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2009 Annual Report

A humble offering . . .

March 5, 2010 Ah< inivRkLpae inrakar êpae ivÉuTvac svRÇ sveRiNÔya[am! , n cas'gt nEv muiKtnR mey> icdanNdêp> izvae=hm! izvae=hm! . Aham nirvikalpO nirAkAra roopO vibhutvAca sarvatra sarvEndriyANam , na cAsangata naiva muktir na mEya: cidAnandarpa: ShivOham ShivOham .

Thought-free am I, formless my only form, I am the vitality behind all sense organs of everyone; Neither have I attachment to anything, nor am I free from everything; I am allinclusive; I am Auspiciousness. Auspiciousness alone.

Hindu Temple and Community Center of Mid-Missouri (HTCC)

Contents Daily Prayer Page …..……………….…………….………….……………………………. Message from the Board of Trustees ……………..…...………………………….. Map and Direction to Shanthi Mandir ………………………………………………... HTCC Benefactors ……………………..…………………….....………………..……….. Report from the Executive Board …………….……………………...………………. HTCC Executive Committee …………….………..………………………………………. In Memoriam ………………………………….……………………………………………… Our Honorary Member Inductee …………...………………………………………... HTCC Fourth Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee ……………... HTCC Helping Hands …………………………….…………...….…………………………. Poised to Grow, Grow to Serve ………………….....…………………………………. Capital Campaign ……………….…………....…………………………………………….. Communications ………………...…………………………………………………………… Cultural Programs …………………..………………………………………………………… Devotional Programs ……………...………………..……………………………………… Educational Programs …………...…………………..…………………………………….. External Relations ………………..…………………………………………………………. Facilities and Renovation …………..……………….……………………………………. Our Gen Next ……………………...…………...…………………………………………….. Worship and Service at the Mandir ……………………………………………………... Be the Change You Want to See - Competition Entries …………..…………….. Financial Policy ………………………………....……………………………………………. 2009 Financial Report ……………….…….…….…………………………………………. Library …………….……………………………….……………………………………………. Membership ………………..…………………………………………………………………. Operations and Maintenance …………….……………………...…………………….. Publications ………...………...…………….………………….…….………………………. Safety and Security ………...…………...……………..………………………………….. Scheduling ……………………….………………….………………………………………….. Service Programs ………….....………………..…………………………………………… Youth Activities ………………..…………………...………………………………………… HTCC 2010 Events Calendar …………..……………………...……………………….. 2010 HTCC Directory ……………….………….………………………………………….. Cultural Association of India ……..………………….….……………………………… The Vedic Society …………………...…………………….….…………………………… Current Programs at the Shanthi Mandir …………….….……………………………

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Shanthi Mandir

Hindu Temple and Community Center of Mid-Missouri (HTCC) Columbia, Missouri



Daily Prayer Page Morning Prayer This prayer is to be recited soon after waking up. KARAAGRE VASATE LAKSHMI KARA MADHYE SARASWATI KARA MOOLE STHITA GAURI PRABAHATE KARA DARSHANAM On the tip of my fingers resides Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. In the middle of my hands is Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and learning. In the palm of my hands sits Mother Gauri, the Goddess of protection. Visualizing in this manner, I take darshan of my hands every morning. Meal Prayer This 24th verse from the 4th chapter of Bhagavad Gita is to be recited before every meal. BRAHMAARPANAM BRAHMA HAVIR BRAHMAAGNAU BRAHMANAA HUTAM BRAHMAIVA TENA GANTAVYAM BRAHMA KARMA SAMAADHINAHA The act of offering is Brahman (The Supreme). The offering itself is Brahman. The offering is done by Brahman in the sacred fire which is Brahman. He alone attains Brahman who, in all actions, is fully absorbed in Brahman. (As we chant this prayer we are offering the different types of food to Brahman). Gayatri Mantra The Gayatri Mantra can be recited anytime, but is ideally suited during morning prayer-time. OM BHUR BUVAHA SUVAHA THATH SAVITHUR VARENYAM BHARGO DEVASYA DHEEMAHI DHIYO YONAHA PRACHODAYATH We contemplate the glory of Light illuminating the three worlds: gross, subtle, and causal. I am that vivifying power, love, radiant illumination, and divine grace of universal intelligence. We pray for the divine light to illumine our minds. Asotoma Sadgamaya Prayer This Prayer is typically recited as a conclusion to a meditation/prayer session ASATOMA SADGAMAYA THAMASO MAA JYOTHIR GAMAYA MRITHYOR MAA AMRUTHAM GAMAYA AUM SHANTHI SHANTHI SHANTIHI Lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. May there be peace everywhere. Night Prayer This prayer is to be recited at bedtime. KARA CHARANA KRITHAM VAAK KAAYAJAM KARMAJAM VAA SRAVANA NAYANAJAM VAA MAANASAM VAA APARADHAM VIHITHAM AVIHITHAM VAA SARVAMETAT KSHAMASVA JAYA JAYA KARUNAABDHE SRI MAHA DEVA SHAMBHO Oh Lord, please forgive me for all the wrong actions that I have committed with my hands, feet, speech, body, ears, eyes and mind. Please pardon me for all the wrong actions that I have done knowingly or unknowingly. Victory to You, oh Lord of compassion and mercy.



Message from the Board of Trustees


n the fourth anniversary of our Hindu Temple and Community Center (HTCC), we extend our warmest welcome to all, particularly the newly arrived students and families. We hope that Shanthi Mandir will serve as a home away from home and continue to grow as a center for a wide spectrum of spiritual, devotional, cultural, and service activities to meet the needs of the new and old alike. Our Service activities have made a positive impact, thanks to the unwavering effort and dedication of some of our members. We hosted the Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration in 2009 which provided a venue for us to meet members of different faiths in Columbia in a spirit of harmony symbolized by the old saying: Vasudhaiva kutumbakam i.e. the world is one big family. We are fortunate to invite an outstanding citizen of the Columbia community as our honorary member this year. We welcome him with those inducted last year and look forward to their participation in shaping and realizing the vision of service and inclusion set forth in our constitution. Om Sehgal, a long time resident of Columbia, a beloved member, and a dear friend recently passed away after a prolonged illness. We miss him greatly and offer our heartfelt condolences to his dear wife Toshi. The Mandir conducted a Puja to pray for the departed soul of Om. Relevant passages from the Vedas and Upanishads were recited by Chandrasekhar which was followed by a reading of the Bhagavad Gita by all those present. This sad event brought to our focus the growing need of temples and community centers to provide assistance to the bereaving family members of the Hindu Diaspora to perform the funeral sacraments according to their customs and wishes. This is not easy in the American setting which is unfamiliar and ill prepared for these special needs. As the first generation of Indian Americans who entered this country as young students and professionals get older, this need is getting to be more crucial. One of the important goals of HTCC is to equip ourselves to meet the future needs of the community in this regard. As the reports from various Committees in this publication show, we are forging ahead on all fronts, though not at the same pace. It is high time for the membership to evaluate the last four years and chalk out a realistic course for the next four to five years. As we work for our cherished long time goal of a larger facility in a more suitable location, we need to address our immediate needs to improve the current facility. We should identify the problems not addressed until now and equip ourselves to serve the community better in the future. Nothing could be more relevant at this time than the exhortation from the Taittireya Upanishad, popularized by Swami Vivekananda : â&#x20AC;&#x153;Uttishtata, Jagruta, Prapya varannibodhata ; Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.â&#x20AC;?

Map and Directions to Shanthi Mandir

Board of Trustees*

Holalkere R. Chandrasekhar 2 Meera Chandrasekhar Balakrishnan Elangovan Srinath Gopalakrishna Anantha Gopalaratnam Vellore S. Gopalaratnam Nila Gupta Arun Jain 3 Leela Jashnani 3 Kattesh Katti Inder Khurana Jasmit Khurana Kiratadas Kutikkad Sunder Lal Nirja Loyalka Sudarshan Loyalka 3 Anil Malhotra Kusum Malhotra Ritcha Mehra-Chaudhary Moonmoom Mitra Ranadhir Mitra1 Kannappan Palaniappan Harsha Patel Nitin Patel Ravi Puri Anuradha Rajagopalan V. Ramachandran Gagneesh Rawat Chandra Rawlani Ramesh Rawlani Toshi Sehgal Sanjiv Sethi Krishna Sharma Bharath Srinivasan Hema Srinivasan Ravi Thawani Dabir Viswanath 1.Trustee President 2.Trustee Vice-President 3. Elected Trustee * Does not include four trustees who opted not to serve on the Board

Directions: Take Exit 127 on Interstate 70, Head north on Rangeline Street, Right at first traffic light on Vandiver Drive, Left on Parker Street, Right on Holly Avenue, Shanthi Mandir sign will be visible on the right after 5-6 homes.



HTCC Benefactors Thank You!

Donor Acknowledgement, January 1– December 31, 2009 We gratefully acknowledge the following monetary donations made during 2009. If we have inadvertently made an error in not including your name, please let us know. We will correct the error at the earliest available opportunity with our apologies. -

$49 Basu, Asit and Sandra Cutkosky, Dale and Hema Srinivasan Jain, Arun Mohan, Amitabh Nair, Satish and Jyotsna Ramaswamy, Kasturi and Indira Rawat, Gagneesh and Aditi Subramanian, Krishna and Raji Thawani, Ravi and Meena $50-99 Gupta, Ghanshyam and Manorma Premnath, Venkatesan and Vasanthy Rawlani, Ramesh and Chandra

Thank You!

$100-199 Batchu, Sudhir and Priya Kannan, Sankarnaryanan and Vasanthy Khurana, Inder and Jasmit Malhotra, Anil and Kusum Mitra, Ranadhir and Roma Sahota, Pradeep and Shaku Viswanath, Dabir and Pramila

$200-499 Anand, Satish and Sushma Mantrala, Murali and Surya Ratneshwar, Srinivasan and Subbalakshmi Shukla, Shivendra and Asha $500-999 Aggarwal, Kul and Archana Chandrasekar, H. R. and Meera Kutikkad, Das and Geetha Sehgal, Om and Santosh Srinivasan, Bharath and Manjula Narasimhan $1,000-1,999 Gopalaratnam, Vellore and Anantha Ramachandran, V and Anuradha Rajagopalan $11,000-11,999 Loyalka, Sudarshan and Nirja

Contribute Generously to our Capital Campaign! As you contemplate making donations to our Capital Campaign, please consider the following facts... • Donations to HTCC are tax-deductible. • HTCC is exempt from Boone County property tax. • Shanthi Mandir property is wholly owned by HTCC, a non-profit corporation. • Purchases for HTCC are exempt from Missouri sales tax. • Each year, since inception, we have logged in in excess of 15,000 volunteer hours keeping our operational costs to a minimum. This is the equivalent of 7.5 full-time employees • HTCC serves over 150 Mid-Missouri Hindu families and also the larger Columbia community. • We have approximately 100 member families/individuals including 66 life-time members. • To-date 29 families have contributed $5,000 or more. Out of this group 11 families have contributed $15,000 or more. • 100% of donations made to the Capital Campaign will be available exclusively for capital expenditures.

