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Created: Art from Spring Garden Artists

Created: Art from Spring Garden Artists 3 Community Garden Update 11 Our NEW Church Office and Communications Manager 15 Departments

This summer on Sunday mornings we have been journeying through a series called Created, exploring themes around God’s creation— what it means that God exists before all things, that He created all that is out of nothing, and that we are His creation, created with intention in the image of God, to love and be loved. There is a beautiful interplay between the Creator and the created, and our desire is to discover in a deeper way what it means for us as creation to live in and out of our relationship with the Creator.

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Part of this interplay between the Creator and the created is how art can be described as taking what already exists and re-shaping it to be something else--like how Eastern Orthodox iconographers take would take eggs and coloured rocks to make paint, and wood to make frames and canvases, then take those created things and reform them into something that becomes a window to something deeper, something beyond simply the eggs, rocks and wood. In many ways all art is iconographic--opening a window to something deeper—and when artists express the image of the Creator through creating and reshaping, they in turn create "windows" for us to see deeper into ourselves, others, creation and God Himself. A sculpture carved from the trunk of a tree; a painting made from watercolours or acrylics; a math equation that explains energy; a poem that is a window into the soul or the heart of the creator. In the Spring Garden community we are blessed to have many people gifted with artistry who reflect the image of the Creator in them through artistic expression. Some of these artists have created and shared their creations with us as part of the Created series. The original works are displayed in the West Lounge and on the platform in the Worship Area for the whole community to enjoy. Artists, thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

Delve submissions are due on the LAST MONDAY of each month. To submit for the next issue of Delve, please email: 2

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"Inner Beauty", watercolour by Monica Kay


Woodcarving by Dale Forder


“Dry Paint” by Lydia Forge He creates purpose because He is the Artist. Without the stroke of His brush to guide our path, We simply move, unaware Of the meaning of our existence. We fight to create meaning for our lives But live with the frustration of never finding it; Choosing to be oblivious to the evidence that Our life is not our own. We intentionally ignore the fact that Our value was assigned by Another. We exist, Only attached To the paintbrush of the artist. Why is this truth so difficult to embrace? This Artist is passionate for His work! He loves His art and cherishes His creation. But, He can only do so much with dry paint!

He knows what you don’t know; He sees what you are blind to. The reality is that This Artist can make beauty out of anything Because He sees beauty in everything. This is the Creator of art, the Inventor of color! Adding Life to your color is what He does best. So, let Him add life to your color So that You may also dance To the stroke of His brush; Letting yourself be part Of this beautiful masterpiece He affectionately calls My Beloved.

Why not let Him add Life to this color that you are? Why not let yourself gently move to the stroke of His brush? He sees the big picture; He knows where you fit best. Before calling yourself worthless, Let this genius of beauty work His magic. 6


"Spring Garden Church", watercolour by Annie Yang



Community Garden Update Our garden has produced its first harvest! On June 27th, our group picked heads of lettuce and some of the kale leaves and ended up with 5 dish bins full for the Drop Inn held at Cummer United. A special thanks to those who brought in the harvest, stored and distributed it! We are very thankful that two benches have been generously donated for the garden area and we have already seen our neighbours come and enjoy them. Our hope is that as we putter in the garden we will meet our neighbours and will be able to extend an invitation for them to join our team. If you are interested in working the garden, coordinating the volunteers or acting as a liaison with the community please let Victoria Shipmaker know. The Gardening Team

Photography by Shannon Loewen 10




Update From The Deacon’s Bench

Our NEW Church Office and Communications Manager

As you know, this spring the Nominating Committee selected several members to fill a variety of roles within our church. At the annual meeting in June, these nominees were voted in by our membership. Last year, the Deacons Board had been working cohesively with 8 members covering 12 roles. Two members have finished their 3-year term, and another two have begun their 3-year terms this year. Back in the spring, there was an additional person, Joanne Laing, who had been approached by the Nominating Committee to fill a spot on the Deacons Board. After consideration and prayer, Joanne was happy to accept the nomination, but due to a scheduling conflict with the monthly Board meetings, was ultimately unable to fulfill the role at that time. So, the Nominating Committee put forward only the names of the other candidates at the congregational annual meeting. Once the 2017 Deacon’s Board was officially in place, the Deacons agreed to change the monthly meeting date and brought forth the motion to include Joanne on the Deacons Board for a one-year, limited term. This has been unanimously approved by the Board, who together look forward to serving the Spring Garden family in the various roles. We would like to officially welcome Joanne Laing to our Board of Deacons. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact one of the Deacons listed on the "Leadership at Spring Garden" page (pg 23). 14

