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Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

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Dear SFS Alumni,

Seoul Foreign School 100 Years of

Excellence, written by Horace Underwood, Jonathan Borden and Esther Myong, takes you on a fascinating walk through the history of SFS. The governing bodies of the past 100 years clearly understood that a Board’s primary work is long-range and strategic while always being the caretaker of the School’s Philosophy and Mission. If it weren’t for the long-range planning done by our predecessors today’s SFS students would not have the best faculty and facilities. Today’s School Board continues to plan for the future.


Last spring the Board approved a long-range Facilities Master Plan and in August the Board outlined a roadmap for a capital campaign which will be used to help fund the Facilities Master Plan. The Board thanks Dr. John Engstrom who is leading the school through the implementation of the Strategic Plan which includes an initiative to create, fund and implement a Facilities Master Plan. When Dr. Engstrom informed the Board of his plans to return to the United States, the Board initiated a comprehensive, international search for a new Head of School. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Colm Flanagan has been selected as SFS’ 4th Head of School. Mr. Flanagan

Kelly TomHon and her family

will assume responsibility of leading SFS on August 1, 2014, when Dr. Engstrom returns to the U.S. after a 5-year tenure. Mr. Flanagan is a dynamic and visionary educator who brings with him the wealth of experience that is required to lead SFS, a school known for its Christian Philosophy, academic excellence and diversity. We are excited about the future and the strength of our administrative team and look forward to working with Dr. John Engstrom and Mr. Colm Flanagan over the next year to ensure a smooth transition.

Kelly TomHon SFS School Board Chair

Photo by “Joel Benson Photography”

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Greetings from Seoul Foreign School!

We began our first full week of school with an enrollment of 1410 students in all four divisions. During our opening day, we welcomed 209 new students coming from all over the globe. We have 45 nationalities represented among our student body this year. We are excited to report a High School population of 502 students, the largest in our history. This year we are have 75 members of our senior class enlisted as full IB Diploma students, which is also a record. Our biggest news, however, is The exciting plan we have ahead of us.

In May, our School Board endorsed a new Campus Master Plan for SFS, which will reach far into the future. This is exciting because it contains a plan to replace our aging High School building (built for 250 students, now serving over 500 students), our British School, and our Middle School. The enhancement of other areas of campus including the addition of fields and

athletic facilities is also remarkable. As we begin introducing renderings of our future campus, you will have an opportunity to see the addition of a lovely tree-lined promenade linking our buildings together, a new terrace connecting our cafeteria with the gymnasiums, and additional outdoor learning spaces in our beautiful hillside campus setting.

While this incredible Campus Master Plan will take 10-15 years to be completed, it will provide SFS with a learning facility designed to include 21st Century teaching and learning spaces equipped with appropriate technology and equipment.

We are so thrilled to share these wonderful plans with you today. God has blessed SFS with a great legacy and identity of being “Centered in Christ,� and a high performance plan for our future. Thanks be to God. Sincerely,

John Engstrom Head of School





THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Do Yoon Kim Heather and Sunny Yi


THE MILLENNIUM CLUB Jeremy & Hojung Cheung (Parents of Nathan & Eunice Cheung) Christy Joo Eric Joo Do Yoon Kim Kathleen and Rachel Lee Helena and Isabelle Park Yong Sung Park The Shin Family

RED AND BLACK CLUB Kay Song (BT&I) The Kwun Family John C. O’Donnell The Shin Family THE CREST CLUB Hongchul and Yasmeen Bae Christian and Benjamin Choi James and Julie Danahy John and Alice Engstrom James and Sarah Hubbard Gunberg Celine Jin Ji Yong Lee Tracy and Tim Mohr The SFS Classified Staff Shou Liang Wang Yonhee Badminton Club CENTENNIAL CLUB Anonymous Kevin, Dee and Baker Family Andrew Byun Eunhi Cho Hyun Sook Hong Warren and Robin Hudson Carol LaCroix Andy and Joanna Lee Young Sun Lee Amy Lindholm Elizabeth Lloyd Patrick O’Malley Pete and Judy Penick Elise K. Prosser Langston and Linda Rogde Harry G. Rudolph Peter and Kelly TomHon THE LEGACY CLUB Anonymous Jeff and Barbara Benson Tony and Margaret Curran Caroline Hahn Yoo Soo Kim Insil Tahk Yoojin Um Buhm Jin Yoon Youngja Yum

RED AND BLACK CLUB Anonymous Chul Ho Chang Timothy Cho THE CREST CLUB Leo Cho Christian and Benjamin Choi Shirley Droese John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett SeungChul Peter Hyun Rachel Lee Tzu Yu Sheng CENTENNIAL CLUB Andrew Byun Rebecca Dignan The Heller Family Carol LaCroix Alice Lavina Harrison Lee Harry, Linda and George Rudolph Heidi Stallings Michael Stern Peter and Kelly TomHon St. Mark’s Lutheran School

“SFS was a hugely influential part of my entire childhood, and the adult years since then, as well. It feels like I always knew how blessed I was, and that feeling of gratitude still remains.” SFS Alumni, Class of ‘81*

RED AND BLACK CLUB In memory of Edwin W. Crowe ’43* For our SFS children and in honor of our parents, Richard and Patricia Ashcraft and Ed and Thelma Gaylord from John and Lynn Gaylord John and Masumi O’Donnell ’70 Tzu Yu Sheng THE CREST CLUB Jinsoo and Pearl Bae Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black In honor of the MS Faculty 2011-12 from your student, Andrew Ilhoon Byun Dong Soo Byun From the Cho Family - Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi Noah Tae-sun Chung ’95 John and Alice Engstrom Josh, Ben and Jacob Everett Rebecca Freeman Kathleen and Timothy Gray Hana Bank—Yonhi-dong Branch Hyong Min Kim Hyong Seok Kim Nina H. Kim and Peter S. Choi George Dongkyu Ko Camila and Gabriela Gonzalez Koo James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ’71 Celine Jin J&J Catering Stephan Min Jason Oh Hyungji Park ’85 Jasmine, Iris and James J. Park In memory of Christopher Mark Thomas, loving uncle of Edward Joseph Pasternak Langston and Linda Rogde Peter and Kelly TomHon Buhm Jin Yoon CENTENNIAL CLUB Jaime Cabal Anna Castagnaro Donald N. Clark '61

