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Letter from the Publisher; I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of our members and readers for their patience, loyalty and understanding over the past months. I am honored by all of the friendship and support that ATTU has received during this time and will always remember those who extend their hand of true friendship. Since we were hit by the EF-3 Tornado, I have been blessed with taking time to review “not only” the situation “but” the overall concept in which ATTU has been developed. This has allowed me the opportunity to revise our humble organization and focus on what the American Temple Training Union is truly about and that is helping others! ATTU is moving forward and has more to offer now than ever before and continues to grow! (QUOTE) From the ashes of battle and the disparaging thoughts of defeat the spirit is able to raise a single warrior to reclaim the day and overcome the enemy and proclaim victory to the weak. Written by; Anthony Elam / Sha Poe Ryu Elam

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Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman It is an “HONOR and PRIVILEGE” to welcome Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman to our ATTU family! He brings a vast amount of experience and professionalism to ATTU. In his vast career he has taught various students, authored many books and host his own TV show.

Contact: URL; Authors Blog; Video Blog; Facebook; Twitter; @hanshikaufman

“ WELCOME “ Chief Media Affiliate

John Wooten It's an honor and privilege to have Grandmaster John Wooten as ATTU's Chief Media Affiliate. GM, John holds 143 World Records and is the Author of The Adventures Of John Wooten The Worlds Strongest Man. He is a professional screen writer who has wrote for several action movies, he is both a director and actor and has a vast media background.


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Ty Brooks

ATTU is proud to have Mr. Ty Brooks as it's Chief Communications Affiliate. Ty has an extensive background in both communications as well as customer service. His position with Start Meeting and Affiliation with ATTU has allowed for a fantastic opportunity for all ATTU members. Ty is part of our unique educational platform for our Career Builders Business Opportunity. By utilizing Smart Talk Services it has allowed for both conference calling and computer screen sharing at he same time. Talk about making a connection ATTU members are there!

Stephen Kaufman

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, world -renowned author, martial arts educator, motivation/strategy expert, and Shodai Soke, 10th dan, Hebi-ryu Budo-School of the Snake. The title of Hanshi was given to me in 1993 by many peer groups and masters. I have been teaching my ideas and concepts based on ancient cultures and philosophies for nearly 60 years. I speak and write with cl arity and understanding, enabling students to grasp my ideas for personal use through an interactive format.

A lifetime of martial arts work includes teaching and practical experience with the United States Air Force, NYC law enforcement agencies, NYC Boa rd of Education, NYC Dept. for the Aging, private litigation firms, international marketing groups, corporations, local community centers and private schools. Radio interview pioneer, Joe Franklin, considers me to be “one of the most important self -help motivation masters of our time.” I currently host my own Hanshi's World cable tv show at MNN.ORG in NYC, which streams worldwide. One of my major and most significant achievements is the discovery of SELF REVEALIZATION ACCEPTANCE™, the first and foremost reality facilitation concept ever presented to the modern world, founded in 1993. I have transformed thousands of lives through my work and with my best -selling books, Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom and Practicing Self- Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life. My works include the world -famous and number one best -selling version of Musashi's Book of Five Rings. I have also penned Sun Tzu’s Art of War, The Shogun's Scroll, The Living Tao, Sword in the Boardroom, The Art of Stick Fighting, and the Hanshi David Mann action/adventure series. Coming from Tuttle in Fall of 2012 is Way of the Modern Warrior – Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century. Here is a sampling of what is destin ed to become a classic.


Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century ISBN 978-4-8053-1197-4 Tuttle Publishing

A person who truly sees a difference in things sees sameness in all things. What difference does it make if I use one style of a martial art and you use another style of a martial art? Nothing and no -thing. What difference does it make if I profess one way of thinking and you profess another way of thinking. If you are sincere and deeply thoughtful of your position, and maintain integrity, you will not become impressed with self -importance. Variations of approach to a personal desire for accomplishment may differ in application, but the intention of result is equal. Therefore, it is foolish to judge another and their work especially when I do not know the other person's intent. If I truly seek to understand my higher self, then I am too busy with my own endeavors instead of being concerned with yours. This creates harmony in one's sense of being. Where distinctions ari se and another philosophy interferes with my striving for my own perfection, then conflict may ensue on whatever particular level. It is the person with the most resolve who will determine the outcome of the day and see through the foolish need for conflic t and disharmony. Royalty suggests arrogance until overthrown by humility; then it becomes arrogance again. When ascending to a higher levels of accomplishment and understanding about anything, including work or pleasure, you will always be able to over come any obstacle; especially when you acknowledge your source of being as being of a higher intelligence than you. In matters of men, regardless of their position, it is unfortunate that having once attained a certain amount of "fame,� there is a tendency to become self-aggrandized even if it isn't outwardly demonstrated. This is dangerous and can cause you to lose control of what you may think is your self -ordained destiny. Maintaining humility is very difficult and only seems to work when you are strugg ling to get through the impediments that are life's challenges. Humility should never be expressed to anything lesser than the creator of Heaven; not just Heaven because that alone, whether you like it or not, is the only reason for your existence. Arrogance shown towards others when they are less fortunate than you is the first step to your demise; on any level, especially that of staying in the good graces of the Infinite. Enjoy your success, but realize that you are only as good as the last thing you hav e produced and you must never gloat about having done this or that when the reality is certain that you have only done your best work—in the future. Rely on your past experiences to propel you to further greatness and not a lethargy of your soul.

MUSASHI'S BOOK OF FIVE RINGS The Definitive Interpretation

ISBN 0-8048-3250-9 Tuttle Publishing To introduce you to my work, I have selected excerpts from some of my books that will cover the range of my philosophy in the order that they were written, startin g with Musashi's Book of Five Rings-The Definitive Interpretation. My version has since become the guidepost for martial artists in that it is written specifically for the person practicing any of the arts. It began as a way for me to explain to my student s the manner in which Musashi was teaching his philosophy to the world. The versions of Musashi's work had been to that point in time confusing to most people because the people who had been writing and translating the original had mostly missed the point, not necessarily through their own fault, but rather because they simply had no idea of the warrior life based on not knowing or living in the “way.�

THE EARTH BOOK No man is invincible, therefore no man can fully understand that which would m ake him invincible. Even with complete and thorough study there is always the possibility of being beaten and although one may be expert in a particular form, mastery is an ever -seeking process. It is doubtful if anyone truly understands the 'real' way of strategy much less lives it thoroughly. There is no one way to salvation regardless of the manner in which a man may proceed. All forms and variations are governed by the eternal intelligence in the Universe that enables a man to approach perfection. It ma y be in the arts of music and painting or it may be in commerce or law or medicine. It may be in the study of war or the study of peace. Each is as important as any other. Enlightenment through religious meditation such as Zen or in any other way is as via ble and functional as any 'way'. Certainly in the 'Way' of the sword or the fist.

A man cannot understand the perfection and imperfections of his chosen art if he cannot see the value in other arts. Following rules only permits development up to a point i n technique and then the student and artist has to learn more and seek further. It makes sense to study other arts as well as those of strategy. Who has not learned something more about themselves by watching the activities of others? To learn the sword study the guitar. To learn the fist study commerce. To just study the sword will make you narrow-minded and will not permit you to grow outward. Everything is for sale including men's souls. A man cannot understand the art he is studying if he only looks fo r the end result without taking the time to go deeply into the reasoning of the study. There is no thing in trying to determine if one is better than another. If anything is anything, then everything is everything. If there is no discipline how can there be a true realization of an ideal? How can a man be trusted to perform in society if he does not understand what society needs? To act in harmony with the environment of where you are you must understand the need for certain rules. If you do not, then you will not be able to control others. If you cannot control others then how can you expect to attain perfection in your own ideal? A commander must walk among his men if he is to expect certain performance. If he is unaware of the skills attendant to each warrior how can he know where to assign tasks? The commander must praise and admonish in the same manner. This is a virtue of strategy. Why would a commander want a spear man to join the line of archers? A warrior must be proficient in all the tools of hi s trade. He should understand the functions of all weapons and the functions of all military regimentation. It is also advised that the warrior familiarize himself with the actual working of other weapons. In this way a foreign attack will not overwhelm him with its technique even if it had never before been encountered. Constant study of all aspects of the warrior's craft is essential to understanding the true value of one's particular skills. For example, what would your reaction be if you were studying o ne craft of warriorness and found that you truly enjoyed working with a different weapon? Contemplate the reality of this. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is sufficient to finish one section of a work without having planned for the continuatio n. If you are going to construct a desk you must plan for drawers, knobs, etc. If not, the work may appear to be esthetic but in reality it will be disharmonious with the Universe and not function accordingly. Masters plan for contingency even if it appear s that they are working strictly through an improvisational pattern. Presentation of an idea that appears to be improvised is only valid if there has been adequate study and prior preparation for a teacher to be able to deliver information in the proper se quences. A master gets the Way by being devoted to the art and

SUN TZU'S ART OF WAR The Definitive Interpretation

ISBN 0-8048-3080-0 Tuttle Publishing The whole premise of Sun Tzu's Art of War is captured on page ten of my version where it simply says, “It is best to let th e enemy kill himself.” Easy to do figuratively, but not so easy to accomplish literally. Here’s a taste.

