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Verso L’alto! STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2025 Kennedy Catholic High School

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THANK YOU The strategic planning process for Verso L’alto began in the spring of 2018. It has been a collaborative and constructive team effort. It is with deep gratitude we express our thanks for the enthusiasm, engagement and support we received. Every single one of our contributors has a tremendous stake in the successful outcome of this endeavor. We appreciate the hours invested, and honor the contributions made. We are especially grateful to the individuals below for their dedicated service to our planning effort. They represent students, alumni, parents of alumni, friends, City of Burien officials, Catholic school principals, members of the advisory board, faculty, staff and administrators.

Jennifer Zubeck

Fr. José Alvarez

Kennedy Catholic Faculty and Staff

Bruce and Barbara Wolff

Andrea Snyder

Mike Prato

Dean Anderson

Joe Sprague

Nancy Bradish

John Goodwin ‘79

Shelley Hovind

Rommel Buenafe

Danielle Peretti ‘17

Marty Yellam ‘76

Sarah Dahleen

Allen (Minho) Song

Christine and Tim Smith

Michael Fox

Judith McDonald

Amman Mahimud ‘19

Mariko Fujiwara

Julie McCulloh

Chloe Dahleen ‘19

Sam Reed

Anna Horton

Carolyn Spieldenner ‘85

Amy Hall

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To the heights! Kennedy Catholic holds a rich and vibrant tradition with a history that includes significant institutional accomplishments. Given that, charting a course for the next few years is both intimidating and invigorating. The fact remains, we have accepted the challenge of ensuring Kennedy Catholic is here for another fifty years, serving as a model of Catholic education while graduating leaders prepared for the 21st century workforce. Within these pages you will find our ambitious plan to secure our future as a Catholic high school dedicated to the education of the next generation of leaders. The process of creating this plan has included months of data gathering, interviews with stakeholders, surveys, and many, many hours of research and evaluation. We are, and will remain, a school focused on the goal of adapting to each student’s particular capacities, needs, interests, and passions to support them to reach their fullest potential. Our mission and vision require a genuine and deep dedication to continuous improvement, innovation and assessment. We are committed to the open and authentic embrace of diversity in our community. In this strategic plan, we commit our energy and passion to seven goal areas that will drive our future efforts: Faith, Knowledge + Programs, Student Life + School Climate, Access + Equity, Outreach + Marketing, Philanthropy, and Organization + Governance. Within these goal areas are initiatives culled from our collective constituencies in areas ripe for growth and opportunity, aligned with our mission. These initiatives will ensure Kennedy Catholic continues to distinguish itself from its peers and are bold enough to provide the inspiration necessary to inspire significant progress. As we work towards our future, we do so with the intention of building a stronger, innovative and flexible student-centered academic environment. We recognize this work will require collaboration and commitment and we acknowledge it is also work that will continue to evolve. It is the vision for our future and a pathway to achieve it. We recognize we will need our supporters in order to achieve success – we hope you will join us.

MIKE PRATO President

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A Global Campus Culture 850+ Students 42 St. Teresa Students 52% Ethnic Diversity 44% Receive Financial Aid 90+ International Students 13% 1st Generation College Students 100% Graduation Rate

The St. Teresa Program is for students with diagnosed learning challenges.

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Lancers experience an environment more like the world they will be living in. Mission Statement

Vision Statement

It is our mission to graduate leaders following Christ in a school community that is accessible, diverse and committed to pursuing the fullest potential of every student.

We are a school of teachers, learners, parents and partners focused on the goal of adapting to each student’s particular capacities, needs, interests, and passions and to support them to reach their fullest potential. Students at Kennedy Catholic reap the multiple educational benefits of our diversity and we are committed to sustaining a racially, ethnically and socio-economically integrated school.

At Kennedy Catholic, we believe 21st-century skills, including the core competencies of collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving, are necessary to ensure students can succeed in the world today. Our vision of diversity ensures success for all students and is only achievable in an environment that fully supports engagement with diverse cultures and perspectives. Through a rich fusion of cultural exchange, a broad

scope of teaching and learning styles, and a commitment to a robust academic program, transformative education takes place. In the Lancer community, excellence and diversity are intertwined.