The Heritage Club $ 100,000 + 64

The Crest Club $ 1,000 +

Lydia Colston Killough '81 Dan & Joneen Copeland Nick, Sally, Isobel and Estella Corben Drs. JB and Bette Crouse, Jr. Patricia Robin Evans In honor of Mr. John Gaylord, from your SFS Children of our Centennial Year Chloe Dain Han Christine Jane Han Youngsook Hahm Hyun Sook Hong Ryan Jeon Jeen and Bomsinae Kim Yoo Soo Kim John Kimm ‘84 Korea Exchange Bank – Yonhi-dong Branch Jennifer Koenig ’92* Grace and Riley Kwak Family Andy and Joanna Lee Chang Hwan Lee Haeeun Heather Lee ’05 Jaehyun Jacob Lee The Jugant Family In honor of Mrs. Mary Ellen Lee, from your 1L children of our Centennial Year Robert Lee ’60* David Livingston ’72* Monika and Ewa Marczuk In honor of Ms. Dawn Melarvie, from your SFS children of our Centennial Year In honor of Mrs. Edie Moon from the HS cast of ‘Back to the 80s’ Mitsuaki Morita ’79* John C. O’Donnell ‘70 Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy ’75* Gene Jaewoo Park Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 In Memory of Robert G. Sauer, Former Trustee & Teacher Frank Shyn ’87* Yage Song Yarene Song Hannah Summers Kai Summers Linda Wang Judi Sargent Whitmire ’78 Sen Di Ten Yoojin Um In honor of Mr. Nathan Walker from the MS cast of ‘Oliver Twist’ Morgan and Jordan Yi Youngja Yum THE LEGACY CLUB Lance, Mary, Ethan, Mason and Porter Ence Kisoon Nam Misty Skidmore

1912 Society $ 50,000 + Centennial Club $ 100 +


Dear SFS Community,


Our School year is now well under way and I so

RED AND BLACK CLUB Jaeho and Soojin Choi Jane Nicole Lee THE CREST CLUB Hyung & Andrea Ahn Anonymous Yasmeen Bae Robert and Sondra Black Leo Cho From the Cho Family—Paul, Jiyeon, Christopher and Natalie Christian and Benjamin Choi The Kimberly Clark Foundation John and Alice Engstrom Rob and Laura Everett James and Sarah (Hubbard) Gunberg ‘71 Haelyung Hwang & Younghee Cha Euiseok Kim & Regina Ryu '87* Nina H. Kim, Peter S. Choi and Kate Kim Choi Seogoo Lee & Suyoung Nam The Lim Family Hyungji Park '85 Jasmine, Iris & James J. Park Sookook Company Peter & Kelly TomHon CENTENNIAL CLUB Christina Farley Hyun Sook Hong Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hunsaker Mike & Lauren Jackson George Dongkyu Ko Alice D. Lavina Harry, Linda & George Rudolph ‘07 Jack and Rachel Shao Frank Shyn ’87* Yoojin Um James S. Weaver, Jr. Family Fund Rick Wilson

**All returning donors have been marked in red.



look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you through the diverse events and gatherings to come. It is such a privilege to serve this community, built upon a unique centennial history, traditions and support from members of our broad community. We are fortunate to continue developing our position as a leader among international schools. As we move into our fifth year, under the leadership of Dr. Engstrom, we have much to celebrate, having created some significant marks in the history of SFS, along with some new traditions and events. We were able to introduce a new annual dinner event called the ‘Traditions of Excellence.’ This new annual event gave our broad and diverse community a unique opportunity to celebrate the exemplary character of our students, dedication and loyalty of our members of staff, and the invaluable commitment of our parent and teacher community.

Invitations will be extended to Grandparents and Special Friends, locally and all over the world. However, guests who are unable to attend, will be invited to send a message or a greeting to be published in the second edition of the School’s Banner magazine (mid- January 2014). More details for this can be found on the back cover. Thank you to all our members of the SFS community for partnering with us in the variety of ways you do. We look forward to developing the best opportunities and experiences for our students with your continued participation and support to the school. Faithfully Yours,

June Kang Director of Communications and Development

In the past years, we’ve endeavored to create events that would help us continue to develop relations with various SFS constituents, namely, SFS Alumni through our US Alumni Reunions, our parent community through our Golf Tournaments, and the most recent Traditions of Excellence Dinner extended to our entire SFS community. I am very pleased to introduce our newest event, which will be extended to our Grandparents and Special Friends. This year, on November 27th , we will be hosting our first ‘Grandparent’s and Special Friends Day’ Reception and Program.

The Millennium Club $ 10,000 +

Stone bench donated by the Class of 2013

Red & Black Club $ 5,000 +

The Legacy Club Any amount given by friends and relatives

5 7

Lauren with her husband Adam (HS Academic Lab/Math Teacher) and two daughters Jade & Ella

I came to SFS in 2008 after having

taught overseas in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Egypt. After exploring so much of the world, my husband, Adam, and I arrived with two “small” children in tow, hoping this was a school where we could plant some roots and spend a few years growing in many different ways. Now in our 6th year at SFS, we all have had many opportunities to do just that. Our children, Jade (8th grade) and Ella (5th grade) have become regular fixtures on campus. Life on campus has not only provided close friends and a safe neighborhood, but there have been countless opportunities for them to learn first hand what it means to be part of a community. My husband and I are so thankful for that, it is truly what makes SFS such a special place. 8

This community has been a blessing to us. We’ve also grown professionally

It was 5 years ago that I first started learning about integrating technology in the classroom. It didn’t take long for


me to become really passionate about Educational Technology. So it’s been exciting to be a part of all the progress at SFS in this area over the past couple years.

was selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago, which was both a surprise and an honor for me. It was an incredible opportunity and I am already using so many of

the ideas from that experience in my classroom to change the way my students are learning. We have been blessed by the opportunities that we have had to learn at SFS and we look forward to our continued growth in this community.

This summer I

Lauren with her MS students

Namsan International Kindergarten Namsan International Kindergarten located in the heart of the Namsan/Hannam/Itaewon area is off to a great start. Believing that what we do at Seoul Foreign School on a daily basis is worth replicating across town, NIK opened its doors to the community in August with a goal of meeting the early childhood educational needs of families who want SFS but find the long commute a bit difficult for their young children. Founded upon Seoul Foreign School’s long-standing reputation, its 100-plus years of academic excellence, whole-child education and diversity serve as a solid foundation for a wonderfully enriching, internationally-minded early years program. Visitors are welcome!