Let us also develop a culture of regular small donations at Shanthi Mandir Use birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other special milestone events in the family to make regular donations to the HTCC. Please also consider setting up autopay from your bank for making other regular monthly contributions towards operating expenses of the Mandir.

Remember “it takes just drops of water make up the ocean”!



Report from the Executive Board W

e begin our fifth year with a sense of gratitude and humility. While we have collectively accomplished many noteworthy milestones, as highlighted on Pages 9-10, for which we need to be grateful, we still have many challenges ahead of us. During the last four formative years of HTCC our devotional, educational, service, outreach and youth programs have steadily grown to meet the needs of our community. We have built a wonderful spirit of “community” and a “shared set of values” that have enriched us in many ways. The Columbia community too has come to rely on us as a dependable partner. During this time we have worked closely with the City of Columbia, Columbia Interfaith Council, Faith and Education Collaborative, the Central Missouri Food Bank and numerous local schools and universities on ongoing projects to serve the community. We could not be where we are today without your unstinting support, encouragement and generous donation of time. Despite a difficult economic year for our nation, HTCC is debt-free and on a sound financial footing - thanks to our many benefactors and volunteers. The Mandir now serves as the focal point for most of our festival celebrations, educational activities, youth programs and volunteer service projects. The last activity has been particularly rewarding, given the growing need for such community support during the long drawn-out economic downturn. As we continue to grow our activities to better serve our community, we also need to proactively plan for growing our Mandir infrastructure. This ongoing planning effort has been slow but deliberative. As we begin our fifth year, we look ahead to the future with hope and a renewed sense of optimism. With your continued support and active participation, there is every reason to believe that we will transform the challenges into wonderful opportunities. Late last year, we lost a dear friend and a very strong supporter of HTCC and Shanthi Mandir, Om Sehgal. In his typical low-key style, he was instrumental in bringing excellent programs and friends to the Mandir. We will truly miss him and his encouragement. Thanks to his initiative, we inducted our first ever batch of four Honorary Members. The distinguished group included Robert Bussabarger, Virginia Morgan, Murari Lal Nagar, and Arthur Robins. This year we add one more distinguished individual to our list of Honorary Members, Prof. Norman G. Barrier. He is an eminent historian and scholar of India with a focus on recent Sikh history. Prof. Barrier established South Asia Books, arguably the largest and most comprehensive resource of publications

from and about India in the United States and Canada. His generous donation of hundreds of books on Indian philosophy, culture, history, literature and fine arts has enriched our library at Shanthi Mandir. In late November 2009, HTCC had the opportunity to host the Columbia Interfaith Council’s 2009 Interfaith Thanksgiving celebrations. This event, organized in association with the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative at MU and the Cultural Association of India, was held at MU’s Stotler Lounge. The celebration comprised short presentations from many faith groups including a lead-in with Vedic chants by members of MU’s Vedic Society, a multifaith finale of “Hum Hongey Kaamyaab – We Shall Overcome” and tasty ethnic finger foods during the post-celebration social hour. Leela Jashnani provided leadership on behalf of HTCC for the wellattended event. As you review the reports for 2009 from the various committees that run the day-today operations at the Mandir, please sign up to volunteer for one or two committees whose work is close to your heart. This dedicated army of volunteers is what makes us tick. A yearly donation of well over 15,000 hours of time is but a conservative estimate of the passion this crew brings to the Mandir. Moreover, for the unique expertise and skill that each volunteer brings, we are truly indebted. This volunteer commitment, in addition to providing support for our operations to the tune of 7-8 full-time employees, also instills a sense of “ownership”, a fundamental strength of our model of operation. Many Committee Chairs are looking for fresh ideas and new enthusiasm. You can signup to volunteer by directly contacting them. Last year saw an increase in our lifetime membership to 66 which represents nearly 2/3rd of our membership. The total membership stood at just over 100. We already have several new members in 2010 in addition to the renewal of many of our 2009 members. Please remember to renew your membership, if you have not already done so. Our Cultural Programs group was active last year with many special concerts in addition to the informal monthly gathering at the Mandir for Bhakti Geetam (First Saturdays at 6:00 pm). Shanthi Sandesh, our quarterly newsletter, which completed its fourth birthday with the November 2009 issue, is now being mailed to all members and several friends, almost immediately after the digital version is posted on our web site. This has brought in some warm feed-back and support from former Columbia residents who also receive the hard-copy newsletter via mail. If you would like friends to receive Shanthi Sandesh via mail (US addresses only),

please send the Chair of the Publication Committee their complete postal address. Visala Palaniappan chairs the ad-hoc committee to plan/organize the Fourth Anniversary Celebrations (see Page 7). This committee comprising approximately two dozen volunteers has been diligently planning for the celebration since late December 2009. We also have an extremely talented group of local artistes providing entertainment for the evening, including an Odissi dance by Aditi Bandyopadhyay, Jhuma Das and Anagha Sawant, a karaoke performance of nostalgic Bollywood songs from the 60s and 70s by Jaskaran Sandhu, and the mother-daughter duo of Padmini and Smrita Dorairajan performing a Bharata Natyam dance. Youth will be engaged with several hands-on arts and crafts projects, thanks to the enthusiastic instruction provided by Amy Messener. The music of DJ Raj Suppiah will draw you to the Open Dance Floor following the entertainment program. The theme for this year’s youth competitions is “Be the Change you Want to See… (in the world) with inspiration drawn from Gandhiji’s popular quotation. This will be the last column for some on the Executive Board as we look forward to renewal of leadership with the upcoming HTCC Elections in March 2010. Renewal is an important aspect of leadership in an organization such as ours. New ideas, new vision and renewed enthusiasm come with such changes and allow organizations to grow and change to serve the community better. You should be soon hearing from the HTCC Election Committee seeking approval of new election procedures and nominations for the positions of President and Secretary of the Executive Board as well as two Elected Trustees as the terms of Vellore Gopalaratnam (President, HTCC EB), Inder Khurana (Secretary, EB), Arun Jain and Sudarshan Loyalka (Elected Board of Trustees) end on March 31, 2010. Gopal and Inder have thoroughly enjoyed serving you in their elected capacities. We will undoubtedly play an active role in other capacities to help HTCC and the Mandir grow and adapt to the changing needs of our community.

Executive Board Vellore S. Gopalaratnam1 Inder Khurana2 Manjula Narasimhan3 Ravi Thawani4 1. President 2. Secretary 3. Treasurer 4. Vice President



HTCC Executive Committee Comprises Executive Board (elected) and Committee Chairs (appointed) HTCC Executive Board President – Vellore S. Gopalaratnam Vice President – Ravi Thawani Secretary – Inder Khurana Treasurer – Manjula Narasimhan

HTCC Committee Chairs Capital Campaign – H. R. Chandrasekhar Communications—Gagneesh Rawat Cultural Programs – Hema Srinivasan Devotional Programs – Chandra Rawlani Educational Programs – Sanjeev Khanna External Relations – Leela Jashnani Facilities and Renovation – Bharath Srinivasan Financial Policy – Krishna Sharma Library – H. R. Chandrasekhar Membership – Dabir Viswanath Operations and Maintenance – Shuba Ratneshwar Publications – Sandhya Sharma Safety and Security – Kiratadas Kutikkad Scheduling – Inder Khurana Service Programs – Mayukh Ghosh Youth Activities – Nandhu Radhakrishnan Assistant Treasurer: Kusum Malhotra

In Memoriam A

strong supporter of HTCC and Shanthi Mandir, Om Sehgal passed away on November 15, 2009. Om touched not only the lives of his students and friends, but also the lives of many others in the Columbia community. He was born on July 22, 1932, in Rawalpindi, India (now in Pakistan), to Beharilal and Savitri Sehgal. He earned a Ph.D at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1962 and married Toshi on Dec. 26, 1963. He began teaching at the University of Missouri School of Agriculture in Plant Pathology in 1963 and retired as Professor Emeritus in 2000. He is survived by his wife, Toshi, a son, Ravi Sehgal of Columbia, and a daughter, Ritu Sehgal of Los Angeles, California. Om was more actively engaged in spiritual, cultural, and religious activities during the years since his retirement. He was instrumental in HTCC hosting the Krishna Das Kirtan at the Mandir. He also introduced us to Ginny Morgan an inspirational speaker, at the Buddha Purnima lecture at the Mandir and who was inducted as an Honorary Member of HTCC last year. Om inaugurated the HTCC library at the 2007 anniversary celebrations. One could often see him attending the Kirtans held on the first Sunday of the month at the Mandir. In the 13th stanza of the eighth chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that one reaches salvation by uttering the syllable “Om.” Not only did Om reach salvation but he also put all of us who came in contact with him towards the path of salvation. Om will always be with us, watching us grow, as we serve the community.



Our Honorary Member Inductee P

rofessor Norman G. Barrier, Emeritus and Middlebush Chair in the Social Sciences (2000-2005), is an eminent historian and scholar of India. It is an honor and privilege to induct him as an Honorary Member of HTCC to recognize his accomplishments and service to the Indian community in Columbia and to the HTCC. Professor Barrier has continued to be active in teaching, research and related professional matters at the University of Missouri after his retirement. Besides Writing Intensive courses in Nonviolence in Modern World History and Communalism in Modern India, his teaching has included a revised course on Gandhi and His Times and two new courses: The Partition of India and Women in Indian History. Barrier's research continues to focus on recent Sikh history. In 1997, Barrier gave a keynote address at the International Sikh Studies Conference, University of Michigan, and presented papers on contemporary Sikh legal cases relating to Gurdwara governance. He has co-edited the volume of proceedings from that conference, consisting of 16 chapters on Sikh identity, and wrote the introduction, revised keynote address, and an article on the Fairfax Gurdwara case where he served as a major expert witness (politics, authority, and congregational practice). He has also published articles in prominent journals in the fields of Indian and Sikh studies, and currently is completing a monograph on a transitional period of modern Sikhism, 1900-1920: Competing Visions of Modern Sikhism: The Chief Khalsa Kiwan and its Opponents. Another major contribution of Barrier is the South Asia Books, arguably the largest and most comprehensive resource of publications from and about India in the United States and Canada. His generous donation of hundreds of books on Indian philosophy, culture, history, literature and fine arts has enriched our library at Shanthi Mandir.

HTCC Fourth Anniversary Celebrations Organizing/Support Committees The ad-hoc committee planning for the HTCC Fourth Anniversary Celebration has been toiling for several months, to make sure that the celebrations go without a hitch. Even with the best of planning, we can almost always do better. Should have any ideas to improve the event, please pass them on to any of the HTCC officers. We will try our best to implement all good ideas next year.

