a varsity game in that position, but he’s really handled it quite well, and I think he’s going to relish his opportunity.”

Ronde runs

Ronde Worrels



and Collyn Walters, are all “kids out on the edge that have some athleticism to get behind some folks this year,” Pearson said. The Tigers will be more inexperienced on defense, but while they return just four starters, many saw some significant minutes as underclassmen. Foes and Sammy McClure return on the defensive line. Senior Ethan Wright, Reynolds, Franklin, May, and Branden Haring are all in the mix to play alongside them. Three-year starters Daniel Crowe and Cihocki head the group of players repping at inside linebacker, including Worrels, Harp and Woolley. Pearson said senior Darren Scaggs, junior Evan Morse and Glancy are competing for playing time at outside linebacker. Starr returns as a thirdyear starter at cornerback. Other candidates are junior Cael Davis, Atkinson and Walters.

Junior Ronde Worrels, a third-year varsity starter, heads a strong committee of tailbacks, including senior Jacob Star and sophomores Max Taylor and Logan Glancy. Worrels rushed for 1,325 Cole yards and 20 touchdowns a Reynolds year ago and continues to get bigger and stronger, Pearson said. “Each year, he continues to get better. I know last year he had a great year as a sophomore, but we’re expecting even bigger and better things as a junior,” Pearson said. “He’s pretty blessed. He’s Tools to repeat a physical specimen we can Pearson believes the Wyatt throw back there. He’s 6-2, Tigers “have the tools and Davis and about 210 pounds. He’s capabilities” to repeat as done a great job of improving conference champions. his athleticism and explosiveness “You just never know how this this off-season and also his speed. I game goes. You get some key injuthink he’s also deceiving, as big as ries in some spots, it’s tough,” he he is. Once he gets into open space, said. he can run away from people.” “Our league is tough. There’s not Seniors Lucas Burger and Ethan an opponent we play that can’t line Wright are battling for playing time up and beat you on Friday night if at fullback. you don’t come prepared. ObviousSenior Branden Haring returns ly, winning the conference chamat tight end, joined by his broth- pionship is a goal of ours. It’s been er, Caleb, and Drew Woolley, both on the minds of our kids since last juniors. November, certainly something Wyatt Davis, a senior transfer we’re going to continue to strive for, from Naperville North, will provide but we’re going to take it one game another threat at split end. Davis, at a time. We’ll think about Fulton along with juniors Noah Atkinson first and continue to go from there.”

“Winning the conference championship is a goal of ours. It’s been on the minds of our kids since last November, certainly something we’re going to continue to strive for,” Ryan Pearson • Princeton coach



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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

BCR photo/Kevin Hieronymus

The Princeton Tigers will open the season at home Friday vs. Fulton. Team members are (front row, from left) Logan Glancy, Cale Wallace, Matthew Harris, Conner Stopka, Matt Peacock and Ashton Davis; (second row) Ethan Wright, Collyn Walters, coach Nate Norman, coach Dan Foes, head coach Ryan Pearson, coach Nick Vujanov, coach Tyler Nichols, Isaiah Franklin and Evan Morse; (third row) manager Logan Arkels, Matt Lucas, Ean Compton, Ben Sousa, Drew Harp, Jacob Aley, Max Taylor, Cole Reynolds, Kaleb Cain and Jamie Reinhardt; (fourth row) Sammy McClure, Bennett Sierens, Cody Mongan, Jacob Read, Noah Atkinson, Lukas Burger, Cael Davis, Daniel Crowe, Branden Haring, Darren Scaggs and Jacob Starr; and (back row) Drew Woolley, Pierce Miller, Matt Cihocki, Alex May, Grant Foes, Caleb Haring, Wyatt Davis, Ronde Worrels, Tyler Gibson and Walker Menzel.

8 Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio 2019 ROSTER

No. Name Yr. Ht./Wt. Pos. 1 Zackery Wicaryus* Sr. 5-5/140 RB/LB 2 Tanner Schrock* Sr. 5-9/140 WR/DB 3 Marcus Winn* Sr. 5-10/150 WR/DB 4 Lane Boehle* Jr. 6-1/150 WR/DE 5 Jordan Gully Jr. 5-8/135 WR/DB 6 Preston Henkel* Jr. 6-0/160 QB/LB 7 Brady Jones Jr. 5-11/165 QB 9 Trevor Vaessen Jr. 5-10/125 WR/DB 10 Caden Wittenauer So. 5-9/125 WR/DB 12 Maxim Ryjov Sr. 6-2/185 K 21 Luke Moore* Sr. 5-6/135 WR/DB 25 Zach Ceretto Jr. 5-9/125 WR/DB 26 Dylan Daniels So. 5-6/130 WR/DB 35 Joe Quest So. 5-11/170 WR/DB 38 Austin Norman* Sr. 5-10/180 RB/DL 44 Dylan Tornow So. 5-8/170 WR/DB 47 Tucker Lindenmeyer Fr. 5-8/115 WR/DB 52 Corey Pinter* Sr. 5-10/185 OL/DL 53 Brad Gazza Jr. 5-5/150 OL/DL 54 Seth Browning* Sr. 6-0/200 OL/DL 55 Haden McCoy So. 5-10/180 OL/DL 60 Jairon Hochstatter So. 5-10/180 OL/DL 65 Frank Montantes Jr. 5-10/225 OL/DL 75 Chandlor Pohl So. 5-10/180 OL/DL 76 Phillip Stewart Fr. 6-2/206 OL/DL 77 Justin Wicaryus So. 5-10/240 OL/DL 78 Aiden Smith Fr. 6-1/240 OL/DL 79 Brian Murphy Jr. 6-0/210 OL/DL 80 Sean Fitzpatrick* Jr. 5-10/175 WR/LB 83 Bernard Carvalho Jr. 6-0/150 K * Returning lettermen