Note from the NIK Director, Esther Myong

9 Esther with her daughter Marissa

As I reflect on the past several months

of serving as the newly-appointed Director of Namsan International Kindergarten (NIK), I am simply honored to be part of such an exciting, innovative undertaking. Starting a school is never an easy task and NIK was no exception. Today we are


eternally grateful to the scores of dedicated individuals who selflessly contributed hundreds of hours to help make NIK the wonderful oasis of an early childhood center it is today. As parents, we reserve our highest aspirations for our children and for me personally, operating with this critical principle in mind keeps me closely connected and in-tune with our most important partners, our parents. The way I see it, there is no other endeavor more rewarding, promising, or fulfilling than the opportunity to work directly with our future, our children. I am inspired and energized by what lies ahead. Esther K. Myong Director of Namsan International Kindergarten


Esther Myong’s Bio.: Esther is from Southern California and received her BA in Psychology and MEd in Teaching in California. She is currently working to complete her EdD doctoral dissertation with a focus on Educational Leadership. Prior to arriving at SFS in 1996, she has taught early childhood, elementary, and middle school in Los Angeles. During her tenure at SFS, she has served as Middle School Math/ Science Teacher, Director of Human Resources, Director of Admissions, and British School Counselor. 15


”Today is a day of celebration for our accomplishments. It is a day of celebration not only for those of us standing on stage, but also for the family, friends, teachers and mentors that have guided us in this journey.”

I attended Seoul Foreign School since I

Our grade is a dynamic group of people with different skills and talents. We have athletes who have won national and Asia-wide competitions at KAIAC and APAC. We have artists who have moved us with their paintings, sculptures and performances. We have scholars who excel in varying subject areas such as science, math, social sciences, history and literature. And many of us on stage can sty that they belong to more than one of these groups. I think this stands as a testament to the limitless potential that our class holds.

was in first grade. For quite a few of us, This summer we are no longer bound by Seoul Foreign School is the place where acronyms such as IB or SAT, so I encourage everyone to experience we learned to read and write, memorized the times tables, and learned to solve equations. This is also where we met our first friends, had our first fights, made our share of embarrassing mistakes, and also achieved many goals. I’m not going to lie and say that it felt like yesterday when I was in first grade, but it really does feel like yesterday when I was panicking about college apps, SATs, and IB with everyone here on stage.

everything that the world has to offer. Travel, learn a new instrument or sport, spend time with friends and family, or go on a service trip. And maybe during this journey, we will slowly be able to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And maybe, we will also slowly realize that we can start becoming who we want to be even today. The class of 2013 is a group of talented, hard working students and as we continue to grow and mature, I

have full faith that our class will become people who make lasting impacts in others’ lives and the world. Throughout our four years in high school, we’ve seen each other’s countless talents and abilities. I

pray that we will be people who use our strengths and talents to make positive changes in the world.

I can say without a doubt, and I’m sure that many faculty members and parents will agree, that the class of 2013 was one of the hardest working grades in Seoul Foreign School. We fought through senioritis and put in our all until our very last IB exam.

”Today is a day of celebration for our accomplishments. It is a day of celebration not only for those of us standing on stage, but also for the family, friends, teachers and mentors that have guided us in this journey.” 10

passed away four years ago, a few months before I became a freshman and my grandmother is lying ill in the hospital right now as I speak. Though their stories are far too grand for me to tell, my grand-

parents have been a living testimony to the fact that life is pointless if you live it just for yourself. Time and time again, they showed me that a life worth remembering is only that lived for others.

I remember coming to my brother’s

graduation as an 8th grader with my other brother, my parents, and my grandparents. I sat there, imagining what my graduation would be like, with my entire family sitting before me. But little did I know that for mine, there would be two empty seats to mark the place of my grandparents instead. My grandfather

Kurt Occo is the name of the Filipino child who I have been sponsoring for 9 years. Just last summer, Kurt wrote me a letter in which he wrote: “Kuya, (which means “older brother” in his Filipino dialect) after all these years, I think I finally understand what love is.” After years of exchanging letters and visiting him three times, Kurt has become more than just my sponsor child; rather, he has become the younger brother I had longed for all my life. Kurt taught me that

life isn’t about dream-cometrues. It’s not about getting that dream car or the dream job with a three-story house and running around in the

backyard with your 2.4 children. It’s not about getting everything you’ve ever wished for; it’s not about having your prayers answered. Instead, it’s about being that answer to someone else’s prayers. As we head off to college, we now have one of the darkest and most mysterious roads ahead of us. Though there are so many unknowns and the imminent future of adulthood seems so daunting to tackle alone,

I believe that no road is ever too steep, too long, or too scary to walk if we walk together. I want to take this time to remember and thank those who have allowed us to stand where we are today. Class of 2013, I truly hope that in 10 or 20 years from now, when we look back on our lives and place the broken pieces of our memories together, we’ll have before us, a beautiful mosaic – a living testimony to the very meaning and purpose of life.

“Life isn’t about dream-come-trues….. Instead, it’s about being that answer to someone else’s prayers.” 11

was the enrichment this diversity brought to SFS which is still evident today. However, we also acknowledged and celebrated the passage that graduation signified and how we had benefited from each other as we went our separate ways. Brent in High School

Brent BURKHOLDER making a speech at the HS Graduation Ceremony

Although I have been back to Korea

many times since my school days, attending graduation in June 2013 was the first time I had a chance to extensively visit SFS in many years. Going back to SFS I was overwhelmed with memories as well as pride at seeing how things have progressed. Except for one furlough year, I attended SFS from first grade until graduating in 1969. The school moved to its current campus when I was in 2 grade and I nd

can still vividly remember the single, low, concrete block building where the elementary school is now, surrounded by graves on the hill behind, and the rice paddies below in Yunhi Dong where we use to go ice skating in the winter. The facilities and everything about the school and neighborhood are now


world class. A synthetic turf athletic field and gym have replaced the dirt field and guan-set hut we use to have. Of course the modern class rooms and theater facilities are an impressive change from the concrete block structures. As I walked around the fields and down the halls of the school I was reminded of all the dedicated teachers, coaches, and staff that helped prepare me for further learning and for life’s lessons in general. I think my clearest memory and what I noticed most walking around SFS during my visit was the community of students. When I graduated in 1969, Doug Southworth and I gave a joint salutatory speech (on next page). Doug’s father was an economics advisor as I recall, and he had only been in Korea a few years. My parents were missionaries and I had been there all my life. He represented the ‘black car people’, and I, the ‘Landrover people’. The theme of our speech

My “separate way” included public health and medical degrees from the University of North Carolina and a 20 year career with the US Centers for Disease Control, primarily in the field of global public health. Currently, I head up the World Health Organization’s efforts for communicable disease control in Thailand. SFS helped prepare me for this experience in more ways than I can probably imagine. I know I received rigorous academic preparation and the opportunity to try (and sometimes fail) at various extra-curricular activities. However, more than that, perhaps the

key thing I gained at SFS was the opportunity to grow in a richly diverse, nurturing community which taught me to strive for leadership with humility; always remembering the importance of listen and learning from others.