BOOK 4 - HOW TO THINK OF WAR In ancient days warriors made themselves unbeatable by constant practice. Knowing they could never become invincible, t heir efforts enabled them to see the vulnerability of intended victims. They did not think in terms of beating the enemy by overwhelming him with boastful actions, but rather, they saw the reality of extending their skills through the enemy, which they ack nowledged was the same thing as physical combat. They constantly practiced knowing there was no other way they could make the enemy vulnerable. The enemy had to do that himself. Because a warlord knew how to win does not mean that he did: but he did know that the enemy had the same attitudes and would be seeking the same results. To properly defend, the attitude must be of a thorough attack. To depend strictly upon defense means that there is not enough strength of purpose in your heart. To gain victory you must be assured of your self and attack with all your heart. Warlords who have mastered defense attack from hidden places and assure their own success. They know when, where and how to make an attack while defending their positions at the same time. These men of high perception rely on obstacles they have up for the enemy. In understanding the attack mentality they never permit the enemy to know where it is coming from. They attack as lightening and are relentless in their purpose until they have beate n the enemy or have been thrown out from the land. They take no prisoners and do not expect to be spared. Warlords do not see war as an extension of court etiquette. Men of worth see victory where most men see nothing. They see victory in creating difficu lty for the enemy. They foresee victory when the enemy cannot overcome his own inadequacy. This is the excellent way of their being and the reason for their existence. If the warlord has visions different from this then he leads in title only and will acco mplish nothing. It is imperative to lead for the people and not for yourself. The people will praise you when they realize the greatness of your actions. The warlord creates situations where his troops can perish if they fail. He does not let them know he is doing this and is sure to keep their best interests in his own heart. He is always in the same place he sends his men. Be in the same place that you put them. He ignores the generals' outcries and maintain his conviction and authority. The troops may be frightened but they follow him if they feel he loves them. If you understand the needs of warriors and you proceed in this fashion you will be successful; if you don't you, will fail. In acts of desperation troops will fight as if possessed: they will see no alternative but to succeed or perish. Ancient warlords always beat the enemy when it was easy to do so because they planned

They knew not to fight when it was difficult, for that would have been foolish and cost them greatly in terms of men and resources even if the battle was won: they would have lost the respect and confidence or their men. It is always best to permit the enemy to defeat hi mself with little effort on your part. You should encourage him to destroy himself. You must be very subtle in this attitude to reap the rewards of the enemy's over confidence. Make sure of his ineptitude by understanding the initial attack mentality. The heroic warlord knows when and where to position his troops for maximum effect with least effort. Be a warlord with vision. Those skilled in the arts of war permit the Spirit of the Heavens to flow within and without themselves. They do not try to coerce Heaven into thinking in their own favor but seek to do that which they believe and accept the correct action of Heaven. The wise and great warlord never goes against Heaven's decrees. Heaven makes itself obvious to the man of wisdom. He considers the costs of battle on all levels. He examines the possibilities of defeat as well as victory. He does not place himself or his men in positions of needless danger under any circumstances. This is not to be confused with placing troops in positions of peril wher e they must fight well or die. When these virtues are understood, his excellence will cause him to emerge victorious from conflict. His armies will revel in glory and they will see him as a great leader. He will acknowledge their tribute but he will not dance in his own light. It is because of his understanding of these things that he will see his men fight with fury, joy and expectation of victory. The warlord must be trusted by his enemies. Study this significant aspect of the warlord's mentality comp letely: it contains the genius of accomplishment., the pre-eminent website for Sun Tzu’s work, was impressed by the intensity and brevity of my version. You can read my interview on their site,

THE SHOGUN'S SCROLL Wield Power and Control Your Destiny

ISBN 978-4-8053-1196-7 Tuttle Publishing My next book published by Tuttle was The Shogun Scrolls. It went out of print and has recently been re-released as The Shogun's Scroll - Wield Power and Control Your Destiny.Tuttle felt that the importance of the work merited it being made available again because of the tremendous message it contained and the fact that it was a completely unique work. I utilized a writing technique c alled docufiction by incorporating a writing and teaching style that illustrated the samurai mentality of the middle ages in Japan. It is the accounting of Hidetomo Nakadai, a fictional regent in the court of Yoritomo Minamoto, the first shogun of Japan. Some people will think that this excerpt is a bit intense and it is only the first chapter. So what! Keep in mind that the beginning of the thirteenth century shogunate was just that.

1 - How Power Comes to Be Power comes to a man in various ways. Undo ubtedly, it is granted to a man by his own personal choice. It is based on his desire to rule or to be ruled. The extent to which that desire is expressed will be made manifest in his life. It does not matter if it is the desire to control an entire country or a desire to control a small faction with a private interest. It depends on a man's thoughts and the manner in which he accepts the truth of his own greatness. Such was the thinking of your brother, Yoshitsune, when he wrested control from the Taira clan. He observed their obvious weaknesses, which became more evident when they expressed a preference to live the aristocratic life and forgot the ways of the warrior. They forgot how they took control from the Fujiwara clan and soon became arrogant and slovenly in their attitudes and actions. Your brother imposed his desire on those circumstances and it permitted him to become a great general. Power is a private matter, recently structured as new or passed from generation to generation, being subject to the fates and a man’s desire. The civil domain is maintained by means of subjecting the population by force, irrespective of appearance, and only works when there is respect for the leader. It does not matter if this respect is in the form of lo ve or fear. Leaders maintain power by a consensus of opinion and the timely showing of strength: their own. As shogun, you control the entire country and should anyone interfere with your authority they should be eliminated, including their entire bloodline. This is always reasonable if anyone interferes with the shogun's control. There is little difference in civil or private control; it is always based on desire and the personal ability of the leader. To maintain control in either public or private m atters you must understand the rules that you yourself establish for control. You must be quick of mind to change these rules when it befits the needs of the moment. It is also important to understand the temperament of the people you presently command a nd those you wish to command. Then, with correct action, changes can be made and you can progress to your liking. Under no circumstances can you ever remain passive and static. If you are indecisive you will jeopardize your authority. There are times, h owever, that your strength can be reinforced through leniency, but without indulgence when dealing with dissenters. It is also a requirement that you come to terms with and appear to be friendly with all of the people in your domain. Your feelings must be sincere when they are expressed, although your thoughts may be grounded in deception. There can be no room for mediocrity in the shogun’s thinking. This will permit insolence and subterfuge to develop which must be guarded against wholeheartedly with regards to both friends and enemies. It will also permit flatterers to interfere with your decisions. Flatterers must be especially guarded against but they can be used to your advantage by deceiving their affections. It is better to use them if you fee l they have any value at all, and it doesn’t

Remember, if you will, when Nobunaga Oka was governing Miai Province. He constantly found himself surrou nded by well wishers who only sought to maintain their own positions when Emperor Antoku gave him special consideration during the Taira reign. The people in his domain continually sent him gifts of all types entreating him to intercede on their behalf wit h the emperor until Oka became enamored of himself. It was then that he found himself unable to deal harshly when it was required. He soon lost control of the government, fell out of favor with the emperor, and was deposed by his own generals. They saw he was not being sincere with anyone, including themselves, unless he was approached with a gift. Nobunaga’s acceptance of flattery led him to arrogance and he thought he could demand anything of anyone in his court. Eventually, no one would heed his orders . In dishonor, he was requested to commit suicide. If you are in power then everyone must know you are in command or simply, you are not. If you maintain control in this manner, all the people will think they are deriving advantage and enjoying your personal guarantee. If you do not act in such a manner, you may be considered weak -minded and it will cause your downfall. Everyone, myself included, should be used as a tool for the realization of your greatness. There are many things to know and there are many things to learn. It is a never -ending process. Nice, right? I think so, and that’s what counts!

THE LIVING TAO Meditations on the Tao Te Ching to Empower Your Life

ISBN 0-9779551-1-7 Hanshi Warrior Press From The Shogun's Scroll, I went to The Living Tao – Meditations on the Tao Te Ching to Empower Your Life. The book was an immediate smash. I created 81 original poems and added explanations to each one. Here are two samples.

