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June 2019

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9am-10am Bible Study 10am-11:30am Sunday Worship & Refreshments

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Tues 10:00am Pastoral Team Meeting Wed 10am-11:30am Refresh Women's Group

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Thur 12pm-1pm Lunch Together

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7pm-8:30pm ESL Café

1pm - 2pm Bible Discussion

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Bike Blessing & BBQ

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June 7

Youth Photo Scavenger Hunt

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June 9

Discipleship Appreciation Lunch

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June 16

Annual Meeting

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June 20 June 21 July 1 July 5

Jeremy Ranasinghe's Ordination Council

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Youth Life Groups

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Youth Year End Party - (fireworks @9pm)

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SGC Camping Trip

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Digging a little deeper into Spring Garden

Features 3


Why God did you Create Dandelions?!?! by Dale Forder


he other day I was walking with my daughter, Makayla, on a bright warm beautiful day when she stopped abruptly. Her whole demeanour brightens as she enthusiastically pointed at a lawn. I took a closer look and wondered what she could be so excited about, for all I saw was some grass and evil invasive weeds that have come to take over the world! She then exclaimed, "Look at all the pretty dandelions, can I pick them?" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! For many years, I did battle with the dandelions in my yard, constantly pulling them out. I had to pull them out carefully to get the roots, but many times I did not and they just came right back. Even the ones I did pull, if I left them for a time, they went into seeding and the next thing I knew there were many new dandelions sprouting up. My wife, Brenda, wanted a picture of me and a dandelion in our engagement photos, and I was extremely against it. It has now taken my wife and daughter to make me start to think, who says this yellow flower is an evil weed?

Apparently, every component of the dandelion is edible and very safe to eat (as long as it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides). They have health benefits such as being a diuretic, helping the stomach, normalizing cholesterol levels and are a excellent source of: magnesium, folic acid, fiber, zinc, protein, a multitude of vitamins, manganese, calcium, iron and so much more (1/2 cup of dandelion greens contain more vitamins than the average multivitamin!). Dandelions can be made into wine, tea, coffee, replenish top soil, kill warts, strengthen your bones, treat gout, eczema, acne, bruises and as a muscle relaxer. So what is a dandelion? "A beautiful flower daddy!' or a evil invasive weed, or a edible, drinkable, healthy plant? It sure is a paradox. As you look around, our new reality is that they are here and here to stay. Can I accept these flowers among our soft green grass? This makes me realize that I have put them into a negative confines and refuse to look outside of these confines. This I see can be dangerous and not a productive positive practice. "OK Makayla, I see you love those yellow flowers, pick them and put them in water if you would like, and I will learn to accept and even love them too!"


Replacing Lies with Truth by Lily Cheng


he hardest battle for many people is fought inside our hearts. Lies that we believe about ourselves become self fulfilling prophecies. For example, if I believe “I am not worthy to be loved,” my behaviour and choices based on this lie could cause people to keep a distance from me which would reinforce the lie that I am not worthy to be loved. Many different situations can cause us to believe lies about ourselves. It could be emotional abuse that we have received or it could be a brief moment we have experienced which we interpreted a certain way. For example, when I was 6 years old, my dad had to work in the US and my mom was left at home with me and my 1 year old sister. My mom said to me, “I can’t take care of you because you can feed yourself, but your sister cannot.” I am sure she meant it just for that moment when I might have been bugging her for something, but I internalized this deeply and this caused me to become very independent and gave up my role as daughter and child in my family - instead becoming a responsible caregiver for my sister. When I later received Christ, I had to relearn what it meant to be a daughter and how to entrust myself to God to parent me.


How do we replace lies with truth? The first part of the battle is to identify the lie. These can be so deeply embedded in how we perceive the world and ourselves that we don’t even see it for the lie that it is. Ask God to give you ears to hear and identify truth vs. lies that are governing your life. I was shocked when one day I realized that there was an army sergeant living inside my head trying to tell me what I should be doing everyday. It was so hard for me to be still and relax. I could not believe I had inherent value that was not tied to my achievement. One of my mentors said to me, “Lily, you have to try hard not to try so hard.” Well, that was really hard! I am so grateful I finally I realized the voice inside my heart that drove me to performance was not from God and I began to get to know God more and more and how He saw me. After we have identified the lie, we must take it captive every time it surfaces and command it to leave with the authority that has been granted us by Jesus. Upon casting out the lie, we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us replace it with the truth. For me the truth was that God loved me, just as I am. When the skies opened up after Jesus’ baptism and God said “This is my son, in whom I am pleased,” Jesus had not yet started his ministry. God was pleased because Jesus is his son, not because of all the things he had yet to do. We are broken and wounded people who need Jesus to come and heal us from the lies that cause us to hurt ourselves and those around us. We cannot heal ourselves with our willpower. But Jesus, the healer can heal us with the power of the Holy Spirit. We practiced this exercise of replacing lies with truth with the single moms who attended our Single Moms Mother’s Day Banquet. Many of these women do not have a relationship with Christ - but I prayed the Holy Spirit would speak because I know God wants to heal these women. I was deeply touched when I saw three of the words that were heard that day. Majestic. Strong. Brave. What beautiful truths that we pray would take over the lies that have hurt these women. If you would like to pray about this with someone, I am happy to meet for a prayer appointment with you. May God replace the lies in our hearts, that we may hear the truth that will set us free. 6

