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The Monthly Magazine

Edition 3.0

Is this the end of the P@55WorD ERA? How do we keep our online identity safe, In the system of loop holes?


For More INFO Visit ET

Magazine Team: Editor-in-Chiefs: Dhira Web Khewsubtrakool & Seongwoo Choi

Senior Writers: Lillian Sheng & Michael Kang

Writers and Field Researchers: Albert Kim

Hugh Surdeau

Patrick TomHon

Anno Chang

Jimmy Yuh

Won Hee Cho

Chris Kim

Josh Gong

Yoonjie Park

Members of Tech Crewsaders Albert Kim

James Yuh

Michael Kang

Seongwoo Choi

Alex Byun

Jay Lee

Michael Mussel

Seungwoo Paik

Chris Garcia

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Joshua Gong

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Dhira Web Khewsubtrakool

Justin Kae

Patrick TomHon

Yoon Hyuk Chang (Anno)

Hugh Surdeau

Kathleen Lee

Sabrina Sung

Yoonjie Park

James Whong

Lillian Sheng

Sang Hoon (Josh Cho)




irst off, welcome back to the second semester of the 2012–2013 school year! We wish everyone a good six months ahead and the Tech Crewsader team is also looking forward to kicking off the New Year with more innovative creations. As a part of our first step towards welcoming the new semester, we launched the sign-up for potential Tech Crewsader members. Frankly, we did not expect many, but to our surprise, a total of 10+ members were added to the team. To many, this may seem like a meager amount, however in the beginning we started with roughly 20 members, so we saw a 50% increase in group size. Our team has grown exponentially this year. Originally, with the last two issues

of the magazine, we only released them to the students and teachers in the High School, followed by the Middle School, and the British School. However, due to continuous collaboration with the ET team in the Middle School and the British School, we discovered that the students there were also interested in the magazine. If our plans for the next few weeks prove to be successful, we may in fact be the first High School crew to deliver publications to more than one student body. Lastly, we would like to thank some people that helped us along the way with the last three issues of our magazine. We owe our thanks to Mrs. Lauren Jackson, Mrs. Yougen Lee and Mr. Steve Dornbach for being part of the editing process for

our publications. They have been a core factor in enhancing and taking the magazine forward from its infancy, and we will always welcome and encourage future support from anyone who wishes to help.

Lillian Sheng Senior Writer for the Tech Crewsaders




t is hard to believe that 2013 has just kicked off and so has the training of our second group of Tech Crewsaders (TC), the SFHS student tech support team. When I look back at where we started, I cannot believe how far we have come. Less then five months we commandeered an old study/supply room in the library and transformed it into a dynamic hub not just exclusive to Tech Crewsaders, where students, staff,

and parents can come anytime for tech support. Additionally, the team has worked tirelessly to develop virtual support spaces, such as; the TC website, Facebook page, Blog, YouTube channel, tutorials, and lastly this magazine. A publication that has brought focus to the group and become a cornerstone for the team to rally around. The Tech Crewsaders magazine team has done extremely well to publish a magazine of exceptional quality in a short space of time that has generated a significant buzz on campus. As we move into 2013 the challenge is to refine our purpose factor, a process that has already begun as we are starting to train


Firstly, adding on to Lillian, not only are we expanding fully to the Middle School, and the British School, but the interest of our magazine had grown at the same time to the Administration, and Management divisions of SFS. This would mark, from what I know, the first time that a High School publication is sent to and subscribed by members of all devisions. Every month we are sending the magazine to Dr. Engstrom, and very recently to the board members. Knowing that, I believe that our magazine truly has an unquestionable purpose for SFS.

Brian Hamm, B.Ed, M.Ed Educational Technology Integrationist



ithout a doubt I believe that the Tech Crewsaders Team, including our publishing group, has achieved many goals in our first semester as one. Nevertheless we have not yet slowed down and our momentum to always be innovating in every aspect possible with our magazine continues.

out little brothers and sisters in the Seoul Foreign Middle School and British School. Secondly, we need to expand our audience by exporting that buzz beyond the campus walls not only by publishing digitally but by getting involved in international collaborative projects.

On one hand, since the beginning, the Tech Crewsaders team always believed that everything we publish needs to be spread in as many different ways as possible. Very recently, checking back on the analytics on our online published magazine, it was revealed to us that our magazine was seen by more than 1500 people around the world. Which totally exceeded all our expectations. With so many people viewing our monthly magazine, the ET department is representing SFS on a global scale. It is our hope that we are able to represent our community in a positive manner and that other schools can view our success in developing a thriving ET branch. In the future, we will strive to lead similar schools to develop successful technology departments, just like ours. At the same time, with the New Year, comes new opportunities. In the next few weeks we plan to officially launch our previewed digital iPad

Magazine to the app store. Quickly following the planned release, we will be launching our currently developing Tech Crewsader’s website. This will continue to develop our online presence even further and allow us to reach out to the global community, as well as to grow locally. Finally, in the same way as Lillian, I would like to thank all English teachers who had supported our magazine since the beginning, as the end and closing point of my editors note this month. Sincerely,

