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Photographer: T ESSA B L EW C H A M P Country: U NITED KINGDOM F/

8 1/ 60 SEC ISO800 | 35MM

I was hoping to capture something other than framed landscape shots, but didn't manage it in time - the recent lovely weather here has meant I've been out walking a lot lately! This is probably my best example of framing. It was taken at Tate Modern in London a couple of years ago.

DRILL INSTRUCTOR'S MEMO Welcome to issue 18 of Photo BootCamp Magazine! Framing is one of many compositional tools that can be used to create better images. Using framing can help to guide your viewer's eyes to the main subject of your photo. It can keep your viewer 'in' the image for a longer period of time. Anything can be used as a frame, objects in nature and things you can find in and around your home. Light and shadow can also be used to frame your subject. Being aware of how your subject relates to what else is in your shot can help you find frames that work.

Brent Mail

This month?s BootCamp Challenge is all about framing. There are ideas and suggestions in this challenge to help you better understand the use of framing when composing your images. Take a look through BootCamp member images that show us the many different ways framing can be used to create interesting images.



"Photography is about finding out what can happen in theframe. When you put four edges around somefacts, you changethosefacts." - Garry Winogrand


Using framing as a compositional tool when creating your images will help to draw the viewer?s eye to the main subject of your image. Framing is just what it sounds like, creating an edge or frame around your main subject, like a picture frame. It not only guides the viewer where to look but it can also stop the viewer?s eye from leaving the scene you?ve created.


Many elements can be used to frame your subject when you are out photographing. You can use nature to create frames, walk around and look through trees and branches, pay attention to the light and shadows as they can be used as frames also. Using the entire landscape to frame your subject can work as well. You can use the mountains, hills, clouds and the horizon line as a potential frame for your subject. Manmade frames are fun to find. W indows, doors, arches, and bridges are easy to use as frames. Wander around and keep an eye out for anything that can be used to frame your subject. Use the handle of your coffee mug. Be creative. Think about where you are and change your perspective to find a framing element that works. Go low or high in order to use what is around you as a frame. Move or zoom to get closer or further away from your subject depending on what you are shooting and using for a frame.


W hen creating images using framing make sure the main subject is in focus. The sharpest area of an image is where the viewer?s eye goes first. Use a higher aperture to blur out the frame or use your focus to create out of focus or blurred areas to use as a frame. Making your subject lighter/ brighter than your framing element also helps to guide your viewer directly to the main element of your image. Once you?ve created your framed images be sure to remove any distracting objects or items that can take your viewer?s eyes out of the image. A tree branch through your subject to the edge of the frame will pull your viewer?s attention completely out of the shot. Simplify. The fewer elements you have in or around your subject the more your main subject will stand out.


Photographer: V A L ERIE W Country: USA F/


4.5 1/ 640 SEC ISO200 | 190 MM

Last night this Eagle flew into the tree in my backyard and while not quite as creative as Derryl and his photo, I had to try to get a shot. I must admit I have a better photo of him sitting on the tree branch but I just liked his pose in this photo so decided to go ahead and post.

Feedback: S IG R A N N EM Country: C A N A D A Valerie, fabulous job capturing this scene! We have an Osprey's nest and resident family on an island where we have our cottage, but getting close enough to them to capture something like this would be a mere dream. Great framing, super sharp and amazing timing!

Photographer: S IG R A N N EM Country: CANADA F/

3.5 1/ 125SEC ISO400 | 27MM

Just returned home from the cottage where there is no Internet connection, so this is my first submission. Shows my neighbours dock and boat just before sunrise.

Feedback: P H Y L L IS K EN N EDY Country: U SA Love this picture! The frame and the fog make for a very dramatic photo. Great job, just shows us what we can do when we get away from our computers and the internet! Ha Ha

Photographer: A M B ER P A L L A S - B RU N T Country: USA F/

5.6 1/ 1000 SEC ISO1400 | 20 MM

A little late to the party...I've been busy working on my images from Africa! 1 camp down 3 more to go! For this challenge I chose my Baboon in a Tree image. I love the intensity in his eyes and how he is captured right between the branches of the tree.