Back in early May, a search committee was commissioned by the deacons board to look for a new church office and communications manager to replace our current manager, Suzanna Lai. The search committee engaged in a lengthy discernment process which involved seeking God’s will through prayer and listening, as opposed to merely relying on their own wisdom.This approach has been really fruitful, and a new Church Office and Communications Manager has been selected, approved, approached, and confirmed. Her name is Michelle Li and she is joining us with a wealth of experience in project management and communications, and a desire to grow in discipleship. She is a local Willowdale resident, and she and her family are looking forward to joining the Spring Garden Church community! She will be officially joining our pastoral team on August 8th. We look forward to welcoming Michelle and her family soon! The deacons board would also like to thank the search committee, which consisted of Adora Chui, Darlene Boyd, Greg Kay and Wes Chapman, for their diligence and dedication in discerning God's will and finding a suitable replacement for the position. 15

Recomendations From The Resource Centre

Spring Garden’s online library catalog can be accessed at

If you know of books or DVDs that you’d like to recommend to the Resource Centre, please contact Karen Cassel

Raising body-confident daughters: 8 conversations to have with your tween, by Dannah Gresh Dementia: living in the memories of God, by John Swinton In this book John Swinton develops a practical theology of dementia for caregivers, people with dementia, ministers, hospital chaplains, and medical practitioners as he explores two primary questions: Who am I when I've forgotten who I am? What does it mean to love God and be loved by God when I have forgotten who God is? Offering compassionate and carefully considered theological and pastoral responses to dementia and forgetfulness, Swinton's Dementia: Living in the Memories of God redefines dementia in light of the transformative counter story that is the gospel.


Our society idolizes the body, creating a bodyconsciousness in girls that can lead to eating disorders, body-image issues, and more. This book outlines the conversations every mom needs to have with her eight- to twelveyear-old about becoming body-confident. With these helpful tools, you can teach your daughter to care for her body while emphasizing the care of her spirit. Use these eight biblically based conversations to guide your tween into God's purpose for her body―to glorify him―and how that relates to practical concerns as... • embracing the physical changes of womanhood • caring for her own hair and skin • developing healthy habits of nutrition and exercise You'll find examples of scripted conversations, ideas for planning fantastic dates with your daughter to enhance those conversations, and even fun recipes to try together―everything you need to help her become the bodyconfident young woman God created her to be. You'll even find some encouragement for your own body-conscious moments.


When God made you by Matthew Turner Through playful, charming rhyme and vivid, fantastical illustrations, When God Made You inspires young readers to learn about their own special gifts and how they fit into God’s divine plan as they grow, explore, and begin to create for themselves.

Win or lose I love you, by Lysa TerKeurst Competition can bring out the worst in us, but it can also be an opportunity to learn impactful life lessons. That’s why it’s so important for kids to understand how to handle winning and losing! Join Lulu and Max as they help Bear-Bear, Goosey, Coyote and the rest of their animal friends in the Field Day contests determine who will be the leader of Lulu’s forest.


The Spirit of retirement: creating a life of meaning and personal growth, by James Autry This engaging book highlights many important aspects of your new life, such as • preparing for the transition; determining who you want to be for the rest of your life and how to get there; reconnecting with those you love, appreciating your roots, and reinvigorating friendships; allowing time to develop your inner self. Inside are moving anecdotes from people whose retirement years are filled with beauty, deep meaning, and purpose. Their stories illustrate the good life and special time that retirement should be and what it can be for you when you follow the guidance and apply the principles presented in this book.


Spring Garden Baptist Church Monthly Financial Update For: June 30th, 2017


The Willowdale Soccer League (WSL) is a fun, low-cost, lowcompetitive, summer-long soccer league for low-income & middle-income children (ages 6-12) in the neighbourhood of Willowdale. All team practices and games will be held at Tyndale University College & Seminary (3377 Bayview Ave.) on Tuesday evenings (5-7pm), and skills clinics will be held in parks throughout Willowdale during the summer. 20

2016 Budget


Year To Date





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For 6 Months - June 30th, 2017 Donations & Other Income Expenses Cash Shortfall to Actual Expenses Cash Shortfall to Budget





Leadership at Spring Garden Pastoral Team Gene Tempelmeyer, Pastor 416-223-4593 Greg Kay, Worship and Mission Pastor Margaret Sutton, Pastoral Care/Seniors Sam Lee, Pastor of Discipleship, Suzanna Lai, Church Office and Communications Manager Jeremy Ranasinghe, Discpleship Ministries Assistant

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The Learn-2-Ride Day Camp is Willowdale’s first cycling day camp for children and youth. It is also unique in that it engages each camper as a whole person: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. This camp's FOUR WEEKS will focus on important cycling skills while incorporating Christian values of teamwork, positive attitudes, and love for the world and environment.