Brent and his wife Debbie

Brent in his senior year



Brent’s Salutatory Speech & Picture during High School

“I can still vividly remember the single, low, concrete black building where the elementary school is now, surrounded by graves on the hill behind, and the rice paddies below in Yunhi Dong where we use to go ice skating in the winter.”

Kurt LAHEY, HS IB Economics and Business Teacher 13


I have lived in the middle of the giant,

bustling city of Seoul in South Korea for the past nine years. Growing up in a Christian home I was always reminded of how blessed I am, living with all of my family, with the ability to go to school and receive three complete meals a day. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I realized exactly how fortunate I truly am. It was then that I first had the incredible opportunity to fly to the Philippines for a week and connect with a service organization in Asia called KIDS International Ministries (KIM). For three consecutive years I have participated in this service trip with my school, the past two as a student leader. A group of seventy students and ten teachers assisted in building houses, schools and an orphanage for a poverty-stricken community outside the city of Manila. My most recent trip was by far the most meaningful. I was very dedicated to making that week the best one of my senior year. I had prepared myself physically for the extreme work, emotionally for how I was going to bond with the children and mentally for how I was going to handle the culture difference. The typical tour of the distressed community brought tears to my eyes. The 6’ deep trench that I dug two years ago has turned into a school building for children in the community and the sand, gravel, cement and rebar I carried up to the roof of the school has created more classrooms. I could see how my work impacted the community. The school that we built encourages people to have an education so they can change the cycle of poverty and get out of abusive homes.

The Baker Family Last year I gave a pair of shoes to Ella, one of the teens in the community. By chance, I was given her name again this year to buy her a gift. When I gave her the necklace and makeup I had bought her, she began to cry. Not knowing what was happening, I followed when she grabbed me by the hand and took me outside. Ella then asked me “Tita Ashley, can I tell you my story?”

at that moment that I knew, in my heart, how fortunate I am. This will forever impact me because I

know that God has given all of us the experiences we have been through to touch the lives of others. Seeing the way

that God is working in Ella’s life has led me to become a more service-orientated person who loves helping kids. This is one of the main reasons that I want to She told me that she used to have a twin come back overseas and teach at SFS. My experience will definitely help me be a and that when they were six months old her father had killed the twin. As she was good SFS ambassador in the future. growing up, Ella’s father and uncle were very abusive, both physically and emotionally. At the age of sixteen KIM found Ella and took her from her parents. Since then she has been living in their Jaz Home and going to school for the first time.

I was honestly shocked. I had heard stories of how children ended up in the orphanage but this was different. Ella had entrusted me with her life story, from poverty to promise. It was

On Graduation Day with siblings, Clayton, Ashley, Zachary & Bailey (from left to right)

“Seeing the way that God is working in Ella’s life has led me to become a more service-oriented person who loves helping kids.”


This fall, on October 17


and 18th in

Robb Hall, thirty high school students will bring one of Shakespeare’s greatest stories into our lives by performing Romeo and Juliet. Despite the long tradition of Shakespeare performances at SFS which dates back one hundred years to some of the very first plays performed in the early 1900s, Romeo and Juliet has not been performed on a main stage at this school as far as we know.

The Capulets and Montagues are reminiscent of wealthy Korean families today while Romeo and Juliet are two misfits who find each other in the midst of a world focused on competition, power, money, and status. Though modern

As Friar Lawrence warns in Romeo and Juliet, however, “Wisely and slow, They stumble that run fast.” This recurring theme seems appropriate for all of us as we race our way through life trying to keep up with what is most current, what brings the most economic gain, and what makes us the most marketable. quo.

One of the pioneers in bringing Shakespeare to Korea and translating it to the Korean language was Methodist Missionary Mrs. Margaret Moore ‘36 who

recently visited Korea for our centennial celebrations at the age of 93. Her work as a missionary in Korea included the development and direction of a theatre troupe of Korean actors called the Kagyo who toured Korea and other countries performing shadow plays based on Biblical stories and themes as well as other forms of theatre.

It was through Margaret Moore that they were able to translate Shakespeare into Korean and perform some of the first versions of Shakespeare ever to be performed in hangul. As we venture now into one of the most beloved love stories of all time through Romeo and Juliet, we are again looking to Korea for inspiration, but this time, we are staying in the present and setting Verona in the streets of Shinchon and Hongdae. 4

holding on to something ancient” (David Leveaux) which is a perfect way to describe Korea today. Those of us who know and love Korea grieve the loss of the ancient and long to keep it in the forefront of the minds of the young people who are moving fast and furiously through their lives in order to keep up with the status

It is with these issues and more in mind that the students of SFS have taken on the challenge of this beloved story. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Spirit Shop.

in design, the spirit of Korean design and style will be evident. Students have been looking hard at the issues of Korea today: its dominance economically worldwide, its obsession with technology to the point of addiction, its search for physical beauty, its continuing struggle to maintain Confucian values of family loyalty, its small town approach to big city living and more. The goal is to “create a modern world that is

Another play on the horizon is the British School Key Stage Three musical theatre production of Once On This Island being presented on November 8 and 9 on the Main Stage of the Lyso Center. This ancient tale of love and loyalty under the direction of Ms. Kyla Hamm will include the entire Key Stage Three student body. Please check the SFS Fine Arts on the school’s website for details on all upcoming shows throughout this year as well as information on ticket sales. 15

tying 1 during pool play. The four seniors Morgan Yi (co-captain), Kristine Park Soccer Team was whipped into shape by (co-captain), Agnes Min, and Yujin Seo our coaches- physically and mentally, and played relentlessly and brought a we needed it. It was a rusty beginning, as contagiously aggressive spirit to the field the end of last year stripped the team of every match. With an intense more than half our starting lineup and the championship match that went into influx of freshmen and new players over-time and to penalty shoot-outs, we complicated team chemistry. Although we faced our first painful loss and brought had things to work on every practice, we home the silver. We weren’t leaving the were very soon lowering the morale of heart of Vietnam with just that, however. every other KAIAC team. We were able to Proudly representing SFS, live up to the Crusader Soccer legacy, Crusaders were voted by other making teams nervous leading up to the teams, coaches, and tournament game against us. Despite the relative youth and inexperience of the group, the director to receive the team swiped up the KAIAC Conference tournament’s Sportsmanship title for a fifth straight season. Award.