FAST FACTS Home field: The Harbor, Amboy High School. Head coach: Gary Jones (23rd year, 134118). Staff: George Schwamberger, Jeremey Wittenauer, Scott Payne, Dennis Nauman, Andrew Full, Kenny Shrimplin. Last year: 3-6 (3-5 NUINW). Gary Enrollment: 341.50 Jones Colors: Red and black. Class: 2A. Conference: Northwest Upstate Illini (South). Last playoff appearance: 2014, first round. On the radio: WRCV 101.7 FM.

2019 SCHEDULE Aug. 30 at Durand-Pecatonica ......7 p.m. Sept. 6 Lena-Winslow ...................7 p.m. Sept. 13 at Forreston* ....................7 p.m. Sept. 20 West Carroll*+ .................7 p.m. Sept. 27 at Aquin*..........................7 p.m. Oct. 4 at Galena .........................7 p.m. Oct. 11 Eastland/Pearl City* ........7 p.m. Oct. 18 Milledgeville* ...................7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Ashton-FC* ..................7 p.m. * NUIC Conference game + Homecoming

DID YOU KNOW? • The Clippers have been 3-6 overall and 3-5 in conference play in each of the three years it has been in the NUIC.

Photo courtesy Amboy News

The Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio Clippers will kick off the season Friday at Durand-Pecatonica. Team members are (front row, from left) Weston Wittenauer, Carson Barlow, Justin Wicaryus, Tucker Lindenmeyer, Caden Wittenauer and Eddie Jones; (second row) Dylan Tornow, Zackery Wicaryus, Luke Moore, Dylan Daniels and Corey Pinter; (third row) Aiden Smith, Haden McCoy, Jairon Hochstatter, Sean Fitzpatrick, Marcus Winn, Tanner Schrock, Trevor Vaessen and Maxim Ryjov; (fourth row) Frank Montantes, Lane Boehle, Brad Gazza, Seth Browning, Austin Norman, Brady Jones and Preston Henkel; (fifth row) Phillip Stewart, Chandlor Pohl, Jordan Gully, Joe Quest, Zack Ceretto, Brian Murphy and Bernard Carvalho; and (back row) head coach Gary Jones, coach Sam Jones, coach Scott Payne, coach Kenny Shrimplin, coach Jeremy Wittenauer and coach George Schwamberger. Absent from photo is coach Andrew Full.

Numbers low, not optimism at A-L-O BY KEVIN HIERONYMUS AMBOY — Numbers are down in the Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio camp this fall, 30 in all, two of which are foreign exchange students who have no football experience and will likely be vying for the team’s kicking job. Despite the low numbers, the Clippers will be out to right the ship, seeking its first playoff appearance in four years. The Clippers have gone 3-6 overall (3-5 in conference play) in each of the three years they has been in the NUIC. “We just have to play harder on both sides of the ball,” senior Luke Moore of LaMoille said, who will double up at wide receiver and cornerback. “Our offensive line can hold their own.” The Wicaryus brothers, senior Zach and sophomore J.J., who formerly attended Princeton schools, are optimistic that the Clippers can improve on last year’s 3-6 record. “We have a lot of younger talent that is ready to go,” J.J. said. “I feel like we’re going to have a good season.” “I think we’ll do better than we did last year,” Zach said. “We have a smaller team, but I still think we’ve got a shot at making the playoffs.” Moore is one of seven players LaMoille sends into the mix, including senior foreign exchange student Maxim Ryjov from Denmark. Other

Luke Moore

Corey Pinter

LHS products are seniors Corey Pinter, Marcus Winn and Seth Browning, and sophomores Dylan Tornow and Joseph Quest. Pinter and Browning will be key linemen for the Clippers while Winn, a

first-team all-conference player, joins Moore at end on the receiving crew. Moore said it’s nice to have fellow LaMoille kids on the team so you can have “somebody to talk to and go over plays.” This is the third year for Ohio to be a part of the Clippers co-op, with returning junior Sean Fitzpatrick the lone Ohio representative. Jones’ teams have reached the playoffs in 13 of his 25 seasons as head coach, including a nine-year stretch from 2002 to 2010, in which his teams compiled a record of 67-32. Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio will not play a fresh-soph schedule this year as only three freshmen came out.

