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5th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists 2012

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

5th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists 2012 Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru the



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: Jonaki Ghosh Thomas


: Lalitha Subramanyam


: Shivaram Pamujula

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About this Souvenir This Souvenir is dedicated to all the Masters who have shared their wisdom and findings through this unique global platform over the years. A brief profile of each Master and his/her teachings at a past edition of Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists is included herein.

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

5th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists 2012

Pyramid Valley International Kebbedoddi Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Road, Ramanagara Dist. - 562112 Bengaluru, Ph: +91 80 32723143, +91 80 27563262 email: i

Brahmarshi Patriji Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement Chairman, Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists

Chairman’s Message Dear Friends, Welcome to all the participants of the “Fifth Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS)”. “GCSS” is a unique platform created .. in the year 2008 .. by the “Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ( PSSM ) ” .. with a grand vision to bring together all the spiritual science masters of the world. It is an annual get-together of spiritual scientists from the East and the West and the yearning students of spirituoscientific temper / method, from various countries .The venue... “The Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru”... is the most spiritually-energized spot in the world. “GCSS ” ... is a grand festival gathering .. of spirituo-scientific mature human beings .. who revel in each other's knowledge, research and wisdom. The Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists (IFSS ) is hosting this special event. “ IFSS ” was founded .. in the year 2009 .. by PSSM, with TIMES FOUNDATION as joint promoter. “ IFSS ” is a forum, where there are no “ GURUS ” ; here, spiritual scientists .. from all the countries of the world .. come and freely share their wisdom arising out of their scientific research, arising out of their personal experience as a part of their particular journey on the path of true spirituality. Every spiritual-science master has something to add to the whole body of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. From the grand body of spiritual science learning, we realize that : “ We are primarily multi-dimensional beings who are learning to become infidimensional beings ”. Learning is forever ! Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore


All students of spirituo-scientific method and budding spiritual scientists must learn from each other. I expect you to LEARN from all the visiting spiritual scientists .. and thus, enhancing your energy, elevating your being and enriching your life. Today's students of spiritual science are tomorrow's teachers of spiritual science. Let's learn .. learn .. and learn ! Let's keep on learning ! According to the philosophy of PSSM.. “ spiritual / divine living ” essentially means : (a) Compassion towards all animals / birds / fish : human beings must take physical and emotional care of all divine beings which are residing in animal bodies. (b) The right food for humans is only PLANT-FOOD : animal beings are divine play-mates for the human kind ; they are not “ FOOD ” for the human kind at all. © Killing of animals / birds / fish .. for “ FOOD ” or “ SPORT ” .. can never be condoned ; killing members of animal kingdom is not at all acceptable, except in special cases of self-defense. Killing of human beings .. on the ruse of differing perceptions .. can never be condoned. It is not at all acceptable .. except under circumstances of self-defense. (d) Understanding the Law of Karma : Once we become enlightened about the Law of Cause and Effect, then we become very careful with our words and deeds : for, intents, words and deeds directly result in corresponding realities. We also begin to understand the maxim : “ Do unto other beings, as you would like those other beings do unto you. ” (e) Using all our spare time for meditation : i.e., energizing ourselves in terms of cosmic energy. MEDITATION is absolutely compulsory for all people above the age of five. Every day should be a day of meditation. MEDITATION is THE GREAT HEALER, helping us to get rid of all psychosomatic illnesses and diseases ; 90% of all our illness / diseases are psychosomatic. The very founding purpose of PSSM is to impress upon all spiritual scientists the imperative need for VEGETARIANISM and the necessity of every-day practice of MEDITATION. Welcome all to “ THE NEW SHAMBALA ” : The Pyramid Valley International, BENGALURU.

(Brahmarshi Patriji)

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Founder GCSS, Chairman IFSS iii

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

About the “Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists”

Pyramid Valley International is the proud host of an annual spiritual extravaganza – the 'Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS)'. It is a unique platform created for New Age Spiritual Masters and Spiritual Scientists of the world to share their wisdom, perspectives and experiences. This four-day residential retreat is very special and only one of its kind in the present era. Masters and Spiritual Leaders congregate from across the globe to impart their exclusive knowledge and insights. These extraordinary leaders are the best beacons of New Age Spirituality, who can co-create reality and expand our consciousness. During GCSS, the masters and commoners descend alike and intermingle to demonstrate the divine unity of human consciousness. Every year around Gandhi Jayanthi, GCSS is kicked off in the sylvan and pristine environment of the Pyramid Valley near Bangalore. Here we find an oasis, where the magical powers of one of the largest meditation Mega Pyramids in

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore


this region, works to amplify the energies of the great spiritual masters congregating from the world over. Jasmuheen, who is a Global Authority on Pranic Living is the lifetime President of this four-day event which was launched in 2008. Everyone gets a chance to mingle with the masters on a one-on-one basis apart from experiencing the tremendous cosmic energies which descend to bless the occasion. In this year of awakening, GCSS arrives in its fifth edition with an elite force of masters, dedicated to uplift our consciousness. Ever yone is invited to re-discover themselves over four days of discerning wisdom, guided meditation and soulful music!


