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SFU NOW: Nights Or Weekends Degree courses on your schedule

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Busy Lives, Busy Schedules Welcome! Are you a working adult who would like to get your university degree? If you would like to begin or resume your university studies, or enroll in degree courses for personal or professional interest, SFU NOW is the program for you. SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends provides flexiblyscheduled SFU degree courses for working adults. Classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends at our downtown Vancouver campus. We have also added some courses at our Surrey campus. Choose from a range of courses, and take one or more to fit your busy life and schedule. Contact our office if you have any questions. Telephone: 778-782-5686 E-mail: Web:

Dr. Neil Mathur Program Director, SFU NOW PS. To receive electronic notification of SFU NOW news, join our announcement list by sending an e-mail request to

We know that you’re busy with a variety of personal and professional responsibilities in your lives, but also that you’re interested in university study. You may have begun a degree some time ago and would now like to complete what you started, either for your own personal satisfaction or because a degree will help you move forward in your career. Perhaps you’ve never enrolled in university and now the time is right. SFU NOW is designed for adults who work full-time, have several years of work experience and who cannot access university classes during the day. Classes are scheduled to be convenient for you. Take the opportunity to move forward. Expand your portfolio of learning. Complete your degree. Join us at SFU NOW.

S F U N OW C L A S S E S All SFU NOW classes are regular SFU credit courses. All classes are taught by instructors appointed by academic departments, and standards and expectations are the same as those for regular students. SFU is a year-round university with three academic semesters: Fall (September), Spring (January) and Summer (May) term. SFU NOW classes will be offered in each semester.

CO N V E N I E N T S C H E D U L I N G All SFU NOW classes are scheduled in the evenings or on weekends. Weekday evening classes usually start no earlier than 5:30 pm. Saturday morning classes start at 9:30 am. All classes are offered over the thirteen week semester. Most classes will be scheduled once a week, but some may meet twice a week and others may meet less often. Our list of classes ( provides full scheduling information to enable you to make the best decisions about which courses to take.

FLEXIBILITY SFU NOW is not a cohort program with a fixed set of required courses and a fixed schedule of courses. You may enroll in the courses of your choice at the times that are most convenient for you. You may decide to take one or two courses per term. You may decide to enroll in some terms and not others depending on your life and work circumstances. SFU NOW allows for the flexibility that will enable you to successfully combine work, study and all of your other responsibilities.


CO U R S E C H O I C E Every semester SFU NOW offers courses from various academic disciplines, such as Communications, Criminology, Computing Science, English, Earth Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology and Science. SFU NOW course offerings are chosen to help meet student needs that are related to degree requirements or personal/ professional interests. For most updated information on course offerings, current or future semester(s), please visit the SFU NOW website:

PRIORITY ENROLMENT As an SFU NOW student you will have priority enrolment in SFU NOW-sponsored classes for the first four weeks of the enrolment period. If class spaces are still available after the protected period of enrolment, SFU NOW courses will open to other regular undergraduate students. Most working adult students tell us that they’re happy to be in classes with other, younger students, but that they’d prefer not to be the only older student in the class. That is not to be the case for SFU NOW.

OT H E R S F U C L A S S E S Once you have been admitted to the University, you will have access to SFU NOW classes, and you will also be a regular SFU student just like any other undergraduate student. This means that you may also enroll in other SFU courses for which you meet the course and/or program prerequisites. You may, for example, choose to attend regularly scheduled SFU daytime classes or enroll in a distance/online class from our Centre for Online and Distance Education.

I can’t say how thankful I am for the SFU NOW program. It has been so enjoyable discovering so many new interests and ways of thinking. The entire staff, online support, structure and professors have been fantastic from day one. —Wendy M. Adam SFU NOW student

Benefits of SFU NOW SFU NOW lets you work towards a Bachelor’s degree at SFU. SFU NOW is for adults who work full-time and who have a minimum of three years of full-time work experience. SFU NOW is for students who cannot attend classes during the day. All SFU NOW classes are scheduled on weekday evenings or on Saturdays. SFU NOW allows for course choice and program options. SFU NOW is flexible regarding enrolment. You may take classes in any given term or not, as you prefer and are able. SFU NOW fits into your busy life and schedule. 3

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA)

Fees (2009/2010)

As an SFU NOW student you will be admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as a BA student, but this does not mean that you must complete a degree or that you are restricted to that program as an SFU student. You may take as few or as many courses as you’d like or, should you wish to return to university full-time, you may apply to other degree programs. The BA degree at SFU offers flexibility in course choices. Many adults seeking to complete their degrees bring with them a variety of transferable credit accrued at one or more institutions, and often seek an interdisciplinary experience. The BA is the degree well suited to these preferences.