Dhira Web Khewsubtrakool Editor–in-Chief of the Tech Crewsader

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your_file0101101110100101011101011011010101111010111010110110101101 1010110101101111010100101010101101010110111010010101110101101101010111101011101011011 0101101101011001100110111010010101110101101101010111101011101011011010110110101101011 0111101010010101010110101011011101001010111010110110101011110101110101101101011011010 1101011011011011101001010111010110110101011110101110101101101011011010110101101111010 1001010101011010101101110100101011101011011010101111010111010110110101101101011010110 1111011011011011101011100001010101010000101010010101010101010100101010101010101010101 0101010100101000101011101101101110101110000101010101000010101your_work101010010101010 1010101010101010101010010100010101110110110110111010111000010101010100001010100101010 101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000101011101101101110101110000101010101 0000101010010101010101010100101010101010101010101010101010010100010101011011101001010 1110101101101010111101011101011011010110110101101011011110101001010101011010101101110 1001010111010110110101011110101110101101101011011010110101101111011011011011101011100 0010101010100001010100101010101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000101011101 1011011101011100001010101010000101010010101010101010100101010101010101010101010101010 0101000101011110100101011101011011010101111010111010110110101100110111010010101110101 1011010101111010111010110110101101101011010110111101010010101010110101011011101001010 1110101101101010111101011101011011010110110101101011011110110110110111010111000010101 0101000010101001010101010101010010101010101010101010101010101001010001010111011011011 1010111000010101010100001010100101010101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000 1010111010110101101111010100101010101101010110111010010101110101101101010111101011101 0110110101101101011010110111101101101101110101110000101010101000010101001010101010101 0100101010101010101010101010101010010100010101110110110111010111000010101010100001010 1001010101010101010010101010101010101010101010101001010001010110110111101101101101110 1011100001010101010000101010010101010101010100101010101010101010101010101010010100010 1011101101101110101110000101010101000010101001010101010101010010101010101010101010101 0101010010100010101110000101010101000010101001010101010101010010101010101010101010101 0101010010100010101110110110111010111000010101010100001010100101010110101010010101010 01010101 PASSWORDS HAVE FAILED US—By Chris Kim 101001010101011010101101110100101011101 0110110101011110101110101101101011011010110100110111010010101110101101101010111101011 Think back at the last time you have entered in a 101011011010110110101101011011110101001010101011010101101110100101011101011011010101 password. Facebook? Online Banking? Perhaps an email 1101101101010111101011101011011010110110101101011011110110110110111010111000010101010 account that contains all of your personal information. 1000010101001010101010101010010101010101010101010101010101001010001010111011011011101 Whatever the case may be, it is the unavoidable fact that 0111000010101010100001010100101010101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000101 your 6 digit ‘wonder code’ (16 if you are cautious) is all that is keeping a stranger from gaining access to all of 0101101101011011010110101101111011011011011101011100001010101010000101010010110111010 your information. Especially with the era of smart phones, 0101011101011011010101111010111010110110101101101011010110111101010010101010110101011 anyone who is dedicated enough can easily access your 0111010010101110101your_life11010111010110110101101101011010110111101101101101110110101 smart phone account (for example, Apple) which gives 1101101101110101110000101010101000010101001010101010101010010101010101010101010101010 them total reign over the information stored, sent and 1010010100010101101010010101010101010101010101010101001010001010111011110101001010101 received on your iDevice. Just imagine: photos of your family or friends, private emails and text messages all 0110101011011101001010111010110110101011110101110101101101011011010110101101111011011 available to anyone who has online access and a basic 0110111010111000010101010100011011101001010111010110110101011110101110101101101011011 knowledge of hacking. In the highly modernized era that 0101101011011110101001010101011010101101110100101011101011011010101111010111010110110 we live in, the idea that a simple randomized string of 1011011010110101101111011011011011101011100001010101010000101010010101010101010100101 letters and numbers will be enough to keep our private 0101010101010101010101010100101000101011101101101110101110000101010101000010101001010 information secluded from others is a scary thought. 1010101010100101010101010101010101010101010010100010101101010101010100101000101010101 Personally, I am an avid iPhone user and always have 1011010110110101101011011110110110110111010111000010101010100001010100101010101010101 been. I store most (if not all) of my information on the 0010101010101010101010101010101001010001010111011011011101011100001010101010000101010 online ‘cloud’ to the point where I would safely say that if a stranger were to take a glance over my cloud 0101010101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000101011010101010101001010001010 storage, they would have a clear idea of who I am. Then 1010110110101101101011010110111101101101101110101110000101010101000010101001010101010 a question struck me: what precautions does Apple take 1010100101010101010101010101010101010010100010101110110110111010111000010101010100001 0101001010101010101010010101010101010101010011010001010110101010101010010100010101101 0101010101001010101010101010101010101010100101000010010010100101010101010101001010101



The End of Passwords?

and diverse, the tricky part here is memory, we always at some point in time forget our passwords, and a system of recovery mechanism has to be put in place. Hence the recovery process which is where guessing the answer to your hometown can be easily found on your Facebook page, and maybe a quick Google search. At the same time you can always argue that biometrics is another great way to protect yourself in similar fashion to films, but in fact they are one of the worse ways to secure data. A fingerprint or iris scan is a single piece of data, and single pieces of data will be stolen, say your finger printed was scanned from a piece of glass that you left on, it’s not really easy to replace that finger once it has been stolen. The iris scan are also another issue, in the age of high-definition photography, using your face or your eye or even your fingerprint as a one-stop verification just means that anyone who can copy, from let’s say Facebook, can easy get into your account.

Even though it seems that our online presence is no longer secure, some of us barley knew that it did, but still to this day we are unable to efficiently come up with a solution to how to solve the problem. A temporary solution is to use a system with two or even three easy step verification login process. As an example is Google’s two step verification process, where after entering your password Google sends an SMS message to your phone with a secondary random code with a lifetime of few minutes. However for some reason unknown to us, Google does not really push or advertise such a great system to the public. It even took us quite an ordeal to find it in real life rather than hearing about it in some distance place.

Whatever solutions will come in the future, the swing will involve both inconvenience and security at the same time. But the alternative is theft and the loss of your online life. The first step is to accept the problem and understand the risk that we are posing online. The second is question what you are willing to trade it for.

of my details are being kept. For example not very long ago, hackers managed to find a loop whole in the password recovery system of Apple by, calling in “as a person” simply forgetting their password. Within less than an hour after talking with the Apple representative answering questions which are readily available (address, close friends lists, email accounts, Facebook researchable questions), they were able to enter numerous accounts in this manner. I know this is possible, I had done it before when Apple locked my iTunes account, and had to call in just like the hackers. There are a couple of major flaws with our current design of passwords. Firstly, as the general trend of online activity seems to revolve around a single log-in account, a hacker can simply gain access to your one log-in account which would then in turn provide access to every other account linked to that account. A paragon of this would be the usage of ‘Gmail’ accounts for practically every activity online. Currently, our Gmail accounts can be linked with YouTube, other email accounts, your contacts and more. In other words, all of your private and ‘confidential’ information can be easily accessed by a hacker gaining access the single account that you have chosen to use. “But that is impossible! There are over a billion combinations possible and he would have to be mad to try it all out!” You say? Not all true. With the recent improvements of computing power (a laptop has more processing power than a workstation did a decade ago), with just your user name, any knowledgeable hacker can crack your password via brute force by trying over a million combination per second. That is not even including the countless hacking programs which trace your every keystroke and is able to monitor your screen live which would allow for your pass-code to be vulnerable within literal seconds after logging in.