Guest Masters from Past GCSS Events 1st GCSS 2008 Masters


Brahmarshi Patriji

The Science of Meditation

Janet Attwood. USA

Discover your destiny with The Passion Test

Anodea Judith. USA

Waking the Global Heart

Rev.Alex L. Orbito, Philippines

How to Heal Yourself

Dr. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. USA

Matters of Life and Death

Jasmuheen, Australia

The Prana Program and the Food of Gods

Dr. Newton Kondaveti. India

Past Life Regression Therapy

Michaela Adam Horst.Germany

Holistic Leadership and Healing

2nd GCSS 2009 Masters


Brahmarshi Patriji

The Science of Meditation

Sri Sri Ravishankar, India

The Art of Living

Jasmuheen, Australia

Enhancing Human Evolution and

the Global benefits of Personal Enlightenment

Rasha, USA - India

Oneness: Discovering the Divinity Within

Dr. Newton Kondaveti. India

The Science of Past Life Regression

Esperide Ananas, Europe

Music of the Plants, The Federation of Damanhur in Italy

Erik Berglund, USA

Healing Music & Preparing for the Coming Changes


Guest Masters from Past GCSS Events 3rd GCSS 2010 Masters


Brahmarshi Patriji

The Science of Meditation

Erik Berglund, USA

Birthing Light

Barbara Hand Clow, USA

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and The Mayan Code

Dr. Newton Kondaveti. India

Time Travel

Jasmuheen, Australia

Harmonics of the Heavenly Heart

Jacqueline M Longstaff, Denmark

The Cosmic Airport - A vision whose time has come

Jill Mara, USA

Creating a New World

4th GCSS 2011 Master Brahmarshi Patriji

Topic The Science of Meditation

Blue Thunder & White Feather, USA Ancient Earth Wisdom for the Emerging World Deepak Rao, India

Extra Sensory Perception

Dolores Cannon, USA

Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

Erik Berglund, USA

Mt. Shasta 2012 – Wisdom of Mt. Shasta’s Mystics

Dr. Newton Kondaveti. India

Future Progression and Present Choices

Jasmuheen, Australia

Pathways of Peace: Creating a World in Peace

Jacqueline M Lonstaff, Denmark

Aquarian Bodhisattva: a Meeting of East and West

Soluntra King, New Zealand

Diamond Light Body Illumination

Dr. Susan Shumsky, USA

How to Hear the Voice of God


Janet Attwood USA

Janet Attwood is a top transformational leader, a visionary and a humanitarian. She is the co-author of two New York Times Bestseller books, “The Passion Test- The Effortless Path To Discovering Your


Destiny”, and “From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power”. Janet Atwood is an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life. Janet is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council and was recently asked to start the India chapter of TLC. For her ongoing work with homeless women and youth in

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

detention centers, Janet received the highest award for volunteer service in the U.S. from the President of the United States, The Presidents Volunteer Service Award. Janet lives in a community of over 3,000 meditators from around the world in Fairfield, Iowa, and has been a practitioner and teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Program for over 40 years.

Janet's program at Pyramid Valley International


included her famous 'Passion Test – The Effortless Path To Discover Your Destiny'. It provides a simple, effective way to discover your passions. According to her all successful people around the world follow one common rule. They are clear about their dreams and what they want to do. That clarity brings their

our passions. We are like magnets. We are attracted to what we think. There is abundant evidence of people who have been successful doing what others thought was impossible! When we have the passion, life is exciting, thrilling, fulfilling. Problems become challenges to overcome. Doors open in ways we cannot predict. Nothing can stop us.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

decision- making situations we need to choose in favour of

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

choose, it shows up in our lives. Whenever we are faced with

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

dreams into reality. When we are clear about what we

Anodea Judith USA

Anodea Judith, is an author, a therapist, a public


speaker and an expert on the Chakra system, body/mind integration, somatic therapy, and yoga. She is best known as the author of Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System. She is the founder and director of 'Sacred Centers', a spiritual teacher, healer, and evolutionary activist. She holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

of yoga, mythology, history, sociology, alternative

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Psychology and Human Health, with lifelong studies medicine, and mystic spirituality. Her books are considered groundbreaking in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and used as definitive texts in the U.S. and abroad.

Anodea's workshop on “Waking the Global Heart� started with an enchanting divine dance for the chakra

of passage will humanity shift from the love of power to the power of love. It demands of humankind, co-operation rather than competition, co-creation rather than procreation, networks

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

transformational passage of our time. Only through this rite

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

our time. It ar ticulated a guiding vision for the

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

activation and charted the challenges and opportunities of

rather than markets, and sustainability rather than exploitation. This requires a fundamental awakening to an inspirational vision and a shift from our current values based on the love of power to those motivated by the power of love. The workshop also described the elements of a new organizing principle based on self- organizing networks, values of compassion and cooperation, synthesis of divorced polarities, and the awakening of both transcendent and immanent forms of spirituality.