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Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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NICKNAME: Clippers

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SCOUTING THE AREA Erie-Prophetstown (1-8, 1-5) OUTLOOK: Former assistant Jesse Abbott returns for his second season as head coach for the Panthers. He says everything will start and end with the Panther’s offensive and defensive lines. E-P’s quarterback and running back positions should be a place of strength for his team, Abbott said, and while they will be on the young side on defense, they have enough key returners in the right spots to be able to make the defense a potential strength. “We will have to be fundamentally sound, fast, and well-conditioned to compete and make up for what could be a lack of depth,” Abbott said. “Mostly, though, we just need to focus on being better each day and getting out of the gate fast. The teams at the top of the conference last year are at the back end of our schedule, but with several new coaches and players with another year of experience, each and every game night will be tough.” E-P beat St. Bede 17-16 in league play in Week 4 for their only win of the season last year. E-P seeks its first division record better than 2-4 since the conference moved to the “Mississippi” and “Rock” divisions in 2015. Kewanee (2-7, 1-5) OUTLOOK: Brad Swanson has taken over as the new Boilers head coach with former coach Tyler Nichols departing for a teaching


and assistant coaching post at rival Prince­ ton. Swanson was previously assistant coach at Galesburg, the Mid-County co-op and Monmouth College. Key returners include quarterback Kavon Russell and linemen Taber Conover and Xavier Crowe. Swanson said while the Boilers are learning a new system, he wants them to compete at a high level. Monmouth-Roseville (9-3, 5-1) OUTLOOK: The Titans return a few key pieces from the most successful team in school history last year and will lean heavily on a trio of four-year varsity players — Austin Johnson (RB/DE), Jake Thomas (OL/ DL) and Blake Smith (OL/DL). Veteran coach Jeremy Adolphson said the Titans have the potential to be very good again “if our newcomers and young guys can rise to the challenge.” M-R has 18 returning lettermen with five starters back on defense, but just two on offense. ... Adolphson projects Princeton as the clear favorite on the Mississippi side of the conference. Sherrard (2-7, 2-4) OUTLOOK: The Tigers won two out of their last four games, breaking an 18-game losing streak, and look to continue that late-season success under third-year head coach Scott Monson. Sherrard’s wins came in conference play for Kewanee and E-P in weeks 6-7 to secure a fifth-place finish. The Tigers, who stand 4-30 since joining the

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TRAC in 2013, seek their first winning season since going 8-2 in 2009. Sherrard has an enrollment of 462 this year, fourth highest in the league.

Three Rivers Rock

Fulton (5-5, 4-2) OUTLOOK: The Steamers look to improve on last year’s 5-5 campaign in which they were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. They have a strong list of returners from last year’s Rock runner-up 4-2 team. They have reached the playoffs in each of the past three years. Coach Pat Lower, now in his 13th season as head coach (58-58), says: “We will strive to get better each and every day. Our success will be determined on how we attack each day. Our attitude and effort must be at a high level to compete with the teams on our schedule. Our goal is simple, we will be as prepared as we possibly can in hopes of being competitive every week.” Orion (11-1, 6-0) OUTLOOK: The Chargers are the defending league champions, unbeaten in league play under veteran coach Chip Fuller. They were undefeated until falling to Eastland-Pearl City in 2A quarterfinal play. Orion outscored its opponents 437-133 last year. All-stater Logan Lee, a two-way stalwart, has moved on to the University of Iowa. See SCOUTING, Page 14

Editor’s note: Each coach in the Three Rivers was asked by the BCR to rank the teams in their conference 1-6, excluding their own team. They received six points for first-place votes (shown in the parenthesis), five points for second place, four points for third place, etc. TRAC Mississippi 1. Princeton (5) ................................ 35 2. Monmouth-Roseville (2) ........... 32 3. Hall..................................................21 4. Sherrard ........................................18 5. E-P ..................................................16 6. Kewanee .......................................14 7. St. Bede...........................................11 TRAC ROCK 1. Newman (2) ................................. 32 2. Fulton (2)...................................... 29 3. Orion* (2) ..................................... 28 4. Morrison ....................................... 23 5. Rockridge ......................................14 6. Bureau Valley ...............................13 7. Riverdale ..........................................7 * Did not vote • Note: For other conference polls, visit

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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Three Rivers Mississippi


Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

| KICKOFF 2019


Hall Nickname: Red Devils


No. Name Yr. Ht./Wt. Pos. 2 Gabe Lucas So. 5-6/120 QB/DB 3 Cole Wozniak* Sr. 5-10/180 TE/FB 4 Endika Banuelos So. 5-9/150 RB/K 5 Tanner Schmollinger Jr. 5-8/160 TE/LB 6 Jeff Delaney* Sr. 6-0/175 QB-TE/LB 7 Jacob Grush* Sr. 6-4/200 TE/DL 9 Ricky Perez Jr. 6-0/175 FB/LB 10 Grant Resetich* Sr. 5-11/150 QB/DB 15 Hunter Hernandez Jr. 5-9/160 TE/DB 20 Calab Savitch So. 5-6/130 RB/DB 22 Austin Heinecke* Sr. 5-8/170 RB/LB 23 Jack Savitch Jr. 5-6/135 RB/DB 24 Mac Resetich Fr. 5-9/160 QB-RB 25 Marshall Walk* Sr. 5-8/160 RB/DB 28 Hunter Meagher Fr. 5-10/165 RB/LB 32 Dalton Brust* Sr. 5-9/170 RB/DB 33 Eder Castelan So. 5-9/140 RB/DB 34 Donovan Cotton Jr. 5-8/150 RB/LB 35 Jose Castro Jr. 5-7/165 FB/LB 36 Joe Schrader Fr. 5-7/165 FB/LB 41 Denzel Sobin So. 5-8/140 RB/DB 42 Chris Pelc Jr. 6-1/145 RB/DB 44 Ashton Gagliardo So. 5-8/205 OL/DL 45 Dom Guerrini So. 5-11/150 RB/DB 50 Matt Hultz* Sr. 5-10/210 OL/LB 52 Noah Delphi* Jr. 5-10/210 OL/DL 54 Ian Harding Jr. 5-11/210 OL/DL 55 Jesse Kaszynski Jr. 5-10/180 OL/DL 57 Parker Matthews Sr. 5-11/230 OL/DL 60 Marshall Schmollinger So. 5-8/185 OL/DL 63 Max Puentes* Sr. 5-10/195 OL/LB 65 Alec Vecchia Jr. 6-3/265 OL/DL 68 Dillon Ziano So. 5-6/150 OL/DL 72 Payton Palmer Jr. 5-11/280 OL/DL 73 Aleksandar Vasic* Sr. 6-4/275 OL/DL 74 Otto Franczke Jr. 5-10/190 OL/DL 75 Greg Larsen* Sr. 6-3/280 OL/DL 76 Colton Zeriau Jr. 5-11/290 OL/DL 77 Levi Ginter Sr. 6-2/235 OL/DL 78 Ryland Kerper So. 5-10/220 OL/DL 79 RJ Kiefel Jr. 5-10/275 OL/DL 80 Toby Harper Sr. 6-0/150 SE/DB * Returning lettermen