Sam Chaise Adora Chui Lesley Daniels Joanne Laing ​ Gonzalo Librado Shannon Loewen Peggy Moore Esther Penner Doug Willson

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Community Corner

Elders Garth Barron Darlene Boyd Cindie Chaise Cheryl Chapman Joanna James Barrie Porter Brad Sider ​ Corinne Sutton-Smith


Life around Spring Garden

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Thank you!


I'm grateful for the scrapbook put together to commemorate my 40 years as a pastor. Special thanks to Darlene Boyd. I was honoured and humbled by the notes so many of you wrote. I'm so glad God led me to this work and that you invited me to be your pastor. As one Psalmist wrote: "My boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places!"


Gene Tempelmeyer

416.222.6963 647.928.0862

647.704.7710 ​​

Spring Garden Church 112 Spring Garden Ave. Toronto ON M2N3G3

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Prayer Line 416.223.4038

Faith's Haiti trip The Haiti trip is coming up!!!! 5 Baptist women will be going August 18-28th. I will be teaching about Diabetes and leading 3 sessions of the Groups of Hope. You can be part of our team by praying for us or contributing at Blessings. Faith Holwyn.

Niagara Falls Trip Our beautiful Syrian family have never been to Niagara Falls. In my semi-compact MALIBU, three adults and two car seats for Ayman (3 months) and Rahaf (3 years), there is barely enough room to breath. I can guarantee that you will be blessed if your family can take them for the day! Please call Faith Holwyn at 416 8057529 if you can add this joy to your summer schedule.



What’s Happening

Appartment for Rent Ground Floor Single Occupancy Bachelor Apartment for Rent in Townhouse with Owner occupied. Female preferred, Furnished or unfurnished (as required) Bathurst & Finch Area, close to TTC good for Student as it is close to Tyndale, York U and Seneca Newnham Campus. (1 bus) Features: Clean, with Kitchen Full Size Stove, Fridge and Microwave. Walkout to Patio Private 3 Piece Bathroom Shared Laundry No Parking $850/month under lease, terms to be determined. Air-conditioned, Utilities included. Free Wifi. Available August 1, 2017 Contact: Anja or Jim 416-512-1360 or text to 647-284-5309

Life in Spring Garden

Weekly Tuesdays 2:00 pm - Pastoral Team Meeting in Meeting Room Sundays 10:00am - 11:30am - Sunday Morning Worship (communion on the first Sunday of the month) If you would like to receive a weekly email update on what’s happening in Spring Garden, please visit the SGC website ( and add your email at the bottom of our home page to subscribe to our weekly update

Coming in September Sunday September 10: Fall Ministry Launch and BBQ. Commissioning of the pastoral team, deacons and elders Sunday September 17: Commissioning of volunteers and lay leaders, congregants to their school and workplace

Looking for a host family Looking for a host family three days a week while I attend my masters of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier in Kitchener. I am doing a two year program and would only be there a few days a week and leaving in the afternoon on Thursday. I start school September 1st and will be doing a two year program. They can contact me at Blessings, Lydia 26


Our Values We believe in a humble God who came not to be served, but to serve. Therefore we engage in sacrificial and active service to those around us. We strive to be good stewards of God’s gifts and talents by serving one another in humility. We aspire to regard others as higher than ourselves, which liberates us to creatively take risks in serving others for God’s glory. We believe in a God of grace who came to save the world, not to condemn it. Therefore, as we are continuously receiving the gift of God’s grace, we seek to grow in that grace and extend it to others. We strive to define ourselves by what we are for, not what we are against. We believe in a God who knows us, and who desires to be known. Therefore we embrace a journey of faith that requires us to constantly strive for a personal, intimate and transformative knowledge of God. We strive to be led by God’s Spirit in supporting and encouraging one another in working out our faith. We believe in a creative God. Therefore we are open to expressing our faith in new and creative ways that reflect the beauty and complexity of our creator. We are called to use our creative gifts in worship and service as we engage with our world. We take joy in the diversity of gifts that allow us to delight God and participate in His ongoing story. We believe in a triune, relational God who calls us to come together as a diverse community of believers. Therefore, we want to walk together, supporting one another physically, emotionally and spiritually. We strive to be a welcoming, inclusive family that goes through the joys and the trials of life together, acknowledging that God uses this community to deepen and mature our faith. We believe in a God who loves this broken world and wants to reconcile us to Himself. Therefore we are commissioned by Christ to go out into the world, meeting the holistic needs of the local and global community. God calls us to participate in a redemptive work that he has already initiated; in humility, we will partner with others to work alongside and chase after Him. We believe in a God who is our center. Therefore where we are on the journey is less important than that we are moving towards a deeper relationship with Christ. We believe and participate in God’s redemptive work in all people, which gives us the freedom to come as we are, and to accept others as they are. We each are on a unique journey to become who God has created us to be. 28

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