Feedback: E U GEN E B RA N N A N Country: U SA Great shot Amber! I was looking over mine and it?s amazing how many shots that we all got that were somewhat alike but each of us had a unique perspective on the shot! I like the black & white rendering, composition and framing. If only we could have gotten his attention and had him looking a bit more into the camera!

Photographer: D EN IS O 'B Y RN E Country: I REL A N D F/

8 1/ 640 SEC ISO200 | 24MM

I am on my way up to a place called Diamond Hill in Connemara National Park. W hen I looked back over my progress this is the view I saw. W hat caught my eye was the way the pathway was leading me back down and on out to the vista beyond. The framing (if any) was not planned. The shot just looked naturally right as it were. I like it anyway.

Feedback: C H RIST IN E R O C H ER Country: A U ST RA L IA Very beautiful Denis. You have done well here, the image is nicely divided into three layers, with the path a juxtaposition against the green lush countryside! Great job!

Photographer: M A RT IN G O U L D Country: U N IT ED K IN GD O M N IKON D90 | F/ 5.6 1/ 200 SEC ISO125 | 80 MM The girl framed by the door is in a gem of a village Pachewar, SSW of Jaipur, India. Should you go, then stay at the Pachewar Garth Fort, you will not be disappointed! Now until this challenge I didn't realise how much I use framing in photography and consequent upon this have now compiled a large LR 'Collection'. I walked past the girl at the gate, with her goat, smile and took this shot, before she left for school along with me, who was invited into the English class. I have a monochrome conversion, but prefer the vibrant colours of Rajasthan.

Feedback: K A REN P A D IL L A Country: U SA India was full of scenes of daily life of the people. I believe we passed through Pachewar but did not stop. That is a beautiful photo of this young girl and her little goat framed in the doorway. Love it.

Photographer: K ERRIE C L A RK E Country: AUSTRALIA F/

22 .6 SEC ISO400 | 17MM

I took this last Autumn in my local park. I was down on the ground on my tummy, shooting uphill to try and make this fungi the star of the show. I had my ISO set at 22 as the sun had just previously been a contender for some starbursts, and I failed to adjust it when that opportunity was gone.

Feedback: S H EREE E B A N K S Country: CAYMAN ISLANDS You certainly made this the star of the show! You have both leading lines and framing, as well as the colours which all contribute to the composition. Well done!

Photographer: C H RIST IN E R O C H ER Country: A U ST RA L IA F/

2.8 1/ 800 SEC | 200 MM

My first image was taken last weekend.....this is a Kookaburra in its natural habitat. I loved how the branches formed a natural border and frame....emphasising the subject beautifully.

Feedback: E REZ S H IL AT Country: I SRA EL Lovely image and the bird nicely pops up from the background and nicely framed. Great sharpness too. Love that the bird looks at the camera. Love it!

Photographer: D EO N VA N Country: S O U T H A FRICA F/



5.6 1/ 100 SEC ISO200 | 64MM

Chiaroscuro photograph, with the model's face framed with a piece of red satin cloth.

Feedback: W AY N E Z U SSM A N Country: U SA Deon, such a beautiful image and an unique example of framing like no other presented so far. Perfect execution.

Photographer: E REZ S H IL AT Country: I SRA EL F/

2.8 1/ 800 SEC | 200 MM

This image was taken a few months ago.

Feedback: C H RIST IN E R O C H ER Country: A U ST RA L IA Lovely sneaky shot of your cat....and so nicely cuddled and framed in the bed! Good depth of field, which also acts as a frame of sorts!

Photographer: S A RA O 'B RIEN Country: U SA F/

4 1/ 60 SEC ISO400 | 16 MM

Here is an older image, from Ireland last year. I have not been having good luck finding interesting things to frame. This is the Yew tree in the middle of Muckross Abbey. I was fascinated by it. Also, outside the Abbey was a plaque that had the name of a Minnesota resident. I thought that was very cool.

Feedback: E REZ S H L AT Country: I SRA EL Very nice framing and a lovely image Sara. I would work in post on this wonderful trunk brighten it a little and try to emphasize its texture and interesting structure. Love it as is.