All SFU NOW classes are regular SFU undergraduate credit courses. The tuition and ancillary fees for SFU NOW classes are the same as for any regular offering of the same course.


Students may opt to complete requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in one (or more) of the following ways : Major Program Joint Major Program Two Extended Minor Programs An Extended Minor and Minor Programs Two Minor Programs An assortment of degree completion options, wide range of academic course choices, possible access to other SFU classes,priority enrolment, three semesters of tentative class schedule and convenient class times (Nights or Weekends), all provide working adult students with an access to an interdisciplinary academic education and support.

TR ANSFER CREDIT Often, adult students who are applying or re-applying to the University have completed courses at another university or college. These courses may, or may not, be transferable to SFU. During the admissions process you will be asked to submit transcripts from other institutions. At that time your previous courses will be evaluated for transfer credit. If you have general questions about prior credit, contact our office. Please note that specific questions about how your previous post secondary education might transfer to SFU can only be answered by applying for admission. Please note that work taken at another institution must be passed with a grade of C (2.0 or 60%) or higher to receive transfer credit.


A PPL I C AT I O N F E E — $ 4 5 O R $ 1 0 0 An application fee is required each time an applicant applies for admission or readmission to SFU. Application fees are non-refundable and not applicable to tuition fees. They must accompany the application for admission or be paid soon after making an application. The application fee is $45 for those whose academic records originate in BC or $100 for those whose academic records, in whole or in part, originate outside of BC.

ADMISSION DEPOSIT — $250 New students must pay a non-refundable admission deposit of $250 to confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission by the university. This deposit will be applied to the cost of tuition. It is not an additional fee.

TUITION The current undergraduate (normal) tuition rate for 2009/ 2010 academic year is $157.30 per unit (the unit is part of the course number-for example, CMNS 110-3 is a 3-unit course).

ST U D E N T AC T I V I T Y — $ 3 1 . 0 9 O R $ 6 2 . 1 4 ST U D E N T S E RV I C E S A N D R E C R E AT I O N — $70.80 OR $102.98 U - PA S S — $ 1 0 4 . 3 6 S F S S H E A LT H A N D D E N TA L PL A N Please see detailed information on or call 1-866-369-8795

A D M I S S I O N S C H A RT In order to enroll in SFU NOW courses, you will need to be admitted to Simon Fraser University through our regular admissions processes or as a Mature Student, as outlined below. Type of Student

Academic History

New student You have never enrolled and completed courses at SFU. Readmitted student You have attended SFU in the past and have completed subsequent transferable college or university credit since leaving SFU.* Reactivated student

You have attended SFU in the past and then left, but have not completed any other transferable college or university credit since that time.*

Mature student

You do not meet SFU’s regular admissions requirements and are not admissible to SFU on previous academic records.

Late applications Contact the SFU NOW office.

Admissions Requirements In order to enroll in SFU NOW courses, you will need to be admitted to Simon Fraser University either by meeting the university’s regular admissions requirements and following regular admissions procedures, or by applying as a “Mature” student. If you meet SFU’s regular admissions requirements, you will be either a “New” student, a “Reactivated” student or a “Readmitted” student. See the admissions chart above for full details about the admissions steps in each of these cases. If you do not meet SFU’s regular admissions requirements, you may apply as a “Mature” student. See the section above for further information about mature student admissions. See the admissions chart above for details about admissions steps. The “Admission Average Requirements” page on our website ( contains up-to-date information on admissions requirements.



Please contact our office when you are applying to SFU so that we can identify you as an SFU NOW student, track your application, and, if necessary, assist you through the admissions process.