Rev. Alex L. Orbito Philippines

Rev. Alex L. Orbito is an extraordinary healer and a psychic surgeon by profession. He is the founder of 'The Spiritual Help Foundation' that has been sponsoring community buildings, scholarships, food and clothes distribution in needy areas of Philippines.


He also founded the Philippines Healers Circle Association in 1983 of which he was voted President for Life.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

by the UN World Brotherhood Congress in 1985 for

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

He was conferred the Honorary Doctorate title "outstanding and dedicated Envoy for Universal Peace, Goodwill and Understanding" and the prestigious Jose Rizal Award in the Philippines in 2000 for his humanitarian works at home as well as abroad.

Rev. Alex Orbito introduced a special healing technique in his session. This involved chanting 'Apo Mannacabalen Amen (AMA)' and breathing deeply through the major organs of the body. Deep breathing releases the negative


energies present in the major organs and it can purify these organs by breathing twice into them to fill in the positive vital energy. This can be done multiple times in a day. Manifestations of any disease, takes place during our sleep hours. Therefore this purification must be conducted before the sun set to ensure the negativities accumulated over the day is safely discarded. Spiritual meditation can transform

beauty is to chant the prayer “MAG PAGANDA TAYO ... TUWING ... OHAGA� along with synchronized hand movements to attain divine beauty and become more handsome and beautiful.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

According to Rev. Orbito, the secret of attaining divine

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists


Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

each human being into a new man and new woman with no

Dr. Raymond A. Moody Jr. USA

Best Selling and award winning author of twelve books including 'Life After Life', Dr. Raymond Moody is a widely renowned psychologist and medical doctor. He is most famous as an author of books about life after


death and near-death experiences, a term he coined in 1975. He is also a scholar and researcher, a dynamic lecturer, expert trainer and instructor, private

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

counselor and a widely featured expert in the media. Award in Denmark in 1988. He was also honored with a bronze medal in the Human Relations category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life After Life. His books have sold over 13 million copies world wide.

Dr. Moody explained that there are nine experiences common to most people who have had a near death experience (NDE). A strange sound: A buzzing, or ringing noise, while having a sense of being dead; Peace and painlessness:


While people are dying, they may be in intense pain, but when they leave the body the pain vanishes and they experience peace; Out-of-body experience: The dying often experience the feeling of being in a spiritual body that appears to be a sort of living energy field; The tunnel experience: Being drawn into darkness through a tunnel, at an extremely high speed, until reaching a realm of radiant

they would be seen by astronauts in space; People of Light: Once on the other side of the tunnel, the dying find that friends and relatives who are already dead, are there to greet them; The Being of Light: The dying often meet a powerful spiritual being whom some have identified as God, Jesus, or some religious figure; The life review: The 'Being of Light' presents the dying with a panoramic review of everything they have ever done. They come away feeling that love is the most important thing in life; Reluctance to return: This is the last step. Everybody who have witnessed NDEs have clearly expressed that the dying process was more of equanimity and complete love.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

the heavens and seeing the Earth and the Celestial Sphere as

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Instead of a tunnel, some people report rising suddenly into

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

golden-white light; Rising rapidly into the heavens:

Jasmuheen Australia

Lifetime President of GCSS, Jasmuheen, is a Leading Authority on Pranic Living. Jasmuheen is an artist, 'Ambassador of Peace', international lecturer and an author. She has written 35 books, which have been published in 18 languages. Jasmuheen is also the founder of the Self


Empowerment Academy, founder & facilitator of the Cosmic Internet Academy, and the founder & facilitator of The Embassy of Peace.

She offers

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

programs and projects through the 'Embassy of Peace' to improve personal and global health and harmony levels in ways that benefit all. Jasmuheen is well known for her beautiful guided meditations which are designed for improving health, happiness, self mastery and self knowledge.

Jasmuheen introduced the belief that one should know how to live without food to avoid starvation. There are three levels of consciousness- Physical, Emotional and Mental. One should try to be a master in all three levels in totality and in harmony. Anyone can eradicate his/her hunger. Her advice:

chant a prayer from your heart; Mastery of the mind – Monkey mind is the computer. The thoughts act as software to give life as a printout. Check the message which we receive and its limitless nature; Vegetarian diet – Gradually cut down your food intake. Abruptness can lead to pain. Living

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

intent to live on Prana; Understand the power of breath-

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

all the love, to gain all the knowledge and posses a clear

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Meditation – Take the energy from the cosmos to feel

on Prana is being nourished in a different way; Treat the body like a temple – It is Holy Grail. So take care of the body; Exercise your system – Involving in physical exercise keeps body fit and mind active; Serve –We should lead a life which will match with the highest prana current – one of service to others; The Use of Sacred Songs– Helps oneself align with the heart beat of divine nature.