Home field: Nesti Stadium. Head coach: Randy Tieman (8th year, 38-35). Staff: Greg Case, Ryan Ferrari, D.J. Glynn, Nick Guerrini, Dave Rucinski, Steve Smith. Last year: 7-4 (5-1). Randy Tieman Enrollment: 426.50. Colors: Red and white. Class: 2-3 A. Conference: Three Rivers Mississippi. Last playoff appearance: 2018, 2A second round, lost to Herscher 14-7. On the radio: WAJK, 99.3 FM.


Aug. 30 Newman ........................7 p.m. Sept. 6 at Bureau Valley .............7 p.m. Sept. 13 Monmouth-Roseville* .....7 p.m. Sept. 20 at Erie-P’town (Erie)* .....7 p.m. Sept. 27 St. Bede* ........................7 p.m. Oct. 4 at Princeton*...................7 p.m. Oct. 11 Sherrard*+ .....................7 p.m. Oct. 18 Fulton..............................7 p.m. Oct. 25 at Kewanee* ...................7 p.m. * TRAC Mississippi game + Homecoming

Tieman liking what he sees in his 2019 Red Devils BY TOMMY ROSE SPRING VALLEY — The Hall Red Devils have had a couple of weeks to get an idea of what they’ll be made of this season, and head coach Randy Tieman is liking what he sees. “The kids have worked hard, and they’ve been great to coach,” Tieman said. “They’ve all come in with good attitudes, and the senior class has done a good job with their leadership. I’m happy with where we’re at right now.” Tieman described what the Hall offense will look like for this season heading into Friday’s season-opener at home vs. Newman.

Leaning on the line

“The line should be guys we can lean on,” Tieman said. “We’ve got two senior tight ends with Jeff Delaney and Jacob Grush, our two tackles are (junior) Alec Vecchia and all-conference senior Aleks Vasic. “Our two guards are (seniors) Matt Hultz and Greg Larsen, and at center right now we have Max Puentes, who is another senior.” Tieman is pleased with the progress of his senior-dominated offensive line. “They’ve worked hard, they’re communicating great, and I’m really happy where they’re at right now,” he said. As for the backfield, senior Cole Wozniak will be in at fullback. “He played there a little bit and also some tight end last year,” Tieman said, “But he’s had a great off-season and camp, and he’s done a great job for us so far. “At wingback will be (senior) Austin Heinecke, another kid that’s put in a lot of work. Didn’t play much offense last year, played some linebacker for us, but he’s had a great off-season and a great kid to coach.” Heinecke is ready to play his role and make his mark for the Red Devils.






“Coming in, we knew who was going to be gone from last season and needed more people to step up, so I just rose to the occasion,” he said. “Throughout the off-season, I’d come out here and do some running and some drills when I had the time. Whatever it took to get myself better.” Senior Marshall Walk will be starting at tailback this season, a position he was seen at a lot last year as well as at fullback. “We expect big things out of Marshall this year, with his speed,” Tieman said. Walk will also serve as a kick returner. Walk is looking forward to making big things happen for Hall. “Definitely going to be fun,” Walk said. “I got a few carries last year every game, made the most of my time, and hope to get the ball even more often this year, and block for the other backs as well.”

Tieman said. “We feel pretty confident in him right now, and he’s done everything we’ve asked of him.” “It’s obviously a really big deal to take on a challenge like this. I just need to get the plays down and my footwork in,” Resetich said. On defense, Wozniak, Heinecke, Delaney and Greg junior Jose Castro will be Larsen the linebackers, with Walk rotating in and sophomore Dom Guerini on the outside. Hall took its biggest hit at defensive back with the loss of some key threeyear starters. Tieman said juniors Jack Savitch and Donovan Cotton and senior Dalton Brust are leading candidates back there, with Walk in play at safety, too. Cole Looking at the season Wozniak ahead, which begins when the Red Devils host Newman Central Catholic, Tieman picked one opponent in particular to pay attention to. “Princeton should be the Freshman quarterback team to beat this year, as Those waiting to see senior far as we think,” Tieman Grant Resetich at quartersaid. “But then Monmouth back again, after injuries should be good again. A lot reduced his time on the field of the teams in the conferlast year, will have to wait Austin ence, Sherrard, Erie and until week 5 due to a team Kewanee, will be up there, Heinecke rule violation. Little brother, so it should be interesting. Mac, a freshman, will be tak“One thing about this conference, ing snaps at the open of the season. “Mac is a really good athlete, and you’ve got to play every week or somehe’s stepped up to take that spot,” one will come and knock you off.”