POEM 6 The more you take the more it has to give You can never decrease what the mother of heaven allots The more you approach the gateway the more you will find you are distant Do not try to understand her secrets but use her with the joy she expects The Divine breath of Heaven can never be A mother’s pleasure is her own It is foolish to try and use up the resources of the Universe. They are never ending and although you would approach with good intentions you will still be furthest away from the entrance. Man can never understand the machinations of the Universe and will always consider newer truths to be learned. Like a mother she will give nourishment to all who desire sustenance and will give it gladly as that is the nature of the Heavenly Mother.

POEM 51 You have been given life Not by your parents There is reason for you to be here Wherever here is Whatever reason is You perceive it of yourself All things are obedient to the Infinite If they are not then you are not here Do not seek to command Seek to teach Do not seek to obey Seek to understand Make use of your eyes or you will lose them Make use of your ears or you will lose them Make use of your mind or you will lose It Give life to things but don’t seek to own them Give death to things but don’t seek to own them You can only be part of the entire cosmos if you desire to be so. Even if you desire not to be so you are still part of the entire cosmos. Your mind works with you or without you. And It doesn’t care one Way or another. The mystic power of the Universe is that It is not concerned that It is. Only by permitting man to be part of It’s Ideal can It come to know more of Itself. Besides, there is no such thing as mystic power.

THE SWORD IN THE BOARDROOM Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned

ISBN 0-9779551-0-9 Hanshi Warrior Press Now for the heavy stuff! After considering the import of Musashi and Sun Tzu, I thought about the possibility of the two of them meeting for a conversation to divulge their essential ideologies. I selected myself as the moderator and, ther efore, Sword in the Boardroom – Winning for the benefit of All Concerned was conceived and written. By all accounts it is an astonishing work with the main premise of the masters teaching in terms of a conversational manner with you, the reader, sitting in their immediate presence. One of the ideas in the work is that in the reality of any form of true negotiation, as in a real battle scenario, someone must always win, or there is simply no reality in the combat itself. And, for those of you hung up on political correctness, the work quickly dispels the childish notion of a win -win situation that in reality cannot exist. To corroborate this, ask any highpowered corporate head. Someone has to be in charge. The construction of the book follows the format of Five Rings: earth, water, fire, wind, and no -thing. Each section deals with the appropriate ideas taught by Musashi and Sun Tzu and I added specific exercises for the reader to think about. Here are two random samples from the section entitled Water and the Natural Flow of Things.

Perception and Intuition Sun-Tzu – The ability to function with perception is accomplished through intuition. It is a necessary requirement for winning. It is not necessary to be utterly conscious of perception and intuition at all times, but understand that it is difficult to function correctly without the use of these intrinsic aspects of being. As with weapons, where you must learn to trust them and to develop the skill attendant to understanding their properties, strong perception and intuition are invaluable in the use of winning tactics and go far beyond simplistic technical ability. Hard training and intense practice with or without physical weapons enables you to move into an approach and close by seeing it finished in you r favor before it occurs. You will never approach perfection without accepting your own magnificence. Sympathy not empathy Musashi - I continue my approach and close even when the enemy moves in retreat. Especially when the enemy is retreating because they are indicating an inability to handle my attack. Perhaps they are not strong enough to deal with my attitudes. Perception and intuition empowers me to know when, where, and how, to proceed. When there are times I must back off, because my own strength can adversely affect the outcome, I must still be aware of the surroundings. In this way my ability to close will persevere. I may be sympathetic to the enemy’s situation but I never become empathetic. Know the difference between sympathy and empathy. Kaufman - Sympathy suggests helping the enemy out of their despair, which means showing them why the solution being offered is the best, they can expect. Empathy shows a desire to identify with their feelings and necessitates issuing leeway where none shoul d be given. Think of the times that you confused these issues. Sun-Tzu - Be relentless in your approach and do not be concerned with a safety -seeking and/or cowering attitude of an enemy or the opposition. It could be a ruse and if they are battle teste d it probably is. This is hard to discern without adequate consideration for your own needs and you r ability to do this will depend on the amount of forethought you have given to your personal well being. There will be times when you may have to practice on friends. True friends and associates will encourage you to be more devoted to your dreams. False friends will try to dissuade you from your goals because of their weaknesses and jealousies. These are “friends” that you don't need, but you may have use f or them in other areas where they could be of help. This does not mean that you are phony in relationships but it does mean that you are astute and aware of your own needs and there is nothing importune about such a mentality. There is great value in every thing if you will seek for it and cultivate it. To do so is wise. Not to do so is a sign of immaturity. By increasing your heart for battle you will eventually be

Preconceived ideas Musashi – Never wait for an invitation from the enemy to attack. During your approach and close, which must be understood by yourself as an attack, should the opposition counter with an objection deal with it immediately and in this manner control them without having to second-guess their intentions. Always approach and close with your whole heart and soul. In this way you will maintain an attitude of more resolve with quickness of spirit. Remember your physical carriage: lead with your body, not your hands or feet. If you have pre-conceived ideas about how something should turn out, inflexibility will result along with the inability to deal with instant change as required. Never entertain the fear of failure. This is the worst thing you can do. The attitude can and will become inhibition. Forsake arrogance and conceit or you will lose your edge and the Spirit of the Thing Itself will be unable to come through in pure form. Always act with authority and conviction. Kaufman – How many times have you been crushed by your own ignorance? When you thought things should occur in a certain manner and they didn’t, like most people, you probably walked away from the situation with your head lowered. If you had prepared properly you have been able to change direction and win the day.

SELF-REVEALIZATION ACCEPTANCE Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom

ISBN 0-9779551-4-1 Hanshi Warrior Press

One of the most profound spiritual motivation treatises ever written in the history of civilization is: Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I am not even going to attempt to “sell” this one. Judge for yourself and make sure to keep an open mind and know that this is not another self-help “goodie two shoes Wisdom 101 book.” Self-Revealization Acceptance covers areas of consciousness and self -development, including the annihilation of negative sentiment and manipulative grace, as well as physical and emotional healing for yourself and others. Check out the table of contents and get a good overview by going to The following paragraphs are from the back cover of the book. It should give you enough impetus to read the entire book. The true secret to winning the so-called battles of life is not in understanding why things happen, or why they don’t, but rather in knowing what you want and accepting it as already done by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. No one needs and introduction to the realities of life -everyone has opinions about what they think it should be. Regardless, most people see things through the eyes of others rather than their own, and the result is that much of life’s wonderfulness is missed while the majority of experiences are less than enjoyable. As a result, most events are seen as one battle after another. If you perceive things in this manner, but sincerely want to change your expectations and goals, the proven technique of Self-Revealization Acceptance w ill teach you to redefine your thinking as you watch your experiences change almost instantly and to your advantage. Self-Revealization Acceptance helps to enhance your personal definitions, empowering you with answers that are realistic, practical and pr oven, It cuts through new-age mumbo-jumbo and mystical philosophy to explain, in terms easy to understand, how every person is all -powerful and can attain anything desired once the ability to command the creative power of the universe is understood. Proper guidance via Self -Revealization Acceptance shows you how to develop intelligent communications with this power, the Spirit of the Thing Itself, on a direct and personal level to create a world of lavishness lotsness, and limitlessness in productive and ta ngible forms right here and right now. By means of the teachings in this book, you develop complete, total self -reliance, self dependence, and the ability to create exactly what you want and when you want it by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

KATA – THEORY, ANALYSIS AND PRACTICE The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake

shuto A major book that I am working on, Kata - Theory, Analysis and Practice – The Complete Philosophy of Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake, is based on my philosophy of martialism. I refrain from using the title of martial arts because, to me, the implication of the word “art” suggests a form of entertainment and does not fit into the reality of true life/death situations. One may be artistic rela tive to certain technique, but there is not room for less than utter demanding of the self to commit to the action required in the resolving of conflict. Here is a part of the introduction of this yet to be published work. Though it stresses martial study, it illustrates the commitment and integrity of my teachings and are applicable to every art and science.

lunge Attack/No-Attack Attack/no-attack should be used in all aspects of your life without having to think about what you are doing while maint aining a personal moral imperative. This is so because you have trained yourself to act in a certain manner. It is not a matter of reacting to a situation but rather, acting in accord with the dictates of the circumstances and defusing them. It suggests th at though you should be on your guard and prepared to act (without becoming paranoid), you should always remain calm regardless of events. This becomes a state of alertness referred to as awareness, or to use the Japanese term, zanshin. Focused training provides you with the ability to act and to know when and when not to do something. It is necessary to practice with this idea in consciousness to enable the mind and body to automatically function on the physical level when it is necessary. This is only acc omplished with practice and without spending countless hours in meditation. Thinking in such a manner will cause you to experience it as such. To develop the proper attitude of “already done� and to believe it, you cannot be nonchalant about an idea and ex pect it to be there when you want it. You want the attitude to be permanent; it is requisite to competence in anything you do.