Maybe the real reason that we are having this much chaos in the inter-webs is probably its weakest link—humans. Passwords need to be hard, complex,



Password Managers

• abc123 (Up 1)

A password manager is a tool that enables you to use passwords that are as difficult to crack as they are to remember. For example, instead of a password like ‘Hello15328yes’, the manager would suggest you to use a password like ‘09cDcLf153Pe’. If you have multiple accounts each with a password like that, good luck entering the password every time you try to log on, let alone remember it. However having a complex password like that does have its benefits as they force the hacker to use the brute force method to crack your password which might often discourage a hacker to hack your account. Although the probability of your account getting hacked is not zero (nothing will ever be unless you do not make an account to begin with), it does lower the probability by a significant proportion.

• qwerty (Down 1)


• monkey (Unchanged)

• iloveyou (Up 2)

LastPass was initially released in 2008 and was built almost entirely within a browser plug-in. For a free program, it certainly does its job and it does it well. LastPass will generate strong passwords, fill in your impossibly hard to memorize passwords whilst detecting the password field automatically. Despite the fact LastPass saves the passwords on a server, users should rest in mind that the passwords are encrypted before they are sent. Thus drastically reduces the probability of the actual password becoming compromised and vulnerable at the mercy of a hacker. In addition, LastPass offers some of the finest smart phone integration of any password manager. It will seamlessly integrate with most smart phone browsers (Firefox, Dolphin, etc). However to get LastPass on phones there is a commitment of $12/year.

• trustno1 (Down 3)


• 1234567 (Down 6)

1Password is the current competitor of LastPass, and is supporting Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. However 1Password’s true value shines if you are an Apple user, with the program itself being Apple-esque in design. 1Password allows for sync with the iCloud complimenting the accessibility of this password manager. However the Android version of 1Password seemed slightly worse as you can view your passwords, but you are not able to change them on the fly. The most recently updated version costs $49.99 as a single, lifetime payment which does seem slightly expensive.

A compilation of the most used passwords for common websites From CBS News

• password (Unchanged) • 123456 (Unchanged) • 12345678 (Unchanged)

• letmein (Up 1) • dragon (Up 2) • 111111 (Up 3) • baseball (Up 1)

• sunshine (Up 1) • master (Down 1) • 123123 (Up 4) • welcome (New) • shadow (Up 1) • ashley (Down 3) • football (Up 5) • jesus (New) • michael (Up 2) • ninja (New) • mustang (New) • password1 (New) • youth123 (new)

Google Chrome Believe it or not, Google Chrome is actually a password manager. If you sign into Google Chrome with your Google Account , passwords can be saved with it. The great thing about using your Google Account is that if you sign into a new computer with Chrome, your passwords are synced to those devices as well. This not only includes other computers but also includes smart phones and tablets that can install Google Chrome. The problem with this method is that if your Google account is hacked, all of your passwords are compromised.


• Do not use linked passwords for different online accounts

Until a better solution is given to our security problems there are several DOs and DON’Ts that you could follow that can in someways better protect yourself

• Do not use words from the dictionary

DO • Use false but "easy to remember" security Questions • Pick a password you can actually remember • Use both upper case and lower case letters

DON’T • Do not use a word that is spelled backwards • Do not use dates or birth dates • Do not use a short password! • do not replace letters with numbers (ie. S is a 5)

• Create a password with more than 8 characters

Another great way to secure you account is to use 2 step verification systems. Where a second code sent to your phone is needed with your password to access your account.


0100111101101011011000010111100100101100001000000110010001100101011000010111001000100000100100010100110 01100001011001110110 BY ANNO CHANG 101010 01001111011010110110000101001011000010001001000110010101100001011100 0001000001001000101001101011000010110011101101110011010010110011001101001011000110110010101101110011101 000 000 cryptography is all about. 101 110 Let me introduce you to Alice, the girl, and Bob, the guy. Every day, when we use the Internet, we find ourselves 100 Forget about the ear for now. Funnily enough, people typing in our private information in various websites, 011 actually use Alice and Bob a lot as this ‘default’ mode for whatever the purpose may be. And in some way or 001 solving problems. No one knows why. (Alice and Bob are another, I must assume that you too have questioned 110 just arbitrary names) So here’s what it all boils down to: how our personal data is managed in the World 001 if there are eavesdroppers, (hence, the ear) and we have Wide Web (perhaps the title itself is suggesting the 010 Alice and Bob talking about confidential information, predominance of Web within the IT enterprises in the 111 per se their secret crushes, how do we do this without near future). The World Wide Web is just a fancy name 101 anyone else finding that out? for the Internet, for your information. Not to digress, if 100 you’ve ever wondered how ‘secrets’ are managed, dealt 001 and interpreted via the Internet, you are in the right 000 article. Nevertheless, for your inquiries and information, 111 Without getting in too deep on complicated I will introduce to you: the Science of Secrets. 101 programming, here’s how symmetric cryptography 111 works. We take a plain text, or any form of recorded 111 date, chuck it into this magical and extremely 010 complicated machine that outputs a cipher text, meaning 000 a version of the plain text that is encrypted. We have 011 Crypto graphy to encrypt this, because when we send the information 010 down an insecure channel, malicious objects (like “Secret” “Writing” 110 hackers, and people who might want to misuse this 101 information) like Eve (stands for eavesdroppers) can’t Crypto, comes from the Greek root, ‘secret’, and 001 hear, and even if she does, he can’t understand. Why ‘-graphy’, from writing. Pretty neat right? Now you 111 can’t he understand? We’ll get to that in a moment. So can go share this new information to your friends to 000 Bob now receives this cipher text, and chucks it into prove how erudite you are about 000 Cryptography. Yay. 011 111 So, how do we make secrets in 100 computer science? 101 This is when the fancy word 001 we just learnt comes into play: 111 cryptography, is an entire 000 mathematics branch in computer 001 science that deals with encrypting, 011 interpreting,and then decrypting 100 data. In other words it is a process 100 of making secret codes, then 001 figuring out what they mean. 011 Here’s the basic premise of what 010 010 010