Coach Randy Tieman and the Hall Red Devils hope to get off and running in 2019. BCR photo/ Tommy Rose




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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Photo courtesy Hall High School

The Hall Red Devils will kick off the season at home Friday night against Sterling Newman. Team members are (front row, from left) Matt Hultz, Dalton Brust, Cole Wozniak, Marshall Walk, Austin Heinecke, Donovan Cotton, Jose Castro and Tanner Schmolinger; (second row) Jesse Kasinskiy, Noah Delphi, Mac Resetich, Max Puentes, Dominick Guerrini, Rylan Kerper, Hunter Hernandez and Jack Savitch; (third row) Ian Harding, Alec Vecchia, Alex Vasic, Greg Larsen, Jeff Delaney and Colten Zerieu; and (back row) Grant Resetich and Jacob Grush.

Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

| KICKOFF 2019


St. Bede Academy Nickname: Bruins

2019 Roster

No. Name Yr. 1 Tyreke Fortney So. 2 Luke Story So. 4 Braden Damerell* Jr. 5 Tim Croissant* Jr. 7 Dom Bima Jr. 11 Nathan Carlson Jr. 13 Griffen Heuser* Jr. 14 Anton Cain So. 15 Nolan May So. 17 Jim Sanchez Jr. 22 Connor Jackson Sr. 25 Colin Nave So. 27 Ben Koyak So. 28 Brady Hurst Jr. 32 Noah Setser Jr. 33 Simon Li Jr. 36 Trevor Mooney* Sr. 41 Logan Link Jr. 44 Nick Lough* Sr. 45 Ethan Sramek So. 50 Jacye Ladzinski So. 52 Matthew Pozzi So. 53 Duncan Collard So. 55 Joe Edwell* Jr. 56 Shawn Schwemlein Jr. 60 Sam Maschmann* Sr. 62 Ethan Fleming Jr. 68 Hunter Corneglio So. 69 Quenten Sondgeroth So. 70 Pete Sampson* Sr. 72 Rylan Heersnik So. 73 Oscar Robles So. 74 Jake Jackson So. 78 Brandon Green Jr. 82 Joseph Watts So. 99 Nick Pearse* Jr.

Ht./Wt. 5-8/130 5-9/155 5-8/165 5-6/135 5-7/130 5-11/165 5-8/150 5-10/140 5-9/160 5-7/170 5-7/120 5-4/125 5-10/155 5-9/135 5-3/145 6-1/175 5-8/190 5-9/160 5-11/180 6-0/175 5-7/170 5-10/230 5-9/160 6-0/210 5-10/230 5-8/130 6-0/190 6-5/250 6-1/215 5-10/280 6-1/215 6-1/185 5-9/165 5-9/225 5-11/150 6-2/150



* Returning lettermen


Home field: St. Bede Academy. Head coach: Jim Eustice (fifth year, 18-20). Staff: Bill Booker, Mike Bima, Brett Valle, Sam Allen, Jeff Mooney, Jack Brady, Bryant Eustice, Nick McGlaughlin. Last year: 4-5 (3-3). School Enrollment: 281.50. Jim Colors: Green and Eustice white. Conference: Three Rivers Mississippi. Class: 1A. Last playoff appearance: 2017, 3A second round. On the radio: WSOG 88.1.

Everything falling into place for Bruins BY TOMMY ROSE In the days counting down to the Aug. 30 season opener with the Morrison Mustangs, the St. Bede Bruins varsity football team has gotten reacquainted, taken their yearbook pictures, and now are seeing assignments being made after two weeks of practice. “The kids have been working really hard,” head coach Jim Eustice said. “We’re still trying to find out who the leaders on the team will be, but overall, we’re still pretty pleased.” The Bruins return nine lettermen, including just two starters on offense and three on defense, from last year’s 4-5 (3-3) club. Eustice says the offense is falling into place, starting with juniors Shawn Schwemlein at center, Joe Edwall (captain) at left tackle and Ethan Fleming at right tackle. Sophomore Brandon Green has the lead on one guard spot, but Eustice said there two or three guys competing for the other one.

Depth at end/backs

Eustice said there are quite a few receivers and backs who are all getting first-team reps, and “with our rotations, who takes the first snap isn’t necessarily that big a deal.” That group consists of juniors Griffen Heuser, Don Bima and Brady Hurst, and sophomore Anton Cain. Eustice then broke down what the Bruins’ backfield may look like. “On running back, (senior captain) Trevor Mooney picked the first rep there, then (sophomore) Ethan Sramek, (juniors) Noah Setser and Jim Sanchez,” Eustice said. “The



Aug. 30 Morrison ...........................7 p.m. Sept. 6 at Fulton ..........................7 p.m. Sept. 13 at Princeton* ...................7 p.m. Sept. 21 Sherrard*+ ......................2 p.m. Sept. 27 at Hall* ............................7 p.m. Oct. 4 Kewanee* .........................7 p.m. Oct. 11 at Mon-Roseville* ............7 p.m. Oct. 18 Erie-Prophetstown* ..........7 p.m. Oct. 25 Rockridge .........................7 p.m. * TRAC Mississippi game + Homecoming

Grant Foes

Tucker Hartz

Marshall Walk

Marcus Winn



Nick Lough


Trevor Mooney

off-back spots are (sophomores) Tyreke Fortney and Luke Story and (juniors) Tim Croissant and Jim Sanchez.”