Organizing Committee

With Support From

Visala Palaniappan(Chair) Priya Batchu Meera Chandrasekhar Vellore S. Gopalaratnam Leela Jashnani Inder Khurana Kusum Malhotra Ranadhir Mitra Nandhu Radhakrishnan Gagneesh Rawat Chandra Rawlani Bharath Srinivasan Ravi Thawani

Anand Chandrasekhar H.R. Chandrasekhar Anantha Gopalaratnam Kavita Katti Latha Krishnan Das Kutikkad Ritcha Mehra-Chaudhary Amy Messner Manjula Narasimhan Shuba Ratneshwar Shelley Ravipudi Stephanie Ross Namita Satpathy Punam Sethi Sandhya Sharma Dabir Viswanath



Title Here HTCC Helping Hands W hile financial resources are needed to operate effectively, little can be accomplished without the selfless donation of time and effort of our Shram Daan (donation of labor) volunteer team. In addition there are numerous members and other individuals who volunteered their time in planning , organizing, executing and cleaning after the many events at the Mandir. We are truly indebted to all of you who gave us an invaluable resource - your time and effort! While every effort was made to recognize all the volunteers at the Mandir, please pardon us if we have inadvertently left out some of your names. We estimate conservatively that collectively all of us put in well over 15,000 hours of volunteer time during 2009. The Aarti Nagarkar Abi Elangovan Aditi Rawat Alagu Arunachalam Amit Patel Anand Chandrasekhar Anantha Gopalaratnam Anchal Sethi Anjna Sethi Anmol Sethi Anuradha Rajagopalan Arjun Khurana Aroor Annaya Rao Aroor Sudha Ashish Upadhayay Ashok Cutkosky Aswath Kumar B. S. Balaji Bala Elangovan Bandhana Katoch Bharath Srinivasan Chandra Rawlani Dabir Viswanath Dale Cutkosky Gagneesh Rawat Geetha Kutikkad Gyan Srivatsava Harsha Patel Hema Srinivasan Holalkere Chandrasekhar Inder Khurana Indira Ramaswamy Ipsa Chaudhary

ownership equity of such devotion is immeasurable in monetary value! Shram Daan (donation of labor â&#x20AC;&#x201C; volunteerism) is a concept that has long been ingrained in our way of life. Mahatma Gandhi and Vinobha Bhave made volunteerism popular in preindependent India and used it effectively to undertake social development programs in rural India. Self-help and helping others through community service are attributes that enrich all our lives. When you become part of the team, you have an opportunity to: support a cause you truly believe in, apply your skills and acquire new ones, make new friends and develop contacts, feel the personal satisfaction of helping others and to make a difference in your own

Jasmit Khurana Kalayarsi Kumar Kannappan Palaniappan Kate Walker Kattesh Katti Kavita Katti Kiratadas Kutikkad Krishna Sharma Kul Aggrawal Kuljit Sandhu Kusum Malhotra Leela Jashnani Manjula Narasimhan Maya Cutkosky Maya Ramachandran Mayukh Ghosh Meena Thawani Meera Chandrasekhar Mythili Ramachandran Nahush Katti Namita Satpathy

community. The rewards are as unique and personal as your reasons for wanting to volunteer. While our focus during the first few years was largely on volunteering at Shanthi Mandir, in the years since, we have systematically made an effort to serve the larger Columbia community as well, as described on Page 33. Given our largely academic and physician membership, logical service efforts include projects to enhance the afterschool educational opportunities and provide preliminary health care screening for those who need, but cannot afford them. We are a caring community that has much to offer Columbia. Let us team up to realize this as yet untapped potential!

Nandhu Radhakrishnan Neil Kotandeniya Nidhi Khurana Nilotpal Sanyal Nirja Loyalka Nitin Patel Pranavi Tella Prerna Srinivasan Punam Sethi Raji Subramanian Rajini Tolani Rajiv Mohan Ram Ramaswamy Ramesh Rawlani Ranadhir Mitra Ravi Thawani Reshma Khanna Ritcha Mehra-Chaudhary S. Akila S. Naimesh S. Nitya

Sandhya Sharma Sangita Sharma Sanjeev Khanna Sanjiv Sethi Sannath Kumar Satish Anand Savitri Kotandeniya Senthil Kumar Shreyas Srinivasan Shikha Srivatsava Shuba Ratneshwar Siddharth Kutikkad Soham Srivatsava Sonal Ghosh Srinath Gopalakrishna Sumidha Katti Sunilima Sinha Surya Mantrala Sushma Anand Sushama Nagarkar Tarang Parashar Toshi Sehgal Trisha Chaudhary Uma Srinath Urmila Kutikkad V. Ramachandran Vairam Arunachalam Vellore Arthi Vellore Adithi Vellore Gopalaratnam Vikram Arunachalam Vinita Khanna Visala Palaniappan



Poised to Grow… Grow to Serve... Broad highlights listed here reflect a representative sample of the diverse range of ongoing and successfully completed activities during the 2006 - 2009 period. This list is by no means exhaustive. The fiscal and membership data is based on the time window January 2006—December 2009. Our HTCC Membership Directory presented on Pages 39-42 includes data as of March 1, 2010. Even while we look forward to the next phase in our growth and to serve the community even better, it is important to reflect on where we are today. We are Poised to Grow… and Grow to Serve... General Highlights • HTCC serves over 150 Mid-Missouri Hindu families. We also proudly serve the larger Columbia community, which has come to rely on us as a dependable partner to enrich the quality of life in Columbia. • HTCC started in September 2005 with 12 Trustee Families. In 2010 we now have 29 Trustee Families • We also have 3 Elected Trustees • HTCC inducted 4 Honorary Members in 2009. Another Honorary Member is to be inducted in 2010 • Membership has been steady for the last 3 years. We hope to grow to serve many more students and families in the next few years.

• MU Center for Religion and Profession • Truman State University • Westminster College

Service Programs (HTCC Helping Hands) Regular Service Programs:

HTCC Fiscal Highlights 2006 - 2009

Revenue Streams: $60,045/year

• Narayan Seva, Lunch service - Sai Bhajan Group

• Anna Daan food donation - Central Missouri Food Bank, CMFB

• CMFB Volunteering for repackaging HTCC Helping Hands

• Adopt a Spot, Ridgeway Elementary Bal Sabha

• Shram Daan/Seva Day – Volunteer projects at the Mandir

Expense Categories: $19,947/year Membership History

HM: Honorary Members, AIM: Annual Individual Members, AFM: Annual Family Members, LIM: Lifetime Individual Members, LFM: Lifetime Family Members

Community Outreach (see also Service

Programs alongside)

• City of Columbia - Human Rights Office • Columbia Interfaith Council • Columbia Values Diversity Event Planning/Sponsorship

• Faith and Education Collaborative • Hickman High School - World Religions Class

Cash Flow and Capital Growth



Poised to Grow… Grow to Serve... Special Service Projects:

Cultural Programs

Hands • CROP Walk – Raised funds for overcoming poverty • Sharing the Warmth – Winter clothing collection for the Salvation Army - HTCC Youth/Bal Sabha/Bal Puja

• Bharata Natyam classes - Guru Prasanna

• Clean-up Columbia – HTCC Helping

Devotional Programs

Regular Programs:

• Sai Bhajans • Venkateshwara Suprabhatam/Vishnu Sahasranaamam • Kirtan • Open Prayer Hours (Tuesday and Saturday)

Regular Activities: Kasthuri

• Classical Music classes - Shuba Ratneshwar

• Tabla classes - Sharad Sathe Special Programs:

• Several concerts every year • Bhakthi Geetam Program - First Saturdays

Youth Activities

Regular Programs:

• Bal Puja • Bal Sabha

Special Programs:

• Annual Youth Competitions • Summer Workshop Series • HTCC Youth Day/Bal Sabha-Bal Puja Picnic

Pujas and Festivals:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

New Year Puja HTCC Anniversary Havan and Puja Maha Shivaratri Shri Rama Navami Akhand Ramayan Guru Purnima Bhajan Shri Krishna Jayanthi/Janmashtami Ganesh Chaturthi Navaratri Durga Puja Vijaya Dashami/Dussehra Karva Chauth Deepavali Lakshmi Puja Gurupurab/Guru Nanak Jayanthi Dhanur Maasa Puja (Thiruppavai) Samuhika Satyanarayana Puja

Educational Programs

Regular Programs:

• Tamil language classes • Hindi language classes • Yoga classes—Kate Walker Special Programs:

• • • • • •

Bhagavad Gita Lectures Buddha Purnima Presentations Food n Thought Brunch Series Kirtan - Krishna Das Pravachan Yogam Talk

Publications and Publicity Activities • Maintain a very dynamic and informative web site. • Shanthi Sandesh – The communitycentric quarterly newsletter completes 5thsuccessful year of service. • Samarpanam – The information-packed Annual Report. • HTCC Speakers Bureau established to better serve the mid-Missouri community. • HTCC Presentation/Brochure (underway) • E-Mail notices to “Friends of the Mandir” list • Media alerts and hard-copy notices for programs • Maintain an up-to-date Photo Gallery Library • Eight glass-door bookcases full of books

acquired through multiple donations

• Catalogued and nearly ready for use and check-out

Operations and Maintenance Activities

Regular Activities:

• Weekly Mandir cleaning • Weekly lawn mowing • Purchases and restocking supplies Special Activities:

• Gardening/Landscaping Safety and Security • Fire inspection of Shanthi Mandir • Overflow parking – Standing arrangement • Investigating safety and privacy fence options Insurance coverage



Capital Campaign W e are pleased to report that the capital campaign committee is making steady progress. The bulk of the Mandir contributions come from our active membership which is involved in running the programs, maintaining the facilities and participating in service activities. The typical membership progression pattern for a family is to first become annual members, upgrade to a life membership and gradually increase contributions to the trustee level. This pattern indicates that the community likes what we do and their level of confidence grows as time goes by. Slow it may be, but this process has generated a number of highly dedicated members who put in long hours to make the goals of HTCC a reality. We value this trend very highly and pledge to work hard to deserve the trust these members have invested in us. HTCC serves over 150 mid-Missouri families who frequent the temple. We also serve the larger Columbia community via our service programs and by participating in the various interfaith initiatives. We began with 12 trustees in 2005. Currently the trustee number has grown to 29. In

addition, we have 3 elected trustees. We inducted 4 honorary members last year. There will be an addition to this number this year. Our total membership is just over 100 out of which 66 are life members. This gives us the hope that the number of families with the trustee status can double in due course. At this time we appeal to our members to keep upgrading their donation status as often as possible. Considering the donation pattern, we have recognized that the Capital Campaign Committee and the Membership Committee should work in concert by sharing information in a timely fashion, identifying families to approach and assigning appropriate people for solicitation. Our experience has shown that people respond more positively to a person they know well rather than to a routine solicitation. In this context we thank the Membership Committee for their cooperation with us. In particular we thank Dabir Viswanath who has been very active in both Committees. We hope to see contributions growing substantially in the years to come.

Members H. R. Chandrasekhar1 Ravi Thawani2 Chandra Rawlani Dabir Viswanath Gagneesh Rawat Inder Khurana Kusum Malhotra Ranadhir Mitra Vellore Gopalaratnam 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison





Communications T

he Communications Committee has a very focal role to play as it communicates and publicizes the various HTCC programs to the “Membership” and “Friends of the Mandir” and is thus involved with every temple program offering. The primary goal of the Committee is to keep the membership well informed and updated on the temple events. The Committee members actively contribute to many of the Mandir activities though the specific committee responsibilities are:

and keeps it current in collaboration with the Membership Committee. Our community has been growing and so has the mailing list for “Membership” and “Friends of the Mandir” which increased to around 150 and 500, respectively.