Inside Going into the Attack Going into the attack concerns commitment to what you are doing. As specific techniques are developed you will be constantly reminded to go into the attack. It is therefore a requirement that you understand the specifics of individual tactics including proper form and technique. This is sound thinking and with continued practice you will come to un derstand the reasoning behind it. It is an essential thinking for the self -realization of accomplishment of any action: certainly a martial art where life and death may hang in the balance. Though this concept may sound alien for any number of reasons, perhaps because of a natural reaction to flinch or to move away from certain forms of danger, it is, nonetheless, essential. The mentality of going into the attack takes some thought and much practice plus an acceptance of yourself as the instrument for your desire to be fulfilled. It is not to be confused with rushing headlong into overwhelming situations. Your actions should be done with resoluteness—or not at all. Practice and reality becomes the same thing when you are sincere in your endeavor. To further illustrate this, consider attacking the attack rather than attacking the attacker. Through this way of thinking you will come to understand that the function of the target is to accept your actions as an extension of its own beingness. Though this too may seem way out at this point in your training, the reality is that you will be empowered to alleviate the fear of thinking that you may be overwhelmed by an attacker’s size, bravado, or the weapon being employed against you. This idea will become clear as you progress and the sound thinking behind it will become apparent. Attack the attack and not the attacker with an intense desire to win—or don’t waste your time.

push The Attitude of Going Forward Always think in terms of having succeeded in your en deavor. If you don’t think in this manner you can struggle for years on end and never arrive at a level of competency that you will respect. Leaving things to chance will not permit you to derive the joy and pleasure from any activity that you are involved with. The attitude of going forward should be a motivating aspect in all the matters of your life. Once you accept this attitude, you will never lose at anything. There will be no reason to experience loss because of the confidence you develop. When you are too close to or too far from the target it is very difficult for either attacker to complete any strikes. The attitude of going forward with right consciousness will provide you with the necessary strength and speed based on developed power and quickne ss along with the appropriate concept of distancing. You will see this more thoroughly as you proceed. Therefore, if you follow this line of thinking, it is necessary to put your whole self into the act whether you consider your actions practice or anything else. And finally, an excerpt from my forthcoming book in 2013: The Teachings of Hanshi Kaufman.


two sai The Application of Primal Action on a Sophisticated Plane in the Martial Arts Any form of violence that is expressed through rage is primal in the attempt of the user to "kill" an enemy, and there is usually no control of the physical or mental state of the person attacking. A trained martial arts practitioner should be able to control this type of attack, but for the most part is unable to do it. Anyone who trains to be a black belt should be able to take care of themselves by using sophisticated techniques to accomplish their ends. Unfortunately, the same conditions ap ply here though in reverse; they are unable to actuate themselves as the thing they are studying. They are incorrectly taught that pacification is the key to survival and to express oneself through violence goes against the so-called creed of compassion to wards another. This is taught in various forms, although many sensei suggest to their students that they react with "savage intensity."

The main reason that "black belts" can't take care of themselves is that they are generally led to believe that karate and the martial arts are for self -defense, spiritual enlightenment, physical conditioning, etc., anything except the reality of what they are truly intended for. This is absolutely not the case. Bear in mind that I am not talking about children learning ma rtial arts for reasons of self-discipline, self esteem, etc. Just watching the little tykes performing their acrobatics is enough to soften the hardest hearted warrior. Twelve year old black belts, boys and girls, are indeed quaint notions that should be taken somewhat seriously in the advent that some of them may in time develop into full -fledged and valuable "ka," practitioners." In order to be in the so-called "zone" or "state" of fierce combat viability, it is essential that students be taught exactly what it is that they are being taught without the glossing over and super hype about them eventually becoming inestimable warriors. It requires a sensei with intelligence to perceive what the student needs and not what the governing board of judges at a ranking ceremony is looking for so that they can control their definition of how belts should be awarded. Thus, the student gets ripped off and develops a false sense of security that can cause them great harm, especially by someone who is not impressed with the braggadocio of meaningless rank. The martial arts were never intended to be for the masses. They were specifically for the soldiers of any society to protect that society from any form of intrusion. True, self -defense is a good thing to know, but more important is the realization of when to use it, and then to be able to use it effectively and meaningfully. It is the responsibility of the sensei to be able to teach on this level and not with the idea of providing karate lessons for the after school cr owd or bored house wives. Teaching a student the right mentality brings with it the perception of any attacker to sense imminent danger to themselves should they attempt to cause harm to someone who obviously knows how to take care of themselves. Being a sensei is a significantly important thing. It is not a hobby profession, although there are plenty of part-time good practitioners who are sincere in their approaches. They take their responsibilities seriously. They know who they are and don't permit them selves to acquiesce to false pride. "Wannabes" cannot be convinced otherwise, and they simply do not have the experience or the maturity to teach a life and death subject.

I have written many books and many of them have not been excerpted herein. The complete listing of titles can be purchased directly through my website: All books purchased through the website are autographed and personalized. For more about Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman: Author blog – Video blog – Facebook – Twitter - @hanshikaufman

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Kyoshi MICHAEL FARADAY View Points

Often I am asked about the aspects of fighting. This ~ N ~ That ~ N ~ Everything in - between! So here is my personal experience and thoughts to the subject matter at hand. {Preparing to test my pupils in the field. B.H.S.} First and above all else there are no winners in any fight! From small children to grown adults who should know better. The winner is determined not by who wants it more, because let’s face it no one wants to lose a fight. The conditioning of one’s body also has no bearing. Physicality is often due to genetics rather than your training really. Then as far as training goes; the possibilities of combinations and methods are vast! What it all boils down to is: It all depends on what your influence to theory of exercise in preparation to combat may be? So the truth of the matter is much like 121 buying a lottery ticket. The final decision comes down to who was having the better day. Is luck on your side? However; I do believe in the following statement: For which is preached constantly to all that I do teach, or provide seminars to and speak with. That is ...: Our greatest asset is the power of knowledge, and how we translate this power of thought into the Martial Sciences to defense. I refer to this term Martial Science, because a true warrior of honor and spirit doesn't partake into what others call training to fight. For us it is considered to be the constant way of learning a style of life. In all cultures a vast amount of diversity's are present for all to learn from. From the simplest of sort, to the complex. These include or should include: Speech ~ Writing ~ Mathematics ~ and skill sets of sciences. To learn something if only one form of each category will round your universe and make you more complete than others. These are the tools which make you not only a better person, but perhaps a leader. From this lesson then you can in turn provide help to others, who are in much need of help. This is most important, because coming to the aid of those from the standing point of thought that you seek nothing in return is absolute! From the beginning of socialization there were rules to follow. These rules were in place to create an order. These orders then became what we call laws. In the Martial Sciences there is only one difference. This difference is that we call them codes. We honor them and abide by them, and those who do not are not of leadership quality. As my teacher continually expresses to me ... ""Each one ` Teach one! "" What this means without, and I stress the fact without prejudice of any means; we teach, or come to the aid of those who will benefit from our knowledge of teaching.