This year, the Lady Crusaders’ Varsity

In March, the team travelled to United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam, looking for its FOURTH straight APAC title. Battling 35 degree weather and 80% humidity under the scorching southeastern sun, no win was easy. But with the passion and intensity the Crusaders brought to each game, we refused to lose, winning 4 matches and

Coming back home after the heart-break, the team responded like champions, playing with passion at the KAIAC tournament a weekend later. It may have not been the best game skill-wise, but we got stronger each game, culminating in a deserving victory on our home turf against Osan American High School.

This season in a nutshell was the “team’s” in every way possible. We played

for each other. We gave it our all to help make it the best season for our seniors. We had great bonding memories that gave us unity, both on and off the field. Soccer season is the one that trickles excitement over into fall and winter sports, and explodes with a passion for the game once it’s here each February. However, it’s also exciting to know that we have 10 months to grow behind the scenes and potentially become a star next spring. The next soccer season starts now. Overall Record: 17 wins, 2 losses, 2 tie 2013 KAIAC League & Tournament Champions 2013 APAC Tournament Runner-Up, Sportsmanship Award 2013 KAIAC DIVISION I ALLCONFERENCE: Sasi Banyatpiyaphod, Samantha Kim, Kristine Park, Yujin Seo, Morgan Yi, Agnes Min, Michelle Richardson 2013 KAIAC ALL-TOURNAMENT: Joanna Kim, Kristine Park, Su Jean Park, Ji Won Shin, Morgan Yi, Samantha Kim, Agnes Min 2013 KAIAC Tournament Best Goalie (also Best Punter): Morgan Yi 2013 KAIAC Tournament MVP: Kristine Park 2013 ALL-APAC: Sofia Migues, Michelle Richardson, Samantha Kim, Kristine Park


Throughout the past year, all

School divisions offered a number of items to be included in the new Time Capsule, which is planned to be opened in the next 25 years. All items were selected to best reflect the current times and displayed during the past International Fair in May, for members of the community to view. People who visited the tent were also encouraged to write a note or message for the future that would be viewed in the 2037-2038 school year. Articles like newspapers, commemorative books, electronic items and various memorabilia representing the current times, were included. The anticipation for an opening in the next 25 years was to ensure the possibility of any current members of the SFS community to be able to participate in such an opening in the not-too-distant future. The Time Capsule is currently awaiting its placement and position on the campus or underground. More news about this status will be forthcoming. Please stay tuned!

17 17

On Saturday, May 25

, SFS hosted its


first ‘Traditions of Excellence’ dinner event, sponsored by the Head of School. In recognition of SFS just having succeeded its Centennial Year, Dr. Engstrom was inspired to create an opportunity for the broad SFS community of students, faculty, parents and friends to gather annually towards the end of a school year, in recognition and celebration of all members of the SFS community who have contributed to the history and excellence of the School. The dinner event was hosted in the courtyard in front of the Elementary School, with student performances, presentations, special recognitions and silent auctions. All funds raised from the


wonderful silent auction prizes supported the School’s Annual Fund. A prayer was offered at the event by Jack Moon, a loyal member of the SFS Faculty community, who helped capture the precious spirit of the evening. We hope that members of our community will continue to support this special annual school year-end event, to continue recognizing the meaningful presence of SFS for the broad community,

throughout its history and for many years to come.

“This evening Lord we come to celebrate one of your attributes that you have made available to us, the desire and capacity to strive for excellence. We are grateful that you have given us the opportunity here at SFS to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Today, we are reminded that every good and perfect gift comes from your hand. Give us hearts that are quick to admit that what we have been able to achieve has not all been of our own doing. While we have worked hard, disciplined ourselves, and thus have attained much, remind us that this would not have been possible without the presence of physical health, alert minds, and times of peace and prosperity. I pray that as we strive for and attain excellence that this achievement be for the betterment of others around us and not just ourselves. Help us see that excellence brings with it a mandate to reach out to those less fortunate and to provide solutions and answers to many of today’s spiritual, social, political and environmental ills. May this school always be the home of truth and wisdom, faith and hope, helping to build up our community and your kingdom to ensure justice, to bring peace, and to extend love to all we encounter.“ Prayer by Jack Moon

21 19

Parents, Faculty, Alumni and the

broader SFS community of 49 golfers joined again for the third SFS Annual Golf Tournament at the beautiful newly opened Dongchon Golf Club on September 11th 2013. The Club was made available to us by our current parents, Jeehun NAM and his wife Sunhwa KIM. Lunch was also provided, courtesy of the Dongchon Golf Club. First, Second and Third Place awards and prizes were presented to the Teams with best scores for the game of ‘Best Ball’. To make the event more exciting and fun we included some fun prizes this time. Among many other sponsors, Nike Golf Korea was present to host the Nike Hole where all participants were given a Nike golf ball and the longest drive shot of the Nike hole won the Nike driver.

20 20

From Left: Don CHOI (parent), Richard KWON ‘94*, Nick PARK ‘93 & John MIN ‘95

Robert KIM ‘89*, Nick PARK ‘93, Richard KWON ‘94* and John MIN ‘95.

Jeff OAKES (faculty) & Richard KIM (parent)

Many thanks to Peter KWAK (parent) of Nike for coordinating this fun event! We also had special Ballantine’s slush drinks available which was graciously sponsored by Jean-Manuel SPRIET (former parent) of Pernod Ricard Korea. Alumni whom took part in this event were: Mark CHUNG ‘91* (sponsored ‘Oliver Sweet’ dessert for all participants),

Giveaway gifts donated by Perrier, Oliversweet & Maeil Dairy

Ballantine’s Slush sponsored by Pernod Ricard Korea

Awards & Prizes


Here are the list of awards and awardees: 1st Place Team: John KIM, Jae Won LEE, Peter KWAK & James KIM, parents (score of –13) 2nd Place Team: Eric HOFFMAN, TIM TRINKA & Richard KIM, parents (score of –9) 3rd Place Team: Timothy KETTER, Brent BORELLI, Chris LINDE & Tory KETTER, parents & guests (score of –8)

Most Challenged Team (highest score): Steve CATHERS, Don DRAKE, Kevin JARAMILLO & Patrick RICH, Korea International School Longest Drive (Nike Hole): Richard KIM (parent), 311.6 m

Nearest to the Pin#1: Don CHOI (parent), 3.1m

Best Dressed Award: Adam TEATHER, SFS Faculty Although there was heavy rain in Seoul the weather in Dongchon was good enough for golfers to enjoy the game. The event was a success and thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm and support to this event! For those of you who could not make it this time, please watch out for our next Golf Tournament.