Keep in mind The Committee reminds all members to make sure our email address is added to your contacts list. This will ensure that all Mandir emails are delivered to your Maintaining a dynamic and very Inbox. informative “Shanthi Mandir” website Changing your email address – Timely e-mail notices to Membership & Remember to send a one line email with Friends of the Mandir and Publicity for your new email address and we will temple events update our records. Maintaining email database for Moving out of state or country – If you no Membership and Friends of the Mandir longer wish to receive the Mandir emails, Dynamic Shanthi Mandir Website just send us an email and we will take A dynamic and very informative web site for your email address off from our mailing the temple is being maintained by the list. webmaster. Event information is updated on The Committee will be looking at ways to a regular basis. It is one of the most avoid some duplication in member email frequently visited website on COIN. The addresses and will work closely with the temple site Membership Committee and the is Executive Board members for a better simple and elegant and provides information solution. about objectives of HTCC, upcoming events, We would love to hear from you - if you HTCC publications and archives. We have specific requests or suggestions, encourage all our patrons to visit the site please contact one of the Committee regularly so that they can keep in touch with members. We welcome your opinion and the future plans of HTCC and also read about any suggestions for improvement. past events. Please email the Committee members at and we will Timely email notices get back to you. The Committee helps other committees publicize their activities and events to the The temple continues to be the focal point community in a timely manner via e-mail for worship, community service, education notices, flyer distribution and and youth activities and we all feel blessed. announcements. The timely information We are excited as we release, sharing and publicity have also celebrate our fourth generated additional interest in Mandir Anniversary and step activities, and helped increase participation into our fifth year of and involvement in the various celebrations existence. We need and special events. The committee sends you, your leadership timely emails to membership for the various and your ideas to HTCC devotional, cultural and special help us communicate programs. The committee also sends out more effectively and email notices to all in the “Friends of the provide services and Mandir” database four times a year during the information that “Shanthi Sandesh” newsletter quarterly provides more value publication. to you all. Please come and join us… Email Directory upkeep and maintenance The Committee has been meticulously maintaining the membership email directory

Members Gagneesh Rawat1 Vellore Gopalaratnam2 Geetha Kutikkad3 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison 3. Web Master

PAGE 14 Members Hema Srinivasan1 Manjula Narasimhan2 Bimal Ray Shuba Ratneshwar Shubhra Gangopadhyay 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Cultural Programs S

o much of the Indian culture is intertwined with spiritual overtones like sugar in the payasam. Many of our cultural programs, like music, dance and poetry happen either during religious festivities like Deepavali Dussehra, Krishna Jayanthi or Rama Navami. So much of our music and dances are influenced by spiritual topics and they in turn are integral parts of our spiritual rituals. Thus, cultural programs have naturally become an obvious part of our Hindu Temple Community. Cultural offerings - Regular We have regular dance classes by Soorya Dance Company, Carnatic music lessons by Guru Prasanna of Soorya Dance Company and Shuba Ratneshwar of Columbia, Missouri, and Tabla Classes by Shri Sharad Sathe of Saint Louis. All these classes take place either at the Mandir premises or other locations within the city. The temple cultural events provide opportunities for the students to perform. Bhakti Geetam Is the payasam delicious because it has milk and sugar in it or because it is given as prasadam? This is a deep question. This year, we started a program called Bhakti Geetam on the first Saturday of every month from 6-8 pm at the Mandir. People from the community can come and sing or play music. Bhakti Geetam translates as devotional music. Devotion may be to God, to family, to art or music. When you sing at the temple it becomes Bhakti Geetam. The idea began with Hema Srinivasanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother Smt. Veda Srinivasan and a concert by Smt. Shyamala Sundaram in the Summer of 2009. We thank the first year

participants of the Bhakti Geetam program: Smt. Shyamala Sundaram,, Smt. Veda Srinivasan, Smt. Alpana Ray, Smt. Shuba Ratneshwar, Kum. Maya Cutkosky, Kum. Meghna Srinath, Kum. Indu, and Kum. Rajni Chandrasekhar, Shri. Shivprakash Shivasankalp, Shri. Rajagopalan Thiruvengadathan, Shri. H. Chandrasekhar, Smt. Hema Srinivasan and Shri. Nilotpal Sanyal and the Vedic Society students. Please participate in this regular event. If you would like to sing or play an instrument for Bhakti Geetam, please call or email Hema Srinivasan. Music Concert In addition to the usual cultural programs associated with temple festivals like Shri Krishna Jayanthi, Deepavali and Dussehra, in 2009, HTCC hosted a Carnatic music concert by Smt Shyamala Sundaram of Chennai in June and Bharatanatyam Show of Soorya Dance Company of Saint Louis in May. Both these events were very successful. Raagas of Columbia In October 2009, a new cultural and musical group called Raagas of Columbia was born and they hosted an extremely successful Carnatic music concert by Saxophone Maestro Dr. Kadri Gopalnath and Party. This group will coordinate some events with HTCC Cultural programs. If you are interested in hosting musicians or if you have any suggestions for Raagas of Columbia, please let us know. CDs and DVDs from the Saxophone concert organized by Raagas are also available. Raagas of Columbia consists of Hema Srinivasan, Anand Chandrasekhar, Rajagopalan Thiruvengadathan, Manjula Narasimhan, Shuba Ratneshwar, Dabir Viswanath, Satish Nair and Anandhi Upendran. We appreciate all the support that we received from the community. If you have specific requests or suggestions, please contact one of the committee members.











Devotional Programs T

he year 2009 was another successful year for the HTCC Devotional Committee. This was possible only due to the blessing of the Almighty and the dedication of numerous volunteers. The Devotional Committee members feel blessed and thankful for the outpouring of support and involvement from members and the community at large. The 2009 devotional calendar opened with the New Year Puja which began with meditation led by Kate Walker and was followed by reciting shlokas and singing bhajans. The February Maha Shivaratri celebration led by Srinath Gopalakrishna was very well received. The puja started with the Shri Ganesha Pancharatnam (recited by shloka class youth) and concluded with the recitation of Shiva Gayatri, Aarti and Prasad. The Devotional component of HTCC 3rd Anniversary celebration was held at Shanthi Mandir on March 8th. The program comprised a Havan led by Shivendra Shukla and a program of Bhajans following the Havan performed by Smt. Nirmala Patil. She was accompanied by Nitopal Sanyal on the Tabla and was provided vocal support by her husband, Pandurang Patil. The Patils travelled from Arkansas exclusively for the celebration. The next major temple devotional celebration was Akhand Ramayan held on March 28 and 29, 2009 at Shanthi Mandir by organizing the uninterrupted 24-hour long reading of the Ramayana. Shuklaji officiated the devotional ceremony and many dedicated readers took turns reading the Ramcharitmanas. The Devotional Committee sincerely thanks each and every one who participated in the puja for their sincere efforts in making this event a great success. Shri Rama Navami was celebrated on April 4, 2009. Hema Srinivasan put together the devotional program. Janmashtami was celebrated with great joy and high spirits on August 15, 2009 at the Mandir. Hema Srinivasan started the Puja with recitation of shlokas, followed by Aarti. There was a lot of excitement as kids reenacted the Matki breaking ceremony. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. An idol of our beloved Lord Ganesha was modeled from clay by our younger members. The idol was decorated and worshipped for 10 days from Ganesh Chaturthi to Anant Chaturdashi. Aarti was performed on all 10 days and the celebration concluded with Visarjan. Our special thanks to the Marathi Mandal for hosting the puja.

Another big devotional event of the year was Durga Puja which was celebrated on September 19, 2009 at Shanthi Mandir. The Program started with Kalas Sthaapna by Shivendra Shuklaji. Nilotpal officiated the puja and the chanting of mantras, Chandipath and ashtorasatanaam stotra was followed by bhajans and Aarti. On the 10th day, Dussehra festival was celebrated. On October 7, 2009 Shanthi Mandir was decorated and women dressed in all their finery gathered to celebrate Karva Chauth, the festival that holds tremendous social and cultural significance for married Hindu women. On this day, married women fast all day-long, apply Mehndi on their hands, pray for their husbandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good health and long life, and perform Gauri puja, Katha, exchange Thalis and eat food only after observing the moon. Deepavali, the festival of lights was celebrated at the Mandir on October 17, 2009. The Mandir was decorated with lights and diyas to welcome wisdom and remove darkness. Adults and children alike worshipped Goddess Lakshmi by reciting shlokas in her praise. After the prayer every one enjoyed fireworks. The celebration concluded with Prasad bhog. Guru Nanak Jayanthi, one of the most important festivals in the Sikh calendar was celebrated on November 28, 2009 at Shanthi Mandir. The prayer was led by our guest Giyani Santokh Singh of St. Louis. The prayer started with Jupji Sahib followed by Kirtan, Anand Sahib and Ardas. The Committee also ensured that the temple was kept open for prayer on every Tuesday and Saturday and the Amritvani on third Saturday of the month. The committee also helps out with other related events held at Mandir including Sai Bhajan, Suprabhatam and Kirtan. In 2010 we are going to add two new devotional programs, Gita Path and Durga Puja.

Members Chandra Rawlani1 Kusum Malhotra2 Vellore Gopalaratnam3 Hema Srinivasan Kuljit Sandhu Meena Thawani Nirja Loyalka Punam Sethi Srinath Gopalakrishna Vinita Khanna 1. Chair 2. Secretary 3. Executive Board Liaison

PAGE 20 Members Sanjeev Khanna1 Inder Khurana2 Shikha Srivatsava Tarang Parashar 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Educational Programs T he Education Committee provides the intellectual, organizational and logistical support to the ongoing educational efforts by HTCC. The committee had a smaller number of program offerings this past year when compared to some of the previous years. The committee was mainly involved in organizing two spiritual events in September 2009. In addition, the committee has been providing support for regular Tamil and Hindi language classes at the Mandir.

Language Classes (Hindi, Tamil) The educational committee has been providing ongoing support for Tamil and Hindi language classes. The Hindi classes are held on 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. The intermediate level classes are being held regularly with Inder taking these classes. The teacher volunteers are available to teach Beginner and Advanced levels but there have not been enough enrollments for these two levels. The Tamil classes are growing and have had a jump in enrollment this past year. The classes are held on 1st and 3rd Sunday Educational Seminars of the month. The curriculum is designed In early September we were fortunate to for three student categories: Senior, Junior have two special spiritual events organized and Tots. A unique approach that has at the Mandir: been used in these classes is that the teacher progresses along with the kids to A Pravachan on Gita by Shri Swami the next level and thus provides continuity. Atmananda Giriji Maharaj, visiting us from Nepal. Swamijiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pravachan focused The focus is on reading, writing and on Lord Krishnaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s response to Arjuna on conversational Tamil. The committee is thankful to all the HTCC what it takes to be a Sthitapragnya - a members for their participation and support. perfect yogi. A Satsang led by Ma Gnana Priyananda Please email us at with your of St. Louis. She is a disciple of suggestions and feedback on our enlightened master Paramahansa programs. Let us know if you can volunteer Nithyananda. The Satsang expounded on and help expand the HTCC educational the teachings of Paramahansa program offerings. Nithyananda where yoga becomes a lifestyle and a vehicle for spiritual awakening.