For this is the true power of the spirit of Martial Arts. These men I speak of are: Grandmaster Dr. Mosses Powell & Grandmaster Shidoshi Ron Van Clief. In 122 achieving these acts of peace and war to aid in helping others ... You must study what are called The Vital Points! Stemming from "CHI "The invisible force of power (Pure energy.) Which is fundamental to our universe ... Arrive what is known as the vital Points? As it projects itself unknowingly within the bounds of Earth, Also does it manifest in the Human Body! As a pulse of force much like the flow of blood through our veins; this energy is a complex system of channels. It is the most basic component to all Human beings as we know it to be. For example blood is pumped through our heart to all major organs and minor sublet areas of the body. Keep in mind this cannot be accomplished without the brain, our central processor. Ok so if you want to disrupt this flow of energy you must pick a vital spot to block the flow of energy. 123 By choosing your method of attack, or strike you then hit that vital spot! This causes a reaction which in turn leads to a disruption of normal energy flows. I.E. PAIN! The amount of pain and damage internally is determined by the excess of force that you generate from your strike. Pending this outcome a degree of effects will now occur throughout the body. The opponent or attacker will cease there aggressions due to intense pain, or it may cause a temporary numbness to permanent paralysis. The ultimate but should never be warranted ending could also result in death! If you wish to attain the title of Master then you need to have the understanding of the science of the Human body structure. I refer to this as Martial Physics. Martial Physics is the knowledge necessary to solve the equations of the body functions. So you need to study not only the skeletal system, but also the major arteries, Pressure points, Tendons, As well as all major organ locations. Then from this you next choose your strike of choice as to location of impact. {Immortal man finger strike ~ Poison thumb ~ Eagles claw ~ Dragons whip ~ Palm heel ~ etc.} With exact location and placement of impact your desired effect will then take place. The chain reaction to suspending the flow of energy through the body's vast network of channels has begun. Most people laugh when talk about such mystery to Martial Science is examined. It is just knowing where and how that makes all the difference, and the results of implication. Example plain and simple: What do you think would happen if you threw a ridge hand or palm strike directly to the Adams Apple located in the throat? Let’s say it had better be warranted! Common sense people! It does go a long way. So please use it. Thank you. So the Chi energy follows paths within our system of body functions. I hope you enjoy this & all my best to you & your family my friend. Kyoshi

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Personal Note From The Publisher; The hart of a true warrior is defined by their actions on this path of life and our friend Kyoshi has allowed his action to speak volumes to all of us who listen.

Date: 2012-05-17, 9:13PM Experience the event that is Kyoshi Faraday ... A 7th Dan Who studies with one of the legendary icon figures in the art's today; Grandmaster Ron " The Black Dragon " Van Clief. Kyoshi Faraday : The Silver Dragon " Quicksilver " has been featured in : Action Martial Art's Magazine, American Temple Training Union Magazine, Inside Kung - Fu & Blackbelt magazine too! As an Author ~ Philosopher ~ Humanitarian, & Professor in the study of Martial Science his work is featured in : LULU, Amazon, & Barnes & Noble . Com! A 3x National Champion, 5x International Hall of Fame Inductee, & 6x World Champion mr. Faraday is coming home for his only area appearance to promote his newest book : Martial Science. This book has received a rating on Amazon for 5* and is an 8 x 11 358 pg book which is amazing! On Friday June 8th from 6:15 P.M. till 12:00 Midnight @ Yummies Asian Cuisine located @ 398 West Main St Dudley Ma 01571 you can experience this grand event too! The Book will be $25-. He will also have three instructional & demo Dvd's for $15 ea, or 3 for $30. Beautiful full color 8 x 10 poster's for $5 ea, or 3 for $12, & he will also be doing a benefit to raise $ $$ for his two most favorite charities : The Relay for Life & Auburn Youth & Family Services! Tickets for the benefit will be $1 for 1, $3 for 5, or $5 for 10. The prize for the winning ticket will be one of two specially formatted 4' by 4' unique poster collages. So go on down to Yummies for some awesome food, great drinks, & good take - out & get the change to experience this special man of interest for an evening of Martial Science. This event is in celebration of his landmark of 30 yrs. in the study of Martial Sciences. So again save the date June 8th. You do not want to miss this! There will also be other interesting things in the works to keep your interest as well. • Location: Yummies Asian Cuisine • it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief

Soke, Reynardo “Nikko” Gutierrez Founder; Sung Jitsu Ryu ATTU Vice President & Region 1, Director

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Kerri Cawyer

ATTU ATTU Executive Executive Associate Associate Inside Inside Out Out Nutrition Nutrition and and Fitness Fitness

Sweet, addictive and prey’s on weakness, are you strong enough to stay away? It’s time to get real with yourself and what you put in your mouth. So we just went over a few things you probably have in your cupboards from last month’s article. Check it out if you haven’t already, I’m going to make this a little series of “knowledge is power” in your cupboards. Let’s focus on sugar first and the hidden agenda that food companies have to sabotage your health. “YES” harsh words and factual information that affects your performance and ability to be faster and stronger. Would you listen if I told you that you are compromising your oxygen intake if you don’t listen? SUGAR, does that word sound familiar to you? Well just about everything you touch now days has it , corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, organic sugar (oooo doesn’t that sound healthy?), cane sugar, sucrose, on and on and on. This is a product that is as addictive as tobacco and has even been said to be as addictive as heroin and sneaks into your life in amazingly sweet ways. When no one will listen, life falls apart, your down in the dumps or even up on top of the mountain, and with your sweetheart, oh that soft whisper, naughty but oh so nice desire to feel good and a memory forgotten of the consequences you suffered after you indulged, those intentions to make you feel like you just reached heaven, actually wants to steal your heaven. Right off the top of my head, I think of birthday ‘s and cakes, treats, parties, desserts at restaurants after you have eaten the most delectable meal and you want to top it off with something sweet and amazing. Oh such a sweet sin it is and I’m here to tell you, if you want to be the BEST at what you do and live to be a healthy strong focused human being, you better think about this drug and how you use it. Yes it acts like a drug and yes it is severely addictive.

THE GREAT NEWS IS …..If you are eating fructose through whole foods, like fruit, you are still getting sugar, however through whole foods this simple sugar can be converted into glucose and your body can use it for energy. It’s called FAT stores. Foods like beets, sugar cane, raw honey and other plants as well are processed through tearing out the wholeness GOD intended in your food and ripping you off of all the natural goodness put there for reasons like your digestion, protein process, oxygenating your cells, organ functioning, vital thinking to name a few, do any of those sound like vital things you need to be the best you can be? Of course this too in moderation, people do gain weight and get too much fruit sugars and if you are a diabetic you know this. Also if you store it and don’t use it as energy, your body’s fat cells want to have a party and eat up like a bunch of PAC-man starving and then they lie around and hang on tight hoping you won’t move. It’s called FAT stores and the more you store the harder to move. Do you get it now? If you trained all year long and had the perfect balance of exercise and nutrition, and decided to have a drink the night before you fought or the day of, could you fight your best fight? Probably NOT, not to mention you would be banned from fighting most likely and fined if caught. What I’m trying to say is, yes it’s possible to fight a fight and be under the influence, and possibly not get caught but it won’t be your best fight emotionally, mentally, or physically, not to mention you’re going to look like an idiot. Well sugar can affect you the same way, balance, temperament, decision making, your focus is based on balance and strength and speed you don’t get that by being under the influence. So if you’re already good, why not try something that can make you GREAT or the best? I want to challenge you to go 30 days with NO sugar, check every ingredient in your cupboard and if it has sugar, throw it out. NO sugar for 30 days, if you do not feel a difference call me, I want to hear your story, because there is help for you and your secret addiction. (ME that is!) It is not possible to avoid a difference, other than you will feel withdrawals, be edgy possible headaches and much more. Can YOU do it? What if I showed you a way that made it easier, would you try it? What if I walked you through it daily would you do it so you could be GREAT not just good? (Sucrose on the other hand, cannot metabolize completely in our bodies, resulting in the formation of toxic metabolites such as pyruvic acid and abnormal, unstable sugars containing five carbon atoms. These toxic by-products interfere with the respiration of cells, preventing the latter from acquiring sufficient oxygen to function correctly. These poisonous metabolites, in their free-radical or oxidation format, are constantly seeking to stabilize themselves by robbing our healthy cells of their available oxygen. This in turn degrades the cell and the cell dies. Above is an Extract from a report by Phillip Day as featured in Food Matters) Sugars lurking wherever you go: This is why I say make your own foods, use whole foods, natural sweeteners, such as stevia, or xylitol (which is actually a cavity fighting sweetener and kills germs), or use just dates, prunes or plums blended, applesauce, coconut crystals, agave (from a cactus). There is a ton of ways to sweeten your food if you’re a sugar addict and use it in moderation and it can actually be beneficial rather than detrimental. The manufactures want you addicted, of course. So they can get you to buy more and they can be rich off your inability to WIN your best fight! They know how to fight and WIN do you? I WILL start a 30 day challenge to drop sugar out of the house, diet, and life; I will walk you through it daily and sent via email letters of encouragement and daily knowledge that can help you. I will answer email questions and I will help you with a cleansing process that I think will help you get through this even faster. If I have enough interested this month I can start with you all as soon as you would like, I will announce a starting date in the next issue if I have enough interested fighters. Are you really strong enough to handle me in a fight? Lol A great book to read: “Sugar Blues”, by William Dufty. Kerri Cawyer Inside Out Fitness and Nutrition LLC Ph. 253-310-6790 E-mail; URL;