Leadership role

One of only five seniors on this year’s squad, Mooney is taking his leadership role to heart. “So far, things have been going pretty well, it’s mostly about just working hard,” he said. “The responsibility just pushes you to do better every day, not just for yourself but for your team.” Taking snaps for the Bruins will be a shared responsibility with both junior captain Braden Damerell and Luke Story taking reps at quarterback. “Braden will be the first quarterback,” Eustice said.

Quarterback • Tyler Gibson (6-1/195, Jr.) - Princeton Running backs • Tucker Hartz (5-10/165, Sr.) - Bureau Valley • Mac Nugent (5-10/210, Sr.) - Bureau Valley • Ronde Worrels (6-2/210, Jr.) - Princeton • Cole Wozniak (5-11/185, Sr.) - Hall • Marshall Walk (5-9/160, Sr.) - Hall Ends • Wyatt Davis (6-1/200, Sr.) - Princeton • Marcus Winn (5-10, 150, Sr.) - A-L-O Tight ends • Jeff Delaney (6-0/180, Sr.) - Hall • Branden Haring (6-0/210, Sr.) - Princeton Linemen • Joe Edwall (5-11/190, Jr.) - St. Bede • Grant Foes (6-3/245, Jr.) - Princeton



The St. Bede skipper said his defense is shaping up as well behind senior captains Nick Lough (nose guard) and Mooney (mid-linebacker). Joe Edwall, a junior captain, will man a defensive tackle spot with two or three guys rotating on the other one, Eustice said. Damerell, Croissant and Sanchez have a lock on defensive back positions with a lot of competition going on for the others, Eustice said.

Pearce returns at kicker/punter

One position unquestioned will be that of kicker, with junior Nick Pearce handling place-kicking and punting duties. The Bruins start off the new season at home with high hopes, hosting Morrison in a non-conference matchup, but one team will be getting extra attention from the St. Bede players and coaches. “I don’t think anybody (in the conference) thinks that Princeton’s not gonna be the team to beat on our side,” Eustice said. “And after that, Monmouth’s always good, Sherrard could be improved, and E-P had a lot of numbers last year. “You just don’t know who’s done what and how things are going to happen, with injuries and things like that, but we expect to be in the mix there.”

• Greg Larsen (6-3/280, Sr.) - Hall • Nick Lough (5-10/175, Sr.) - St. Bede • Matt Philhower (6-0/240, Sr.) - Bureau Valley • Bryce Taylor (6-1/210, Sr.) - Bureau Valley • Alec Vasic (6-4/275, Sr.) - Hall Linebackers • Daniel Crowe (5-11/185, Sr.) - Princeton • Austin Heinecke (5-10/170, Sr.) - Hall • Trevor Mooney (5-7/160, Sr.) - St. Bede • Mac Nugent (5-10/210, Sr.) - Bureau Valley Defensive backs • Tim Croissant (5-4/130, Jr.) - St. Bede • Wyatt Davis (6-1/200) Sr. - Princeton • Braden Damerell (5-7/150, Jr.) - St. Bede • Dalton Dean (6-0/170, Sr.) - Bureau Valley • Tucker Hartz (5-10/165, Sr.) - Bureau Valley


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KICKKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

BCR photo/Tommy Rose

The St. Bede Bruins will kick off the 2019 season at home Friday vs. Morrison. Team members are (front row, from left) Noah Setser, Dominic Bima, Braden Damerell, Connor Jackson, Tim Croissant and Trevor Mooney; (second row) Thomas Matlock, Brandon Green, Tyreke Fortney, Brady Hurst, Luke Story, Griffen Heuser and Jim Sanchez; (third row) Jake Jackson, Pete Sampson, Nick Lough, Shawn Schwemlein, Nathan Carlson, Anton Cain and Sam Maschmann; and (back row) Logan Link, Rylan Heersink, Ethan Fleming, Simon Li, Nicholas Pearse, Joe Edwall, Quenten Sondgeroth and Ethan Sramek.

Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019





Continued from Page 9 Morrison (2-7, 0-6) OUTLOOK: Ryan Oetting returns for his second season as head coach at Morrison, looking to improve on last year’s 2-7 record with a promising class of juniors who were undefeated at the sophomore level. Oetting said: “We hope to build on the wins we had last season. The conference will be as tough as usual, and we look to go compete every week with the intention to improve our skills from week 1 to week 9.” Key returners are seniors Keegan Anderson (RB/DB), NIck Allen (RB/DB), Collin Roberts (OT/DE), Nathan Mickley (RB/LB), Kolten Sage (TE/LB), Riley Wilkens (FB/DE) and Cooper Darby (DT), and junior Nate Helms (QB). Riverdale (2-7, 1-5) OUTLOOK: Fourth-year head coach Guy Dierikz looks for the Rams to be improved with a talented but young group that was successful at the lower level (5-4 sophomores last year). “We need to get used to the physicality and speed of the varsity level, but once we do, we feel we can be pretty successful,” Dierikz said. Junior Bryan Caves (TE/DL) was an all-conference pick last year. ... The Rams look to improve on both sides of the ball, outscored 371-71 last year. They seek their first winning season since going 6-4 in 2011. They have gone 10-53 the past seven years. Riverdale’s lone conference win last year came against Morrison, 9-7. The Rams also beat Sherrard 7-6 two weeks later in crossover play. Rockridge (7-4, 3-3) OUTLOOK: Former Rock Falls head coach Steve Disler is the man in charge at Rockridge, moving from a 1-8 team to one that went 7-4 last year. While Disler said the Rockets will be pretty young, “If we can gel and fit a few pieces, I think we have the potential to be very good and compete with anyone in the conference.” Disler spent just one year at Rock Falls, previously coaching in northwestern Indiana. Sterling Newman (11-2, 5-1) OUTLOOK: There’s a new direction in the Comets’ camp this fall with former assistant coach Brandon Kreczmer taking over as head coach for longtime coach Mike Papoccia, who retired after 39 years and five state championships. The Comets look to continue their success under Kreczmer, who was the defensive coordinator. While they lost a lot of starters, they look to reload as Newman traditionally has done. Key returners include seniors Andrew Wilson (TE/DB), Connor McBride (RB/DB), Nate Ahlers (QB/DB) and Hunter Buser (OL/DL).

Others Annawan-Wethersfield (6-4, 6-1)

OUTLOOK: Brandon Johnston has moved on to administration duties in Arizona, but things don’t figure to change much in the Titans’ camp under new head coach Logan Willits, who served as offensive coordinator the past seven years. Expectations are high due to the return of several key pieces having gained a large amount of varsity

Three Rivers Mississippi .Conf. All +Princeton ................................ 5-1 7-4 +Monmouth-Roseville ............ 5-1 9-3 +Hall .......................................... 5-1 7-4 St. Bede.................................... 2-4 4-5 Sherrard ....................................2-4 2-7 Kewanee ................................... 1-5 2-7 Erie-Prophetstown.................. 1-5 1-8

Three Rivers Rock . Conf. All +Orion ...................................... 6-0 11-1 +Newman ................................. 5-1 10-2 +Rockridge............................... 3-3 7-4 +Fulton ......................................4-2 5-5 Bureau Valley ...........................2-4 3-6 Riverdale.................................... 1-5 2-7 Morrison .................................. 0-6 2-7

Other area teams

++Sterling (4-0 NIB12W).............. 11-2 +Ottawa Marquette (6-0 NEA)... 10-1 +Dixon (6-3 BNC) ......................... 6-4 +Annawan-W’field (6-1 LTC)....... 6-4 +Rochelle (3-1 NIB12W)................ 5-5 +Fieldcrest (2-3 HOIC) ................ 5-5 Geneseo (2-2 NIB12W) ................ 4-5 Stark County (2-5 LTC) ............... 3-6 LaSalle-Peru (1-3 NIB12W) .......... 3-6 Rock Falls (1-8 BNC) .................... 1-8 Amboy-LaMoille (3-5 NUINW).... 3-6 Mendota (0-9 BNC) ..................... 0-9 Ottawa (0-5 NIB12W) .................. 0-9 + Playoff qualifier ++ state semifinalist experience from the previous seasons. Willits said the crossover games with Illini West and Farmington will be good primers to what will be a very competitive Lincoln Trail Conference season. ... A-W finished second to Princeville in the Lincoln Trail Conference and was knocked out in the first round of the 1A playoffs. ... Joe Schmidt returns as an assistant coach at A-W after two years as head coach at Bureau Valley. LaSalle-Peru (3-6, 1-3) OUTLOOK: L-P has moved to the Interstate Eight Conference with the folding of the former Northern Illinois Big 12. The Cavs had all three of its wins in a row last year, but didn’t win again over the final five weeks of the season. Fifth-year head coach Jose Medina (13-23) said: “We have a senior class with varsity experience and a great supporting junior and sophomore class. If the Cavaliers play sound football throughout the season and avoid the injury bug, the playoffs can be in our sights this year.” Mendota (0-9, 0-9) OUTLOOK: It’s been a rough go for the Trojans, who didn’t win a game last year and only one the year before. Second-year head coach Keegan Hill faces a challenge having been outscored by more than 300 points last year (368-62) over nine games in Big Northern Conference play. Hill said: “We’re a young team that looks to keep building after a positive summer. We are looking forward to growth as program on the field, in the classroom and in the community.” — Kevin Hieronymus

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Treatment is provided for: • • • • • • • • • • •

Any sudden or severe pain Changes in vision Chest pain or pressure Confusion or changes in mental status Coughing or vomiting blood Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath Difficulty speaking Severe or persistent diarrhea or vomiting Suicidal feelings Uncontrolled bleeding Upper abdominal pain or pressure

What injuries require Sports Medicine treatment? 815-223-2143 Concussion Clinic: 815-780-3509

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Treatment is provided for: • Strep –Rapid Molecular Testing • • • • • • • • • •