The Science of Secrets:

Symmetric Cryptography

Lets begin with the word Cryptography:


01 01 another magical decryption machine, that outputs 10 back the original plain text, using the ciphertext. Now 010 Right now, you may be wondering why I wasted why can’t Eve understand the cipher text and make it a 000 about ten minutes of your life on all this complicated plain text? Because there is a handy little thing called a 101 Cryptography. Why should I possibly care? Firstly, key. This is the most important part of a cryptosystem; 011 because it is interesting stuff, you already know more the key contains information on how to translate 010 about how our information is transferred. Secondly, it the plaintext to cipher text, and vice versa. Here’s an 101 happens under the hood of the internet more than you’d example. Say Alice wants to tell Bob the name of her 101 ever know. Anything you put passwords in, or anything secret crush, who is John. Since she can only speak to 010 that is private information, is encrypted. When you Bob at break to prevent everyone else from finding out 110 enter a password, or your credit card number, there is the scret, she encrypts her information by putting the 010 not a file in the website that has all your information that letter ‘P’ in the last letter of the word. So she says Johnp! 100 anyone who has access can read. All of that data, once Bob knows this already, so he is able to understand that 100 you reach it, is encrypted, and only the people who have she means John. Her classmates, however, have no clue 010 the keys to it can figure out how to open it. Figuring out of what she said. So in this case, the plaintext was ‘John’, 100 how to open it can be a tough job too. So don’t worry and the Cipher text was ‘Johnp’, and the key was to put 001 too much when people are paranoid about Facebook ‘P’ in the last letter of the word. Of course in real life 100 getting hacked and all of your personal information things are not as easy as this, but this is the basic gist. 110 being leaked. They are putting lots of effort into creating The importance of symmetric cryptography, is that the 110 great cryptosystems (now you understand it) and key that Alice and Bob use is the same. This, makes it 101 protecting your information. That doesn’t mean you convenient, but what happens when we want to reveal a 001 can make your passwords easy; there are still millions part of the key? What if our fellow classmates deserve to 000 of hackers around the world that focus on figuring your know at least the first letter of Alice’s crush? This brings 101 password out, which grants you access to your personal us to: 001 information. In some ways, it’s more likely that it is 010 the fault of your mismanagement when your personal 111 information is leaked. So, protect your information! 110 Another interesting fact for you is that, it is most likely Again, without getting too complicated, asymmetric 101 that your information is being encrypted right now. cryptography has the same idea as symmetric 001 Recently, Google has changed its policies that it encrypts cryptography, except that we use a different key for the 000 every single one of your search queries. Nice guys magic encrypting machine and the magic decrypting 110 Google right? And you can find this out by simply going machine. This, enables programmers to tell one key, (the 101 to Google. public key or ‘Ku’) and keep secret the other (private 000 key or ‘Kr’). Finally, the classmates are happy, because at 111 least they know the first letter of Alice’s crush. 110 101 011 101 100 000 000 1100000011000010111000001110000011100100110111101111000011010010110110101100001011101000110010101101100 1110010010000000110001000011011010110100101101110010000101110000011100000111001010111100001101001011011 0110000101110100011001010110110001111001001000000011000010111000001110000011100100110111101111000011010 0110110101100000000101101110010101010100000101101101011000000001011011100101010101000010100000101010000 0111100001101000010110111001010101010000101000001010100000000110001010101010010110101011010111011101101

What’s the point?

Asymmetric Cryptography


s ’ t f o s o r c i M e c a f r u S



g n o G a u h G s o N I J H T By T BIG



Intro Microsoft Surface was announced in June of 2012 at a surprise event in Los Angeles, California. Microsoft has announced two models for the Microsoft Surface, one running the Windows RT Operating system (OS), which is a variation of the Windows 8 OS made for ARM powered devices starting at $499, and another running the Windows 8 Pro OS for the Intel processor in the near future. Microsoft announced this device to be a hybrid of both a laptop and tablet, meaning it will be able to satisfy both functions as a laptop for business purposes and a tablet for leisure.

Hardware&Design The Microsoft Surface is rectangular, made of magnesium alloy, which gives it a stiff and thin aluminum-like touch. The device is wrapped with black edge-to-edge material on the sides and its sides, bottom, and top have glassy front taper, making for an angular and clean profile. The back of the Surface is prone to fingerprints, but is home to a 720p camera inside a small strip of plastic and to a full width kickstand—something which Microsoft has claimed to be a key feature—perhaps for differentiation in the already crowded market. Although the screen angle cannot be adjusted in any way, the kickstand allows users to position the device upright on a table and works reasonably well. With the use of a keyboard, users can treat the Microsoft Surface as if it were like a laptop- a unique feature we have not seen before in previous tablets. The kickstand has extremely sharp metal edges, which scratch wooden surfaces and make it very difficult to use on your lap. The front of the tablet screen is home to a small camera, and along the top of the device, you will find a sleep/power button on the upper right edge. The left side contains volume rockers and a headphone jack, while the right side boasts a USB port, Micro HDMI port, and a power jack. Below the kickstand is a MicroSDXC slot.


Specs The Surface is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, 2GB of Ram, and either a 32 or 64GB hardwired storage. It includes the requisite Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, light sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, but no 3G or 4G radio options. The Surface has two microphones and a set of stereo speakers. The battery in the Surface has a 31.5 watt-hours, which is solid, but not as competitive as the iPad, which has a 42.5 watt hour battery.


Display Microsoft Surface holds a 16:9 screen ratio, which means it is wide but not very tall. The ClearType technology used in the display allows for better looking graphics. The colors of the 10.6 display are sharp and crisp, but the Surface screen has only a 1366 x 768 resolution, which leaves room for pixilation and compromises the Windows 8 experience and is not competitive against the iPad’s much more gasping 2048 x 1536 resolution at the same price point. Multi-touch gestures are superb and have a great deal of potential with the Windows 8 tile user interface. A simple swipe from the right opens up the charms bar, which allows you to search, share information and access the devices and settings options in the operating system. A swipe from the left allows you to multi-task through open applications. Swipe from top to bottom allows you to quit the application. These multi-touch motions are simple and effective, but the Surface can only do a five point touch while competitions like the iPad can do eleven point touch.