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Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu In Sight Into Kicking Written by; Sha Poe Ryu Elam There are no second chances after you have delivered an improper kick and either hurt yourself or caused little damage to an opponent, when you should have taken your opponent out! When focusing and considering the various types of kicking, you need a clear understanding concerning what each kick is designed for and what it is intended to do. Example; a Roundhouse kick done with the top flat part of the foot is “not” going to be as effective when kicking an opponent in the spleen as it would be if you bent your toes back and delivered the kick with the front ball of the foot in a directional manner. There are many martial artist who have great kicking ability for both kata / form and exhibition and this is also true concerning many fighters. There are basically various techniques to deliver kicks, an example of this is found with a standard Side Kick, there are basically three different techniques for delivering a side kick and each of them are designed to gain specific results based upon the targeted area. The first type of side kick is what is referred to as a Push kick, this is basically done under the concept of pushing an opponent with the entire flat bottom of the foot with controlled power to push an opponent into harms way or to push the opponent away from you. There is also the aspect of this kick to be utilized for both pushing an opponent while pushing yourself off of the opponent to either attack another opponent or land in a better position to defend. The second type of Side Kick is to utilize the out step or blade of the foot, this demands the ankle to allow the foot to basically make a 45-degree angle with the edge or blade of the foot in order to kick the opponent. This particular Side Kick was designed basically for specific attacks such as to the neck or used in conjunction with a muscle technique for tearing muscles, ligaments, tendons and so forth. The technique used in conjunction with this side kick for completing this destructive technique is a specialized sliding stomp. This technique when implemented properly is devastating to an opponent. The third type of Side Kick is based on utilizing the heel of the foot, by extending the heel of the foot naturally makes a perfect striking tool. This Side Kick is primarily used for attacking the trunk of the body “but” because of its great versatility it can be implemented for various kicking attacks to both bones and internal organs. Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu practitioners under go our version of “OLD SCHOOL TRAINING”, as most Karateka practitioners are familiar with Makiwara Hand Training, Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu practitioners utilize our “WALL TRAINING” in a similar manner. Students are trained to kick the Wall with full force with certain kicks in a true effort to understand the kicks and prefect them. When seeking to understand this vital information the WALL has been found to be an unforgiving school master, mistakes are simply rewarded with pain and in some cases suffering as well. Students also focus on Bag Training with a strict understanding of the kicks and the area of the body they are intended to be applied to for the best expected combat results. When reflecting on years gone by and what we consider “OLD SCHOOL TRAINING”, I personally try to take a deeper look at training techniques as well as equipment and the intended results from various types of training. I have found over the years that in order to truly be capable of completing a technique that some equipment could not be purchased, therefore the concept in some instances is all that was left to go by, which has resulted in the development of specific training equipment that truly delivers the desired results.

At our dojo we had in West Liberty, was the home of some of our Old Schools Training Equipment “but” when we moved to the Woodsbend area where we were intended to build our organizations temple the equipment had to be dismantled. Further, because of the EF-3 Tornado, it looks as if it may take some time to obtain another facility to reassemble the equipment. The WALL truly allows for great training and as I said, it demands that the practitioner complete each technique properly. Other equipment we utilize also focuses on kicking, the equipment setting in the corner of the photo's is what we call “THE SNAKE PIT”. This device took me around 30-years to develop, it allows students to gain a good understanding of many Grappling techniques as well as what we refer to as “SNAKE FOOT” techniques. Most martial artist when first beginning their training have a hard time kicking more than three times in a roll, the Snake Pit has allowed Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu students at the beginner or White Sash level to “not only kick” but use their foot in a manner that makes them spin or turn the wooden pieces. This builds control and focus while completing a given kick, all White Sashes that I have trained using the Snake Pit, kicked a minimum of seven times in a roll and some more, while maintaining their balance and utilizing control, focus and speed. Therefore, by looking deeper into various concepts concerning true martial combat and keeping an open mind and understanding that those masters from years gone by intended on us to seek wisdom from the path. The principles of a technique is always found in the techniques intended result, therefore to understand the path we “must” also understand the training that demands the result. Understanding various kicks and what they were designed to do, will open the door to the path for training and developing that which allows you to complete the technique for what it was originally intended for. When considering the concept for utilizing various kicks for delivering a kick to the head for example, the area of the head dictates which kick and technique is best to utilize for a desired result.

When determining or focusing on “Bone Braking Kicks”, once again the desired result will dictate the kick and the technique to be implemented to brake various bones.

Bone braking techniques require a good understanding of kicks as well as many other techniques, however, focusing on braking a given bone with various kicks takes true understanding and sensitivity. The largest bone in the human anatomy is the femur bone, located between the pelvis and knee, this bone can be broken by utilizing a specific kick and implementing the kicks principles for completing the kick to receive the desired results. When talking about bone braking we are talking about the bone its self and “not” the joint! Using kicks to brake the joints in the human anatomy work in the same manner and call for a verity of kicks that can be implemented to receive the desired results. The principles that govern bone braking kicks are found in the desired results of a given kicks technique, thereby rendering the true combat result desired. One specialized kicking system that Sha Soo Doo Jitsu Ryu students learn over time, is what we refer to as “Directional Kicking”. This specialized systems is focused on delivering kicking techniques directed at internal organs, by utilizing our “WALL” training concept, this has become a natural path for students to follow and understand.

A Unique View of Today’s Martial Arts

“I don’t know if an introduction is needed or necessary for this gentlemen and admired Martial Arts practitioner and Sensei. I do know that it was an honor and profound privilege to finally meet Kaiso John Kovacs, Founder of Yishendo Escrima Ju-Jutsu at the “Master’s Seminar” held at the Shishikan Dojo, hosted and headed by Hanshi Kevin Pereira. Also in attendance that I also have the utmost pleasure to finally meet were several of my fellow warriors and great contributors of the martial arts community all out for the common goal of providing a service of defense ideals to the public, namely Shihan Farouk Gibbs, Hanshi Joe Rebelo, Hanshi Leon Major etc. It is my hope to also conduct interviews with these fine gents in the future”. Kaiso John Kovacs greatly impressed me in his segment of instruction of the Master’s Seminar. His careful and precise application of Yishendo waza and instruction commanded my interest and attention. I was intrigued when conversing with him. It is amazing that he and I quite frankly have very similar views, and shortly after I contacted him for an interview. He graciously honored my request and the following are his responses in the interview. ATTU: “Once again it is an honor to finally meet you. What is your full name, rank, title, age and Martial art System, name of your Dojo and location?” Kaiso Kovacs: “John Kovacs, M.A. 51 y/o Kaiso (Founder) of Yishendo Escrima Ju-Jutsu teaching in the Rochester New York area, also recently awarded the Sokeship for system recognition as well”. ATTU: “Your Martial Arts Journey began when and where?” Kaiso Kovacs: “I was born into the arts”. My father was my first teacher in the martial arts. A black belt in Karate in New Jersey and he had a dojo before people had even heard of “Karate”. He studied and taught me Chito-Ryu and Goju-Ryu as a young child and he also was fortunate enough to have studied some Shaolin Long Fist informally from a Chinese friend of his. He tells me I was about four when I started. This was both in Union New Jersey and also Newark New Jersey where I was born in 1960. My father always spoke to me about people like Jimmy Cheatham, Don Nagel, Henry Cho, Peter Urban and Maung Gyi”.

