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create visual spectacle and direct movement

phase one exploring landform through geometic shapes


using squares as a often stationary shape to create the illusion of movement


accociation of circles with friendliness and safe spaces; outside rotates to reveal and conceal


triangles as the strongest shape balance precariously to allow human through valley

phase two exploring twisting through structure

twist verb

1. Form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape. 2. Cause to rotate around something that remains stationary; turn.

gateways maintains original use of site as a shortcut; crooked pergolas preserve sense of twisting

playground encourages pedestrians to rest on terraced landforms; slide allows swift movement through site

ribbon structure wraps around the path and draws the eye towards open space; ramp betters accessibility

phase three

utilizing materials to strengthen intitial concept

materials mylar



mirrored paths structure creates path surrounding existing trees, curving to create twisted, distorted reflections

final model photos / blurb


shavonne yu project 2: site operations ends 301


An architectural exploration of the verb twist.


An architectural exploration of the verb twist.