Photographer: N IC K E L L IS Country: A U ST RA L IA F/

16 1/ 500 SEC ISO200 | 85MM

I took this in Antarctica in late Dec 2012 and I've since drank a glass or two of shiraz! Actually I recall stopping and looking at the natural framing for a bit and hoping a penguin would do the right thing and pop into the frame. Not to be though. I had to squat down to frame the back rock to my satisfaction. I did take a couple of other shots at different angles etc, but this to my mind worked.

Feedback: C H RIST IA N P IRO N Country: B ELGIU M Nick, great picture. Very good use of framing for the view on that snowy mountain. Personally I wouldn't go too far of enlighten the shadows of the frame itself. Good composition. Well done.

Photographer: L AU RI N OVA K Country: U SA CANON 6D | F/ 6.3 1/ 160 SEC ISO100 | 17MM

Here's an older one from me from Bruges, Belgium. Had to scrunch down in the corner and wait for the busload of tourists to file by. Couldn't stay long enough to not have any tourists but it was the church I was really after anyway. The archway was the perfect frame for The Church Our Lady. Converted to B&W with LR and Nik Silver Efex (I think, it's been awhile) with some spot adjustments for light.

Feedback: DEO N



Country: S O U T H A FRICA Love the image. The leading lines of the path due to your low pov, the dark paving stones and framing walls of the arch and banister, as well as the ominous looking sky, created a very dramatic photo. Excellent photo Lauri!

Photographer: R O M Y V IL L A N U EVA

Feedback: D EO N




5.6 1/ 1600 SEC ISO1000 | 32MM

This is a shot of a hotel taken in the early morning in the hills of Tagaytay, south of Manila. At first the hotel was all blocked by the low clouds. I managed to get a shot through a break in the clouds. The hotel was framed by the trees in the foreground and the thick fog still clouding the hills in the background. I had to use a fast shutter because the cold climate made my hand tremors even worse.


Country: S O U T H A FRICA Beautiful photo Romy. Framing the hotel with the clouds and vegetation worked very well. I also like the rich colours and the atmosphere/ ambiance created by the low hanging clouds.

Photographer: C IN D I K ISIEL- S M IT H Country: USA F/

13 1/ 60 SEC ISO100 | 18 MM

I've been traveling so I'm going back a bit on this one. Taken in the Maldives.

Feedback: K ERRIE C L A RK E Country: A U ST RA L IA Picture postcard, Cindi! Very nice!

Photographer: D EN YSE H U RL EY Country: U SA Feedback: S IG R A N N EM Country: C A N A D A W hat a great silhouette photo Denyse so sharp and dramatic! Interesting image and good work!

Saw these boys playing and loved the framing by two huge redwoods. Did a few shots and each was very different. 1/ 900 5.6 100m cropped in a little closer on the right as the boys were walking to the left.

Photographer: E U GEN E B RA N N A N Country: U SA SONY A6000 | F/ 10 / 200 SEC ISO200 | 21MM

This sunrise photo was taken on the Bootcamp Safari 2019 along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Africa. It is somewhat of a wide shot, but the trees on left and right in addition to the darker areas below create a framing that draws your eye towards the golden sun rising amid the clouds. Photo taken handheld.

Feedback: T ESSA B L EW C H A M P Country: U N IT ED K IN GD O M Beautiful shot, Tessa! Nice curve leading to the building, and that little overhang of the W illow adds to the framing. I think the texture, light, and colour in the grasses is just awesome. The clouds are also beautiful, and keep my eye in the frame. Well shot.



Photographer: D AV E K O H Country: SINGAPORE N IKON D500 | F/ 10 1/ 100 SEC ISO1000 | 440 MM This Dark Glassy Tiger butterfly caught my sight along some flowering plants and I like it as it forms a horizontal line with a round bokeh just above it and the flower in the foreground with no other distractions.