ATTU: “What discipline have you studied that influence you the most to develop your specialized system?” Kaiso Kovacs: “Tough question, I’ve had a few "professors" and many "teachers". In Yoga you have your "Gurus" and then your "Sud Guru" or main Guru. My father always to this day has encouraged me to create my own "way". Professor Vee always uses to tell me, "Teach what I know". He used to get a bit annoyed in my quest for constant knowledge. Not like he wasn’t learning up until his last breath mind you lol! But for hard Karate I would have to say that Saiko Shihan Shigeru Oyama taught me excellent basics in Kyoskushin-Kai, along with the tough fighting mindset that comes with kumite and general conditioning. The Miyama-Ryu system under Shihan Antonio Pereria gave me a good foundation in fundamental Judo oriented Ju-Jutsu, Mr. Charles Nelson taught me to teach myself, and taught me some of the best WWII oriented self-defense tactics and principles available in the U.S.A., to the general public. However, Professor Vee had the greatest impact on me on how I learned to process all the information and integrate various pieces into one coherent flow. My Fencing and Escrima teachers were all monumental in helping me along the path. My initial exposure in Largo Mano Cinco Teros under Prof. Mat Marinas was an outstanding jumping off point in learning Arnis De Mano. In Fencing I was fortunate to have trained with the absolute best Hungarian Saber coach, Mr. Csaba Eltes. In Renaissance fencing, its hats off to Maestro Ramon Martinez. Dr. Jerome Barber is always a great friend as is Datu Kelly Worden and Guru Bram Frank. I can say with a heartfelt sincere gratitude that these three men truly inspired me to be the best I can be within the arts. I could go on but you need an article just on this question alone! I have had many teachers along the way...some were very valuable in teaching me what not to do and what not to be like. I call them my "Thug Sensei's". Some of them were outstanding practitioners on the dojo floor, but kind of despicable as people. Like don't let your young daughters alone with them, ever! Some were into drugs, drank a lot and were just pretty much predators. But if I saw a spark of excellence in their martial movement and it was something I wanted to grasp or emulate, I would deal with it long enough to absorb what was useful. It’s like an old Yoga saying I was blessed to hear, “Be like the perennial bee. The bee does not distinguish between the pretty and the ugly flower, it only lands and extracts the needed nectar, leaving all the toxicity behind”. ATTU: “Tell us about your Martial Art style or system”. Kaiso Kovacs: “I don't really like to teach what I call a "style". I try to teach my students to develop forms of personal expression within the art. A way of expressing what you do within the "system" is really your individual "style". I teach relationships between things. For example, the body positioning or Tai-Sabaki in self-defense should be almost identical whether you have a weapon in your hand or not...there should be a seamless transition between the two. Obviously what may change is the range and type of strike. An impact weapon is not a bladed weapon, cutting, hacking, chopping, or filleting is not what is done with a blunt impact weapon! Contrary to what many people say the "stick does not represent the sword" Most people in modern kendo, fencing or Escrima will not be able to cut unless they really practice with an edged weapon! All the wishful thinking in the world is not going to change that. Different ergonomics, body torque etc. are performed when using an edge. A blunt impact weapon is exactly that....bash 'em and crash ''s not slice and dice, hack, sever, fillet, very different from each other. Learning zone acquisition and targeting vital points is always stressed in class, along with the concept of the "flow". It’s like Bruce Lee said – “the martial arts are meant as a vehicle to honestly express you”.

What I teach is constantly in a state of metamorphosis. People who may know me from even one year ago teaching may believe I am doing something they can speak of and pigeon hole. But I am constantly shapeshifting into whatever appears to be the most valid form of truth and expression in the moment. What I always stress is principle and tactic oriented, not technique based. You don’t need twenty different ways to defend yourself against a front choke or a wrist grab. This kind of teaching is stagnant and can be confusing for the student to apply in vivo when their life depends on it. Better to know one solid way of doing something with many variations to allow yourself to be permeable. Real combat is in a state of constant flux and unpredictability. I remember even as a kid jail-boxing and street fighting with the brothers from places like Chitown, Philly and New York….sparring in the basements of tenements in the South Bronx and rooftops and hallways in Alphabet City. Everything was very real and a threat. We were young, had heart and knew no fear. If you got popped in the face by an octopus punch or kicked in the balls by a front kick, you sucked it up and tried your best to continue to fight. No matter what you try to really “teach” a martial art student today the willingness to continue to fight under adversity, and to have real “heart” is almost impossible to teach. A deprivation primitive predator mindset will generally prevail over a sophisticated well educated suburban so-called “martial artist” if they hesitate or use any form of judgment to access their situation. Newspapers report all too often how a fresh out of prison predator mindset attacker shanks to death the so-called “karate expert” who has several dojo’s that he owns and teaches out of. The area of training the spirit and mind to prevail under true adversity is what is lacking in the vast majority of commercial based dojo. The amount of what I call “martial arrogance” in today’s dojos astounds me! If they think that they can just “joint lock” or “one punch one kill” a determined attacker bent on truly crippling them and taking their life without doing some serious damage on the predator themselves is a recipe for disaster. Give me a yuppie dojo dweller and put him against a true predator armed with a hidden shank….good luck is all I can say!

ATTU: “Your views regarding Martial Arts today in comparison to Martial Arts of yesteryear”. Kaiso Kovacs: “Things have changed quite a bit. Seems like the average person taking any form of martial arts today by and large are devoid of the same attributes or characteristics of the “old days”. Aspects such as respect and courtesy both on and off the mat are lacking. The MMA commercial boom in some ways can be blamed for this. Your Sensei is not your “coach”. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with being a great coach. Legends such as Vince Lombardi were greatly admired and treated with respect and awe by the people he knew and coached (in football). But when a base type of thuggery comes into the picture, things can change into a real beast to contend with. A “beat ‘em up at all costs mentality” prevails and poor role models for our youth to emulate proliferate. A heavily tattooed steroid monster smashing his elbow into the face of his prone “opponent” is not real martial arts. It is a blood sport for blatant profit and exploitation by a chosen few. It is rife with the same type of corruption that plagued professional boxing for so many years. MMA is not even true selfdefense/personal protection. Yes it is true that a good athlete who can fight in the ring may be able to “fight” in the street, but real combat is not “fighting” per se. Real unmitigated combat is much more brutal and unforgiving than what is in the controlled atmosphere of the ring and it’s rules. The stench of your enemies’ guts spilling over your shoes after being slashed across the abdomen with an edged weapon is nothing to neither glorify nor make light of. A garrote deeply cutting into a neck, or a .22 caliber bullet piercing through the eye of the enemy is not “sport”….these are very harsh and cruel realities. In truth both the words “martial” and “art” are lost today by and large. Tactics and principles of true warfare are perhaps never even touched upon. The great works of old are not studied. The great generals of old and their battles are not understood. Even a cursory study of siege warfare is not examined. What we see today now more than ever is what I call a “recreation art”. A place to break a sweat and meet up with your friends and have a cold beer and chicken wings after the class is over. A dojo is not a gym. It is a sacred space with transformative power.

It should be a place where your character is developed and where you confront and overcome your shadow side. The only true “competition” should be within yourself of yesterday, and in the present moment when coming into contact with the dojo floor. Uke and Nage should work in alternative roles in harmony to help polish and forge the spirit of survival. The attacks and responses should be sincere, done with intention and focus. No excessive chatter about the weather and current status of the spouse should be brought into this picture. Respect to the sacred space and to each other should be of paramount importance. What I call “good pain” while training should be your guide and friend. Many of the young paper tigers of today have never experienced true hardship or pain in their training. It is natural for the ordinary person to avoid pain, but not the true Bushi walking the warrior’s path. He looks forward to it and welcomes the day a glorious death is bestowed upon him as a gift from heaven. In today’s McDojo’s if you hit or injure your student you will be sued and woman train with only other woman in some schools. This is ridiculous in that statistically this would never happen in the real world. Many so-called “combative” programs are in reality teaching bad kickboxing at best and packaging it as “real world self-defense”. Now pretty much any young kid with ideas of making money and good business skills and the right packaging can make money selling the martial arts. The question today is not even skill at all but good marketing and business acumen. People today more than ever treat the “sensei” like a retail shop owner. If little Johnny is not going to get his black belt as quick as some other schools give them out, then the parents will take him there. But the Sensei today also more than ever has to become an entertainer. If the class is even remotely boring constantly honing the basics, the student will lose interest. Maybe this is why we see classes like Zumba in so many martial art schools today. But hey maybe you’re better off going to a Zumba class if all you want to do is get in good cardio shape!”. ATTU: “What is essentially important to you in the Martial arts?” Kaiso Kovacs: “What is essential is honesty and integrity…as Bruce lee said martial arts should be a vehicle to “Honestly express yourself”. The best all of us can do while studying the arts is “emulation not duplication”. People seem to get it wrong when following a Founders art, especially when they pass away. Most followers of the arts are guilty of this. If GM Parker, Bruce Lee or such legends as Ueshiba Morihei were alive today they would scarcely recognize in most cases what they see as the very art that they created! Like I mentioned earlier, most people who practice so-called “martial arts” today don’t really understand the true meaning of either word! In our society i.e.: the U.S.A. urban suburban environment, crime is not what is in Japan, Europe or anywhere else. The predator mind-set is unique. To be a complete martial artist is not a casual thing. Going in to a school that teaches a kick boxing type cardio program might be fun and good for making friends and losing weight. But don’t mistake this for a real ability to defend yourself against a deranged determined human predator”. ATTU: “Studying under various instructors in the martial arts is there one particular Sensei that stands out? Has that extra edge? Tell us about him or her”. Kaiso Kovacs: “I have learned and benefited from being blessed by many true legends and greats in the martial arts. I think one of the unsung heroes in the martial arts was Mr. Charles Nelson. He was un-pretentious, humble and a wealth of knowledge. He claimed no rank in the martial arts and you called him “Charlie” when you trained at his scruffy training space. Many high ranking “sensei” in various martial arts trained with him to learn real self-defense. Some went back and integrated what they learned into arts and never gave him credit. I believe that in terms of real, true street self-defense Charlie taught the most practical material available. What is most important in my experience with him was that he taught me how to teach myself. Prof. Vee was the same in this regard.