External Relations T

cultures. These articles were published in the Columbia Missourian over a schedule of several weeks. The articles shed some light on the various immigrant communities and their integration techniques. In October we hosted a group of students from Anniversary Celebrations Truman State University located in Kirksville, Several committee members were very actively Missouri. The students were here to learn about Hindu culture, religious practices, the effects of involved and helped with the 3rd Anniversary partition on modern India, India’s development Celebrations in March 2009. During the and the toll that current religious strife is taking Anniversary Banquet event, four prominent individuals who are friends of the Hindu Temple in today’s world. and community at large were inducted as Interfaith Thanksgiving honorary members of the HTCC. These The final event of 2009 was a grand honored individuals were Dr Murari Lal Nagar, celebration during Thanksgiving week in Dr Robert Franklin Bussabarger, Ms Virginia November. The Ecumenical Interfaith Morgan and Dr Arthur Robins. This event was Thanksgiving celebration is organized every very well attended and was a grand success. year by the Interfaith Council with the help of a Earth Day Event number of volunteers from various faith communities. The event is hosted by a different During Earth Day events in April, 2009, the religious group every year. This year the Hindu ‘Care for Creation’ group lead by Ms. Monta Welch organized a citywide event called ‘Lights community was the host community for this Out’ requesting all Columbia citizens to observe wonderful interfaith event. We received 30 minutes of all lights and electronic equipment assistance from the Cultural Association of India and the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative. During turned off in order to symbolize energy the celebration, various religious groups made conservation. Several citizens gathered in presentations on their perspective of downtown Columbia to discuss and present Thanksgiving and how they celebrate or give ideas for energy conservation. Gopalaratnam and Gagneesh attended this event representing thanks according to their culture. Finally, a the Hindu community with Gopalaratnam giving song was presented by all faith groups titled ‘We shall overcome’ or ‘Hum Honge Kaamyaab’ a short talk on the Hindu viewpoint on in the spirit of unity. After the program all the conservation, recycling and the environment. attendees shared food items prepared by the Visitors to the Mandir various communities that attended the At the end of the Spring Semester at Mizzou, celebration. we hosted a group of students from the School We have enjoyed another successful year of of Journalism. The students were gathering sharing and participating in various community information for their program on Religious activities. In early January 2010 we participated Studies and the Professions. They visited the in helping organize the Columbia Values Hindu Temple along with Debra Mason. They Diversity Celebration hosted by the city of were given a brief synopsis of the Hindu religion Columbia and various cultural organizations. and a summary of the temple’s progress in the We have a vibrant and active committee and last 3 years. would like all HTCC During late spring and early summer we members to be more hosted, from the School of Journalism, a involved in the Columbia graduate student who was working on a series community. of articles related to various religions and he External Relations Committee had a very active and exciting 2009. The Committee members were involved with planning, organizing and hosting several individuals, groups and events.

PAGE 21 Members Leela Jashnani1 Vellore Gopalaratnam2 Gagneesh Rawat H.R.Chandrasekhar Ranadhir Mitra Shuba Ratneshwar Surya Mantrala 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

PAGE 22 Members Bharath Srinivasan1 Ravi Thawani2 Anand Chandrasekhar Das Kutikkad Sanjeev Khanna Vellore Gopalaratnam 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Facilities and Renovation T he Committee had a successful year during which several projects including some substantial upgrades were completed. The community celebrates all the major Hindu festivals throughout the year at Shanthi Mandir and also uses the temple facility for dance classes, Tabla classes, yoga classes, language classes, Bal Puja, Bal Sabha, summer workshops and other special events. The Facilities and Renovation Committee has received approval to repave the existing parking lot and extend it around the Education Center. This parking lot upgrade is planned to take place during early Spring 2010. As part of Shram Daan, volunteers completed several minor upgrades to the Mandir such as: Painting the inside walls of the Mandir and the trims around the doors and windows. Removing, cleaning and painting all the baseboard trims inside the Mandir. Assembling four new glass book shelves to house new acquisitions of books. (Book donations from the Bussabargers and from Gerald Barrier of the South Asia Bookstore). Working with the lawn mowing company for mowing and maintaining the lawn. The committee also helped organize the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Seva Dayâ&#x20AC;? on October 3, 2009 in

remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi and his selfless dedication and service to humanity. This was the first weekend after Gandhi Jayanthi and volunteers turned out in large numbers. This allowed us to tackle several projects at once - planting trees, removing weeds, cleaning windows, doors and the inside and outside area of the temple. Our thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the various projects that day along with those volunteers who catered food and Chai and kept everyone going. The tasks accomplished were: Washing and cleaning the mold and grime from the vinyl siding in the educational center with detergent and a high pressure washer. Pruning tree branches to enhance safety. Planting four evergreen pine trees along the side of the garden to enhance landscaping around the Mandir. We will be making several improvements to the Mandir this year such as fixing the wall trims inside the Mandir and adding insulation to improve heating/cooling efficiency. The extreme cold weather coupled with a thermostat malfunction in the Educational Center caused one toilet tank to crack and had to be replaced. We plan to better insulate the water main into the Educational Center to mitigate this problem. High-speed Internet and hardwired telephone connections to the Educational Center should also become operational during early Spring 2010. General cleaning of the air-conditioning ducts, changing the air filters, setting/ programming the thermostat, re-certifying the fire extinguishers are some other routine tasks that will be undertaken by the committee. We thank all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to improve and enhance this facility for the community. A special thanks to our energetic youth volunteers and younger kids â&#x20AC;&#x201C; they bring in a fresh perspective and energy and work side by side with adults matching them all the way in various tasks.



Our Gen Next

Clockwise from top left: All smiles at the 2009 Anniversary Banquet, Youth room is kept engaged with arts and crafts, Sharing a hug, Creative Arts Summer Workshop participants, Boys get ready for the tug-of-war at the 2009 Youth Day, Youth perform the Dandiya at the 2009 Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration hosted by HTCC, Shutterbugs looking for that creative shot outside the Mandir, Youngsters practice a few moves of the Odissi dance at Abhinaya, one of the Summer Youth Workshops, Pushpaanjali at the Janmashtami Puja 2009. Center: Gopis and Gopikas perform at Janmashtami 2009 at the Mandir

Best Wishes to Shanthi Mandir. Keep Up the Good Work! Values to live by Sathya Dharma Shanthi Prema Ahimsa

Truth Right Conduct Peace Love Nonviolence



Worship and Service at the Mandir

Clockwise from top left: Akhand Ramayan at the Mandir has become a tradition that everyone looks forward to, Prasad dinner follows most major festival celebrations at the Mandir, HTCC Helping Hands participated in the CROP walk fund-raising event for the second year in 2009 - our youth members took the lead and raised over $500 to benefit the local chapter of CROP Walk, Making Ganesh idol for the Ganesh Chathurthi Puja also has become a tradition in which many youth participate, Seva Day on October 3, 2009 brought the young and young at heart to attend to landscaping and maintenance chores, Gurpurab at the Mandir to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanthi, Narayan Seva at the St. Francis House every second Sunday attracts many enthusiastic volunteers.

HAPPY 2010

Hearty Congratulations.

Best Wishes and Congratulations on the Fourth Anniversary of HTCC

From Pankajam, Revathi, Bharath, Manjula, Prerna & Shreyas.

Wishing Shanthi Mandir and its supporters all the best in 2010! From the Chandrasekhar family Chandra, Meera, Tara, Rajni and Indu




Be the Change You Want to See.. 2010 HTCC Youth Competition Entries

Be the Change You Want to See … By Caring and Sharing Tia Rawat 1st Grade Mill Creek Elementary

We Can Believe in this Change… Collage by Bharath (inspiration) and Shreyas Srinivasan (execution) Shreyas Srinivasan 4th Grade, Paxton Keely Elementary

Be the Change You Want to See … By Recycling - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Vishnu Arunachalam 1st Grade, Mill Creek Elementary

Be the Change you Want to See in the World Nandhu Radhakrishnan Adult Entry



Be the change you want to see… 2010 HTCC Youth Competition Entries elementary school because of his size and his homelessness, but football changed that. He managed to straighten out and get a scholarship to Ole Miss, and then get Bullying is a big problem in schools today. drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. In conclusion, I will not be a bully This is the case because of kids bringing and will stick up for others who are being their video games, PDAs and cell phones bullied. When I grow up I will be a role to school. A lot of bullies come from poor backgrounds, so if they steal the stuff they model and will try to implement the ideas I cannot afford, they think that they are cool have listed here. Thus I will be the change I want to see (no more bullying). in some insane sense of the word. Bullies also seem to bully smart kids is because they are some what jealous of their intelligence, and so they think that Be the change you want to see... bullying them will equalize that. I don’t unNila Palaniappan derstand how that works. This makes smart 5th Grade, Fairview Elementary kids want to drop their high grades and turn in sloppy and poor work. If that’s “cool”, I The change I want to see is: To stop GOLdon’t want to see what’s not that cool. BAL WARMING One good way that we can help the bullies This is the world where I am living, with is by setting up educational programs for my family and friends. I want the air I kids who are doing quite badly in their school and who kids call bullies. I know that breath to be clean and non polluted, I want the food that I consume to be organic and schools already have them set up, but it seems to me that nobody is reporting them free from chemicals. But that is not the case! With advanced in technology, we as much as the school and the program have invented many non-bio degradable would like them to. items that sit on our earth surface and are Another thing that I have noticed is that kids who are victims of bullies are afraid to not decomposed, what does that mean? Our soil and ocean gets polluted with matetell adults that they are bullied because they will be dubbed as a “snitch” or “tattle- rials that do not decay. So if this continues, tale” or some other absurd name like that, soon there will be no home for any of us. Global warming is affecting the planet. and because the bullies will beat them up On Christmas day I saw geese flying northeven more if they found out. Schools west. Canadian geese should have already should set up a mini “Witness Protection been in the south right now so the birds Program” for kids so that they don’t get harmed by some rampaging dumb kid who must have been confused. And it might have been of the heat. Plus in the North is out for revenge. A very chilling fact is the amount of awful Pole, polar bears are dying of the heat and suicides that occur each year due to bully- melting ice. So lets start changing it NOW, so that in a ing; this terrible rate has gone up since President George W. Bush passed the “NO couple of years we are not concerned Child Left Behind” program in 2002, which about global warming. How can I stop Global warming? suggests that children cannot be held back SAVING ENERGY – Turn off the light in school. This does not prevent bullying when I’m not in the room, turn off TV if no from happening; it actually spawns more one is watching. bullying because now the bullies pass on Conserve water: Instead of taking a long with the victims that they bully, so it is easbubble bath I can take a short shower. ier to harass them and therefore causing Save our environment- to help the envithings as bad as suicide. Bullies are also created by children being ronment I can plant a different tree on my birthday. Trees provide shade and home abused by parents or other guardians, so we should set up domestic abuse programs for many animals, they also bloom pretty flowers and produce fruits. for kids. I can help pick up trash and clean up garThe last thing I want to talk about is what bage in the woods and near rivers. bullies become when they grow up and get I notice that some people wait in their car out of school. Studies show that most kids with the engine running. I will turn off the who are known to harass other kids in the engine to eliminate pollution. elementary and secondary schools are But this is not the end of it I hope that my more likely to drop out of high school, not friends and family will join in my effort and get into college and work in low paying help me then if every one tells another perjobs. son, soon everyone will be helping! Michael Oher, the star of the movie “The Blind Side”, was a victim. He was bullied in

Be the change you want to see... Ashwini Mantrala 7th Grade, Columbia Independent

Are you with me? I hope everyone who reads my article will join in my effort as well.