GETTING TO KNOW OUR FEA TURED A RTIST: Brent : How did you get started in photography? W hat was your inspiration? Dave: I started my photography journey after I engaged my wedding photographer for my wedding during my youth. I knew nothing about photography then but was interested to take pictures. But photography is an expensive hobby and cost a lot then. I asked him if he could take me as an apprentice. He was so kind and asked me to tag along during his assignments. Not long after, I bought a manual Nikon F series camera with a wide-angle lens and a 35mm-105mm and a Metz flash, enough for outdoor wedding assignment. I was inspired because I have the opportunity to learn a skill and also make some extra income in order to get more accessories. It is always a fulfillment when the wedding couples were satisfied with the end results.



Brent : If you could travel anywhere in the world specifically to take pictures, where would you go? W hy? Dave: I think this is very subjective. You can take pictures anywhere as every place is special. Having said that, if affordable, I would love to travel broadly to take nice pictures all over. I do love some of the places that I been to such as Christmas Island (Western Australia), in the Indian Ocean, south of Java. I prefer to visit a place where traveling time is minimum. This island is small about 135 sq km in size and the locals are real friendly. Traveling to the nearest point of interest is 10 minutes away and the further 45 minutes. Depending on the time of the year and what your subject interests are: for the spectacular red crab migration between mid-November to January. All year round birding, beautiful land and seascape locations for sunrise and sunset, dark sky for milky way photos and many more. I have been there twice and my third trip is on the way.


Dave's f avor it e in spir at ion al qu ot e:

"Which of

my photographs is my favorite? TheoneI 'm going to taketomorrow." - I mogen Cunningham


Brent : Tell us about the featured image: W hat was the inspiration behind it? W hat was your process to get it? How did you do the post processing? Dave: My original intention on that morning was to go birding but was not so lucky. I saw many butterflies along the flowering path and that inspired me to go for it. I chose one which did not have too many distraction in the background and so noticed this one fluttering its wings at one of the flower. I had only my Nikon D500, 200-500mm lens and a tripod. I took multiple shots and chose this image for it simplicity and did not go for the others which showed the patterns on it wings. It blended well with the framing as it formed a horizontal line with a round bokeh at the back and unobstructed background. My setting was ISO 1000 because of the shady background and f/ 10 for slightly deeper depth at 1/ 100s, zooming at 440mm. I did not do much post processing as the picture is well framed. Only some adjustment was done on the highlight and shadow to brighten a little and reduced the noise reduction luminance.


Brent : How do you educate yourself to improve your photography skills? Dave: In the past when I first began with photography, I did not read from books or go for proper training. I just followed the ?sitting next to Nelly?approach and learned through trial and error. During the manual days the settings were not as complicated as today. We only had dials on Speed, Aperture and within the viewfinder there is a needle to help with the correct exposure and most likely used ISO100 or ISO200 Kodak films. I stopped taking pictures for a number of years when Digital Cameras were first introduced and when I bought my first Kyocera Digital camera later, my pictures were a disaster. They were all over-exposed as I was not familiar with so many features of the camera. It took me awhile to get used to it. The good thing is you do not have to spend money sending the pictures for prints. Now as I have more time to venture into a wider area of photography I attended short courses and talks on photo editing, macro, travels etc. to improve on my skills. Photography is a never ending learning process as technology is forever changing. We need to constantly keep up to date with all the latest features. Brent : W hat is the most challenging photo you?ve ever taken and how did you overcome those challenges? Dave: The most challenging time I had is when I got the white balance setting wrong and was not able to get back the correct color tone. A lot of indoor events have different lighting in the main hall and those outside of the hall. Adjusting the temperature can be a challenge when you are using a flash versus natural lighting. At times I tend to forget to switch back the white balance control and I had hard time doing post processing. It gave me experience and I overcame it by doing some pre-settings in the camera and changing it to suit the lighting environment by arriving earlier before the actual event began.