Nearest to the Pin#2: Sam LENTINE (parent), 4.0m





Photo Captions:


1. Eric HOFFMAN & Richard KIM (parents) 2. 3rd Place Team 3. 1st Place Team 4. Most Challenged Team 5. Don CHOI (parent) - Winner of the Nearest to the Pin 6. Richard KIM (parent) - Winner of the Longest Drive 7. Sam LENTINE (parent) - Winner of the Nearest to the Pin 8. Joe DAY (parent) 9. John MIN ‘95, Robert KIM ‘89* & Richard KWON ‘94* 10. Adam TEATHER—Winner of the Best Dressed Award 11. Shekhar RAPAKA (parent) 12. Peter CORCORAN (Director of Schools, Seoul Int’l School) & Mark B. CHUNG (parent) 13. SFS Faculty Team




5 6


12 13

1970s Class Rep: Veronica CREVECOEUR ‘76

Hadley KOO (Haekyong YUN) ‘90 with her husband Jay and daughter Leah

Fred UNDERWOOD ‘72 & Mei KIM ‘93* Fred UNDERWOOD ’72 was recently honored as the Real Estate Person of the Year by the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) at their tenth Anniversary celebration. While there, he met Mei KIM ‘93* (pictured above) who is also a REALTOR® and member of AREAA.

1980s Nina KIM ‘83*/Current Parent shared some news about her friend Alice KIMM ‘82 who may be visiting Seoul in June 2014. Nina and Alice overlapped at SFS during their first year (Nina was in 8th grade and Alice was in 9th grade), but both didn't know each other , until they met at Cornell University in 1983. They remained good friends since then. After Cornell, Alice went on to Harvard and

10 24

got a Master's degree in Architecture. She now has her own architecture firm in Los Angeles with her husband, who is also an architect. In addition, Alice is the Associate Professor of the Practice Chair of Undergraduate Studies Department School of Architecture at University of Southern California.

1990s Class Rep: David RHA ‘92 Class Rep: Renee KANG ‘94 Hadley KOO (Haekyong YUN) ‘90 shared some of her recent news. “I live in Kensington, CA, which is right by Berkeley in the Bay Area, with my husband Jay and our 4.5 year old daughter Leah. She is attending preschool and will be a Kindergartner in the fall of 2014.” Currently Hadley works for Kaiser Permanente as a Project Specialist in

Capital Projects Facilities Construction. She added, “we try to see Leila WOMBACHER KNOX ‘91 and her family on a regular basis as we live less than 10 minutes away from one another. Living in the Bay Area is wonderful and we can't imagine being elsewhere!” After working as a Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy in Yonsei University, Wonju Campus, Suzanne SooHyun PARK ‘90 has been re-appointed as a Professor in the Department of Psychology, Yonsei University Sinchon Campus. As a Clinical Psychologist by training, she hopes to continue active research, teaching, and clinical work! She said, “It appears I cannot get away from this neighborhood!”

2000s Class Rep: Michelle KIM ‘00 Class Rep: Jennifer CHA ‘02 Class Rep: Alex PAIK ‘04

John Min ‘95 on “Full House”

Su Yong MIN ‘93 After graduating from SFS, Su Yong MIN ‘93 received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997 and her J.D. from George Mason University School of Law in 2002. In 2007 she established her law practice, the Law Office of Su Yong Min, PLLC, focusing on civil litigation and criminal defenses. Su Yong has been featured in the Rising Stars List of the Washington DC Super Lawyers in June 2013, and in the Rising Stars List of the Virginia Super Lawyers in July 2012 and July 2011. During her free time she enjoys skiing and occasionally playing soccer. Su Yong recalls fondly her Senior year at Seoul Foreign High School in 1992-93, and remembers that she could actually aim the ball in soccer when she was younger. She still manages to keep up with her SFS friends through Facebook and makes an occasional visit to the hinterlands of Virginia with fellow alums. She also hears SFS news from her friend Nick PARK ‘93 who is in Seoul and serves on the Alumni Committee. This past summer on August 30, 2013, John MIN ’95 , who also serves on the SFS

Alumni Committee, made his debut on national television in Korea. He appeared as a guest on “Full House,” a popular variety show on KBS 2TV, where he discussed, among other things, social and legal issues pertaining to SNS (i.e., social networking service) and his marriage to Hye-Seung Lee, who is a famous anchorwoman/announcer at SBS. The episode (31st) can be viewed again at: http:// view/vod/2183329_61901.html John is a senior attorney at Lee International IP & Law Group in Seoul.

Christina FOGARASI ‘09 Christina FOGARASI ‘09 is currently working as an intern in the English Department of Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland, U.S.A. She teaches British Literature and AfricanAmerican Literature. She graduated from Connecticut College last Spring with a double major in English and Philosophy. Commenting on her experience so far at Sandy Spring, Christina said, “I am just amazed at the genuinely friendly and communityoriented environment here. Every single person has reached out to help me make my transition into the community. The students are so mature; they are a joy to be around!”

2010s Danny CHUNG ‘98 & family Danny CHUNG ‘98 sent us a picture of his family. Pictured above is Danny with his wife, Katie and his two beautiful girls Abby (4) and Annie (2).

Last spring Janey LEE ’11 had the pleasure of being a "bridesmaid" in the University Ballet of Chicago's performance of Don Quixote. It was a spectacle in many ways, with its Spanish flair, castanets, colorful Cont.d..


