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Hi everyone, I am beyond thrilled to bring you this bumper Christmas issue of Simply Shabbilicious magazine. I feel honoured to have this opportunity to work with the incredibly talented ladies, who so generously open their homes to us. Each of the homes featured in this issue are absolutely beautiful and although they are decorated in different styles, each of them exudes joyous Christmas spirit. I’m sure you will love them! Last issue we gave you an option to purchase this magazie as a digital or printed copy and you embraced it. This option was far more popular than we imagined, so we’ll continue to offer both as well as a free read online issue. We are always looking for new homes to feature, so if you think your home would be perfect for this magazine, please let us know on Wishing you and your family all the blessings of the seaon,

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Home Tours Jade – White and Shabby Ewa – Minty House Sandy – My Shabby Streamside Studio Kathleen – Faded Charm Kimberlee – The Fancy Shack Jennifer – Town and Country Living

Inspiration Kris – Junk Chic Cottage Debra – Common Ground Susan – Must Love Junk

Holiday Reading Kris –Tag Along Teddies

Creative Projects Kelly – A Shabby Little Snowman Carolyn – Frosted Trees Carolyn – Advent Apples Linda – Salt Shaker Ornaments Andrea – Shabby Trees Kristy – Snowflake Candle Wraps Susan – Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers Julie – Redhead Can Decorate

My name is Jade and I live in a little village near to Munich (Germany) with my husband Karl, our cats Pablo, Katie and our Labrador Sheila. I love to look for nice old treasures at antique markets, but feel it important not to have an overloaded house; rather it should radiate lots of silence and mirror nature’s four seasons. Also at Christmas time I love to decorate the house with little treasures I find on walks through the woods.

Generally I decorate with natural materials like wood, linen, cotton and wood for the floors. Also, I decorate with nature’s gifts like berries, fruits, nice sprigs and cones and in summer with flowers out of the garden. I love to feel nature with all its seasons in the woods and country side. Daily I walk with Sheila through the woods and take pictures of all the little changes in nature. Photography is my great passion and I’m delighted to share this passion in furnishings and nature with others at my blog. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration for furnishings. White is my favourite colour, but also I like gentle colours of sky, water, sand and stones. I am happiest when all are together in harmony. It should be bright and glorious, not a strong contrast or glaring colours. I am so thankful to feel the poetry of silence in our house and the surrounding landscape.

little romance should not be missing and I highly regard French country style. In summer, our garden is filled with white and pastel coloured roses, lavender and herbs, which reminds me of the South of France.

house should radiate warmth‌ so in the winter it’s fine to sit near the stove by candlelight with friends and family enjoying hot chocolate and cake prepared by hand. It makes me very happy at Christmas time to celebrate with my children and grandchildren at our home.

These little frosted trees are easy to make and can be used in a variety of ways – cupcake toppers, ornaments or for just a fun little splash of holiday dÊcor. To make these trees, roll green cardstock into a cone shape and trim the bottom. Insert a shish kabob stick into the cone and secure with hot glue. Note: I cut my sticks into 5 inch lengths. Cover the tree in Mod Podge or craft glue and roll in Epsom salt. You can use course or Kosher salt or glitter depending on the look you want. I put my trees into a box filled with floral foam and covered the top with white gift basket shreds. A grosgrain ribbon finishes off the box. See more of my projects at

My name is Ewa. I am mom to 3 super kids, a happy wife and owner of the shop Minty House. I also have a blog of the same name, where I share the fragments of our lives and the beauty of the Scandinavian style. I love my home, anything Scandinavian and the colour mint‌ especially when it is combined with white and pastels. My great passion is taking photos of beautiful things. My heart pounds when I create lovely vignettes for a photography session. I love that moment when the images are ready‌ then I want just one thing; to share them with the world. Blog ~ Shop ~

Healthy Advent Calendar By Carolyn Sasaki Garris This project is very simple to make and requires hardly any preparation. It’s always fun to add little notes into your kids’ lunch bag and this incorporates the little note and the advent calendar Type up your advent numbers and notes. Since it’s an advent calendar, the notes are coupons good for a fun item or treat Wrap up an apple or other favourite fruit in parchment paper and tie it all together with twine and your advent calendar number and coupon. Hopefully, they’ll eat the apple and save the coupon. See more projects at…



Nothing says Shabby Christmas like little bottle brush trees bleached white then dyed pink, nestled on a bed of Epsom salt snow in the bottom of a salt shaker. Oh, and don’t forget the glitter. They’ve been doused in a snowstorm of glitter. This sweet little project is not only easy to do, but it’s low cost as well.