Brent : W hat advice would you give to someone just starting on their photography adventure? Dave: Every beginner will need to learn and know the basic fundamentals in Photography, to know the functions of the camera and lenses. They will need to go out to take lots of pictures and not be afraid to show to those more experienced for criticism and analysis in order to improve on their mistakes. Know what is the original intention to pick up photography, whether just as hobby or as a profession will decide on what type of camera equipment to get. As a beginner try not to over buy the higher end equipment which, if you lose interest, will in no time incur monetary loss. The expensive camera may give a better quality result but it is the person behind the camera which is more important. As your skills improve along the way, you can look at better equipment as new models are changing very frequently. Be daring, be different and be yourself. Look for something different from the rest. Think of 10 ways to take a subject rather than following everyone taking from the same angle. You will then be motivated and go with your passion and as the inspirational quote will take your favorite and even better picture tomorrow. Brent : W hat inspires and motivates you to continue taking pictures? Dave: Looking through other photographers work has inspired me as I have a long ways to go to improve on my skills. I joined the Boot Camp as a way to have my postings scrutinized and comments to show my weaknesses and that motivates me to work harder and be smarter.


Photographer: K A REN P A D IL L A Country: U SA This was taken in India (duh) of the Taj Mahal on the morning after the full moon. W hen I got to the side of it the sun was not quite risen and the full moon was still up. I only had my 28-70mm lens with me in India but I wouldn't have gotten a "framed" photo with a zoom. I didn't have time to look up the settings but I can post them later. Normally I don't put people in my photos but it was unavoidable in this location but I don't mind it this time.

Feedback: P ET ER D W IGH T Country: A U ST RA L IA Lovely scene Karen ,i love the pastel colours of the cloudy sky & the building with the Moon in the background all framed by the towers & front wall, great shot.

Photographer: P ET ER D W IGH T Country: A U ST RA L IA SONY A77 | F/ 7.1 1/ 80 SEC ISO100 | 300 MM The Kookies that live near Me & visit the trees on the cliff behind my house in a double frame, hope you enjoy

Feedback: C H RIST IN E R O C H ER Country: A U ST RA L IA Oh how marvelous.....what a great shot Peter! The image is a little soft....probably the slow shutter speed used at 300mm, but very nice indeed. I would like to see this in black and white.....i think the image is well suited for that. It is also a natural diptych!

Photographer: G IN A S K IN N ER Country: U SA F/

3.4 1/ 200 SEC ISO100

This old tractor has been sitting in an old grove of windswept Cypress trees for quite some time. Abandoned long ago to destructive elements, it is under constant assault by coastal fog and salt laden sea breezes, an iron skeleton covered in corroding, peeling plaques of rust. Yet seeing it, touching it and capturing a trace of something that is disappearing... incites wistful affection and appreciation for times past. I'm not too confident that the canopy of trees and the grassy foreground constitutes a strong frame. Taken in light fog, handheld. Image cropped, increased exposure a tad, minimal cloning to eliminate distractions, radial filter used to brighten elements of the tractor.

Feedback: W AY N E Z U SSM A N Country: U SA Gina, I think it looks great. Now the beautiful old tractor really stands out from the tree and grasses, thus being "framed" by them. Way to stick with it!!

Photographer: ROHN SHEARER Country: USA F/

16 1/ 200 SEC ISO800 | 24MM

This is the upper falls at Gooseberry Falls framed by the trees.

Feedback: K A REN P A D IL L A Country: USA Nice photo of Gooseberry. Love up north in Minnesota. The framing with the trees is perfect.

Photographer: K AT H Y P OT T ER Country: U SA F/

6.3 1/ 3200 SEC ISO720 | 600 MM

I recently went to Western Colorado to a Hummingbird workshop and this is one of the shots I was able to capture.

Feedback: C H RIST IN E R O C H ER Country: A U ST RA L IA The colours of the flowers and the bird blend together very well in this image Kathy. The fact that you got this bird sitting still, is a feat on its own, plus you have a little cath light in his eye! Nicely captured and framed...well done!

Photographer: PAUL LOMBARD F/

8.0 1/ 125SEC ISO320 | 12MM

I wanted to try to maximize the feeling of the height of the trees. This photo was taken in Sequoia National Park, California USA in May 2019, coupled with a trip to Yosemite National Park. The immensity of the trees, and their numbers make you feel small. The foggy, rainy day, while not ideal for distance photography, lent itself to more emotional picture taking. I picked this picture based on its use of the trees to frame the car, the use of the car to add perspective, and the leading lines of the trees to draw the eyes upward and emphasize their height and the magnificence of these 2000-year old beings.