Jasmuheen concluded that if we are in complete alignment with the breathing river, then the spirits will let us know our divine purpose. Divine ones give messages by causing a change in the breathing rhythm. Message from 2008

Dr. Newton Kondaveti India

Dr. Newton is an internationally acclaimed Pioneer in Past Life Regression. He is a world renowned Metaphysical Teacher, a Spiritual Scientist, and an investigator of ESP phenomena. Along with his wife Dr. Lakshmi, he has founded the Life Research


Academy, in the year 2000. Out of the multifarious activities of the Life Research Academy, the core activities are Past-Life Regression, Breathwork, Spreading the messages of all

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Self-Realized Spiritual Masters, Spreading Awareness about Vegetarianism and Teaching Meditation. The Life Research Academy conducts free Meditation Classes in Schools, Colleges and other organizations. Dr. Newton and Dr.Lakshmi tour extensively and present seminars and lectures overseas and conduct workshops in India.

Dr Newton's session began with his insightful way of making everyone understand the two mysterious laws- 'The


Law of Reincarnation' and 'The Law of Karma'. According to the dynamics of Karma we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Karma helps us to keep learning and progressing through the actions done by us in each life time. Therefore, Karma is neither good nor bad. Karma operates

irrespective of our nationality, religion, race, creed, cast, sex etc., and thereby Karma teaches us oneness. A guided past life regression session gave the participants a glimpse of or an insight into the probable past lives that they must have had, to bring back the lessons learnt then. Message from 2008

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

all times. Karma makes us realize that we are all one,

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

impersonal and it applies to everyone without exception at

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

on universal laws, which create total justice. Karma is very

Michaela Adam Horst Germany

A healer from Lustadt, Germany, Michaela Adam - Horst has studied economics, marketing and personnel administration. She trained her natural medium talents with American and English mediums and offers private readings beside giving courses for


mediumship, spiritual healing and Ayurveda. For the last 20 years she has studied natural healing methods and spiritualism. In 1997 she opened the centre -

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Zentrum Fur NaturlicheHeilmethoden (ZFNH) with the aim to make an increasing number of people understand the interaction between coarse and fine healing methods as well as interaction between body, soul and spirit.

Michaela Adam- Horst said that, a holistic leader's aim

we are able to integrate into our education system a concept which is based upon the global situation. That means education in the fields of soft skills, personality development

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

peaceful way of living. Global Peace can only be achieved, if

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

races, and faith together, who are interested in a conscious,

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

for the humankind should be to bring people of different

training, cross cultural comprehension, an education system which focuses on consciousness and being regardful towards our relationships. This acknowledgment requires a long life education system, which starts in the early childhood and proceeds beyond retirement. Michaela pointed out that we are all spirits and are here on the Earth to live with compassion and love. So we must live each and every moment of our life and be aware that we are responsible for what we think, what we do, what we say and the things not done as well. We must be authentic, honest and reliable.


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar India

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a universally revered spiritual, humanitarian leader. He is the founder of Art of Living, an educational and humanitarian Non Governmental Organization. His vision of a violence-free, stress-free society through the


reawakening of human values has inspired millions to broaden their spheres of responsibility and work towards the betterment of the world.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

activist whose initiatives include conflict resolution,

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a multi-faceted social disaster and trauma relief, poverty alleviation, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, and campaigns against female foeticide and child labor. He is engaged in peace negotiations and counseling in conflict zones around the world.

Sri Sri Ravi Shanker appreciated the work undertaken by Pyramid Spiritual Trust, in taking


meditation to people of every state, every village and even door-to-door. He stressed upon the fact that meditation is the need of the hour. Meditation is a science. Spirituality is a science. All likeminded people should come together in a rational and scientific manner with known wisdom to benefit each other.

these ills is to get back to our source ‌ the spirit. Spirit is made up of love. He asked everyone to recognize it and synergize with that through meditation. Meditation elevates the spirit and creates a harmonious environment. It is the rational and scientific wisdom that has been there since ages. So it must be propagated!