Touch+Type Cover The Touch and Type Cover snaps onto the bottom of the tablet using a set of pogo connectors and a strong magnet. The Touch Cover is unique in that it’s a physical keyboard with no moving parts. Instead, there is a set of raised keys on the soft, fabriclike surface. And not just keys, but a fully functional multi touch track pad with two buttons. The touch cover is designed to work on a desk or other flat surfaces. It will not replace a physical, tactile keyboard, but will do a good job of reminding where your fingers need to be. Typing rates will increase after long usage, but it will still be prone to mistyping. The Type Cover is like the Touch Cover as it functions as a screen protector and keyboard. Unlike the Touch Cover, however, the Type Cover has a great feel to its tactile keys. Both covers are relatively expensive ($119 for the Touch Cover and $129 for the Type Cover), but these accessories do indeed make the Surface a more interesting and a more aesthetically pleasing device. The $599 bundle includes the Touch Cover, but you will not be able to choose the color. If you would like to choose your color, you need to pay an extra $20 and purchase the device and accessory separately.

Performance The Microsoft Surface’s general UI of the tile interface and basic OS functionality are extremely responsive. Switching from one application to another is fluid, and organizing and navigating the start screen is snappy, but the overall movement is smooth as expected. The native applications, however, can be slow to update and unresponsive to the touch. Apps, both first party ones like Internet Explorer and second party ones are slow to open and may even crash altogether. The OS in its core is lively,

sophisticated, and fast moving. Yet, when you go deeper into the applications and opened more of them, the device will seem to slow down and lag tremendously. Other problems like video playback in the browser are evident. Flash content does not function too well in the desktop or browser and frame rates drops during playback. Moreover, OS can only run five Office applications: Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Internet Explorer. The Windows application store is also not heavily populated. Applications are not as available as those on IOS and Android. The battery life, on the other hand, is consistent and impressive on the Surface. Microsoft claims it can run eight hours on a single charge in mixed usage.

Should I buy it? The device is a solid tablet and was designed to be a “do everything device.� Microsoft wanted to create a device where it will serve both experienced users and the generic tablet market. The hardware and software are great compliments, but the Microsoft Surface still is not as competitive as the iPad or other competing 10inch tablets. The lack of applications in the Windows Store, the awkward 16 by 9 screen ratio, and slow and unresponsive applications will make it inconvenient to use in the long run. So, before rushing out to the store to purchase this device, consider waiting for the Surface tablet with the Windows 8 Pro Intel processor, because this time period may just be like the transition from Windows vista to Windows 7. Just give them some more time.



‘FAIL-PROOF INFOGRAPHI BY JIMMY YUH What is the bane of any student’s life? Presentations. We hate them because we never seem to have the right see of tools to make them look creative, fun, and interesting. In fact, to most people, their only tool was PowerPoint, Keynote, or even Google Presentation. Until now. Thanks to our ways of presenting content, and data is changed forever. is a brand new way to look at graphs and information in general. In technical terms it is used for making info graphics. It has virtually every graph you can imagine: bar, pyramid, pie, and even pictorials. The controls are simple to use and the graphs are edited through a standard spreadsheet. You can even publish your work onto Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even embed it on your own blog or website. But that’s not what makes so exceptional is that everything that you make will without a doubt look good based on its pre-made templates that you can work on. Also if you are already developing an excel document with data, you can also import that in and use it, instead of using the default graphs and charts of Microsoft Excel or Numbers on the Mac. In addition to presenting data that looks cool, the created content is also very interactive. For example you can have pie charts which you can hover with your mouse and information can be displayed, and other types of widgets are also animated to keep your audience amused. On the other hand, you could also add videos pictures, and even a Google Map like plug in that you could use, say for presenting video viewership in different countries. Even though sounds like it is approaching every perspective of making our presentation days brighter there are some problems with, since it’s still in the beta stages of its release. Sometimes it may decide to lag a little and a couple of small bugs. However we guarantee that if the final release is finished the bugs and glitches will inevitably be gone very soon. As a student, I’m impressed by these tools. Personally, I can’t wait to use them and not have to use PowerPoint, or spend hours making graphic designed posters in Photoshop.


choose a type of chart that you would like to represent your data. (Be warned there are loads of them]


Enter the name and description of your Poster and customize your own web address for it



After creating your account you can choose whether you want to create only one infographic or multiple on a poster


Choose from these choices of widgets to use in your poster (i.e. data chart, location map, word boxes, pictures, or videos




Double click any widgets to edit the information type, data, or customizable options. Press the Load Data button to upload spreadsheets.


Rearrange your poster by dragging widgets one before the other to order them


Select your preferred social network for sharing or just copy the embed code to use on your blog or website, and you're finished!


Facebook’s “NEW” ECOSYSTEM Playing Catch Up

Facebook Poke

Since the company’s inception in February, 2004, Facebook has been a dominant power in the social networking business. Game changing innovations like the Newsfeed propelled the business into success, even managing to break the one billion user mark. However, Facebook’s iron grip on the social media world is slackening. Recently, many users are feeling that Facebook is uninspiring, and many users are converting to other websites. Sites such as Twitter or Snapchat are stealing the spotlight with their radical features. Now, many see Facebook as a tool and a necessity, rather than a website to enjoy. Even some of our own community believes that “Facebook is just not fun anymore. It’s getting pretty old.” This attitude reflects the majority of user’s opinions. Facebook simply does not bring anything new to the table anymore.

Have you ever wanted to send a message, photo, or video to a friend without them secretly saving it? Snapchat or Poke are for you! Both offer similar functionality, sending friends pictures which are then permanently deleted after a set amount of time. Poke was Facebook’s response to snapchat, fearing the application’s growing popularity. However, Poke was largely a failure for Facebook, as they added no new features to tempt users of snapchat away from their current application. This ultimately demonstrated a lack of development from Facebook’s part, as they were unable to design a new system which rivaled snapchat.