The combined effect of these pillars provides both a foundation and a dynamic force for attaining student success.

It is because we embrace a comprehensive vision of diversity that innovation, student-centered instruction, academic excellence, and collaboration with the entire community is possible.

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Diversity Reimagin The Kennedy Cath We are continually reimagining the potential of our diversity. We offer every student a global educational experience. We reflect the rich diversity of both our local community and the world at large. The very essence of our school family embodies cultural competency and demands empathy and collaboration. Innovation is essential to ensure students develop 21st century workplace skills and to guarantee a lasting impact on every graduating senior. It is our responsibility to assure relevance in curriculum, instruct with ground-breaking and active teaching methods, and to develop new pedagogies to reflect our changing world and the needs of our emerging leaders.

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Our student-centered instruction demonstrates our steadfast commitment to excellence for all students. Differential learning defines our vision of success within a wide range of learning styles, experiences, and future goals. High expectations are standard, yet personally defined and supported, so every student is meeting or exceeding potential. Academic excellence is seized through passionate, highly skilled educators deeply rooted in the school’s mission. Our teachers are student-centered, collaborative and motivated by their calling to produce college and

career ready scholars armed with 21st century workplace skills. Our foundation relies on our entire community. Partnerships with families, corporate business leaders, alumni, and stakeholders are critical to our success. In today’s complex world, it is our responsibility to expose our students to the concepts and skills necessary to prosper in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. We acknowledge this is a work in progress that will continue to evolve.

ned: holic Commitment To live without faith, without a heritage to defend, without battling constantly for truth, is not to live but to get along; we must never just get along. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Our patron, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, known as the man of eight beatitudes, was a visionary. He embraced the belief that we can only achieve God’s grace when everyone is invited to fully participate in His call. Frassati affirmed the value of human diversity and inclusion for a community to succeed. As we look ahead to 2025 and beyond, we will continue to reinvent and expand our global awareness and understanding of our interconnected world. Our unique community provides an educational experience that ensures the prosperity of all students.

The opportunities for our future and the future of our students are enormous. We are proud of where we have been, what we have achieved along the way, and we are equally inspired by the challenges that lie ahead.

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Faith GOAL

Fully embrace our mission and responsibility to develop leaders following Christ in thoughts, words and actions.

We will provide a learning environment where spiritual development complements intellectual development. We will strive to ensure faith is integrated across all disciplines and to strengthen students’ relationship with Jesus Christ. We will provide opportunities for students to see their role in the world as a missionary disciple of Christ bringing light to those in need emotionally, socially, and economically. Implement the spiritual charter and weave Bl. Pier Giorgio (our patron) into all aspects of the organization. 01

Increase offerings for direct service and service-based immersion travel and ensure all students have access to these experiences. 02

Offer faith formation opportunities for families and faculty. 03


Provide opportunities for apologetics and support to defend the faith.


Provide access for every student to attend retreats and service opportunities without barriers.



Offer summer programs for faith formation. 07

Ensure our Catholic identity is evident in all we do. 08

Ensure every student feels welcome and supported in our faith community. Whenever feasible, provide access to the sacraments on campus. Develop a school-based Catholic youth group led by students. 11

Assess the efficacy of the ISLE program and implement adaptations deemed relevant. 12

Promote post-high school faith formation options. 04

My time spent on retreats has not only strengthened my relationship with my community, but has also enriched my faith life in many different ways, helping me become who I’m called to be. Kennedy Catholic’s Search retreat was my favorite high school retreat because it shed so much light on all of the love that exists in my life. My favorite aspect of the Lancer family is being encouraged to explore and celebrate my faith. KATERI R. Junior

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Retreat Leader, DECA, President of Lady Lancers, National Honor Society, Tennis, FOUND, Spanish Honor Society, Honor Roll High Honors


Knowledge + Programs GOAL

Establish methods for regular review of pathways and course offerings to ensure college and career ready scholars with 21st century skills. Advance a comprehensive college and career planning program to accommodate the needs and future success of every student. Enhance professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff to ensure the highest quality teaching.