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

are millions who suffer from depression. Answer to all

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

people are suffering and medicine is not helping. There

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

He said, sickness today, is a household thing. Many

Rasha USA

Rasha is a spiritual teacher, world traveler and the author of bestselling books- Oneness and The Calling. She awakened to her inner-calling as a conduit of Divine and began working with Oneness - the


Divinity we all share -- in 1998. In the process, she was taken step by step through the Sacred Journey to Oneness and through the life-altering changes that are

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

shaking the foundation of today's world. Rasha is not affiliated with any established spiritual path, religion or guru. Her teachings are universal and focus on the experience of the Divinity within each of us. American by birth and Indian at heart, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical hill, Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Rasha's workshop star ted with the 'Oneness

can have the experience of divine connection and integrate it into one's daily life. This is a precious opportunity. The key to take a quantum leap into spirituality is to be intensely serious in doing one's own practice or sadhana, for which there is no

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

experience of divinity within. In these special times, everyone

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

encodings, which open the door for us to walk through the

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Meditation'. She explained that words hold loaded

substitute. Her message was to become one with oneself. She asked everyone to work upon their emotions. She explained that we should surrender during the moments when we reach out to the divine. Surrender is openness, vulnerability, willing to take a chance, learning that we are safe, and letting go.. She urged everyone to 'go for it'.


Esperide Ananas Italy

Esperide Ananas (Silvia Buffagni) is a writer, lecturer and Damanhur's Communications Director. Ananas graduated from Milan University in Spanish and English Literature, and later gained a Masters Degree in Media Studies from New York University.


Before joining the Federation of Damanhur in 1993, she worked for the European Parliament as the assistant to the Vice-President, and later as a

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

international institutions. Esperide was actively

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

communications consultant for Italian and involved in the press campaign to save the Temples. Fluent in five languages, for the last 10 years she has been an International Ambassador for the Federation, sharing Damanhur's vision with political, artistic and communal organizations worldwide.

ESPERIDE ANANAS and CROTALO introduced the Federation of Damanhur, which has been founded in the year 1975 in about 500 hectares in Italy.They are an '


International Community ' who are into their third generation. The community has been established based on the ethical principles and values of Appreciation, Art and Crafts, Taking responsibility, Peace, Holistic Health, Sustainability and Eco-friendly environment. They have also built beautiful 'Temples of Humankind'.

of capturing the electromagnetic waves from the leaf surface and root system and converting them into musical notes. The audience could observe that the plants were controlling their electrical responses as if they were aware of the music that they were creating. They responded differently to different music, for example, flute played by BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI and guitar played by Tarun Jain. It was a fantastic show!

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

created by plants through acustomized equipment, capable

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Concert by Plants'. It was amazing to hear the melodies

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

The highlight of their presentation was a 'Musical

Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow USA

Barbara is an internationaly renowned spiritual teacher and the author of 11 books including 'The Pleiadian Agenda', 'Alchemy of Nine Dimensions', and 'The Mayan Code'. The nine-dimensional teaching came through her from the Pleiades in 1995. Barbara also holds a Master's degree in Theology from Loyola


University in Chicago. This program “CreationCentered Theology�, specialized in Western mystics and the healing arts and yoga.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

dimensions led by the Pleiadians with her partner

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Since 1995, she has been teaching the nine Gerry Clow. Gerry graduated from Yale University and was an arts columnist for the Boston Globe in 19711973, for which he received a National Endowments for the Arts award. He began studying spiritual healing in 1996, then trained in Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy.

The objective of Barbara 's workshop on 'Alchemy of

Calendar. As we come to the end of the Mayan Calendar, we are being flooded by divine energy and

very high

frequencies. According to her, we are moving into a zone in space that is a band of photon energy. Our star system is the 8th

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

to these levels by December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

the nine dimensions of consciousness. We are to be opened

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Nine Dimensions and the Mayan Code' was to learn about

star in the Pleadian star group and circles the star Alcyon. Alcyon is in the photon belt all the time. The experience we have on Earth at this time is extremely valuable for the range of experience moving between dimensions that happens as we move into and out of the photon belt. Trillions of souls are trying to get into a body for this ride. The year 2012 is important because, in the photon belt the walls between the different dimensions becomes increasingly thin or non existent. The transition into and out of the photon belt is characterized by radical weather th

patterns and other changes, as the 4 dimensional world begins to precipitate onto our own 3rd dimensional reality. Once in the photon belt, we will have access to all these dimensions of consciousness.


Erik Berglund USA

Erik Berglund is a unique recording artist who combines his extraordinary musical talents with the Spirit and power of God's healing gifts. Erik sings like an angel with a refined tenor voice accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp. Erik spent 19


years with the legendary harpist Mildred Dilling, the teacher of Harpo Marx. He also studied meditation, healing and life lessens with the great spiritual teacher

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

recording artist, Erik is a sensitive healer whose life

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Hilda Charlton. In addition to being an international has touched thousands via workshops, retreats, lectures and private healing sessions. He facilitates group energy in conventions, conferences and symposiums.

Erik’s session on the ‘Wisdom of Mt. Shasta’s Mystics ‘ began with his popular heart opening greeting– ‘Ya Fata!’