Feedback: K AT H Y P OT T ER Country: USA I love this photo. The enormous trees highlighted from above and the red tail lights just draw you into the scene. Very well done!

Photographer: R O D N EY C H A RLTO N

Feedback: K AT H Y P OT T ER

Country: A U ST RA L IA

Country: U SA


I just want to be there! I consider a photo a great shot when it transports me onto the bench and makes me wish I could just step into the photo. Beautiful.

4 1/ 640 SEC ISO200 | 12MM

Here is a beach photo with framing provided by some palm trees.

Photographer: RON KNESS Country: USA F/

22 1/ 30 SEC ISO200 | 81MM

W hile it is not a new photo, it is one of my favorite using framing. Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park in northeastern Arizona. I hired a private native guide to take me into areas of the park not open to non-guided or self-guided tours. This is a shot from one of those limited access areas taken in the late afternoon.

Feedback: D EN IS O ?B Y RN E Country: I REL A N D Hi Ron. This is good work. Adjustments work well. W hile the tree is still prominent the background is much more in play. Well done.

Photographer: S T EV E D A RN EL L Country: USA F/

4.0 1/ 320 SEC ISO200 | 70 MM

I wanted to share this image I took while visiting my granddaughter two years ago. It was early afternoon on a cloudless day, but the large oak tree from which the swing was hanging provided shading, while the swing itself provided the frame.

Feedback: S H EREE E B A N K S Country: CAYMAN ISLANDS Great shot! She looks like she is having so much fun. Love the use of the swing ropes for frames. Well done!

Photographer: P ET ER B RO DY Country: U SA This is a photo from a walking tour in New York City. Gorgeous day!! This scene is from a section in Brooklyn called DUMBO - Down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. My goal was to frame the Empire State Building in one of the arches of the bridge. The cables and buildings lead your eyes to my diminutive point of interest. We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Simply amazing views.

Feedback: B REN T M A IL Country: A U ST RA L IA N Brilliant shot Peter - my eye went to the Empire State building right away. Such a powerful "framing" image. Well done.

Feedback: V A L ERIE W O RT H EN Country: U SA Good job with the editing! Nice scene and well framed by the trees on each side.


Photographer: S H EREE E B A N K S Country: C AY M A N I SL A N D S N IKON D750 | F/ 4.0 1/ 1250 SEC ISO124 | 70 MM I am currently producing the musical Into the Woods for our local community theatre. This weekend was my photo shoot for PR photos---so thought I would share one that MAY fit in the framing challenge and may be a little different! I have not had very much time to go shoot as a result and almost reverted to the archives! Conditions were very challenging as the cast were a little later than I wanted to go into the "live" woods---very different from our stage woods! In any case, this was Rapunzel and her prince declaring their love for each other----- poor kids were in full costume, makeup and it was no less than 90F!!! I was looking for a nice soft background....and framing to a certain extent.

Photographer: R IC H A RD H U T SO N Country: U SA F/

2.8 1/ 2000 SEC ISO100 | 70 MM

For this challenge 'Looking Through The Trees'. I was trying to capture the juxtaposition of focus on the building and flag in the distance and the blurred leaves near the front of the lens.

Feedback: L AU RI N OVA K Country: U SA Love this, nice and different take on an architectural shot. The angles of the building and tree running parallel really work well.

Photographer: W AY N E Z U SSM A N Country: U SA N IKON D750 | F/ 8 1/ 800 SEC ISO200 | 38 MM Taken in San Miguel Mexico. I spent considerably time waiting for the right moment to capture a passerby in the middle of the frame. I like that the door, the door frame and even the building all act as a frames around her and the muted colors really help make her purple outfit standout.

Feedback: S T EV E D A RN EL L Country: U SA Great image Wayne. Nice complementary colors and excellent framing. I believe I prefer the original crop, with the additional space on the left. This latest crop feels crowded to me.

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