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email : Webview : Going to Garrett: Business O!ce and Student Account

6/19/14, 11:30 AM

GOING TO GARRETT: Business Office & Student Account

Business Office Basics Last week you received an email with information about financial aid and some ways to fund your theological education. If you are now wondering how you will manage your money and who will be around to help you, this is email is for you. The Business Office is where it's at! The Business Office is located in the Main Building in Room 119 and can assist you with:

Paying Tuition Tution is due at the beginning of each term and can be paid by check, cash or credit card. Tuition will be billed to your Student Account on or around the following dates: Fall Term: September 30, 2014 J-Term: January 31, 2015 Spring Term: February 28, 2015 Summer Term: June 30, 2015

Jobs on Campus & Federal Work Study To work on campus you must complete federal and state-required paperwork PRIOR to beginning your employment. Please contact Jean Crawford, Payroll and Benefits Specialist, for the applicable forms at: or 847-866-3937.

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email : Webview : Going to Garrett: Business O!ce and Student Account

6/19/14, 11:30 AM

In addition to the requirements above, Work Study students must also complete an eligibility form with Jason Gill, Director of Financial Aid. He can be contacted at or (847) 866-3987.

Understanding Your Student Account During fall orientation you'll receive a much more detailed introduction to your student account and what it will mean for you as a student at Garrett-Evangelical. For now, here are a couple of areas you should be familiar with going into orienatation in August:

Business Holds Any outstanding balance on a student account results in an automatic business hold. With a business hold transactions such as the release of your transcript, ability to move into seminary housing, and the ability to register for classes will not be permitted. To address holds, please contact our Accountant & Cashier, Mechelle Moore at: or 847-8663917.

Charges and Credits on Your Student Account Financial aid and scholarships will be applied to your student account. Tuition and housing charges will be charged to your account and deducted from any available funds on your account. If there are excess funds available after all charges are paid, you may request a balance withdrawal check. During fall orientation Mechelle Moore will provide more information on when charges are applied, when and how to make account credit withdrawals, and much more.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at 847-866-3945 or

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Going to Garrett: Business Office and Student Account  

During the weeks leading up to Orientation, each Thursday we have been sending a GOING TO GARRETT newsletter with pertinent information for...

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