Be the change you want to see... Tejazaditya Ajit 4th Grade, Paxton Keely Elementary “Be the change you want to see” Said the man who set us free Grief and misery settled on him But hope and wisdom was filled to the brim The father of India he was to be Everyone agreed that he was the key Pushed and pulled and tugged along But he needn’t worry those days were “so long” His looks were weak but his heart was strong Protesting and marching were ever so long But lo! No one could stop the power of the man The enemy announced their foul presence and everything went back into a can But the “Great soul” would not give in and got rid of the fights Alas when he perished it was so sad, he had made the once flickering India a place full of lights But never forget what the wise bapu said while setting us free: “Be the change that you want to see”

Be the change you want to see... Vishnu Arunachalam 1st Grade, Millcreek Elementary Be the change I want to see at home: I will hug my mom and dad and they’ll hug me too. I will also be generous to them so they’ll be generous to me (Pokemon cards and candy). I promise to help them with chores and be nice so they’ll help me and be nice to me. I will not ignore them when they ask me to do something, then they will not ignore me when I ask for something. I will not be bad to my brother, then he’ll not be bad to me. Be the change I want to see at school: I will keep my space clean so others will keep their space clean too. I will to be nice to bullies, maybe they will change. Mahatma Gandhi told us to follow nonviolence, so I will not hit them back. I will not boss my friends and they will not boss me around. Be the change I want to see in the real world: I will do my part to take care of the earth so others will take care of her too. I will plant more trees, turn off lights when not using, and borrow books from the library instead of buying all of them.



Financial Policy T

he Financial Policy Committee (FPC) oversaw the HTCC record keeping and HTCC cash assets for 2009 while interacting with the Executive Board officers (President Gopalaratnam and Treasurers Manjula Narasimhan and Visala Palaniappan). The Executive Board Elections in mid 2009 saw the treasurer responsibilities moving from Visala Palaniappan to Manjula Narasimhan. The smooth transition in accounts during Summer 2009 was overseen by the Financial Policy Committee and the President of the Executive Board. The FPC has conducted the yearend internal audit of the books and made the following observations. The donations and revenues are properly documented. The expenditures were justified and recorded. The donors are acknowledged as per mandated HTCC practices. Member donation is the major source of revenue. The major expenses were the utilities, upgrades and repairs. The annual celebrations have yielded a modest surplus.

Members Krishna Sharma1 Manjula Narasimhan2 Kannan Raghuraman Ravi Thawani Surya Mantrala 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

2009 Financial Report

Period: January 1, 2009 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; December 31, 2009

Prepared by: Manjula Narasimhan, Treasurer, HTCC Executive Board Dated: February 5, 2010

BALANCE FORWARD (January 1, 2009)


Interest Income Interest from CDs and Money Market account

$3,041.33 $3,041.33

Membership Dues New Lifetime Family Members (LFM) Upgrades to Lifetime membership (AFM to LFM) Annual Family Members (AFM) Annual Individual Members (AIM) Donations Check Donations

$3,410.00 $1,000.00 $950.00 $1,400.00 $60.00 $21,586.24 $17,963.00

Hundi Donations/Prayer Services Facilities Use Donations Other Revenues

$2,658.24 $965.00

Third Anniversary Celebrations


Summer Workshops Miscellaneous Revenue

$8,646.97 $205.00 $181.97

Excluding anniversary celebration TOTAL REVENUES $36,684.54 expenses, the average monthly expenses for the temple stood at Expenses around $1,250 for 2009. It appears Bank (Check Book Charge) $47.28 that in the absence of major repair or Garden/Lawn/Snow Clearance $920.78 maintenance work the monthly Insurance and Fees $694.00 expenses are covered by interest Maintenance and Repairs $2,088.36 income, Hundi donations and facility Printing and Mailing $387.64 use donations. Start Up $942.64 The membership dues have Special Events $594.40 declined compared to the previous years. This is due to the enrollment of Third Anniversary Celebrations $6,642.95 majority of members as Lifetime Upgrades and Repairs $3,750.94 members in the preceding years. Utilities $5,556.93 A detailed report of HTCC finances TOTAL EXPENSES $21,625.92 for 2009 is shown alongside. HTCC has $175,000 as CD deposits in FDIC ENDING BALANCE (December 31, 2009) $192,066.84* insured banks locally and the remainder is in checking and money * Includes $142.04 in uncleared checks and $752.00 in uncleared deposits. market accounts.

PAGE 28 Members H. R. Chandrasekhar1 Inder Khurana2 Arjun Khurana Brishti White Maya Cutkosky Nidhi Khurana Prerna Srinivasan Urmila Kutikkad 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

Members Dabir Viswanath1 Vellore Gopalaratnam2

1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Library T

he concept of a library with an extensive collection of books at Shanthi Mandir began more than three years ago. Some seminal events over the years have brought this dream close to realization. We were fortunate to receive generous donations by two scholars who have nurtured a long association with India. Professors Robert Bussabarger (retired professor of Arts and an honorary member of HTCC) and Gerald Barrier (retired professor of History and owner of South Asia Books, the largest book store in North America housing books on the Indian subcontinent) have donated a valuable and extensive collection of books on religion, art, history, philosophy, architecture, languages, science, and politics of India, for young and mature readers. With this donation our collection has more than doubled. It has given impetus to revive and energize the Library Committee that has been dormant for some time. The Library project began in 2006 following the financial support that came earmarked for the library. Part of the donation by Dr. N. Mathialagan and family, former residents of Columbia, helped us purchase four handsome book cases which were put together thanks to the efforts of our Shram Daan volunteers. Other donations gave us the initial pool of money to get the first consignment of about one thousand books. An active group of youngsters and parents worked on cataloguing these books.

The new donations by Professors Bussabarger and Barrier far exceed our existing collection. Energized by this development, an enthusiastic group of volunteers spent several afternoons putting together a matching set of book cases deserving of these precious books. Assistance is being sought from professional librarians to properly catalog and implement software that will enable a system of library management for our book collection. We would like our young members to use this opportunity to master these skills. Consistent with the efforts conducted though summer workshops on photography, personal finance, languages and mathematics; we would like library management to be an item on our agenda. We seek experts in the community to volunteer their services in this noble cause. An intellectual resource in the form of our library will benefit the Indian community and the general public.

Membership T

he Membership Committee is still a onemember committee, but very well supported by Vellore Gopalaratnam, H. R. Chandrasekhar, and Manjula Narasimhan. They have helped the Chair immensely in all aspects of membership â&#x20AC;&#x201C; recruiting new members, providing updates on membership renewals, sending thank you notes, keeping accounts, and above all replying to all emails. The Capital Campaign Committee and Membership Committee will work together to streamline things, keep a roster of members in the different categories, and increase Membership and Capital Contributions. In the past we have tried to constitute a 3 to 5 member committee but have not been successful as of this writing. Based on recent contacts, we feel that a full-fledged committee will come into existence soon. As of December 31, 2009, the membership in the different categories stood at:

Honorary Members (HM) Lifetime Family Membership [LFM] Annual Family Membership [AFM] Lifetime Individual Membership [LIM] Annual Individual Membership [AIM]

4 64 28 2 3

Our 2010 membership drive has been successful in adding several new members (see HTCC Directory on Page 39 for our membership list as of March 1, 2010). Looking at the Indian community in Columbia, these increases are small but we hope for better times are ahead. The Indian community in Columbia has over 175 families, and over 120 students. When you read this issue of Samarpanam please remember to invite your friends to attend functions of HTCC. The HTCC events are posted on the web and emails are regularly sent to members. All interested persons are welcome to HTCC organized events, regardless of membership in HTCC.



Operations and Maintenance T

he main responsibilities of the Operation and Maintenance Committee are the upkeep of the Mandir, both indoors and outdoors, and to assist with Mandir fund-raising events. Mandir upkeep and cleaning The volunteer group that cleans the Mandir on a weekly basis is now down to 19 families. They take their work seriously and continue to do an excellent job. We have had people visiting from outside Columbia asking us which "cleaning service" we use!! Thanks to all the volunteers for doing such a wonderful job. Still, considering the number of families we have in Columbia who use the Mandir, we would like to have more families sign-up for cleaning duties. We really need more families to help out in this essential â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shram Daanâ&#x20AC;? task that helps us keep our Mandir clean. The cleaning schedules continue to be posted on the Shanthi Mandir website under the Shram Daan page. All the volunteer families are requested to check the schedule on a regular basis. In October 2009 the HTCC Service Programs and the Facilities and Renovation Committees jointly organized a very successful 'Seva Day' where a number of significant small projects were completed both inside and outside the Mandir. Volunteers ranging in age from 3 to 50+ years put in several hours power washing the Educational Center siding, rearranging the HTCC library furniture, weatherproofing the chairs that are stored in the garden shed, and taking care of various housekeeping chores indoors. Our sincere thanks go out to all of these volunteers for taking on this work and doing such a wonderful job. Yard and Garden The Mandir continues to use a contractor to

mow the Mandir yard every alternate week during summer. A few of the HTCC members take turns mowing in the intervening weeks. Here again, we need more volunteers to help out. The 'Seva Day' volunteers also took care of trimming trees and shrubs, as well as weeding the flower beds. They performed some landscaping around the air conditioner unit and planted four Japanese pine trees. The plan is to organize 'Seva Day' twice a year in the future, during early spring and in early October. We hope more people will join in this wonderful effort to keep the Mandir in good shape.

Members Shuba Ratneshwar1 Ravi Thawani2 Anantha Gopalaratnam Meera Chandrasekhar 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

Fund-Raising Events This year there is again a plan to organize a Garage Sale and Mela sometime towards the end of August. HTCC members are requested to go through their closets and find worthwhile items to donate. More details about this event will be announced in due course. Yet another fund raiser for the Mandir this year will be a 'Silent Auction' during the HTCC Fourth Anniversary Banquet. Concluding Note Thanks once again to the volunteer families who help keep the Shanthi Mandir so clean, neat, and tidy! Again, we cannot stress enough the need for more families to volunteer for the cleaning and upkeep of the Mandir.