Janey LEE ‘11 on Don Quixote

From left to right : Mrs. Kee Hyun SUNG (Former Admissions Associate), Mrs. Young Sun LEE (Admin. Asst. to Head of School), Mrs. Hee Je KO (Former School Nurse) and Mrs. Hedi HAHM (Former Teacher)

costumes and backdrops, toreadors in their bright red capes, and lots of snapping. She has been involved with University Ballet since she started college, and had the wonderful opportunity to both dance and choreograph with her peers, as well as create posters and advertising material for the group. This year Janey was elected as digital chair and will also be learning how to manage their website. Janey added, “I've chosen to major in political science, despite the inauspicious job prospects it entails, because I find the course material very interesting. I've kept in touch with many of my friends from high school and I hope the SFS community is doing well! Hopefully I can come back and visit this winter.” Since graduating from SFS in 2011, Derek CHAMPLIN ‘11 has been attending the University of South Carolina and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been studying Global Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business and recently finished a 3-month internship in Taiwan working as a Chinese-English translator. He added “I am fortunate to have been able to travel so much in college and plan to work in either aerospace or logistics when I graduate. Currently, I am interviewing with Boeing and Dow Chemical for potential positions in supply chain. The greatest lesson I have learned


Nancy PEARSON ZOOK, FT with her husband Daniel ZOOK nurse) visiting from the Philippines. (photo on top right) Derek CHAMPLIN ‘11 with his mom, Christine CHAMPLIN, Former Faculty in the past few years is to pursue things independently and stay connected with those most important to you.” (photo above)

Former Faculty Former Korean staff/faculty members, Mrs. Kee Hyun SUNG (Former Admissions Associate), Mrs. Young Sun LEE (Former Admin. Asst. to Head of School) and Mrs. Hedi HAHM (Former Teacher) residing in Seoul gathered together this past summer to meet up with Mrs. Hee Je KO (former school

A huge congratulations to Nancy PEARSON (Elem. ESL Teacher 1982-85) and Daniel Zook who were married on July 21, 2013 in Tigard, Oregon. They are grateful to God for bringing them together! Nancy is delighted to gain 2 daughters and 3 grandsons as well. While sharing her news Nancy also commented “My years as Elementary ESL Teacher at SFS were three of the best years of my life. During that time I met wonderful students, parents, and co-workers who became lifelong friends, and had wonderful cross cultural/travel experiences. I thank God for the great privilege of being part of the SFS family.” Nancy also revisited SFS and joined the Centennial celebrations in May 2012.

Sharon shared her memories of the time capsule and was amazed to see some familiar items on display in the Welcome Center. She remembered using the red agendas and even recalled that they cost 3,500 won! She also remembered the big stuffed gorilla in Mr. GINGERICH’s office. Vivian is currently working in the fashion industry and Sharon just graduated from high school. They live in Los Angeles.

From Left: Mickey SHEFET (Vered’s husband), Vered ABRAHAMSON ‘84* & Ronen ABRAHAMSON ‘91*

On May 7th, Ronen ABRAHAMSON ’91* , his sister Vered ABRAHAMSON ’84*and Vered’s husband Mickey SHEFET visited the School (photo above); it had been 30 years since they had left Korea. Ronen and Vered attended SFS from 1979-1983, and left abruptly in 1983 after the sudden death of their father. Ronen, currently living in Israel, came to Korea on business and asked Vered, who lives in Pennsylvania, to meet up with him. So Vered and Mickey hopped on a plane to meet up with Ronen to revisit their memories of Korea. They visited their old house in Itaewon and even got to see inside the house as the new residents invited them in. They could not believe how much the school and Korea in general had changed. As they looked through old yearbooks, Ronen recalled his third grade teacher Mrs. GREENWALD, and his classmates Gerard BRADLEY and Brian BUCKLEY. Vered remembered having played on both JV and Varsity basketball teams and confessed that she still has the jersey! Both commented that SFS was a very special place and time for them. They were very thankful for the

education they had received here. Ronen shared “we arrived with no English and we are thankful for the wonderful job SFS did for our English. The ESL program was excellent!” Ronen and Vered agreed that they would come back to visit with their respective children and mom.

Sharon ‘06* and Vivian KIM ‘12* On May 23rd, sisters Sharon and Vivian KIM came by the school for a visit. Sharon ‘06* attended SFS from grade3-7, and Vivian ‘12* left after 1st grade.


Christine CHAMPLIN, Former Faculty & parent made a visit from Shanghai. Christine and her husband Chris repatriated to the US for three short months and then moved to Shanghai, China in May of 2012. She was fortunate to work for Concordia International schools’ Marketing Department, assisting them in creating a 15th Anniversary Gallery Stairwell. She is presently working for a North American company that develops and manufactures systems for sustainable health habits, youthful vitality and skincare. The company’s vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain. We will be opening in mainland China in October, 2013. Cont.d


Christine said, “the South Korea market is next to open, which is very exciting to me! It will bring me back to the country that I loved so much!”

Education, teaching and Curriculum in 2013. Kelly and Ron were here to secure immigration papers for Aidan, and hope to be able to adopt a sibling for him very soon.

In July, Esther Youngme MOON ‘82 visited SFS with her family members. Esther is currently the Senior Associate Dean of Kelly DOWDALL-GARBERSON ‘03 with her husband Ron & the MBA program and son Aidan Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She is Hedi HAHM & June KANG also the sister of Rachel MOON ‘78 (who was a Hedi HAHM, Former Teacher visited SFS former recipient of the in early May. Since her retirement she has ‘Alum of the Year Award’ been busy volunteering for various roles in 2011). at her church. Recently, she has stopped most of her volunteer work and has been focusing only on Sunday School at In June, we had Kirstin church. She currently teaches Korean NIELSON ‘07, Julienne Middle school students how to read LAULER ‘07 and Katrina English recipes and make Western food. She often remembers the times she taught NIELSEN ‘15* stop by From Left: Cyris MOON (father), Tailo CHOW (younger SFS. at SFS and misses seeing her past son), Youngme MOON ’82, Jalen CHOW (older son), students. She would love to hear how her Robert CHOW (husband) & Ms. KO Kirstin was at SFS from students are doing. So, if you get a Katrina is Kirstin’s sister and left SFS 4th grade to moment please drop her a note at when she was in 5th grade. She is senior year. She attended Northwestern University and currently lives in Chicago. currently attending “Lake Forest She is working at a recruiting agency and Academy in Illinois. Katrina loved her In early June, Kelly DOWDALLtime at SFS and has kept in touch with her GARBERSON ’03 stopped by to say hello would like to continue working for SFS friends since she left Seoul. Kirstin with her husband, Ron GARBERSON and human resources. and Katrina were visiting Seoul for a newly adopted son, Aidan GARBERSON. Kelly attended SFS from 2002-2003. After Julienne is currently living in Washington short trip and Julienne was visiting Seoul to attend her brother Robert LAULER’ DC and is studying International graduating from SFS, Kelly went to 05’s wedding in Korea. Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida Development. She spent a lot of time in where she received a B.S. in Biochemistry Kenya seeking ways to make and B.A. in Spanish. She went on to study international development more sustainable. Her best memories at SFS veterinary medicine at North Carolina State University, graduating in 2011, and were travelling to different countries for sports and discovery week. then to Drexel University for her M.S. in 28

We are thankful to our leaving Faculty for their significant contributions towards the excellence of education at SFS

Patricia LEE, Former Teacher & her husband Kewhi LEE Patricia LEE, Former Teacher and her husband Kewhi LEE (photo above) made a visit to SFS in early July. Patricia taught at the Middle School from 1988-90. While she was teaching her daughter Jennifer Ann LEE ‘92* also attended grades 8, 9 & 10 at SFS. Patricia commented “the changes to the school over the last 23 years are impressive. I am happy to see that progress continues in its 100+ years history.” They currently reside in Tamarac, Florida and were thrilled to be back to SFS to see the developments of the campus.