Every student at Kennedy Catholic will achieve personal success and develop a passion for learning with an understanding of their ability to shape their future. We will strategically evaluate and develop our academic program through continuous improvement, innovation, and assessment to ensure excellence in education within the context of Catholic values for an inclusive and diverse student body. We will create a rigorous academic culture which encourages the celebration of academic success. We will provide a premium educational experience that challenges students to achieve their fullest potential. Define, elevate, and promote unique curricular and cocurricular programs that reflect our commitment to success for all students. 01

Fully implement a supported 1:1 device initiative and provide access to approved technology for all students. 02

Create a schedule that supports innovation and extends learning opportunities. 03

Develop a certified track for the St. Teresa program and deliver a comprehensive course of study while expanding social and emotional support. 04

Elevate and promote the Aquinas Honors Program and implement an Academic Honors Letter program. 05

Expand ESL programs to serve our local community. 06

Reinforce the sustainability and strengthen the global presence of the international program. 07

Elevate, regularly evaluate and promote the AVID program. 08

Establish and implement data collection tools assessing the effectiveness of the current academic program and the preparation of graduates for college and career success. 10

Institutionalize professional development and evaluate the efficacy of the teacher mentor program to align with the strategic plan making adjustments as needed. 11

Administer a course of study for all students to include experiential learning or a formal internship. 09

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Student Life + School Climate GOAL

Provide high-impact experiences and opportunities that promote personal growth, cultural and self-awareness, recreation, leadership, teamwork, and critical and creative thinking.

Kennedy Catholic is dedicated to the wellness and well-being of the whole student. In addition to academic and moral development, we prepare students to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning and personal development, and to become informed, engaged, active, and productive citizens. 01

Maintain a supportive, robust, dynamic, and engaged school climate.



Through involvement, help students grow and develop transferable leadership skills.

Provide immediate and accessible social and emotional support and services when needed. 06

Foster a community that rewards self-control and encourages selfdiscipline.



Help students successfully navigate school resources for planning, promoting, and executing campus events and programs. 03

Continue to foster a championship athletic culture and the studentathlete model for success and sustainability. 04

Investigate and implement an innovative model for defining and scheduling the school day and summer months to accommodate internships, immersion, summer, curricular and co-curricular programs. 07


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Provide high quality performing and fine arts curricular and cocurricular options. Foster collaboration, communication and planning between student organizations and campus departments to maximize event attendance and participation.



Access + Equity GOAL

Fully commit to access and diversity as a core value, in all aspects of the organization.

We will seek and support diverse students with a strong potential for success and provide the resources and experiences to capitalize on their promise. We will expand our reach, not merely for the sake of growth, but because we are committed to our responsibility to prepare students for a global society and for their future. We will remain committed to the appropriate mix of relevant programs and delivery methods to meet the diverse needs of our students. Foster diversity within the student body in all areas (ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, learning style and geographic) within the context of authentic Catholic teaching. 01

Continue to foster global understanding and broader life perspective. 02

Recruit and employ highly effective and deeply committed faculty from diverse backgrounds. 03

Establish an equity team with clear directives. 04

Improve homestay and dormitory experience for international program. 05

Provide ADA access throughout the campus. 06

Increase the retention rate by increasing support programs for all students. 07

08 Ensure resources are available and

accessible: • through communications and marketing • by developing relationships with others committed to diversity • by advanced outreach • by creating new and more robust business partnerships and sponsorship programs • through financial assistance

In the St. Teresa program, the teachers are always willing to help me, and I have built lifelong friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I feel like I can be myself in a small classroom - not afraid to speak up in class or ask questions. The best part about the Lancer family is how my academic struggles don’t define me and I’m treated like every other student at Kennedy Catholic. MELANIE P. Sophomore

St. Teresa Student, Swim, Band, Lancers Against Cancer, Hip Hop Club, St. Vincent de Paul Club

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There is nothing like the Lancer family. My favorite aspect of the Lancer family is the support system I have. I can always count on my teachers and classmates to encourage me to be the best version of myself, helping me grow as a responsible, loving individual with the best high school experience possible. Chloe D. | Senior NHS President, Latin Honor Society President, Retreat Leader, Link Crew, Swim, FOUND, Eucharistic Minister, Honor Roll Highest Honors, DECA Secretary, Ambassador, National Merit Commended Scholar


Outreach + Marketing GOAL

Leverage and strengthen relationships with constituents who can help the school fulfill its outreach efforts. Develop summer and camp programs accessible to all students. Continue to deliver high-quality and effective marketing materials.