Graph Search, Facebook Returns to its Roots Realizing it must evolve to keep up with the demand of its users, and in order to avoid a doomsday like MySpace, Facebook has developed new tools for users. On January 15th, 2013, the corporation launched their new feature, Graph Search. Combining the Bing search engine and Facebook’s vast wealth of information, Graph Search allows users to browse through their friends in a meaningful way. Using specific parameters, Facebook users can use the application to find friends and businesses near them among other uses. Potentially, this feature could completely revolutionize the social media industry. Using this feature to search and apply for jobs or find interesting things to do could eclipse websites such as Linkedin and even Google. In addition you can ask specific questions such as: “what friends likes the same book as me,” and it would be able to come up with a legitimate answer that no other search engine can. Although Graph Search is innovative, there is still doubt as to whether it will be enough to push Facebook into the forefront of new developments.

Facebook Purchasing Instagram On April 12, 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for approximately 736.5 million dollars. This was the second case where one of the top 10 most famous websites purchased an image-sharing venture. The first being when Yahoo purchased Flickr for 35 million dollars. In just three years after the purchase, Flickr became greater than ever because of the large number of Yahoo users that now had access to it using their current Yahoo accounts. Could this be what we can expect from Facebook? Considering the 5 billion images already uploaded on Instagram combined with the 300 million photos being uploaded everyday on Facebook, the venture seems to have been somewhat successful for Facebook. However, there was much speculation as to the future of Instagram when it changed its terms of service, (under Facebook) allowing the sale of users’ photographs. Initially, it was thought that the application lost a quarter of its users, however this was soon disproved and the terms of service change was revoked. Despite the return to the original terms, the incident still raises questions about Facebook’s management ability and practices.


Failures of Facebook? Did you know that 15% of teens from ages 13-18 use Snapchat? Snapchat is an application where you can send a photo, video, or message to any friends while limiting the number of seconds they can view it for. After the allotted time runs out, the file is deleted and the other person cannot retrieve it. However, if your friend snapshotted it on their phone, you receive a notification informing you. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Facebook Poke, mentioned earlier in this article, and Snapchat have EXACTLY the same features. Which came first you ask? Snapchat was released in September 2011 while Facebook Poke was released in the early weeks of December 2012. So did Facebook rip-off Snapchat? Now onto another topic. Was Facebook’s purchase of Instagram the wise choice? Let’s discuss this with numerical figures first. Yahoo purchased Flickr for only (relative to Facebook’s 736.5 million dollars) 35 million dollars and developed it into one of the greatest, if not best, site to share photos. However, with an already great company such as Instagram, home to 90 million users, could they really develop the application anymore? Most of the users on Instagram are already on Facebook therefore, their large user base wouldn’t benefit in the application’s growth. I do question Facebook’s future with Instagram.

Mark Zuckerg on-stage at his press event releasing the BETA of the new Facebook Graph Search

The future of facebook Facebook is obviously trying to appeal to its users once again but how successful will they be? Facebook will likely still keep growing, as they recently hit their 1 billion users mark, but without a doubt, even without numerical evidence, there is this sense amongst ourselves that Facebook has lost its “mojo” that it once had. Nowadays in school or on buses, instead of seeing glowing blue notifications, you see Instagram or Twitter. Facebook has somehow become much like water, a commodity that we all use, but don’t often appreciate the fact that its there. It tends to move where the tides send it and along with the winds that persuade and pushes it. It’s only at very few instances that we become excited or interested in something new that they create, but Facebook’s innovations at most time are too few in amounts and to insignificant to notice. For example, it is a fact that Facebook makes at least a hundred minor tweaks to its site per week, but do we see big radical changes? Nothing game changing since time line came almost a year ago. Since Facebook began selling shares, all it had done is try to please its investors with little payment schemes (i.e. Gifts), then there are also those new updates like voice calling through the Messenger app, and Poke, which merely seems like perfect copy cats of what is already out there. If Facebook really wants the flow of the web back in their hands they really need to actually learn to take bigger risk in not only pleasing their investors but also their users. Facebook has the ability to create anything with their teams of genuinely passionate employees, like how they made Poke in 2 weeks, it’s just that the effort only needs to be pointed in the right direction. —By:

Won Hee Cho, Hugh Surdeau, Dhira Web khewsubtrakool



everywhere? A perspective on how Google, are trying to be involved in every part of our education and life. —MICHAEL KANG, LILLIAN SHENG, & PATRICK TOMHON

What Is GoogleDrive? On April 24, 2012, Google finally took the lid off of the rumored GoogleDrive. What GoogleDrive does is give you the option to store your data in the cloud and the desktop simultaneously. I bet most of you have heard of Dropbox. Dropbox currently dominates cloud storage space that Microsoft’s Skydrive, Apple’s iCloud, and Evernote is trying to take part in. However, Google Drive might just stand out from the pack.

...Google Drive is a cloud storage service? Technically we can classify GoogleDrive as a spiced up version of Google Docs. If GoogleDocs was a hip boy singer, GoogleDrive would be a hip boy band. On Google drive you can store your documents, photos, music, and videos, all in one place. It syncs with your mobile devices and your computer, so if you make a change from one gadget, it will automatically show up if you were to access it elsewhere. It tracks your changes too, so if you make an edit to a document, you can still look back at all your revisions, without ever having to hit save. You can get up to 5GB of space for free, after which you can upgrade. It’s $2.49/month for 25GB, $4.99/month for 100GB, and $49.99 a month for a whopping 1TB. If you move to a premium account it also automatically expands your Gmail storage to 25GB. Amazingly though, anything you create on GoogleDrive is not counted as part of your free 5GB (Google Presentation, Spreadsheets, and Documents)

…Integrate with Gmail and other apps? You’ll be able to open things you saved in GoogleDrive using other services; it can handle more than 30 different types of files, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and HD video, and you don’t even have to have those programs installed on your computer. So for example, if you squirreled away a music file, you could listen to it later on whatever player you please. Drive also pretty much does away with email attachments, which makes sharing a lot easier. If you wanted to show a friend a video of your vacation, you could just pass them a link to that file, rather than adding it to a clunky email through compressions and voodoo magic. You wouldn’t have to upload it to a message and your friend wouldn’t have to wait around to download a big file.