Erik says if one has any energy blockage, he can go to a wall and repeat ‘Ya-Fata’ with his hands open wide to open up the blocks. Legend has it that Mt. Shasta was founded by ‘Lemorians’ and has an etheric city called ‘Telos’ within it. That is the reason behind its high spiritual energies. In the wake of the changes to come in 2012, Mt. Shasta will

energies of the East and the West – Mt Shasta in the USA with the ‘Maitreya Buddha Pyramid’ of India and blended it with everybody’s minds and hearts. In a guided visualization that followed everyone connected with the angles, their future self after the transformation of the Earth and energized all the atoms in their bodies with light!

Message from 2011

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

After that Erik used energy work to blend high Spiritual

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists


Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

withstand any and all calamities and nothing will happen to

Jacqueline M Longstaff Denmark

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff is a spiritual teacher, international lecturer and an author of five widely selling books. She has an ashram, Singing Heart Ashram, in South India, near the sacred hill,


Arunachala. There is uniqueness about the way Jacqueline teaches – she is able to interweave both seriousness and playfulness, freedom and discipline

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

with an unbelievable ease in her sessions. She spends half of the year at her ashram in India and the other half lecturing and teaching internationally.

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff presented her vision of 'The Cosmic Airport' in her session. She described it as an airport containing an arrival lounge, departure lounge and transit lounge. The arrival lounge was a place where women could give

sown during the birth experience influence the rest of the life. It is very important that we help to bring babies into the world without their consciousness being closed down. The departure lounge was for people who were dying a place where they could be supported to go beyond any

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

can leave a deep inner stress that is difficult to heal. Seeds

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

babies arrived conscious and untraumatised. Birth trauma

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

birth to babies painlessly, in an enlightened energy field, so

fear of death and die consciously. It would actually focus on the physical death process as seen from an esoteric perspective – as a possibility to be free from identification with the matrix of illusion. The transit lounge was for everyone else in "transit" through life - a place for conscious living. It taught people to meet the ups and downs of life in a conscious way, learning how to stay in touch with the open heart and celebrate birth, life and death with equal fervor. She ended by saying that a vision such as this is one of the ways forward for this plane.


Dr. Susan Shumsky USA

Dr. Susan Shumsky is a best-selling author, foremost spirituality expert, pioneer in the selfdevelopment field, highly-acclaimed and greatly respected professional speaker, New Thought minister, and Doctor of Divinity. She has authored seven books, including Divine Revelation, award-winning Miracle Prayer, Exploring Chakras, How to Hear the Voice of


God, plus Exploring Meditation and Exploring Auras. Her latest, award-winning book is Ascension, and her work has been published in several languages

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

For 22 years she lived in the Himalayas, the Swiss

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

worldwide. Alps, and other secluded areas, studying personally with enlightened master from India Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation . She was on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years. Dr. Shumsky has practiced self-development disciplines for over 40 years.

Dr Shumsky spoke on "How to Hear the Divine Voice Within." Her specialty is helping people to listen to that inner divine voice, to experience the divine presence, and to


follow inner divine guidance. She explained that we all are surrounded by benevolent cosmic energies, divine beings, spiritual masters, and deities. To connect with higher spiritual energies, hear their voice and receive guidance from them – all we have to do is ASK. They do not come on their own without asking. The signposts to this inner divine journey are Inner

lecture was followed by an experiential session of guided meditation in which participants were led into a profoundly deep visualization and encouraged to seek divine signals and receive messages.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Tasting, Feeling and Kinesthetic movement. Dr. Shumsky's

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

these six forms i.e. Seeing, Hearing, Auditory, Smelling,

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Divine Contact, Name and Signal. They can come in any of

Dolores Cannon USA

Dolores Cannon is a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher from US, who records "Lost" knowledge. She is an international speaker who has lectured on all the continents of the world and an author of 13 books that have been translated into twenty languages. After more than 30 years of investigation and


writing about concepts ranging from life and death, reincarnation, the origins of humanity, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, the prophesies of Nostradamus and

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

that the information she was receiving was becoming

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

a wide variety of other topics, Dolores began to realize too broad and diverse to categorize into one, or even several, specific areas. As she has had to adapt to change her entire career, she decided to publish her work in a series entitled The Convoluted Universe. Dolores has currently published 4 volumes and states that these books are for those people who want their minds bent like a pretzel.

Dolores started her session by explaining that source of her information is the higher self or the 'over soul' whom she calls the 'subconscious'. It knows everything. So it can answer


all questions. It is so powerful that healings have happened in a single session. In her sessions spread over two days, Dolores spoke expansively on "Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth�. Among many things, Dolores explained how the council overseeing the Earth, came up with the idea of stopping us from 'inside' rather than 'outside' by sending us volunteers to stop us from the path of self destruction. These volunteers would come in different 'waves' and have a

One: to change the energy of the Earth so that it can avoid catastrophe. And two: to help raise the energy of the people so they can ascend with the Earth into the next dimension. Dolores explained that the human body has to get lighter to go into the new dimension. She advised everyone to eat light food like fresh fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water and avoid heavier food like sugar, meat and carbonated drinks. In the new dimension we will evolve to take in only fluids and a time will come when we will only live on breath and energy.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

three waves. The purpose of the three waves is two-fold.