Spiritual Practice by Sam Lee


very Tuesday at staff meeting, we make a point to spend time in some type of spiritual practice. This is a pattern that has been set by Gene and a pattern that we value and want to continue as a team. I wanted to share with you this one practice as I found it to be very helpful in looking at our deepest desires. It may take some time before you can unravel what is in your heart but can be a helpful way in reflecting on your desires. What I appreciate about this exercise is that desire is not pushed away as something we need to either squelch or ignore, but rather, the very way in which we can meet Jesus. This exercise comes from Ruth Haley Barton’s book, Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Formation. Steps: 1. Take some time to be quiet before God. Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing, asking God to help you be aware of His presence. 2. When ready, read through the passage imaginatively, placing yourself in the story. Who are you in the story? What parts of the story resonate with you?


3. Read the story again. This time imagine yourself as the person needing something from Jesus. How do you get his attention? What words do you use? What emotions do you feel? 4. Imagine that Jesus turns to you and asks you the question, “What do you want me to do for you?” What do you say to Jesus? What do you need from Jesus? 5. Take some time to reflect on this need and desire. Why do you want this from Jesus? Why do you need it? Is there a deeper desire behind what you are asking? 6. Take some time in prayer and listen to what Jesus is saying to you through your desire.

Mark 10:46-52 46 Then they came to Jericho. As Jesus and his disciples, together with a large crowd, were leaving the city, a blind man, Bartimaeus was sitting by the roadside begging. 47 When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” 48 Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” 49 Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” So they called to the blind man, “Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.” 50 Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. 51 “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” 52 “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.


Life in and around Spring Garden

Community Corner 9

Bike Blessing and BBQ June 2nd

Sunday, after our intergenerational worship gathering on June 2nd, join us outside for a BBQ (bring picnic blanket or chairs). Bring your bike for a blessing and short bike ride.

Discipleship Appreciation Lunch June 9th

Thank you everyone who has volunteered in Discipleship Ministries! A year end appreciation and celebration of our Discipleship Ministry Volunteers and their family. Please RSVP though this events page on our website.

Annual Meeting June 16th

Our Annual Meeting will be held on June 16th after the worship gathering this year.

Ordination Examining Council to examine candidate Jeremy Ranasinghe June 20, 7:30pm

We are excited to announce Jeremy Ranasinghe, our Children and Youth Pastor, is on his way to being ordained! Join us June 20th, 7:30pm at Spring Garden for his Ordination Examining Council. Jeremy will present his Ordination Statement and respond to questions, followed by a vote. If you would like to be one of five SGC delegates (i.e. be able to vote!), please let Sam ( know by June 6th.


More info: call 416.733.4111 Ext. 221 or


Partnering with Families and Singles

Discipleship Ministries


Nursery (0-18 months) Toddler/Pre-K (19 months - 3yrs) JK/SK Grade 1 & 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 &5 Grade 6-12

Purple Orange Yellow Blue Blue Green Blue Red Youth Lounge

Here is an overview of what we will be talking about on Sundays for Spring Kids.

Toddlers – SK: Mission In this series, children will learn that Jesus loves us so much, and he wants us to share his love with others. In fact, Jesus gives us a job to do: to share his love with the whole world! It’s a big job, but together with God’s help, we can do it. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

Grades 1-5 • God Forgives • God is Gracious • Jesus is the Good News • Remember and Celebrate



Spring Youth

May Recap! May was a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to play archery dodgeball, and by the end we were all exhausted and covered in sweat. Here is what's happening this June!