Kim ’Kimmie’ SMALL ‘11* visited SFS on August 16th at the very beginning of the school year. She was visiting from the Philippines. (photo bottom left) She commented that “I remember the times with the dirt field but now I see the Multi Purpose Center and the ES building. It’s great to be back but also feel a little odd and wish I was in a time machine to go back to the time I was in school. However, the campus is gorgeous!” Kim is currently finishing up her last year in college majoring in Philosophy and Economics at Calvin College Michigan.

Danny CHUNG ‘98 & Chuck KRUGLER, HS Counselor

Kimmie SMALL ‘11* & her sister Stephanie SMALL BLACK ‘05/Current Teacher

While on a business trip to Seoul, Danny CHUNG ‘98 visited SFS on August 26th. This was his first visit since his graduation in 1998. He was happy to meet his counselor, Chuck KRUGLER and see how the campus has developed over the year. Danny was visiting Seoul on a business trip which was related to the relocation of the Yongsan U.S. Army base. Danny lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Katie and his two beautiful girls Abby (4) and Annie (2). (Photo above and family photo on page 25)

Joanne MA ‘03 & her husband Jonathon CHOO Right before the Chusok (Korean Thanksgiving) break, Joanne MA ‘03 visited SFS with her husband Jonathon CHOO all the way from Sydney, Australia (photo above). This has been her first visit since she graduated and was excited to see the developments on campus and also show her husband her alma mater. She shared some of her fond memories from SFS such as publishing a book every year at the ‘Richter Publishing Center’ in the Elementary School (she still has those books), going on overseas trips as a member of the Cross Country team, and how spiritually encouraging Psalms and Discipleship was at the High School. Academically, she commented that IB had really prepared her well for college, especially when she had to do ’problem based learning’ at medical school. Most of the students who were used to the traditional learning had difficulties but Joanne was able to cope with her studies easily as she had completed her IB at SFS. The IB also built good studying habits and skills for time management. Joanne also commented that one of her fun activities doing IB was the Extended Essay, which she conducted an independent study on the bacteria of the school swimming pool. Cont.d.. 29

Joanne is currently a medical doctor and runs her own clinic “Norwest General Practice”. Her parents are still conducting mission work, now in China and is a team leader leading 30 other missionaries. Her sister, Natalie MA ‘07* is currently pursuing a Master’s in Architecture and working part time in an architectural company.

Ray PURVIS, Former Religious Activities Coordinator from 1991-96 visited SFS in September. He currently works for YMCA in Florida and his wife Jennifer RADER PURVIS ‘83 is teaching at Hong Kong International School (HKIS).

Momoko OGAWA ‘93 with Jack MOON

While attending a friend’s wedding in Seoul Momoko OGAWA ‘93 made a visit to SFS. She wanted to meet up with Coach RADER (J.P. RADER ‘79/Former Teacher) who had left SFS 4years ago but was very happy to meet Mr. Jack MOON, who graciously gave Momoko a tour of the school campus. Momoko is currently working for Expo International Ltd., a company that makes booths, stands & pavilions at international exhibitions. She has been residing in Japan for the past 7 years. Prior to this, she lived in Vancouver Canada working for an Outdoor Gear and Clothing company. After touring the campus she commented “the school looks very different. It’s a new school!”

Ray PURVIS, Former Teacher & his brother in law, Jack MOON, Current Faculty



Annyeonghaseyo! The 2014 Korea Reunion is fast approaching and we want to be sure you are aware of some important details about the weekend. The Reunion is scheduled for July 25-27 at Lake Junaluska in Western North Carolina. If you have not already made your Reunion reservations, now is the time to do so. To reserve a hotel room call: 1-800-222-4930, or email the Conference Center: or you can go to this link: The Korea Reunion website ( is up and running. This is where you will find the pre-registration form. Co-Chairs: JP and Helen Rader- 859-967-6660 or Co-Chairs: Edie & Jack Moon or Facilities Coordination: Cloyes and Mary Jo Starnes – 828-456-9017 Registration: Bill & Esther Underwood-


CORRECTIONS!! Banner (May 2013) On pages 16 & 17 of the San Francisco Reunion pages, please note that: 1. Sue Hee SUNG ’85 was miswritten as Daniel KIM’87’s wife (page 16). She is a SFS alum and not Daniel KIM’s wife. 2. Hadley (Haekyong) KOO (YOON) ‘90 was not present at the reunion and the comments written on page 17 were not made by Hadley. We apologize for the above errors.

Criteria 1. Candidate must be supportive of the school in word and action. 2. Someone who has achieved success in their field and is committed to public service. Please read the criteria below carefully and forward your 3. Must have attended SFS for at least two years nominations for possible candidates with their (does not have to be a graduate). achievements and the reason why you are recommending Additional Information the particular alum to Yoojin Um at The Alumnus Award recipient will be invited to the High no later than Friday, February th, School graduation and will present the SFS Alumni 14 2014. Final selection will be made by the Alumni Committee Award to the winning senior. Alumni who Committee. are also currently employed at SFS can also be nominated. 2014 will be SFS’s 16th year presenting the “Alumnus of the Year Award.” Mr. Brent BURKHOLDER ‘69 was the recipient last year.

Save the Date for Upcoming Reunions in 2014 London, Washington DC, Boston & San Francisco London Saturday, January 25th 2014 Washington DC Thursday, February 6th 2014

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*Special tour of the White House will be offered

Boston Saturday, February 8th 2014 San Francisco Friday, February 14th 2014

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The Banner - October 2013  

Publication for alumni and the broader SFS community.

The Banner - October 2013  

Publication for alumni and the broader SFS community.