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

'karma'. Dolores has found that these volunteers came in

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

sheath over their soul which allows them to not attract

Deepak Rao India

Deepak Rao is a leading 'psychokinesis' expert . Applauded as the 'Single-most classy form of edutainment' in India and Training Sessions


his Fun Mind-Opening

to 'Think out of the Ordinary',

Deepak Rao is a man very much in demand to demonstrate how the power of thought and psychic abilities can be developed through dedicated practice.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

Deepak Rao is famous for his incredible 'Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)' show that takes people through Telepathy, Tele-kinesis, Intuition, Deja-Vu, Premonition and Clairvoyance.

It was spectacular when Deepak Rao demonstrated

to have a target and blast it at will with the collective mind power. For example, a simple light bulb was chosen for the experiment and everyone had to converge their thoughts to release a bullet mentally focused on the bulb.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

involving the audience. He also exhibited how simple it was

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

another non-verbally.The proof was exhibited in parts by

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

how simple it was to access information from one's mind to

Lo and

behold! The bulb did get blasted. This explained a very critical phenomenon that involves the collective will of entire planet and what it is capable of. Collective positive thinking is the key to a peaceful and calm planet. Everybody can and has to follow suit.


Soluntra King New Zealand

Soluntra King is an anchor of Light, assisting in the shift in cycle and establishing the foundations of the New Earth, working with the Councils of Light, Rishis and Galactic Federation in the Golden Solar Discs and Solar Grid activations, the Crystalline Grid harmonization, Cosmic Eggs, Star Alignments,


Stargates and Diamond Light illumination. Her main focus is the work needed in preparation for the Age of Light and the transference of energies

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

and guide to inner healing for many years and

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

from the old to the New Earth. She was a Naturopath facilitates workshops and journeys worldwide. Through new information in her workshops she has brought about activations of the Chakras and higher light octave Chakras. She has authored many books including “Light Code Activations”, ”Diamond Light Illumination”, “DVD Light Codes”.


Soluntra's session on 'Diamond Light Body Illumination' was an experiential one. She explained about all the energy centres / Chakras in our body. She said that we have been given a new 'chakra' between our heart and solar plexus, which is called the 'soul light' chakra. It helps to open up new paradigm and absorb higher light energy. As we absorb more and more light we will have different level of light bodies. Usually we have two DNA strands in our cells. As

anchoring ourselves in light and we will go through the following levels: Blue Light Body: Here 64 DNA strands are activated. We are learning

to conquer diseases and have more

synchronicity; Violet Light Body: Here 5000 strands will be activated and we become 5th domensional beings to be our own guides and guardians; White Light Body: Here 15000 strands are activated. We become Masters and can manifest or be what we like; Golden Light Body: Here all the 40,000 strands get activated and we become the Central Sun of our selves; Central Sun Light Body: Here we become true light beings!; Soluntra's meditation session manifested very strong energy and everyone felt the rising energy waves.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

born with three or more DNA strands already. We are slowly

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

are nothing but light codes. These days children are being

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

we evolve we can have as much as 40,000 DNA strands which

Blue Thunder & White Feather USA

Bennie LeBeau aka BlueThunder

is a Native

American master, a younger tribal Elder from the Wind River Indian Reservation of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, USA. He and his wife Kristine Soliday aka White Feather Woman share their knowledge about how ceremony heals the


environment. Their work cleans and repairs the magnetic grid lines or ley lines of the Earth. These lines are known as "Grandmother Spider´s Web" to the indigenous peoples of North America and in other

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

parts of the world they are referred to as the Spirit lines or song lines. Blue Thunder is well known for creating Medicine Wheel and other Circle Ceremonies that accomplish major healings of Mother Earth's Environments and sacred sites, healing the energy grids, which have been disrupted by various forms of development.

BlueThunder and White Feather revealed that they educate people of all cultures and races – white, black, red, yellow and brown - the significance of the indigenous prophecies.


In a video presentation they showed sound is the primordial first cause and is responsible for creating, sustaining and transforming all life and matter. Sound transforms matter and energy into form. Every part of our body and nature resonates with a certain vibration. What we

volunteers to build a medicine wheel right inside the pyramid. The centre of the wheel was charged with a crystal altar, a mandala of sacred geometry that creates a huge vortex of energy. They then asked all people to put in their prayers with flowers and orchestrated a fantastic session of singing and dancing around the wheel. With a final prayer song, the pyramid vibrated with very high healing energies. With this, BlueThunder said, the magnetic ley lines of the Earth would be healed up to 500 miles in all directions.

Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore

BlueThunder and White Feather Woman then invited

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

wheel Ceremony to purify nature.