Sunday Morning Worship Gatherings: June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th- We will be having regular worship gatherings for youth in grades 6-12. Following the children’s blessing, youth will move to the youth lounge to continue in worship. June 23rd: Sunday Upstairs- Youth are either in the large worship gathering, or serving in other areas in the discipleship ministry. (Please email Jeremy about potential areas to serve)

Youth Life Groups:

Life Groups will happen on June 21st for both the girls and the boys. For more information email Jeremy

Youth Events: June 7th: Photo Scavenger Hunt- We will be meeting at Spring Garden to compete in a scavenger hunt. Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm Cost: $5 (covers food) July 1st: Year End Party: We will be having our Year End Party, celebrating the end of another school year and the start of summer vacation. We will be having a potluck for dinner and youth are encouraged to bring their favourite food. We will conclude the evening be partaking in a church wide B.Y.O.F (Bring Your Own Fireworks) event, and encourage you to join us for that in the park next to the church building. Time: 5:00pm-9:00pm Cost: $10 (9:00pm-9:30pm for fireworks. All are welcome!) Staying Updated: To stay up to date on what is happening for your youth, please visit our google calendar which has all our planned events


"They are all so pretty!", by Dale Forder



The Resource Centre

Spring Garden’s online library catalog can be accessed at If you know of books or DVDs that you’d like to recommend to the Resource Centre, please contact Karen Cassel (

The Heart of a King: the loves of Solomon

by Jill Eileen Smith

King Solomon was wealthy and wise beyond measure. He could-and did-have anything he wanted, including many women from many lands. But for all his wisdom, did he or the women in his life ever find what they searched for all of their lives? In this engrossing novel, you'll find yourself whisked away to ancient Israel, where you'll meet Solomon and four of the women he loved: Naamah the desert princess, Abishag the shepherdess, Siti the daughter of a pharaoh, and Nicaula the queen of Sheba. As you experience the world of Solomon through his eyes and the eyes of these women, you'll ask yourself the ultimate question: Did Solomon's wisdom ultimately benefit him and those he loved or did it betray them?

The Jesus creed: loving God, loving others Book and DVD 15

Book: Many of us have

memorized the Great Commandment. However, few of us have learned how to live by it. In "The Jesus Creed" Scot McKnight explores how Jesus connected the ancient Jewish commandments to "love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul and strength" and to "love your neighbor as yourself" in order to create a creed that transforms his disciples' lives. DVD: What did Jesus teach about spiritual formation? In this 7-week study Scot McKnight explores how the Shema, the ancient Jewish proclamation of God's supremacy, was adapted by Jesus as a focal point for spiritual maturity. Discover how loving God with your whole heart and soul, and loving your neighbor as yourself can transform your faith.

The Insanity of God: a true story of faith resurrected by Nik Ripken

The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but. After spending over six hard years doing relief work in Somalia, and experiencing life where it looked like God had turned away completely and He was clueless about the tragedies of life, the couple had a crisis of faith and left Africa asking God, "Does the gospel work anywhere when it is really a hard place? It sure didn't work in Somalia. Nik recalls that, “God had always been so real to me, to Ruth, and to our boys. But was He enough, for the utter weariness of soul I experienced at that time, in that place, under those circumstances?� It is a question that many have asked and one that, if answered, can lead us to a whole new world of faith.


Spring Garden Church Library: How to access the library catalog (ResourceMate)


ur church is privileged to have a resource centre of 2600 Christian books and over 300 DVDs for our personal enjoyment and spiritual growth. Our library catalogue is available online from the SGC website using the steps outlined below.

Go to


Select LIBRARY 17

You should now be at:

Select Spring Garden Church Library

Input the title or author you are looking for Eg. Author: Max Lucado (fill in full name)


1) Tick Box next to your desired title

2) Select Request to Borrow Checked Item(s)

This will generate an e-mail to Karen Cassel and the book can be picked up the following Sunday from Karen, or alternatively, you can find it yourself by call number.


Directories and What's Happening

More Info

Leadership Directory PASTORAL TEAM


Greg Kay Co-Lead Pastor

Ext. 224 gregkay@

Sam Lee Co-Lead Pastor

Ext. 227 samlee@

Jeremy Ranasinghe Children and Youth Pastor

Ext. 223 jeremy@

Lily Cheng Community and Missions Pastor

Ext. 226 lilycheng@

Dale Forder Office & Communications Administrator

Ext. 221 daleforder@

Spring Garden Church

112 Spring Garden Avenue, Toronto ON M2N 3G3 Telephone Fax Prayer Line 19

416.223.4593 416.223.6126 416.223.4038



Sam Chaise


Adora Chui


Martin Dewar


Lesley Daniels


Joanne Laing


Shannon Loewen


Peggy Moore


Esther Penner


Doug Willson




Garth Barron Darlene Boyd Cheryl Chapman Joanna James Brad Sider

416-724-9329 416.385.2483 416.222.6963 647.928.0862 647.200.6853 ​ 20

What’s Happening Weekly SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP

Sundays 10am - 11:30am For the Month of June, we will be going through a series on "Sharing God's Story". Children and Youth go downstairs. Communion will be held on the 1st Sunday of the month.