It was Prof. Vee who encouraged me to train with Charlie. Prof. Vee trained with Charlie in 1950 and gave him a further basis to help him develop his art. Prof. Vee also encouraged me to train with Antonio Pereira and Mat Marinas as well to help me a get a better foundation in their respective arts. But my father set the stage for me as a young child. He always told me to create my own way. He pushed me under the proverbial baptism under fire to hone my skills even as a young teenager. The experiences I have had and memories I possess are too numerous to even get into right here and now. And hopefully the ride is not over – not yet“. ATTU: “Is there any one or series of essential elements that you were taught by this Sensei that you have incorporated into your style of teaching and your system?” Kaiso Kovacs: “The way I teach now is a composite of what I believe to be the best of several worlds. Charlie Nelson taught a short course of ten lessons that were practical and easy to learn methods for immediate self-defense. Others I learned under had a more “classical” orientation in teaching techniques in self-defense sequentially. Others still taught in a more theory/conceptual model that could be adapted to meet the individual’s needs. I try to strike a balance between all these methods. I teach more principles and concepts along with the proper mindset than I do actual “technique” per se. Like my friend GM Bram Frank said, actual combat is a like snowflake…no two situations are ever alike”. ATTU: “Students come in all shapes and forms so to speak and there are some instructors who no longer accept walk-ins”. Are you one of these instructors if so, what qualities do you look for in a prospective student?” Kaiso Kovacs: “Anyone with a sincere desire to learn is always welcome in our class. I have little to no “expectation” of immediate behavior because quite frankly I don’t think students know how to behave! Between being brain washed and conditioned to believe the misconception of Dojo behavior, IE; ritual, bowing, reverence and or homage to the “all know “master”, a lot of re-educating has to occur. So long as the respect and courtesy for the class and teacher are there from the beginning, then we can work on the other stuff. Anyone who is a bully or has bad intentions with what they learn, are certainly not welcome in class. I tend to be a bit of ‘Ole School, and that is ok by me…we definitely don’t have a mall/McDojo’s thing going on. If students want to be into conditioning they can go to a YMCA Zumba class….if they want MMA there are plenty of people teaching that kind of stuff. Our primary focus is on self-defense/personal protection”. ATTU: “Your personal advice to someone seeking instruction in the Martial Arts”. Kaiso Kovacs: “Make sure you know what you want initially and don’t fool yourself. If you want to get fit then pick a place that would supply that. If you want a more “spiritual” approach then go for that. If you want true selfdefense/personal protection, be clear in your objective. Just because a place says they teach “self-defense” don’t believe it. Anyone can teach you so-called “self-defense”, from a good street fighter to a person fresh out of prison to a law enforcement person to a military person. But that may not necessarily be “martial arts” per se. Quite often an experienced street fighter or the person who has done time, is a better realistic teacher than the arm chair martial art “expert” who has never been in anything more than a school yard scuffle in junior high school! For example many martial art “experts” teach how to use a knife. But have they ever cut anything or anybody? Have they been cut themselves? The principles in what they teach does it make sense bio-mechanically? Do they understand basic human anatomy? What do they know about the law?

What’s even more interesting are those martial art “experts” who teach a defense against a weapon when they themselves don’t know how to use it! How can you teach how to defend against something if you don’t know its inherent strengths and weakness? A so-called nice dojo attack isn’t real! Especially if done with little to no predatory “intention” behind it…” ATTU: “Do you feel many instructors and dojos today are governed more by the dollar versus the essence of Budo and true martial arts instruction?” Kaiso Kovacs: “There is little to no “essence” behind anything we see in the so-called “martial art world” we see today! The respect by and large is all but gone. The patience and time needed to learn authentic life time skills are gone. We live in an immediate gratification society. Parents want little Johnny to get their black belt in six months to one year even if they are nine years old! If you have a commercial school and are worried about the dollar and losing students, you may have to give in. After all if you don’t, then the dojang down the block will do it! Then all the work and effort you put into the student was a big letdown. You can’t even discipline a student or have any contact with them at all…you might get sued…I am not saying to be abusive, but some form of true budo should be in place. If not how different is the dojo from say a typical football team? We could easily argue that Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest Sensei the world has ever seen! ATTU: “Some would say that Martial arts integrity is considered to be diminishing greatly due to what in your opinion?” Kaiso Kovacs: “It already has diminished. Respect, courtesy, honor, integrity, patience and love for each other and the art are truly rare today. A true dojo should be a place for self-transformation not ego building and fostering a beat ‘em up at all costs mentality. It’s like approaching church or any form of tapping into the true essence of what is our human potential. Our bodies are our temples that we walk around with 24/7. What we put in it and what comes out of it is crucial to who we are as people in this journey called life. What you learn and understand through your true martial art journey in the Dojo with your teacher, may not be what you may want to hear or know in the moment, but like good medicine or tough love it should ultimately make you a better person and human being”. ATTU: “Understanding Martial Arts as it is done today. What would you change if you were able to? Would you change anything?” Kaiso Kovacs: “That is a loaded question! I would first help define what the term “martial arts” really means! Today martial arts are neither “martial” nor “art” for the most part. The way the teaching and commercialism is today, the saving grace for the true art to continue will be the basement back yard dojo. This way true practice can continue and hopefully the whole ass backwards idea of “rank” and “recognition” will not be a hindrance to the art. The whole idea of pretty uniforms and fancy belts and titles is way out of hand. Like a bunch of peacocks in heat, many so called teachers parade about looking for kudos and accolades. Seems like the pursuit of more wall paper (as in certificates) and pretty dress is somehow going to compensate for true skill on the mat! Many of these people practice and teach what I call clown arts not martial arts. Like little kids they are nothing more than overgrown man boys playing a game of dress up.

Honestly, I don’t ever want to wear a Gi or so called martial arts uniform ever again. I would rather train in a comfortable t-shirt or nice polo shirt and pants I can move in. I would always say wear some form of training shoes on my feet as well. I can never be Asian nor do I want to be. I have known personally a so called martial artist who had his name etc. all in Japanese on one side of their business card and American English on the other. He had his “ancient” clan name given to him by the Japanese (so he said) on his card as if he were a family member of the system! But in truth he was some little Jewish guy from Queens New York! And while there is nothing wrong with being a little Jewish guy from Queens, don’t think you have to become something you cannot ever possibly become just because you study a martial art from another culture. Be proud of who you really are, don’t attempt to be something or someone you’re not. Celebrate your honest heritage and birth right. I am proud of my Magyar Hungarian Tribal blood. I am not in search of a daddy figure, nor am I interested in joining any form of a cult of personality within the arts either. If you are unable to recognize true skill by observation or by touch within the guise of the martial arts, then it is a crime against all things in the name of Mars the God of war, for you to even be on the mat doing martial arts to begin with”. ATTU: “Your definition of Integrity, Character, and Honor in a Martial Artist and Sensei”. Kaiso Kovacs: “A lot of overpaid sports figures claim that they are not role models. Many in the clergy also make this claim. But whether or not they want to admit it, or whether or not this claim is a cop out so they do not have to take responsibility for their actions, they are certainly going to be perceived as role models – especially by impressionable youth. Whenever you are in the public’s eye you will be scrutinized, for better or for worse. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest in your dealings with your fellow man and let the chips fall where they may. You cannot please all the people all the time. Be firm in your opinion and stick to it even if it may ruffle a few feathers and not appear to be so-called “pc”. Teach from your heart and love deeply with your soul. Protect those who are less fortunate than you and make yourself available with your most precious commodity - your time. Do not teach falsehoods and do not deceive the general public. Above all don’t be a hoodlum wearing a martial art uniform. Give yourself over to a higher power and let that source of light guide you daily in your spiritual growth. The names or title in what brings you balance and solace in your choice of spiritual under taking is not as important as the strength of your character behind your convictions. A Sensei can be defined simply as the “one who came before” or “the one who preceded you”. As a teacher in the arts it is good enough of a title for me. If I can truly just live up the expectation of what it means to be a true Sensei in this lifetime, I think I have succeeded in doing what the marvelous and mysterious creator put me on this earth to do”. ATTU: Kaiso Kovacs, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. The honor and pleasure of meeting you and doing so is greatly appreciated. It is our hope to revisit with you to update ourselves on your fine contribution to the martial arts community. OSS! Soke Reynardo “Nikko” Gutierrez Vice President, ATTU

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