The salt shakers, Epsom salt, and bleach were all found at the dollar store. Bottle brush trees, dye, and glitter came from the craft store. Start by removing the white base and cutting the trees down a bit.

Then into the bleach they go; full strength for about half an hour or so… until they’re bleached white. Oh, and don’t worry about the faux snow, that comes off in the bleach too

Once completely dry, dissolve about a teaspoon of dye in water and drop in the trees. Let sit for about an hour or so... or until the desired colour is achieved. Modelling clay was used to make new bases.

Leave trees to dry overnight on a piece of plastic wrap. Spray with glitter spray and if that’s not enough glitter, douse with more.

For the top, thread a ribbon through the salt shaker holes and knot.

Place the trees in the bottom of the salt shakers. Add Epsom salt snow. And maybe a bit more glitter too. All that’s left is to top them off.

Now they’re ready for the tree. Oh so shabby. . . and fabulous. Happy Shabby Holidays!

Linda can be found creating, decorating, and blogging at

It All Started With Paint and Mason Jar Crafts Love.

In a small cottage in Upstate New York, Sandy Foster creates a magical and romantic Christmas that is totally ‘shabbilicious’. Sandy, a noted stylist and photographer likes to lighten her decorating elements from the more traditional red and green to a feminine pink and

aqua. Her clever use of candles, glitter, fairy lights and mirrors bounces light from every angle. Add in yards and yards of tulle and a white frosted tree and you have the makings of a beautiful scene from a Victorian Christmas card.

Despite the small space, there is a lot to take in‌ a miniature snow covered village, white on white vignettes, a stack of white books tied with pink ribbons and gifts wrapped in beautiful soft pastel papers.

Sandy says that decorating her tree is a thoughtful process that can take up to three days. She begins by over spraying the tree with spray snow, concentrating on the tips. She then dusts with glitter and allows to dry. Sandy keeps the spray snow and glitter on hand in case there’s further need for touch ups. The trunk is concealed using white garlands, fabric and silk flowers placed deep inside the tree. Then a luxurious effect is created by crowding the tree with her ornaments collected over many years.

Even breakfast on Christmas morning is decadent in this tiny shabby cottage. Sandy likes to add a Nordic touch by serving French toast made with Challah bread, sprinkled with cinnamon, powdered sugar and cardamom, which is then drowned in maple syrup.

My name is Kathleen and one of my passions is decorating my home which I enjoy sharing on my blog" Faded Charm". It was built 10 years ago in a simple Farmhouse style. Since it is a newer home, I've tried to add character by bringing architectural elements inside, which surrounded by other unique pieces, can add a wonderful visual effect to any room.

My home is decorated in a neutral palette consisting of worn woods and various shades of white. I've been collecting vintage items with a timeworn appearance for almost 20 years now and enjoy, not only decorating my home with them, but also selling them at different venues along with my Etsy store.

My home is decorated in a neutral palette consisting of worn woods and various shades of white. I love adding anything with patina in to my decor and inspiration comes to me through nature this time of year making natural outdoor items a must. By using cedar greens, trees, wreaths, pinecones and branches throughout my home during the holidays, I keep my decorations simple without costing too much money.

My idea of the perfect tree is a sparse one cut from our own property which I like decorating with vintage balls in soft muted colors or ornaments that I have made myself. Sometimes I like how a tree in a container looks without any ornaments at all while branches in an urn or pitcher might be seen adorned with shiny crystals. I usually sew my own stockings which makes it easy to change the look from year to year.

1. Take your paint stick and measure out the increments for the pieces. I used 1, 2, 3 & 4 inch pieces for my tree with a 6 inch back connecting piece. Cut them and sand them nicely. 2. Now you paint your branches in any colour or colours that you would like. You can also use fabric to cover your branches by simply brushing glue onto the wooden branch, then place your fabric on to the top, let it dry and then's that easy! 3. To assemble just put your favourite glue on the back of the branches and attach them to the supporting back piece. Really simple.