Wednesdays 10am - 11:30am Summer break starts: June 20th Friendship, care & spiritual growth for women; child care may be provided if necessary. (see page 10) Contact Tanya Salituro @ 416-222-4662

Life in Spring Garden


Sundays 9am - 10am Summer break starts: June 24th

Held in the meeting room. We are continuing our study of Matthew's gospel. Everyone is welcome, bring your Bible if you have one.


Wednesdays 7pm - 8:30pm Summer break starts: June 27th We meet at Spring Garden Church in the East Lounge. A place to practice your English and meet new friends.

PASTORAL TEAM MEETING Tuesdays 10:00am - 1:30pm

We meet in the meeting room every Tuesday. Please pray for us for wisdom and inspiration.


No Summer Break

Eat and Share some laughs and conversation with others and words of prayer. Text or call Victoria @ 647 444 9320


No Summer Break Bible Study that is open to the church and our neighbours. victoriashipmaker@ Text or call Victoria @

647 444 9320

You may find more info at, in the 21 welcome brochure or call us at 416-223-4593.

What’s Happening Upcoming JUNE








5-7 JULY


Life in Spring Garden

Bike Blessing & BBQ

After our intergenerational worship gathering, join us outside for a BBQ (bring picnic blanket or chairs). Bring your bike for a blessing and short bike ride around the neighbourhood. See page 9.

Youth Photo Scavenger Hunt 6:oopm - 9:00pm See page 13.

Discipleship Appreciation Lunch

A year end appreciation and celebration of our Discipleship Ministry Volunteers and their families. Expect great food and good company. Please RSVP at: See page 9.

Annual Meeting

After the worship gathering we will be holding out Annual Meeting. See page 9.

Jeremy Ranasinghe's Ordination Examining Council 7:30 pm June 20th at Spring Garden. See page 9

Youth Life Group

The Youth Life Groups for both the girls and the boys. For more information e-mail Jeremy. See page 12.

Youth Year End Party 6pm - 9:00pm See page 15.

Fireworks from 9-9:30pm for all @ park next door

SGC Camping Trip

Please start praying for sunny warm weather for our fun family annual camping trip. See for more info.

Community Yard Sale

Times may change, check our events page below. To volunteer, see page 9. Also read more about it on our events page online:

If you would like to receive a weekly e-mail update on what’s happening in Spring Garden, please visit the SGC website ( and add your email address on our home page to subscribe to our weekly e-mail. Also keep you eye on our Events page at: 22

Our Values We believe in a humble God who came not to be served, but to serve. Therefore we engage in sacrificial and active service to those around us. We strive to be good stewards of God’s gifts and talents by serving one another in humility. We aspire to regard others as higher than ourselves, which liberates us to creatively take risks in serving others for God’s glory. We believe in a God of grace who came to save the world, not to condemn it. Therefore, as we are continuously receiving the gift of God’s grace, we seek to grow in that grace and extend it to others. We strive to define ourselves by what we are for, not what we are against. We believe in a God who knows us, and who desires to be known. Therefore we embrace a journey of faith that requires us to constantly strive for a personal, intimate and transformative knowledge of God. We strive to be led by God’s Spirit in supporting and encouraging one another in working out our faith. We believe in a creative God. Therefore we are open to expressing our faith in new and creative ways that reflect the beauty and complexity of our creator. We are called to use our creative gifts in worship and service as we engage with our world. We take joy in the diversity of gifts that allow us to delight God and participate in His ongoing story. We believe in a triune, relational God who calls us to come together as a diverse community of believers. Therefore, we want to walk together, supporting one another physically, emotionally and spiritually. We strive to be a welcoming, inclusive family that goes through the joys and the trials of life together, acknowledging that God uses this community to deepen and mature our faith. We believe in a God who loves this broken world and wants to reconcile us to Himself. Therefore we are commissioned by Christ to go out into the world, meeting the holistic needs of the local and global community. God calls us to participate in a redemptive work that he has already initiated; in humility, we will partner with others to work alongside and chase after Him. We believe in a God who is our center. Therefore where we are on the journey is less important than that we are moving towards a deeper relationship with Christ. We believe and participate in God’s redemptive work in all people, which gives us the freedom to come as we are, and to accept others as they are. We each are on a

unique journey to become who God has created us to be.

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