...Not exclusive to Android? Though Apple’s iCloud only caters to iOS users, the Google counterpart is open to all platforms. It’s easily accessible from a wide variety of devices, like Android tablets, phones, as well as the iPad and the iPhone You can also download Drive for your Mac or PC for syncing in the similar fashion as Dropbox, and Microsoft SkyDrive (who heard of that one before?)

5 Reasons Why You Should Use GoogleDrive Quick and platform agnostic You get more free storage than Dropbox Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage space, and no more privacy trade offs like crawling your data or bothersome in-line ads to worry about. Dropbox, arguably the most popular cloud storage alternative at the moment, only gives you 2GB free. Furthermore, the two offer similar synchronization principals, though Google naturally offers better integration with Google’s online products. That said, Dropbox’s simplicity of file sharing stays superior to Google Drive’s, offering better-integrated tools to quickly made files or folders accessible to other users.

It replaces Google Docs There is no more need to activate Google Drive and Google Docs. Instead, you can now click on your old shortcut and you’ll be re-routed to drive., where your ‘Documents’ folder now exists as a subset of ‘My Drive’. Crafting a new spreadsheet or presentation now occurs by clicking a ‘Create’ button, and you can access shortcuts to your GoogleDocs directly from your GoogleDrive. GoogleDrive furthermore allows you to work on your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets offline, meaning that you’d be able to access and edit anything at anytime even without Internet connection. If Google Docs is your office suite mainstay, then GoogleDrive is a no-brainer.

One word: SEARCH Upload documents, videos, PDFs, photos and more to your GoogleDrive, and when you search on words like “Tuesday” or “urgent,” the service searches within each file for matches. Moreover, it uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to make legible text in all types of documents (even scanned documents) search-able (Google uses the example of an old newspaper article). The company even claims to be able to match unnamed photos with search terms, though it’s apparently limited to easily recognized objects such as the Grand Canyon or Washington Monument.

There’s no such thing as a “fast” cloud drive at this point, but GoogleDrive synchronizes offline files as fast as anything else, sometimes faster. In recent GoogleDrive tests, a 12MB image file took about two minutes to synchronize with GoogleDrive, whereas the same image took over three minutes using Dropbox. And GoogleDrive works on Windows and Mac devices as well as Android ones out of the box. Google provides native apps for each device, making synchronization very quick and easy. The service’s only downside, if indeed this counts as one, is that there may be some problems if you edit files while they’re uploading, importantly the file name and may be stuck, but usually with Google these problems tends to be fixed quite rapidly.

You don’t have to choose The wonderful thing about free cloud storage for the moment is that it’s truly free. So there’s really no reason not to benefit yourself of multiple services, say you need more than GoogleDrive’s 5GB, or you want multiple backups of files, or you just want the advantages of Google’s search and native service features but don’t want to give up Dropbox’s sharing agnosticism and simplicity.


A use of 1000 processors?

N How can having a discrete graphic processor benefit your


work flow?

VIDIA CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) 5 is a parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA. It creates massive increases in computing power by utilizing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU). But before we can explain what CUDA is and what it is used for, we should explain what GPU computing is.

today, our life is constantly being affected by GPU computing. Mobile applications rely on GPUs running servers in the cloud. Stores use GPUs to analyze retail and web data. Web sites use GPUs to accurately place ads. Engineers rely on GPUs in assisting in computeraided engineering applications. But it’s not just that. Major software companies also use NVIDIA’s CUDA and GPU computing.

GPU computing is the use of a GPU (graphics processing unit) with a CPU to accelerate computer tasks. This basically means all of the intensive-computing portions of applications go to the GPU but the rest of the application code goes to the CPU. For the user, this all just means that applications run significantly faster. So how does CUDA fit into all of this? CUDA lets you send the codes (C, C++, and Fortran) straight to the GPU. Without CUDA, or programs like it, you wouldn’t have GPU computing.

Adobe supports CUDA for its Mercury playback and editing engine, the heart of its Adobe Premier Software. In a demonstration of a dual chip Opteron system (six cores per chip) and two NVIDIA Quadro cards, playing back and compositing 5 different streams of video (including 4k video—larger than 1080p) and a number of filters, the system capacity was not above the 30% utilization mark. According to an Adobe representative, removing the CUDA chip from the system would instantly result in all 12 cores being maxed out.

The reason GPU computing is feasible is because today’s GPUs do a lot more than just process and render graphics: they have incredible computing power and the ability to process nearly any application task, from finance to medicine. Today, there are 375 million CUDA enabled GPUs in notebooks, workstations, personal computers, and super computers. We may not realize it, but GPUs do a lot more than just videogames and scientific research. In fact,

Kaspersky Labs supports CUDA for its anti-virus software. For NVIDIA this is a major step forward from moving past just video and graphics chips. According to Roel Schouwenberg, a senior antivirus researcher for the Russian company, CUDA chips are the reason why the company is capable of analyzing 50,000 viruses daily. They’re primarily used to check whether these viruses are derivatives of current viruses or



This is the a NVIDIA graphics card that is used in the MacPro Tower towers with a total of 1536 parallel processor to accelerate your video trans-coding. To see if your PC has a discrete graphic look for an NVIDIA Sticker

new mal ware. Kaspersky Labs now sees the possibility of incorporating CUDA processing into its clientbased anti virus software. However, to take advantage of the speeds CUDA offers, requires equally fast solid state devices for storage; Kaspersky will therefore wait for SSDs to become more common.

asks the user to tag each group of faces and writes the meta-data to each image, even auto-tagging them in Facebook and other applications, CUDA , in general, quickens the overall process. CyberLink will also use CUDA in its forthcoming Bluray PowerDVD, with support for 3D Blu-ray playback.