4. Now is the time you get to decorate your tree in your own style. Maybe you like it solid or polka dots or maybe pretty painted flowers. Let your imagination be your guide. Then get out all of your pretty embellishments and have a ball! 5. This is a version that I really love. By cutting a piece of 1/2 inch wood and drilling a centre hole in it, you can create your own standing tree! Just cut the heart or buy them pre-made at your local craft store. Drill a centre hole, clip your dowel the size you need and assemble by gluing the dowel to the back of the tree and then placing the dowel into the hole in the base...voila! 6. You can even attach a ribbon and hang them on your tree.

So many options...hope you create the one you love the best.

You can see more of Andre’s projects on her blog The Cottage Market

[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the The Illinois winter prairie is a step into a peaceful dream. text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of The heavier the pull quote text box.] the snow falls the more beautiful the woodlands around our home become. I’ve always felt Nature puts on her best winter wear after heavy snowfall. If it wasn't for the cold; I think I could spend hours photographing every detail and simply lay under the delicately covered branches writing of winter's secrets.

When the end of year draws near I savor the daylight. Deep shadows start to form shortly after four in the afternoon in the Midwest. I find myself turning to candles during the limited hours of daylight. The soft flickering glow provides comfort even on the dullest winter day. My decorating style certainly leans toward monochromatic with shabby chic textures. Simple white led candles work as a blank canvas for adding seasonal and chic charm!

Winter Glow Project Snowflake Candle Wraps Supplies: Kraft Paper Vintage Sheet Music Dictionary Paper Hot Glue Low Heat Hot Glue Gun Scoring Board LED candle or glass vase Glitter Mist Spray 2.5 Inch Circle Punch White Cardstock

Supplies cont… Optional: Glue Dots Die Cutting Machine Snowflake Die Cut

 

    

  

Wrap First: Cut 2 strips of 1 3/4 x 6 inch from music sheet paper Wrap and adhere paper strips to led candles with hot glue or temporary glue dots Create Lollies: Punch 2 - 2.5 inch circles from white cardstock Trim 2 - 12 x 3 inch sheets of faux dictionary paper Score paper strips at every 1/4" using a scoring board Secure the back of the lollies with hot glue to the card stock circles Adhere each lolly to wrapped candles using hot glue Let It Snow: Die cut or hand cut varying sizes of snowflakes from Kraft paper and white cardstock Mist complete snowflakes with glitter spray and let dry Layer and adhere snowflakes on lollies with hot glue. Kristy is the co-author of the Bittersweet Walnut Grove Series and shares her journey and photography on her blog Life-Reflection

The Fancy Shack My name is Kimberlee Johnson. I reside in O'Fallon, IL with my husband Erik and two children; my son Patriot and daughter Samantha, and our two beloved dogs, Luke and Prince. I live in a smaller home, and like to make the most of the space we have, filling it with pieces that have meaning and a story to tell.

I like decorating with a mix of old and new. I love creating vignettes that have balanced layers, textures, and depth, making a feast for the eye. I lovingly refer to our smaller sized home as a shack, thus the name of my blog, The Fancy Shack.

After decorating in an Early American Colonial style for ten years, I decided two years ago, to change back to my original love of the vintage romantic cottage style. In the course of a year, I sold everything and started over. I now enjoy a lighter neutral palette, French cottage, and vintage inspired pieces, with a mix of rustic and refined. Christmas is my most favourite season to decorate for; I love to incorporate natural elements with some added magic sparkle. It truly is the most wonderful, magical time of the year, filled with traditions and celebration. I like to help create those happy memories and traditions in

how I decorate season.



I spent my childhood travelling to many places, growing up in the Air Force. I feel the many historic places we visited, including living four years in England, helped to inspire my love of pieces with history and the cottage look. I have a passionate love for design, over the years I have worked as a floral designer, visual merchandiser, magazine writer and stylist, and professional home stylist. Our home has also been published in two national magazines.

Personalised candy bars make delicious place cards for any dinner table or take home gifts after a special event. Or use them as gifts from children to grandparents, teachers and other special people. They are great for stocking stuffers, office party gifts and for those special people who we count on during the year such as the postman, hairdresser or just anyone who deserves a little soemthing to say ‘Merry Christmas’.