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

give out is what we create. They use sound in the Medicine

Pyramid Valley International


Pyramid Valley International, located 35 km from Bengaluru city, hosts one of the world's largest Meditational Pyramids - Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid. This is an International Meditation Center ser ving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom. It is a paradise to meditate, relax or just be one with nature or experiment by learning new life skills. As recent as last year, it was voted to be one of the SEVEN WONDERS of Bengaluru in a survey by Bangalore Mirror. Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid, can accommodate over 5,000 people at a time. It is built solely for practicing intensive meditation. With a base area of 160ft. x 160ft. it is as tall as a 10 storey building. This Pyramid is constructed on the principles of Giza Pyramid, oriented exactly in the North —South direction, having the golden angle of inclination at 51° 51'. The King's Chamber is located at the center at 1/3rd the height of the Pyramid.

Pagoda Cottages


Pyramid with Waterbody

Pyramid Valley International is developed and managed by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) solely through contributions and donations from benevolent members and well wishers. Infrastructure & Facilities: Situated 35Km south of Bangalore city on Kanakapura Road in a valley spread over a 26 acre campus, it consists of residential facilities for 300 people; temporary accommodation for over 3,000 people; Spiritual Science Library, Meditation Teaching Center, Briefing Center; Gallery with beautiful Buddhist art murals; Bookshop, Amphitheatre with capacity for 5,000 people, Conference Hall and Staff Quarters. Ongoing Programs: Free Daily Deditation, workshops on Science of Meditation, Monthly programs such as Dhyana Mahila Yagna ( for Women), Spiritual Retreat ( for Senior Citizens), Dhayna Yuva ( for Youth), Dhyana Belaku (for rural folk) and Prerana (in Kannada) etc.


Annual events: Buddha-Poornima celebrations, National Congress of Spiritual Scientists and Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists. Special programs, workshops and camps to help individuals discover and enhance their potential. For more information on facilities, programmes, events, membership and donations schemes, please refer to website:

Tapasthali View Point

Kabir Bhavan

Buddha Statue

With Best Compliments from DEPARTMENT OF AYUSH GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) was re-named as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani , Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) in November, 2003 with a view to provide Health care, Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy systems. The Dept. continued to lay emphasis on improving health care facilities, upgrading AYUSH Educational standards & also to create awareness about Ayush. The Karnataka Government has taken initiative in mainstreaming of AYUSH in National Health care under NRHM in right earnest. The AYUSH systems are time-tested methods to tackle life style disorders which are becoming a major threat to health in present era. Under the Department of AYUSH many Educational Institutes, Hospitals & Dispensaries are working to fulfill the objectives. STRENGTHS OF AYUSH AYUSH systems are easily accessible, User friendly, No side effects, Safe over long term use, Low cost, etc… Community participation is possible through Home Remedies Programme, AYUSH Awareness Programme & also Yoga Programme for school children.



Dinacharya, rutucharya & sadvrutha for promotion of positive health Panchakarma Therapy for Promotion of Health & Prevention of Diseases Panchakarma Therapy for Paralysis, Joint Diseases, Neurological Diseases Kshara Sutra Therapy for Piles & Fistula in ANO) Treatment for Skin diseases, Liver Disorders, Respiratory Disorders & lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, obesity etc.,     

Yoga for Mental Health.

Yoga to prevent Mental & Physical Diseases

Unani Treatment for Chronic Skin Diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema etc.


Homeopathy treatment for Mother & Child care

Directorate of AYUSH, Dhanvatri Road, Bangalore. 560 009. Website:

With Best Compliments from

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Now Spiritual Science Is Made Easy For Every School And College ! Text books on Spiritual Values are now ready!! Spiritual science is the mother of all sciences. It is the science of right living which is mandatory for every one of us. This academy has taken up and completed the task of codifying proper text books on Spiritual Science on par with other texts of academics for being taught in each and every educational institution. Separate Text books are devised for each standard say from VI to XII and for the degree course. Educational Institutions can come forward to adapt these books for being taught under “Moral Science” or “Value Education” which is provided by educational authorities. Topics included are of great relevance to developing essential insights of Spiritual Wisdom among the students and bring in high social values into the society. And the books are for a year long course and are well suited for induction into the academics of educational institutions in order to transform their wards into Wisdomful Nation Builders of tomorrow. Great care has been taken in printing these books to make them student-friendly and priced reasonably. This academy provides proper training to the Teachers/professors of the Institutions and extends all the support in this regard. All the trainings so offered are free of cost. Co-operation from every quarter, mainly from all educational institutions is gracefully solicited.

Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists

5th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists 2012 Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru the



Pyramid Valley International, Kebbedoddi Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Road, Ramanagara Dist.Bengaluru - 562112, Ph: +91 80 32723143,

Gcss souvenir book (for issue)  

most useful information for LIGHT WORKERS. Please utilize this book . Value is unlimited.

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