Congratulations to HTCC on their 4th Anniversary

PAGE 30 Members Sandhya Sharma1 Vellore Gopalaratnam2 H. R. Chandrasekhar Ajit Vasudevan

1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Publications T

he Publications Committee delivers â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shanthi Sandeshâ&#x20AC;? an informationpacked colorful quarterly newsletter in a timely manner both on the Mandir web site and in hard copy form. The newsletter includes information about temple celebrations, special events, upcoming events schedule, and other informative feature articles. The youth in the community continue to express their thoughts in the Bal Sandesh section of the newsletter. These are contained in the center 2-4 pages of the newsletter and include poems, articles, book reviews and kudos information. Shanthi Sandesh is featured online on the Mandir website at http:// We have recently started mailing the

Members Kiratadas Kutikkad1 Ravi Thawani2 Kannappan Palaniappan Krishna Ramesh Visala Palaniappan 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

printed newsletter to the membership. If you wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, please provide us your mailing address. Printed newsletter copies are also available at the temple. Remember to pick one up on your next visit to the temple. The newsletter submission guidelines are also available on the temple website at SSGuidelines.pdf The Publications Committee welcomes feature articles from our readership for inclusion in future editions of Shanthi Sandesh. Please send your ideas and suggestions to the Publications Committee at

Safety and Security T he Safety and Security Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Shanthi Mandir building is safe for use by the community and is in compliance with the applicable City of Columbia codes and regulations. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the Mandir and the associated properties are adequately insured against potentially damaging events. The Committee also manages the parking at the Mandir during major events. The Committee successfully fulfilled its responsibilities and ensured that Mandir facilities are safe for use, in compliance and insured. The annual fire inspections were successfully carried out as required by the Fire department. The required testing/recharging of the fire extinguishers was also completed. The annual insurance of the Mandir property was reviewed and renewed Committee members helped the

Facilities and Renovation Committee with the upkeep of the Mandir and made recommendations to that committee regarding the security aspects of the Mandir such as fence repairs. The Committee members with some additional help from Mandir volunteers managed the parking situation at the Mandir during major events. Prior to major events at the Mandir, the Committee has made parking arrangements with Sunrise Optimist Club to accommodate the overflow vehicles. Volunteers also provided shuttle service between the Mandir parking lot and the Optimist Club parking lot. To ensure the safety and security of the members during the Akhand Ramayan celebration (an all-night event), the committee made arrangements with the City of Columbia Police Department to perform additional patrols in the vicinity of the Mandir throughout the night.





With Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2010 Ghansham & Leela Jashnani Days Inn


Columbia, MO



Scheduling Shanthi Mandir continues to be open 5 days a week. Saturday tends to be the busiest day. Scheduling has become a routine matter. Regular events hold priority in terms of scheduling. The regularly scheduled events have fixed time assignments that can be found under the “EVENTS” page on the website. We coordinate actively with the Devotional

Members Inder Khurana1 Anantha Gopalaratnam Program Committee to ensure that Shanthi Mandir is available during times when the events are planned by the Devotional Program Committee. All other requests for use of the temple building are accommodated around the planned events. The HTCC Events calendar can be found at Calendar10.pdf

Service Programs The Service Committee successfully contributed to the following programs in 2009:

hunger in the world. Information material was shared and the recruitment of potential crop walkers commenced. HTCC participated in this walk for the second year in a row and was well represented. The youngsters did a brilliant job of obtaining sponsorships and raising valuable contributions for this cause and the “not –so young” did not too badly either. The CROP walkers from HTCC were Prerna Srinivasan (who was also the highest contributor), Manjula Narasimhan, Ipsa Chaudhary, Trisha Chaudhary, Sumidha Katti, Vellore Gopalaratnam, Anantha Gopalaratnam, Arthi Vellore, Sonal Ghosh, Mayukh Ghosh, Shikha, Gyan and Soham Srivatsava. The contributions from HTCC were over $500.The actual walk was a route that was designed around the downtown area and started and ended at 16 Hitt Street. The total amount collected for the Columbia Chapter was just under $19,000. The walk was an enriching experience in near perfect weather conditions and helped create awareness for a very worthy cause.

One hour volunteering at the Central Missouri Food bank -1st Tuesday of every month- This is 1 hour volunteer work at the Central MO food bank by several people on behalf of HTCC. The tasks are diverse and this Shram Daan activity is performed amidst mutual conversation and camaraderie. It is truly a rewarding experience for the soul. The Clean up Columbia program in April 2009 - This is an annual event conducted by the City of Columbia. There are two teams from HTCC that participate in this activity, one around the Mandir and the other is a youth team in Ridgeway. The task in this event is to pick up any roadside trash in the city supplied bags. It is a great way to contribute to the clean-up efforts. The CROP walk in Columbia in October 2009 –The local chapter of the CROP walk in Columbia MO was held on the 4th of October. The Crop walk recruiter meeting commenced on the 25th of August 2009. This meeting was lead by the Cleo Kottwitz, recruitment coordinator at the First Presbyterian Church on 16 Hitt Street. The meeting highlighted the importance of the cause The year 2009 was a good and shared the need to create year for the Committee and we awareness and have citizens look forward to making more of Columbia contribute to reduce contributions in 2010.

1. Chair

Members Mayukh Ghosh1 Manjula Narasimhan2 Anantha Gopalaratnam Bandhana Katoch Chandra Rawlani Nilotpal Sanyal Pranavi Tella Rajini Tolani Senthil Kumar Shuba Ratneshwar Sushama Nagarkar Tarang Parashar 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison

PAGE 34 Members Nandhu Radhakrishnan1 Inder Khurana2 Gagneesh Rawat Aditi Bandyopadhyay 1. Chair 2. Executive Board Liaison


Youth Activities The HTCC Youth Committee engages the entire community, specifically the youth, in various activities like the Summer Workshops, Youth Day Picnic and HTCC Anniversary contest. The Committee hosted several Summer Workshops in 2009. These workshops were well attended and very successful mainly due to the countless hours of efforts from the coordinators and interest shown by our youth. The summer workshops held in 2009 are listed below:

The potluck dinner was the highlight with fresh Aloo Tikki being cooked and served along with Indian Masala Chai. On display at the picnic were neatly framed photographs taken by our youth. The Youth Committee appreciates these young, budding photographers and recognizes their high quality photography work.

During February/March 2009, the Committee organized the 3rd Anniversary Abhinaya – An Introduction to Odissi, by Contest with the theme “I have a dream” in Visual Arts, Literature and Music. There Aditi Bandyopadhyay were more than 20 entries. Many of them Creative Arts – Stenciling and were published in “Samarpanam”, the Stamping, by Anjna Sethi Annual Report for year 2008. All The Creative Shutter Bug, a participants were awarded a “Certificate of photography workshop – by Vellore Recognition” and a gift coupon for at Gopalaratnam Andy’s Frozen Custard. Math Workshop – by Ashok Cutkosky Creative Arts – Decoration with This year also the Committee has Vegetables, by Pramila Viswanath announced a contest under the theme “Be Mumbo Jumbo with Accounting the change you want to see” to coincide Numbers, by Inder Khurana with HTCC’s 4th Anniversary celebrations. The various workshop participants were The submitted entries are in the process of awarded “Certificates of Recognition” at the being screened, and selected ones will be Youth Day Picnic held on August 30, 2009 published in “Samarpanam”. at the Cosmo Park. The Youth Day Picnic was very well attended and enjoyed The Committee is open to ideas and those despite the unexpected cold weather. interested in coordinating workshops and The picnic was a fun event. The programs are requested to contact the volleyball game and tug of rope strength Committee at contests were enjoyed by all.



Congratulations to HTCC on their 4th Anniversary


to HTCC on their 4th Anniversary

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HTCC Directory 2010 The HTCC Directory for 2010 has been updated to include information as of March 1, 2010 Honorary Members Norman G Barrier

Morgan, Ginny

Nagar, Murarilal Bussabarger, Robert Robins, Art

The web version of the Directory does not include addresses and phone numbers to protect the privacy of our members. Members can pick up a hard copy version of Samarpanam at the Mandir.

Sustaining Members (earlier called Lifetime Members) Aggrawal, Kul and Archana

Bhaskaran, Rajagopalan and Vasanthi

Gangopadhyay, Keshab and Shubhra

Anand, Satish and Sushma

Chandrasekhar, Anand and Chiengkham Baccam

Gopalakrishna, Srinath and Uma

Arunachalam, Vairam and Alagu

Chandrasekhar, Holalkere and Meera

Gopalaratnam, Vellore and Anantha

Bal, Sharanjit and Ranjit

Chaudhary, Kunal and Ritcha Mehra

Gowda, Bhaskar and Shoba

Banerji, Shanka K

Cutkosky, Dale and Hema Srinivasan

Jain, Arun

Basu, Asit and Sandra

Dhand, Rajiv and Upinder

Jashnani, Ghanshyam and Leela

Batchu, Sudhir and Priya

Elangovan, Balakrishnan and Abirami Shanmugasundaram

Katti, Kattesh and Kavita

Battula, Ravindra and Vijaya Kattumuri

Faizer, Rumi and Archana Ramaswamy

Khanna, Sanjeev and Vinita


SAMARPANAM HTCC Directory 2010 (continued 2/4)

Khurana, Inder and Jasmit

Mitra, Ranadhir and Roma

Ramadoss, Umasankar and Sasi

Krishna, Gopal and Santosh

Mohan, Rajiv and Sunilima Sinha

Rangnekar, Nitin and Kirthi

Naik, Yogesh and Rashmi

Ratneshwar, Srinivasan and Shuba

Nair, Satish and Jyotsna

Rawat, Gagneesh and Aditi

Palaniappan, Kannappan and Visala

Rawlani, Ramesh and Chandra

Panneerselvam, Ayyakannu and Gandhi

Sadhu, Vijay and Smita

Patel, Nitin and Harsha

Sahota, Pradeep K and Shaku

Pendurthi, Chalapathi Rao and Kavita

Satpathy, Sashi and Namita

Puri, Ravi and Mona

Seghal, Om and Toshi

Raghuraman, Kannan and Anandhi Upendran

Sethi, Sanjiv and Punam

Krishnan, Hari and Latha

Kulkarni, Rajesh and Indira

Kumar, Lalit and Arpita

Kutikkad, Kiratadas and Geetha

Lal, Sunder and Nila Gupta

Loyalka, Sudarshan and Nirja

Mahal, Satnam and Jasvir Kaur

Malhotra, Anil and Kusum

Mantrala, Murali and Surya Sethi, Yash and Anjna Ramachandran, V. and Anuradha Rajagopalan Manusmare, Purushottam and Usha Sharma, Krishna and Sandhya


SAMARPANAM HTCC Directory 2010 (continued 3/4) Singh, Amolak and Kuljit

Sukhla, Shivendra and Asha

Srinivasan, Bharath and Manjula Narasimhan

Tejwani, Lokesh and Varsha Pherwani

Viswanath, Dabir and Pramila

Thawani, Ravi and Meena Subramanian, Krishna and Raji

Annual Members for 2010 (list includes a few 2009 Annual Members yet to renew to-date) Aroor, Annayya Rao and Sudha

Katoch, Bandhana

Pennathur, Shiva Kumar

Balaji, B. S. and Akila

Kumar, Adarsh and Sangeeta

Premnath, Venkatesan and Vasanthy

Balakrishnan, Bimal and Lakshmi Nair

Kumar, Rajesh and Aruna

Radhakrishnan, Nandhu and Selvi

Bishop, Randi

Kumar, Senthil and Kala

Raikhanghar, Sunil and Komal

Chokalingam, Anand and Smrita Dorairajan Kuppuswamy, Saravanan and Priya Ravindran

Ramaswamy, Ram and Indira

Ghosh, Mayukh and Sonal

Ramesh, Krishna Malik, Sushma

Guha, Subharup and Aditi Bandyopadhyay

Mangalat, Rom and Rani

Rao, Samir and Shraddha

Gupta, Ghanshyam and Manorma

Murugesan, Raju and Sudha

Sengupta, Shramik

Gupta, Mangal and Kala

Nagarkar, Sushama and Aarti

Senthilkumar, Annamalai and Smruthi


SAMARPANAM HTCC Directory 2010 (continued 4/4)

Sivaraman, M and Sujatha

Tolani, Bhisham and Rajini

Thakkar, Mahesh and Jollyin

Vasudevan, Ajit and Deepa

Yaddanapudi, Sridhar

Thiruvengadathan, Rajagopalan and Rama Walker, Kate Kannan

Kayena vaachha mana-sendhriyerva Buddhyatma-naavaa prakrute-svabha-vaat | Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai Naaraa-yanayeti samarpa-yame || Everything I do with my body, speech, mind, senses, intellect, instinct or nature, I dedicate to the lord.