Instructions Giant (4.25 ounce) Holiday Candy Bar Wrappers You’ll need: paper or cardstock 8 ½” x 11”, glue or tape, scissors. 1. Open you photo editing program. Then open your wrapper to personalise your project. Click ‘PRINT’ to send finished candy bar wrapper to the printer. 2. Cut around the outside edges of the wrapper. 3. Wrap your candy bar wrapper securely around a candy bar and tape or glue ends together, securing the wrapper around the candy bar.

Helpful Tip: If you are having trouble finding the foil lined candy bars, then just use a little bit of aluminium foil to wrap around your bar before placing the hoilday wrapper design on your candy bar.

Printing Tips: Print your project on scrap paper first to check the alignment, spelling and overall look of the project. Sometimes when doing borderless printing it may be necessary to shrink your wrapper design just a tiny bit in order to prevent the edges from being cut off. Download designs at:

See more projects and digital products by Susan at her blog Raspberry Road Designs and her shop

Holiday Reading And the Mountains Echoed By Khaled Hosseini Afghanistan, 1952. Abdullah and his sister Pari live in the small village of Shadbagh. To Abdullah, Pari, was beautiful and sweetnatured as the fairy for which she was named. More like a parent than a brother, Abdullah will do anything for her. Each night they sleep together, skulls touching, limbs tangled. One day the siblings journey across the desert to Kabul with their father. Pari and Abdullah have no sense of the fate that awaits them, for the event which unfolds will tear their lives apart; sometimes a finger

must be cut to save the hand. Crossing generations and continents, moving from Kabul, to Paris, to San Francisco, to the Greek island of Tinos, Khaled Hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives, and how the choices we make resonate through history. About The Author Khaled Hosseini is one of the most widely read and loved novelists in the world, with over 38 million copies of his books sold in more than 70 countries. The Kite Runner was a major film and was a Book of the Decade, chosen by The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian. A Thousand Splendid Suns was the Richard & Judy Best Read of the Year in 2008.

Paris Flea Market Style Claudia Strasser If you love French interior design and bargain hunting, Paris is the place where your shopping daydreams come true. Claudia Strasser takes us on a winding tour through the Parisian flea markets finding decorative pieces all along the way. She discusses ways to bring the look to your home by building collections and looking for furniture & accessories to reflect your individual style About The Author Claudia Strasser began her career in 1993 when she opened a boutique in New York City's East Village and filled it with French boudoir furniture and accessories.

She painted and repaired flea market finds, reincarnating them into treasures. Now she travels to Paris taking small groups shopping & sharing resources. She writes books & articles, designs furniture and works on decorating projects. Perfect Christmas Carolyn Bell More people are enjoying homemade and handcrafted rather than store-bought food & decorations for Christmas and this book holds everything you need to make the festivities a success. You can enjoy cooking party foods, beautiful cakes, appetizers, main courses and the best Christmas dinner ever. This is a complete guide to food, decorations and gifts for the holiday season, with a feast of recipes and projects. It features over 200 recipes for all types of Christmas dishes and party food, while 130 projects help you fill your home with handmade ornaments, decorations, table settings, cards and gift wraps. It includes a week-byweek countdown for easy planning & organisation of shopping & cooking, plus a timetable for preparing food on Christmas Day. About The Author Carolyn Bell is an experienced and creative editor of inspirational books. Here she has brought together a collection of festive recipes, projects and decorations for the ultimate guide to Christmas. Book reviews by journalist Kris Meares. Kris is also the author of the Tag Along Teddies blog at

With sincere thanks to the following people for their contribution to this issue of Simply Shabbilicious Jade – White and Shabby Ewa – Minty House Sandy – My Shabby Streamside Studio Kathleen – Faded Charm Kimberlee – The Fancy Shack Jennifer – Town and Country Living Kelly – My Soulful Home Carolyn – Homework Linda – It All Started With Paint Andrea – The Cottage Market Kristy – Life-n-reflection Julie – Redhead Can Decorate Kris – Junk Chic Cottage Debra – Common Ground Susan – Must Love Junk Susan – Raspberry Road Designs Kris – Tag Along Teddies Credit: Graphics used in the designing of this magazine are by Raspberry Road Designs. © Susan Darter, Raspberry Road Designs 2013. All Rights Reserved

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