Admissions Steps Complete the myBCcampus online application form and SFU’s online application form. Submit supporting documents as applicable. See our “Admissions Step by Step” page for links to these forms: Complete SFU’s Reactivate form. See our “About Applying for Admissions” page for a direct link to the form: Complete the myBCcampus online application form and SFU’s online application form. Submit a Personal Information Profile (online) and a letter of reference. Download and submit the completed Late Application form. Submit supporting documents as applicable, including the required letter of explanation. Mature students applying late must also submit the Personal Information Profile (online) and letter of reference.

M AT U R E ST U D E N T S Through its Mature Student Admissions Policy, SFU gives consideration to students who do not meet its regular admissions requirements. If you are not admissible to SFU on your high school or previous college or university records (for example, you do not have access to old records, your grades do not meet SFU’s admission cut-offs, or you did not graduate from high school) you may be admitted as a mature student. Seeking admission to SFU as “Mature” student does not necessarily mean that you are or must be an older adult. You may be only 26 years old, for example, but admissible to the university via this pathway based on your academic background and records. If you’re not sure whether you are a possible mature student applicant, contact our office.

A PPL I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E S Check the “Applications Deadlines” page on our website ( for up-to-date information. If the application deadline has not yet passed, apply to SFU following normal admissions procedures, as outlined in the table above. See the “About Applying for Admission” and “Admissions Step by Step” pages on our site for detailed instructions. If the application deadline has passed, apply to SFU by completing SFU’s Late Application form. See “Admissions Step by Step” ( for a direct link to the late application form. Follow the instructions on the form regarding the submission of supporting documents. 5

SFU NOW Office We understand that, as busy people with a variety of work and life responsibilities, you may not be able to come to the campus for assistance, and you may have limited time for telephone and e-mail inquiries. The SFU NOW office has been established to assist you. Call or e-mail us at any time if you have any questions or need help. We also understand that attending university for the first time or coming back after some years away can be daunting, nerve-wracking, scary, overwhelming or all of the above! We’re here to make the process an easy one for you and to provide the support and assistance that you need. We’ve designed our website to provide detailed information about applying for admission, enrolling in classes, and preparing for the start of classes. You can “do it alone” or contact us at any point with questions about SFU NOW, enrolment processes or general advice. Our office is your first step for questions or concerns!

SFU NOW Student Orientations It is hard to juggle work, studying and family. Everyday, I get up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for my family. Then I’m a legal assistant from 9 to 5, then start my “second shift” when I get home. When my children go to bed, it is my “third shift” as a student studying until midnight. Having job, school and family seems unimaginable, but I squeeze my time to try my best. As a mature student, I look forward to pursuing my dream at SFU. —Fang Huang speaks English, Chinese and Japanese. She moved from China seven years ago, and has three sons: 10, 8, and 2 years old.


SFU NOW will offer orientation sessions each term to help you get to know the university and prepare for your studies. Specific information on orientation sessions will be made available on the SFU NOW website as soon as the schedule is confirmed.

SFU NOW Student Networking SFU NOW is not a cohort program and so you will not see the same students in all of your classes. Because SFU NOW will offer a specific subset of classes from SFU’s entire range, however, you will likely see familiar faces once you have taken more than one or two courses. No matter how many courses you take, every class offers the opportunity to get to know other busy students who are combining studies with work, family and other responsibilities. Getting to know other students and establishing connections and supportive networks will help you as you move through your studies. We are planning to assist in this regard by providing networking opportunities, career workshops and other special events. Information will be made available on our website as the activities are scheduled.

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Ready for your next step. SFU NOW offers degree courses for adults with busy schedules. Work towards your undergraduate degree by taking courses in the evening or on weekends. Most classes are offered at SFU’s convenient campus in downtown Vancouver and some in Surrey. We hope you’ll join us.

w w w.sf un ow.c a CONTINUING STUDIES | 515 West Hastings Street | Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3

SFUNOW 2010 brochure  
SFUNOW 2010 brochure  

SFU NOW: NIGHTS OR WEEKENDS Are you a working adult? Would you like to begin work on a degree, resume interrupted studies, or enroll in cour...