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Steinley Farms


We are excited about the group of females we have to offer you this year. We purchase our bulls with the idea of producing females that the cattlemen will desire. These heifers have sound feet and legs and the ability to calve without assistance. Our goal is to produce females that thrive in all conditions so they wean calves that top the market. The heifers are pasture exposed to easy calving Angus bulls from Eastonadale and Kelly Fiege from June 16 until August 2. The heifers were vaccinated twice as calves with BoviShield Gold one shot and Vision 8 Somnus with Spur. This spring before being turned out for breeding they were vaccinated with BoviShield Gold FP5 and Covexin 8 way. All heifers are confirmed in calf to the above dates. We are proud of the offering and hope you have as much fun and success after you purchase them as we have raising them.

Lot 1 - Blk Yellow tag 1-6 Lot 2 - Blk Yellow tag 7-12 Lot 3 - BWF Yellow tag 13-15 Lot 4 - BWF Yellow tag 16-20 Lot 5 - BWF Yellow tag 21-23 Lot 6 - BWF Yellow tag 24-27 Lot 7 - BWF Yellow tag 28-30 Lot 8 - BWF Yellow tag 31-35 Lot 9 - BWF Yellow tag 36-40 Lot 10 - BWF Yellow tag 41-45



Darren & Michelle Steinley (306) 774-2076 Kevin Steinley (306) 741-2240

forsyth Ranch


We are very pleased with this set of bred heifers we are offering to you this year. They were the first cut from Hickory Corner farms. We also have as an added bonus, 5 second calvers. These heifers raised a real nice set of calves this year and are ready to go on and make their new owners money. Call or stop by if you have any questions.

Lot 11 - 5 BWF Pink tag 1’s (second calvers) Lot 12 - 6 BBF Pink tag 2’s Lot 13 - 6 BBF Pink tag 3’s Lot 14 - 6 BBF Pink tag 4’s

Exposed June 25 to august 10th

FORSYTH RANCH Mark Forsyth (306) 784-7844

log Valley Ranch


Here at Log Valley, we are a family run ranching operation. We run a commercial herd using hereford and angus genetics. We also have a modest registered horned hereford herd as well.

Lot 15 - 5 BWF Red tag 1 Lot 16 - 5 BWF Red tag 2 Lot 17 - 5 BWF Brown tag 1 Lot 18 - 5 BWF Yellow tag 1 Lot 19 - 5 Blk Blue tag 1 Lot 20 - 5 BWF Orange tag 1 Lot 21 - 5 BWF White tag 1 Lot 22 - 5 BWF Pink tag 1

These heifers are what we feel to be a high quality group of top end females. All heifers were born and raised on the ranch. The heifers have been raised on a full herd health program (Merck). All heifers were Safeguarded when preg checked (Nov 6th). These heifers ran in the same pasture with our own replacements exposed to both Hereford and Angus bulls. We wouldn’t sell a heifer we wouldn’t use ourselves. Thank you for your interest! Heifers exposed June 23 to August 10th


Mike & Chelsea Jahnke (306) 629-7311 Matt & Lindsey Jahnke (306) 796-7007

FORSYTH SALE FACILITY Herbert, SK FORSYTH RANCH Mark Forsyth (306) 784-7844


Darren & Michelle Steinley (306) 774-2076 Kevin Steinley (306) 741-2240


Mike & Chelsea Jahnke (306) 629-7311 Matt & Lindsey Jahnke (306) 796-7007 SALE MANAGED BY


Shane & Tammy Castle (306) 741-7485 Mark Forsyth (306) 784-7844 AUCTIONEER

GORDIE CAMERON (306) 741-7077

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