Cultural Association of India L

ed by its founding student-president V. Balakrishna Reddy, the Cultural Association of India (CAI) was formed on October 4, 1957 - the first International Student Organization at MU (University of Missouri, Columbia), to let students from India organize to pursue their cultural traditions. From a few students-members and few programs way back then the CAI now has grown to a 52 year-old mature organization with over 250 student and non -student families on its membership roster, involved in organizing/participating in dozens of events on MU campus, in public schools, and in Columbia and neighboring towns all around the year.

understanding in the community in more Participation in Diabetes Walk ways than one. charitable fund-raising event and in events ♦ Promoting diversity on campus and in Town. Special Events: ♦ Hosting performances by famous artists from India (Ravishankar, Ali Akbar Khan, Nikhil Banerjee, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Shivakumar Sharma, Shahid Parviz, Ronu Mazumdar, Barun Pal, Mohan Singh, Lalitha Krishnan, Vinayak Torvi, Padmini, Indrani Rahman, Amita Dutt, Raja and Radha Reddy, to name a few from the past) ♦ Hosting diplomats and dignitaries (had Annual Activities: 3 ambassadors and 4 consuls of India; ♦ Republic Day and Independence Day renowned authors Drs. Subhas Kak of India commemoration and Robert Kanigal and several MU ♦ Holi, Baishakhi and Diwali Celebration dignitaries, among others). ♦ Promotion of local talent in performing ♦ Shram daan and fund-raising for arts by staging INDIA-NITE - a song, victims of natural disaster (responded dance, skit cultural extravaganza in to Rocheport-Missouri flood, Latur and fall, and Gujarat earthquakes, India/Indonesian ♦ SARGAM - an all classical song, Tsunami) dance, instrumental music event in winter. Irrespective of religious faith and ♦ Promotion of literary arts by nationality, the membership of CAI is open publication of Rangoli magazine. to anyone interested in India or in her diverse culture. As the oldest organization ♦ Presentations on India’s History, in Columbia, CAI has been the pioneer Religion, Culture and Display of art forum in providing foundation for growth and and sustenance of cultural heritage of India ♦ Craft booths at MU campus, public while promoting cross-cultural Schools and City events.

The Vedic Society I

nitiated in March 2002, the Vedic Society was registered at the University of Missouri under its founding studentpresident Ms. Sharanya Rao in April 2003. Dr. Murari Lal Nagar of Columbia performed a “Homa” at its inauguration and Dr. Subhas Kak of Louisiana gave an enlightening talk on ancient SarasvatiSindhu civilization of the Indian subcontinent that encrypted the Vedas the massive treatise on philosophy of life and the art of living shown by the savants over 5000 years ago.

To relieve stress of modern living, the Vedic Society aims to promote spiritual awareness through the teachings of Sanatana Dharma as described in the Vedas and other scriptures of Hinduism that followed. The focus is on prescribed processes to uplift the physical and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and the society in the spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - Universal Fellowship principle enshrined therein. The activities of the Society include: Regular Activities: ♦ Biweekly spiritual discourse on Vedas, Upanishads and Gita ♦ Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation ♦ Stress Relief through Yoga ♦ Vegetarianism to promote healthy living Special Activities: ♦ Invited discussions by outside speakers ♦ Invited discussions by University Faculty& Community Leaders

♦ ♦

Yoga and Educational Retreats Informational booths at MU and Columbia city events

A student-run organization on campus, the membership of Vedic Society is open to anyone interested in its activities. Currently it has 24 active members from India, USA, Ukraine and Russia, and twice as many patrons of various faiths and nationalities.




Current Programs at Shanthi Mandir

hese regular programs held at Shanthi Mandir are open to all interested. While all these events are compatible and support HTCC goals and objectives, events not organized by HTCC are appropriately listed. The contact information for each activity is provided. Please visit our web site at <> to be informed of special festival celebrations, pujas and other educational programs such as short courses and workshops scheduled at various other times during the year at the Mandir. We strive to keep our web site up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

HTCC Organized Regular Events Open Prayer Time (Every Tuesday and

Saturday from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m., Aarti at 7:45 p.m.)

Shanthi Mandir is open for devotees to meditate, offer their prayers, and participate in the Aarti. We will have CDs of Bhajans and other devotional songs handy that can be played during prayer times. Please help us in volunteering to keep the Mandir open at these times. If there is interest in this type of open prayer time, and we receive adequate volunteer support to keep the Mandir open, we will

consider longer and more frequent access to the Mandir. For more information contact: Chandra Rawlani at 446-5960 Shram Daan (Every Saturday from 10 am – 12 pm at the Mandir)

Volunteer and service projects at the Mandir and at other locations as required. For more information contact: Vellore or Anantha Gopalaratnam at 446-0663.

Suprabhatam and Sahasranaamam Prayers (Every Saturday from 9 - 10 am) The Saturday morning prayers are dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, another form of Lord Vishnu. He is also known affectionately as Balaji or Srinivasa. These recitations are in Sanskrit, the language used for most Hindu scriptures. For more information contact: Vellore S. Gopalaratnam at 446-0663.

Events Organized by Other Groups Bal Puja* (2nd Sunday from 10 am – 1 pm at

Hindi Language Class* (Second and 4th

Bal Puja meetings are intended to create an awareness of Hinduism among community youth. Specifically, Bal puja meetings focus on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, mythology, tales, beliefs, rituals and practices. The meetings offer an opportunity to provide the core essence of Hindu faith and philosophy and to explain how mythology and varied practices emanate from the core essence. For more information contact : Punam Sethi at 514-0486 or Inder Khurana at 874-9647

Hindi classes were started in February 2006 at Shanthi Mandir for the kids who are interested in learning Hindi. Children learn conversational Hindi so that they are comfortable talking to relatives back in India, learn rudimentary written Hindi, learn the culture through language and songs, develop a strong peer support structure, and generally have fun during the social time following each class. Classes are taught by volunteers. For more information contact : Inder Khurana at 874-9647

Bal Sabha* (4th Sunday from 3 – 5 pm at the

Kirtan* (1st Sunday from 10 am – 1:30 p.m.) The Kirtan program brings together local Sikhs and other followers of Guru Nanak Dev. Hymns and prayers are recited. A sacred pot-luck lunch called Langhar concludes this program. Sukhmani Sahib is read. It is the name given to the set of hymns divided into 24 sections which appear in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Scripture. The word Sukhmani literally means peaceful mind. This set of hymns or Bani is very popular and is frequently recited in Gurdwaras and at home. For more information contact: Kuljit Sandhu at 442-4471 or Chandra Rawlani at 446-5960.

the Mandir)


The objectives of the Bal Sabha of Mid-Missouri are: (1) To create among youngsters an awareness of India's history and culture, (2) To provide youngsters an avenue to research topics related to India and present it to Bal Sabha membership, (3) To provide youngsters a means of acquiring knowledge about India from their peers, and (4) To provide youngsters a means of being involved and to serve the Columbia community. Bal Sandesh is published along with the HTCC quarterly Shanthi Sandesh. For more information contact: Ravi Thawani at: 660-8825317. Bharata Natyam Class* (Every Wednesday from 5:30 – 8:30 pm at the Mandir)

This dance class is privately conducted by the Soorya Dance Company of St. Louis. It is hosted at the Mandir for the convenience of many HTCC families and because it is in support of some of HTCC’s mission. Instructor fee is required. The class makes regular donations for facilities use to cover operating costs. For more information contact: Manjula Narasimhan at: 445-0033.

Sunday at the Mandir - see web site for timings)

Sai Bhajans* (Bhajans Thursday from 7 - 8

pm. Narayan Seva 2nd Sunday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at the St. Francis Home on Rangeline)

Sai Bhajan Group meets for a sing-along devotional program every week and on preannounced special festivals. It is a nondenominational group. All interested persons are welcome to attend. Followers of Bhagawan Shri Satya Sai Baba strive to live the five important human values. These include: Truth (Sathya), Righteousness (Dharma), Peace (Shanthi), Love (Prema) and Non-violence (Ahimsa). The group also cooks a complete vegetarian lunch every

2nd Sunday and serves it at the St. Francis Home, a local shelter for the homeless. For more information contact: Anantha Gopalaratnam at 446-0063. Tabla Class* (Typically 2nd and 4th Sundays— but schedule and locations change as convenient) . Contact Pradeep Sahota at 8740443.

Tamil Language Class* (1st and 3rd Sunday

from 3– 5 pm at the Mandir)

Tamil Classes have been held in Columbia since 1996, hosted at participating families homes predating Shanthi Mandir. The hosting of these classes in Shanthi Mandir since October 2005 has allowed a better learning experience, given the state-of-the-art audio-visual infrastructure at the Mandir. Children learn conversational Tamil so that they are comfortable talking to relatives back in India, learn rudimentary written Tamil, learn the culture through language and songs, develop a strong peer support structure, and generally have fun during the social time following each class. Classes are taught by volunteers. For more information contact: Visala Palaniappan 446-1962. Yoga sessions (instruction fee required): Typically Saturdays from 10:15 - 11:45 am. Contact: Visala Palaniappan 446-1962.

* Facilities use and infrastructural support provided by HTCC but not organized by HTCC

Serving the Columbia community with convenience store and gas station! ULTRAMART ARENA


3101 S. Providence Road Columbia, MO 65203 Ph: 573-443-3144

The Executive Committee on behalf of the

Gujarati Samaj of Mid-Missouri Congratulates the

Hindu Temple and Community Center of Mid-Missouri (HTCC) Shanthi Mandir On the occasion of their

Fourth Anniversary Celebrations

Way to go!

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