Our identity and brand will be authentic, well-defined, and known by our stakeholders. Our constituents will know who we are, what we stand for and what we contribute to the community at large, on a local, regional and international level. We will leverage the strengths of our stakeholders, friends and donors, including businesses and sponsors, partner elementary schools, and universities. These partnerships will enable us to provide a premium learning experience for our students and contribute to the rich diversity of our community.

Advance video marketing content that includes alumni involvement, enhanced social media advertising, and increased mobile content. 01

Elementary and middle school partners: Develop and maintain relationships with partner schools to ensure mutually beneficial results and the ultimate support to students and their families as they transition to high school. 02


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College and university partners: Develop and maintain relationships with local, national and international college institutions to directly benefit curricular programs and post-high school success. 03

City of Burien: Increase opportunities for economic development and collaboration to create partnerships for transformative experiences including service learning, civic engagement, and internships. 04


Alumni: Increase domestic and international alumni engagement at all levels of the organization. 05

Corporate/Business partners: Establish mutually beneficial relationships with business and industry (both domestic and international) to create internships for students, provide insights that strengthen the curriculum, and better prepare students for their careers. 06



Philanthropy GOAL

Provide a strategic and comprehensive advancement program ensuring our sustainability.

Kennedy Catholic is dedicated to securing the financial resources necessary to support the school’s continued pursuit of excellence and rich diversity while continuing to strengthen the culture of philanthropy across all constituencies to ensure sustainability. Showcase the many successes demonstrating the impact donors have on the school’s progress. 01

Further develop business partnerships for collaboration, corporate funding and sponsorship opportunities. 02

Expand donor-centric options for philanthropic support.

Further develop endowment funding to provide a sustainable resource for tuition assistance.



Explore advanced funding opportunities including cause related marketing.



Enhance alumni and class philanthropic support. 06

Strengthen the culture of philanthropy with international families, alumni and business partners.

Promote opportunities for planned giving. 03

I really appreciate what my homestay family has done for me, making me feel right at home. Their personal investment in me is far beyond what they were asked to do, and I feel very close with them as a result. This is the best version of high school life that I could have ever dreamed of because of the amazing Lancer family. LUCY L. Senior

International student from China, DECA, Honor Roll High Honors, Math Team Member

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Organization + Governance GOAL

Holistically assess the operations and established internal systems for efficacy, productivity, and cohesion. Modify infrastructure deemed necessary for continued growth and future progress.

Kennedy Catholic will provide a stable and sophisticated infrastructure and oversight team to ensure seamless operations and decision-making for the advancement of the mission and the fulfillment of all strategic and programmatic goals. Every constituent is integral to the school’s success and sustainability; providing outstanding customer service is a shared and individual responsibility throughout the entire organization. Create a working organization chart and standard position descriptions ensuring strategic goals and objectives and primary focus in all work. 01

Use advanced recruiting tools and methodology in orienting and evaluating professional staff and leadership volunteers. 02


Include emergency funding and resources in budget planning.


Strive to provide equitable and fair compensation and evaluate a structure that would compensate staff for implementing innovation in and out of the classroom and traditional school-day setting.



Update and maintain facilities building assessment. Define roles, reporting structures, and accountability of internal and external advisory and decisionmaking committees and boards. Refine internal and external financial reporting to inform decision making and future goal setting. 07

My favorite thing about Kennedy Catholic is seeing diversity everywhere I look. I don’t just mean racial diversity, but athletic, academic, socioeconomic, and extracurricular to name a few. It’s an encouragement of individuality that sustains my appreciation for this school. I’m grateful to be a part of the Lancer family because the variety of rigorous academic options are preparing me for my future. MARCUS K. Senior 18 Verso L’alto

Sound and Light Crew, Drama Stage Crew, Student Social Media Committee, National Honor Society, Honor Roll Honors, Latin Honor Society, Retreat Leader, DECA, Fred Hutch Pathways and Clinical Scholar

The higher we go, the better we shall hear the voice of Christ. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati



F. K E N



Kennedy Catholic High School 140 South 140th Street Burien, WA 98168

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