Sprains & strains rains Animal Bites Coughs, colds, ds, and sore throats Ear & other infections Fever or flu-like like symptoms Wounds requiring quiring stitches Mild Asthma a Minor burns and injuries Simple broken en bones Non life-threatening eatening allergic reactions ctions

• • • • • •

ACL & MCL injuries Concussions Stress fractures Shoulder injuries Knee injuries Ankle injuries

Dr. Connor Kasik

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KICKOFF 2019 | Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Bureau County Republican / • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

| KICKOFF 2019


2019 BCR MASTER FOOTBALL SCHEDULE KEYS: + Three Rivers Mississippi game ++ Three Rivers Rock game +++ Three Rivers crossover * Lincoln Trail game ** Interstate 8 game # Northwest Upstate Illini & Big Northern West game WEEK 1 Aug. 30 +++ Bureau Valley at Erie-P’town (Erie) +++ Orion at Monmouth-Roseville +++ Morrison at St. Bede +++ Riverdale at Kewanee +++ Fulton at Princeton +++ Rockridge at Sherrard +++ Newman at Hall Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at Durand-Pec Annawan-Wethersfield at Illini West Morton at L-P & Mendota at North Boone WEEK 2 Sept. 6 +++ Erie-Prophetstown at Riverdale +++ Hall at Bureau Valley +++ Orion at Kewanee +++ Monmouth-Roseville at Rockridge +++ Sherrard at Morrison +++ St. Bede at Fulton # Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at Lena-Winslow & Winnebago at Mendota Farmington at Annawan-Wethersfield Limestone at L-P

Sept. 7 +++ Princeton at Newman, 7 p.m. WEEK 3 Sept. 13 + Monmouth-Roseville at Hall + St. Bede at Princeton ++ Bureau Valley at Fulton ++ Morrison at Riverdale +++ Newman at Kewanee +++ Rockridge at Orion * A-W at Monmouth United ** Sandwich at L-P # Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at Forreston & Rockford Lutheran at Mendota Sept. 14 + Erie-Prophetstown at Sherrard (2 p.m.) WEEK 4 Sept. 20 + Hall at Erie-Prophetstown (Erie) + Kewanee at Monmouth-Roseville ++ Newman at Bureau Valley ++ Fulton at Morrison ++ Riverdale at Rockridge +++ Orion at Princeton * Mercer County at Annawan-Wethersfield ** L-P at Rochelle # West Carroll at Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio & Mendota at Genoa-Kingston Sept. 21 + Sherrard at St. Bede, 2 p.m. WEEK 5 Sept. 27 + Erie-Prophetstown at Kewanee

+ Princeton at Sherrard + St. Bede at Hall ++ Orion at Riverdale ++ Rockridge at Fulton +++ Bureau Valley at Monmouth-Roseville * Princeville at Annawan-Wethersfield ** Plano at L-P # Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at Freeport Aquin & Mendota at Dixon Sept. 28 ++ Morrison at Newman WEEK 6 Oct. 4 + Hall at Princeton + Kewanee at St. Bede + Monmouth-Roseville at Erie-P’town ++ Bureau Valley at Morrison ++ Fulton at Orion ++ Newman at Rockridge +++ Riverdale at Sherrard *Annawan-Wethersfield at Ridgewood ** L-P at Ottawa Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at Galena & Byron at Mendota WEEK 7 Oct. 11 + Princeton at Kewanee + Sherrard at Hall + St. Bede at Monmouth-Roseville ++ Rockridge at Bureau Valley ++ Riverdale at Fulton +++ Morrison at Erie-Prophetstown * Annawan-Wethersfield at ROWVA

** Morris at L-P # E-PC at Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio & Stillman Valley at Mendota Oct. 12 ++ Orion at Newman (noon) WEEK 8 Oct. 18 + Erie-Prophetstown at St. Bede + Kewanee at Sherrard + Monmouth-Roseville at Princeton ++ Morrison at Rockridge ++ Bureau Valley at Orion ++ Newman at Riverdale +++ Fulton at Hall * Annawan-Wethersfield at West Central ** L-P at Sycamore # Milledgeville at Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio & Mendota at Rock Falls WEEK 9 Oct. 25 + Hall at Kewanee + Princeton at Erie-Prophetstown (P-town) + Sherrard at Monmouth-Roseville ++ Orion at Morrison ++ Riverdale at Bureau Valley +++ Rockridge at St. Bede * Stark County at Annawan-Wethersfield ** L-P at Kaneland # Amboy-LaMoille-Ohio at AFC & Oregon at Mendota Oct. 26 ++ Fulton at Newman, noon NOTE: All Friday games start at 7 p.m.

MUST-SEE GAMES There are “must-see” games in nearly every week of the season. Here are the ones you will certainly want to circle your calenders for with a look at rivalry games and key conference clashes: • Aug. 30 - Newman at Hall • Sept. 6 - Hall at Bureau Valley • Sept. 7 - Princeton at Newman • Sept. 13 - Monmouth-Roseville at Hall, St. Bede at Princeton • Sept. 20 - Newman at Bureau Valley, Orion at Princeton • Sept. 27 - St. Bede at Hall • Oct. 4 - Hall at Princeton, L-P at Ottawa • Oct. 11 - Princeton at Kewanee • Oct. 18- Monmouth-Roseville at Princeton • Oct. 25 - Stark County at Annawan-Wethersfield


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