CyberLink has been a big believer in CUDA, with several products using the technology to accelerate performance: PowerDirector, MediaShow, PowerDVD, and PowerProducer, among others. MediaShow automatically sorts a user’s picture collection, poring through each one and using algorithms to perform face detection. The software then

Siemens Medical recently created a 3D image of a late-stage fetus using a technology called amnioscopic rendering. Rather than moving the sonogram transducer, it can be left stable allowing data to be collected, stored, and composited to create a simulated image. Siemens even created a “light source” that can be moved around the image, even modeling


Adobe Photoshop is a great example of how CUDA technology really speeds up your work. Every filter that you use is especially computed by using your discrete graphics processor. Try out the liquify tool under filters on a laptop with discrete graphics (say a 15-inch MB Pro) then try it on a regular CPU only machine (say a MB 13-inch). >>>Watch a video on the iPad Magazine app.

the translucency of the fetus skin. And the tool has also managed to render the heart beating in real time. All of this was capable thanks to NVIDIA’s CUDA. Ultimately NVIDIA’s CUDA 5 is a major step forward for GPU computing. After 5 years when CUDA was initially released, GPU computing is now moving more and more into the mainstream. No longer are companies using CUDA and GPU computing for academic purposes: they are now becoming more tailored for mainstream applications. Truly, GPU computing is the way of the future.


In Adobe Premiere Pro or other video production software, such as Final Cut Pro on the Mac, discrete graphics is used in every process of making a video clip, from adding effects to the time line to exporting your finished project. Expect at least a 20% speed boost in everything you do. >>>Watch a video on the iPad Magazine app.



By: Josh Gong+Albert KiM+Hugh Surdeau

Ms. Wiebusch Always thinking above and beyond the ordinary pen and paper, Ms. Wiebusch spends countless hours into learning technology and incorporating it into her students’ education. Her enthusiasm towards the use of the latest technology, such as the Haiku Learning Management System and her very own YouTube channel, “Wiebusch tube,” are some of the few characteristics that make Ms. Wiebusch shine as our recipient of the Tech Crewsaders Magazine, January Edition, Teacher of the Month, or TOM for short. Juniors and Seniors will know... Within the fragrant aroma of her neatly organized room, you will find her with a remote controller in one hand and a SMART board pen in another. You will see the familiar blue load-up screen and the sound of the spinning fan inside the projector slowly fill up the room. You will see her meticulously clicking on her Macintosh track-pad and underlining key details of a speech on the SMART board. This is what a “normal” period in Ms. Wienbusch’s class feels like- comfortable, welcoming, and geeky. Her enthusiasm for technology, however, goes beyond the classroom. She has been investigating the use of Haiku in her classes and has seen “Potential” in this new online learning management system. She has been using this new technology to facilitate online discussions and create new Wiki projects for notes on the lesson that will help students

review for their exams and help those who might have otherwise missed the lecture, and keep up with the rest of the class. “Technology is a tool” said Ms. Wiebusch as she described the numerous opportunities technology will bring to the new learning environment. Always looking for new ways to innovate, Ms. Wiebusch continues to use technology as the basis of her students’ learning. She believes that students are at a “disadvantage” if they do not have a laptop in class, because technology is at the core of so many of her classes. She breaks through the limits of the traditional “essay” with class projects, such as “Vocasts”, “Movie Clips”, “Videos”, and “Blog responses” that allows students to be more creative and innovative in the way they express their ideas. Moreover, as an English teacher, she believes that publishing blogs or written assignments in cyberspace improves critical thinking and the quality of the written expression. She said how uploading material online creates “impetus to work hard” since students are writing not just for the teacher, but for an entire group of people in the digital realm. Ms. Wiebusch always looks for new ways to teach students and has developed a keen interest in the Google application, Google Sites. She uses this handy application to communicate and exchange information effectively with other faculty in the English department. All in all, technology plays a significant role in our education… especially in Seoul Foreign School where the school has invested so much money into the latest technology for both Student and Faculty use. Teachers like Ms. Wiebusch have taken this opportunity to innovate and encourage a more “fun” way to learn. Yet, technology can only go so far. Computers are stupid, and by stupid I mean really stupid. They do exactly as you tell them to, but other than that, they are just pieces of hard-wired electronic components. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable a teacher is or how versatile he/ she is with the latest technology, computers will do exactly and only what they are told.

“S MRs. Jackson Our second Tech Teacher of the Month for January is Mrs. Jackson. She is new to the school, and has used many different tech materials to accelerate the learning environment in her previous international experiences. However, what was really appealing to the Tech Crewsader this month was the process that she chose to implement tech tools into many student project, in a way that promotes student-led exploration. For example, she first suggested the use of Glogster for a student’s upcoming project. At first, it was observed that some students were not efficient with Glogster and had different unique difficulties of their own. As a result, Mrs. Jackson’s allowed the student find the tools to accomplish the task of the project on their own, as long as the requirements are still intact in the final product. It is also pointed out to us that students, if given the opportunity, will find the right tool that will suit their abilities and their needs on their own, but the key is to be firm with the foundation and the purpose of the given project primarily. Through this student led process of finding and experimenting with different Internet tools, technology integration in Mrs. Jackson’s classroom is definitely on the right path to success.

She realizes that technology isn’t perfect, and frustrations occur at times. For example, she has had her share of problems with Fakebook, a program designed to create a fake profile of a famous person (e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte). Nevertheless, her experimentation with various programs shows her innovative side, one that is ready to try out new things. It is inevitable that there is a momentum to push education technology in Mrs. Jackson’s classes.

tudents here tend to be responsible & appropriate in their use of laptops...” -Mrs. Jackson (When asked on laptops used in class)

Coming from a one-to-one school, Mrs. Jackson understands what the laptop program is capable of bringing to both students and teachers alike. In fact, she said that it would be difficult for her to move to a school without a one-to-one program. Although laptops can be troubling at times for teachers, for it can also be at times a distraction, Mrs. Jackson has seen no disciplinary issues with computer use thus far. We hope this continues to be true. She’s been advocating the use of technology for the entire year, and has learned about more programs herself than she ever did before. She’s still learning more about technology, and which programs are appropriate in which situation. Her explorer-like attitude is what helps advocate our goals if integration and the school’s goal of innovation. Always striving to improve, Mrs. Jackson is currently using Google Apps, alongside traditional Office suites, proving that she is willing to change for the future. Using the tools around her, and turning the classroom into a mecca of efficiency, she is without a doubt the epitome of the title “Tech Teacher of the Month” that we give to teachers: Innovative and efficient.

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01-13 Tech Crewsaders  

This is the January 2013 issue of our montly education technology magazine for both Teachers and Students in Seoul Foreign High School

01-13 Tech Crewsaders  

This is the January 2013 issue of our montly education technology magazine for both Teachers and Students in Seoul Foreign High School